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Monday, April 03, 2006

"Endogate Papers" Dr Kruschinski Endogyn

“IHRT is hoping that for once we are NOT correct in our stand regarding what appears to be "bogus" claims made to harvest people afflicted with ARD to Endogyn.
If we are correct, many, far too many victims of ARD, have been victimized again.........

We, at IHRT, DO in fact, proclaim ourselves as defenders of those afflicted with ARD. We will continue our quest to stomp out injustices dealt to them wherever it continues to exist in the world.
Indeed as we are their defenders... PLEASE remember this if you do not go any further in this message!

MANY of Daniel Kruschinski's patients have returned home with reports from him stating they had NO adhesions in the second look!
Within a few weeks or months, they are left wondering why and what is causing pain that seems to be from “adhesions,” ...but how could it be if they were adhesion free when they left Germany!
These patients start the same process of diagnostic tests, pain medications, fears that this pain is for life and NOT from adhesions.
Do not be too quick to claim a success out of Endogyn as in doing this without giving yourself time to REALLY know if in fact you did receive a “clean” peritoneum from a surgery at Endogyn, what your doing is feeding information and hope to a very desperate and suffering group of people who will do everything they can to get to Germany for their “miracle,” only to learn to late that YOUR story wasn’t as good as you represented it to be!
They turn to Daniel with questions, only to be offered another surgery, perhaps at a discount, and if this is refused him, watch out! (You will see why I say this!)

It is my desire, if not my duty to try to talk to you with some candor about what is happening at Endogyn, Emma Klinic, Frankfurt, Germany under the auspices of Daniel Kruschinski.
This isn’t the first time I have approached this subject and the times prior to this can be found recorded in black and white, within IHRT.
Back in 2003, & 2004, I was accused of unjustly “persecuting” Daniel Kruschinki, and others whom favored his attention, however, the line between investigating and persecuting is a very fine one...and my dear people, by no means were my intentions meant to persecute anyone during those times, nor are they meant to persecute anyone today with all of this rhetoric about Endogyn.
Today, as in the other episodes dealing with Endogyn, I will deliver my points with facts, and tell the truth of these issues by using peoples own words.
I do this to bring to you information that I think will protect you from making decisions that are NOT in your best interest!

I am of the opinion that all human beings have a built-in allergy to unpleasant or disturbing information but unless we recognize that, if we insulate ourselves from the realities of the world in which we live, the world of ARD, we will be kicked around, be bullwhipped, and be damned!
We easily become victims to “hearsay, rumor, gossip, unfounded information, unconfirmed reports, and false promises! We can easily fall prey to those who seek to benefit in both “financial” and “egotistical” ways by using methods that distract, delude, amuse, sidetrack and isolate us so that when they come in for the “kill,” we are non the wiser of the scam!
There are those who look at all of this “ Kruschinski ~ Endogyn banter” in shock and are repulsed by it and there are those who work at perpetrating it... and both may see a totally different picture of it all but no matter the sides taken in these issues.

For some, it is too late to make a difference!

If what I say about this depravity in Endogyn in the material I write is responsible, then I alone am responsible for the saying of it but I've searched my conscience and I can't, for the life of me, find any justification for NOT bringing it to the attention of the public.
I also can accept that there are, in every story, two equal and logical sides to an argument, and understanding the position those promoting Endogyn have put me in, causes me to produce hard facts backed by credible material in my attempts to protect more persons afflicted with “Adhesion Related Disorder” from coming into harm by seeking a surgery at Endogyn by means that they might otherwise think are credible!

The line between investigating and persecuting is a very fine one...however, I will not walk by fear of another’s words against me, I will not keep silent because the subject is “unpopular & uncomfortable” for some, I will not speak words that only seek approval from others and never question or challenge.
I do not fear to write, to associate, to question or to challenge, nor do I fear being “questioned” & “challenged,” when it comes to defending the causes of persons afflicted with “Adhesion Related Disorder.”
To be “silent” only serves to give considerable comfort to those who perpetrate crimes against other, thus when I see an injustice, I will not remain silent!
I may have been instrumental in the beginning for promoting Endogyn, however, when the reality of the situations there became evident to me I immediately made them public. I did my best to expose the truth but even in that attempt to save others from the dishonesty and harm that was going on at Endogyn at the hands of Dr Kruschinski, I cannot escape responsibility for the results.

The material you are about to read is NOT what I THINK it to be, but what I KNOW it to be!

The more the subject of, “The Hypoxic Side Effects of Carbon Dioxide by Gasless Laparoscope’s,” is researched by me, the more it appears that all of us were deceived by information and claims made by Daniel Kruschinski, Karen Steward, & Helen Dynda, among others about the hypoxic side effects of carbon dioxide by gasless laparoscopy!
Other information presented by them, is bogus as well, and I will stand by my words unless it can be shown otherwise!
Though this “exposure” of facts might be too late for many who went to Endogyn because they believed the words of these people, it is still better late, then not at all!
For all who are either, NOT “well” from the experience, or “worse” for the experience and in a number of cases, financially harmed by one or more return trips to Endogyn because they “trusted another surgeon in hopes of securing desperately need medical intervention for ARD,” I am so sorry. “May God Bless you!”

For all who perpetrated this deception against your own group of people, “May God Be Kind to You,” when you face him, if you face him. In the mean time, I hope you lose sleep knowing that you led many to additional injury at Endogyn because of your selfishness and egotistical goals in life!
I will state that I do not think that Daniel created this situation he finds himself in today, (all of this hype about him and his 100% miracle procedures, he did make those public claims) I am of the opinion that some of his patients simply felt that because they believed someone they knew got better from his surgery, they were wanting of that for everyone. One big problem there though, was they wanted that so bad that when others did not get well, they turned to unscrupulous means to harvest patients to Daniel, who merely exploited it and rather successfully.

I will be showing you, through the posts of persons making what appear to be “unsubstantiated” claims about the “benefits” to patients having abdominal/pelvic surgery at Endogyn with the “Abdolift.”
The posts you are about to read, are only a fraction of such posts making claims for "research" and "stats" regarding the "benefits" of "gasless" surgery.

Suggestion: If you go into one of the URL’s to find information related to "Gasless surgery" use your PC keyboard as follows to make your search easier:

* Simply click the keys "Ctrl " and "F"

* At the same time and a box will appear for you to type in the word "gasless."

* This maneuver will automatically highlight where every word, " gasless" is mentioned within the article.

* You can do this with ANY word on Any page you bring up in your computers!!

You are now ready to enter the pages of “The Endogate Papers!”

(1) Credentials of Daniel Kruschinski, M.D.
The following post by Helen Dynda is a good example of someone making claims that either have no validation associated to the remarks in the post, nor do the URL links contain validation of the claims made here, as the material in the URL’s, comes only from Daniel himself or his wife, about himself, no documentation anywhere to validate any of these claims.
I would ask Helen, or Daniel Kruschinski, where the statistics are for the claim of 2500 cases?
I would also ask for documentation and abstracts for the areas of “clinical & scientific” research, as without that validation, there was no “clinical & scientific” anything.
After all, people, the whole point of research IS the validating material from it!
This type of email is so miss-leading to patients and simply should never be posted by a patient assuming this “authority” in words and something like this is meant for one thing, to draw patients to this surgeon, and in the worst way…by miss-leading and fraudulent means.
If it cannot be proven, it should never be said as in this, it is offering to someone what does not really exist! A post such as this is a real threat to desperate & vulnerable ARD patients as they have a certain trust when other patients speak and when the words are empty, it is nothing more then a set up!
(More on Karl Storz Abdolift benefits to come, and the “benefits” to patients are NOT what you have been led to believe by Daniel and Co.)

(1-A) Helen Dynda. More advanced Gender: Female Location: Hoffman, MN 56339 USA Registered: Aug 2003 Status: Offline Posts: 180
Credentials of Daniel Kruschinski, M.D. Posted Monday, February 27, 2006 @ 02:04 AM
Dr. Daniel Kruschinski is one of the founders of the gasless laparoscopy in gynecology. Since 1990, Dr. Kruschinski has performed scientific and clinical research in this pioneering field, also known as Lift-Laparoscopy, with more than 2500 advanced operative cases. He developed and designed several abdominal wall-lifting systems, including the recent AbdoLift, a Karl Storz product. Dr. Kruschinski is currently involved in franchising endoscopic gynecologic surgery in Germany and other countries.

(2) Laparoscopic surgery does NOT reduce adhesions !!!
The “SCAR2” report that Daniel is referring to has nothing to do with anything between “ gasless & CO2” surgical procedures. It is the focus of “adhesion” formation in a laporoscopy!
Daniels words would suggest that either he doesn’t known how to read a scientific report or he is totally absorbed with his gasless adhesiolysis or else he would realize that HE performs a laporoscopic surgery using HIS preferred technique which is gasless!
Really now, anyone who knows nothing about ARD, would still know that 1 in 3000 gasless laps is nothing short of a “miracle!”
However, Daniel & Co. DID claim they had miracles! Please take a look at another report regarding this issue directly under Daniel’s post here.

