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Monday, June 30, 2008

Were you a Surgical Experiment?

The safety and efficacy of adhesion barriers that have been in clinical studies can be abused.

Excessive amouts of a barriers may have been used on you.

If you did not agree to excessive amounts or off lable uses in your informed consent. You should be really ticked.

If you don't know you should check your operative reports.

Mathias Korell – well recognised German gynae laparoscopy specialist has done studies with Spraygel and uses in endometriosis cases – where they do a lot of surgery (like colorectal in terms of extent of work in the abdomen – ie not neat and dainty stuff) and he is quoting need 5 kits to then coat the peritoneum to ensure adequate coverage – will be in Adhesions News & Views Issue

Two kits of Spraygel are often used to get adequate coverage of the surgical site and as per Prof Mathias Korell’s experience in major gynaecological surgery – 5 kits may be needed to ensure adequate coverage of the peritoneal cavity!

The US outcomes study with Seprafilm is using a mean 4.4 sheets/patients1 1. Beck DE, Cohen Z, Fleshman JW, Kaufman HS, vanGoor H, Wolff BG. Prospective, randomized, multicentre, controlled study of the safety of Seprafilm Adhesion Barrier in abdominopelvic surgery.
Dis Colon Rectum 2003
This slide shows the cost comparison of recent agents at current UK prices illustrating costs of using 4.4 sheets Seprafilm (as per Beck) and 5 kits of Spraygel as (per Korell).
Please read more

How many sheets of Seprafilm did you have???

How many kits of SprayGel did you have???

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The very latest,latest incarnation of EndoGyn!

Innovative gynecology treatment option for our customers:

What the heck!!!

Awesome way to harvest patients Daniel looks like yer getting by with a little help from your friends....those U.K. ones that do seem to have a vested interest in do realise they all use you as you use them..............

Check it out here:

Hospitals in Germany - At your Service for your Health
German Hospital Service - the qualified service provider to assist you in finding the best German clinic for your medical treatment . We have 15 years of working experience in German hospitals, we know the clinics in Germany, the methods of treatment, the prices. Let´s put this competence at your service! Get your medical treatment in Germany!

Krankenhäuser in Deutschland - Im Dienste Ihrer GGerman Hospitals offer the full range of up-to-date treatments: Orthopedic (eg. navigation-aided endoprothetics, vertebral disc replacement), ophtalmologic (e.g. cataract operation, laser treatment), cardiologic (left cardiac catheterization), urologic (prostate cancer, ED), gynaegological (breast cancer, breast reconstruction, endoscopic gynaecology) and esthetic (including liposuction) at affordable prices. And of course the highly sophisticated renal transplant (live donor necessary) and similar treatments. The services of a competent patient referral organisation can help you to find your way in this system.
esundheitКлиники Германии - На здоровье


On these pages, we offer information for patients from abroad who are possibly interested in getting medical treatment in Germany. You will find full information
about hospital treatment in Germany
about German Hospital Service
about the German healthcare system
about our services and prices
about the cost of medical treatment in Germany
about our contact coordinates
and a picturebook to take you on a tour through the german hospital scene


Is this folks from Taylor and Francis?

The folks who helped you get the bogus LTD for your (Michi's) company?

Are they ones with a vested interest in making money off of the wide open field of adhesions barriers and whats to keep the obtaining of the CE mark
for SprayGel a secret?

Mettlers science for SprayGel and Adhibit is being debunked and think of the RD cash that went into the manufacture of said barriers.

I'm thinking they would definitely want a return on their investment!

Wouldn't you.

Seems they all deserve each other and all have made deals with the devil and amongst themselves.

Next thing you know is Intercede will be back if they can get the right er um doctors to say what the company wants said!

Fat Filthy Piggy's

Thursday, June 26, 2008

David - The apple does not fall far from......

The Best DJ in Mainz - Daniel Kruschinski

Kruschinski's Cat "Kitler"

No more Beer Pong!

There is no denying that Doc. Kru has himself one "hustling" son of a "hustler," but then again, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in this family!

Kruschinski's, father and son can explain to you the deliterious side effects
of Gas.

You will find that "Gucci" has made it into the BIG times with his "DJwannabe" business in Mainz, Germany! YUP, this kid hit it big all right and his "Papa" couldn't be prouder .... you can find the grown up "Gucci" advertising him "DJ'ing" at the VERY POPULAR Star Mainz, on his "myspace" web site ~!! ( Enhanced by the chosen tune " Slap the Bitch" nice huh)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Endogyn Location Announced...The Dark Back Alley Krackenhaus!

Dr. Kruschinski is still out there.

IHRT is truly concerned with the combination of a broke and destitute Kruschinski and those desperate patients who believe that they can't have CO2 gas in a surgery, that Kru is THE ONLY ONE in the whole wide world who can help them.

What a dangerous combination.

We see how Kru's krew of harvesters are so focused on getting patients to him.

They harvest patients by entering areas on the internet where vulnerable victims await their bogus science and inspirational oozings about Kruschinski.

They are relentless!

Even doctors like Lilo Mettler and Harry Reich have sent patients to their doom with Kruschinski. They could not have even been bothered.

So here we are at the crux of the matter....

Kruschinski still probably has the bizarre torture device,

The AbdoLift
some narcotics and instruments......

A quick couple of tempting would that be to the greediest person you could imagine.

Prices Slashed!!

Endogyn Harvesters from both the patient contact list and patient advocate vantage points....the patients that go before them could make conditions safer for them.....
If enough money comes in, the Ponzi Scheme can begin again.......
They benefit by getting their surgeries from Kruschinski and perpahs a wink and a nod from the ol bag himself.
Is that it?
It is possible, I've calculated the odds - Mr Spock.
This however, is totally illogical - Mr Spock
Are you or your daughter or husband still ill shortly after surgeries from Kruschinski ???
If he goes one would be the wiser.......ummm till he kills someone.

( He promised that he would kill himself but he lied about that too.)

False documents for his O.R. nurse combination general surgeon and Kru's
mistress!!! ( Michi's cool, she narced him out bigtime)

He never provided an accurate German medical license numbers.
That goes for the U.K. too.

Holey Moley! Do we even know if he is a doctor!!!

He is susposed to provide these numbers to all patients before providing care.

Helen has never been able to validate his real ones anyhow....

