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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More out of Israel & Shirli Homberg

Thank-you to our friend in Israel for sharing with IHRT the hospital where he met Shirli Homberg and stayed with her during the birth of the child
" Gil-Robin."
Kruschinski wasn't able to be there as he was with his mistress, Michaela Katzer! (He also denies that this child is his!)

It is common knowledge that Shirli and her two little boys are living in poverty at this time, and that Kru ex-wife and two older sons face eviction from their home in Mainz..all due to Kru extravagant spending on himself and at one time, his mistress!

Though IHRT does not know who covered the financials of Shirli going to this medical facility in Israel to give birth, what we do know is that is is NOT a cheap facility!
Maybe Shirli isn't as destitute as she leads one to think, after all she did receive LOTS of money from the rental of the SELIGENSTADT apartments and never reported the tax on them

Lis Maternity Hospital

IHRT is asking on Ron to share his current health since his surgery with Kru in May 2007.
R K Johnson
1a Freer Close
Leicester LE8 4FX
Telephone 0116 277 5771

How is "Marzena" of the USA doing? (And of course, we cannot ask Marzena how she is doing if we do not ask Beate of Germany!)

How is "Grazyna" doing??

Anything, anyone, anywhere feeling anything after a surgery with Kru in 2007?? ( With exception to Sandy...IHRT knows all about her! Everyone does.)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Stand By For News .....

IHRT is expecting to receive news out of Israel........and it is NOT that Kruschinski's "hair transplant" did not last, which it didn't!!!

You should not play with dynamite, Kru, as your NOT as good at it as you might think you are, just like everything else in your life!
You just might "blow" yourself up, like you have done with everything else in your life!

P.S. ("Private" message to Dandy Sandy)
Kru is posting on Michaela's German message board offering them a "new" support group/forum, but not on her "English" message board! Doesn't he like his English patients anymore???

Friday, July 20, 2007

Current Contact Information for Kruschinski

Current contact information for Daniel Kruschinski:
If you need a receipt for a surgery, to collect on an outstanding bill, need to ask questions, want to say "Hello," or to get something off your mind, call him or mail him at the contacts below.

Live near here, drop by his residence and say , Hi!"
For the rest of you who are looking for him for other reasons, IHRT invites you to drop by Kru's residence as well, you know, "surprise" him!

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski
38467 Bergfeld

05368/ 970782

Thursday, July 19, 2007

"NO OPERATION DONE BY ME!" Out of Kruschinski's own mouth!

Kruschinski was overheard by a number of people, including IHRT "spy's" screaming to a very frightened Shirli!

Directly out of Germany.......

"I have not performed any operations since December of last year! I have not made any money to give you and those kids, and those boys are not mine anyway so you can stay on welfare as far as it concerns me! I don't even have a job. I divorced you years ago and you slept around with every man you met since then!"

Poor Shirli stood silent with her head hug, hair unkempt, thin to the bone, dressed poorly and she appeared sedated as she slipped out the door to her vehicle. It is not know if she kept her appointment with the German Social Services but it is known that she will have to remain on state aid with a dead beat husband like Kruschinski!

This news was shared with IHRT by a VERY credible source and someone who cares about Shirli. This man is a personal friend of the Homburg families out of Israel. This same person was with Shirli when she gave birth to her youngest son in a military hospital in that country and continues to be concerned with the ill treatment of her and her sons by Kruschinski!

Mr. "Smith" has offered to share with IHRT photos & information of interest regarding Kruschinski which has been organized by his former comrades in the Israeli military and of which he has been privileged to receive from them. This material is being used for other reasons in his attempts to secure a higher quality of life for Shirli and her little boys!

To show good faith of his intentions to IHRT, he will provide us with some information that many, MANY people are waiting to secure regarding Daniel Kruschinski!


IHRT will share this information with the world tomorrow!