(2-A) Doc_Kru Most advanced Gender: Male Location: Registered: Jul 2003 Status: Offline Posts: 253
Laparoscopic surgery does NOT reduce adhesions !!!
Posted Wednesday, October 8, 2003 @ 12:38 PM
Quoting Daniel, “The following article shows that laparoscopic surgery has the same amount of readmissions for adhesion, regardless if the previous surgery was laparoscopic or open... A very interesting article and I know from over 3000 gasless-laparoscopies I had only one admission because of adhesions. I believe that a laparoscopy with carbon dioxide with a duration of more than 30 minutes might have plenty of side effects, that are proven in experimental studies to be deleterious to the peritoneal cells. Due to the fact that I'm the only one with such huge amount of gasless surgeries, it would be interesting to have a study gasless contra carbon dioxide laparoscopy regarding adhesion formation and I would like to find a gas laparoscopic surgeon that would contribute to such a study---------“Daniel Kruschinski, MD)

Other aspects of: Laporoscopy vs Laporotomy
(2-B) Fertil Steril. 1991 Oct;56(4):792.
Postoperative adhesion development after operative laparoscopy: evaluation at early second-look procedures. Operative Laparoscopy Study Group. [No authors listed] To assess the issue of the frequency and severity of adhesion reformation and de novo adhesion formation after operative laparoscopy, this multicenter collaborative report of early second-look procedures after operative laparoscopy was initiated. Sixty-eight subjects underwent operative laparoscopic procedures including adhesiolysis, followed by a second operative procedure within 90 days. The total mean adhesion score decreased from 11.4 +/- 0.7 at the initial operative procedure to 5.5 +/- 0.4 at the second-look procedure, a decrease of 52%. At the time of the second-look procedure, 66 of 68 women (97.1%) had pelvic adhesions. Adhesion reformation occurred in 66 of 68 women and at 230 of 351 sites (66%) at which adhesions were lysed. Despite this high incidence of adhesion reformation, de novo adhesion formation after operative laparoscopy occurred in only 8 of 68 women (12%) and at 11 of 47 available sites in these 8 women. We conclude that adhesion reformation is a frequent occurrence after operative laparoscopy; however de novo adhesion formation appears to occur much less frequently. More: PMID: 1826277 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Successful Adhesiolysis Laporoscopies: (2-C) Confluent Surgical Clinical Publications
Ferland, R., et al, Evaluation of SprayGel TM Adhesion Barrier System as a Barrier for the Prevention of Adhesion Formation After Gynecological Surgery Mettler, L., et al, A Prospective Clinical Trial of SprayGelTM as a Barrier to Adhesion Formation: Interim Analysis

Preclinical Publications
Jacobs, V.R., et al, A Pressure-Balanced Sprayer for Intraabdominal Application of Soluble Biomaterials in Laparoscopy. Jacobs, V.R., et al, SprayGelTM as New Intraperitoneal Adhesion Prevention Method for Use in Laparoscopy and Laparotomy. Pricolo, V.E., et al, Comparison of Peritoneal Adhesion Prevention in a Porcine Model


(3) NOT one word about any “tissue damage" in any of them, except for Daniel’s that is!
Lets take a look at this post by Daniel one more time. We agree that it is probably a “fact” that Daniel does (did) do a huge amount of gasless surgeries, however, what I find “interesting” is that Daniel thinks a “study” on gasless contra carbon dioxide laparoscopy and adhesion formation.
Ah, I was led to believe that he had already done a “study” like this as if he didn’t how could he tell us that there WAS a difference, thus the reason people went to him for a gasless adhesiolysis!
The good news for Daniel is that there HAVE been studies just like he is interested in, and you will find, “just a sampling” of such studies directly under this post of Daniels!

(3-A) Doc_Kru Most advanced Gender: Male Location: Registered: Jul 2003 Status: Offline Posts: 253
Laparoscopic surgery does NOT reduce adhesions !!! Posted Wednesday, October 8, 2003 @ 12:38 PM
The following article shows that laparoscopic surgery has the same amount of readmissions for adhesion, regardless if the previous surgery was laparoscopic or open... A very interesting article and I know from over 3000 gasless-laparoscopies I had only one admission because of adhesions. I believe that a laparoscopy with carbon dioxide with a duration of more than 30 minutes might have plenty of side effects, that are proven in experimental studies to be deleterious to the peritoneal cells. Due to the fact that I'm the only one with such huge amount of gasless surgeries, it would be interesting to have a study gasless contra carbon dioxide laparoscopy regarding adhesion formation and I would like to find a gas laparoscopic surgeon that would contribute to such a study-------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD)

(3-B) Laparoscopy Gasless vs. CO2 Pneumoperitoneum Volume 42, No. 5/May 1997 Pamela L. Johnson, Ph.D., M.D., and Karen S. Sibert, M.D. OBJECTIVE: To compare gasless laparoscopy with conventional laparoscopy using CO2 pneumoperitoneum.
STUDY DESIGN: Women undergoing bilateral laparoscopic tubal coagulation (LTC) were randomly assigned to one of two laparoscopy procedures: (1) a gasless laparoscopy system consisting of an intraabdominal fan retractor and electrically powered mechanical arm, and (2) standard CO2 pneumoperitoneum laparoscopy. The two laparoscopic procedures were compared on the basis of intraoperative visualization, operation duration, procedural difficulty, ventilatory parameters, hemodynamic stability, and postoperative pain and nausea. Full abstract......

(3-C) Interview: “ The differences between what you are doing and what is performed during traditional laparoscopy using carbon dioxide gas.”
Dr. Hugo Verhoeven: “Good afternoon, my name is Hugo Verhoeven, I am a member of the Editorial Board of I’m reporting from 9th Annual Congress of the International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy at the Gold Coast in Queensland. It is now my special honor to interview Dr. Bernd Bojahr of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the University of Greifswald in Germany. His specialty is gasless endoscopy and the topic that we are going to discuss today is the use of gasless laparoscopy in ... Dr. Bernd Bojahr: “Thank you. At our hospital we have established the gasless technique since September of 1995.
Dr. Hugo Verhoeven: “So the efficacy seems to be the same whether you perform laparotomy or gasless laparoscopy. Read more...

(4) Daniel states, “hypoxic side effects of carbon dioxide in CO2.”
All I am going to say about these top three posts is that I see ONE, and ONLY ONE, surgeon making the claims that “CO2 causes peritoneal damage causing adhesion formation,” and it is THIS one!
I found many abstracts on the “hypoxic side effects of carbon dioxide in CO2 laporoscopic surgery, and the issues in all of them dealt with concerns other then “hypoxic side effects of carbon dioxide in CO2.”

I also see that this same surgeon always uses his wife’s “research” on this subject. Not “abstracts” mind you, but simply written reports of, said, “research.” Not peer reviewed.
Until there are comparable reports, with abstracts, that exactly parallel Shirli’s studies, we must consider hers to be biased in favor of her husband.
To accept ONE persons “research” on anything would be like asking Daniel for a reference and he gives you his wife’s name!
Based on everything I have researched on this subject, the only conclusion I can draw regarding Daniels findings is that he saw a group of patients who are desperate, vulnerable and ignorant in many areas of medicine when it comes to ARD.
Once he realized how easy it would be to “exploit” us after all the “accolades and hype” from a few American women, he also saw lots of MONEY!
Though Daniel established the center for minimally invasive surgery and was in charge of consulting hours for plastic surgery of the breast, he claimed to be a “plastic” surgeon and started to offer “scar revisions,” which is a totally different type of procedure than breast tissue!
There are a number of his prior patients who trusted Daniel’s words here, and now pay a horrific price for that!
Again, I can only deduce that Daniel saw an opportunity to capitalize on ARD patients, and he did!

Tonya’s story:

Quoting Daniel from an email to me, Bev, dated Tuesday, April 08, 2003 10:32 AM
“I have been working a long time in the oncology departement at Mainz university and I even know how to form a new bladder from bowel, so I'm very experienced in all retroperitoneal and bowel and urological surgery.”

With all of this skill, why would he target those afflicted with ARD? One would think he could keep busy in these two areas of his profession, unless he realized that he could make more money from International ARD patients verses what he makes by performing surgeries on what he would get paid for with the German government.”

Like so many others in the field of surgery, once persons afflicted with ARD started to shout it to the world, all of a sudden, EVERY surgeon became an adhesion specialist! (And many without the “credentials” IHRT is set to back that claim!)

(4-A) Doc_Kru Most advanced Gender: Male Location: Registered: Jul 2003 Status: Offline Posts: 253 Posted Wednesday, October 8, 2003 @ 12:40 PM
Comment on adhesion formation by using carbon dioxide gas .....
"I was asked to write about a comment to a post about carbon dioxide, made on one of the message boards. Sally (Grigg) was trying to explain the risks of gasless laparoscopy by her own words, to make it clear to patients, but the response was anything else than: " there is no risk of carbon dioxide regarding adhesion a doctor, who was asked about it, said, there is no risk..." I'm not speaking about MY PERSONAL PREFERENCE how to perform surgery, as "I would say, I drink tea with milk, as it tastes better, other drink without ", I'm speaking about the evident data that is collected and published by experimental studies and clinical reaserch! Not the "postoperative effects on the body" are important, but the destructive effect of carbon dioxide that causes injury / lesion to the peritoneum and by this causes adhesion formation. !!! First of all, please look at Shirli's biochemical explanation here:
Lack of oxygen in and around the cells is evidently caused by using [B]CO2 gas as is usually being done in an endoscopic surgery (!)… Already after 5 minutes of ischemia there is a significant production of free radicals that have not enough oxygen to react with. Therefore free radicals will be initiating adhesion formation, starting with cytolysis of these cells (cells are broken) and peroxidation of lipids in cell membrane that lead to an increase in the vascular permeability that cause among other things (damage that produce adhesions) also an imbalance in fibrin deposition and fibrin dissolution (blood clotting and dissolution of the clots) which produce fibrinous adhesions Using carbon dioxide gas we are inducing adhesion formation by lowering the level of special molecules that are needed for the healing process and so carbon dioxide is an (for the surgeon) invisible instrument that causes injury (lesion) to the peritoneum with the result of adhesion formation!
Regards ----------Daniel Kruschinski, MD)

(4-B) Doc_Kru Most advanced Gender: Male Location: Registered: Jul 2003 Status: Offline Posts: 253 Posted Thursday, October 9, 2003 @ 02:24 AM
The hypoxic side effects of carbon dioxide by gasless laparoscopy ...
Hi Karen, it's always nice to hear Melissas's story... thank you. But one thing has to be said: regardless to what kind of tools one is using, in my opinion, THE SURGEON is the most important issue in an adhesiolysis, in any surgery. So if you give him good tools, it doesn't mean, he will be suddenly a magician, if he wasn't before. With every new good tool we use, it makes us a little better. Another topic is how to reduce adhesions by administration of different medications, like antibiotics, mitomycin, vitamines and antioxydative systems to reduce radicals. Another important tool is to reduce smoke (produced by Laser and extensive coagulation) as smoke is directly acting as a radical by decreasing oxygen in the cells... and off course to stop the hypoxic side effects of carbon dioxide by gasless laparoscopy ... or administration of Oxygen (Koninckxs)
Regards ------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD)

(4-C) gasless laparoscopy!!

