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Friday, December 08, 2006

Karen is 100% right about IHRT & Beverly Doucette

IHRT got caught by Karen! Oops!

Karen was 100% correct when she stated that "sassysue" did NOT contact Beverly Doucette to arrange for her postings in IHRT regarding her trip to Braunschweig/Endogyn for surgery this week! The fact is that FEW people ever actually get to talk to Beverly Doucette, as she simply does not give that kind of time to anyone! However, "sassysue" DID contact me about doing the postings in IHRT, and "sassysue" also contacted ME Thursday evening in a panic requesting that I come to Braunschweig and assist her with some serious issues! I traveled only a few hours to get there, we met and I immediately went to her "rescue" to resolve a most terrible incident! I remained with Sue, and her sister, throughout the evening and well into Friday, the day she had her surgery! My visit was courtesy of the hospital and Prof. med. Hutter, who came through for this patient (pt) with an outcome that offered her much more then she would have ever received from Kruschinski!

Though Sue was not the only patient (pt) confronted by this most horrible happening, she will only share it from her perspective and involvement! She will post all of this later this weekend when she is feeling stronger, so stay tuned to IHRT for an exact report on what I will headline,
"Hell and Heroism in Braunschweig for a US Patient (Pt.)!

Now onto the interesting "Beverly Doucette" obsession that Karen seems to have........

Beverly Doucette is NOT alone responsible for the fall of Endogyn
Beverly Doucette is NOT responsible for all the postings in IHRT
Beverly Doucette is NOT responsible for postings in Endogyn
Beverly Doucette need NOT receive all the "credit" for happenings surrounding Karen & Kruschinski, as there are others who work very hard to make these happenings, "happen!"

Look at how wise of a detective "Karen and Kru" are as it is to funny NOT to respond to!!

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Posted Thursday, December 7, 2006 @ 04:17 PM

"As I stated before in the previous postings, "SassySue" strangely spells "their" (their) in accordance with...none other than: Beverly Doucette! "
IHRT agrees 100% with Karen regarding the comments she recently posted in Endogyn, along with the posts of Kruschinski egging her on. In fact, IHRT will agree to EVERYTHING Karen AND Kru said in this recent post...however, if you go into Endogyn to read this post you will find it GONE! POOF! Disappeared like so many of the other "important" validating posts by Karen & Kru!

Karen goes on to say, "As I stated before in the previous posting, "SassySue" strangely spells "their" (their) in accordance with...none other than: Beverly Doucette! Here's another example of writing style by Beverly Doucette. Notice the way she abbreviates the word "patient" as "pt". (These quotes below have been taken from different postings on the IHRT site.)"
Yes, Karen Steward has said over and over again that everything posted in IHRT is posted by Beverly Doucette. In fact, she and Kruschinski constantly post that Beverly Doucette posts this and posts that, but are yet to prove that to be fact, in fact, they are NOT really sure at all who is posting in IHRT! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to go into the archives of the IAS and see if in fact "Beverly Doucette" uses this abbreviation for patients (pt)..go look!

The fact here is that everytime Beverly Doucette is mentioned in Endogyn, it is done by Karen or Kruschinski, no proof, no validation, just them bringing up her name over and over again..most often to cover up something else going on, and something not good either! Another fact is that Beverly Doucette doesn't care who or how often her name is used by them, or us, as she laughs everytime they use it as if they really think she has this much control over things in Kru's life, then it is worth every time it is mentioned!!
IHRT thinks this is the funniest thing to come out of Endogyn, as if by not mentioning the US patients in Braunschweig, the patients will just go away and no one will notice that Kru has not once mentioned them!

Well IHRT will, and IHRT will also share what did happen at Braunschweig, and it was NOT good, and this is the reason Kru and Karen have teamed up to try to cover it up!

Watch for the facts of Braunschweig and Kruschinski's patients!
"Hell and Heroism at Braunschweig!"


Anonymous said...

I am a former patient(pt. or pt, take your pick) of the infamous charlatan Dr. Daniel K.
This deductive reasoning by Karen that if someone spells patient as pt. or pt, well that someone is Beverly Doucette.
Check any medical chart or nursing note, or doctor's note in a medical chart, or even your DENTIST's charting.
Pt., pt, patient...all these terms are acceptable and commonly used.
Karen, you need to learn something about deductive reasoning. You could take a course called LOGIC. You can find it at any community college or university, or even just get a book at the library.
I have a friend in Texas, yes they do have libraries in Texas. Texas is not just for ranches, cowboys, and beauty contests. They also have DALLES, San Antonio, Austin, and lots of great border towns. And all of these places have libraries.

IHRT said...

Beverly Doucette IS a nurse, go figure!