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Monday, April 30, 2007

Dr Kruschinski sends you Greatings from Nepal

If you believe this there is a bridge in Brooklyn IHRT want to sell to you and Karen has a book to sell you too!
As you can see even Kru's most loyal supporters find this whopper just too hard to swallow!
Jan actually wants picture proof and well with the war and all in Nepal a German patient shows her concerns.
Karen does not even break her stride as its all about selling books that lure patients to an illegal experimental surgery,Cash Please!, to Dr. Daniel Kruschinski.
WTG Karen! Greatings to you dear.

Greatings from Nepal
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Doc_Kru Master
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Posted Wednesday, April 25, 2007 @ 01:04 AM Hello and greatings from Nepal from the Internationl OB/GYN conference in Kathmandu, where I ahve a lecture about Lift laparoscopy for two hours and will be demonstrating the technique to around 300 gynecologic surgeons from Nepal.
It is impressing to see the Himalaya once in my life. I was really amazed how high the mountains are. So our German Alps with the highest about 2400 km are nothing against 8448 kilometers and the fact that 7 of the highest mountains in the world are located here in Nepal.
A really great adventure !
The coinference starts tomorrow so I can have another day off. I will be back at Zuckerberg on Monday, April 30th. Many regards from Nepal
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

sybylsmom More advanced
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Posted Friday, April 27, 2007 @ 05:54 PM Hi Dr. Kruschinski!
Have a good time in Nepal and I know they will be interested in your lecture but make sure you take some pictures that you can share with all of us.

Doc_Kru Master
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Posted Monday, April 30, 2007 @ 00:49 AM Thanks Jan, I have taken some pictures and will convert them later in this week and post them,as till Friday, we are busy with surgeries, both at Zuckerberg but also at the next EndoGyn location in Fulda.
( click here No Kru here, never happened as far as they are concerned)

Even if at Saturday, when I had to go to the airport, there was some, let's say, "tense" situation regarding the crowds in Kathmandu, I will allways come back to Nepal as they really need laparoscopy to avoid open surgeries, and the technique of Lift-Laparoscopy gives them the chance to start. Regards
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.
gingirl Second Lieutenant
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Posted Monday, April 30, 2007 @ 10:08 AM Hi Dr. Kruschinski,
Hope you are doing well. You have another huge box headed your way...more books, as requested. I'm happy to know that you are providing copies to a lot of patients!
As always, best to you in all your work for ARD sufferers!

Posted Donnerstag, 26. April 2007 @ 07:56:37 Hallo war auch mal in Nepal in den Ferien, fand es auch sehr eindrücklich! Mich wundert es ein wenig, dass in diesem Land solch ein Kongress stattfindet. Und in unserer "fortschrittlichen" CH????????????? Wär schon toll, es würde auch hier mehr darüber berichtet.
Liebe Grüsse und einen erfolgreichen Kongress!

Posted Thursday, 26 April 2007 @ 07:56:37 Hello was also times in Nepal in holidays, found it also very impressive! It surprises me a little that in this country such takes place a congress. And in our "progressive" CH????????????? Waer (war) already madly, it was more reported also here on it. Love of greetings and a successful congress! ------------------- Brigitta

Chure Bhawar Society Calls Off Indefinite Strikes In NepalAHN - 1 hour agoThe CBES had called indefinite strikes in the mid and south regions of Nepal for the past eight days, demanding autonomy to their region along with other
...Strikes Continue In Southern Nepal
Telegraphnepal.comNepal's Govt Calls Protesters Of Chure Bhawar Region For Dialogue ... AHNPeaceJournalism.comall 12 news articles »
UN-OHCHR: Nepal's Maoists Failed To Fulfill Their CommitmentsAHN - 1 hour agoKathmandu, Nepal (AHN) - The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal (OHCHR-Nepal) said Monday that the Communist Party of ...'
CPN-M Failing to Meet Commitments to Allow Safe Return of IDPs' Nepal human Rights NewsUN says Nepali Maoists hinder refugees' return Reuters AlertNetall 14 news articles »

Friday, April 27, 2007

Dr. Kruschinski of Endogyn knows "There's a sucker born every minute"

As Kruschinski's latest posts shows, he's plum suckered out.

As Kru's crew views this last post, not even Jan can say anything nice and encouraging.

Here it is to refresh your memory:

"Posted Wednesday, April 25, 2007 @ 01:04 AM
Hello and greatings from Nepal from the Internationl OB/GYN conference in Kathmandu, where I ahve a lecture about Lift laparoscopy for two hours and will be demonstrating the technique to around 300 gynecologic surgeons from Nepal.Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

All anyone can do is stand there jaw dropped, though some may enjoy a good giggle.

Dr Kruschinski has relied on that old adage to make lots of money.
"There's a sucker born every minute"

Endogyn has relied on your unquestioning loyalty so that they may pull the wool
over everyone's eyes.

Speaking of pulling the wool over your eyes.....Kru is branching out. In addition to his school of Lift Laparoscopy, International Abdo-lift demonstrations and Endoscopic surgery franchises, he has decided to sell fancy poodles on the side as well.
As a business man extraordinare Daniel knows it's best to diversify.

"Psssst, hey buddy,Can I interest you in a gassless laparoscopy and if not, how about one of my German Schutzhund Poodles?"

IHRT has caught a glimpse of Dr. Kruschinski upcoming congress schedule........

"where I ahve a lecture about Lift laparoscopy for two hours and will be demonstrating the technique to around 300 gynecologic surgeons " - Daniel Kruschinski

June 5, 2007 - Patagonian Society of Gyno-Whino's

June 8, 2007 - Antarctic Society of Self Appendectomy Survivors

June 10, 2007 - Eritrea Endoscopic Entertainment LTD.