From: Karen Steward ( Sun May 18 22
Subject: gasless laparoscopy!!
Do you understand the effects on the body by the carbon dioxide used during surgery? Many people don't......I know I didn't. Had I understood, I know I would have never allowed Melissa to have surgery in this manner. Do you wonder why you are worse after surgery instead of better? I know everyone going in for surgery EXPECTS to be better afterwards...or why would we take the risk?? KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!! I am so very excited to share with everyone a powerful interview between Dr. Kruschinski and Dr. Molinas. If you always delete messages that instruct you to go to a web page and read or watch.......DON'T DELETE THIS ONE!!!!! Take the time. Not only will you become informed, but you will feel you are meeting Dr. Kruschinski. Dr. Kruschinski and Dr. Molinas are giving us great insight into the effects of carbon dioxide usage during surgery. Namely, explaining that carbon dioxide is a co- factor in adhesion formation. You will also be informed that adhesions can be forming in OTHER areas besides the area where the surgeon is working because of carbon dioxide usage!! It is your body, your health at stake, please be informed before you submit to surgery.
Go to:
Click on "congress coverage"
Click on: "CO-2 and pneumoperitoneum problems w/laparoscopy"

(4-D) carbon dioxide info!

From: Karen Steward ( Mon Jun 2 23:13:46 2003 2 23:13:46 2003

Hi, I have some interesting information to share concerning the effects of carbon dioxide. As many know, Dr. Kruschinski uses the AbdoLift system when performing surgery to avoid the known troublesome causing effects that CO2 leaves behind!! One known problem is shoulder pain. Many times surgeons will prepare the patient for the expected shoulder pain--however do they explain WHY you will have the shoulder pain? CO2 is also a known contributor of adhesion formation! Please take time to read this informative article!
It seems the AbdoLift technique is catching on..........patients are becoming educated....... we should expect only the BEST when succumbing to surgery! ARD is a debilitating condition that needs specific treatment by an informed surgeon that takes into consideration ALL factors that will bring health and healing to the patient. Many ARD patients have surgery over and over again--but never become well~ My daughter was worse after both US surgeries. She developed adhesion pain in areas she had not had problems before! Had I known she was at risk for MORE adhesions, we would have never agreed to surgery!! I am more than THRILLED to report she is WELL after our trip to Germany and her surgery with Dr. Daniel Kruschinski. Many days I am overcome with emotion. I still cannot believe it is true.....she is WELL!! Best wishes to you all, Karen

(5) Research of Gasless Laps vs CO2 Laps!

(5-A) A randomized comparison of gasless laparoscopy and CO2 pneumoperitoneum Volume 224(6) December 1996 p 694 ...
Obstetrics & Gynecology 1997;90:416-420 © 1997 by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists JM Goldberg and WG Maurer
OBJECTIVE: To determine if the theoretic advantages of gasless laparoscopy are realized in direct comparison to laparoscopy with pneumoperitoneum. METHODS: Fifty-seven patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery chose to participate in this trial and were randomized after the induction of general anesthesia. Twenty-nine of the 57 patients were randomized to the pneumoperitoneum group. Of the 28 patients in the gasless group, six were converted to pneumoperitoneum because of inadequate exposure. The adequacy of exposure and ease of surgery were assessed with a subjective score, and the times to exposure and for incision closure were recorded. Various anesthetic factors were measured. Patients completed an analog pain score in the recovery area and for the first 5 postoperative days. Analgesic and antiemetic use also was recorded, as was the number of days to return to normal activity. RESULTS: Times to achieve exposure and close incisions were longer, and exposure and ease of surgery were worse in the gasless group. Patients in the gasless group had lower diastolic blood pressure, minute ventilation, peak inspiratory pressures, and end tidal pCO2. There were no differences in body temperature, systolic blood pressure or heart rate, postoperative pain scores, analgesic or antiemetic use, or times to hospital discharge or return to activity between the groups. CONCLUSION: Performing laparoscopy using the Laparolift device compromised surgical exposure and thus increased technical difficulty. Patients realized no benefits from its use in terms of postoperative discomfort or return to activity. Eliminating the pneumoperitoneum allowed lower minute ventilation and peak inspiratory pressures, and end tidal pCO2 was lower. Although the concept of gasless laparoscopy holds appeal, the current prototype is not well-suited for infertility procedures.
Full Text (PDF)

(5-B) Comparison of immune preservation between CO2 pneumoperitoneum and gasless abdominal lift laparoscopy.
JSLS. 2002 Jan-Mar;6(1):11-5. Department of Surgery, St. Mary's Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul. Kim WW, Jeon HM, Park SC, Lee SK, Chun SW, Kim EK.
OBJECTIVE: Carbon dioxide (CO2) pneumoperitoneum has been implicated as a possible factor in early immune preservation in laparoscopic surgery. Although the current analysis was not adequate to clarify this issue, the aim of this study was to compare CO2 insufflation laparoscopic cholecystectomy to gasless abdominal wall lift laparoscopic cholecystectomy with respect to preservation of the immune system. METHOD: An analysis of the temporal immune responses was performed in 2 similar groups of patients (n = 50) who were divided randomly into the categories of gas or abdominal wall lift laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The patients were matched with respect to age, weight, and operation time. The immune parameters (serum white blood cell count, cortisol, erythrocyte sedimentation rate [ESR], tumor necrosis factor-alpha [TNF-alpha], interferon-y [INF-gamma], interleukin-6 [IL-6], interleukin-8 [IL-8]) were assessed at preoperative 24 hours and at postoperative 24 and 72 hours for the 2 groups. During the operation, the levels of cytokines that were cultured in the peritoneal macrophages were also checked.
RESULTS: The serum white blood cell count, cortisol, and ESR levels were not statistically different in either of the 2 groups. Further, the serum TNF-alpha, INF-gamma, IL-6, and IL-8 levels in both groups were not significantly different from each other at preoperative 24 hours, and postoperative 24 and 72 hours. However, an immediate decrease in the cytokine levels at 24 hours after the operation was significant in both groups. The cytokine levels were particularly higher in the cultured peritoneal macrophages than in the serum, but were not statistically different between the 2 groups.
CONCLUSION: Our results showed that the beneficial immune response obtained in the CO2 gas insufflation laparoscopic procedure could also be obtained in the gasless abdominal wall lift laparoscopic procedure. An immediate preservation of the immune functions in the postoperative period was detected similarly in the 2 groups. More: PMID: 12002290 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

(5-C) Gasless Laparoscopic Assisted Hysterectomy with Epidural Anesthesia.
J Am Assoc Gynecol Laparosc 1994 Aug;1(4, Part 2):S36 Topel HC Lutheran General Hospital, 1875 Dempster, #245, Park Ridge, IL 60068.
Gasless laparoscopy is an evolving technique which can offer significant advantages to both patient and surgeon. A variety of major laparoscopic operations can be performed with gasless surgery including oophorectomy, myomectomy, and hysterectomy. The use of conventional instrumentation and open ports significantly improves the ease of surgery and greatly facilitates techniques such as endosuturing. For those patients with a contraindication, or a fear of general anesthesia, gasless laparoscopy under a regional anesthetic is now a reasonable alternative. A laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy was performed with gasless technique under continuous epidural anesthesia. The surgery was completed without complication, and the patient expressed a high degree of satisfaction. Subsequently, three additional patients have successfully undergone major laparoscopic operations using a gasless technique and epidural anesthesia. With careful patient selection and attention to proper technique, gasless laparoscopy under regional anesthesia is a safe and viable alternative to conventional CO2 laparoscopy.

(6) Other comparisons between a “CO2 Laporoscopic procedure & a gasless Laporoscopic procedure”

(6-A) Smoke evacuation during electrosurgery or CO2 laser laparoscopy is expedited using a Clear View EBS ICM ... Gasless laparoscopy (abdominal wall retractors) ... The International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy (ISGE) Harry Reich, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., FACS Attending Physician, Wyoming Valley Health Care System, Wilkes-Barre, PA Corresponding Author: Gasless laparoscopy (abdominal wall retractors) Abdominal wall subcutaneous emphysema occurs frequently during anterior abdominal wall adhesiolysis as peritoneal defects result in free communication with the rectus sheath. This compromises peritoneal cavity operating space. A useful technique is to insert an anterior abdominal wall retractor (AbdaLift, Storz, CA) once the umbilicus has been cleared of adhesions.