P.S. IHRT's message to Dandy Sandy in MA.....
Sandy, here is Michi's email, why not just contact her here instead of telling her via that you have contacted her "privately!" She isn't having a very good summer as she is in a bit of a "jam" with the "German Tax Collectors!"
You might want to catch her before they do because once she is incarcerated, her email might change!" Just a thought!
Michaela Katzer <>
(This message is just between us though, you know, private!)

Posted Thursday, July 12, 2007 @ 12:08 PM
"Hi Michi, There is a message from me in your PM box. Hope your having a nice summer. Sincerely Sandy"

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A few posts from the far-side

If one were to visit message board they will find in this thread that these ladies bring up some interesting points....(Some posts are very outdated, but that is due to the low volume of post to Adhesions. de so they carry over posts from long ago as fill-in material!)
Though they complain about the contents in IHRT, they continue to visit it on a regular basis, go figure, huh ladies!

IHRT agrees with a number of things stated by these ladies...
1.) There IS a very aggressive campaign against Kruschinski, Sandy, both in the legal arena and medical arena!
2.) There is definitely a lot of anger and hatred toward Kruschinski, Leiza, and for good reason!
3.) To "slander" someone IS an illegal act, Jan, be it on the Internet or otherwise, this IS a fact! "Slander" is to lie about someone in ways that it can ruin their livelihood. As for IHRT getting away with perpetrating a criminal act such as "slander," by posting what is in there about Kruschinski, well, have you considered that just maybe the posts are NOT slander but the truth!
4.) Graznya has done Kruschinski no favors making her claim of having had a surgery performed by him in Zuckerburg, as he does not hold any insurance to perform surgery anywhere, and he does not have any contracts allowing him to perform surgery anywhere, and he is not the owner of Endogyn, be it only a web site and not a viable business recognized in Germany, or anywhere else for that matter! He will now have to prove this income or pay tax on it!!!! THIS is what got him in deep water in the first place!
5.) The most "compassionate man in the world, Lisa, was the same man who posted your addictions to drink and medications, and stated in message board for all the world to read that you were out of your mind when you mentioned that you were not well after surgery with him!
6.) It always appears easy for Karen to make the claim of an ARD patient being "cured" of adhesions right after a surgery, but then again, she did this with her own daughter, and that poor girl is not well yet today! IHRT would expect no less from Karen Steward, who has not had adhesions, but she did write the book on them from a mothers perspective...a book praising a surgeon who no longer performs surgery and blew it with her own kid at that! But her recent post to Graznya got her a little advertising time on the book, so that was important to Graznya.

Fact is that Kruschinski is a "has been" surgeon who has been removed from more medical facilities then one can count, continues to fictionalize his life by use of the Internet, drinks to heavy to really do anything, anywhere, and continues to prey on ARD patients to post for him so that he gets his much needed "fix" of attention via the Internet!!
For any ARD patient to state that they reaped "good health" from a surgery performed by Kru and remain well after a year or more, is few and far between, and extremely all ARD patients know, it takes more then the first few days, weeks or months to know if any semblance of improvement from adhesions was secured from a surgery with Kru, with any surgeon, anywhere, and in the case of surgeries performed by Kru, 99% of claims of being well from his surgery came soon after a surgery....and what one does NOT read in this thread in the comments by Leiza, Sandy, Karen and Lisa Gravens to Graznya is that they are NOT well at this time, and Karen's daughter isn't either!

IHRT hopes that Jan remains well, and realizes what a gift she, one of a few, got from a surgery with Kru!

All IHRT can say about Graznya's posts is that she makes no mention of how she liked the book, or what part was best! NO operative reports to share, no information for German patients as to how to secure insurance coverage for them to get to Kru, like she did, nor any posts stating that she was finally GOING to finally have her surgery with Kru after posting for a spell that she was trying to get that surgery!