Look below and be reminded there are people out there performing illeagle medical procedures.,2933,369801,00.html
CHULA VISTA, Calif. — The owner of a clinic has been charged with posing as a doctor to perform abortions, some of them unsuccessful or resulting in severe complications and hospitalization, prosecutors said Friday.
Bertha Pinedo Bugarin, 48, was arrested Thursday after a yearlong investigation, San Diego County district attorney spokesman Paul Levikow said.
She was charged with 10 felony counts, including performing medical procedures without a license and grand theft, he said. She faces more than nine years in prison if convicted.
Bugarin, who was being held on $500,000 bail, was scheduled to be arraigned July 2. An call to her attorney Peter Hughes after business hours Friday was not immediately returned.
Prosecutors said Bugarin at one time operated six clinics in Southern California that provided abortions. For her clinic in Chula Vista, near the Mexican border, she advertised her service on Spanish-language television and charged $500 for an abortion.
She performed abortions on several women at that clinic in February and March, authorities said.
"This defendant preyed on women in the Hispanic community," district attorney Bonnie M. Dumanis said in a statement. "By passing herself as a doctor, she put these women's lives in serious danger."
At least nine women have identified Bugarin as the person who performed medical procedures on them, prosecutors said. In one case, a patient suffered severe complications and had to be hospitalized three times. She eventually delivered her baby prematurely.
Another woman had to return for a second procedure because the abortion was unsuccessful the first time, prosecutors said.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

EndoGyn Retrospect: Kruschinski's Pal and a Personal email from Dr. Harry Reich !

Kruschinski's Pal and a Personal email from Dr. Harry Reich !
Personal email from Dr. Harry Reich !
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Doc_Kru Master ( yes master)
Gender: Male
Location: Registered:
Jul 2003 Status: Offline Posts:372
Posted Saturday, April 8, 2006 @ 01:19 AM An
Betreff Re: (no subject) Erhalten 08.04.06, 00:35

Daniel Kruschinski You may post this email on your message board. As you know, I believe that good surgery results in less adhesions, regardless of whether the surgeon uses CO2 pneumoperitoneum (gas) or air (gasless). And you are a good surgeon. As we know, adhesion surgery can be frustrating surgery for both doctor and patient. You are one of the very few doctors dedicated to the research of ARD and the surgical options of treatment. I have never encouraged anyone to abuse you and your efforts for adhesion patients on other web sites. Patients visiting the web sites of and should be very confident about your efforts to help ARD patients. Your technique of gasless laparoscopy seems to have good results. You are an excellent adhesion surgeon and have a great infrastructure for ARD patients at your EndoGyn facility. I have referred patients to you.I look forward to your organization of a very special congress on adhesions in 2007 for the International Society for Endoscopic Gynecology (ISGE). This should be a milestone in the treatment of adhesion related disorders. I hope to perform more surgery at EndoGyn in the near future. Let us continue our very special cooperation. Sincerely, Harry Reich President of ISGEoffice number is 877 5277874 or 570 6742256 office email _reichh_paoffice@msn.com_ ( Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.
Posted by IHRT at 12:57 PM
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just who is Wöckel Achim ???

Wöckel Achim

Lift-laparoscopic total hysterectomy as a routine procedure ...
Kruschinski Daniel, Homburg Shirli, Wöckel Achim, Kapur Anupam, Reich Harry Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology, EndoGyn, Seligenstadt, Germany. - 20k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Daniel Speaks (yawn) but only to Himself

"Yes Master"

2. und ich glaube letzte OP bei Endogyn
Show a printable versionnächter alter Beitrag
kerstin Starter
Geschlecht: weiblich Herkunft: deutschland Registriert: Jul 2007 Status: Offline Beiträge: 4

Posted Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2008 @ 07:49:48 Hallo zusammen!! Ich hatte am 5. Mai meine 2. OP beim Doc. Diesmal wurde mir nach ( ich weiß nicht mehr wie vielen ) Gebärmutterentzündungen die Gebärmutter mitsamt Myomen und Gebärmutterhals entfernt. Ich bin froh es gemacht zu haben!!! Es hatten sich auch in dem Jahr zwischen dieser OP und der Verwachsungslösung kaum neue Verwachsungen gebildet. Ich fühle mich jetzt schon viel besser wie vor der OP. Die ersten zwei Wochen waren etwas heftig. Ich war sehr schwach, was ich gar nicht von mir kenne. Aber jetzt habe ich höchstens abends mal etwas mehr oder weniger Druck im Bauch. Ich mache aber auch schon den kompletten Haushalt (mit zwei wundervollen aber quirligen) Kindern alleine. Da denke ich, ist etwas Druck wegen der Heilung auch noch normal. Ich kann wirklich jedem empfehlen, sich von Dr. Kruschinski operieren zu lassen. Die Behandlung ist optimal, schonend, besser verträglich usw. Ich bin sehr zuversichtlich, daß mein Leid jetzt endlich ein Ende hat. Ich genieße das Leben jetzt schon wieder in vollen Zügen und auch meinen Kindern merkt man an, daß sie ihre "alte" Mama wieder haben. Ich höre von meinem Sohn (6Jahre) fast täglich, daß es so schön ist mit mir wieder toben, Federball spielen oder wieder richtig mit mir kuscheln zu können, ohne daß mir etwas weh tut. Ich bin Dr. Kruschinski wirklich dankbar!!! Von hier nochmals viele liebe Grüße, die wirklich von Herzen kommen. Sie haben mir nicht nur Schmerzen genommen, sondern auch Glück und Lebensqualität wiedergegeben. Vielen DankK Kerstin

doc_kru Master +
Geschlecht: männlich Herkunft: Registriert: Okt 2003 Status: Offline Beiträge: 665

Posted Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2008 @ 14:37:46 Gern geschehen und wir freuen uns mit Ihnen, denn gerade Patientinnen, die unter "hartnäckigen" und jahrelangen Schmerzen wegen Verwachsungen leiden, können in vielen Fällen endlich aufatmen. Alles Gute weiterhin.
--------------------Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.


Babelfish Translation.

2. and I believe last OI with Endogyn show A printable version nächter old contribution Author of contributions kerstin Starter Sex: womanlike Origin: Germany Registered: July 2007 Status: Off-line Contributions: 4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted Thursday, 19 June 2008 @ 07:49: 48 Hello together!! I had my 2nd OI on 5 May with the Doc. This time after (I white no more like many) bearing mother inflammations the Gebärmutter was removed for me with Myomen and cervix. I am gladly it to have made!!! Also in the year between this OI and the growing together solution hardly new growing together had formed. I feel now already much better as before the OI. The first two weeks were somewhat violent. I was very weak, which I do not know at all from me. But now I have times somewhat at the most in the evening more or less pressure in the belly. In addition, I make already the complete household (with two wonderful however quirligen) children alone. There I think, am something pressure because of the healing also still normally. I can really recommend to everyone to be able to be operated from Dr. Kruschinski. The treatment is optimally, carefully, better compatibly etc. I is very confident that my suffering has now finally an end. I enjoy the life now already again in full courses and also my children mark one that she their " alte" Mummy again have. I hear of my son (6Jahre) nearly daily that it is so beautiful with me again raves, Federball to play or with me to cuddle again correctly be able, without something does pain to me. I am really grateful to Dr. Kruschinski!!! From here again many dear greetings, which really come from hearts. They took not only pain to me, but also showed luck and quality of life. Many DankK Kerstin

doc_kru Master + Sex: male Origin: Registered: October 2003 Status: Off-line Contributions: 665 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted Thursday, 19 June 2008 @ 14:37: 46 Gladly happened and we are pleased with you, because straight female patients, which " under; hartnäckigen" and pain for many years because of growing together suffers, can draw a deep breath in many cases finally. All property further. ------------------- Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd.
This ones a real tear jerker there Daniel. Bravo!