(6-B) Changes in Hemodynamics and Autonomic Nervous Activity in Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: Differences Between the Pneumoperitoneum and Abdominal Wall-Lifting Method Endoscopy
2002; 34: 643-650 DOI: 10.1055/s-2002-33252 1
Department of Gastroenterology, National Kochi Hospital, Kochi, Japan 2 Second Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Tokushima, Tokushima, Japan 3 Department of Nutrition, School of Medicine, University of Tokushima, Tokushima, Japan
Background and Study Aims: Intraoperative changes in circulatory hemodynamics and autonomic nervous activity were evaluated in 33 patients with cholelithiasis who underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Patients and Methods: Of these patients, 18 were treated using a pneumoperitoneum (group G) and 15 using the abdominal wall-lifting method (group WL). Their ECG, blood pressure, arterial oxygen saturation, and expiratory carbon dioxide partial pressure were monitored. Autonomic nervous function was evaluated by spectral analysis of the heart rate. Results: Mean blood pressure increased significantly in group G during surgery, but did not vary in group WL during any stage of surgery. The high-frequency (HF) power, an index of parasympathetic activity, decreased significantly in group G after pneumoperitoneum. However, the HF power did not decrease significantly in group WL. The LF/HF ratio, an index of sympathetic activity, increased significantly in group G after pneumoperitoneum, but did not vary in group WL. In addition, the incidence of ventricular or supraventricular arrhythmias and the severity of the arrhythmias as determined by Lown’s classification were higher in group G than in group WL. These findings suggest that intraoperative changes in autonomic nervous activity, due to increased intra-abdominal pressure, were smaller in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy using the abdominal wall-lifting method than in those undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy using pneumoperitoneum. The results also demonstrated that hemodynamic changes were smaller in patients undergoing the abdominal wall-lifting method than in those undergoing pneumoperitoneum. Conclusions: It was concluded that hemodynamics should be carefully monitored during pneumoperitoneum, and that the abdominal wall-lifting approach in laparoscopic cholecystectomy is a method worthy of consideration for elderly patients or those with cardiopulmonary complications. More:;jsessionid=16D2AF8CE6D8772E5DEF80946DFE1D5B.jvm1

(6-B) A Randomized, Prospective Comparison of Pain after Gasless Laparoscopy and Traditional Laparoscopy
J Am Assoc Gynecol Laparosc. 1998 May;5 (2):149-53. Guido RS, Brooks K, McKenzie R, Gruss J, Krohn MA. Magee-Womens Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3180, USA.
STUDY OBJECTIVE: To compare pain after laparoscopic tubal ligation by gasless laparoscopy versus carbon dioxide (CO2) pneumoperitoneum. DESIGN: Prospective, randomized, single-blind comparison (Canadian Task Force classification I). SETTING: Private obstetric-gynecology hospital associated with a university resident teaching program. PATIENTS: Women age 21 to 42. INTERVENTION: Single-puncture laparoscopic tubal ligation was performed with a silicone elastomer band. Gasless laparoscopy was performed with a Laprolift and traditional laparoscopy with CO2 pneumoperitoneum. Postoperative pain in the shoulder and periumbilical and lower pelvic regions was measured by visual analog scale on the day of surgery and postoperative days 1, 2, 3, 7, and 14. MEASUREMENTS and MAIN RESULTS: Of the 67 patients, 54 provided visual analog scales for analysis, 30 in the gasless group and 24 in the traditional group. No statistical difference was seen in scores for shoulder, periumbilical, and pelvic pain between techniques. CONCLUSION: Patients undergoing gasless laparoscopy and traditional laparoscopy experience similar postoperative pain. PMID: 9564062 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] More:

Proceed with caution when securing an adhesiolysis from a surgeon, or his patients, who claim them to be “adhesion specialists"!
NO MATTER who it is, seek information from the surgeon ONLY and then seek substantiating documentation of his procedures, such as:
the number of adhesiolysis procedures he has done
what IS the adhesiolysis procedure he uses
why does he think it will offer you improvements in your symptoms
and what are the surgical outcomes of his patients after 1 year or more!

NEVER take the word of an ARD patient of ANY surgeon “specializing” in adhesions unless they have secured improvements in their adhesion symptoms after ONE year or more! Though each ARD case is different, and there are different reasons for “pain after adhesiolysis,” that are not associated with adhesions, however, depending on the number of cases the surgeon has performed, the amount of symptom relief each patents got from a specific surgeon, and the length of time each patient has felt improvement of their adhesion symptoms, and if all the right answers come back, then you might want considered that surgeon.

MOST important is to secure validation of everything you hear from anyone!
There are just too many different posts in and about Endogyn,Dr Kruschinsk that contradict themselves to keep copying here, so IHRT will simply ask you to go to this URL in Endogyn and study Daniel's "case papers" for yourself.
We are certain you will find these as informative as anything else contained in Endogyn's ARD material and statistics!!
Go to: About adhesions
Go to:Dr. K's case paper

Good Luck!

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
think first, then write
7:57 AM
Anonymous said...
7:57 AM
Anonymous said...
was macht der hase?
der hase sitz.
wo sitzt der hase?
der hase sitz im feld.
was macht der hase?
er sitz im feld.
8:08 AM
Anonymous said...
Absolutely stupid...this man is a genius in medical science and what do people do with a genius? They do everything against his success he was working on all life.
You can stick to the inquisition movement. Back in medieval times it was legal to burn and lynch people like Kru.
8:19 AM
Anonymous said...
IHRT = world biggest lie
8:20 AM
Anonymous said...
Stoppt IHRT
8:25 AM
Anonymous said...
IHRT = "International Harry Reich Team",
who is working with "Wolf" Lap
8:33 AM
Anonymous said...
MORE THAN INTERNATIONAL BOYCOTT (even to the man on the moon) AGAINST IHRT!!!!
8:39 AM
Anonymous said...
8:42 AM
Anonymous said...
There´s nothing more to say: Stop lying and stop illegal intervention in private life!
8:46 AM
Anonymous said...
Seems to be quite funny here. :-)

Dr. Kruschinski was the only surgeon who could STOP my adhesions and that is a FACT!
8:46 AM
Anonymous said...
8:47 AM
Anonymous said...
"There´s nothing more to say: Stop lying and stop illegal intervention in private life!"
8:49 AM
Anonymous said...
I agree with the last post!!
8:59 AM
Anonymous said...
The only thing which should be closed forever is this illegal IHRT-Blog.
This is my opinion.
9:02 AM
IHRT said...
magnify this user (Karl Storz Gmbh)

Germany, 1 returning visit
Date Time WebPage
1st August 2006 07:48:29 AM
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1st August 2006 07:54:12 AM
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1st August 2006 07:57:21 AM
1st August 2006 07:58:21 AM
1st August 2006 08:00:15 AM
1st August 2006 08:07:37 AM
1st August 2006 08:07:50 AM
1st August 2006 08:08:17 AM
9:09 AM
Petra Mertes said...
These IHRT-people are agains a revolutionable method which has no disadvantages!
9:12 AM
|HRT said...
IHRT said...

magnify this user (George W. Bush)

America, 1 returning visit
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1st August 2006 07:48:29 AM
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1st August 2006 07:58:21 AM
1st August 2006 08:00:15 AM
1st August 2006 08:07:37 AM
1st August 2006 08:07:50 AM
1st August 2006 08:08:17 AM

So I welcome Mr. Bush and thank God he takes in the right position. Against us and against one of The Ten Commandments:
9th Commandment: DO NOT FALSELY ACCUSE
KJV - 16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

NRSV - 16 You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

TEV - 16 "Do not accuse anyone falsely.
9:22 AM
Here is the Storz Gmbh ;-) said...
I guess the Karl Storz Gmbh, as a ruling company is so extremly smart and they have so much time left, that they write something in here! ;-) Think about it Dawn.
And try to sleep a little bit. Maybe there will be some more good dreams, so that you have stuff to write here!!
9:24 AM
IHRT said...
Hey Kru you are the master of tooting your own horn.
All comments above are from Kru himself
they coorespond with him posting on his own site.......
magnify this user (Deutsche Telekom Ag)

Rheinland-pfalz, Mainz, Germany, 8 returning visits
Date Time WebPage
1st August 2006 07:23:16 AM
1st August 2006 07:23:37 AM
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1st August 2006 07:45:03 AM
1st August 2006 07:46:18 AM
1st August 2006 07:47:04 AM
1st August 2006 07:47:25 AM
1st August 2006 07:47:56 AM
1st August 2006 07:52:13 AM
1st August 2006 07:59:10 AM
1st August 2006 08:20:18 AM
1st August 2006 08:20:40 AM
1st August 2006 08:21:18 AM
1st August 2006 08:24:32 AM
1st August 2006 08:27:39 AM
1st August 2006 08:29:05 AM
1st August 2006 08:29:08 AM
1st August 2006 08:29:17 AM
1st August 2006 08:29:31 AM
1st August 2006 08:29:35 AM
1st August 2006 08:29:47 AM
1st August 2006 08:31:14 AM
1st August 2006 08:31:41 AM
1st August 2006 08:31:59 AM
1st August 2006 08:32:04 AM
1st August 2006 08:32:15 AM
1st August 2006 08:36:03 AM
1st August 2006 08:49:13 AM
1st August 2006 09:01:45 AM
1st August 2006 09:03:15 AM
1st August 2006 09:20:51 AM
1st August 2006 09:25:16 AM
Sleep it off you old booze bag.
9:39 AM
Die Wahrheit said...
An alle:
Dieser Blog muss aus dem Verkehr gezogen werden! Wenn man das Thema kennt, dann weiß man, dass hier ein begabter Arzt, der leidende Menschen von ihrem Leiden befreit hat und es weiterhin tun möchte, davon abgehalten wird. Durch eben diesen Blog, der von zwei frustrierten Patientinnen geführt wird!
Sie suchen Anhänger und verbreiten mieserabelste Gerüchte, die wenn man mal richtig überlegt gar nicht stimmen können!! (der Arzt um den es geht, soll keine Erlaubnis zum operieren haben. Es ist klar, dass er ohne Erlaubnis nie in verschiedensten Krankenhäusern über Jahre hinweg operieren könnte, was er jedoch getan hat)
Ziel ist es, so eine von ihnen, Dr. Kruschinskis Leben zu zerstörren.
Vielleicht stecken Amerikanische Unternehmen oder Ärzte dahinter, denen der Doktor viele Patienten mit seiner revolutionären Methode aus Amerika "geklaut" hat.
Es ist ein Unding und sollte verboten werden!!!!
9:42 AM
Anonymous said...
Didn't you just said, that it is Storz??
Your suspicions are as untrue as your tales you are publicating on your site!!
9:51 AM
Anonymous said...
Dr. Kruschinski wouldn´t condescend to the level of your intellect and post the same shit as you do! Stop it or we won´t stop it! We are more than you and we will write to until this Blogg is closed!
9:56 AM
Anonymous said...
doc kru is operating right now...this can not be!
9:56 AM
only joking said...
maybe he is writing right out of his operating room!!
9:59 AM
Anonymous said...
Rotthalmünster is about 600 kilometers away from Mainz!!!
10:00 AM
IHRT said...
It's all you KRU!!!LOL ROTHLMAO.
magnify this user (Deutsche Telekom Ag)