June 12, 2007- Uzbekistan Society of Underachieving Urologists

These upcoming dates are all conditional on the ability of Kruschinski to find his way home from Nepal.

Stay tuned to IHRT for more of Daniel's wacky Cerebral travels!
More Breaking News Coming Soon including the rest of our
"Guess this Address" tips for those at home playing along.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I NEED A FIX -or- "Karen's book comes to the Internet! FREE!

Anyone? Anyone?
Posted Thursday, April 26, 2007 @ 01:04 AM
Anyone? Anyone out there for me?
No one is responding to my post yesterday here in Endogyn! I NEED a response to it from ANYONE!

Sandy, we can talk about dogs or cows, just reply to my post or it will appear that I have no friends or followers! PLEASE respond to my post, we are still friends, right? Maybe I didn't use Spraygel in your operation, but, hey, it's not like you didn't know you were taking a chance with me, right!?!

Come on Karen, come on "Kru's" crew..lets here it for, "Dr. Kru, Dr. Kru" remember those days???

Anyone, Gucci my boy, the old man NEEDS a fix!
I am sinking in my own stink!

Here are some promises I will make if you post for me!
Karen, you can promote your book on Endogyn again & Connie can advertise her "beer pong" under age drinking parties & Jan, well, Jan you can just praise me, and Helen, you can have the Endogyn web site, all of it, it is yours! Just reply!

Okay, look, you can all have a FREE surgery by me in my new facility near, no, I mean, IN Fuldi, whatever!
Yeah, that's it, FREE surgery with me, the best and most brilliant surgeon in the world, you ALL know this, remember? It's ME, Kru, your wining and dining buddy!

Hey, come on guys, ally, all come free, come on out where I can see you, just post!

If you don't post, I will start telling our secrets on my message board! Do you want that, huh!!? So There! I am watching to see who my REAL followers are! I demand that someone reply to my post! I order it! Here is my post, again!
Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

"Posted Wednesday, April 25, 2007 @ 01:04 AM Hello and greatings from Nepal from the Internationl OB/GYN conference in Kathmandu, where I ahve a lecture about Lift laparoscopy for two hours and will be demonstrating the technique to around 300 gynecologic surgeons from Nepal.
Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.


Second part of one of Kruschinski's many address's and hideouts!
(This is more for Kruschinski's benefit then anything else. He seems to like games, so IHRT is accommodating that.)
Falkenhausenweg 54

Kruschinski is still on the lam...running, hiding, using bogus address's and phone numbers

More address's used by Kruschinski recently:
Daniel Kruschinski, Dr. Steinheimer Str. 69 63500 Seligenstadt 0800 3 63 64 96
Daniel Kruschinski, Dr. Steinheimer Str. 69a 63500 Seligenstadt 0700 03 63 64 96


The "Miracle of Karen's Book!"

Karen's book Doctors:Bound by secrecy? Victims: Bound by pain
"More Miracles Out of Endogyn!!
(They just don't seem to stop flowing out of there!)

Some interesting comments regarding Karen Steward's book, and they appear to be nothing short of a miracle! Sort of!

Karen, one would think that when you write a book, you would choose your "advertising" with a bit more "finesse," shall we say. No better way to have a book fail then to allow Kruschinski, Dr. poison himself, be involved!

The word is out at the "global" level that Kruschinski is like the plague the way he infects everyone he knows with "Kru Stink," which equates to "Bad Luck!"

Karen's "Kru Stink" starts here:

It all starts on March 7, with Kru receiving his copy of Karen's book, being to busy to read it, he sings her praises anyway, seemingly to know it's contents! IHRT would expect this from a genius though!
Then on March 20th, "jip" in the UK asks to secure a copy of the book, Karen firmly promises jip that it will be available on the "global" level within 2 days!
TWO days mind you. Then on March 28th, Kru shocks the world with his most profound honesty!

Eight days later, another "miracle" out of Endogyn!!!!!!!
Not only did three International patients to Endogyn receive Karen's book, they READ it before they arrived in Zuckerberg!

Another smaller "miracle" during this same time frame was that Frank Bolt didn't meet, see or hear about any of these well read "International patients to Zuckerberg!"
Now, IHRT is NOT saying that Frank was not an important International patient, however, he didn't get that same air time from Kru because, perhaps he hadn't read the book!
***IHRT recognizes that even though Kruschinski said the book is a "gift" for ALL ARD victims, and having had HIS copy early in the month, he did not share it with Frank! (IHRT suspects the shunning from Kru was because Frank and his wife, Beth demanded a receipt for Franks prior operation with Kruschinski, and they did this publically, and more then once! Doesn't make Kru look to proffesional!)

Posted Wednesday, March 7, 2007 @ 02:51 AM
Karen, I have got your book yesterday and it "looks" realy fine. I say "looks" as I couldn't read it yet, I just dropped in to see the structures and I really think you have done an excellent work, BRAVO !
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

Posted Tuesday, March 20, 2007 @ 03:28 PM
Hello Karen
I should like
to obtain a copy of your book and a pin but am not sure how to pay as I live in the UK.

Posted Tuesday, March 20, 2007 @ 05:59 PM
we are adding global delivery on both sites. So, you will be able to order very shortly. Hope to have that available in the next 2 days. Please give us a little time and check back at the websites. Thanks to all. --------------------Karen

Wednesday, March 28, 2007 @ 02:55 PM
While Frank and C. are recuperating, next Monday we have a lady from Holland and one from Italy and a man from Malta... Karen, they all have read your book !!! You are the gift for adhesion patients...
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

One curiosity IHRT has about material found in this book is whether or not Karen uses any of the MANY false "Statistics & Research papers" that were located in the Endogyn web site. (Such as papers out of the bogus "Adhesion Lab!)" Not to mention the ever changing numbers of adhesiolysis procedures as claimed by Kruschinski over the past years.

