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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Important message from Dr. Kruschinski ~ 5 year follow up

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Posted Saturday, December 23, 2006 @ 09:11 AM between the holidays we will mail a follow-up form for apatients who underwent an adhesiolysis procedure at ENdoGyn in the last 5 years.
It is important that you will answer all the questions and send it back.
Thank you for cooperation.
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD

Attention Shoppers!
It is urgent that everyone who has been to Germany to begin posting
answers to the following questions and let's do a comparison:

1. Are you a human?

2. Are you bogus?

3. Your name:____________

4. Your Surgeon:_____________

5. Your realm of existence:

6. Pain level before surgery (scale 0 -10):

7. Pain level after surgery (scale (0-10):

8. Do you exhale carbon dioxide?

I9. If so why?

20. Does Al Gore have the true scoop about carbon dioxide, or is it just a "An Inconvenient Fib"?

21. How much pain meds were you on prior to surgery:

22. Can I have some?

23. What were your pain medications prior to surgery:

24. How much pain med were you on after your surgery:

25. What were the pain medications after your surgery:

26. Did you do the Russian Restaurant Chicken Dance while you were in Germany?

27. Your "Debauchery Level" prior to surgery (scale 0-10):

28. Your "Debauchery Level" after surgery (scale 0-10):

29. What is your ability and experience regarding lying to prospective patients about your experiences with Dr. Kruschinski?

30. How many adhesion surgeries have you had in the US?

31. How many adhesion surgeries have you had in Germany?

32. Do you have any money left?

33. Would you like some vodka?

34. If so, why?

35. Have you had more than one surgery (excl. second look) with Dr.Kruschinski?

36. Who loves ya baby?

37. If so, why?

38. Are you easily taken advantage of?

39. Have you had any surgeries CONNECTED to adhesions after adhesion surgery with Dr. Zhivago, in Germany or the US?

40. If so, please state reason (give doctors' name if you like)

41. Have you had any surgeries CONNECTED to adhesions after
adhesion surgery with Dr. Kruschinski, in Germany or Thillythstopp ?
If so, please state reason (give doctors' name if you like)

42. Will you say what others tell you to say?

43. Um, can I sleep on your couch?

44. Would you help gather data for this important study?

Thank you to all for responding to this survey ASAP. Results will be published in the peer-reviewed "Jugs" magazine.
Thanks a lot,

PS: This is a scientific study. I took a research course in India and now I am an informed discipline. The research course was so exciting. There were 4000 of us taking the course, with only one teacher. We all wore translation earphones, just like at the U.N. The teacher was up on a five-tiered stage, something like the Pyramids, but with a flat top.
And by the way, the teacher has resumed his prior "flat-top" hair style. He finally got rid of that brown "rug" hair sytle.
I think he looks much more handsome with the flat-top, which is now blond. Back to his natural color. Typhune travelled with him for daily touch-ups.

Friday, December 29, 2006

King Krud and the Kristmas Kru

"EndogynChristmasMusic" web site.....

Just follow the star to easy listening at "EndoChristmasMusic LTD."...... eradicating gas!



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Here is the "New Endogyn Facility!"
"THIS is the real thing!" says Kru, " I have a back-up education to DJ, so this is good for me to perfect, I even hang all the discs on the old "Abdolift," and that comes in real handy. I will build other facilities just like this one all over the world, and only charge $10,000 US for International people to come see ME, King Kru DJ!

King Kru
The good news is that Endogyn will be offering "Christmas Music" for your season enjoyment! Then they move on to "New Years Music" and onto "Valentines Music" as they move through the holidays of 2007 offering music.

This new music program is hosted by non other then , "Helen Dynda" who will fill the message board with links galore! We all know that Helen will stay with any program in Endogyn as long as she has a web site to post her ARD information...wait, this isn't ARD stuff, what mean Helen wasn't really interested in ARD stuff, but just wanted a web site all to herself? WOW, did she have us fooled! And all this time she was spouting off that she was an ARD advocate and educator, sure glad we didn't take her on our web sites!!

It will only take a person 30 - 60 minutes to go through all the links and choose a song.....and, "EndogynMusic" is the ONLY gyn web site to offer this unique and special service. One of a kind web site.

King Kru will teach 5000 disc jockeys in India how to disc jockey, and he will do this with his disc jocky spinning son, David, as Michi takes to the dance floor to teach a few new steps!

Good news is that Michi DOES have a certificate to show she can teach dancing, and it is signed by Kru himself!