Why do you need to be known as "Master" LOL!!!

Looks pretty " Sieg Heil " to us.

Do you just take yer computer to bed with you?

Another "surgery" to pay tax on and invesigate!

WTG Kru!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Have a nice weekend

......and watch out for dr. Kruschisnki at the beach!

Fluid and pharmacological agents for adhesion prevention after gynaecological surgery

The use of fluids and pharmacological agents (medicinal drugs) to prevent the formation of adhesions (scar tissue) that may interfere with becoming pregnant after surgery of the female pelvis.

Adhesion formation is a condition in which bodily tissues that are normally separate grow together. This can occur after surgical procedures such as operations on the female pelvis to remove a cyst, treat endometriosis, remove a tubal pregnancy, or remove a fibroid (a benign tumour of the womb). This scar tissue can have serious effects on the woman's future fertility as it can lead to blockage of her tubes. Careful tissue handling at the time of surgery and control of the blood loss are important ways of reducing scar tissue, however, over the years other methods have been developed to minimise the risk of scar tissue formation. Surgeons have tried using different types of drugs or leaving different types of fluids inside the pelvis at the end of surgery to prevent tissue surfaces from sticking to each other. Fluids include dextran, icodextrin (Adept), SprayGel, and fluids containing the chemical hyaluronic acid (Intergel, auto-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, Sepracoat). Drugs that have been tried include steroids (anti-inflammatory drug), the anti-coagulant heparin, promethazine, and noxytioline.
This review aimed to evaluate the role of these different agents in the prevention of adhesion formation. The results showed that there is currently insufficient evidence to recommend the use of steroids, icodextrin, SprayGel or dextran. The review did show that fluids that contained hyaluronic acid may help lower the chance of scar tissue forming; however, more studies are needed to confirm this. There are also some major safety issues concerning the use of one of these agents (Intergel), which has been withdrawn from the market due to reports of serious side effects such as allergic reactions and pain.
A major problem with studies in this review is that most of them did not look at the rate of pregnancy following the use of these substances. Since the occurrence of pregnancy is the gold standard for measuring how well these agents work to preserve fertility, it is important that future studies take this into consideration.

Main results
There is no evidence of benefit from the use of steroids, dextran or other pharmacological agents in any of the outcomes. The use of hyaluronic acid agents may decrease adhesion formation (OR 0.31, 95% CI 0.19 to 0.51) and prevent the deterioration of pre-existing adhesions (OR 0.28 (95% CI 0.12 to 0.66). There is insufficient evidence for the use of icodextrin 4% or SprayGel as adhesion-preventing agents. None of the studied agents has been shown to improve the pregnancy rate when used as an adjunct during pelvic surgery.

Authors' conclusions
The current evidence for the use of fluid and pharmacological agents for the prevention of adhesions is limited. There is no evidence on any benefit for improving pregnancy outcomes when pharmacological and fluid agents are used as an adjunct during pelvic surgery.
There is insufficient evidence for the use of the following agents: steroids, icodextrin 4%, SprayGel and dextran in improving adhesions following surgery.
There is some evidence that hyaluronic acid agents may decrease the proportion of adhesions and prevent the deterioration of pre existing adhesions. However, due to the limited number of studies available, this evidence should be interpreted with caution and further studies are needed.

Full study

and who do they as one of the references??????


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shirli Homburg Kruschinski take a powder?

Where's Shirli ?
Was the heat too hot and she had to get out of the kitchen?
Who helped her?

I wonder......

Connie? Anyone??

IHRT has seen it share of so many weirdo things including barbs, rants and threats but this email was very odd indeed and came to us right before the Huzebe to Dr. Kruschinski website came to being.

So along comes this bizzare blog to make our brains hurt even more.

Fri, 21 Mar 2008 04:29:25 -0700 (PDT)
"Moschele Feinsteins"

Subject: Mercy For Dr. Kruschinski

I am Moschele' Feinstein of Israel . My intensions in this message to you, XXXX is to seek mercy and understanding for Dr. Kruschinski. I am aware of your prejudice against him and have to advise you to understand his motivation. It is necessary to allow him to leave Germany with dignity and honor as a member of the Elite Circles of Israel . Our group has come together to support his cause to allow him and his sons to offer their duty to our state and the female citizens of Israel . To accomplish this we ask you to stay calm and think of the benefits that Dr. Kruschinski offered to you. We want you to support our mission and visit our web site:

Can you believe it??
Of course IHRT sent a very nice letter back!

It seems they have added tags to thier original postings LOL.

kruschinski,jewish,jtorz,jbdolift,gassless,laporoscopy,drkruschinski,danielkruschinski,lmettler,Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,,elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd,KlinikamZuckerbergat Braunschweig,EndoGyn®StuttgartatApolloKlinik,EndoGyn®Hannover at Eilenriedeklinik

We must ask again......
Where's Shirli Homburg Kruschinski ?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Photo's given to Dawn Rose from her experimental surgery with Kruschinski

Please note in Dawn Rose's operative reports

If this is supposed to be my right ovary that would be impossible as it was removed in 2001.

Possible reaction to spraygel? It is stated in my operative report along with the statement I had no active endometriosis. I was very told in front of my companion that I NEVER had endometriosis.

I never had a drain. I never had a drain introduced to my body and bear no scar from one anywhere. I have never had a post surgical drain in my life.

Right pelvic wall, bowel adhesions

Right pelvic wall, the bowel is completely adherent to the pelvic wall

Right pelvic wall after complete adhesiolysis, left the ovary can be recognized

The pelvic area after application of SprayGel™

The pelvic area at the second-look laparoscopy at day 7 postoperative, left one can see the ovary

Friday, June 13, 2008

World Renowned Surgeon LIES to FBI and DOJ as Daniel snivels...he got caught.

Written by Dr. Harry Reich of PA. This letter allowed the experimental surgeries for CASH, in Germany to continue. He was listed as the Director of Endogyn at the time he wrote this.
It was enough to halt the criminal investigation.
"To whom it may concern: I am writing to set the record straight regarding Daniel Kruschinski ofSeligenstadt, Germany and his "problem" with Dawn Rose, from Boston, Mass.