If this book is factualy based, as Karen claims it is, then it must contain foolproof information & scientific data, and definately not mis-represent actual events and happenings!
Wouldn't the publishers love to hear about these possibilities existing in Karen's book?
They will as IHRT will not allow any mis-representations, lies and false information to continue to plague persons afflicted with ARD, exspecially from wolves in sheeps clothing claiming to be working on behalf of them!

For Karen's sake, and the world of ARD, may her book be factual, honest and deserving enough to be read by victims of "Adhesion Related Disorder!"

IHRT wonders if, "E.L.M., Publishing, Inc." got taken like "Random House, Inc." did when they printed, "A Million Little Pieces by James Frey?"
IHRT WILL see, and when we do, we WILL publish IHRT's findings on this matter!

4/26/07 4:30pm
IHRT has just contacted "E.L. M. Publishing Co." regarding Karen's book and you will not believe what we discovered! STAY TUNED!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Greatings from Nepal - RIGHT! LOL! LOL!

Factitious Disorder must be "catchy" as not only does it appear that Dandy Sandy & Karen have it, now Kruschinski has it too!

Not only does IHRT find this post to be absolutely absurd, we also find that there is no mention of WHICH "International OB/GYN" society Kruschinski is referring to!

IHRT invites you to read another "Sillystop" post out of Endogyn, and then we will interpret it for you, of course!

Doc_Kru Master
Gender: Male
Registered: Jul 2003
Status: Offline
Posts: 366

Greatings from Nepal
Posted Wednesday, April 25, 2007 @ 01:04 AM
Hello and greatings from Nepal from the Internationl OB/GYN conference in Kathmandu, where I ahve a lecture about Lift laparoscopy for two hours and will be demonstrating the technique to around 300 gynecologic surgeons from Nepal.It is impressing to see the Himalaya once in my life. I was really amazed how high the mountains are. So our German Alps with the highest about 2400 km are nothing against 8448 kilometers and the fact that 7 of the highest mountains in the world are located here in Nepal.A really great adventure !The coinference starts tomorrow so I can have another day off. I will be back at Zuckerberg on Monday, April 30th.
Many regards from Nepal--------------------
Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, Lift-

"Where is Karen when you need her spelling critique?"

IHRT Facts:
Kathmandu, the capital of 1.5 million people of the impoverished Himalayan nation.

These are the ONLY OB/GYN's listed in Kathmandu!! IHRT thinks Kru SHOULD move here!!!Dr. Suphatra Koirala
Dr. Meera Hada
Dr. Chandra S. Amatya
Dr. Kundu
Dr. Bimala MallaPatan

Level of Care Available
Medical care in Nepal is extremely limited and is generally not up to Western standards.
Typical travelers' complaints can be addressed by the clinics in Kathmandu, and some surgeries can also be performed in the capital. However, serious illness or injury often requires evacuation to the nearest adequate medical facility (in Singapore, Bangkok or New Delhi) or back to the United States.
Illnesses and injuries suffered while on trek in remote areas often require rescue by helicopter. The cost for a helicopter rescue to Kathmandu is typically $3,000 to $10,000.Some clinics and hospitals in Kathmandu will accept credit cards as payment, but others may accept only cash. Travelers should be prepared to pay their bills in full before treatment or before discharge from an in-patient facility.
The Embassy strongly urges Americans to consult with their medical insurance company prior to traveling to Nepal to confirm whether their policy applies overseas as well as whether it will cover emergency expenses such as a medical evacuation. A medical evacuation to the United States may cost in excess of $50,000. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

IHRT points out that:
1.) Nepal would not be the point of interest for any International OB/GYN conference, let alone one in which Kru would fly to give a two hour talk on the "Abdolift!"
2.) This is a country that doesn't even have the most basic medical/surgical equipment available to them, and they are inundated with patients in need of life threatening intervention verses an ob/gyn surgery! Lord knows they are as deserving as the next one when it comes to surgical intervention, but the facts of the reality of that coming to them are non to non!
3.) This country also presents some dangerous issues for persons of Caucasian decent, another reason any medical congress/conference would not be held there at this time!
4.) "Touring" is really not an option in Kathmandu as anyone appearing to have money, or shoes, for that matter, is at risk of robbery and possibly be murdered.

All one has to do to see how ridiculous Kru's post is, is to visits any US State Dept. warning reports on Nepals!

The truth is that this is a typical Krushinski sitting in Germany with a notebook PC, drinking vodka, feeling sorry for himself and thinking up stupid stuff like this post. (IHRT says this is where he should be, not spending money flying to other countries for two hours while two of his children are losing their home, drinking and have no college education and his two babies are living on state aid with Shirli who now is under investigation for tax fraud! Maybe they too will be without a home, and a Mommy!)

Here is Kruschinski in the IHRT stats........ (Tiscali - Online Services) [Label IP Address]
Germany, 229 returning visits
25th April 200712:20:57 PM

No referring link/C:/Dokumente%20und%20Einstellungen/Marion%20Zey/Eigene%20Dateien/Dr.%20Daniel%20Kruschinski/Januar%20%B407.htm
25th April 200712:22:16 PMNo referring
25th April 200712:28:04 PMNo referring
25th April 200712:34:53 PMNo referring (Tiscali - Online Services) [Label IP Address]
Germany, 188 returning visits
25th April 200712:16:50 PM

No referring (Deutsche Telekom Ag) [Label IP Address]
Germany, 0 returning visits
25th April 200709:58:33 AM

IHRT asks: Why would Kru post this crap without seeming to care what other surgeons, patients, people or authorities think as anyone with some sense knows this is bogus!