Rheinland-pfalz, Mainz, Germany, 8 returning visits
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1st August 2006 07:23:16 AM
1st August 2006 07:23:37 AM
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1st August 2006 07:45:03 AM
1st August 2006 07:46:18 AM
1st August 2006 07:47:04 AM
1st August 2006 07:47:25 AM
1st August 2006 07:47:56 AM
1st August 2006 07:52:13 AM
1st August 2006 07:59:10 AM
1st August 2006 08:20:18 AM
1st August 2006 08:20:40 AM
1st August 2006 08:21:18 AM
1st August 2006 08:24:32 AM
1st August 2006 08:27:39 AM
1st August 2006 08:29:05 AM
1st August 2006 08:29:08 AM
1st August 2006 08:29:17 AM
1st August 2006 08:29:31 AM
1st August 2006 08:29:35 AM
1st August 2006 08:29:47 AM
1st August 2006 08:31:14 AM
1st August 2006 08:31:41 AM
1st August 2006 08:31:59 AM
1st August 2006 08:32:04 AM
1st August 2006 08:32:15 AM
1st August 2006 08:36:03 AM
1st August 2006 08:49:13 AM
1st August 2006 09:01:45 AM
1st August 2006 09:03:15 AM
1st August 2006 09:20:51 AM
1st August 2006 09:25:16 AM
1st August 2006 09:42:09 AM
1st August 2006 09:43:27 AM
1st August 2006 09:49:50 AM
1st August 2006 10:03:45 AM
1st August 2006 10:04:30 AM
1st August 2006 10:04:58 AM

Keep it up this is hilarious!
10:12 AM
IHRT said...
Ya he's operating now alright.
You missed your calling as a propoganda man.
10:15 AM
Anonymous said...
Hi Dawn, how are you?? I'm fine!
10:15 AM
IHRT said...
Storz is just looking once again.
They have no comment!
10:17 AM
IHRT said...
Danial we've got to stop meeting like this.
What if Michi and Karen find out????
10:18 AM
Anonymous said...
we from the bay where we hyphy and go dump...
10:20 AM
Anonymous said...
IHRT = International Head of Recycling Trash
10:24 AM
Anonymous said...
The Roman stronghold of castrum Moguntiacum, the precursor to Mainz, was founded by the Roman general Drusus in 13 BC. [1]Although the city is situated opposite the mouth of the Main river, the name of Mainz is not from Main, the similarity being perhaps due to diachronic analogy. Main is from Latin Menus, the name the Romans used for the river. The many forms of Mainz make it clear that it is a simplification of Moguntiacum.
10:28 AM
Anonymous said...
IHRT is nothing but a shame for America!!
Through IHRT it seems, that we do not allow other surgeons from outside our country to perform surgery on american patients.
11:08 AM
Anonymous said...
Hey Dawn,
what about your conscience? Think about all the people who are suffering just because of you and scared about Kru and his help! Think about the family you are destroying! Think about all the people you are lying to! Think about destroying a mans dream! Better use your sick endeavor and patronize Greenpeace or the fight against terrorism. Shame on you and your whole life Dawn.
11:08 AM
Anonymous said...
What surgeon from outside of our country are you referring to? Dr. Koh? He is from Minnesota.
11:14 AM
H. Marceau said...
I want to share with you, that I am also against IHRT.
It can't be allowed to write untruth and abuse people in public!!
11:49 AM
IHRT said...
Hi Kru,
OUr stat counter shows that you wrote the above messages, nearly all of them.
11:58 AM
Anonymous said...
no, it's not Kru, we are all different ones and those, that you yourselve have involved by writing emails to us and your defemation and slander, by writing bullshit no one believes. By this you outclasses yourself and in the end lost... The time, your children or child and your partner lost. I don't believe you have even any...By what and how you write, you can't be a mother or a wife or a partner to anyone...
12:33 PM
IHRT said...
Nice Operating room photos. There is Kru mixing the Spray Gel. There is someone wearing BLACK framed glasses holding the abdolift. Is that Dr. Kho? If so,
did Dr. Kho change his glasses between photo #1 and Photo #2?

We see a slim young man (Asian?) with black hair, he is closest to the foreground, but he is not Dr. Koh. We see someone behind that man, maybe that is Dr. Kho?

Everyone is wearing surgical gloves, no blood on the gloves.

PS: the stat counter does not lie. Keep posting KRu, the more you post, the less time you have to continue your netting of potential patients.
12:37 PM
Anonymous said...
prove it, show the stats of the last ten postings and we can prove you wrong as they never come from one person.
12:51 PM
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Anonymous said...
that´s at least something good to speak about ...he,he,he,he,
1:12 PM
Anonymous said...
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1:19 PM
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Freiheit meint nicht die allgemeine Handlungsfreiheit, sondern die Fortbewegungsfreiheit.

Die Fortbewegungsfreiheit kann man nur jemandem "rauben", der sie hat. Sie fehlt insbesondere Kleinstkindern, die noch keinen Willen zur Ortsveränderung bilden können. Die h. M. begnügt sich allerdings mit der potentiellen Fortbewegungsfreiheit. Dazu BGHSt 32, 183 (188):

"§ 239 StGB schützt nicht erst die Verwirklichung des auf eine Ortsveränderung gerichteten Willensentschlusses, sondern schon die potentielle persönliche Bewegungsfreiheit, also die Möglichkeit des Ortswechsels ... In sie wird auch dann eingegriffen, wenn der von der Tathandlung Betroffene sich gar nicht fortbewegen will. Entscheidend ist allein, ob es ihm unmöglich gemacht wird, seinen Aufenthalt nach eigenem Belieben zu verändern ..., das heißt, ob er sich ohne die vom Täter ausgehende Beeinträchtigung seiner Bewegungsmöglichkeit fortbegeben könnte, wenn er es wollte."

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Fall 2:
T schließt O in einem Haus ein. O könnte aus dem Fenster im 1. Stock springen. Das wäre aber mit einer Körperverletzung oder jedenfalls einer Verletzungsgefahr verbunden.

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II. Erfolgsqualifikationen (Abs. 3 und 4)
1:20 PM
Anonymous said...
Dear IHRT,
How dare you imply that Dr. Kho is not in the Operating Room. HE is the one taking the photos!
And you got the state wrong,Dr. Kho is from Wisconsin, not Minnesota.
A member of Kru's crew
1:21 PM
Anonymous said...
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Der BGH hat sich zum Merkmal "Gewalt" jüngst so geäußert (BGHSt 41, 182, 185; Hervorhebungen und Zusatz in eckigen Klammern von mir):

"Der Senat ist der Auffassung, dass auch geringer körperlicher Aufwand - dazu gehören das Sich-Hinsetzen oder das Sich-auf-die-Fahrbahn-Begeben - den Anforderungen an den Gewaltbegriff genügen kann, wenn seine Auswirkungen den Bereich des rein Psychischen verlassen und (auch) physisch wirkend sich als körperlicher Zwang darstellen ...

Eine Korrektur ... allein an der Tathandlung, am Merkmal der körperlichen Kraftentfaltung, ist .. weder geboten noch auch nur sinnvoll: ... Nötigung durch Ein- oder Ausschließen, also z. B. durch Abschließen mittels eines Schlüssels oder Zuziehen einer selbstschließenden Türe, erfordert nur minimale Kraft, ohne dass eine Änderung in der Beurteilung der Strafbarkeit wegen Nötigung durch Gewalt veranlasst wäre. Eine Entscheidung allein am Maß des Kraftaufwandes (Zünden einer Explosion mittels Knopfdrucks ...) verbietet sich. Maßgebend ... ist vielmehr ..., [ob] ... die Zwangswirkung auf die beeinflusste Person ‚nur psychischer Natur' ist."

Fall 11 (OLG Düsseldorf, NJW 1999, 2912):
Ladendetektiv L forderte im Bereich zwischen Kassenzone und Ausgang den Kunden K auf, Rechnung und Inhalt des Einkaufswagens überprüfen zu lassen. Als K sich weigerte, stellte L sich in den Ausgang, hinderte den K so daran, das Gebäude zu verlassen, und erklärte, er werde erst weggehen, wenn er die Überprüfung vorgenommen habe. Nach etwa vier Minuten gab L den Weg frei.

Fall 12 (BGHSt 41, 182 ff.):
A begab sich mit Gleichgesinnten auf die Autobahn A 8 (München-Stuttgart), stellte sich den herannahenden Fahrzeugen in den Weg und sperrte auf diese Weise den Verkehr.

Fall 13:
Greenpeace-Aktivisten verhindern das Fällen einer alten Linde beim Straßenbau, indem sie mit großer körperlicher Anstrengung auf die Äste klettern und sich daran festklammern.

