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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Another one!

Catalog Number SP10S01
Event Date 01/21/2011
Event Type Injury Patient Outcome Other;
Manufacturer Narrative

Event Description
According to the reporter: the pt experienced heavy underbelly pains two days post-operatively. The pains were described as burning. At the fourth post-operative day, the stomach had to be re-opened. There were syrinxes that were discovered where the product had been applied, which were operated upon. The pt was released from the hospital free of pain.

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101a first ave.
waltham MA 02451

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Manufacturer Contact terry callahan
60 middletown ave.
north haven , CT 06473
(203) 492 -6273

Device Event Key 2070451
MDR Report Key 2037782
Event Key 1934758
Report Number 3003157248-2011-00007
Device Sequence Number 1
Product Code NQR
Report Source Manufacturer
Source Type Health Professional,User facility
Reporter Occupation Other
Type of Report Initial
Report Date 01/24/2011
1 Device Was Involved in the Event
1 Patient Was Involved in the Event
Date FDA Received 03/23/2011
Is This An Adverse Event Report? Yes
Is This A Product Problem Report? Yes
Device Operator Health Professional
Device Catalogue Number SP10S01
Was Device Available For Evaluation? No
Is The Reporter A Health Professional? Yes
Was The Report Sent To Manufacturer? No
Date Manufacturer Received 01/24/2011
Was Device Evaluated By Manufacturer? Device Not Returned To Manufacturer
Is The Device Single Use? Yes
Is the Device an Implant? No
Is this an Explanted Device?
Type of Device Usage Unkown

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Breaking News! Adhesions easily visualised with simple Barium Swallow!

Breaking News!
Adhesions easily visualised with simple

When taking the test, you drink a preparation containing Barium sulfate . The x-ray tracks the chalky like liquid as it makes it way through your digestive system, (inside the organs).....however it also showed what was on the OUTSIDE of the organs of the digestive track, (in the peritoneal cavity within the abdominal cavity!)

The "Contrast Barium Swallow" abdominal x-ray diagnostic  was never meant to show anything else, it showed ADHESIONS attaching internal organs in the lower digestive track to the peritoneum and to other organs.
It can also show the "mis-alignment" of intestines from being pulled out of the normal alignment by adhesion attachments!

This diagnostic can also detect bowel obstructions or bowel impactions---and all of this without so much as a surgeons knife!
on this magnificent discovery in the world of

Maybe 2012 WILL be a year of good for
"Adhesion Related Disorder"

!!!! Visible Adhesions !!!!!

"HAppy Holidays"
or rather

The "X-Ray Barium Swallow" diagnostic test is NOT used to detect adhesions, or any other "pathological anomalies," OUTSIDE of the organs of the digestive track! 

The "X-Ray Barium Swallow" is a diagnostic tool used to solely  detect "pathological anomalies, obstructions and/or diseases," WITHIN the organs of the digestive track!

You MUST insist that your attending physician order this diagnostic test if you have had a previous adhesiolysis, or many of them for that matter, and are currently experiencing abdominal/pelvic pain that YOU think is associated with adhesions, or ARD!

Have it ordered for "Pain," as you see listed below!
to be denied this diagnostic!

Barium Swallow IntroductionA barium swallow is a test that may be used to determine the cause of painful swallowing, difficulty with swallowing, abdominal pain, bloodstained vomit, or unexplained weight loss.

Barium sulfate is a metallic compound that shows up on x-ray and is used to help see abnormalities in the esophagus and stomach. When taking the test, you drink a preparation containing this solution. The x-rays track its path through your digestive system.

•These problems can be detected with a barium swallow:
◦Narrowing or irritation of the esophagus (the muscular tube between the back of the throat and the stomach)

◦Disorders of swallowing

◦Hiatal hernia (an internal defect that causes the stomach to slide partially into the chest)

◦Abnormally enlarged veins in the esophagus that cause bleeding



◦Polyps (growths that are usually not cancerous, but could be precancerous)

Barium Swallow - Test Results


The "normal" pathology results your Dr. looks for and will jabber about are listed below here, just listen them out, then make sure you get a visual or the test for yourself! It is imperative that YOU look for your own results and IF adhesions can be seen in these films, you will recognize them!