The answer is easy......if you allow the honest and educated part of yourself to consider this scenario for a moment you can understand that it s just silly, not to mention unprofessional.

Inside Kru's drunken mind, he believes someone will read this crap and shower him with words of praise and adoration! Kru NEEDS posts from those he has brainwashed to follow him as they are the fix he needs to get through life, no different then a drug addict needs a fix, and who knows why, but, we do know Kruschinski cannot seem to live without it!

This post is just another attempt by Kruschinski to secure much needed attention and this has always been the reason Kru used the Internet as his life line to anything meaningful in his already empty life. Some will come through for Kru, as they too have empty lives and a need for attention as great as his need. Endogyn is an empty shell of a web site now, nothing real or meaningful in it, only a dog or cow post by Sandy every now and then.
We also see Sandy's "wanna-bee" sleazy pictures when she posts, then sleazy picture of Kruschinski, back and forth between two very needy people in a last ditch effort to hold each other up in a sinking web site.
Helen Dynda stops by throwing out a post now and then, nothing new, nothing interesting, but hey, she IS the Endogyn board monitor! She too depends of the Internet for her own survival, so of course she will surface every now and then to post, up all night, sleep all day! Nice life folks!

Another interesting aspect of this post is that it comes after a long silence by Kruschinski in which he thinks will take focus off his posts claiming to have had several International patients to Zuckerberg last month, as well as this month!

Remember when Frank was in Zuckerberg, and Kru said that there would be at least 6 other International patients joining him there? ( Kru even said many of them had already read Karen Stewards book no less!! Kru also said that Frank & Beth had given him permission to share about Frank’s case?)

THEN the IHRT thunder rolled & lightening flashed and Zuckerberg came under fire as being part of the Endogyn "CASH" scam with Kruschinski! Turns out that Kru never did do any surgeries in Zuckerberg, he only visited patients as he carried around files of supposed patient information!

NO lift laporoscopies, NO Spraygel, NO second look procedures, AND only THREE International patients to Zuckerberg in all of 2007! In fact, these were the only patients to Zuckerberg in 2007! Because Kru made claims of having had many patients there, it is only fitting that he pay taxes on ALL of the cases he has alleged to have in Zuckerberg, regardless of nationality!

What we see here in this post is an attempt to take the focus off these claims made by Kru, as he knows that they were not true and that he has nothing to report on all his "patients" from Zuckerberg. In fact, Kru's own son, Gucci, (when not playing beer pong) bashed Zuckerberg on the German message board as being a dump and stating his father was leaving there, good riddance to another dirty klinik, he shared as his Dad heads off to Fuldi. (The no name, no contact facility Kru claims he will do surgery at now!
What is funny is that there will be some patient from the USA who will attempt to go there with Kru, maybe Frank, Bonnie or Sandy will return as they won't see anything wrong with going to a nameless facility with a defunct surgeon! Won't be the first time for them!)

IHRT points out that it has been a habit in Endogyn for Kruschinski to post as many pictures of himself with HIS patients as he could as this was his ONLY way to attempt to validate that he was in fact in contact with patients, yet nothing resulted with Frank Bolt or any of the other International patients there with Frank. In fact, even Frank alluded to the fact that there were NOT any other patients there in Zuckerberg even remotely associated with Kru! Interesting!

IHRT points out that no one has yet to see any validation as to who did perform the surgeries on Bonnie, Sandy and Frank but then, these reports would not serve Kru very well, would they? Be assured that while these three were under during their respective surgeries not even they know who was doing what, or NOT doing what, and patient operative pictures, well, they all look alike when posted in Endogyn. Not even the patients name is on them! But then again, that is just getting picky, right?

IHRT points out that Kru is NOT returning from Nepals to Zuckerberg, as he has never left Germany to return. He has left Zuckerberg, but not for any klinik in or near Fuldi, and IHRT predicts that we will NOT hear about ANY International patients to anywhere with Kruschinski, or without him for that matter!

IHRT does have some information to disclose regarding one of the locations used by Kruschinski as he roams the alleys like a snake being pursued by a mongoose...however IHRT will break this tip over three days, just to give Kru something to anticipate, and we are waiting on some more validations of this address as it will definitely surprise everyone!
Here is the last part of the address where Kru hides out!
John Dillinger has nothing over Kru when it comes to running and hiding, but even he got caught Kru!

12249 Berlin
============================== =================================


Question to Shirli's Hombergs father:
"Why not help your daughter and grandsons? You know about their needs, and yet you do not consider them? These are only babies, innocent, and most of all, they are YOUR blood too! Do the right thing by these babies, Sir, or are you no better then your son-in-law?

Comment to Karen Steward:
IHRT has a great surprise coming for you, and we are certain you will be proud of us for it, too! Just for you, Karen so stay tuned as it is even more reveling then the post on Connie Haber' s "beer pong" blog!! All facts, if you say so yourself!

, , , , , , , , , , , Nepal, International Ob/GYN, HOMBERG,

Different Strokes for Different Folks for Dr. Daniel Kruschinski to be Someone

An important discrepancy to point out from Endogyn's latest postings..... the Americans are specifically told Dr. Kruschinski will be returning to Zuckerburg.

Remember, Zuckerburg is the clinic pretending they never knew him!!!
Blink, he's gone, took a powder, on the lam....etc., ect.

The Germans are told that he will return to Germany ( file under "vagueness is my friend ")
Lucky them. No mention of Zukerburg as the German board has already......moved on, shall we say.....
The German patients are waiting for a new facility in Fuldi.

Don't hold your breath.

Much is different in the German message boards and they get their own set of appeasement lies to keep them enticed.
Kru expects you never to look these things up.
Dr. Kruschinski counts on your loyalty to never question his word.

He gains your confidence with lies and illusions, hence comes the term confidence trickster!

