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Friday, August 24, 2007


IHRT spys saw it all.....

"I want it all NOW!" Screams Daniel Kruschinski as he is dragged from the courtroom swinging his fists in the air and spewing profanity & threats at his wife, Shirli Homberg! " Those kids are NOT mine, and you will never get any money from me, no one will, not ever again!"
-Criminal-Fraud-Loser-Liar-Dead Beat Dad-Cheater-Psychopath-Abuser-Alcoholic-

Welcome to the world of one....... "Daniel Kruschinski"


Famous Last Words......

"Do I look like someone who is bankrupt? IHRT is just telling lies..."

"Step up to the wheel and take your spin, Mr. Kruschinski...."

District Court - Berlin, Germany

Bankruptcy Court Action

Über das Vermögen des Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski, Geburtsjahr: 1958, Falkenhausenweg 54,12249 Berlin ist am 02.08.2007 um 13.00 Uhr das Insolvenzverfahren eröffnet worden.
Der Schuldner hat einen Antrag auf Restschuldbefreiung gestellt.
Verwalter: Rechtsanwältin Vera Mai, Kurfürstendamm 66, 10707 Berlin

AZ: 36k IN 2631/07Berlin, 9. August 2007Amtsgericht Charlottenburg

Translation for your convieniance:
Dr. med Daniel Kruschinski, date of birth 1958, Falkenhausenweg 54, 12249 Berlin 02.08.2007 13.00h has filed for bankruptcy.
The debtor made an application for release from debts.
Executor: Attorny Vera Mai, Kurfuerstendamm 66, 10707 Berlin
AZ: 36k IN 2631/07Berlin, 9. August 2007Amtsgericht Charlottenburg

Here is where the "notorious" scene unfolded!

"I heard that he told the judge that he was sleeping with the mother of his mistress, Micheala Katzer, and that Micheala owns everything, even his name!! I for one would like to see him do prison time for tax fraud!"

"All this Kruschinski guy told me to do was lock the gates to the apartments, deny that he ever lived there and to get rid of all this "junk" mail he was getting!"

"We heard that he made 1.5 million from patients from the US, not to mention the income from other International patients! He lived like he was a "millionaire," thats for sure, but then it became known that he wasn't paying any of his debts, now we all wonder just what did he do with all that money? He can't make one red cent now as that will be taken to pay off his depts faster then he can make it, and that we are happy about as he shafted so many of us for far to long!"

IHRT suggests that maybe Kruschinski should sign up to receive this FREE newsletter.....

and one thing is now for sure....Endogyn is nothing more then a web site, and even in that, Endogyn is simply fading away! No patients, no facility, no surgeries, no surgeon, no income, no family, no associations or societies, no nothing....just a fading web site meant to stroke a crumbling ego of a severe alchoholic has been!
Just another day in Endogyn.....
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Posted Donnerstag, 9. August 2007 @ 13:56:18
Die TK hat mir heute telefonisch (ich hatte angerufen) abgesagt. O-ton: "Das Venenzentrum hätte keine gynäkologische Abteilung." Ich schicke heute die Kündigung and die TK (ich war dort 23 Jahre) und versuche es über die BIG-direkt oder eine BKK. Jetzt verschieb sich eben alles um 3-4 Monate ***grrr***

The TKK canceled and refused to pay (I have called them). O-Tone "The "Venenzentrum" has no OBGYN ward". I send them my cancellation today (I was a member for 23 years) and try it with BIG-direct ore the BKK.
Everything is rescheduled for 3-4 months.

(Please note the TK is one of the biggest insurances in Germany.)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The tragic and unexpected passing of City Councilwoman Brenda Scott

Another reason why a patient MUST
assume responsibility and implement their own medical care!

If you are net well enough to demand diagnostic tests, call an advocate or someone
who is aggressive enough to DEMAND high quality medical intervention and one who
KNOWS what that intervention must be for the symptoms your presenting with!

Brenda Scott did NOT have to die, her pleas for help from
those who she trusted with her life, took her life..
and there is no two ways about that!

Can any of YOU relate to what she and her family must have been going
through to get the proper attention she needed?
Can YOU relate to her fear of not only the pain and other symptoms,
Can YOU relate to her fear of dying because she knew that she wasn't getting the medical attention she needed?
Do YOU believe that Brenda Scott knew she was going to die?

I do, as this was nothing less then what happened to our own
"Christina Buelteman" of Marinette, Wisconsin
Died under the knife of
Dr. Karkkainen!

("IAS ARD Quilt" is located at or read more about Christina at
the "Memorial Page" at

And all the medical staff had to do to save her life
would have been to perform a simple diagnostic procedure called a:
Bowel x-ray!


Surgery Complications Confirmed in Scott's Death
Reported by Val Clark Web produced by Kelly Reynolds

Detroit City Councilwoman Scott Dies at 47

Brenda Scott
Delivered by Chuck Stokes

The tragic and unexpected passing of City Councilwoman Brenda Scott
is a huge loss for the people of Detroit.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Is Kru gonna ditch you?


Stitch her then ditch her Kruschinski

It seems Kruschinski has asked his German fan club to start a new forum.
Away from prying eyes, hush , hush and all.
Private email invitation only....hmmm.
A hidy hole where he can still receive his much needed attention.

Too bad his potential pool of German volunteers are too sick to comply but showed their willingness to go where ever Kru matter how sick they are. Groupies to the bitter end.

The American part of Endogyn's message board remains blissfully unawares.

Groupie Sandy talks of dog shows and speaks in chimp Italian when her current post operative condition would be way more interesting to all concerned.

Groupie Karen sells pictures of Raggedy Ann and books full of rage, under the guise of ARD awareness. Making money off your guilt ridden hides. She must have tupperware parties too!

What does Karen consider ARD awareness to be?

She is collecting money from pin sales for ARD awareness but what does that mean exactly?

Does Melissa have adhesions?
Does Melissa have Endometriosis?
That what folks want to know.

Uber-groupie Helen reassures herself constantly by stating to herself that she has helped adhesion sufferers for a long time.

Stayed tuned to IHRT for more as it happens..........and boy is it happening