2. "mit Gewalt"

Fall 14:
O verdächtigt T beim Pokern des Falschspiels. T sieht sich ertappt und ist deshalb umso wütender.
a) Er nimmt das Bierglas und schleudert O den Inhalt überraschend ins Gesicht.
b) Er fasst O bei den Haaren, hält ihn daran fest und gießt ihm den Inhalt des Bierglases ins Gesicht.

3. Tatbestandliche Pflichtwidrigkeit

Fall 15:
R muss dringend zum Bahnhof, um mit dem ICE zu verreisen. Als er im Taxi vor dem Bahnhofsgebäude ankommt, hat er nur noch zwei Minuten Zeit bis zur Zugabfahrt. Er fordert den Taxifahrer T auf, anzuhalten und ihn aussteigen zu lassen. T erwidert mit Recht, ein Anhalten sei hier nicht erlaubt; er könne ihn erst auf einem Parkplatz in 500 m Entfernung herauslassen. R protestiert wütend, erreicht aber nichts und verpasst seinen Zug.

III. Die Nötigung durch "Drohung mit einem empfindlichen Übel"

1. Nötigende Drohung, reine Drohung und Warnung (zugleich zur Bedrohung, § 241)

Fall 16:
M hat erfahren, dass seine Frau mit L ein Verhältnis hatte. Obwohl er weiß, dass sie mit L Schluss gemacht hat, ist M so böse, dass er L anruft und ihm sagt, er werde ihn umbringen.

Fall 17:
T hat einen bestimmten Parkplatz im Auge und sieht unwillig zu, wie O ihn einnimmt. Er vertreibt O durch die Ankündigung,
a) er selber werde O in der zweiten Reihe zuparken.
b) O werde hier höchstwahrscheinlich von anderen Autofahrern zugeparkt.

Hat T dem O mit einem empfindlichen Übel gedroht? - Spielt es für Fall 17 a eine Rolle, ob T die angebliche Absicht wirklich hat oder nur vortäuscht?

2. Wertungsprobleme beim Merkmal "Drohung mit einem empfindlichen Übel"

Das vom Täter angekündigte, für den anderen ungünstige Verhalten kann ein Tun oder ein Unterlassen sein; außerdem kann es dem Täter rechtlich verboten, geboten oder freigestellt sein. Spielen solche Unterschiede für das Merkmal "Drohung mit einem empfindlichen Übel" eine Rolle?

a) Die Fallkonstellationen

aa) Ankündigung eines rechtlich verbotenen Verhaltens

Fall 18 (Ankündigung eines rechtlich verbotenen Handelns):
Der Schriftsteller Erich Mühsam wird dadurch zum Singen des Horst-Wessel-Liedes gebracht, dass man ihm ankündigt, andernfalls werde er erschossen.

Fall 19 (Ankündigung eines rechtlich verbotenen Unterlassens):
P hat vertraglich die Pflege des siechen S übernommen. Sie erreicht ihre Einsetzung als Alleinerbin, indem sie S ankündigt, ihn sonst verhungern zu lassen.

bb) Ankündigung eines rechtlich gebotenen Verhaltens

Fall 20 (Ankündigung eines rechtlich gebotenen Handelns):
Zwei Polizisten ertappen die 18-jährige Dealerin D auf frischer Tat. Nach Lage der Dinge sind sie verpflichtet, D festzunehmen und auf der Wache zu verhören. Auf der Fahrt kommt ihnen der Gedanke, D die Freilassung gegen geschlechtliche Hingabe anzubieten. D lässt sich unter dem Druck drohender Bestrafung voller Abscheu auf den Handel ein.

Fall 21 (Ankündigung eines rechtlich gebotenen Unterlassens):
Die S ist nach einer Vergewaltigung in der 14. Woche schwanger. Nach langem Suchen findet sie den Arzt A, der sich zum Abbruch der Schwangerschaft bereit erklärt, für diese Leistung aber 80.000 DM fordert. In ihrer Not opfert S alle Ersparnisse.

cc) Ankündigung eines rechtlich freigestellten Verhaltens

Fall 22 (Ankündigung eines rechtlich freigestellten Handelns):
Frau F kann ihrem Verlobten V schwere Wirtschaftsdelikte nachweisen. Als V sich von ihr lossagt, stellt sie ihm die Strafanzeige in Aussicht. V muss um seine Existenz fürchten und schließt widerwillig die Ehe.

Fall 23 (Ankündigung eines rechtlich freigestellten Unterlassens):
Dem Ferrarihändler F winkt das Vierfache des normalen Preises, wenn er dem reichen R binnen einer Woche einen gelben Ferrari verschafft. Weil eine normale Bestellung und Lieferung viel zu lange dauern würde, möchte F den gelben Ferrari haben, den sein Kunde K bestellt hat und gerade abholen will. K sträubt sich zunächst, willigt aber ein, als F ihm das Doppelte des normalen Preises bietet.

b) Rechtliche Beurteilung

Rspr. (BGHSt 31, 195, 198 ff.) und h. L. bejahen die "Drohung mit einem empfindlichen Übel" in allen sechs Fällen, aber sie problematisieren in mehreren die Verwerflichkeit i. S. des § 240 II (dazu sogleich ab Fall 29).

Ich halte eine wertende Unterscheidung auf Tatbestandsebene für vorzugswürdig. Wer aber die Feinarbeit mit Rspr. und h. L. in die Verwerflichkeitsprüfung (Abs. 2) verlegen will, kann die folgenden Überlegungen dann dort anwenden. Sie lauten:

Es muss sich das in Aussicht Gestellte als "Übel" und die Inaussichtstellung als "Drohung" bewerten lassen. Dafür gelten zwei Faustregeln.

(1) Die Ankündigung, eine Handlung vorzunehmen, die das Opfer belastet, ist fast immer Drohung mit einem Übel; so in Fall 18, Fall 20 und Fall 22. Denn der Täter erzeugt Angst durch Ankündigen einer Situationsverschlechterung, die ihm als sein Werk zuzurechnen wäre; und ein "Übel" ist im Kern seines Wortsinnes eine Einbuße an Werten, eine Verschlechterung, ein Nachteil.

Ausnahmen sind wohl denkbar, aber höchst selten. Zweifelhaft ist etwa die Beurteilung der Tat eines Vollzugsbeamten, der einem Gefangenen die vorschriftsmäßige allabendliche Einschließung für den Fall ankündigt, dass ihm der Häftling kein Rauschgift überlässt. Hier ist fraglich, ob der Gefangene den alltäglichen Einschluss überhaupt noch als "Übel" erlebt und ob er sich durch die Ankündigung "bedroht" fühlt.

(2) Die Ankündigung, eine Handlung zu unterlassen, die das Opfer begünstigen würde, ist

(a) bei verbotenem Unterlassen meistens Drohung mit einem Übel (Fall 19). Denn das Wort "Übel" ist sehr gut auch einer normativen Deutung zugänglich, wonach das Ausbleiben eines Vorteils, auf den man einen Anspruch hat, als "Übel" angesehen und bezeichnet wird.

Zweifelhaft ist das hingegen im ...
Fall 24:
Der Gläubiger G hat die Forderung gegen die säumige Schuldnerin S mangels Beweisbarkeit bereits "abgeschrieben", als S auftaucht und ankündigt, die Forderung bleibe weiterhin unbezahlt, es sei denn, G stelle ihren Sohn als Lehrling ein.

Auch hier ist fraglich, ob G die Nichtbezahlung überhaupt noch als Übel erlebt und ob er sich durch die Ankündigung bedroht fühlt.

(b) bei gebotenem und erlaubtem Unterlassen meistens keine Drohung mit einem Übel (Fall 21, Fall 23). Zwar kann man auch hier oft noch ganz zwanglos von einem Übel sprechen, denn man bezeichnet auch das Ausbleiben eines Vorteils, auf den man keinen Anspruch hat, als ein Übel, jedenfalls dann, wenn man fest damit gerechnet hat ("Dass mein Freund mir nicht wie versprochen beim Renovieren geholfen hat, war ein Übel."). Aber grundsätzlich kann jemandem die Not eines anderen, die er lediglich nicht beseitigt oder nicht mindert, nur dann als sein Werk, als von ihm geschaffenes Übel zugerechnet werden, wenn er rechtlich dafür einzustehen hat, dass die Not endet oder gemindert wird.

Eine Ausnahme von diesem Grundsatz kann man erwägen im ...
Fall 25:
A, der eine Bekannte B jahrelang regelmäßig umsonst mit Rauschgift versorgt hat, knüpft daran eines Tages die Bedingung sexueller Hingabe.

Hier ist fraglich, ob nicht die ständige Übung eine so verfestigte Exspektanz geschaffen hat, dass man die Vorenthaltung des Rauschgiftes als Verschlechterung der Lage und damit als Übel und die Ankündigung der Abkehr vom bisherigen Verhalten als Drohung bewerten muss.

IV. Zusammentreffen von Gewalt und Drohung

Fall 26:
Herr und Frau K können es nicht leiden, dass ihr Nachbar N ständig über ihr Grundstück geht. Obwohl N wegeberechtigt ist, vertreibt Herr K ihn eines Tages mit Faustschlägen. An einem anderen Tat hetzt Frau K den Schäferhund Rudi auf den N und bewegt ihn so zu einem zügigen Verlassen des Grundstücks.

V. Der subjektive Tatbestand

Fall 27:
A verletzt B im Streit vorsätzlich durch einen Messerstich und ist sich darüber im Klaren, dass B deswegen später zum Arzt gehen wird. B tut das tatsächlich.

Hat sich A gemäß § 240 strafbar gemacht?

VI. Die Rechtswidrigkeit bei der Nötigung

1. Rechtfertigungsgründe

Fall 28:
S arbeitet in einem Nachtlokal. Als er mit dem Auto von Hause losfährt, sieht er seinen betrunkenen Vater V heimwanken. Aus schlimmer Erfahrung schwant ihm Böses. In die Wohnung zurückgekehrt, kommt er gerade noch rechtzeitig, um seine Mutter vor schwerer Misshandlung zu schützen. Er schlägt V nieder, zerrt ihn ins Schlafzimmer und schließt ihn dort ein.