The most important information from patients never makes it into any posts in
What would be the BEST thing a patient could do for Kru then to share their operatives, (proof)
share cash/insurance issues as to how to secure a surgery with him (proof)
share contact information with Kru to secure the surgery (proof)
and of course costs of the surgery with a receipt, (proof)
and offer the names of those who assisted the procedure at Zuckerburg by showing the operatives, (proof)

It is easy for IHRT to understand the confusion of patients to Endogyn as to the issues surrounding Kruschinski, the ones who are confused are the ones who deny the facts when IHRT presents them and choose to ignore them, hoping they will just go makes no difference to them that Kru changed hospitals like Sandy changed occupations! It was nothing to them that Daniels son cried they were kicked out of the house due to Kru not paying the mortgage, nor that Kru was never really able to accomplish setting up all the "Endogyn Infrastructures" in other countries as he stated he would do, nor that validation was presented in IHRT showing that Kruschinski was not the owner of the Endogyn web sites, and that the LTD he so adamantly declared was legal to use in Germany, but is not removed from the web site, as was "Institute" because there never was an "Institute," nor any explanation as to why "Endogyn" surgeons dropped like flies off the web site, as did his many sponsors and associations, and dropped from "HonorCode" as well, not to mention the Endogyn "business" office in Passau being sold by Michaela Katzer!!

These are but a few "facts" surrounding Kruschinski, but the few patients who seem to ignore them as facts have their own serious issues with health, and by some of the posts they do, it appears they have other issues to deal with as well..and IHRT understands that.
It is better to get a stroke on the head from a has-been surgeon then no strokes at all in your life.

"Endogyn" exists as a web site only, Kruschinski does NOT own it, Kruschinski is NOT performing any surgeries anywhere, Kruschinski is NOT doing consultations, anywhere, he is NOT traveling anywhere, he HAS filed bankruptcy, He IS hiding from the law, (thus phone calls from a cell and email use only) he does have a drinking problem, he has declared two of his sons as not being his, and the other two into the streets (yet Jan will always praise him for the "family man" that he is!)

"Slander" ladies? Nope, not at all!
IHRT does not break the law, and has only respect for the use of the Internet!
IHRT is honest and tells the truth, and we tell it as it is!
IHRT may or may not be DR & BD, however, they both agree that it gives them pleasure to think that they are "credited" with the fall of Kruschinski, and are seen as being powerful enough to have accomplished that!
IHRT says for those with enough sense to discern reality from fantisy regarding issues surrounding Kruschinski, stay tuned for more upcoming this week things are coming down!

Enjoy a few posts from the "far" side of life....

Dandy Sandy - Mass, USA
Posted Thursday, May 17, 2007 @ 05:20 PM

What I don't any Dr. in the world could be a target for one Dr. is a miracle worker....There is something very suspiciuos about the aggresive campaign against Dr. K,

Jan - USA
Posted Thursday, May 17, 2007 @ 06:22 PM
Hi Sandy, I could not agree with you more, especially it was a Dr's screwup that landed me in the fix with adhesions. It just seems that there is so much energy and hatred directed at Dr. Kruschinski it just does not make sense.

Leiza Ann
Posted Wednesday, July 18, 2007 @ 00:12 AM
I wish I knew why DR/BD are so abusive and can get away with an all out slander campaign against a fine doctor and anyone who stands up for him in any way. It is just plain sick, their IHRT site should have been removed for its illegal attacks against people who suffer and a doctor who does his best to help them . As if dealing with Adhesions is not stressful enough!

Lisa Gravens
Posted Friday, July 13, 2007 @ 10:24 AM

Hi Grazyna, I'm so happy to hear you were finally able to have your surgery with Dr. Kruschinski! Now you see why we all think so highly of him! His care and compassion are incredible, something that is very rare ( or should I say completely non-existing ) here in the US, when it comes to treating adhesions.... It sounds like you really enjoyed your stay, even with 2 surgeries involved! I felt very much the same after my surgeries, like it was a vacation... That was almost 5 years ago, and I still have wonderful memories of my trip to Germany. It was a trip I will never forget! It was wonderful to hear everything went so well for you. Please continue to keep us updated on how you are doing. Take care, Lisa

Karen Steward

Posted Friday, July 13, 2007 @ 08:36 PM

How great to hear that you made your way to Dr. Kruschinski! So happy for you that the surgery went well and that you were able to enjoy your stay. What a blessing to be free of the painful adhesions

Posted Sunday, July 15, 2007 @ 11:49 PM

Dr. Kruschinski,
What a wonderful person you are to give the books as a gift! I think you and Grazyna came away with a good idea.