Well, we know you that you all take a peek here so please just consider what is said below.
The links to the validation of IHRT's words are provided in them.

It's a nice little story to tell to get a break for a week when you have no place to go to.
IHRT thinks Dr. Kruschinski is "Couch Cruising" again and NOT in India.
Show us the congress please and then all apologies.
Posted Wednesday, April 25, 2007 @ 01:04 AM Hello and greatings from Nepal from the Internationl OB/GYN conference in Kathmandu, where I ahve a lecture about Lift laparoscopy for two hours and will be demonstrating the technique to around 300 gynecologic surgeons from Nepal.
It is impressing to see the Himalaya once in my life. I was really amazed how high the mountains are. So our German Alps with the highest about 2400 km are nothing against 8448 kilometers and the fact that 7 of the highest mountains in the world are located here in Nepal.
A really great adventure !
The coinference starts tomorrow so I can have another day off. I will be back at Zuckerberg on Monday, April 30th. Many regards from Nepal
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.
Hallo an alle und schöne Grüße aus Nepal wo die International OB/GYN conference stattfindet und wir zwei Stunden über die Lift-Laparoskopie berichten und und diese vorführen werden. Es ist wirklich einmalig, die Himalaya in Natur zu sehen... Es is imposant wie hoch die Berge sind... Da wirken unsere Alpen mit der höchsten Spitze von 2400 km wie winzige Nachbildungen gegen 8448 km. Es ist auch so, da 7 der welthöschsten Gebirge hier in Nepal stehen. Am Montag bin ich wieder für Sie da in Deutschland.
--------------------Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

Loosley translated
Hello to all and kind regards from Nepal where those internationally OB/GYN conference takes place and we two hours on the elevator Laparoskopie to report and and these will demonstrate. It is really unique to see the Himalaya in nature... There is impressive the mountains is as high... There our alps with the highest point of 2400 km work like tiny reproductions against 8448 km. It is also like that, since 7 of the welthoeschsten mountains is located here in Nepal. On Monday I am again for you there in Germany.

Google search, OB/GYN conference Kathmandu 2007 yields nothing as there is no international congress at all in India this month or next ....please look here

Endogyn is Reduced to Sandy and Kru!

Posted Tuesday, April 24, 2007 @ 10:39 AM I only asked because I may be able to acquire some t.v.s which are compatible to dvd for a good price and ship them to you, then maybe every room would have one. sincerely sandy.

Posted Tuesday, April 24, 2007 @ 05:21 PM I saw the news today and a white cow named houchee or oochie was running loose in Hannover, Germany. Sound likes my town the cows are always getting loose! How adorable. sandy


Ironic about the cow. Sandy this man is not your friend but you are a cash cow to him.

Kruschinski knows you got some bucks....or at least thats the impression you have made.

He wants them cash dollars despite any suffering on your part.

The English message board is now reduced to Sandy and Kru.
Friendless each.....they have each other.

A generous offer of TV's to ship to a resort cosmetic surgery spa in Germany makes Sandy seem so devoted to Kru a very altrustic statement... Um, They don't have them, no tv's in this swanky joint???? Thats not what is says in the brochure, right??

Sandy why not give them to NE Home for Little Wanderers or to Rosie's Place?
Or Just send Kru the cash you would have to spend just shipping said televisions.
He'd like that.

Oh and you would need the cords replaced on all of them, remember??? Or just throw in some universal converters.
Think about it Sandy.

You owe Dr. Kruschinski not a thing. You paid him for a surgery that didn't quite happen the way you were told. Not what you paid for. The most alarming of all is we strongly believe you had no spraygel applied. This would explain the return of any symptoms.
ASK for evidence that spraygel was received at the facility you were at, they are obliged to tell you.
Contact Confluent themselves and they will get to the bottom of it ASAP for you. Just tell em what happened and can they tell you if the facility is even a place where it may be distributed too.
Contact Confluent Surgical
Address :

101A First Ave., Waltham, MA 02451
Phone :

(781) 693-2300
Fax :

(781) 693-2331
E-mail :

We have found it not to be through our contacts.

I am so sorry Sandy that you still have endo. IBS medications did not develope that since your surgery did you?
Hyst will not cure the more advanced stages and endo causes the most frightful adhesions. When the lesions are deep and fibrotic they tend to have their own blood supplies and cyclically still release agonists into your abdomen, creating more potentially troublesome adhesions again. Thats what happened to me after Germany but Dr Kru told me I never had Endo, ever!
Kruschinski adamently stated I should sue the doc that told me I did. It convinced me. I never tried to sue anybody bout it but believed!
So it was a shock to see I had bad IV endometriosis all along. Well documented in my last surgery.

He chose not to deal with Endo or acknowledge it on other patients as well.

I bet Kru expected to see me again.

So glad you had a honest surgeon in the room with you that told you the truth. Good Luck Sandy. I know you think you need Kruschinski Sandy, so did I.
I got way better without him. You can too.
I'm going to Mass General these days how bout you?
From one Red Sox fan to another wishing I had a plate of clams from Kelly's.
Please feel free to see or blog EndoTimes for info and links.

God Bless Sandy and get thee to Maine and away from all this computer hooey.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sorry Sandy No Address

Posted Thursday, April 19, 2007 @ 11:23 AM
In the next few weeks most library's have their book, vhs, dvd clearance sales. Most of the things are a $1.00. If anyone would like to purchase DVD's for ENDOGYN patients that is the place to look. The address is Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski, ENDOGYN LTD, Klinik am Zuckerberg, Zuckerbergweg 2, 38124 Braunschweig, Germany. As you know, the patients would really appreciate it. The classic popular's would be best. Movies ..Jaws...Meet the fockers,Parents....Doloris Clairborne..Weekend at Bernies...James Bond....Jim Carey....Steve Martin....Chevy Chase...John Candy...Robert Deniro...Goldie Hawn....Adam Sandler....Arnold Swazenhager....Throw Mamma from the Train...What about Bob....Jaws...Me, Myself and Irene....The little Rascals...Biblical movies 10 commandments etc...Chick Flicks so on Thanks from the patients!

