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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More "RED FLAGS" surface regarding Endogyn, Seligenstadt, Frankfurt, Germany!

More "RED FLAGS" surface regarding Endogyn, Seligenstadt, Frankfurt, Germany!
When Daniel's groupies open a door to attack others who advocate for the benefit of persons afflicted with ARD, or publicly post things that bring forth issues of concern verses information, they open the door for a lot of scrutiny of issues that really need to be exposed, challenged and questioned when it comes to Endogyn! In doing this, both Karen and Helen do all of us a favor as many of the issues they bring up would have otherwise remained buried!

I would also like to make a prediction here:
Both patients who have had recent adhesiolysis surgery just last week will NOT be improved, and it will not be made public, like all the others have, when they have to present back to Endogyn for 3rd & 4th surgeries! We will not hear any weekly updates by them but we do not hear that from any of them, anyway, but we WILL hear from Karen chanting her praises for Daniel, carrying her little "whoopie" signs with the surgeons name on it(sick)and her reports of how the patients are doing! Also know that when a patient is not doing well, Karen does not allow them to post such messages, but rather puts pressure on them to remain hushed, and has even threatened to expose their every bit of personal information publicly if they do share anything adverse regarding their surgery in Endogyn.

The reason we will not hear about them will be due to my prediction here today!

Has anyone noticed that not even Helen Dynda shares her surgical outcomes from Daniel...yet she will make every attempt to pump up Daniel as the "best," whatever and return to him time and again for surgeries, seeing nothing wrong in that behavior! Does she get well as a result of his surgeries on her or not?

The issue most concerning to me is the adhesions that the "hook" creates for "adhesion" patients going to Endogyn to get rid of adhesions!

My next concern is this surgeons claims to being a "reconstructive" surgeon and doing "abdominal scar revisions, when his "experience" with "reconstructive" surgery is "breast" "reconstructive" surgery!

The next issue is the absence of "credentials" for Daniel, all we are asking for is his credentials, his education, schools of learning, graduations and degrees from, areas of special education...if for no other reason then a patients right to know!

I am also concerned, as are others, about his claims of being a "reconstructive surgeon" and doing "plastic" surgery on abdominal scars!

Helen, produce on these "credentials" please, as you and Daniel are close friends so you do have access to this information, and YOU always say that "Knowledge IS Power" and I am certain that your concerns for the ARD patient supercede your allegiance to this surgeon, am I correct?
What might seem a petty issue to some in requesting this material on the surgeon at Endogyn is anything but petty, as this surgeon puts forth more energy in harvesting ARD patients with tons of promises for them to get well, yet we are not seeing this happening, rather, we are seeing ARD patients returning time and again for more and more adhesiolysis procedures as a result of his procedure, and we are reading his claims as a top laporoscopic surgeon with "reconstructive" plastic surgery skills, and yet, NO credentials for any of the above!
We see him "entice" his patients to rally behind his claims, and of course, what ARD patient is not going to do that if they think he will make them well, even after they see the pictures of his surgical outcomes with "the hook!"
My God, look at his pictures of his surgical outcomes, his adhesiolysis, and ask yourself what kind of person would go to a surgeon who profess's this outcome of his
own adhesiolysis procedure!

Let me be honest here, we all know that many, if not most, ARD patients are well enough to tour, eat and do feel better right after an adhesiolysis, and we know that the REAL results come after a few months to a few years after an adhesiolysis to be able to determine it's success! There really is not anything at Endogyn that stands out as offering any higher quality adhesiolysis than can be found in any small town USA!
Prove me wrong here...but not with post surgical patients who are just out of surgery, or patients who have gone back 3 & 4 times, and still sing praises of this surgeon because of...who knows why! I want to see credentials, long term results and ONLY from surgical patients, not their family members!
A couple of years ago, I exposed and asked questions about the unethical things coming out of Endogyn and now I am seeing the answers to some of my concerns being posted by Daniel himself and with pictures. I see Helen not able to secure credentials, and she is about as close to this surgeon as one can get, and I am still seeing Karen write nasty posts to me, and for what, well, no matter about that after all, she IS "gingirl!" (Doesn't take much imagination to associate her bizarre relationship with Daniel to her "handle!)

Last, but not least, ladies of the Endogyn groupies, if you want to play with me, get the big guns out as I am ready, willing and able to play and for me, what your doing is exposing just what those afflicted with ARD need to know about the realities of adhesiolysis at Endogyn! I have more to question and I will keep it coming as you accused me in a public way once again of things that are not true in your attempts to "discredit " me, and for what? Why? But you did that, and in doing that, you peaked my interest into happenings at Endogyn once again!!
For this, I thank-you!
Tag, your it!

Posted Monday, February 27, 2006 @ 02:04 AM
Credentials of Daniel Kruschinski, M.D.

Since I had such a difficult time trying to find Dr. Kruschinski's credentials, I have decided to post his credentials here where visitors to this website will be able to learn more about Dr. Kruschinski and his accomplishments.


Not one of the links offers information on Daniel Krushiksnki's credentials! NOT ONE!
There are listings of his "accomplishments" however, it is well recognized that his "accomplishments" are touted by himself for himself and are NOT credentials, rather, bragging of ones self!

Helen states that even she had a hard time finding "credentials" belonging to Daniel, and I question why she doesn't just ask Daniel where to find them as he posted that he and Helen have an "excellent patient-doctor relationship." (See post of Thursday, August 28, 2003 @ 02:48 AM below)

Posted Thursday, August 28, 2003 @ 02:48 AM
SUCCESS RATES OF SURGERY, an excurs, by Daniel Kruschinski.....
I will try to explain what adhesions and adhesion surgery are. I will do this regularly, and in the context of Helen’s ARD course where I can refer to her explanations. This is, by the way, a good example of an excellent patient-doctor relationship.

