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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Wellcome to EndoGyn®
Endoscopic Gynecology Centers

"Dr." Daniel M. Kruschinski
is a physician at
EndoGyn® and MySurgeryPlace®.

"Dr." Daniel M. Kruschinski is once again trying to "Re-Invent" himself as a business and surgeon! IHRT called this a long time ago when we posted that he would do this exact thing, and he is!
What a sicko putz he is!
This time it will be much more difficult for him to accomplish his fraud as those people with any sense at all know this is a bogus, web site, Internet scam,
and as usual IHRT will be diligently on top of this!
** (Those of you who always posted on his last web site & kept stroking
his ego created this sociopathic scammer! Be assured Helen, Karen and
all that his last laugh is on all of you!)
Dr. Kruschinski
physician at MySurgeryPlace ®
Sanfte und schonende Chirurgie


**Things to take notice of in his "NEW" Endogyn site....Kru refers to himself in the 3rd person, and if that isn't psycho, what is!
1.) ENDOGYN®. remains a web site practice only, but Kru does offer OB/GYN tele-consulting!
2.) MYSURGERYPLACE®. is also a web site only practice!
3.) There is no mention of his current place of employment? (He does route people to his old Endogyn web site where he makes claim that he has a staff and practices in a hospital - both 100% false. No worry for patients, no one will secure a surgery from King Kru unless it is in a back room of a dirty hotel!)
4.) Notice he is down to one other Dr. practicing at "Endogyn" and the one who is no longer employed at Carpi Vitem!
5.) NO mention of any clinical studies for "Covidien" or "SprayShield." WOW, that was a quick study! Real professional Covidien!
6.) In the NEW web site Kru claims to have performed 4500 su
rgeries...this number changes with the wind, so it is no surprise!
7.) Short CV...
"Furthermore Dr. Kruschinski has commited himself to advice doctors in less developed countries in lift-laparoscopy and conducts courses and workshops in Africa and Asia."

NEW past practices, NEW past experiences, NEW bullcrap... BUT VERY FUNNY!
In part..some of his bull.....
he established the center for minimally invasive surgery and was in charge of consulting hours for plastic surgery of the breast.
he treated his patients in the Kirchheimbolanden Hospital, heading the Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology.
he treated his patients in the Kirchheimbolanden Hospital, heading the Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology
From 2007 onwards he is the medical director of the Endoscopic Gynecology Centers (EndoGyn Ltd.). (No mention of "Institute" here??)
Doctors from EndoGyn® are performing surgery in different locations and hospitals.
(Who, where? Why no mention of them? Kru is not one to deny fame and claim, we all know that!)
The idea of franchsing endoscopic surgery is getting reality.
Furthermore Dr. Kruschinski has commited himself to advice doctors in less developed countries in lift-laparoscopy and conducts courses and workshops in Africa and Asia.
8.) NEW degrees, NEW surgical services, NEW specialties.. all secured and made possible by the Internet!
Degrees & MORE Degrees:
- Specialist for gynecology and obstetrics
Optional continuing education in:
- “Specialist in surgical gynecology” as well as “Specialist in obstetrics and perinatal medicine”
- Gynecologic and obstetric ultrasound (DEGUM - stage II of the German Society for Ultrasound in Medicine)
- Plastic and reconstructive breast surgery



9.) Current position

** "Dr. Kruschinski is medical head of the Endoscopic Gynecology Centers in Germany. EndoGyn pursues the idea of so quasi-franchise system for a hospital structure with several operating centres in different locations." (No Institute again!)

** He is renowned worldwide as a specialist for this discipline. He is one of the most frequently invited German speakers to international congresses, symposia, workshops and surgical tutorials



10.) Inventor

**, was developed by Dr. Kruschinski in the form in which it is being currently used at the EndoGyn centers.
Between 1996-1998 Dr. Kruschinski developed the system VarioLiftGyn.
I also introduced many innovative surgical techniques such as e.g. “Gasless laparoscopic hysterectomy with conventional instruments (GLaHCI)” or “Laparoscopic assisted mini-laparotomy (LaMiLa)”.
20 years experience and more than 5000 operations behind him, Dr. Kruschinski has the greatest experience worldwide and, at international level,
(Is it 4500, or 5000?)
Kru can now offer a surgery where the patient is fully awake during the operation and if so desired she can follow the sequence of events during the operation or, alternatively, listen to a CD or watch a video film. (She can dance and eat during it too!)