Usual Test Results:
Ask your doctor for the results of your barium swallow test. You may have to wait a few days until the radiologist (a specialist in x-ray examinations) looks at the x-rays and gives your doctor the final results. Your doctor will recommend a plan of action to you based on the results.

•The x-rays will show the digestive wave (peristalsis) through the length of the esophagus. When barium reaches the end of the esophagus, the barium enters the stomach.

•The barium swallow may reveal problems in the pharynx (the back of the throat), the esophagus, or the stomach. The problems could be narrowing, tumors, polyps, ulcers (erosions), or disorders in moving food through the system. It can also show a hiatal hernia, diverticula (pouches opening along the esophagus), or varices (enlarged veins).

•If the barium swallow test shows any area of concern, your doctor may plan what other tests, procedures, treatments, or medications you may need. The treatment for problems discovered during a barium swallow vary depending on the condition.


A picture is worth a 1000 see for yourselves!

In 2009 a known adhesion sufferer had a GI Barium Swallow for "Chronic Abdominal Pain."

This female suffered "Adhesion Related Disorder" and had undergone multiple surgeries in which abdominal adhesion's were present and lysed in each of her each surgeries.  Relief was always fleeting and the pain always returned after each surgery.

When this test was taken in 2009 she was told everything is fine and the test revealed nothing, and it was absolutely right, as long as he made his determination based on what the test was meant to show! She had NO abnormal internal organ pathology showing in this Barium Swallow!  The docs said she was just fine and sent her on her way.

She had Cat scans, MRI's every test in the book, you name it and the financial toll was enormous...... and all the doctors said she was fine. They could find nothing wrong and yet she suffered so.
A subsequent surgery was scheduled and records and imagery were sent to the new surgeon.

During pre of all the tests...these images below caught the surgeon eye!
The surgeon palpitated each area where adhesions were being visualised on these simple
 "Contrast Barium Swallow X-Ray Films."
As an ARD patient advocate watched, knowing what was being seen on the screen in front of them showing what could only be "ADHESIONS," the Dr. asked the patient, "Does it hurt there? Does it hurt here?"

 Each time the ARD patient confirmed her pain was exactly where the surgeon indicated it might be in her abdomen. The surgeon then told his surgery team that he wanted these films up on a screen in the operating room during the procedure!

 You bet he did!

An IHRT patient advocate was scrubbed up and in the OR with the you will see below, everywhere the wispy white tendrils where he lysed adhesion! He used the images below as a guide to lysing the patients adhesions during the entire surgery. He confirmed this for us all!

After surgery, the patient, the surgeon and IHRT advocate were in somewhat of disbelief at what they had just witnessed, and they knew that these images had guided the way...the surgeon confirmed for us that indeed...this simple test reveled adhesions exquisitely!

We feel that this may finally be the end of expensive testing for adhesion patients....the statement that adhesions rarely if ever show up in any type of imaging is now a myth.
No more "Let's have a surgical look, see" to search for the always elusive adhesions.
Use these images to advocate for yourself. Ask for this simple non invasive, inexpensive test!!!!
It is not in your is right there in black and white for all the world to see.

Removing personal information from these images has been difficult but this most generous adhesion sufferer has had that as her only request.
There are more images still to be placed in this posting and each image will be summarised  as to what you are looking at anatomically so please check back! Approx a dozen more images from the same series coming soon!

This news is so wonderful we wanted to get it to you as soon as possible!

We wish all who suffer from adhesions all the best this holiday season and we present you a gift from an anonymous adhesion sufferer.
A simple " Contrast Barium Swallow X-Ray!"

"Happy Holidays"

Surgery done by Dr Pagels

We place his information here for your convenience but urge you to exercise due diligence when deciding which surgeon is right for you!

Dr. Pagels is now Chief of Gynecology at St.Josef Krankenhaus Moers. He was chief of Gynecology at Klinikum Duisburg, when this surgery was done.
This is his address: Herr Dr. Med. Jens Pagels
St. Josef Krankenhaus Moers
Asberger Str. 4
47441 Moers
Telephone Number: +49 (0) 2841 1072430
His email address is: gyn.pagels@st-josef-moer

This first image below ...what do you see in the one o'clock position?
Do YOU think you are correct!
( NO, that is not a fetus, it is a twisted bowel!)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Please stand by for World Wide Breaking News ~ The day that changes Adhesion Related Disorder forever!

