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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A "Christmas Carole" for Cru!

"I'm getting nottin for Christmas, cause I ain't been nottin but BAD!"

I swing with parenthood, religions and ethnic origins, but I AM always dishonest no matter what I say or do!

Sometimes Jewish, sometimes Catholic, sometimes Polish, sometimes Jewish, sometimes German, sometimes a daddy, sometimes not!
But I am always a do I get anything for that??

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More reasons to doubt Kru's practices!!!

 In 1999, Dr. Brian West, a Long Beach, Calif., performed a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery on Becky Anderson. The procedure left her with gaping, infected wounds that wouldn't close and, ultimately, a grotesque lump the size of a melon caused by organs spilling through an unhealed hole in her abdomen.

IHRT asks......If surgeons in the USA can get away with this kind of "practice," then why would anyone doubt Kruschinski would not be able to get away with the atrocities he commits on patients in Germany, India and any other country he performed his experiments?
IHRT would bet that these surgeons were REALLY nice to their patients too!
SAN FRANCISCO - Troubling cases in which doctors were accused of botching operations while undergoing treatment for drugs or alcohol have led to criticism of rehab programs that allow thousands of U.S. physicians to keep their addictions hidden from their patients.

Nearly all states have confidential rehab programs that let doctors continue practicing as long as they stick with the treatment regimen. Nationwide, as many as 8,000 doctors may be in such programs, by one estimate.
These arrangements largely escaped public scrutiny until last summer, when California's medical board outraged physicians across the country by abolishing its 27-year-old program. A review concluded that the system failed to protect patients or help addicted doctors get better.
Opponents of such programs say the medical establishment uses confidential treatment to protect dangerous physicians.
"Patients have no way to protect themselves from these doctors," said Julie Fellmeth, who heads the University of San Diego's Center for Public Interest Law and led the opposition to California's so-called diversion program.
Most addiction specialists favor allowing doctors to continue practicing while in confidential treatment, as does the American Medical Association.
Supporters of such programs say that cases in which patients are harmed by doctors in treatment are extremely rare, and would pale next to the havoc that could result if physicians had no such option.

"If you don't have confidential participation, you don't get people into the program," said Sandra Bressler, the California Medical Association's senior director for medical board affairs.
California's program ends June 30. If no alternative program is adopted, the rules could revert back to the zero-tolerance policy in place before 1980, when doctors who were found by the medical board to have drug or alcohol problems were immediately stripped of their licenses.
No other state has followed California's lead. But the president of California's medical board, Dr. Richard Fantozzi, said that behind the scenes, regulators nationwide share his ambivalence toward such programs.
"To hide something from consumers, something so blatant ... it's unconscionable today," Fantozzi said.

Between 10 percent and 15 percent of physicians nationwide will have a substance abuse problem at some point in their lives, a rate similar to that of the general population, according to widespread estimates. An estimated 7,500 to 8,000 practicing doctors are probably in confidential treatment, or about 1 percent of all physicians practicing in the U.S., said Dr. Greg Skipper, head of Alabama's program and a leader of an upcoming study on the issue.
Opponents of such programs are unable to cite any documented cases in which doctors who were confidentially undergoing treatment botched operations while drunk or high. But they say the very secrecy of the programs makes it hard to assess the risks.
Nevertheless, some doctors have been accused of harming patients while they were in treatment.

In Montana, a patient accused a doctor enrolled in the state's treatment program of not following up on her abnormal test results, delaying her cancer diagnosis by more than a year. Montana revoked Dr. Robert Schure's license last year after he flunked out of treatment six times since 1994, according to board documents. The patient's suit was settled for an undisclosed sum.

A North Carolina surgeon enrolled in the state's program for alcoholism charged patients for one type of gastric bypass and then performed a shortcut procedure that led to serious complications, including stomach ulcers and vomiting, according to patients and a medical board investigation.

It wasn't until Dr. Steven Olchowski lost his license in 2005, years after many of the incidents occurred, that his participation in North Carolina's program became publicly known.
Opponents of California's program have focused on the case of Dr. Brian West, a Long Beach plastic surgeon who has been accused of negligence by the state medical board and is fighting to keep his license.

In 1999, West performed a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery on Becky Anderson. The procedure left her with gaping, infected wounds that wouldn't close and, ultimately, a grotesque lump the size of a melon caused by organs spilling through an unhealed hole in her abdomen.
Weeks before performing his final, futile procedure on her, West was arrested for a drunken-driving accident.

