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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Press Release


Beverly Doucette, ARD Chair, Dawn Rose, Research Director

Rebuttal to OSU press release and syndicated TV spots

Re: Public comments in Media by Dr. Richard Schlanger regarding Adhesion Barriers and Research at OSU

Members of the ARD "International Human Rights Team" (IHRT) made contacts with Ohio State University to secure an email contact for Dr. Richard Schlanger. It is very difficult to secure in the OSU web site!

I, Beverly J. Doucette, will send this "analysis" to Dr. Schlanger, along with ALL our contact information and invites him to discuss our opinions about him and his practice at OSU Medical Center. And all communications will be publically!

Dr. Schlanger,

What you are about to read are Beverly Doucette personal opinions on the comments and claims of one, Dr. Richard Schlanger out of Ohio State University-East. And though I would like to have addressed our concerns directly with this person, he does not avail himself to email contact, but non the less, I would have gone public with these comments anyway!

We will risk everything for the truth, thus we cannot be stopped from expressing our opinions on what is or is%

The tip of the iceberg

The "International Human Rights team" ( IHRT) is still investigating Dr. Richard Schlanger's comments regarding his adhesiolysis procedures at Ohio State University-East!
It is our intentions to "tell all" as to what is going on behind the OR's of Ohio State University Medical Center - East.
What IS Dr. Schlanger up to?
We will tell you stayed tuned!
We are preparing our report and being very careful to have all the "T's" crossed and "I's" dotted.

We will report as soon as we can but in the mean time......


7 Reasons NOT to have Seprafilm used as an adhesion barrier:

1.) Seprafilm can NOT be applied laparoscopically!

2.) Seprafilm has NOT been approved by the FDA to be applied laparoscopically!

3.) Seprafilm is brittle ( somewhat like waxed paper ) and very difficult for the surgeon to use!

4.) Any moisture on Seprafilm makes it sticky -- causing it to stick to surgeon's gloves -- which also makes it very difficult to apply!

5.) For all of the above reasons, the BEST surgeons have decided to NOT use an adhesion barrier.

6.) Any infection or inflammation within the abdominal/pelvic cavity CAN cause MORE adhesions to develop!

7.) The way each person's body accepts a foreign substance or adhesion barrier IS DIFFERENT!! Some people are ALLERGIC to adhesion barriers, like Seprafilm, Interceed and the NEW Intergel gel adhesion barrier. I know of one person, who is allergic to ALL three adhesion barriers!!!


1.) The FDA has approved Seprafilm for LAPAROTOMY surgery ONLY!!!!!!!


The tip of the iceberg

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Dreaming of a world with acurate information on ARD

Dear Adminstrators of an Adhesion Support group,

I think that your overall message here was good, however, please re-think your words in RED to this lady and to the general ARD public coming to BB, as in the desperation and fear of adhesions, this type of "advice" places the responsibility of adhesions reforming on the patient. I don't think you will validate these words with information, and I do not think you will re-explain your words in a post, so I am preparing to blog this communication, though I would prefer to see you take responsibility for this and do the right thing in a post in your web site.
BB, you really have to watch what you say in public, your dealing with some very ill and desperate people, think about that before you share stuff that is adverse to helping them, and things with no validation or basis. This stuff is not responsible. You like to sound like you have answers, but persons associated with large yellow bouncing balls, it is best to remain silent unless you have something factual to share as your setting these desperate people up for a tougher walk then they would have is you simply said nothing instead of things with no basis and not so good for the victims of ARD. They get enough unsubstantiated nonsense from others who really have no clue about ARD, let alone one who professes to know something about ARD.

1.) There is NO way any exercise, gentle or otherwise, will impact adhesion formation or keep formed adhesions pliable once formed. ( I add these assumptions as you do not explain how exercise would physiologically affect adhesions tethering internal organs or how exercise would keep adhesions from forming as they form within hours post operatively.)

2.) Statements such as this will only place guilt on a person afflicted with ARD if in fact adhesions reform ( highly likely) and then they think THEY didn't exercise enough????

3.) You have nothing to substantiate your claims, it is "gossip" that not only lacks validation, it is wrong.

4.) You do not even state how this exercise actually benefits a post op does exercise impact abdominal/pelvic adhesions?

5.) A post op patient has to heal, not do exercise, and you leave the "exercise" wide open...what does "gentle" exercise mean? Walking, slow sit ups, leg lifts..what? And what would it do for that person anyway?

Non of this makes any sense at all, BB, other then to set up persons with ARD to feel guilty if they do in fact developed adhesions again.
Just clarify this and validate it, and all is well.