Posted Wednesday, July 18, 2007 @ 01:46 AM
I read what IHRT wrote about me. Now I am a "relative" of Dr. Kruschinski's! I have to say, I would actually be honored to be related to him, but I am just a regular German patient who was lucky enough to be operated by him in Braunschweig. We should just forget about their slanderous web site because I saw with my own eyes that there are still many German and international patients who are successfully operated at Klinik am Zuckerberg. So, I keep spreading the word and many people I know do too. Have a great day! Grazyna

Monday, July 16, 2007

Another "Scam" out of Endogyn - BIG TIME!

It will come in handy at the end of this blog!

"Beate-Germany" alias "Marzena-USA"
Oh what Kru and his "crew" will try when they think IHRT is not on guard...but we are, always! (Though lately things are a bit boring....with Kru in hiding, Hutter, well, whatever it is Hutter does, Reich, Mettler, Goeschen, Tinnenberg all retired now with a little help, ISGE not moving on it's own accord, and Peter Maher still running the "Dubon" society of Australia, all IHRT's opinion!)

It is also the opinion of IHRT that this recent post found in Micheala Katzers web site; “” is FALSE, BOGUS, and a FRAUD, and IHRT will share with you why we draw that conclusion!
Back from Braunschweig

Gender: Unspecified

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Posted Friday, July 13, 2007 @ 07:49 AM

" Hello, everybody!

I have just returned from Klinik am Zuckerberg in Braunschweig where I had my adhesiolysis surgery on July 2 and 2nd look on July 9.

I had read so many good things about the clinic, but now I could see for myself that it is absolutely true. From the first day I felt well taken care of and comfortable so I was not afraid of the surgery at all. I could see that Dr. Kruschinski's concept was supported by everyone all the way to the kitchen staff and everybody spoke very highly of him. He was there every day and there was always time to ask questions, he even called patients in their room outside of visiting hours to see how they were doing. I recovered quickly and as soon as I was able to walk I enjoyed the nice park and area around the clinic and made friends with other patients. We really had a "happy table" and laughed a lot. When I was allowed to eat regular food again I was spoiled with the "yummy buffets at the restaurant at breakfast and dinner and the hot meal for lunch."

My husband visited me on the weekend and we went to the city of Braunschweig and to a big park near the clinic. After the second look I recuperated again very fast and the pictures showed that everything was okay, no more adhesions!
I was happy and sad at the same time, happy to be adhesion free and feeling well, but sad to have to leave this nice place and the people I made friends with. Now I have to take it easy a bit, but Dr. Kruschinski said that I will be able to go about my normal life real soon. I can only recommend the clinic and Dr. Kruschinski's method and for all who still have pain I wish that they can go there too. Best wishes and greetings from Grazyna "

(IHRT asks Graznya if she can eat like "Miss. Piggy" so soon after her surgeries, what will be "different" once she gets to live her "normal" life?)


Gender: Harry Male

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"During the stay Of Grazyna we were speaking a lot about how to motivate ARD suffererers and their partners and families but also how to spread the word on adhesions among both patients and doctors. One small present for the upcoming surgery to all our future patients will be a free copy of Karen Steward's book, that is a fantastic motivation and well written: We hope to spread the word about this horrible illness.
We also hope to find a translation possibility to german and other lanquages."
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

(IHRT asks Kru "Does this mean that ALL patients will get a FREE copy whether they read English or not? Boy, that's a real draw, Kru!)