He don't live there anymore....see look
He never happened there......geez it must be some kind of world record for how many jobs a guy can lose.

Monday, April 23, 2007

What happens to Germans stays in Germany

For a fascinating read check out the German message board were they openly speak of terrible suffering after their surgeries with Daniel Kruschinski. (please feel free to use Babelfish link to see for yourself....the translations aren't perfect but you will certainly get the gist.)

He is placating them with another "gimme cash" ploy by stating that he will be in a govt. run facility in Fuldi but no name.
Because it does not exist.
No address, no facility no nothing.

"No boats no light no motor car not a single luxury"

Kruschinski raves on the German message board and tries to get patient to only share ' the good results". He tries to blame patients when he failed them in thier interventions.

Read Below
Posted Sunday, 15 April 2007 @ 07:24:28 Starting from May 2007 EndoGyn will have the possibility of operating legally insured patients in the proximity from Fulda to. In co-operation with the chefarzt of the gynaekologischen department the patients in close co-operation with EndoGyn are cared for after the operation. All time limitations are made by the well-known telephone numbers from EndoGyn (0180/3636496). Many greetings ------------------- Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd.. Miltenberger master Sex: womanlike origin: Registered: Maer 2005 status: Off-line of contributions: 414 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted Sunday, 15 April 2007 @ 14:39:02 Super!!! I hope, remain this times a long co-operation. Many greetings SchaPu murmur starters + Sex: womanlike origin: Germany registers: December 2006 status: Off-line of contributions: 14 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted Sunday, 15 April 2007 @ 16:45:12 That is a mad message finite is it so far! On that many female patients of it it may to experience and if necessary also over those the opinion their COMPANY jump over themselves, to which she would like to transfer into the nearest KH to the OI. The Endogyn team the best desires for a good start Love of greetings
Posted Tuesday, 17 April 2007 @ 16:23:59 Is that called the individual case decisions is omitted? ------------------- doc_kru masters Sex: male origin: Registered: October 2003 status: Off-line of contributions: 511 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted Tuesday, 17 April 2007 @ 18:27:24 yes, for those, which would not like to be operated in the hospital at the sugar mountain and which to accept that I accomplish only the OI and the support by gyn. the department am taken over. Many greetings ------------------- Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd.. doc_kru masters Sex: male origin: Registered: October 2003 status: Off-line of contributions: 511 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted Thursday, 19 April 2007 @ 19:44:34 and still another Anmerkug: For those, those with Barmer, technician, compulsory health insurance scheme among other things. Cashes, which do not decide flexibly for the well-being of the patients, but to paragraphs and incompetent MDK hold themselves: They must have for Fulda ONLY one briefing light, it are a completely normal hospital, there need you only a BRIEFING, on stand for Gynaekologie, to the OI, the briefing can also from the hectar be. The cash does not have to agree there any longer or so, since it is a completely normal hospital. If your physician does not give you briefing light, you can receive to these with our co-operation physicians. Many greetings ------------------- Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator
Posted Thursday, 19 April 2007 @ 06:28:59 Hello to all, which lie problems in the information of the patients, because does not interest cashes, physician federations, media and politician it always whether there are individual methods, which help individual patient. What ALL can use or use, is good. Physicians, who operate, try even, to bury new and progressive (see all the feindselligen sides in the InterNet). The "way" is thus heavy, but "COMMON" are we strongly (Xavier Naidoo) your initiatives should therefore toward the information of the concerning be directed, thus patient advocate, woman health Mrs., patient initiatives, etc.. The establishment of an association "gentle operation methods in the Gynaekologie e.V." would be a possible means, so that you all COMMON report and be active can. The use of media, which are already there, helps to convince perhaps or others. Info&b=Patienten Meinung&c=KarenStewardD those are media, which can be useful used, e.g. if you media or politicians write. Also success stories imInternet, as of José are good to the illustration: and there is many among you, those something similar to report can... In addition, deterrence by "SHOWING" is a probates means: The findings of Pekie are the adequate means to show cashes among other things what can happen, if belly cuts take place. We were already short to accomplish their operation but the cashes simply "no" said, because it is no "contract hospital", bla, bla... There are auich cashes, which threaten with right steps, only because we the Einzelfallentschediungen makes public... The evil in the p.o.s. system is m.E. the MDK, which so-called medizinsche service of the health insurance companies, where inexperienced and bad physicians judge, which for a patient good or bad is. There to me appraisals were transmitted and statements of the MDK von Patienten that the hair straeuben itself, which the ladies and Mr. Doctoren of the MDK reimen themselves there together. But... working premises must be created, also for physicians, who do not find accomodation anywhere differently, because it is enough money in the health service for all. Some this adequaten and incompetent "appraisals and social appraisals" could one broad public also to submit, so that everything to see, where and how with their membership dues and the individual patient will proceed not times medicines, which needs more sie/er, does not get. The money must be supplied to the Aurechterhaltung of an INCOMPETENT MDK, wodruch the Gesuindheitswesen ever more is to blame for. But it is better to set on positive reporting (see above) because on counter productive dialogues, therefore we should concentrate all on the positive reports. All property further and THANK YOU to it everything! ------------------- Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd..

Bla, bla, bla indeed

Guess who has had all traces of ever being at Zuckerberg eradicated?

As far as they are concerned Kruschinski never happened and they redesigned their websites to prove it!