1) The surgeons describe adhesions using a SCORE system: firstly by the number of adhesions (e.g. covering an area of 15 cm) and, secondly, by their severity (how they are attached to the organs, how dense, filmy, etc), and how they can be removed (sharp dissection, bloodless cutting, etc). There is much more to a surgeon's view on adhesions than meets the eye. We see an improvement of the adhesion score as a success, whereas the patient often sees an improvement of symptoms or a complete disappearance of symptoms as a success!

2) After surgery some adhesions may return. Again, we measure this by scoring, so we might have an improvement of an adhesion situation while the patient says s(h)e has pain and therefore concludes the adhesions are back!

In some cases there may be a huge improvement of adhesions (by 90%), but some small adhesions might have formed somewhere and cause extreme pain. Small adhesions can even cause bowel obstructions (briden ileus)!
Overall, even if a surgeon reduces adhesions by 90% (as in this individual case), the patient has pain that returns and therefore considers the procedure to be a total failure (0% healed).

Come on Helen, do the right thing.

German doctors press for a national trial register

Another reason not to go.............

BMJ 2005;331:178 (23 July), doi:10.1136/bmj.331.7510.178-d

News roundup

German doctors press for a national trial register
Heidelberg Annette Tuffs

A task force of German epidemiologists, doctors, and consumer protection campaigners is pressing for the swifter establishment of a national register of clinical trials.

At a press conference last week in Berlin the group said that it was in the interests of patients and medical science that Germany set up a register. The task force also published an appeal in the German Medical Journal Deutsches Ă„rzteblatt (

The initiative is supported by an alliance of German medical organisations, including medical faculties, ethics committees, medical societies, the Science Council, and the German Medical Council. The German science ministry will fund the register, which is expected to be set up in the next three years. A final decision on where the register is to be based will be taken next year.

It is estimated that every year several thousand clinical trials are started in Germany, but most of them remain unknown to patients, doctors, and the scientific community until their results are published.

Only a few German studies are currently registered on the United Kingdom based International Standard Randomised Controlled Trial Number Register ( and the US (

"Many scientists and doctors in Germany are not aware of the fact that they will not be able to publish their studies in the main international medical journals unless they register the trials beforehand," said Gerd Antes, head of the German Cochrane Centre at Freiburg University.

The main purpose of the German initiative is to make clinical trials transparent to patients, doctors, and scientists. It is hoped that mandatory registration will prevent unnecessary studies and the suppression of studies that produce negative results.

However, the German Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies, based in Berlin, condemned the initiative. Cornela Yzer, executive director of the association, said national registers lead to a lack of transparency, because they caused data to be split between different registers. She favoured the registration of all clinical trials on the international registers.

Dr Antes disagreed. He said, "International registers with unlimited access to all trials will satisfy research purposes. But they are not easily accessible to patients and general practitioners in Germany."

He was also sceptical about the openness of international registers to all trials, because of the need to register a trial at its inception and because of the amount of information that the registers require.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Show this post to any Doctor.

Found this post still on K's site. It's like an even better reason not to go besides my operative reports and
the words and dissapearace of so many "success stories".
The grain of truth from Dr. Kruschinski is "So it’s all about money … "
What happened to the letter you forged from Dr Reich?
Oh thats we're caught red handed and had to take that down.
I am surprised you still have this on your board.
Ya raving looney...No Doctor on the planet would do this to a patient other than you.
I would be DR, Victim of a pathological con artist.
Dawn Rose
Yes we are home with the flu.....nope I could not think of any better use of my time that to expose a crook who preys on sick, desparate and suffering people.
Daniel,you are your own best demise.

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Posted Tuesday, November 9, 2004 @ 06:12 PM

DR has put her operating reports on the internet ,
therefore i feel free now to say openly my opinion and feelings, I am happy then for this chance.
I will start with Dr. Harry Reichs letter, no, it was certainly not written by me. It was written to the Doctors Council in Germany following the DR “FBI case”. The original letter is laying there.

And few more comments…

Please read the operative reports very carefully and you will notice that from all her many surgeries only two were a “success”, my surgery and the last one. Mine was confirmed by an objective second look, the other one was not.
I ask myself why then is DR complaining and fighting against me so emotionally? When I managed in the end to cure most of her symptoms??
Why is she not fighting against all the others who “missed” or not “treated” her successfully?
There might be other reasons. I will come back to it later…

In July 2003, when it all started, DR said that my adhesiolysis failed and that adhesion reformation was confirmed by a surgery in Penn. That came as a surprise as I spoke with her surgeon who said she was found adhesion free (in his procedure), means adhesion free after my surgery, you can all see that in his operative reports! Then she claimed I just “missed” some adhesions and now (what an improvement) she claims that her adhesiolysis with me WORKED but I did “miss” her endometriosis…

If that was the case, so ALL her previous surgeries before my surgery “missed” the diagnosis too, and worser, one did a supracervical hysterectomy that would certainly not be the treatment of choice in case of endometriosis.

Then again, in the last operative reports my collegues from New York described her medical problems : fibrotic nodules on the remaining cervix and pelvic floor dysfunction.
OK, what did they do for it, they resected the cervix with the fibrotic tissue and elevated the pelvic floor, simple as that, a normal procedure to cure the symptoms, nothing else. If the fibrotic tissue was endometriosis, so we would need to see the histology report to be sure, to be sure that it wasn’t just scar fibrosis, a result of the supracervical hysterectomy. If that was endometriosis, than it was there for years, even before my procedure and that then should have been diagnosed by other surgeons before.