Now, it doe not take a rocket scientist to figure out the MO for everything found on the "" message board, or in a web site like "," and in IHRT's opinion, it is ONLY to feed the ego of the man who calls himself “Dr.” Daniel Kruschinski” and his much needed "fix for praise and deceit."
Yes, there are those who will walk beside this con man and lie for him, knowing that their words are NOT true as written, and they do this with a callous disregard to anyone or anything!

In IHRT’s opinion, these posts come from the most blatant scourge of human beings found on earth, as they have no scruples, morals or self worth and thus, they have nothing to lose in going along with this Kruschinski’s frauds and schemes.
The difference of these recent fraudulent claims by supposed patients to the Dr is that no one can actually secure any appointments or surgeries with him as he is no longer allowed to practice medicine, collect any type of insurance and since he filed bankruptcy, he is not allowed to earn money’s without permission of the German legal and medical authorities.

This recent post by “Grazyna” (who is reputed to be a relative of “Con-man Kru” alias “Dubon Dan” in medical circles) is a scam, and the really funny thing about it is that it is set up by “Kru” and his cohort, Karen Steward in response to a recent post in IHRT challenging Kruschinski!

IHRT asked what Kru was doing with a shipment of books written by Steward and sent to him as he certainly was not getting them out to patients!
So, first they had to “create” a patient in which to give one to, so in comes Graznya, the patient! Then comes the rest of the scam…"they will give them to ALL patients to Kru"…well, isn’t that what he was going to do with them in the first place???

Now, here is Kru’s NEW plan for the books…(Kru having had a patient to give one to is just plain funny, so for now we will look at how Kru intends to fit this book into Michi’s infrastructure at Endogyn.)

Keep in mind that these books are only in English, and this “Dr” thinks that giving them as a gift to his “patients” will motivate a patient to what, go to him? These books can only be given out to “English” literate patients, yet in his scheming, he mentions how motivational it will be to ALL future patients, hmmmmm! And just where will these throngs of "patients" go to?
Too funny!

(Note that Graznya never mentions how much this surgery cost her, or if her insurance finally paid for it...this was a big concern of hers on the German board. No mention of how she contacted Kru prior to scheduling her surgery, one would think that these issues would be more important to patients then what and how much she filled her face with! Always seems to be something of importance lacking when patients post lately!

(Graznya, what was the costs, and did German insurance finally cover it, and how & where did you communicate with Kru to get scheduled in Zuckerburg?)

This whole thread in is about the ONLY good reason to try to schedule a surgery with Kru, as when nothing else comes of it, you might get a book!

Here is how IHRT see's this recent scam coming down.....
Now, as silent as Kru has become on message boards as of late (as we have to remember that he is only a part time employee of Michaela Katzer, based on her recent claims of her association with him,) IHRT finds that Kru is not sharing the numbers of his “many” patients to Zuckerburg, nor any surgical outcomes, actually he is sharing nothing at all, and that is because there is nothing to share!

Now, out of the blue, this patient, Graznya, surfaces again after having posted on that she was having problems securing insurance coverage to get to Kruschinski, and as recent as May 2007! Her speedy healing & eating is quite remarkable for one who just had two abdominal operations after years of being disabled from her adhesions!

IHRT thinks Graznya is thinking she was there with the others who were seen sitting around a “happy “table, singing and dancing and eating and touring, sounds like this Graznya is also dealing with factitious disorder.
IHRT see's Graznya shares on the English message board that she had her surgery in Zuckerberg with Kru, and she shares this on the German message board as well! Note that only 2 German patients fell for the scam, and even one of them, Miltenberger, had her surgery with another surgeon recently, and this Gisela is one fry short of a happy meal and would say anything if it meant getting her head patted from Kru!!

(Remember that it is reputed that Graznya is related to Kru.)