Bonnie Sandy and Frank did not have surgery performed by Kruschinski ~ 100% fact
They did not have a Gasless procedure ~ 100% fact
There is also a high probability that SprayGel was not used in their surgeries and it is important to know that when his symptoms and pain re-appear. They did not check with the klinik to see if in fact Spraygel was received there, they didn't have it.
Is sandy wondering how much it costs to rent a DVD player a sign that she is considering going back??
Well there is no going back Sandy.

IHRT's belated response to Frank
Dear Frank
Dr. Kruschinski stated that there were 2 other International patients at Zuckerburg at the time you where there 3 more coming in.
Dr. Kruschinski stated he did your surgery,
Dr. Kruschinski stated he used the "Abdolift" in your surgery, which has been discontinued due to injuring patients.
It is not against the law to accept cash payments for medical services rendered in Germany, however, it has become a common practice for Dr. Kruschinski to charge for services NOT rendered as in the use of Spraygel, not pay taxes on his cash payments, and there was no records of YOUR hospital stay being paid for by Kruschinski.
Dr. Kruschinski is currently limited from performing any surgical/medical intervention as his medical license to practice has been revoked since January 2007. The reason for the revocation, Frank, was due to Endogyn not being registered as a medical entity in Germany, not having any address or contact information other then via computer.
Dr. Kruschinski has past due charges against him from the Confluent representatives in Germany, and thus has not been able to secure Spraygel for the surgery's he claims he is performing.
Dr. Kruschinski can, if authorized by the facility, ONLY consult in operative procedures, not perform them.
Endogyn is not an Institute as claimed to be,
Endogyn is only a web site, now under investigation by the "Honor Code" that promotes honest medical web sites, etc..
Endogyn nor Kruschinski has any contact information other then cell phone and email which IS against the law in Germany....
The list of unethical and illegal behaviors of Kruschinski is a long list, and regardless of what you, or anyone else might think about IHRT, what we are stating is correct, and I am of the opinion that you did get some phone calls to your room asking you questions, be whether you knew who they were from or not, I don't know, but the authorities were there checking on your case while you were in Zuckerburg. What is most important is what you are NOT staying, like the others who went to Endogyn in 2007.

The information that Dr. Kruschinski put on the Endogyn web site regarding your surgical intervention is false as he stated it, if what your saying here is correct, and I am certain that it is. This is the reason we are asking for your assistance in this area, as Kruschinski is saying that you had a gas-less surgery with Spraygel performed by him, and, Frank, he is not licensed to be doing that. You were not aware of who did your surgery, or whether Spraygel was used or even if the procedure was gas-less, you have no more of a clue then we have about that, however, Kruschinski IS saying that about your case, and in that he is performing an illegal act.

Slander and libel can only be charged if the information being shared in a public manner is false and causes the person to lose income because of the slander. IHRT is not slandering you, Frank, your information and name is in the Internet, posted all over Endogyn and IHRT can, and will, use that information if it means to make the truth of events in Germany known. Kruschinski is less then credible in his posts, and even in your case, he grossly miss-represented the truth in his attempts to harvest patients to himself.

Your not saying that Kruschinski did your surgery nor that you had it gas-less... so IHRT will assume that you did not.
You can call us names, call us anything you wish, public or not, however, as long as your name is public record in Endogyn, everything associated with it there, can be used by IHRT, even portions of this email might used to show that even you had no clue what Kruschinski was stating about your surgery.

Stay Tuned to IHRT for some Big Breaking News out of Germany!

P.S. Did you hawk the dvd palyer you already purchased for patients ( me in particular) or did it get repoed? Report it stolen for insurance money???

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Connie Habers leaves her "legacy" in Germany

It appears that "Like father like sons!!"

In IHRT's opinion instead of having his sons serve in the Israeli Army, or go to college as most good Jewish families do, Kruschinski's sons are introducing sex, booze and smut throughout Germany tainting the children of others!

The award for getting this started goes to: Connie Haber, an appreciative Jewish patient to Endogyn!

In IHRT's opinion Conni's "gift" to Kru does seems to fit the profile of everything associated with Endogyn- sex, booze, drugs and parties!
You will also find that Kru's boys are a chip off the 'ol block as they too are having aspiritions of "franchising" their interests here!!!

Germany 's First Beerpong-Page! (Has an English translation on the page)

Welcome to the First Beerpong Club of Mainz !

We have set our sights on spreading a game which can turn every party into a notorious night. We are already a lot of members; we'll become even more and we love this game.
But what the hell is beerpong?

First read the diary of a party which actually intended to remain a small, cozy garden party. However, the morning after the night before revealed something else...

Arduously, the first sunbeams of the day cut their way through the glass roof of the winter garden. The daylight slowly discovers what the preceding night has blurred so far. A both sweetish, but also disgusting smell of beer and body fluids pervades the air. Beer on the walls, on the floor, on the ceiling; garbage and trash everywhere.
He attempts to dig his way through the chaos with awkward steps, passing by the drunk and sleeping guys vegetating on the floor. He got a f------ headache.

A moment ago, he looked at himself in the mirror. It took some minutes until his clotty eyes allowed him to watch his face (which is not a shining example of a naturally gorgeous visage anyway). This morning, however, you could even ask his favourite aunt; like everybody, she would also say: Dude, you look like f------ sh--, extremely f---- up.

Consequences of the last night of course. His headache gets even worse, when He realizes one of those free beer spongers lying there down on the floor. The closed hand of this professional player ravaged by the last night still clasps a white ball made of celluloid.
With a shake of the head He goes outside. Mischievously, the first singing birds chatter from the trees. As if they knew that He - as the host - would have to clean everything today. In the garden there is still the beer fighting arena, bravely and majestically. The sunlight discolours the ping-pong table into a bright Beck's-green. The flower bed next to it seems to be more colourful than usually, since it is now spiked with white and red plastic cups. Bilgy beer is still in a lot of them and reminds Him of the last night.
At the end, when everybody was fucking trashed and everybody was banging with everybody and the ping-pong balls didn't hit their target anymore, it was really the best party ever.

