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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Endogyn 2006 - 2007


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Posted Saturday, December 23, 2006 @ 09:11 AM
between the holidays we will mail a follow-up form for apatients who underwent an adhesiolysis procedure at ENdoGyn in the last 5 years.It is important that you will answer all the questions and send it back.Thank you for cooperation.--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD

Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh!

Kru goes out of 2006 with an empty promise to all the Endogyn patients...a lie to end the year, and start the new one, a typical Kruschinski post of a save face style drunken washed up Dr. who lost it all! IHRT would not have expected less of him.....

Kru is posting that he will be sending "follow-up" forms to Endogyn patients, and these forms will be directed to patients who came to Endogyn over the past "5 years"! To make this even more ridiculous, he is asking that they be returned, and that they are "important!"
Just when you think his post cannot get more ludicrous then it already is, he thanks patients for their cooperation, like he really intends to send these things out to them!

This is the second time Kru has told patients he was going to do this, and guess what, it never happened, and it will NOT happen now, mark IHRT's words!

Kru has no address to send these to, he is not sober long enough to create such a form, and he really has no reason to gather data of this nature as there is no Endogyn, no practice, no facility, no nothing, and most important of all, there is no future for Kru to do anything within the medical field, so a form of this sort, well, it is all a fantasy in his head. No address in Germany, none!

Kru is all washed up, through, and Endogyn is a lap top in an apartment NOT in Germany, all address are bogus, phone contacts are bogus...but you can email him, as he loves his emails, we all know that.

Kru did not have any operations to perform last week as he stated, no "last" patient, no nothing. IF he travels to India with Mettler, he will be a spectator, not a presenter, this is fact.

There is no "Abdolift" for him to promote, (again, look it up folks, prove IHRT wrong here!!! Helen? Karen? Any takers on that?? Of course not, why did we ask as the few who still post in Endogyn would not be able to research such a simple thing, let alone be honest enough to fess up abput it!)

Endogyn Year in Review - 2006
*Bankrupt, not bankrupt

*Patients, no patients
*Endogyn facilities, no Endogyn facilities,
*Infrastructure failure after failure,

* Postings go up, postings taken down in the Endogyn message board
* No hair, then hair

* Endogyn sponsors drop it like a rotten potato
* Endogyn surgeons run the other way

* "Kru loses "friend" after "friend." (When the money is gone, friends go to!)

* ISGE Congress in Germany and hosted by Endogyn - September 2007 - Cancelled!

* Book deal is dropped like a rock!

* Spy's and more Spy's, talk about a drama mamma!
* IHRT is breaking my neck!"
* Poor me, they are "picking" on me, causing all my problems

* Michi hiding, and sneaking around to meet up with Kru

*Kru running, drinking and hiding,

*Kru admits to performing "experimental" surgery from 2003 - 2006

*Kru leaves Shirli and two sons, but with greater ease as he had practice doing this with a first wife and two son's
* Kru caught falsifyling Michi's papers as a nurse,

* Kru caught falsifying Endogyn as an, "Institute"

* Endogyn never being registered as a business in Germany
* Endogyn losing the German Medical payment status
*Discovery that Kru was removed from 13+ facilities in and around Germany
* Kru making promises of opening Endogyn Facilities in and around Germany, but producing on none!
* Kru creating stress for easily manipulated Endogyn patients by agitating them to do negative things on his behalf, and for all the world to see this most disturbing behavior by a Dr.

* Kru exhibiting strange and angry behaviors on his web site, again for all the world to watch,

* The world watching a mental drama unfold before our very eyes as a "psychopath surgeon" tries to hold onto his last bits of "sanity," perhaps?
* Kru discovers he really is "odd man out" when it comes to any types of endoscopic societies!
*3000 - 4000 patients to Endogyn since 2003, so Kru claims, and now less then 5 respond to his message board, patting his back!

The list could go on and on and on, but IHRT thinks that this gives a fair and accurate look at Endogyn 2006, and now for our prediction for Endogyn 2007........


IHRT said...

I would like to see him send a questionnaire to Me. If I get one, I will definitely let you know, as will all the other people I know who were maimed by this megalomaniac.

I had surgery by him, which was a disaster and ruined my health, and sent my life into a downward spiral. The injuries he perpetrated on me are beyond repair.

I would never take glee in another's woes, but I certainly am GLAD that this "Butcher of Selegenstad" is out of business, so that he can not continue to take advantage of vulnerable people.
As for his various wives and girlfriends, they probably knew what he was like when they hooked up with him. Maybe that was part of the appeal?
I do not pity for his children, all of them.
IHRT, thanks for posting this.

IHRT said...

Sorry, I made a typo. I want to say that I DO have pity for his children, all of them.
To have a father like that!

IHRT said...

Sorry, I made a typo. I want to say that I DO have pity for his children, all of them.
To have a father like that!

IHRT said...

I bettcha I don't get one....
I feel the same way as you Juliette.
Here for hope for the new year.