DR came to Germany with a cane and a bladder catheter (incontinenet). She couldn’t eat anything but fluids. After my surgery she threw the cane away, she was content and ate everything (remember she wrote on our board that she went at the same day after her second look to buy a cake in the backery).

She described it as a miracle,so how could it be one if I missed her “main” problem! At least this miracle lasted at least more than 6 months.

What happened in between?

She advocated for me at the beginning, wrote always how great she feels, I got even letters from her with pics of her daughter and her dog, saying how thankful she was, me giving her daughter her mom back and wrote about her plans to support ARD sufferers by organizing fundraisers so patients will find it easier to come here to Germany for surgery.

By time she got more and more involved in the smear campaign of xx + xx against me. They didn’t like the fact that more and more success stories occurred. That, they new is dangerous as it can exclude money from a certain patients support society and from certain doctors that xx +xx supported of.
At this time I made a mistake…I rejected her as my advocate as I realised that she was trying to convince patients to go somewhere else than to Germany …

This I guess started it all…and not the (good ) result of my gasless-Spraygel adhesiolysis. It started because DR was just dissapointed and upset because I didn’t want her and only her to be “the” patient advocate…(her greatest wish)

With the other xx mentioned above, I think she had the same problem: At the beginning she wanted to establish a place for “her” doctors in Germany, then as she realised that more and more are choosing me as their surgeon, she was trying to say that MY advocate (LG) was not working properly (I have many, many long emails from her about this topic) and she suggested to do that herself (also exclusivly)

She always wanted to be the most important patients advocate and to have the knowledge (after reading the operative reports that patients had to send her …) to estimate which doctor was the right choice for the certain patient…
I have never wanted to have an advocate that is saying to patients: “your adhesions can be managed by Dr. K. but yours are too complicated for him…”

We had some arguments about that and thereafter she started the smear campaign against me and involved with that some few patients, like DR.

Thank god, the other patients were so intelligent, not to be lured and caught for this smear campaign …
Thank you

And again I refer to the other xx above: The certain society director was planning studies with me. Studies to collect all kind of data.
I was supposed to find a sponsor or he wanted me to pay to him $1000 for each of my
U. S. patients...

I wanted to perform good surgery and to support an infrastructure for excellent patient treatment and not to make surgery cost too expensive, so I rejected such an offer.

After that I was named to have bad statistics, to manipulate my statistics, to be a bad surgeon and scientist and many other names.

So it’s all about money …

Now, I hope you can make your own decision …

And … I don’t need any other website or to be brave enough to tell the truth…

Im sorry for myself to be part of such a drama, only because I refused to have these two women as my only advocates for my surgery.

Except of that, … it is completely normal that a medical procedure can’t work for everyone and for 100%, so it is not a shame to have some patients who are not satisfied…

At least I can say, none of my patients got worse after my surgery … so this is also a success…

And to the (last) surgery of DR, she must remember that her last surgery was without a second look and without a sufficient barrier, so time will tell…

I also had many patients from other adhesion specialists that were not cured after their adhesiolysis… and what ? Do I do a big thing from that ?

No this is normal, but I am trying at least to keep statistics and help those who continue to have pain to achieve an improvement by a free-of-charge 3rd look laparoscopy…

I find it now quite satisfying when I read that other doctors are starting to offer the same… so that is already a good intention to cure the patient …Excellent !

Anyway I am happy about every success story, regardless who was the surgeon !

Daniel Kruschinski, MD),,,,,


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Posted Wednesday, November 10, 2004 @ 11:26 AM

Thank you Dr.K.!
Your response to these womens' never-ending, deplorable actions towards you is calm, clear, and insightful. And I think it is right on the money! Thank you for taking the time to clear the air, once again.
It's important for any new patients that have seen the things these women have put on the internet to know that what they say about you and your surgeries is simply one patient's very twisted, always changing version of events.
We all should keep in mind that anyone can put anything they want on the internet, regardless if it is the truth or not.
These women can't stand the fact that you and your method of surgery has, by far, shown the best results! Nothing else can compare! Patients that have done their research will know that YOU are THE surgeon to see...
Everything is not perfect, especially in the world of ARD. No surgical procedure is 100% effective, 100% of the time. Not all patients will be lucky enough to be completely pain free. I know because I am one of those that got some relief, but continue to have problems. Yet, I thank God every day that I found Dr. K., not only for myself, but also for the many patients I've helped make the trip to Germany for surgery with him. He has helped more ARD patients receive a better quality of life than any other surgeon who deals with adhesions.
I, and many other patients, never expected a complete miracle when we traveled to Germany for surgery....I don't know why DR thought she should get that miracle...and when it didn't happen she went on the war path....
Keep up the awesome work you do. You have a huge number of patients that support you and your work...try to forget that ONE patient that has unrealistic expectations!
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Posted Thursday, November 11, 2004 @ 01:13 AM

Dear Daniel,
I would like to make further affirmation to your posting by posting the letter Melissa and I received from DR before our trip to Germany. She was ELATED by the results of her surgery with you. Only later, just as you state, as more and more people flew to Germany, did she CHANGE her story. The people that know these women know that DR had a very, very successful surgery with you (as she states in her letter below)........we all also know that once they decided you were gaining the popular vote (much as Bush did in the, that you must be stopped! Then we all sat back and watched as these women unleashed a horrid smear campaign upon you and your good work. They lied about you and lied to many, many suffering people. They were and are hell bent to stop you and the success you are having. As always, truth will prevail. Anyone should read the letter below written by DR, compare it to what she says now, and know she is mentally disturbed. Only someone mentally deranged and/or working to destroy someone speaks from both sides of their mouth! One day she claims Dr. K saved her life and she touts him to others, months later she claims Dr. X saved her life and now she touts Dr. X. (May Dr. X watch his back!!!) Bottom line, you either had a good surgery or you did not, and, excuse me, but you know within days after sugery if you are moving toward a postive or negative outcome.............DR, you attacked Dr. Kruschinski a little too late in the game for anyone to believe your concocted story!
-------Original Message-------