We will be bringing you the story that will change the lives of those suffering from Adhesion Related Disorder forever.

This news will empower you to advocate for yourself and never again be told,
"It's all in your head!"

Please stand by for World Wide Breaking News ~ The day that changes Adhesion Related Disorder forever!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stand By For Breaking NEWS!

Good news heading your way. Please check back soon. IHRT is at full strenght and working hard to bring you this important information!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

ARD just never quits, does it! Adhesion Related Disorder

ARD just never quits, does it! These ARD victims have more information today then ever before, but there really is no intervention that offers them anything certain when it comes to reducing their symptoms. I wish that the REAL issues of ARD could be focued on and NOT Kruschinski, as the answer will NOT be found in Kru any different then any other surgeon in the world!

These folks are desperate and though some MIGHT feel good from a surgery with Kru for a few months the probability is that the symptoms of ARD will return over time. Like before, they say they are “cured,” or at least seem to insinuate that, but we know from experience (and so should they) that adhesion symptoms show up in due time and the cycle starts all over again. Another interesting thing I am reading here is that no one seems to realize that ALL cases of ARD are different, thus the results of a surgery will be as well! To lyse one adhesion, that is causing life impacting symptoms or a first time adhesiolysis, may very well be reduced or even be “cured,” but one never knows what the outcome of surgery will bring them. Possible a reduction in symptoms, but it could make it much worse as well.

What is the answer for all these folks who posted here….be your own best Dr.! They need to ask themselves why would one Dr. in the whole world be able to offer an ARD patient anything more special then any other surgeon? If it seems to be too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.

There is no conspiracy by the Government, and there is NO money to be lost in the USA be it a Dr., Government entity and pharmaceutical Co. It takes very little to see that an ARD patient is a Dr.’s worst nightmare as they consume lots of time and the money made by those in the medical arena is so much less then the time spent on the patient! MOST surgeons will offer a surgery to anyone for anything, but once that patient returns with that “ elusive” knowing pain, the surgeon gets rid of them and sends them to any other Dr. they can dump the ARD patient on and this continues from Dr. to Dr.! So the idea that anyone within the medical field is reaping financial benefits off ARD patients is absolutely bogus, and to even focus on such a thing is a waste of the ARD patients limited time and energy.

If anyone with ARD thinks they are benefitting any other ARD patient with their stories of a surgery with Kru, they are wrong! No two cases are alike and surgeons in the USA can and do use adhesion barriers, and the results are the same as anything Kru has to offer. The adhesion barrier he uses does NOT offer anymore positive results then any other barrier…and most important, for any ARD patients looking to secure facts from “patients and from surgeons” anywhere in the world offers them nothing as surgeons make money doing surgeries, a refrigerator salesman sells refrigerators, and his are the best available, no different then a surgeon says to sell his product! Unfortunately, when ARD patients push for others to go to a specific surgeon based on what they THINK their results were, sooner or later they realize that perhaps that was NOT such a good idea… A simple way to determine if a surgeon IS looking out for the ARD victim’s best interest is when you sit you down with the surgeon and look over your surgical history and they tell you that no matter how desperate you are in your suffering, a surgery is NOT in your best interest!

For any surgeon to sell an adhesiolysis by using desperate “patients” as his means of proof of success, having to put down other surgeons and make claims that he is the only on in the whole wide world that can CURE “Adhesion Related Disorder” without scientific proof and abstracts, is not an honorable person!

If victims of ARD want to have a surgery with Kru and spend that kind of money, so be it. Many have done this exact thing, only to find that his surgery really wasn’t any different, and “being treated with such honest caring and kindness, and for a doctor to simply believe that I am in fact, in pain, and I needed help, was a priceless relief, after years and years desperately trying to find help. His staff is professional and excellent. The facilities are beautiful and comfortable” does not an effective adhesiolysis make.

It appears that money can/will/ and has been made off these things and one thing that was certain in going to Kru, was the ARD victim’s needs were definitely being taken advantage of and that was in the number of follow-up surgeries he talked them into, each costing thousands of dollars; and by the excuses he used for returning pain such as the patient did something wrong, and worst of all, his bogus claims of success that reel in the most desperate of patients, only to dash them when his procedure doesn’t work!! What he did in his private life also shows that he is not as honorable as he appears, but even in that a desperate ARD patient will bite when they get the attention he gives them, and who wouldn’t in the world of ARD! It is only AFTER he has your money that one realizes they made a mistake, but this can also happen here in the USA !