With any luck, Karen Steward will stop in now and then to bring her "Christmas Spirit" to share with all.

Look to IHRT the updates on "Endo..whatever!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dr Daniel Kruschinski ~ King Kru's Krying the blues

Posted Wednesday, December 20, 2006 @ 03:21 PM I am not happy to say I am going to be grandpa soon....
but I am happy to say that
I am proud of my 4 boys that are rapidly growing:
David, a young man of 20 and the BEST DJ of Mainz :
Simon, a joung man of 18 (he is the best at school):
Tom (just turned 7, and sings like Placido Domingo) and Gil-Robin (turned a year and is the loudest of all):
I am dedicating my previous and future work to my 4 boys and may you four have enjoyed the little time and space I was able to give to you.
But life has so many facets that you think you have to make it your most important... but in some time, you realise, there are other things important in life...
In February 2008 I will reach 50 and EndoGyn 10 years...
and Lift-Laparoscopy 17 years...
I gave most of my life to EndoGyn and Lift-Laparoscopy.
I dedicate now Lift-Laparoscopy to the four of you...
May you enjoy the work I did...
Yours PAPA
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD

Posted Thursday, December 21, 2006 @ 08:34 AM Sorry... I didn't mean that I am really going to get a grandpa...
I only meant, that I am getting old and the kids I have are already such big...
and I might spent my time on things that maybe seem not as important as those kids are...
You all know how its: at the end of the year one gets very reflective...

Is this Kruschinski's swan song?
is it a pity party poured from a bottle of vodka, designed to evoke pity from loyal patients?
What is kru looking for in a posting like this on his website?
Is this how Kru comminicates with his children, via message board?
Is Kru finally tangled up in so many lies, he finally realises there is no way out?
Patient psychoanalysis from former patients?
Rather manipulative no matter how you percieve it's intent..
May you enjoy the work I did...
( a dredle and some chocolate coins may have been more appropriate but it's not about the kids, is's all about Kru.)
We will see what the new year brings.
perhaps this cryptic posting is a harbinger of whats to come?
Stay tuned to IHRT.................

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

And the winner is...Honest Helen Dynda

Helen Dynda - Lone Keeper of the Endogyn Message Board
(Kru has gone missing, as predicted by IHRT!)

Helen said " I do not promote one specific doctor"
Ever since I started sharing the information I have found on the Internet, I have remained neutral as far as adhesion specialists are concerned. I do not promote---and have never promoted---one adhesion specialist over another!!It is my opinion that only victims of ARD have the right to decide if they want to contact an adhesion specialist... and if they do, only they have the right to make their own choice!!"

Helen's honesty shines through in her comments here, but they are probably true in a way as in her heart all she ever wanted was a web site to post in, not really to promote Kru as a Dr., but simply having to kiss his butt so she would have a web site to post on!
** Helen cannot be found on any other web site promoting any other Dr. it is 100% Endogyn and Kru. Fact!
** Helen has been removed from all ARD web sites for her promoting of Kru. Fact!
** Helen has harvested people to Endogyn and non reversable injuries simply by her lack of honesty regarding her own falied surgery by Kru and not mentioning that she had returned to Endogyn for more then one surgery! Fact!
** Helen IS promoting ONE washed up non-surgeon, and though her words say one thing, her actions show another, "Actions speak louder then words!" Fact!
** Helen, Kru's only friend, as he stated in a prior post, is now trying to squeeze every drop she can get out of the Endogyn message board before she fizzles away to "Thiillythstop" with it and they both becomes a speck floating in cyberspace, which will come soon! Fact!
** Good bye Helen. Fact!

Krushincki, "You don't have the brains or the balls to go to war with IHRT!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Endogyn 2006 - 2007


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Posted Saturday, December 23, 2006 @ 09:11 AM
between the holidays we will mail a follow-up form for apatients who underwent an adhesiolysis procedure at ENdoGyn in the last 5 years.It is important that you will answer all the questions and send it back.Thank you for cooperation.--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD

Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh!

Kru goes out of 2006 with an empty promise to all the Endogyn patients...a lie to end the year, and start the new one, a typical Kruschinski post of a save face style drunken washed up Dr. who lost it all! IHRT would not have expected less of him.....

Kru is posting that he will be sending "follow-up" forms to Endogyn patients, and these forms will be directed to patients who came to Endogyn over the past "5 years"! To make this even more ridiculous, he is asking that they be returned, and that they are "important!"
Just when you think his post cannot get more ludicrous then it already is, he thanks patients for their cooperation, like he really intends to send these things out to them!

