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Friday, December 15, 2006

Kru Fact for Today

Poetic Justice being served!!
Daniel Kruschinski has been removed from over 13 medical facilities in Germany for unethical behaviors! Daniel Kruschinski has been removed from every medical association or Congress he was previously associated with!
(Though he posts that his name is here or there, that is only due to web sites not being updated or he himself has inserted his name into the page.)

The ISGE Congress scheduled in Germany for September 2007 and hosted by Kruschinski has been cancelled. NOT due to IHRT, NOT due to bankruptcy of Kruschinski, as he is NOT!

Remember Kruschinski's famous words!
"Do I look like someone who is bankrupt?"

He doesn't look like someone who is bankrupt, as he isn't! He just fooled you all for pity sake and in an attempt to stop creditors from coming after him, buy some time, as a "con" might say!

Daniel just doesn't pay his bills!

The ISGE cancellation was because Kruschinski lost his sponsors and financial backing due to his own unethical behavior and money mismanagement. (And MORE that will be reveled as it can be.)

Daniel Kruschinski will no longer be able to offer any surgeries anywhere...he has left the country! (Thus his reason for not being able to share anymore information about patients! Just try to schedule with him once! Will not happen!)

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