2. Die Verwerflichkeit (§ 240 II)

Zur Umschreibung des mit "Verwerflichkeit" Gemeinten kann man sich der vom BGH geprägten Formel bedienen, dass das Täterverhalten "einen erhöhten Grad sittlicher Missbilligung" (BGHSt 17, 328, 332) aufweisen müsse.

Fall 29:
Onkel O hat an seiner achtjährigen Nichte N sexuelle Handlungen vorgenommen. Als Ns Vater V davon erfährt, stellt er O zur Rede. O gelobt unter Tränen, so etwas nie wieder zu tun. V droht ihm dennoch eine Strafanzeige an, es sei denn, er zahle 3.000 DM an den Verein "Zartbitter", der sich um sexuell missbrauchte Kinder kümmert. O zahlt aus Angst vor der Anzeige.

Wäre es richtig, hier bereits, wie oben im Fall 15, die Pflichtwidrigkeit (objektive Zurechnung des Nötigungserfolges) zu verneinen? Handelt V rechtswidrig?

Fall 30 (BGHSt 17, 329 ff.):
Die Prostituierte P kassierte im Voraus den vereinbarten Lohn. Als der Freier F schon stark erregt war, kam ihr der Gedanke, den Preis zu erhöhen. F weigerte sich zu zahlen, P verweigerte den Geschlechtsverkehr. Als F daraufhin Rückzahlung des Geldes verlangte, verweigerte sie auch dies. Daraufhin zerrte F die P wütend an den Haaren. P bekam Angst und gab das Geld zurück.

VII. Vorrang der §§ 113, 114

Eine Nötigung nach § 240 kann zugleich eine Straftat nach § 113 oder § 114 sein (Widerstand gegen Vollstreckungsbeamte oder Personen, die ihnen gleichstehen). Dann tritt § 240 auf der Konkurrenzebene dahinter zurück, denn §§ 113, 114 sind gegenüber § 240 Privilegierungen. – Genauer dazu im Skript zu §§ 113, 114.
1:21 PM
IHRT said...
Really Man....go sleep this bender off.
I'm sure you'll just regret all you've done from one computer....

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Anonymous said...
no, he is from Milwaukie
1:23 PM
Anonymous said...
its Mainz, that's near Wiesbaden and Kru is operating in our small town in Rotthalmünster/ Bavaria at the local hospital. So its 600 km away from Mainz...
1:26 PM
Anonymous said...
Danke für eure Antworten!
Wie sieht es denn mit der erwähnten (scherzhaft gemeinten)
Zeile "Entzug der Lebensberechtigung..." in dem angenommenen
Brief aus? Daraus wird Bedrohung abgeleitet. (War im
Ausgangsposting wohl nicht deutlich hervorgehoben, sorry.)
(Nebenbei mal angenommen, beide Beteiligten sind
Zivilpersonen, also keine Repräsentanden des Staates.) Das
ändert die Lage ein wenig...? Oder viel???
Was meint ihr dazu?

Ganz kurz: Beleidigungen im Privatbereich bleiben meist
folgenlos, da das öffentliche Interesse an der Strafverfolgung
nicht gegeben ist.
da aber zur Verfahrenseinstellung gem. $ 153 StPO auch die
geringe Schuld des Täters Voraussetzung ist, ist das in diesem
Fall mal nicht ganz so einfach. Wer sich ein Zettelchen nimmt,
dieses mit netten Beleidigungen füllt und dann dem Empfänger
zukommen läßt, ist anders zu beurteilen, als jemand, der dem
Saufkumpan, der dem Köbes das letzte Bier vom Tablett
stibitzt, ein fröhliches "Du dumme Sau" zuruft.

Bei einer mündl. Beleidigung wie bei der hier beschriebene
Situation unter Saufkumpanen gibt es vermutlich viele Zeigen.
So dass - wenn es zu einem Prozeß kommt - der Sachverhalt bzw.
die Beweislage doch eindeutig sein müsste. Oder wie ist es zum
Vergleich (bei "Bedrohung"), wenn der eine zu seinen
Saufkumpanen sagen würde: "Gib mir das Bier, oder ich schaller
dir eine"
Wenn jemand eine andere Person aber schriftlich (mittels
dieses Zettelchens) beleidigt und kein Name oder Absender
draufsteht, wie ist dann die Situation? Woher bzw. wie kann
der Beleidigte es wissen (oder beweisen), von wem der Zettel
stammt? Ich meine, dann ist der Beweis doch gar nicht so klar,
wer das gewesen sein könnte...? Oder der Beweis ist vielleicht
gar nicht zu führen??? Wie reagiert ein Staatsabwalt bzw ein
Gericht dann?
Oder würden Indizien reichen? Z.B. dass zwei Personen mal
Streit hatten. Was würde da ausreichen?
Vielleicht wisst ihr hierzu ja auch etwas...
Oder stehe gerade total auf dem Schlauch und betrachte das
(als nicht-Jurist) von der vollkommen falschen Seite...?

Was würdet ihr dem Betroffenen X raten zu tun? Auch in Bezug
Auf Aussagen gegenüber der Polizei (Vorladung).

Danke nochmals!
Viele Grüße,
1:27 PM
Anonymous said...
Danke für eure Antworten!
Wie sieht es denn mit der erwähnten (scherzhaft gemeinten)
Zeile "Entzug der Lebensberechtigung..." in dem angenommenen
Brief aus? Daraus wird Bedrohung abgeleitet.

§ 241 StGB, der die Bedrohung unter Strafe stellt, behandelt alle Menschen gleich..."Entzug der Lebensberechtigung" sagst Du? Also wenn ich mir das so ansehe, würde ich meinen, dass das nicht als BEdrohung aufzufassen ist. Beddrohen meint, jemandem eine künftige Tat in Aussicht zu stellen, die einen Verbrechenstatbestand erfüllt. Klassisches Beispiel "Ich werde Dich umbringen!" - "Entzug der Lebensberechtigung" klingt eher wie "Ich wünsche mir, dass Du tot umfällst" - das ist ein himmelweiter unterschied und so nicht von § 241 StGB erfasst, weil das eine bloße "Verwünschung" ist.
1:28 PM
Anonymous said...
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1:30 PM
Anonymous said...
Armeggedon is approaching, rapidly. On all levels, the world is at chaos!
Pray and repent, IHRT, or you will not be amoung the rightous who will be saved.
you will die first, and then at the last moment before the world explodes, your rotting putrified body will rise up out of the grave, for all to see your blasphemous ways.
1:30 PM
IHRT said...
IHRT stat counter indicates that Kru has been on his computer for more than four hours.
Happy hour is in progress.
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IHRT said...
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He's on the bus to crazy town!!!!
1:35 PM
Anonymous said...
Danke für eure Antworten!
Wie sieht es denn mit der erwähnten (scherzhaft gemeinten)
Zeile "Entzug der Lebensberechtigung..." in dem angenommenen
Brief aus? Daraus wird Bedrohung abgeleitet.
§ 241 StGB, der die Bedrohung unter Strafe stellt, behandelt
alle Menschen gleich..."Entzug der Lebensberechtigung" sagst
Du? Also wenn ich mir das so ansehe, würde ich meinen, dass
das nicht als BEdrohung aufzufassen ist. Beddrohen meint,
jemandem eine künftige Tat in Aussicht zu stellen, die einen
Verbrechenstatbestand erfüllt. Klassisches Beispiel "Ich werde
Dich umbringen!" - "Entzug der Lebensberechtigung" klingt eher
wie "Ich wünsche mir, dass Du tot umfällst" - das ist ein
himmelweiter unterschied und so nicht von § 241 StGB erfasst,
weil das eine bloße "Verwünschung" ist.

und danke für die Antwort.
Genau dieser §241 StGB steht aber auch auf der Vorladung.

Gibt es eigentlich Fingerabdrücke auf Papier? (Die Oberfläche ist ja nicht so glatt bzw eben wie bespielsweise Glas.)
Oder was unternimmt die Polizei dann?

Viele Grüße,
1:44 PM
Anonymous said...
Bedrohung nach §241 StGB

Nach § 241 StGB gilt für den Tatbestand der Bedrohung...

Wer einen Menschen mit der Begehung eines gegen ihn oder eine ihm nahestehende Person gerichteten Verbrechens bedroht, wird mit Freiheitsstrafe bis zu einem Jahr oder mit Geldstrafe bestraft.

Nach § 12 StGB ist klar definiert, was unter einem Verbrechen definiert ist (rechtswidrige Taten, die im Mindestmaß mit Freiheitsstrafe von einem Jahr oder darüber bedroht sind).

Soweit so gut.


Inwiefern muss der mutmaßliche Täter seine Bedrohung äußern, um dieser Voraussetzung gerecht zu werden?

Wenn eine (Be)Drohung derart ausgesprochen wird, dass das Opfer schlussfolgern kann, dass Leib und Leben bedroht ist. ohne dass es der Täter im Wortlaut äußert, liegt dann eine Straftat nach § 241 vor?

Beispiel: A droht B am Telefon: Pass auf, wo du nachts hingehst. Pass nachts auf dein Auto auf, es könnte etwas dran sein...

B vermutet dadurch die Androhung mindestens einer schweren Körperverletzung oder der Manipulierung des eigenen PKW zum Herbeiführen eines Unfalls, bei dem der Täter eine schwere Körperverletzung oder Todesfolge in Kauf nimmt.

Anders gefragt: Wann wird mit einem Verbrechen nach § 12 gedroht? Muss es unmissverständlich ausgesprochen sein (Ich bringe dich um. ) oder reicht es, dem Opfer den Eindruck zu hinterlassen, dass ihm eine solche Tat bevorstehe?