Note that the “usual” harvesters to Kru respond on the English message board…(can we even count Karen’s reply as that is most certainly a choreographed solicitation for her book, note how she praises Kru for exploiting his “patient” so soon after the “surgery?”) Even Karen pressures a former patient to Kru to post her opinion of the book (Leiza, who is NOT well!)…these poor patients are forever being exploited and badgered by Kru and Karen!

If you think that some of Kru's posts are not arranged scams..lets take a gander at what appears to be a well planned “scam” perpetrated by Kru back in December 2006 ……….

Take a looky at Marzena who claims to have had her surgery in Zuckerburg, Germany in December 2006, and photos of her shopping after her surgery with Micheala Katzer! Also, the shops in which she and Michaela are shopping in are in an area located near “Seligenstadt, Emma-Klinik!” Could these pictures be from when Michaela was with Kru back in 2004? It is also interesting that Marzena is shopping for items that anyone from the USA can purchase right here at home, so why go to Germany to buy items from the USA!? OOPS! Also, all photos of Marzena and a "half dressed" Michi were not taken in December in Germany!

Perhaps Marzena is a really a lady from Germany who went to Emma Klinik in 2004! Beate from Mecklenburg - Vorpommern

Well, look for yourself, is this the same “patient” or isn’t it? The sad part of the story is that Beate from Mecklenburg - Vorpommern is NOT well as of recent, and, well, "Marzena" has never been heard from since..
Though ARD patients make claims of cures and miracles right after a surgery….anyone who lives with ARD knows that claims such as these simply are not credible enough to take seriously! In IHRT’s opinion, ANY claims coming out of Endogyn cannot be taken seriously either… however, they do make for some interesting psychological reading!

Marzena in Germany in December 2006

Shopping for perhaps "German" items to take back to the USA for Christmas gifts?????...Oh, sorry, these are items made in the USA!

(Not so goot sorry!)
Just starting
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Posted Tuesday, December 5, 2006 @ 09:38 PM
Guys, I am just back from Braunschweig after my third look.Expierience ARE UNBELIEVABLE .This hospital is amazing,people take care of you very very nice,especially Dr.Daniel is always for you when you need him.I had surgery with vacation,even anesthesia was good,no nausea no vomiting, dont even hesitate to go there,you will expierience such a nice time,restaurant with very good food with room service and nice workers.I saw Braunschweig centrum did alot of shopping,even I saw Hannover beautiful cities,people very helpful.Greeting to Michaela and to Dr.K.I wanted to Thank you to Tesse,Agnes,Monika,Marina-was very hard to say Goodbye,she felt to cry,which we all did and to all personel and Dr.Nelles-anesthesiologist,Nadia from kitchen and all people from Reception Don't hesitate to email me. You can ask me more about my epierience. Marzena.
Michaela and me shopiing and touring in Germany in December!

(IHRT states that these posts are translated from German to English in Alta-Vista)
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Beate Starter +
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Posted Freitag, 14. Juli 2006 @ 16:40:33
Hello to all, announces me also times again. Property also immediately a question at you. Come straight of the pain therapist, which did not mean that nevertheless actual growing together pain would cause. What means it and also you Dr. Kruschinski in addition? Would be for your answer much grateful! To then Beate.

Posted Saturday, 15 July 2006 @ 16:20:55
Hello Pekie,
there we became acquainted with ourselves last year briefly in October in rotting stem, were with my man.
To my patient history briefly, in the last 1.5 years ' s several Darmops mitvorruebergehendem side exit, back misalignment of the intestine, etc. had 10 OI. By Dr. Kruschinski already twice 4std was operated because of growing together, once with Bruchop. In December. 05 I again because of a break operated with belly cut, a plastic net was used for stability. This was also the reason why a Verwachsungsop in the May of Dr. K. by ge does not lead will could.
In the last weeks the pain became ever more was therefore already here in the hospital. The physicians want to operate however only in an emergency, therefore I am to look for it first times with a pain therapy en.
The physician from whom I a transfer needed (Narkosearzt), said immediately that that will be very difficult suitable means to find, would not come around probably around a further OI not. But the pain therapist was the pointed yesterday. The growing together did not become!!! Schmerzn make, would come from the head, therefore we only imagine ourselves the pain.
I was correctly finished of it which a physician in such a way says which (wish him these pain to bear not to have), but perhaps should he that times, then he will not any longer tell such a Bloedsinn. Thank God I have a very good family doctor, who strives much for everything. How are you actually?, you have a quantity gone through in denletzten months.
In the end I must say that my man naturally also much around me am anxious and all erdenkliche make, what also no Selbstversaendlichkeit is!!
All love and further all property