ARD is hideous and debilitating and very, very painful, not to mention sucking the life out of those impacted with it. People die from ARD, and we have known many of them, and yet today there is little that can be done for it.

With that being said, in my opinion, an adhesiolysis, even with Kru MIGHT offer some relief for those with ARD, and, like every other surgeon, it might not, and they get worse. Either way, the ARD patient IS desperate, and WILL seek out anyone anywhere for help! They know that they are already dying, so what do we think they will do, after all we did it too!

With absolute knowledge and honesty, I can say that there IS NO surgeon anywhere I this world that offers anyone an adhesiolysis that can promise good results. I do think that there are a few surgeons who do offer a better chance then other for getting better results based on the adhesiolysis they offer, but in no way is it an absolute! This is what sets Kru in a different category them! Kru is not being honest, as usual, but soon enough it will be known by those who do go to him! Kru has been known to pay patients off offer discounts on multiple surgeries if they will promote him, so they do! For every 1 patient who claims they are pain free, 1-15 are not, but you will never see those names used as Kru’s references!

Again they are not asking themselves why Kru is NOT associated with a credible, high profile hospital instead of performing his “successful method of operating on and successfully removing adhesions from patients who suffer with severe debilitating adhesions.” If he were as successful as he says he is, then why was he removed from so many hospitals and today is using a cosmetic clinic to perform serious abdominal procedures without an assistant Dr. present, nor with any cardiac or acute care dept, etc? Easy answers, he is not credible at all.

Let’s try this one and see if people bite, “Okay, so Kru is the world best kept secret!” Is this enough to make you want to go to him?

With that being said, Dawn, in my opinion let ARD patients go to him, as with any other surgeon today, perhaps someone will get some good results from it, if not, so be it, it is their choice! Sure he will chop them up by offering everything from a face lift to breast implants or an abdominal scar revision, but they will have to figure it out for themselves if it happens to them.

Did Kru experiment of ARD patients, yes he did.

Did Kru falsify reports and articles on ARD, yes he did.

Did Kru harass patients who did not get the results he told them they would get and would not post “kudos” for him on the Internet? Yes, he did! Did Kru physically hurt ARD patients during his surgeries? Yes, he did.

Did Kru lie to his patients? Yes, he did.

Did Kru charge patients different prices depending on what they would do for him? Yes, he did!

The more you try to convince them that Kru is a screwball, the more ammunition he has to use to impress upon these people that there is a “conspiracy” and that every other Dr. in the world “is out to get him because he is so good,” and the “poor me” thing, & “I am so good that every one is picking on me, and this one, “I cannot do surgery at a credible hospital because of the things these two ladies said about me.” LOL! LOL!

Dawn, get out of the world of ARD and stop fighting to help these, post your thoughts and experiences on the Internet for them to see, but do not argue or try to convince them otherwise. This “he said, she said” thing just turns into a battle of the wits, and no one is going to change their mind about going to Kru once they bite on his bait, so let them go and deal with it later!

Start living Dawn and let them do things their way as it really makes no difference who goes to Kru or not, it is their life, and possible death. Let those ARD patients do what they want to do and though your trying to save them from harm, they need to find things out for themselves, and there is enough information on ARD in the Internet that they can be educated as to what not to allow as well as what to allow when seeking medical intervention for ARD.

ARD patients who believe the ones who toot Kru’s horn for all to see will not be interested in your words anyway, so let them deal with the ARD as they see fit. I know you are only trying to save them from more pain and suffering, but you are already doing that by making people aware IF they choose to read it.

I do not assist any ARD patients anymore as I am pain free and living my life to the fullest, as you know my adhesiolysis was without an adhesion barrier, Dr. Reich’s adhesiolysis procedure worked for me and many others, you included! We know the surgeons who use Reich’s technique, but I will never share them in public as some ARD patients might not fare as we did as this surgery is never an absolute.