Presently, many Americans seek surgery in many specialties in Europe because of the medications and techniques that are not available at home. In the USA, it often takes many years for FDA and peer approval. Dr. Kruschinski did adhesion surgery on Dawn Rose using a very effectiveanti-adhesion Spraygel that is not available in the US.
After hearing that this woman was still having problems from some US consumer advocates, I did a
laparoscopy on her in November 2003 to find out for myself and hopefully help her.
She had no adhesions at all!

Please click here to review Dr. Reich's operative report on victim Dawn Rose.
Please click here to see photo's of Dawn Rose's Surgery
I explained to Dawn that I believed Daniel Kruschinski had done excellent surgery on her, and I felt that she then realized it to be true. A videotape of this complete surgery is available. I suspect that Dawn Rose's letters to the justice ministry regarding Dr.Daniel Kruschinski have little to do with his surgical skill or care of this woman. Adhesion patients often have false expectations and will blame their surgeon for all future ills. I presently support Dr. Kruschinski's work at EndoGyn, and would like toget more involved with it in the future. We are friends and are working together on international projects in the field of endoscopic gynecology.

Dr.Kruschinski is a reliable partner and physician and an excellent surgeon with international reputation. He will be the chairman of the 12th Regional Congress of the International Society for Gynaecologic Endoscopy in Munich in the year 2007. Sincerely,
Dr. Harry Reich
Vice-president of the International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy"

What motive would have Dr. Reich jepordize his whole career to remain involved with Dr. Kruschinski? ????
There is this motive.

Alta Vista Translation....Physician far away healthy kidney. $2.8 million pronouncement of judgement - negligent distance of a kidney Hunter Shkolnik brought the case 46 of a year old woman before court, at which a laparoskopie was made for the distance of a Gebaermutterfibrose. During the operation the operating surgeon removed its left kidney in the acceptance it concerns the Fibrose. The entire laparaskopische procedure was taken up on video and played the jury, which could with reputation like a healthy kidney was taken. Marilee May pool of broadcasting corporations versus Harry Reich physician. If you trust into medical specialists due to their negligence were lost which in addition were trained your life to protect, contact .......More................

Cash!!!!! with no strings attached no malpractice insurance fees to pay and an endless stream of victims who would be too poor or ill to complain........That would be IHRT's guess but hopefully a jury of his peers will decide.

Dr. med. Daniel KruschinskiEndoGyn®--Dr. med. Daniel KruschinskiEndoGyn®
In Michi, Daniel's mistress and susposed OR nurse is qoated Daniel Kruschinski......."The pateints are going to suffer anyways."
( see Katzer documents) scroll down to see the letter.

Operative reports of victim of surgical experimantation By Dr. Daniel Kruschinski,

I offer these medical operative reports as evidence that I was surgically experimented by Dr. Daniel Kruschinski in Germany.

This happened at Emma Klinik, Seligenstadt Germany with guaranteed Quality assurance. LOL.

I also hold Emma Klinik responsible for allowing the many women of the United States to be surgically experimented upon.

Please click on a page to enlarge it.

Boston, Mass.
Surgery prior to going to Dr. Kruschinski

Here is the surgery I was lured and coerced into by using fraudulent information from both this doctor and his "patient advocates". Then I wired cash to an account provided by Dr. Kruschinski.

I was used as a surgical experiment.
I was lift by my mid belly section by a corkscrew like hook and then had huge quantities of a foreign substance Spraygel instilled in my abdomen only to repeat it all in a week so he could see if idea worked on didn't. It caused blisters and raw, red inflammation where it was applied. Manufacturer say use 2 kits.....Kruschinski went off label with 7 kits.

I was told by Dr. Kruschinski that I never had endometriosis (and I should sue the other 2 doctors who had diagnosed Endo both histologically and visually in surgery) and I was totally adhesion free.
I was cured!

A few short months after Dr Kruschinski's experimental surgery I was Angel Flighted to Pa. to have surgery performed by Dr. Harry Reich and Dr.Clark Gerhert.
I was going to die.
Dr. Gerhart was honest and straight forward.
I will always be grateful to you sir. Dr. Gerhart accepted me as a medicaid patient.

How can this evidence be refuted?
How many Americans were harmed is unknown but extensive.
Sick, agonized and desperate American women were the specific targets of this all cash ponzi scheme and patients paid for known surgery and were experimented upon instead.
I know so many who were doing ok until Germany. Now they languish in even more agony than anyone could imagine. There are things worse than death they would tell you.
To the German Government, why are you pretending the Americans don't exist as you finally take Dr. Kruschinski to task?
Are you to leave those women like they are? Too bad for them that they happened to have this happen to them in Germany?
And just why the heck are men going overseas to have surgery with a gynecologist?
Kruschinski and his lackeys are a real freakshow. Please heed this warning and stay away.
>>>Oh ya watch out for that Karen....she just goes stark raving>>>>>>

Dr. Kruschinski and Endogyn: A retrospect

So many pages missing from the patient support group at sneaky sub domain of

Here we see an interesting bit from the timeline of Dr. Kruschinski's own message boards.

Enjoy watching the doc squirm....he had just been visited by the FBI as enough valid incriminating evidence was submitted by members of IHRT.

Dr. Harry Reich of PA. was called in by Daniel and Dr Harry Reich violated the HIPPA laws of the United States of America. He wrote a letter to the FBI that Daniel actually posted on his message board claiming Dawn didn't have adhesion's in direct conflict with her operative reports from PA.
He also suggested to the FBI he didn't know why she had acted as such.......who knew Dr. Harry Reich was in this conspiracy up to his eye teeth.
Time to enter the wayback machine............

Closing the story
....printer friendly versionnext newest post next oldest postAuthorMessages
Doc_Kru Master advanced Gender: Male Location: Registered: Jul 2003 Status: Offline Posts: 437 Posted Sunday, July 23, 2006 @ 04:11 AM For the last time I am going to post anything about those who started the crap that is going on in the internet and involves meanwhile few of my previous patients. Whomever want to continue, please leave me out of that. I am not interested even to read that foolish crap. The following will let you understand why those two mentally ill ladies continue to try to ruin EndoGyn and made me the only subject in their lives.