Posted Monday, 1 January 2007 @ 18:49:51
Hello her loving, I wishes you everything likewise a good and above all pain-free year 2007!!!
The new year can nevertheless actually become only better. Hope may not we all verliewren, because otherwise one is lost. Highly and not to hang (also wenns heavily falls, because setbacks come again and again to it), as with me, lay the Weihnachtstage leaves head times again in the hospital.
The Hofnung on a better time dies last!!. Gisela, you wish I unite very erholsame days in Turkey, recover you well thereby you again strength have for a new year. All love and property

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Who's who in the German bankruptcy Courts and who's children are whose?

Kruschinski is a most recent "member" of the German Court of Bankruptcy!
(IHRT will share the add when it hits the German newspapers!)

Ohhhh! Ahhhhhhh!

Yes, Kru finally filed, leaving his financial responsibilities for any payments due his debtors & family financial responsibilities, as well as losing the ability to make money with any future financial endeavors, such as selling his book, etc, etc!

Not only is Kru's first wife, Ann and his two son's, David and Simon losing their home due to Kru's delinquent house payments, they are looking at a pretty bleak future as sons of a "Surgeon!" (Son David shared the house issue on the Endogyn message board.)

College is out, sports cars like daddy and his mistress drove are also out, traveling like daddy and his mistress traveled is also out, (unless Kru can get patients to foot the bill and invite the kids on a trip to visit them.) however, what these two sons of Kruschinski's have going for them is that Kru at least claims that David and Simon are his children and are not "bastards" from some liaisons of his ex-wife Anne! Not so for little Tom and Gil-Robin, as Kru signed a statement in court stating that THEY are not his!

No matter what, they all four have his tag (name) and aren't they the lucky boys, take a looky...

Word out of Zuckerburg is that......

1.) When Kru filed for bankruptcy he also made the claim the children of Shirli Humbold are NOT his!

Kru thinks that by denying his paternity for the little boys he has less in "arrears" of child support if they do divorce!

Now, IHRT is NOT saying that Shirli Humbold-Kruschinski is above "cheating" as she certainly did scam the ARD patients in the Endogyn web site with her claims of working in an "Adhesion Lab," which was as factitious as you can get and a cruel, cruel scam on some very desperate patients! Shirli is low, in our opinion, real low, so maybe she did drift, but who wouldn't being married to a yuck like Kru, who was also sleeping with Michi Katzer and living with Shirli and Michi at the same time........but non the less, these FOUR boys do have that good 'ol "Kruschinski" tag on them,
(IHRT bets Grandpa Humbold is steaming at that one!)

Posted Wednesday, December 20, 2006 @ 03:21 PM (on Michi's message board) I am happy to say that I am proud of my 4 boys that are rapidly growing:
David, a young man of 20 and the BEST DJ of Mainz :
Simon, a joung man of 18 (he is the best at school):

Tom (just turned 7, and sings like Placido Domingo) and Gil-Robin (turned a year and is the loudest of all):

I am dedicating my previous and future work to my 4 boys and may you four have enjoyed the little time and space I was able to give to you.

I dedicate now Lift-Laparoscopy to the four of you...
May you enjoy the work I did...
Yours PAPA
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

As usual, IHRT is nice enough to post this little "tid-bit" from Michis message board where Kruschinski makes the claim of fathering all four children, four sons...and he mentions them by name, so Kru, looks like you will have to pay for playing "stud" man!