Unless you can validate that a Dr. did state that "Gentle exercise" could or would in fact have an impact on adhesion formation ( or whatever it is that you think exercise will actually do for abdominal/pelvic adhesions) then don't state things like this.
It is best to explain that "exercise benefits the patients who developed for adhesions in the joints," but nothing is proven that exercise will help adhesions within the abdominal/pelvic cavity, even IF you came up with different types of "Gentle Exercise" a post op patient can do, as there is none, BB. Not only is this all wrong information, there is no data to even begin to validate such a thing, it just doesn't fit with post op ARD patients.

And what Dr.'s would know such a thing to say it, did they do studies??? Where did you "research" this subject, as long as you found something somewhere, please add those links for validation, as this is an area that needs validation along with the words, as your far to vague about it. Unless you can validate this, it is simply, "gossip."
Abstracts please.., we must watch out for the ARD sufferer to keep them safe from harm, this , again, is adverse to that. This comment could place guilt on a patient who has symptoms of adhesions again and thinks they did not exercise enough, no matter how gentle that exercise is.
It is not common knowledge , as it is not valid nor good for the ARD patient!
You might be mistaking the words ""move around" following surgery " that mean for a post op patient to walk around to decrease chances of blood clots in the legs, but that is not "gentle Exercise." it is walking around, no bending, sit upon, side to side rolling, whatever you mean by "gentle exercise."

Person afflicted with ARD have enough guilt to deal with without the guilt of thinking they didn't do enough on their own to keep the adhesions at bay. This is just not a wise thing to mention as there doesn't exists one single bit of basis for these words.

Please consider these facts against your comment here regarding the person post op patient:
They need to allow for internal healing,
They need to allow the body to rid itself of anesthetic which remains in tissues for months
They will feel soreness, fatigue and other post op symptoms that just might not allow them to start exercising...but if they thought that exercise would keep adhesion away, they will push themselves to do that..and to no avail what so ever.

I heard that you have access to a former nurse, thus you might want to run your posts through her as any nurse realizes the needs of a post op patient, as the affects of a surgery on the body. A Dr. will also explain to you what happens to the body in a surgery.

I will wait to see if you re-post something here and if not done by the Tuesday, April 19, 2005, we will have to go public with this as it is not advice that will have beneficial impact on ARD sufferers, thus it must be addressed.
If correct information was not so important to get to those we have committed ourselves to, persons afflicted with ARD, there would be little need to write to you about these things, but we both know that persons afflicted with ARD have it tough enough without being given "second hand" information that will just have them spinning wheels , and possibly dealing with guilt because they did not do everything THEY could have to keep their adhesions away. Just not fair to do to them.

Think responsibly before posting, as a times you might think you NEED to respond to someone, and then throw things like this out there for all to see....I wished you would have just stopped at :woohoo You be special ;) :)
as when you tried to deal with the "medical" aspects of things here, you were way off, and this can pose dangers to post op patients!

You repeat things that are not good for the ARD patient, and always without validation. This has got to stop. It IS sad that I have to spend time covering ARD web sites, but my goodness, things like this cannot be ignored by someone who does care that the truth of matters reign so ARD sufferers are not led into harms way.
I do not think you do these things to intentionally harm or mislead people, just that you think you need to have an answer for everyone, but no answer if better then a wrong answer.

It will not matter if you get others to post on your behalf if this goes public, as I do not intend to allow such things like this to impact the lives of ARD sufferers.
Others who post on your behalf only look suspicious, organized and generally isn't productive either. Persons not caring if victims of ARD are informed enough to help themselves are selfish and small minded, dysfunctional people have fears of confronting things that need confronting, they are best served if things remain as they are, even if that is not good for themselves, or others.
When someone posted about God, and us working together, I bet she had no idea that a few administrative folks refuse to work cooperatively with any other ARD web site. But it did give me a chance to let you and others know that watching out for our fellow ARD sufferers, will continue as long as things like your post here continue to give mis-information that can be harmful to them. It also gives the chance to introduce "IHRT" as we move out with this team in a more public way as it grows in recognition and strength.

What is important here, is that persons afflicted with ARD get TWO sides to consider on a matter like this one where there is poor information given out in a public manner, not what they think of me, that doesn't matter at all, not one single bit.

Also, I see that somene posted about her country of Canada, however, I cannot find any other posts from her helping her countryman with ARD. Can you offer me the links in BB that show her work for Canadians? ( other then the one over the weekend which came after I emailed her with this same question.)

Beverly J. Doucette
International Human Rights Team (IHRT)
Advocating for Patients with ARD