This is the second time Kru has told patients he was going to do this, and guess what, it never happened, and it will NOT happen now, mark IHRT's words!

Kru has no address to send these to, he is not sober long enough to create such a form, and he really has no reason to gather data of this nature as there is no Endogyn, no practice, no facility, no nothing, and most important of all, there is no future for Kru to do anything within the medical field, so a form of this sort, well, it is all a fantasy in his head. No address in Germany, none!

Kru is all washed up, through, and Endogyn is a lap top in an apartment NOT in Germany, all address are bogus, phone contacts are bogus...but you can email him, as he loves his emails, we all know that.

Kru did not have any operations to perform last week as he stated, no "last" patient, no nothing. IF he travels to India with Mettler, he will be a spectator, not a presenter, this is fact.

There is no "Abdolift" for him to promote, (again, look it up folks, prove IHRT wrong here!!! Helen? Karen? Any takers on that?? Of course not, why did we ask as the few who still post in Endogyn would not be able to research such a simple thing, let alone be honest enough to fess up abput it!)

Endogyn Year in Review - 2006
*Bankrupt, not bankrupt

*Patients, no patients
*Endogyn facilities, no Endogyn facilities,
*Infrastructure failure after failure,

* Postings go up, postings taken down in the Endogyn message board
* No hair, then hair

* Endogyn sponsors drop it like a rotten potato
* Endogyn surgeons run the other way

* "Kru loses "friend" after "friend." (When the money is gone, friends go to!)

* ISGE Congress in Germany and hosted by Endogyn - September 2007 - Cancelled!

* Book deal is dropped like a rock!

* Spy's and more Spy's, talk about a drama mamma!
* IHRT is breaking my neck!"
* Poor me, they are "picking" on me, causing all my problems

* Michi hiding, and sneaking around to meet up with Kru

*Kru running, drinking and hiding,

*Kru admits to performing "experimental" surgery from 2003 - 2006

*Kru leaves Shirli and two sons, but with greater ease as he had practice doing this with a first wife and two son's
* Kru caught falsifyling Michi's papers as a nurse,

* Kru caught falsifying Endogyn as an, "Institute"

* Endogyn never being registered as a business in Germany
* Endogyn losing the German Medical payment status
*Discovery that Kru was removed from 13+ facilities in and around Germany
* Kru making promises of opening Endogyn Facilities in and around Germany, but producing on none!
* Kru creating stress for easily manipulated Endogyn patients by agitating them to do negative things on his behalf, and for all the world to see this most disturbing behavior by a Dr.

* Kru exhibiting strange and angry behaviors on his web site, again for all the world to watch,

* The world watching a mental drama unfold before our very eyes as a "psychopath surgeon" tries to hold onto his last bits of "sanity," perhaps?
* Kru discovers he really is "odd man out" when it comes to any types of endoscopic societies!
*3000 - 4000 patients to Endogyn since 2003, so Kru claims, and now less then 5 respond to his message board, patting his back!

The list could go on and on and on, but IHRT thinks that this gives a fair and accurate look at Endogyn 2006, and now for our prediction for Endogyn 2007........

Thursday, December 21, 2006

King Krude & "Thiillythstopp"

All aboard for the "King Krude's" buss to............"Thiillythstopp"

"Thiillythstopp" bus loads just under this "Thiillythstopp" blog by Dr.Krude, our very own "Thiillythstop" tour guide....

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Posted Wednesday, December 20, 2006 @ 03:46 PM

What a way to try to make elephants from a fly... without a real research !!!

I also was looking with google on Abdo-Lift and I found weeks ago this:

I than was in contact with Dr. Oleg Avrutis in Jerusalem and he sent me this pictures and I found out that it was NEVER the actual Abdo-Lift; it must have been the Endo-Lift from Storz, designed by Keckstein or an lift system I had designed with the Karlsruhe reasearch center 1994-1996 as a prototype, but was NEVER in medical use, as far as I know.
See, now even I try to make elephants from a fly... without a real research !!! I mean, I think this might be true, but I am not certain as I only find this out weeks ago.

My friend, Oleg, in Jerusalem, he also Jewish like me, allow me to use his picture in my lectures to show how NOT to do it !!! So now I lecture and lecture on how NOT to leave surgical instruments in patients, this is important I think, I am still researching that though. My first lecture was in China, there was a little problem understanding my Chinese, but anyway, here is my students from my first "abdolift" lecture.... I didn't say "Ablo-gne," I said, "Abdo-lift!!"

