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Monday, December 15, 2008

Helen Dynda's Annual Endogyn Post

Helen's Backkkkk!

For someone who backed Kruschinski to a fault, covering up for his lies, and showing her ignorance for years, it now appears she doesn't care enough to post more often then this!
What's up Helen?? And..where is everyone else when Kru needs them?

IHRT knows where Kru is and Kru knows we know too so that is no question,
and nothing new! He cannot post in Endogyn anymore, no teleconsulting, no courses to teach, no surgeries, no facility, no family, no friends, just living with Michi's mother and taking her to bed!

After a long winters nap,
no activity could be found anywhere in Endogyn ;
The along comes an Endogyn sap,
Trying her best to fill in the gap!

It does appear that once a year
Someone will visit and maybe even post;
But all in all, as everyone knows
Endogyn is simply toast without so much as a host.

King Kru is destitute, raggy and foul,
Still trying to harvest people to cut out their bowel;
Poor, stinky, homeless & drunk,
He sits in a courtroom deep in a funk!

A life filled with bankruptcy, fraud, tax evasion and theft;
Whatever he once had, be assured he has nothing left.
All family and friends have left him in the dust;
So he clings to his memories of Karen Steward's bust!

Then what to Kru's wondering eyes does appear,
A staunch old lady sporting a beard!
Slower then molasses, and dishonest as well,
It must be Helen Dynda,
Straight out of hell!

Not getting noticed by anyone, anywhere;
Helen tries to feel important but no on cares.
All through the night she posts in a dead web site;
Having no other place to spread her crap,
"cause everyone knows all she does is set a trap!

Like Kru and his krew, Helen has fallen from grace
And of course she posts only in Endogyn;
As she has been shamed everywhere else and cannot show her face!

Merry Christmas to King Kru, Helen, Karen and goofy Sandy too;
May you all receive everything you have given to others over the years;
And wallow alone as Kru does drooling like an idiot over his beers
As he waits between court hearrings, one after another, crying his tears!

Annual Post by Helen Dynda
12-07-2008 03:00 PM by
Helen D.

Doesn't she know Endogyn is dependent on her and her alone to keep it afloat?

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