After his conviction, West entered the diversion program for alcoholism. A year later he performed a tummy tuck on a 37-year-old woman that also healed poorly.
West ultimately flunked out of the treatment program after investigators uncovered a pattern of relapses, binge drinking and doctored urine tests that "demonstrate that he is a physician who has been long and chronically impaired by alcohol," according to a 2005 medical board complaint.

West's supporters say he has been made a scapegoat, asserting that he is not to blame for his patients' complications and that the severity of his drinking problem has been exaggerated by investigators. "I have no information from any of my investigations that Dr. West has ever cared for patients while under the influence of alcohol," said his attorney, Dominique Pollara.
West admitted no fault in settling Anderson's malpractice lawsuit for $250,000, Pollara said. The tummy-tuck patient lost her malpractice case.

Without the assurance of confidentiality, some say, addicted doctors will go underground and continue to practice without getting any treatment at all.
Jim Conway, a Venice, Calif., drug and alcohol counselor, said that before confidential treatment programs, doctors would do whatever they could to hide their addiction for fear they would lose their licenses.

At a Pomona hospital where Conway worked, an alcoholic obstetrician came to work and delivered a baby while "dead drunk," he said. In the process, the doctor severed the newborn's spine.

"And that's how it will be if they just do a punitive approach," Conway said.
Dr. Jason Giles, a Malibu physician, completed California's program in 2004 after five years in treatment for alcoholism and addiction to prescription drugs.
"I was never intoxicated taking care of patients. It didn't get to that — but would have if I didn't avail myself of that rope dropped from the helicopter," he said.
His experience in rehab was so transformative, he said, that he quit practicing anesthesiology and opened the drug treatment center he now runs.

Giles said allowing physicians to continue to practice while in rehabilitation is crucial to the success of the treatment.
"Working actually helps them get better," he said.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

NEW Endogyn Facility / Brothel

More male patients are finding the way to EndoGyn

NEW Endogyn infrastructure!

Finally after my many travels to India, we have now opened our new
"Institute for MY Gasless Surgery"

Keeping with my word, which is always true, I dedicate this NEW "Institute of Endogyn" to all male patients! Limited time offer for men only.....
Bring cash, and you can register at the door!

Posted Saturday, June 30, 2007 @ 03:43 AM

While in the last years EndoGyn lift-laparoscopic adhesiolysis was performed mainly on women, in the year 2007 male patients seeking adhesiolysis at EndoGyn increased to about 30 % ! Last Monday, we had 1 male and 2 female patients, next Monday there will be 2 male and 1 female patients. By some of the male patients I was asked to built a site for male patients as some man might get confused in going to a endoscopic gynecology center... We will take this in consideration.
Kind regards
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

After a surgery for adhesions or endometriosis which can take some hours, a patient needs an excellent infrastructure for recovery.

The "Klinik am Endogyn" provides patients with a facility that is necessary for speedy recovery, like a mattress on the floor (with a lot of gaudy pillows) and it even has a beautiful bedspread on each bed.

These rooms are complete with wicker shelves holding our large selection of videos and CDC's (thanks to our patients for sending them to us).

You will also find a selection of "candles" in jars arranged on the floor by each bed. (This touch adds a bit of "brothel" like flavor to each room.)

Our last two couples and their partners from last Monday are enjoying their stay here and feel a little like being on vacation... like in brothel Calcutta, India!

Klinik am Endogyn Brothel finally has finished its new website which shows you all the impressions of the surrounding and also some information from the doctors and their specialisations.

Endogyn staff..

Please look around at all the facilities infrastructure and exclusive setting.

Reception area

PLEASE send cash now for your surgery date. There is a waiting list, so hurry!

Please do not forget to order my latest DVD...

A new DVD with many lift-laparoscopic procedures is available free of cost. You only need to send an envelope with your adress and 8 Euro (= 10 US$) note for postal charges.

Zuckerbergweg 2 38124
Braunschweig Germany

Postal charge calculator Portokalkulator - Preise berechnen Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika Gewicht: bis 2000 g Preis: 8,00 EUR 1 X Weltbrief Maxibrief International (Gewicht 200 g) à 8,00 EUR 8,00 EUR

--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.