11.) Memberships
( MOST are FALSE - non existant, check them out on the Internet for yourself!)

12.) Publications
(Again, most are false or were paid by Kru to be printed! The Dr.'s listed as being partry to a publication WITH Kru, is not fact, all Kru did was use some of thier material in his publication material!)

13.) Lectures (YEAH RIGHT! LOL! LOL!)


Just when you think this could not get stranger, it does!

Sanfte und schonende Chirurgie
This guy is a real piece of work, and has way to much time on his hands if he, himself, can sit around and create these bogus web sites! Which he does!
These are ficticious centers, the information in these web sites are bogus! Kruschinski is once agaist perpetrating Internet fraud, a disgusting practice that he definately does have, and the ONLY practice he currently is administrating!
On the other hand...lets take him on his word in these web sites and say that he is now making money hand over

Best to reach Dr. Kruschinski is by email:

IHRT states that ANYONE who is conned into giving this con artist even one penny or a second of interest deserves to be scammed!
So much for Karen Steward's "Adhesion" book
which glorifies Kruschinski's gas-less adhesiolysis!
In fact her book is really an "Endogyn" advertisement,
Kru's NEW web sites mention little about adhesions,
adhesion barriers and most of all,
any mention of all his "Adhesiolysis" success's!
!? Was Up Doc?!


Tuesday, May 05, 2009


The new SprayShield

Dr. Daniel M. Kruschinski M.D.

SprayShield™ - the new product by Covidien


The new SprayShield™: first clinical results....
February 26th, 2009

Announced ONLY in a
Hidden in the Internet!
You will not find this report anywhere else on the Internet but in this hidden blog as it is a secret! We all know how "private" Kruschinki is when it comes to his surgeries and clinical trials!
Be sure to check out the other "Categories"
found on the right hand side of this blog! Interesting! Plus check out the posts listed on the left side of this blog: Posted in Adhesions, SprayShield! AND check out "Home" and "About" another interesting trip around this blog!
IHRT hopes you don't get dizzy!

Important Exceptions:
Helen Dynda
thought it was important enough to hide in her section in Endogyn, and though this is NOT the SprayShieldclinical trials report, there is an exact post in "Endogyn" message board, but remember, this is NOT the clinical trial first results, it is only an older post in the message board. Helen must have missed that, but IHRT didn't!


(in part in this post.....)

"The SprayShield is fully absorbed and the peritoneum is smooth and without any reaction. There are no reddish areas, like with SprayGel (see pictures above) and no reaction; the peritoneum is already completely healed. One can see that the areas are already free of SprayShield™ which is fully absorbed within 7 days, whereas the SprayGel™ took around 20 days for full absorption, thus representing a foreign body with tissue reactions.
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.


IHRT adds: The The new SprayShield™ by Covidien: first clinical results report is so secret that it isn't in Covidiens web site either!
2009 News Releases

IHRT will "italicize words and phrases" in this report that appear mighty familiar, and we bet we can produce these exact words and phrases from Kru's posting in Endogyn message board when referring to his SprayGel™ Clinical Studies and adhesiolysis reporting! In fact, he even refers to a "board" when posting these finding in his NEW private blog here

!!!!!!!!!!!!! <> PRESENTING <> !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new SprayShield by Covidien:
"first clinical results"
February 26th, 2009

Since December 2008 we are using the new SprayShield by COVIDIEN. SprayGel was modified in some parts, so the resorption was promised to be shorter (5-7 days) than it was with SprayGel™(7-14 days). And the blue colour is not due to methylenblue anymore but a simple colour used frequently in food. More components were modified and I should report later in this board. For now I just wanted to show the clinical results.

This is a picture of adhesions on the left pelvic wall:

and this after adhesiolysis

and here after coverage with SprayShield™:

and here the beautiful healed result at 2nd look laparoscopy ONLY 5 days later

For clinical comparison here below you can see an image with similar adhesions after adhesiolysis and covered with the SprayGel and 7 days later in the 2nd look laparoscopy.