From: Dawn
Date: 04/07/03 06:11:30
To: Karen Steward
Subject: Dear Melissa and Karen best wishes in Germany

I just saw that you are going to go to see Dr. Kruschinski. I am
thrilled for you both. He has literally saved my life. I am now 8 weeks
post op and adhesion free. I have my life back and soon you will have will know that when you look him in the eyes. His success
rate is unparalleled. I went to him in cane and diapers....36 hours
after the major surgery I wanted to go back to the more
cane, no more diapers no more self cathing.... you feel that great that
fast!~I went to the grocery store across the street later that night as
I had the munchies....not been able to eat for so long....delicious!
You will be meeting the most wonderful folks that will help bring back
some trust lost to the medical system here. You will be treated with
such dignity, patience and love.
If I can be of service in anyway please feel free to contact me.
Something I was unaware of when I went is no one told me to bring my own
pain meds...the meds in Germany are different and they do not want you
to go through withdrawal while there. I ripped off my duragesic patch
the day after surgery and have never looked back...I used my vicodin for
post op pain. which is nothing compared to the everyday life of an
adhesion sufferer.
You are seeing the very best person in the whole wide world and in a
short while you will be freed of the pain that has taken so much from
both of you. You are very brave to take this leap of faith but you will
not be disappointed.
God bless and God speed,
Dawn Rose


Dr. Kruschinski's remarkable talent, gasless laparascopy, and SprayGel gave my daughter back her life!! Thank you Dr. Kruschinski!!


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Posted Thursday, November 11, 2004 @ 05:05 PM

Dr.D.K. and all ARD patients.
The deplorable actions of these two women that claim to "help" people suffering with adhesions have done great harm to those searching for help.
I have talked to many of these people and sometimes have to deal with "what is wrong with these two women" it is a difficult enough decision to make to go to Germany without interference from two people of this character. Thank goodness most people see through them.
I went to Dr. D. K. in Feb. 2003 with great results and much happiness. In 2004 I returned again with a hernia that had the omentum pulled up into the hernia and pulling and stuck there (not pain)....was this Dr.D.K.'s fault....NO!! He repaired it and I am doing great. If I had it repaired here no doubt I might have been back like I was the first time with many adhesions.
Hopefully I will not have to ever return to Dr.D.K. again for surgery, although if I have other problems that come under his expertise, I know where I will go.....again.
Dr. D.K. is not God, but he sure is the best we have in my opinion...and many others opinion.
Thanks again Dr.D.K.



Sally Grigg

Posted Saturday, November 20, 2004 @ 06:36 PM

Dear Dr. Kruschinski, I am so very sorry that this deplorable malicious gossip is still going on. I have gotten back to my life, in fact, I just completed a major trip by myself all around New England to see my family from ancient great-aunts to new-born babies. It was great. I would not have been able to do this without Dr. Kruschinski's surgery.
I was dying and he saved my life. Then I had appendicitis and he helped me again and now I'm almost 100%. Do I blame him because I'm not 21 and hiking the moutains like I used to do? No of course not. Age and the wear and tear of adhesions have changed me, but I can work hard again, I can go dancing, I can lift babies and play with toddlers, I can live the rest of my life without agony. I am very grateful. No other doctor was able to help me and I went to all the "best". I'm not putting them down, but I am saying that Dr. Daniel Kruschinski cured me and now I have my life back.

To all those who are suffering from adhesions, please go to Dr. Kruschinski. If anyone can help you, he can. Please email me at for more information and also you can see me at my website for our Inn at
Sincerely, Sally Grigg

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Posted Sunday, November 28, 2004 @ 02:42 PM

Dear Dr. Kruschinski,
As Sally said, I am so sorry that these people have nothing better to do with their time than attack a Dr. who is and does help people with adhesions. Who does not promise anything but to try and help, who gets the worse of the worse for patients and still manages to give them their lives back. I am one of those people who went to Dr. Kruschinski in March of 04. I have my life back and I have Dr. Kruschinski to thank for it. I just don't understand the motives of people like that, I am so frightened that they might stop one person from getting the help they need. That is the scary part that someone might get worse or go elsewhere and end up in a horrid situation. We are all intelligent beings and with the facts we can make up our own minds. We do not need people with scare tactics hurting people further. All I can say is "please keep up the good work Dr. K and never ever let these people stop you!!!!"
Your friend,
P.S. Sally you were in New England-I wish I knew I could have met you someplace. Well I guess I will just have to come out to California (LOL)

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Posted Monday, November 29, 2004 @ 07:07 AM

Hi Doctor,
Well; just when you think all this soap opera and lies are behind you ;they pop up once again...We are always pleased that you take this nonsense and toss it in the air, because to get upset and let this disrupt your time and energy is just what they want..I feel bad for all the patient lives ..It can confuse an ARD sufferer in the wrong direction.. I am so lucky to have found you..I am so lucky that I saw clear through these lies.. I am pain free and adhesions free as you know....and I do beliveve I was a complicated case , as many are for you...but your expertise always make these difficult cases easy...You are truely a wonderful careing physcian wiith hands made of gold...I will keep advocated for you as i have in the past, so other adhesion suffers can get their lives back.....stay true...



How perceptive

From endogyn ard message board.

How perceptive of this poor person.