More out of Zuckerberg...
Posted Saturday, June 30, 2007 @ 03:43 AM (on Michi's message board)
"While in the last years EndoGyn lift-laparoscopic adhesiolysis was performed mainly on women, in the year 2007 male patients seeking adhesiolysis at EndoGyn increased to about 30 % ! Last Monday, we had 1 male and 2 female patients, next Monday there will be 2 male and 1 female patients. By some of the male patients I was asked to built a site for male patients as some man might get confused in going to a endoscopic gynecology center... We will take this in consideration." Kind regards
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

Word has it that "Dr. Hutter" is in favor of male patients coming for OG/GYN surgeries at Zuckerberg as he too is interested in the "male" anatomy!"

Fact is that Zuckerberg IS a private facility owned and operated by Hutter, (who some say has " limp wrist" syndrome, and "happy or gay" even though he is not so "harry" as he would like to be, the Dubon brotherhood is well and thriving at Zuckerberg, thus the reason for Hutter being so much behind Kru!) anyway, this is an interesting offer for men, or women for that matter, as Kru is not even at Zuckerberg anymore, let alone doing surgery on men! Try to schedule there once!

Well, this is for naught anyway as the word out of Zuckerberg is that it will soon be more government then private!

Hey, has anyone noticed that the "LTD" has been removed out of the Endogyn web site? "POOF," gone! Guess Michi realized that this was an illegal association for medical organizations in Germany, however, Endogyn was never really a medical organization at all, it is and has been just a web site, a "has-been web site only " folks...but how interesting and often the "Endogyn" infrastructure changes...

First Endogyn claimed to be an "Institute,"
then the "physicians" began disappearing, then the name changed to "Endosurgery," & "Lift-Laporoscopy," & "Consulting" on and on, things went missing all over the site, such as sponsors, Spraygel, turns out that Endogyn does not belong to Kruschinski, but instead he is an " employee" of Endogyn, which is owned by his mistress Michi Katzer, and that "Endogyn" exists only as a web site, and doesn't even have an address, then the "LTD" thingy shows up, and then that disappears, all phone contacts disappear, emails are answered with auto response, postings go missing, postings are greatly reduced to 1 or 2, Kru doesn't post anymore, no more surgery pictures or patients claiming cures, no reports of "first and second look laps," no reports of "lift-laps" or Spraygel update from "Ron - male patient!) looks like, "Dandy Sandy-land" instead of "Helen's World" now, and long gone is "Karen Steward" once she revealed in her book that her daughter was never well from a surgery with Kru, and that she, Karen, was not honest with patients she harvested to Kru about that, in fact, her daughter never even liked Kru...don't bother to get the book as it is filled with Karen being "nasty, nasty, nasty" to almost everyone she meets, except for Kru who IS nasty in real life, and she is also constantly making fun of the people in her book, though trying to convince the reader SHE exhibits "Christian" behavior. Karen even trashes her husband unmercifully, and she goes "nutsy" at night running like a lunatic through the streets of Texas, angry at the world and all that is in it, and contemplating whether she should go back to her "anger" management therapy, but worst of all is that this book offers nothing for any ARD sufferer as it is only one big "Endogyn" advertisement, which is an "obsolete" web site at that! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL!

IHRT says, "Told you so, Karen!"
(HMMMMMMM, IHRT wonders where that case of Karen's book went to after she mailed in to Kru?? Not to patients that's for certain!)

Who's who in the world of Endogyn now?" No one as it looks like they all left for "Silly-stop!" No more "King Kru" or "Doc Kru" or "Kru-Kru" not all is lost though as word is out that he is still called........
"King Kong Kru" in the Dubon society!"

It appears that everything associated with Katzer's Endogyn is crumbling right before our eyes....Reich, Mettler, Tinnenburg, Goeschen, Hutter, the ISGE, Carpi-Vitem..all gone!
But then again, was Endogyn ever really anything at all, ever?