This is when Dawn Rose started to post: FEBRUARY 2003 Dawn Rose's post to the IAS board Just back from Germany!!!
From: Dawn ( Wed Feb 19 22:57:25 2003 Hello all, I have missed you. I am thrilled to report I have been the recipient of a miracle. Pain free,adhesion free, no more diapers no more cathing no more cane! I left rather suddenly and took my chance when it presented itself. This is no miracle for Dr. Kruschkinski, it is his job and his passion. The combination of his surgical skill, gassless lap, secondond look and spaygel are THE winning combination and your best chance on earth to get you life back. Remember no doctor would touch me and would never answer my question "What's to become of me?" Terry and Mary Lou have had this miracle as well and I just met Carolin and her husband before I came home. Ah yes I can eat again and with gusto and we shared a lovely lunch together. We all agreed we have never had such tender and more profesional care. We were treated as family. I could go on and on. I offer my services to anyone who needs information or have some fears allayed about taking this option to get your life back. I have my life back and my biggest problem now is what to do with it!! I never hoped for or expected this. I wish this for you all. Much Love, Dawn - -

Re: What do you guys think I should do?
From: Dawn ( Thu Feb 27 05:30:36 2003 I hate to say it and please remember I am no doctor but you have described my life to a tee. Then it got worse! I was diagnosed with many things like IBS but in the long run all my problems were adhesion related. I have just come back from Germany, where I made the concious choice to have the best chance of an ELECTIVE adhesiolysis procedure as opposed to my proposed very short term under emergency conditions by a genral surgeon. I am sure Dr. K. saved my life and gave me the best chance for regaining my life. He is one of a handful of surgeons , if that many, who do this procedure all the time and have developed techniques that will certainly improve the quality of your life as you do indeed have adhesions. DR.K. is well equipepeted to handled any other pelvic problem that may occur IE. remove endometriosis, bowel resection. In retrospect when I think of all the testing I went thru and the thousands of dollars it cost ( have you had the joy of a defogram yet?)for the price of a cheap car you can enjoy your life again and put these problems to rest and find out if there has been underlying damage from the adhesions. He saved my overy that had a cyst the size of a mans fist inside of it that any other surgeon would have just taken but now I am spared the added trouble of surgically induced menopause ( this ovary is the only thing left after my hyst). I cannot say enough about what I believe to be an adhesion sufferers best chance to have themseves litterally brought back to the land of the living and if you wish to explore this option I am here as are others who have gone before me to help you. You are in the right place. I spent at least a year here on the boards educating myself about options and treatments and what it is to suffer from ARD. I feel I made a well thought out educated decision for this chance that surely saved my life. Please visit this website for more information there is much here in the archives as well just punch up Germany. Much love and the end of another "commercial" for Germany. Take you meds if they are not strong enough ask for a different kind and avoid any type of surgery till you give yourself a proper education on what being a person with ARD means. Love, Dawn - -

Re: ADHESIONS digest 2594
From: Dawn ( Thu Feb 20 06:14:53 2003 Dear Eva, I tried to send this in a private email to the above address but it bounced back. I hope you do not mind this reply on the board. My name is Dawn Rose and I just returned from Germany only yesterday. Dr. Kruschinski has a practice called Endo Gyn in Seligenstadt, the URL being This is not in Frankfort proper but about 1/2 hour ride from Frankfort. You will be picked up and driven there for your return at the airport. He uses the private, ultra modern hospital, Emma Klinik in Seligenstadt for surgery and post op care. I have never been treated so well. You can stay there as much or as little as you feel you need. Not a mile down the road he keeps his office and a few apartments ( with all you could ever need) for patients to recover on the banks of a river with a beautiful view of mountains in the distance and a short walk to the most charming and friendly town. His office there is also ultra modern and has everything he could need for care. He prefers his patients to recover not in the hospital but in a family type setting and his office is open everyday with friendly folks that will help you with what ever. The psychology behind this has helped me to heal at a rate I would not have believed. I hope I can be of further assistance to you as this really is your best, perhaps only chance to get your life back. I had lost all hope and now all I have lost is a cane, diapers, catheterizing myself, a mess of pills and welcome back my appetite for food and life. Not bad for a 2 week stay huh. Every one sets great stow on spaygel and that is part of the equation but who in the US is going to want to perform adhesiolysis anyhow??? There is no profit in it for a typical US surgeon perhaps only a lawsuit. It is only performed in desperation as far as I can tell. Why not have a doctor who sees this surgical technique as a gift of talent and training ( he does not think he is God like some docs) as his destiny and his joy in life to bring back the living dead. The winning combination of Dr. Kruschinski's skill, gassless lap, spaygel and a second look is your best bet. I do not mean to be a walking commercial about this and nobody was more skeptical than I. Everyone thought I was crazy to do this but my chance came and I took it. As you know the more surgeries you have the worse off you are. Dr. Kruschinski is able to deal with most additional ailments as well such as bowel resections or endometriosis while doing the adhesiolysis. I am here for you with Dr. K's blessing as a patient advocate. For you or anyone else interested in my two cents. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Please see the web site it explains a whole lot. If you wish we can explore any concerns you may have. I am also an IAS volunteer for the states of MA and RI.

Dawn Rose - APRIL 2003 Re: germany?????
From: Dawn ( Sat Apr 12 08:51:11 2003 I was just about on deaths door when I made it to Dr.Kruschinski... horrifying pain, fecal incontinance, self catherising and walking with a cane. Now I live each day free from all this and feel I have passed a point where I would heave felt the return of the adhesions based on past surgeries. Dr. K. is my hero but the information on the other surgeons are there for you to see as well. I urge you to review the information and make your own choice...having my life saved has undoubtly made me very biased. I just pray for this relief for all no matter how they get there or who they choose. *******************************************************************
Than after I wrote her that I don't want her to be THE ONLY PATIENT ADVOCATE, as every patient can be an advocate, if one likes.

She writes this: From: Dawn To: Cc: lisa Date: August 22, 2003 10:26 AM Subject: Hi Guys...guess business is way off...Hmmmmm?? Wonder why that would be? Are people canceling their surgeries?... Is that why I caught you harvesting from the IAS Lisa?? Will that make you look better in Daniel's eyes... getting a person with no UNBIASED education on ARD right to Daniels door. Will that help secure your 4th unsuccessful adhesiolysis with him??? Well just know, all boards are watched at all times to intervene from just such things... every sufferer you contact will also be contacted by members of the "conspiracy team" in order to give them the truth... the truth with irrefutable evidence that your adhesiolysis is no better than my dogs veterinarian might offer!!! But heck, even he believes in meticulous homeostasis. And oh is the truth coming your way fast...soon I have my next adhesiolysis and the truth about the techniques and treatment of patients who have had surgery with you will be there for all to see. My photos, videos and op reports will go round the world... many wait to see the results of this surgery... would you both like a copy for your records??... I mean it's the least I could do for people so dedicated to the eradication of ARD. Party time is just about over. I love to be able to point out that I am patient # 8 on your surgical results photos... so they can see what you do think of homeostasis and how that actually correlates to the health of someone post your adhesiolysis. Sheesh you dum dums... of all the photos to use, you use mine??? I am so happy you were able to use me as an example as it has helped us be even more effective in spreading the word about you and your procedures. The new motto is "Spray gel in anyone's hands BUT yours...." You are now the laughing stock of all the ARD community. The folks from confluent tell me that "spraygel is only as effective as the surgeon using it".....oh as to your mockery of the FBI....they can and do have the power to take away your use of any American like Spray gel fer instance...thought that you might like to know that also....perhaps that might give you the time to go to veterinary school as I am sure you'll be looking for a new line of work soon. Daniel as your behavior becomes more dreadful and if I had known you were so bloody stupid I never ever would have let you near lying piece of shit. Fondest regards, Dawn Rose - -

Do you realize the change ?