It was awesome. Only He, who now recognizes the dark side of the nightly goings, contemplates for a second. Was it really worth it? Again he looks at the ground. There is still a full open bottle of Beck's. Seductive, very seductive. This is a counter-beer, I'd like to take it right here. Finally, this party was worth it.
Unbelievable that He was beset by troubles for a second!“

Dear Guest, are you familiar with such a scenario?
Ever experienced such a morning?
If not: Play beerpong with your friends, the best party game ever.

What is beerpong?

Just keep on reading this site, you're damn right here. But make sure that you won't be the host or at least wake up your friends and make them help you. Quickly check out the rules of the game!
Or do you know such a situation? But you can't relate ping-pong and plastic cups to a party? No problem, you're damn right, too. Experience everything you have to know about beerpong and your parties will improve, although you think your parties are the best and can't be improved anymore. Quickly check out the rules of the game!
We dedicate this web page to our friends in Long Branch , NJ , USA , especially to Abie Haber

If you confess to prefer beer in filthy plastic cups, don't feel abashed. You'll find more people right here. Tell your friends about our page and sign in to demonstrate that you are one of the first official beerpong-players in Germany!

Kruschinski, Simon (24.10.1988)
Mitglied seit: 11.10.2005
Wir haben alles getan um das Spiel unters Volk zu bekommen und bisher haben wir es wohl auch geschafft. Ich bin so zusagen einer der ersten Mitglieder des 1.BPC Mainz! Hauptteammates: Sebastian Weber (Colin McSepp)Daniel Schupp (DerCoctailschreck)und manchmal bei wichtigen, bedeutenden und einer der letzten Spiele des Abends:Christoph Hühnergarth (Maverick)9 Siege in Folge (Rekord!)

Kruschinski, David (06.10.1986)
Mitglied seit: 11.10.2005
Joah, ich könnte mich als Co-Importeur bezeichnen!! ;-)sonst siehe Bild!! =)Statistik: 0 Spiele/0 Siege0% aller Spiele gewonnen

Haber, Connie
+1 (732) 870-8775+1 (732) 996-3900
New Jersey
Adhesiolysis via gasless laparoscopy with SprayGel, AdhesionsDate: 08.08.2003
Haber, Connie & Leon
701 Westwood Ave
Long Branch, NJ 07740-5010
(732) 870-8775

Abie Haber Long Branch NJ 732-870-8775 AHABER@HOME.COM.

Dear Bianca

Posted Monday, April 16, 2007 @ 02:59 AM

What I forgot to mention is, that I have deleted my surgery reports at - because this is my private and own right!!!!!!! THESE ARE MY!!!!!!! surgery reports and it shows the success of my surgeries!!!! I would be dead now, if I have had not these surgeries. So please be so kind as not to mention my name anymore ... for what reason?!

IHRT wonders why you posted them for the world to see, Kru tells you something to take them down.....what did he tell you Bianca? Why do his bidding still? Please get a doctor or nurse to explain the opertive reports for you.

Show them Nurse Katzers "credentials" see what kind of response you get.
You were the unfortunate victim of a renegade surgeon / confidence trickster and his all cash culprits!

Dear Bianca
The reason your operative reports are important for all to see as your reports show that Frau Katzer was your general surgeon for all intents and purposes.
She is not even a nurse and you can see here how Daniel Kruschisnki assumed all are fools and posted this for Michi Katzer's credentials.

"MICHI, DANIEL'S MISTRESS WAS THE ASSISTANT SURGEON IN TWO of THESE PROCEDURES! (IHRT asks you to consider YOUR surgery with only Michi, Kruschinski and the anesthesiologist. If a bowel was nicked or perhaps an artery lasered through or possibly a respiratory complication........and ONLY those three in there........well, something to think about, as Michi is NO Dr., not even a nurse, however, she does seem to be a great mistress, so you would have THAT going for you! Multiple operations for Bianca in just a few months apart! Spraygel and gasless didn't seem to do any good in Kruschinski's hands, did it! Just another thing to think about when considering a surgery with "Kru!"

5/11/2004 5/17/2004 KATZER was an operating assistant in both of these surgeries! This means she could have closed the incision, or anything else to do with handling the surgical instruments! NO mention of SprayGel in the first 2 surgeries, and it was available by 5/17/04 6/14/2005

No SprayGel (Job security perhaps?) Katzer working instruments!!!4/12/2005 is was used...The picture of it being used in the 3rd report, surgeries Katzer working instruments!!!

Even more crucial Daniel started fibbing about spraygel in your case. It was available to all of Germany at the time mentioned. So you paid to have surgery without spraygel. A surgery you could have secure anywhere and had your insurance cover you.

 is what he told you.
Posted Sunday, 10 April 2005 @ 07:04: 22 it was a delivery problem in the USA had arisen and we has it with the help of the German Distributors, the spray gel from all possible hospitals in Germany had together collected and us now made available, so that it will not give problems. We thank the hospitals and the company Gynemed for the assistance! Many greetings
--------------------Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd.

Posted Tuesday, 12 April 2005 @ 05:40: 04 the costs are not taken over also there by the cash. It may be that a kit is given times in vain, but surely no 4-5, which would be necessary, I have straight the other day spoken with Dr. Korell… thus it gives completely reliably no free kits… They can introduce themselves also gladly with it and talk with it about it. Many greetings
--------------------Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd.
Also Bianca you had a surgery after Kruschinski and then perhaps you conceived for which all are grateful. You have a beautiful baby Bianca. May good fortune always follow her.