Posted Friday, February 10, 2006 @ 05:12 PM
"What I didn't realize is that I apparently need to be part of a clique (perhaps cheerleading) to have a question acknowledged here.
Maybe if you tried to be a little less hard sell and a little more open and welcoming to newcomers you might be more successful in your recruiting efforts.
Good day & good health to you."

Taking a liars "word for it"

Hi Helen,
Nice try but we want to see the actual pigskins!
Not just take self proclamations for truth.
Remember he lied, you know it.....
what else has he lied about?

Credentials of Daniel Kruschinski, M.D. printer friendly version
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Posted Monday, February 27, 2006 @ 02:04 AM

Since I had such a difficult time trying to find Dr. Kruschinski's credentials, I have decided to post his credentials here where visitors to this website will be able to learn more about Dr. Kruschinski and his accomplishments.


Updated: February 26, 2006

1.) EndoGyn® - Institute for endoscopic Gynecology... Daniel Kruschinski, M.D.

Click: Endogyn > Physicians >

Dr. Kruschinski
- Photo & Short CV
- Current position
- Memberships
- Publications
- Lectures
- eMail

- -

2.) SurgeryU: Online Procedures from the World's Leading Surgeons

Daniel Kruschinski, M.D.

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski is one of the founders of the gasless laparoscopy in gynecology. Since 1990, Dr. Kruschinski has performed scientific and clinical research in this pioneering field, also known as Lift-Laparoscopy, with more than 2500 advanced operative cases. He developed and designed several abdominal wall-lifting systems, including the recent AbdoLift, a Karl Storz product. Dr. Kruschinski is currently involved in franchising endoscopic gynecologic surgery in Germany and other countries.

Contact Information:

» phone: +49 180 3636496
» phone/fax: +49 7000 3636496
» email:
» website:

Click here to view medical procedures by Daniel

- -

3.) Daniel Kruschinski, MD

OBGYN.netEditorial Advisor Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy


I am heir to the Guinness fortune and a self proclaimed albino.
I invented the wheat thresher and popsicles.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Let the excuses begin....

Oh, Oh...
Sounds like some may have to go back again.

It's like we've been paying to participant in Daniel's
pseudo clinical trials of das hook.

Hey, way to tell the whole world that some poor kid is a hemophiliac!
Jeez you ever think about the consequences to them from your "flapper jaws"
Nah, it all for your glory, ain't it.

Look, at my very worst, I was not long for this world and
post Kruschinski 2 surgeries that said I had been miraculously cured, as eveidenced by my last operative report...nothing was further from the truth.

It took one surgery, by skilled ETHICAL surgeons. No barrier just dedicated surgeons doing their jobs.

That was over 2 years ago.

It was school vacation this past week and we drove 150 miles and I went tubing...
A rope tow drags you and your giant tube up a groomed slope and
you fly down the hill all the while squealing woo hoo!

Break the cycle.
If you feel you need a 4th look , you need to take my operative reports to a surgeon
you trust and hear what they have to say.
I guarantee it's
Fear No Reprisal!

I was just sending this to you!
Please put this in anyone who is looking to secure a high quality adhesiolysis with SprayGel...will not get it at Endogyn!
Please remember to state that Spraygel will only be as effective as the surgeon!

This is horrible.

He also stated that 10% of his cases have to return...10 people out of 100 is a lot of returns!

----- Original Message -----
From: dawn
To: Beverely Doucette
Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2006 6:47 AM
Subject: new victimcs and a 4th look

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Posted Saturday, February 25, 2006 @ 05:23 AM

Yeshew from UK for adhesiolysis, went excellent
Layla from UK for Endoemtriosis and adhesions, very good outcome
Dusti from US (3rd look)
Liz from US (4th look and hopefully the last :, only some filmy adhesions now, she is a genetic bleeder, so that's a huge problem)
Brigitta from Austria (severe big bowel adhesions, went well)
Susan from US (small bowel adhesions, see comment below)
Effie (very severe adhesions due to the fact that some surgeons do not to close the peritoneum after laparotomy and the bowel can get involved in the rectus muscle with the result of a very severe and dense adhesions. in Effis case we had to leave an area of 5 cm to avoid a colostomy, 95 % the adhesions were taken down)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Glug Glug, Hush Hush Oh My God, My Surgeons a Lush!

This just in...
Daniel Kruschinski's drinking is legendary and now a reliable source reports
him "reeking" of liquor as they awoke in post surgical recovery.

Yikes, hope there are no post surgical complications.

This persons contact info has been removed from his patient advocates.....snap
I also have eye witness accounts of him drinking between surgeries!

Ok, You go to jail for printing stuff like this unless it's true.

Ha, I bet his good pal " Gingirl" did not get her nickname for being a good card players.

Him being an alcoholic does fit right in and explains allot of the dysfunctional behavior noted coming out of

Caveat Emptor!

It is not an option for adhesion sufferers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beware the Butcher of Selgistadt

3rd 4th look and hanging off the Hook Picture from Das Hook aka abdolift

A Real Good Look at what Happens on the Hook
Follow links to gasp in horror. Dr. Kruschinski, in his own words.....
God help us all...

Hello Mary,

Your email to me regarding the "adhesion pictures in Endogyn" peeked my interest and to answer your question, yes, it does concern me now that you brought it to my attention. I have elected to answer your questions in a public manner so that others who might also have seen these pictures and had concerns will also hear my take on them.