Anyway, back to my story, 1998 I started with Storz and the first thing we eliminated, was the dangerous retractor with 21 single elements, unfortunately, after my first 19 operations, my instrument count was down to 2, so we think we eliminated the other 19 by leaving them in patients! So, when I found out how dangerous this thing was a few weeks ago, in 1998 I made sure things were made right! Anway, SO the Abdo-Lift HAS GOT a retractor with ONLY one part... and as long as I bought it within 24 hours, I also got a set of "Ginzu Knives!" And to think this all happened after I found this out just a few weeks ago, like a time warp or something!

So please don't be afraid, nothing could be left in your body with the Abdo-Lift I was and am using... as long as I do NOT lose that one piece, you will be fine. It not matter that the Abdolift I use creates a huge adhesion and is not meant to be used in any surgery but an emergency, but so what about that!

Now, everyone who emailed me and called me about this, and there were a lot of you, Relax...enjoy this picture, send me your money for my operation, no questions, no answers, no refunds, just follow the leader and relax-------------------- Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

Speaking of following the leader, klimb aboard King Krude's, "Dumbothing" and take the tour in the "Land of Thiillythstopp"

"King Krude's Dumbothing" A typical sign in "Thiillythstopp"

"Saintly and Been There" live on the edge of a very terrible place, called, "Thiillythstopp." It is thier mission, as two darling little trolls, to warn all who travel to "Thiillythstopp," as most do not know the evil they will find there! The "Thiilly's" who live there are twofaced "others" who only seek to please King Krude! These "others" will say anything to harvest people into his clutches and take thier money! Because most are ill and desperate, King Krude tells them that he will make them well but instead, he experiments on them, cuts them up, makes them worse!

Though we appear small, and many try to discredit our power and wisdom, with tancity we fight injustice, and we always win our battles, as "truth will prevail in the end!" Any who dare cross a troll, will find us to be formidable what we do is always for the best of others.

It is the job of the "Trolls from Trolldom" to help weary travelers find thier way in the midst of darkness, confusion and distortions, which is found in "Thiillystopp," on the other side of the "Fairy Bridge," where we trolls live. "Thiillythstopp" is a place filled with distortion of the truth, and with conniving souls who live dysfuntional lives, and are held in a spell of King Krude and some of his krude crew, the most brainless and twofaced of them all. The "krude krew" are dysfunctionals filled with conniving souls that are only self-serving in everyway, and they feed off each other in everything they say and do, thus the reason for the gloomy days with little sunlight!
Makes us shiver to even think about the "Thillys"....ohhh, nasty, nasty thilly things they are!

The twofaced, brainless, “others” are “puppets" of the deranged King Krude, who left two wives, four children and now lives with his mistress, Madame Michikee, who comes from the desperate side of the tracks. It is all of the above, and much more that the "Trolls of love and compassion" fight diligently in hopes that more suffering people will not find their way to “Thiillythstopp!”

Trolldom is a place of fairy's, fun ans fantasy, and Trolls with hearts of gold and compassion!

"Thiillythstopp" is hard to find, and that is because one must first get past " Saintly & Been There," where they can ask questions, and once learning the truth of King Krude, most turn back, saved by those who care about them! Many know the truth, but keep it to themselves, thus the Trolls must remain diligent to protect the innocent! "Trolls" are the keepers of the forest, are funny, loving and cute creatures, filled with all that is good, and in jobs well served, be it an "Internet troll or a Forest troll"...all trolls are good when not working in "Thiillythstopp!"!

"Map to Thiillythstopp"

"Concern Troll" tries to make sense of things in "Thiillythstopp" but that is impossible! See for yourself...

"Thiillythstopp" Mayor

Distorted housing in "Thiillythstopp!"

"Caring Troll" is confused about things in "Thiillythstopp" too! Can this be real?? How much more dysfunction will we find here.....

A "Thiilly"restaurant '' (above & below")

The distorted "others" in "Thiillythstopp"

King Krude's infrastructure......

Yes, all men dress like this at "Thiillythstopp Endogyn"

Infrastructure set up by "Michikee. No "Abdo-lift, but we do have a BIG honking skill saw!! King Krude is the only one who performs surgery with this..and it is a gas-less procedure! He will be teaching this to 10,000 "others" soon!

What do you mean you want ME to be the King of "Thiillythstopp!" Why me?? Oh, King Krude was exiled to India!!

Let me think about that!!!

King Krude is gone! Let the celebrations begin!! Yeah, long live the King!

Please vote for IHRTs story in the following link.....