August 2003, Dawn foolishly writes me and Lisa Graven and identifies the fact that there indeed is "conspiracy" team that is out to destroy Dr. Kruschinski. Futhermore, she incriminates the IAS in her opening statement!
If she had resigned from the IAS on July 30, 2003, as David Wiseman claimed, why her concern with affairs of the IAS in late August--------------------------------------------------------
And this is only one short summary of hundreds of pages and words of Beverly Doucette, the insane woman wrote to me, but it shows her agenda and her life. If she has nothing else in her life, I will let her enjoy to watch what I do and to spread her hate all over the internet. - - THIS IS part of an email I got from BEVERLY DOUCETTE:

You want a a confrontation with ME?
Mister, you don't have the balls or the brains to deal with me, YOU think your the only one with secrets to hold over someone elses head, watch me do it, and it's YOUR head now Daniel! At least you have your own web site to post on if I felt so inclined, keeps the "puss" off the IAS site and back where it belongs! Take care... Beverly" *******************************************************************
I am not going to this level: If this is the the level we are dealing with, I will quit. This short mail explains what is going on, doesn't it ? The "puss" she brought into my life ends here.

Not any of the claims and accusations, the "conspiracy team" is making, is true. And whatever they claim, it shows untrue, begining with Dawn Rose's operative report.
First, she said I didn't perform a successful adhesiolysis. Than after Harry Reich proved in his 3rd look that she was adhesion free, she said, I missed her endometriosis and so on...
Than I am not a doctor, I am a criminal that uses a dr. title... how come, I am registered in many countries and they ALL didn't discover that I am not a doctor ??? Than my OR-Nurse is not a nurse... How come, we could perform surgery in many countries and to do so, one needs always a special procedure, that validates all the documents to make sure, the surgeon and his team is allowed to perform surgery.
Than my book or publication won't be published ? Yes they will be soon. And many other things, they wrote I could continue with to prove them to be false accusations.

Some facts, that I closed my office and apartments in one city, as they were too expensive, they use for their agenda and change it to what they want to tell about. Other facts like I was dismissed from 11 hospitals is a complete nonsense. Those hospitals I were in are listed in my CV and 2 hospitals we were in, didn't match to the EndoGyn protocols. I was dismissed from the Emma-Klinik is also not true, we just had a severe and emotional argument about cost and I left, but we are negotiating again and I will also perform surgery there. Next ICU is only 3 km away from Emma and another one in Offenbach, which is 10 km away from the Emma and not in Frankfurt, as they state.
They simply use every fact that informants give them and blow the facts up for theirs agenda.
Simple like that: nothing will close and this board will stay and we will continue to perform adhesiolysis procedures with the Abdo-Lift. I didn't surface at Rotthalmüsnter Hospital as they say, I work there already from June 2005 and just started to bring also international patients there. We perform surgeries all the times and every week. And you can prove it on the German board that arrange transportion for, even today:
Don"t believe one mentally ill woman under drugs and other few "anonymous" who post there.

She could be healed, if she stayed in contact and came in for a 3rd look.

Believe the many success stories and patients contacts. Many other issues they address medically are nothing else than a layman view on medicine or surgery.

Anyway, If it was true,
I would sit in jail.
If it was true, why there is no legal action against me, if I did what they accuse me to have done ?
If it was true, I would not be able to continue surgery.
If it was true, I was not able to perform more that 4000 surgeries.
If it was true, I would not be able to perform surgery also on any german patients.
If it was true, why should ONLY US patients be my target.

I think it might be that some of US patients missunderstood the european politeness of a doctor ??? If It was true, why the experiments or studies took only place in US patients ??? -

Here are emails of UK patients: As an ex-patient of Dr Kruschinski, I am writing this in his defense. I have reason to be grateful to Dr Kruschinski firstly for diagnosing my problem when 10 doctors here in the UK could not do so. Then I was very pleased when he accepted me as a patient in spite of my age and other health problems. I have been twice to Seligenstadt and have derived considerable benefit from the surgery there and Dr Krushinski also revised my original scar very successfully. I admit that I am not completely better and am disappointed but I think any surgeon who guaranteed absolutely the success of surgery would be foolish, knowing that failure could lead to litigation. My husband and I found Dr Kruschinski charming and he was attentive and solicitous, keeping in touch by telephone when he was not available personally to come to the apartment or hotel. We had no suspicion of any inappropriate behaviour either as a doctor or as a man. We found the set-up at Seligenstadt perfect. We could find no fault with the lovely old town, the modern and spotlessly clean clinic, the kind and efficient nurses, the apartments ideally situated by the river with the headquarters offices and consulting rooms right next door. We thought the cost quite reasonable, considering what it included and obviously we had to pay in advance, knowing the dishonesty of many people in this world who could depart suddenly without paying. I have read the accusations levelled at Dr Kruschinski on and am very saddened. I have no way of knowing whether any of it is true and have only spoken about my own experience. I think to complain of a surgeon who has failed in his professional duty is not wrong but to hurl vicious remarks and abuse at him is not to be tolerated nor is mockery of the victim. To divulge alleged details of his private life (however true and however deplorable) is despicable and quite beyond the pale. His private life is no concern of mine or anybody else's. After all we are what we are. I would say that anybody who does not put a signature to a communication is a coward. I think I know who the author/s of the email sent to you were. They are arch-enemies of Dr Kruschinski. I should very much like to know who the Judas in Dr Kruschinski's camp is who is betraying him to his enemies. How does anybody find out all this information? It seems to me that there are not many surgeons willing or able to carry out adhesiolysis with any success and to attempt to destroy one of them is not a good idea. I think we are talking about "libel" here which, in England at least, is defamation in writing which this is, whereas "slander" is defamation by the spoken word. I hope you will be in a position to help Dr Kruschinski. XX -
and another one: Yesterday, I received an email from Dr Kruschinski directing me to the IHRT website and asking me, as a former patient, to contact you. I was absolutely appalled by the contents of this site and totally disagree with their opinion of Dr Kruschinski. The following information on my involvement with Dr. Kruschinski is from memory; but if you need me to firm up the dates then I will. I am a 54 year old woman living in the UK and I first consulted with Dr. Kruschinski in Germany in November 2004. He would not commit to operating on me without a prior examination so I flew over to Germany for a few days in Nov. He carried out a clinical examination which included a vaginal ultrasound. This clearly showed an abnormal area in my abdomen close to the site of an old appendectomy scar. He then spent a lot of time, about an hour I think explaining what adhesions were and how he treated them. As part of this explanation he showed a video of abdominal adhesion surgery. He answered all questions and was polite and respectful. At no time did he urge me to have surgery and warned me that although his track record was good, in that over 90% of his patients reported that they were free of symptoms following surgery, there was a chance that the surgery would make my problems worse. I was operated on in December 2004. I saw him the day before the operation and again he was kind and patient. He was there in the operating room when I was brought in and he was reassuring and professional. He visited me in my hospital room a few hours after the operation to make sure I was OK and he checked on me at least once a day for the remainder of my stay in Germany. I could not have wished for better care. A few months later I contacted him again. I was feeling significantly better than before but there was still a pain in the same area. He suggested immediately that I return for another operation which was carried out in the March of 2005 I think. I offered to pay but he refused his fee. This time he found a single adhesion and removed it. As before he was courteous, professional and kind. Again he checked on me every day and I felt that I was in safe hands. In October 2005 I again contacted him because although I was in significantly better health than I had been before the first operation I was still experiencing pain in roughly the same area. Again he suggested that I come back to Germany for another operation. In my email and in person I tried to persuade him to charge me but he absolutely refused to take my money. When my husband and I arrived we were shown to the smaller apartment and then a few hours later, when Dr. Kruschinski discovered this, we were moved to the larger much more comfortable one. This simple act of kindness on Dr Kruschinski's part really touched me. In this operation he found a cyst which had grown quite large and was pressing against my abdominal wall and he thought that that was the probable cause of the pain. Since then I have been well and my health continues to improve. I had suffered severe nausea and pain for 15 years and knew that it would take time to get my health back. Dr Kruschinski successfully located and removed the source of my symptoms. Some people might think I was unlucky in having to have 3 surgeries but I believe that it would be unrealistic to think that problems as severe as mine were could be cured by one operation. He did not promise me that he would cure me and he did not promise me that I would never again have adhesions. Instead, he promised me that he would do his best and that is what he did. With regard to the accusations on the website, I never saw Dr Kruschinski drink alcohol or had reason to think that he did. He never spoke about his private life to me and his behaviour towards me was always appropriate and respectful. I never witnessed any inappropriate behaviour towards anyone else and if he did have a conversation with any of his staff in German he would immediately translate to me what had been said. And finally he simply would not accept a fee for the second and third operation. In my opinion, Dr Kruschinski brings honour to his profession and if it is necessary that I stand up in a court of law and say this I will gladly do so Yours sincerely XX -