Might as well get this out front right away....
I understand that some will try to say that my comments is a "personal" attack on Daniel, a "war" to see who can advocate for their "favorite" surgeon, and on and on, but it is non of that silliness, it is simple rational answers to concerns raised about seeing so many adhesions in Daniels 3rd look procedures, and anyone, I repeat, ANYONE with half a brain and with ARD would have the same concerns as you do!
For those who did secure a high quality of life in an adhesiolysis in Endogyn, I am happy for you, but your outcomes had nothing to do with these pictures or this issue then, unless your improvements came over three or more return trips to Endogyn, then your opinion might carry weight. Don't bother to try to get into a fighting match with me over the 3rd look pictures, as I am not interested in your opinions of them...I am only interested in MY opinion of them, if you have an opinion, start your own web site or post on Endogyn where I don't have to read them and they will only be perceived as "advertising" anyway.
Most persons who have had an adhesiolysis with Daniel do not post their conditions anyway, so if they come out of the woodwork and share how they are currently doing, I think that would be super for any patients thinking of making the trip to Endogyn. And, yes, I will probably throw in a few "side comments" but as I said, this IS MY opinion and I was asked for it!

Keep this in mind: These are Daniels pictures and Daniels own words, so what is anyone going to tell someone with concerns about them, "shut-up, don't ask questions and just have your surgery with him?" ( These pictures are some of the most magnificent pictures of adhesion I have seen to date, so as far as being able to see what adhesions look like and how that attach and distort our organs, these pictures are an excellent tool for that education! However, it is not what you want to hear as a probable outcome of your adhesiolysis procedure in Endogyn, that's for sure!)

Another case of a 3rd look as an important tool in reducing ...

You will not find me trying to get anyone from going to Endogyn for an adhesiolysis, in fact, I will tell them to go for it....
please read on!

I was sickened when I saw these pictures, and was reminded why I am always sickened when I see the "harvesting" of desperate, and vulnerable ARD patients to go to Endogyn for what is being touted as the best adhesiolysis anywhere, yet everything Endgyn is about shouts a very different claim if you know what your looking for. However, most who seek a surgery there are impressed by the time element this surgeon gives them via email, or by the words a VERY few who post over there, and surprisingly enough, people go for surgery there without ever realizing that most who have gone there before them, return time and again, in fact, some return in such secretive ways, that when I hear they have returned again, I wonder why the silence surrounding it. Curious. Some have gone back more times then I can remember, and of course, the surgeon does state that the more return surgeries, the more breaks you get in his rates!

You ask me if I think you should go to Endogyn for an adhesiolysis, well, Mary, that is a decision YOU have to make, but I will give you my 100% biased free opinion on it.

If your looking for an adhesiolysis that your paying for out of your pocket, and more then once it appears, and with "SprayGel", and a gasless procedure performed by a surgeon who claims to be an experienced laporoscopic surgeon, and you do not mind being hung on a hook, and probably will have to return time and again because of that hook,( so it appears based on the pictures and Daniels comments regarding it) and then repeat this routine who knows how many times, and if you do not return, and have complaints about your surgery and do not mind being called names or having your medical history put out on a public web site there, then go to Endogyn. What if the "hook" creates more adhesions in the #rd look procedure exit wound..a 4th, and 5th? Or does Daniel finally stop hanging his patients by the "hook" so that the potential for it creating adhesions is reduced..hello!?
THIS is what you will get.
Why is the 3rd-look laparoscopy extremely important ?

I know that his immediate and numerous responses to potential patients is seen as something abnormal for a surgeon to do, and I too think it is, and I know the pictures of food on his web site indicates that one day his patients will be able to eat like that, and his history of wining and dining his patients is also enticing because desperately suffering people need attention, in fact, what could be more stroking then to be "befriended" in these ways by your potential surgeon, and it is in those things, and more, that in my opinion, patents are actually "baited" into securing a surgery in Endogyn. I say that freely, as there exists this pattern with patients heading off to Endogyn.
These behaviors do not lead to a healthy Dr./patient relationship as the patient is vulnerable to be hooked into thinking that unless they adapt to this kind of relationship, and no matter what they think or how they feel post operatively, they will be out future intervention there..yet, they do not seem to realize that the intervention at Endogyn is nothing different or even better then they would get from surgeons in their own areas, so it's history has shown. I am taken a back by Daniels own admission that his "hook" does in fact cause some terrible consequences, as for so long he has denied that when past patients complained of problems in that area. I am equally surprised at the amount of damage this "hook" creates, much more then I had suspected. I know understand why Daniel is the ONLY surgeon in the world to use it! (If anyone has not noticed, this "hook" has not caught on with other surgeons, isn't because it is so good!)

I DO know that ARD patients who return from adhesiolysis in Antwerp,Belgium, Duisburg,Germany, Grand Caymans, and Italy, and even patients to Endogyn who had Dr. Reich perform their adhesiolysis procedures there, have NOT had the same scenarios of so many repeat adhesiolysis procedures where adhesions of the magnitude are found such as seen in Daniels 3rd look procedures!

When you brought these pictures to my attention, I was appalled, I cannot understand why a surgeon who makes all of the claims that Daniel makes about how and why his adhesiolysis is by far the best...has patients returning for 3rd look procedures that result in so many adhesions..and he uses "Spraygel" too, and a lot of it!! Daniel's pictures of his 3rd look findings do not look like the results one would expect to find from a surgeon of such superior quality for adhesiolysis procedures, self proclaimed! Of course, Daniel has an excuse for this too, his "hook" did it! (Like,"my dog ate my homework!)

Over the past years, Daniel has had every excuse a surgeon can come up with, other than his technique and procedure, for reformed adhesion found in such great amounts. We all know that adhesions reform, and that at times, it might take more then one procedure to offer the patient improvements in their symptoms from the adhesions, and we can accept that. But "something" is wrong, greatly wrong, when a surgeon makes claims that his adhesiolysis technique and procedure supercedes anyone else's in the world, and uses those claims to get patients to spend lots of money, travel long distances, and thinking they are really securing a chance to get better...when surgery at Endogyn offers them no better of an adhesiolysis then a neighborhood surgeon offers, and I mean here in the USA where SprayGel is not available! The facts of that statement lie in Daniels own pictures and words..finally!