One can see that the SprayGel is still there and a little tissue reaction (reddish areas with neovascularisation) is shown:


And again for comparison again below with SprayShield™, where after only 5 days, SprayShield™ is fully absorbed and the peritoneum is smooth without any reaction:


Actually there seems to be a better and rapid resorption of the Hydrogel and the absence of methylenblue, which was taken from the market some times ago. I think that this result in less foreign body or allergic reactions as in some cases occurred with SprayGel™.
We will continue research and if that is the case, we might decrease the time between Surgery and 2nd look laparoscopy to five days, so the time necessary to stay at the hospital will be shorter. Also some complications in regard to infections might decrease with the new product.
——————–Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,,© by EndoGyn Ltd.
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Another example of the new SprayShield™ by COVIDIEN
February 26th, 2009
Picture of adhesions on the left pelvic wall, plus after adhesiolysisafter coverage with SprayShield™: then the beautiful healed result at 2nd look laparoscopy 7 days later!
Again to say this: the SprayShield is fully absorbed and the peritoneum is smooth and without any reaction. There are no reddish areas, like with SprayGel (see pictures)
and no reaction, the peritoneum is already completely healed.
——————–Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,,© by EndoGyn Ltd.

And jet another example of the new SprayShield™ by COVIDIEN
February 26th, 2009
Again pictures of adhesions on the right pelvic wall. After an appendectomy the bowel (mid picture) is completely adherent to the pelvic wall and has to be dissected: next picture after adhesiolysis, next picture will be after coverage with SprayShield™: then last picture you see the beautiful healed result at 2nd look laparoscopy only 5 days later!
Also here to see: the SprayShield is fully absorbed and the peritoneum is smooth and without any reaction. There are no reddish areas, like with SprayGel (see pictures) and no reaction; the peritoneum is already completely healed.
Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,,© by EndoGyn Ltd.
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IHRT recalls in the Spraygel™ clinical trials "abstract" by Doc. Kruschinski he stated that there were 99.9% absolutely NO adhesions in the SLL ( second look laps) & TLL (third look laps) with HIS gasless adhesiolysis!

<><> Did IHRT not see pictures of this claim over and over again in that same "abstract?

<><> IHRT recalls that Kru also say that he would not do TLL as his results were so good they were "Miracles?"

<><> IHRT asks if the Spraygel was so bad, why didn't Kru misrepresent it to his patients?

<><> If patients are NOT well after surgery at Endogyn - is it from bad Spraygel?

<><> IHRT also recalls that Kru posted this.....
Posted Tuesday, November 4, 2003 @ 08:50 AM

Hi All, SprayGel is used in our Institute now for more than 2 years in combination with gasless laparoscopy with very good results. We perform adhesiolysis also in very severe cases of bowel adhesions and sometimes in combination with bowel resection. SprayGel, the same as surgery itself, is inducing a slight inflammation as an answer to injury (please see Shirlis comments in new publications from the lab) which is exactly the effect that we want to have as this induces a neoangiogenesis and forming of a new peritoneal surface to the injuried / wounded area. If any infection occurs, regardless from what the reason might be (bowel lesion, infection in the abdominal cavity) in the past we realized in the second-look at day 7th after the initial procedure, sometimes a much stronger inflammation than usual. To avoid such an inflammation we changed our surgical concept: in cases with bowel involvement and the risk of infection, we don't apply SprayGel at the initial procedure, instead of this we perform a second-look after 3 days to check, if there is any infection and to wash the abdominal cavity. At this procedure we than apply SprayGel and avoid by this, the "over-reaction" of the body to SprayGel in cases with infection.
Remember: this change is made in order to increase our success results, even in complicated cases, which will need 2 or more surgeries. The goal is to perform an adhesiolysis procedure that works, even if we need more surgeries. Laparoscopy with gasless is less invasive to the body, so we can apply such a concept to our patients and this increases our success rate.
Regards -------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

MAYBE the following videos of Daniel Kruschinski's adhesiolysis procedures with the new SprayShield™ by Covidien will anwser any questions anyone has as to the validity of his words claiming to be involved in any clinical studies with either the:


after all, no surgeon could get so confused about a product of such importance to his outcomes, now could they? And, would a surgeon of Kruschinski's calibor put his own patients in harms way by presenting his clinical data depending which way the wind blows?