Comment (to be clear and to avoid twisting and slander):
I don't take surgical fee for me (that means "free"), there are cost associated with 3rd looks, like hospital, anesthesia, apartment, SprayGel and others) I am so sure in the procedure I am performing that I know, not many adhesions will return and so the surgery won't take long. This is why I dont take surgical fee, if the 3rd look is not later than half a year after initial surgery. Another service, no doctor is offering, but this is a kind of "back door" for those, who still might have pain. If it was a trick to let people come back, (like the insane woman say) I would charge for that, no ? - and even patients from Canada (very close to US):

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski forwarded me your letter and the name of the website where someone is making a career of slandering Dr. Kruschinski's name and reputation. While I'm an advocate of free speech and a firm believer in the usage of the internet for communication and educational purposes, I find it tragic that opinions expressed by one or two disgruntled people can, in a very short time, utterly devastate another person's life. Dr. Kruschinski spent decades becoming a highly skilled and innovative professional. It is unconscionable that 'Anonymous' with her unsubstantiated 'facts' should be able to financially and emotionally ruin a man who has helped so many. I am one of the many.
To try to balance the scales, let me tell you of my experience with him: My name is XX and I live in Canada. When I found Dr. Kruschinski/EndoGyn on the net, I had been in chronic pain for some time (due to myriad prior surgeries including a cholecystectomy, two C-sections, and a hysterectomy). I had already been diagnosed as having adhesions and was on a waiting list here for the surgical removal of them. However, since I had not yet received a date for my surgery, and wanted to get my health/life back sooner rather than later, I decided to research my options. When I found EndoGyn, I checked independent sources to make sure it was a legitimate medical facility, spoke to other patients to verify their experiences, and wrote to Dr. Kruschinski himself to find out more about SprayGel and his gasless laparoscopic techniques. Although my MD here was not aware of these procedures, she was curious to know more. My own father, a retired physician, also encouraged me to 'give it a chance'. After all, he knew the success rates here with conventional adhesion removal.... To make a long story short, I went to Seligenstadt in March 2005. After thorough consultation, blood work, EKG, etc. I had my surgery on the morning of March 4. Despite post-operative discomfort, I felt better in the recovery room than I had in three years! The staff were cheerful and professional. Emma Klinik was spotless. The apartment I returned to to convalesce and wait for my 'second look surgery' was comfortable and practical. Dr. Kruschinski's office was 20 meters away and I could reach him at any time by phone if I experienced any problems. Both he and his staff made 'house calls' to the apartment to monitor me. They were solicitous but never once impropietous. I had EXCELLENT care and made a full recovery. My pelvic pain was totally eradicated thanks to Dr. Kruschinski's intervention. Unfortunately, although I whole-heartedly endorse/recommend Dr. Kruschinski and EndoGyn to prospective patients, my positive voice, along with a plethora of other satisfied ex-patients, does not seem to carry as much weight as one spiteful person's negative voice. It's a travesty of justice. I hope you can do something to help an upstanding member of the medical profession get his reputation back. He deserves whatever support you can render. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, XX -

From these emails you see that we are trying to help and support patients that only few surgeons would take a task for surgery. Our work is medically and ethically correct. Socially we are living in Europe and so we have an European way of interactions, which might be a misunderstanding for some Americans.
It might be also, that some Americans have a different view on life and misinterpret normal european life interactions and happenings. Sorry, not to have studied or taken a course on american social behaviorship, before I started in 2001 to perform surgery on US patients.

Anyway, I will continue the work I started and not pay attention to any of the crap that is going around. Please be aware that anything written in the internet can be twisted, changed, manipulated to someone's own purpose. Please be intelligent and wise enough to educate yourself and not to believe in scare tactics of insane women reaching out to destroy. -
They even write comments on their blogs as it would be me:

Anonymous said: You are just a bunch of jealous American "laities". Your attempts at humor are pathetic, you poor ones. They reflect the stopidity of your brain, and are like a belly reflection with a broken endoscope.

You don't fool me for one second. I have my informers too, you know. Yes, it is true that some of my followers have betrayed me and are leaking all kinds of information to IHRT, but I know who they are and they will get their's! They are talking out of both sides of their heads. I can do anything I want to do, ha-ha, I too have some informers, and they know that you are being paid by doctors who are jealous of me, for the trash you throw up on your vile pages of garbage/crap/shinola.