I have elected to expose myself to what ever criticism comes my way after posting this, as I see the importance of making sure persons afflicted with ARD are as educated and informed about the procedure they are electing to have, and though any ARD web site can be filled with tons of ARD education and awareness of ARD, what is most important to be educated about IS the adhesiolysis procedure itself and the results of it!It is only the ARD sufferer who will become a victim once again if they are not wise in what they allow to happen to them.

I am of the opinion, that ANY ARD patient who elects to go to Endogyn for an adhesiolysis with Daniel, will in all probability, and a high probability at that, will NOT be well for the experience!

Putting all other issues of concerns I have had regarding Endogyn aside, I am 100% absolutely certain that anyone following through with an adhesiolysis there after reading this, is asking for more trouble but it is their choice, and one thing Daniel is correct about is that they knew what to expect before they arrive, and if things are not as they thought they would be after his surgery, well, it's not his fault! Come back for more surgery and he will fix it...again and again and again!

What would I advise an ARD patient seeking a high quality adhesiolysis procedure that really does offer them the best chances of securing improvements from the adhesions themselves...go to Italy, it is by far cheaper, and by far the best adhesiolysis in the world! Next is Grand Caymans with Dr. Reich, when he is available, and after that, go to Belgium or Dusiberg. These are all surgeons who are not only honest, but capable and who offer Spraygel, but it is the kind of Spraygel that seems to be different then what is used in Endogyn, as this Spraygel works! Oh, one more thing, no "hooks" are use at these centers of surgical excellence....Antwerp,Belgium, Duisburg,Germany, Grand Caymans, and Italy.

I will be 6 years for me to be free of adhesion pain, as will others I know of, and we did not have an adhesion barrier used, rather a high quality meticulous adhesiolysis with Dr. Reich in New York..with gas, no hook, and hours of surgery for each of us after having had multiple surgeries before going to Reich...and we all remain well from the adhesions. Other issues might persist, but that is the result of the prior surgeries, but no adhesion pain and in that we can now LIVE a near normal life.

The pictures in question.....
Why is the 3rd-look laparoscopy extremely important ?
Another case of a 3rd look as an important tool in reducing ...

Daniel makes excuses for HIS pictures, and ridicules others surgeons pictures (which I question as belonging to other surgeons, what did they do, give them to Daniel to rip apart, and they certainly don't make Daniels pictures look any better then they already look!)
Is this all in an attempt to take the focus off his pictures, which are the most horrific ones I have seen to date when it comes to follow-up procedures with an adhesion barrier..and with so much hype associated with the procedure, I think this is why I am shocked!

I remain shocked at Daniels lack of personal confidentiality of patients, as I am sure some of these patients from the US wouldn't care to have this surgery plastered all over the internet if they ever had to file for disability, or secure other insurances etc..something like this can be a real hindrance for them back here, not to mention the lack of respect for patients.
I wish I could ask these 15 or so recent patients of Endogyn how they are doing post operatively, but experience has shown me that many, if not most of these patients are not real forthcoming with truth as they have immediate bonds with Daniel that have them showing more concern for his reputation then for the truth that might offer the most beneficial information to prospective patients to Endogyn. Unfortunately for Daniels patients, they will forever be categorized with those patients of the past who did not tell the truth of the outcomes of their adhesiolysis with Daniel, but were rather taken in by all the attention showered on them and for need of future surgeries, which I think most did end up having, so their all allegiance to Daniel at that time WAS an honest call..they were desperate and they did end up going back!

If I could get one message to all of these ladies it would be this:
What would really be MOST beneficial to both yourselves and future patients to Endogyn and to Daniel, would be for all of you to post on the Endogyn message board each month sharing how you are doing, and post for up to 12 months. This would be the best and most beneficial thing you could offer to Daniel as well if you really do think you reaped a far better adhesiolysis then I am giving him credit for based on his pictures and comments here.

Posted Wednesday, December 7, 2005 @ 02:02 AM
For your information, we had many cases of adhesiolyis in the last weeks but I didn't post every ones surgery.
Jeanette from UK
Kara from US
Gina from UK
Kathleen from US
Jeannette from UK
Cynthia from Holland
Renata from UK and last Friday
Bonnie and LynDel from US
Daniel Kruschinski, MD)

Posted Sunday, January 15, 2006 @ 11:54 PM
Last Friday we had three new adhesiolysis cases:
Mary and
Helen from US
Daniel Kruschinski, MD

Cheryl Posted Thursday, February 16, 2006 @ 04:42 PM
Trisha Posted Thursday, January 12, 2006 @ 03:33 PM
mmf Posted Hi. We were just there in January, 2006.
Lyn Dell Posted Wednesday, January 25, 2006 @ 08:07 AM

I do have to wonder if the two people who went this month, "heartRuth & DUSTI KIRK," or anyone from the list above really looked these pictures over before they went to Endogyn, and if any of you did, what made you follow through with a surgery such as this?
I am praying that all of you have a successful adhesiolysis, ....but in the event that any of you from the USA DO have adhesion symptoms post operatively 6 months, please email me and I can direct you to a wonderful and competent, and ethical surgeon in Georgia who will perform a diagnostic laporoscopy, insurance paid, to see what, if any, adhesions might have reformed. He will video tape the procedure, and if, the adhesions are not dense, he might offer to lyse them.
IF your adhesions have reformed, or new one formed, and are as minimal as this one is, then why travel all the way to Endogyn, and risk this happening again? You KNOW it is caused by the "hook" and that your chances of it re-occurring from the surgery you just had to get rid of it, filmy or not, is great. Why would you keep returning?

