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Sunday, December 03, 2006

I reached Germany..LONG trip!

I am finally in Braunschweig Hospital after a long and difficult trip!

I want to say right off that I am not going to allow myself to get caught up in the "tit-for-tat" sparing of Karen Steward and others on the Endogyn message board, as this will be enough for me to handle with my own postings, AND it also costs more to post from here plus I have to walk to another room to even log on to the Internet! One thing is certain, I do NOT know a Connie, nor does my family, so she is not speaking for me!

My sister and I arrived in Hanover and are sad to say, were not met by anyone! We called the hospital in Braunschweig, no sign of Dr. Kruschinski, no contact on his cell phone either, so we had to take a taxi all the way there! We did change our flight plans due to weather threats in our area back home, and we did leave that message on Dr. Kru's cell phone. (Sorry Doc. but I will tell the truth as it happened.)

We finally met up with Dr. Kru at noon Sunday, it was a short meeting, which was good because I was very tired and a bit ornery! Doc. Kru did reimburse us for our cab fare, he was out of the area and could not get to us in time to meet the flight, we can understand that those things do happen! I did ask him about his posts in Endogyn denying me, and he doesn't want some of the others to post all sorts of things to me or about me on Endogyn's message board, and I think he is absolutely right on that call! To much fighting going on there and I do not need to be in the middle of "Connie" has already started!

He also explained another "surprise" to us, we will NOT be staying in the FOUR star hotel as planned, but rather my sister and I will share this room in the hospital. I am so glad we did not bring our mother along because it would really be close quarters for all of us in this room.
The good, and bad, news is that the meals for both of us will not cost! (I really wanted a chef waiting on us, and I am disappointed in that, but what can Doc. Kru do about that as the hotel is not open to "family of patients" at this time. The hotel is not actually associated with the hospital to have to cater to them, but is is on the same property!)

Anyways, we are here, getting settled, impressed with how many staff speak English, and that is a major necessity for me! I do not like the water, it is fizzy, so now they bring me "regular" water! Tomorrow, (Monday) is a day of testing, meeting the surgical team, and resting before the operation on Wednesday! My sister and I stay in our room for the most part, so we have not visited any gardens or anything in the area. There will be time for that!

For now, I need to email mom and dad, and others, and this is costing me, so please be patient with my posts here as things are just a bit different here then I could have imagined when making the offer to post everything. For now, it will be maybe once a day or every other day I post something, and given my surgery, it may be a few days after that!


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