I didn't know to speak that good english... what is shinola ?
Many other comments are made by themselves as anonymous.

No one name, only Dawn Rose and Beverly Doucette.

Otherwise those who supposedly make the comments are afraid to give their real names ? -

All this melodrama on their sites is too "bad to be true" and they might think, some patients will believe it, but it represents only their twisted minds and their IQ level.
Please notify that anything written in emails or Internet doesn't hold in any of legal actions (court, lawsuit)

If you have any questions, please email me directly at:
Please keep this board as a support site for ARD patients and clean of garbage, trash and nonsense. Welcome to everyone, who seeks education. With kind regards Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, --------------------------------
Posted Monday, July 24, 2006 @ 02:11 PM Doc_Kru Many thanks to all patients for writing to the involved organisation and setting the records straight about the libel that is going on for 3 years now. Actions can be taken now to finally close this kind of slander in the internet. The extreme libel destroyed so much, so a way will be found to sue the "conspiracy team" for compensation of the damage they caused. It's the most severe libel action with the longest duration that was found on the internet. Special orgnaisations are involved in securing legal actions agains the "conspiracy team". More information will follow. Those who want to write me to enlight the truth, I encourage to do it at my personal email. Every voice is now important. Thank you. --------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

gingirl First Lieutenant Gender: Female Location: Texas Registered: Jul 2003 Status: Offline Posts: 622 Posted Monday, July 24, 2006 @ 11:53 AM Dr. Kruschinski, Beverly and Dawn have revealed just who they are: People who "conspire" together, toward a deceitful purpose. Not only do they reveal who they are, but outright made their plan and identity known, thus revealing their lowly intellect as well! Dawn: Quote:every sufferer you contact will also be contacted by members of the "conspiracy team" in order to give them the truth
Beverly: Quote:watch me do it, and it's YOUR head now Daniel!
As Maya Angelou says: "When someone shows you who they are, believe them." --------------------Karen ............................................................................................................ Dr. Kruschinski's remarkable talent, gasless laparascopy, and SprayGel gave my daughter back her life!! Thank you Dr. Kruschinski!!

Doc_Kru Master advanced Gender: Male Location: Registered: Jul 2003 Status: Offline Posts: 437 Posted Monday, July 24, 2006 @ 03:11 PM Many thanks to all patients for writing to the involved organisation and setting the records straight about the libel that is going on for 3 years now.

Actions can be taken now to finally close this kind of slander in the internet. The extreme libel destroyed so much, so a way will be found to sue the "conspiracy team" for compensation of the damage they caused. It's the most severe libel action with the longest duration that was found on the internet.
Special orgnaisations are involved in securing legal actions agains the "conspiracy team".
More information will follow. Those who want to write me to enlight the truth, I encourage to do it at my personal email. Every voice is now important. Thank you. --------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

Shelva Just starting Gender: Female Location: Jersey Shore, PA Registered: Mar 2006 Status: Offline Posts: 3 Posted Wednesday, July 26, 2006 @ 09:03 PM Those of you who have attacked Dr. Kruschinski should be ashamed. My husband and I went to Germany from Pennsylvania in early May and he performed two surgeries on me. Prior to going to Germany, after 10 failed adhesionalysis surgeries in the United States over the past 19 years of my life, I could not walk, couldn't take a deep breath and didn't have a moment when I wasn't in excruciating pain. The difference in how I felt then compared to now is like night and day. Dr. Kruschinski was everything we had hoped for and more. He was professional to the extreme and put my well being first and foremost. Here's the far as I'm concerned, I'm completely healed and adhesion free, but should I ever have an accident or sustain internal injuries, I know that the adhesions would come back with a vengence. There is no other doctor in the world that I would trust and turn to for help - but Dr. Kruschinski. If you destroy his ability to continue with the life changing work that he has performed on so many of us, you are messing with my life because I won't be able to go to him if I would need help, nor would anyone else for that matter. So think about that when you are spreading your filth. You are effecting the lives of people you don't even know...and for what? Did you sell you souls? Will it have been worth it in the end? You are attacking a man who has helped countless people suffering from ARD. He never gave my husband and I a guarantee...what he said was that there was no guarantee that the adhesions would not return, but that he would do his best. And that's what he did. It's my firm belief that the physicians performing adhesionalysis surgeries in Grand Caymen are doing it only for the money. If not, why are they using CO2 gas, which only increases the chance of continued adhesions and decreases the effectiveness of the SprayGel, and not performing a second look. I checked into going to Grand Caymen prior to booking our trip to Germany. One of the doctors performing surgery there had performed adhesionalysis surgery on me in 2000 and 2004. Obviously, both of them were unsuccessful. But, to go with the familiar, I was considering going back to him for a third time. When I called to get information regarding the procedure and asked if this doctor does a second look, I was told that he didn't do a second look because he has done so many surgeries that he doesn't feel that it's necessary. The next day I booked my surgery in Germany. Not only does Dr. Kruschinski perform a second look, which in my case was what finally eliminated all of my adhesions, but he told us that should my adhesions return, we could go back to Germany and have another surgery and only pay for our airfare and lodging, and that his surgical fee and the hospital charges would be at no charge. I ask all of you...have you ever heard any other doctor in the world make such a statement??? To me, this says that here is a physician who truly cares for his patients and puts their health and well being first, and his financial gain last. So, in closing...grow up and stop messing with the lives of people you don't even know. And if you are bold enough to post a message, put your name on it and don't hide behind "Anonymous". That only shows how cowardly you really are.

Doc_Kru Master advanced Gender: Male Location: Registered: Jul 2003 Status: Offline Posts: 437 Posted Friday, July 28, 2006 @ 01:14 AM I must say that those women have a quite good sense of humor and creativity. I think all your nonsense is well done and you should put this energy and gain an employment. I don't think, someone who gets up at 6:30 am and writes at 6:37 and sits on the computer for the whole day has deserved to be on disability. Be creative, there are many other things in life to put energy in. Focus your energy on helping patients. Stop your destructive issue. Patients anyway have the freedom in the end before and now to decide where to go. My credits, credentials and surgical skills are known (and that, no one can take from me!) and the paper on the adhesiolysis technique in the initial group of 35 patients with a long follow-up just was printed and soon can be found in the web (or PubMed). And that's all what is interesting. Not my personal life. By the way, that last photo is actually the recent one. So thank you for compliments that I look younger... I think you should remove that crap from your websites before officials will do it. Kind regards --------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

heart Advanced Gender: Female Location: Registered: Jan 2006 Status: Offline Posts: 52 Posted Friday, July 28, 2006 @ 02:21 AM What can you expect when you love God? But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives, he will produce this kind of fruit in us: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Galatians 5:22 NLT

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