Es ist wichtig, insofern bitte ich um alsbaldige Information. Danke im Voraus.

-- Editiert von sorgloser am 15.03.2006 23:02:05

von Sorgloser - 15.03.2006 22:59:00
Status: Frischling (2 Beiträge)

>Bedrohung nach §241 StGB

Es kommt nicht darauf an, was in die Äuerung hineingedeutet werden kann. Auch ein ''Ich mache dich platt'' genügt nicht. Es muss eindeutig ein Verbrechen angedroht werden. Ansonsten könnte schlichtweg nciht widerlegt werden, dass etwas anderes gemeint gewesen sein könnte.
von wastl - 15.03.2006 23:17:49
Status: Unsterblich (4000 Beiträge)


>Bedrohung nach §241 StGB

Du scheinst es ja eilig zu haben.....

Hat er/sie denn explizit eine bestimmte Tat benannt? War das lediglich am Telefon ?
1:45 PM
Anonymous said...
Of have no idea who we are and where we come from and theres no way to figure it out. It´s useless. Dr. Kru wouldn´t ever write things posted bevore. Why should he? We are doing these things for him, because he is the one who is right in that case. So leave him alone and stop posting your dumb analysis. They show nothing exept how stupid you are! I can also post when someone hit my website, but not who! It´s impossible because it´s against LAW!
1:51 PM
Anonymous said...
Treament for rabies is not availble at this time. To quote the infamous KRu,
"Sorry we could not help you resolve your problem."
1:51 PM
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1:59 PM
Anonymous said...
Reputations can be ruined on the Internet and, all too often, the anonymous authors of scurrilous attacks can't be traced or identified.

In seconds, cybersurfers from Massachusetts to Mali can retrieve more than 12,000 references to Rep. Gary A. Condit (D-Calif.), many as blunt as one that begins, "Missing: Gary Condit's character.... "But one particularly scurrilous Internet report about the lawmaker illustrates what many see as a serious and growing problem concerning the Internet -- a flow of unbridled defamation. columnist and former U.S. congressman John LeBoutillier wrote an article about Condit that was posted online for most of one day in July. It was a hearsay account, accusing the representative of sordid sexual activity and complicity in murder. The site's keepers ultimately killed the column.

"Whatever you say on the Internet cannot be retracted by simply pulling it back," says David H. Peirez, a communications-law specialist with the Garden City, N.Y., firm of Reisman, Peirez and Reisman. "A book or newspaper can pull back -- they can print a retraction that largely negates the insult or mistake. But put something on the Internet, and it's on for good. If I send you something and you delete and trash it, it's still on the Internet somewhere."

As an elected official and public figure linked to a news event, Condit's right to privacy is limited. The point is, as things now stand, the Internet leaves everyone vulnerable to similar, widely disseminated malice. Is that an acceptable price for Internet freedom? The cost sometimes is high for victims, who rarely can identify their anonymous tormentors or seek restitution. Some obtain redress, however, and their cases show the nasty ways in which some use the Internet's freedom:
2:00 PM
Anonymous said...
* Jonathan R. Oppenheimer, a pathologist, adopted the name "fbiinformant" and posted messages on Yahoo accusing Sam D. Graham Jr., then-chairman of the Emory University School of Medicine's urology department, of accepting kickbacks from a urology company. Graham subsequently gave up his post. He eventually cleared his name and won a $675,000 award from Oppenheimer, the first libel victory against someone who anonymously posted defamatory statements on the Internet. Tracking down Oppenheimer took more than eight months.
2:01 PM
Anonymous said...
Fighting Slander Table of Contents
Third Edition, updated and expanded, January 16, 2005

How To Use This Guide
The Law In Brief

Definitions of Defamation of Character, Slander, and Libel
Defamation By the Press, and Defamation By Individuals
Elements of Defamation of Character, Slander and Libel
Identifiable Victim
Emotional Distress
Good Defenses
Public Figure
The Comments Were Invited by the Plaintiff
He's Dead!
Words Spoken In the Heat of Anger
Worthless Defenses
"I only told one person!"
"I was just repeating it."
"I didn't give his/her name."
"It was just a practical joke."
The Right to Privacy
What Is a Public Figure, Anyway?
Statutes of Limitations – usually 1-2 years; act promptly!
Sizing Up Your Legal Situation

People Who Just Don’t Get It
The Middle Ground
Major-League Kooks
Special Situations
Workplace Defamation
Lawsuits and Criminal Charges
Internet Libel – covers email, chat, IM, ICQ, discussion, and web sites
Libel By the Mainstream Press
Small Town Slander
Privilege (“absolute” or “qualified”)
Courtroom Slander by Witnesses
Taking the Right Attitude
Before You Call a Lawyer
Getting the Facts

Private Investigators
Doing It Yourself
Keeping A Log
Nailing Down Your Legal Situation

Learning Your State’s Laws
Researching Defamation Laws Yourself
A Warning About Precedents
How To Research Jury Verdicts Without Spending a Fortune
Do It Yourself In a Legal Library
Telephone Lawyers
Jury Verdict Research
Actually Hiring a Lawyer

Finding a Slander Lawyer
Start With the Cheapest Solutions
Cease and Desist letters – example, plus how to write and send them
Things You Should NOT Do
Backlash and Common Sense
Last Resorts

Jury Verdict Research Using The Internet
Jury Verdict Companies
Other Information About Research Jury Verdicts on the Internet
Using Search Engines to Find Jury Verdicts
Jury Verdict Data from St. Louis, Missouri, and surrounding counties
Analysis of Jury Verdicts - Which Cases Win $, and Which Don't
Previous Employer Research Companies
Hot Button Words
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IHRT said...
Dear Dr. Kru,
What is the secret to your amazing energy? Over four hours on the computer writing in both German and English, while simulateously doing surgery, wow!
Red Bull energy drink?
Starbucks double expresso?
Crystal meth?
2:13 PM
Anonymous said...
His energy is fighting slander ...LOL
2:17 PM
Anonymous said...
How can you think that a grown person would write such things as you do? You are below him in human hierarchy, so shut up and tell me what your energy is to affront, flout, insult, libel, offend, abuse, asperse, blaspheme, dispraise and to lie over 3 years? So what is the secret to your amazing energy? I think it´s only a sickness in a morbid, diseased brain of a woman.
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A Dream of Peace and Calm...
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Those are my dreams. If his life is ruined, perhaps it is fitting and just. He ruined my life and the lives of so many others.

It is sad for me to read all the comments back and forth. Where will it end?
Some of those who were maimed by him can continue to seek a surgical solution elsewhere, if they can find the money, but many of them are out of funds, out of work, out of luck.
2:55 PM
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Anonymous said...
“Satire” pits the laws of defamation against the First Amendment right to freedom of
speech. It can be an extremely tough call for the courts.
For example, a “Dean Martin roast” is reasonably well protected speech. Roasts can get
pretty mean, but supposedly they’re all in fun.
If there’s a moral, it seems to be that satire is protected speech when it’s clear that it is
satire — and that has a lot to do with the setting. A magazine specializing in satire is
pretty solid ground. So is a roast, or the stage of a comedy club. Hustler magazine, how-
ever, was an unlikely setting for satire, which made Larry Flynt’s defense harder.
On the other hand, former German rocket scientist Werner von Braun successfully sued
famed satirist Tom Lerher over a parody of von Braun’s work for the German military in
World War II. The key phrase in Lerher’s song was ficticiously quoting von Braun as
saying “I just make them go up; I don’t care vere they come down!” (Referring to von
Braun’s work on rockets that the Nazis used to attack England.)
4:35 PM
Anonymous said...
Major-League Kooks
At the other end of the spectrum from people who “just don’t get it,” you have major league
nut cases. Stalker types. People who make a hobby out of you. It’s not nearly as easy to get
rid of these people. After all, without you, some of them don’t have much of a life at all. As
a social philosopher Eric Hoffer said, “People mind other people’s lives when their own
meaningless affairs are not worth minding.”
Would they spend $20,000 to go into court with you and slug it out? If they have the
$20,000 — yes, quite possibly. Most people have never had their “fifteen minutes of fame,”
and a lawyer can often give them the best chance they’ll ever have at that missing part of
their life. The chance to get up in front of a judge and a jury, and tell the best lies of their
life, could be well worth the money.
(Let me slide sideways for a second: before and after writing Dancing with Lawyers, I
spoke to thousands of people with lawyer problems. The willingness of middle-income
people to blow half their retirement money over a dumb lawsuit still amazes me. Never
say, “They won’t want to go to court.” Believe me, they might! It depends on the indi-
4:37 PM
Anonymous said...
Internet Libel
If it’s on the Internet, it’s written, not spoken — so it’s libel, not slander. It still comes
under the umbrella of “defamation of character,” though, and since so many of the troubled
emails to the Dancing with Lawyers web site have involved the Internet, it seems only fair
to cover it in the report. Keep in mind, though, that for most Internet issues, there is no
clear law on who is responsible for what.
First, a couple of Internet definitions:
troll — someone who posts deliberately provocative posts on the Internet, trying to drum
up craziness. I’ve never been sure whether the term comes from fishing (“trolling” for fish,
with a moving hook), or from mythical trolls who lurk under bridges, grabbing passing
travelers by the leg and dragging them into the muck.
energy creature — a troll taken to the limit. An “energy creature” (from Star Trek, I think)
thrives on abuse. The more you counterattack, the more excited they get.
These two species generally confine themselves to posting libelous material on discussion
groups or online chat. They should not be confused with a full-blown, All-American, one-
track kook. Real kooks will put both time and money into attacking you. Trolls and energy
creatures will only invest time.
4:40 PM
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