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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kruschinski's Bankruptcy Claims:"Fact or Fiction?"

Todays, "Kru's Fact" is about his "Bankruptcy" claims...and for the answer IHRT goes directly to the, "German Insolvency Court Records."


Insolvency court records - Germany
(Bankruptcies Filed in German Court)

This web site will offer you the opportunity to secure information as to whether Daniel Kruschinski has filed bankruptcy in Germany!
Go to the link provided, click on "Detail-Suche"
click on "Suche starten"
In the cell that reads: "Firma bzw. Name des Schuldners,"
type in "Kruschinski"

Detail-look for insolvency court files of bankruptcy
Insolvency court procedures look for

You will NOT find any results as Kruschinski has NEVER filed for bankruptcy!

There are no records of Kruschinski ever filing for bankruptcy as he has claimed. All along he has been saying that in public so that he could get out of paying his many creditors! IHRT knew this, but we wanted to see how long he would cry "wolf," and place blame on IHRT for something that never really existed at all. Kru cries wolf all the time, makes up stories about himself and sells them as if IHRT said it about him, and we know it, but we let him play his "poor me" game! IHRT knew all along Kru was never banckrupt, but YOU didn't know it, and you believed him!

What else does he lie about that takes gross advantage of his" friends?" The answer is...everything he says!

Kru cannot file bankruptcy as if he did he would not be able to use the Endogyn logo for profit, make money off surgeries he is claiming to be doing, which is why we know he is NOT doing them, and every cent he earned would be taken by the authorities to pay his depts!

It is for THIS reason that Kru hides from authorities and his creditors! His depts remain one of the biggest reasons he is unemployable today, as there are so many looking for him that no employer dare bring him on board as they know he is dishonest and will take them for a ride once he has his foot in the door!!

Now my creditors know!!!

Kru is a small time crook, nothing worth the trouble to go after, but he will be caught, and when he is, he will have to pay his debts or sit in the the mean time, he is simply scamming people out of things they generously rented, leased or sold to him so he could create his facade. Michi continues to hide with him, and we all know that she too masterminds her own facade of life, as she lives one lie after another too!

These two are good for each other, but not for the rest of the trusting world ...that's the Kru fact for today!

And you thought it was all due to IHRT!!! LOL! LOL! LOL!
Ask yourself this," If he made hundreds of thousands of US dollars, and did not pay his debts, where IS the money?
A "hair transplant perhaps?" "A cruise with his mistress Michi?" A "makeover for both Kru & Michi?" A "New apartment" A "new puppy?" "Drinking & Shopping Spree's?"
While your still suffering and broke, ther are doing as fine as they claims they are, and doing it unemployed to boot!

Stay tuned for tomorrows, "Kru Fact of the Day!"

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