As for me, I am out of the abyss of ARD and have no desire to get drawn back into it, that’s why I wanted to get well in the first place and now I can do everything, and I love it! I was blessed and now I live, and that is good enough for me. I have no desire to help ARD patients

Love Bev

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Questions arise from and and Endogyn Web sites

Endogyn Blast from the past

Saturday, April 29, 2006
Questions about
I am a former pt. of Dr. Kruschinski, who does gasless abdolift surgery at Endogyn in Germany. My pain is much worse than before I went there. I noticed on the Endogyn Message Board that the "Pt Stories" are not updated. Some of them are dated 2003, 2004, 2005, and say that the person is doing great. However, there is mention of some of these people going back for repeat procedures, but this information is not put on the "Pt Stories". I think it should be.

Recently Linda from UK had surgery. Dr. Kruschinski wrote that on the second look, Linda was adhesion-free. They someone else said something like , "Another pt. made pain-free ".
I think that being adhesion-free on the day of the second look is great news, but that it is too soon to conclude that the person is pain-free and will remain pain free. Dr. K. himself states that a person must wait 12 weeks to know if they are pain-free, and to see if a third look is indicated.

I am looking for information from pts. who have remained improved after 1-2 years after the first trip to Germany, and persons who secured sustained improvements from a second trip to Germany that was at least one year ago.

Anonymous said...
Endogyn Message Board posted about this IHRT message board, and it is really interesting! I read your post with great interest. I went to Germany more than once and am worse than before. I am going to make a complaint against endogyn and hope to get my money back.
I feel like a victim.

April 29, 2006 3:51 PM
Anonymous said...
I also went to Germany more than once. I got an infection there, don't know why. But I did not like it that Dr. Kruschinski did not wear gloves in his clinic. I also developed a hernia near my belly button, where the abdolift machine went in. A docter in US told me that the hernia could be caused by the abdolift.I am still in a lot of pain.

April 29, 2006 4:46 PM
Anonymous said...
I went to Germany only once, but I did not have relief of pain, and I think my adhesions came back, it feels like there are more than before.I was saving up to go back there for a third look, but aFter reading a lot of IHRT, I am thinking maybe it is a bad idea to go back there. Dr.Kruschinski did not wear gloves in his clinic. Isn't that against the law?

April 29, 2006 5:03 PM
Anonymous said...
I am very happy that others are now sharing that they are not well from a surgery at Endogyn, because I am not well either. Dr. kru told me it was from something else and not my surgery with him, but I do not believe him, I did nothing else and now after he told me I was adhesion free in my second look, I am wondering if I really was. I see dawn Rose thoughtnshe was free of adhesions too, and she wasn't and Dr. kru lied to her to.
DO NOT go to Endogyn!

April 30, 2006 10:18 AM
Anonymous said...
Karen says her daughter is doing good! Bull!

Karen is another one who stretches the truth...really stretches it!
Call and ask melissa how she is doing, do not trust karens word for anything!

Is anyone doing well after a surgery at Endogyn?
Me again

April 30, 2006 10:22 AM
Anonymous said...
melissa needs our prayers, call and ask her how she is as her mother suggests!
Texas, USA
Initial surgery:10/04/2003

I wonder what the word,
" well" means to Karen?
Could Karen be hiding something from us, gossip is gossip, but it usually has a bit of truth to it, so I ask karen again, how is melissa today?
Karen is so nasty on Endogyn saying she will send a post to mellisa, is mellisa like her mother, hurtful and angry? I hope not. I hope she will be honest and tell the truth. Why does her mother post there anyway, and hurting sick people all the time there.

April 30, 2006 11:34 PM
Anonymous said...
I had three surgeries in Germany with Dr. K. The first was the lysis of adhesions and then the second look. The pain came back hard and fast even though I was supposed to be adhesion free. The third look cost me plenty even though its supposed to be "free". I had a new adhesion from umbilical area to bowel. He lysed that one out, but I now feel that I have more. I am no better today than I was in late summer 2004, which was when I went. The 2nd mortgage we took out on our house to pay for all this Germany stuff has come close to causing a divorce between my husband and I, as has the fact that I am still hurting and my husband expected a miracle because that is what was promised. There was a new girl from the U.S.(OK) there when I went in for the third look. As soon as Dr. K saw me in the waiting room he spirited me away from her and I did not see see her again my whole stay, even though I speak a little German and could have helped her and her mother. I now am to understand that she has to go back for more surgery. Needless to say I am disappointed and feel taken advantage of.


May 10, 2006 7:57 PM