Take a look at these videos and make up your own minds about Kruschinski's proficancy as a surgeon, a researcher, a pioneer in the world of surgery, a man of morals, compassion and honesty, after all, many did trust in him enough to have more then one adhesiolysis with him, and many who are not well today might still believe every claim he makes is truth!

IHRT: Please pay particular attention to the product as it is listed at the beginning of the video and as it is mentioned during the video.....

Surgical results » Adhesiloysis with SprayShield™ Lift-laparoscopic Adhesiolysis with SprayShield™ Adhesions barrier (Adhesiolysis via Lift-Laparoscopy in comobination with the SprayShield™ adhesions barrier) The video is divided in 4 chapters describing each procedural step with volume..........


IHRT: State of the art technology, but Kru doesn't show himself performing this adhesiolysis? Could that little "glitch" in the beginning of it be part of a "cut and paste" operation in making this video?

The "Romantic" version of the "Surgical results » SprayShield™ application video"Application of the SprayShield™ adhesions barrier The adhesiolysis is not shown, only the application of the SprayShield™ adhesions barrier and the clinicsl result in the secon-look laparoscopy at day 5th postoperative......
(This video IS suitable for slow dancing!)


Here are some impressions from the OR at the Klinik am Zuckerberg and some faces for you to get familiar with. Most of them you will see only at the operating or recovery room.

Myself starting the preparations for the surgery.

On the right Isolde, the anesthesiology nurse and at the head of the patient is Dr. Lorenz, the anesthetist. You will sleep and dream like a cat, when he puts you asleep. On the left is Michaela, who is at EndoGyn and who manages the operating room issues. <><>

This is the youngest male nurse, together with Isabell. By the way, hes is very motivated and is around to do anything is needed. <><>

To learn more about these SprayShield™ klinical trials and results, please contact:
EndoGyn® Braunschweig at Klinik am Zuckerberg
Mr. Jochen Vogel manager of Klinik am Zuckerberg, +1149 531 2633 234 ask him personally <> or write an email to him at

COVIDIEN contacts:
For more information on the SprayShield™ Clinical trials and these results.... Scott Flora, President, Surgical Devices, Covidien 203-492-5576 Manager, Media Relations Email Scott via:

Please visit to learn more about our business. Covidien Joel Weinberg, 203-492-5576 Manager - Media RelationsSurgical Devices

<>or Coleman Lannum, CFA, 508-452-4343 Vice President Investor Relations

<>or Bruce Farmer, 508-452-4372
Vice PresidentPublic Relations

<>or Wayde McMillan, 508-452-4387
DirectorInvestor Relations

Covidien has more than 42,000 employees worldwide in 57 countries, and its products are sold in over130 countries. IHRT bets that Covidien is very gratefull for Dr. Daniel Kruschinski and his "Endogyn" staff at Zuckerburg Klinik for there achievments in this sttudy and it's submission to the public via a Blog! Very proffesional indeed, Mr. Flora.


Wondering why Doc. Kru is not posting in Endogyn anymore??

IHRT has that answer...more to come!


Mr. Bernie Madof says of his BFF Daniel Kruschinski

"I taught him everything I knew!"
I just wish we wouldn't have gotten caught before we were to big to be stopped!"

Caught? What? Who got caught! Not me! Do I look bankrupt?

I am doing clinical studies, surgeries everyday at Zuckerburg, flying off to Thialand and Africa, have a wife, 2 mistress's, 4 kids that I claim and do not pay support to, enough food, beer and booze to keep me happy, and I don't pay taxes either because all of the above is all paid for by the German government to boot! In fact, I never paid taxes now that I think of it!

Below you will find the most delusional person in the world!!!!

MORE FACTS about SPRAYGEL to come......and why Kru is not posting in Endogyn anymore! Jochen and ask!