!!! I do want to add here, that not ALL pain post adhesiolysis is due to adhesion reforming, though, all of us think that it is, and with just reason, however, a number of post adhesiolysis patient that have terrible pain and disabilities have been found to be adhesion free within the peritoneum, but live with horrific physical issues due to some of the invasive procedures they had well before the adhesiolysis that freed them from peritoneal adhesions.!!!!

This is another reason to seek a diagnostic procedure with a safe surgeon who will not start to snip adhesions if found..but do a simple look see and video tape it for use in future decision regarding your health.

If you need assistance post Endogyn, please post in ARDchat...and I will respond. If you do not feel that you can do this without fear of someone attacking you, then you know that have just been trapped in another part of what seems to exist with patients post Endogyn, and your all on your way to suffer for a long, long time, alone and afraid!
I offer this a it is useless to state my opinion of the adhesiolysis procedures in Endogyn, then state I am concerned, and then offer nothing to assist patients who went there, so, from start to finish, my opinion, my concerns, my hopes, and my assistance...

God Bless You All!
Beverly J. Doucette


Posted Saturday, January 22, 2005 @ 05:01 AM

Behind our concept of offering the 3rd look laparoscopy for minimal cost is a true idealism, in the end to improve, if not to cure adhesion sufferers.
As I wrote here:

In short: a surgeon sees an improvement of the adhesion score as a success, whereas the patient often sees an improvement of symptoms or a complete disappearance of symptoms as a success!
After surgery some adhesions may return, the surgeon might measure the reduction of adhesions as an improvement while the patient says s(h)e has pain and therefore concludes the adhesions are back!
In some cases there may be a huge improvement of adhesions (by 99%), but some small adhesions (see picture below) might have formed somewhere and cause extreme pain.
Small adhesions can even cause bowel obstructions (briden ileus)!

Here you see how important it is to have the back-door opportunity of a 3rd-look laparoscopy. An adhesion formed to the umbilical incision of the second-look laparoscopy, and there is no way to avoid or exclude this as it is the last port that is open after we finish surgery, and this is still a very small wounded area with a minimal blood area where adhesions can form.

After we take this adhesion down, the patient might become pain free.


Posted Sunday, April 10, 2005 @ 01:59 AM

Behind our concept of offering the 3rd look laparoscopy for minimal cost is a true idealism, in the end to improve, if not to cure adhesion sufferers.
Se also what I wrote about the importance of a 3rd look laparoscopy in our concept above at the fixed topics.
In short: a surgeon sees an improvement of the adhesion score as a success, whereas the patient often sees an improvement of symptoms or a complete disappearance of symptoms as a success!

Even after the best surgery some adhesions may return, the surgeon might measure the reduction of adhesions as an improvement while the patient says s(h)e has still some pain or discomfort and therefore concludes the adhesions are back!

Here is another case of very filmy adhesion reformation (pic 1 - 4), whereas other areas of previous adhesiolysis are healed excellent and show no adhesions (pict 5 - 7)

This adhesions could be taken down very easily.

Hanging off the hook


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Posted Wednesday, July 30, 2003 @ 06:38 AM

Hi Neil,

I do not have a video of Melissa's surgery with Dr. Kruschinski. I did not request a video. I do
have photos that were provided after her surgery.......however, I do not have them scanned in,
and I am sure you have seen many similar photos on web pages...........I can get them scanned
and email them to you, if you desire to see them, please let me know......they show the adhesions on the bowel, etc. and then the spray gel area....the second look shows photos of a shiny, healthy looking bowel. Melissa had more surgery on her second look, so there is also a photo of that adhesion and a photo of the area after it was taken down.

The second look adhesion could have been from the "hook" perhaps????


Bev’s reply to the accusations of “Anonymous” regarding my advocacy for persons afflicted with ARD.

I ask all who read the following to know that I had not posted anything to precipitate this post, nothing, and I have not posted anything anywhere regarding “Endogyn” in Germany, for many months, if not over a year, here in ARDchat or anywhere else for that matter!

From: Anonymous
To: (Private) But NOT addressed to Bev Doucette, rather it was forwarded to me, which is fine.
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 11:48 AM
Subject: [Adhesion Related Disorder International Human Rights Team IHRT] 2/21/2006 11:42:42 AM

Beverly D. seems to deem herself a doctor. She does a disservice to people suffering by sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. It appears that the German doctor is getting ahead of Reich and this doesn't settle well with Beverly. Or perhaps money is involved? Money that SHE is missing out on?
Posted by Anonymous to Adhesion Related Disorder International Human Rights Team IHRT at 2/21/2006 11:42:42 AM

Bev’s reply to the accusations of “Anonymous” regarding my advocacy for persons afflicted with ARD.

 I have never, nor will I ever claim to be a Dr., however, I do posses a vast amount of knowledge regarding ARD medical issues, and as I continue on my quest to find answers for, protect and educate persons afflicted with ARD, I am certain that I will continue to gain knowledge about ARD that does far outweigh what MOST persons within the medical community posses. As I have always done, I offer anyone to address any issue regarding ARD with me and I will prove my words are truth!
 I continue to respond to the needs of persons afflicted with ARD to the best of my ability, and will continue to do that for as long as I elect. I DO NOT “harvest” patients for any surgeon NOR do I make any attempts at pushing an ARD sufferer to a surgeon, if they ask me my opinion on a surgery or surgeon I think offers a high quality adhesiolysis, then I most certainly do share about Dr. Harry Reich! This is no different then any other ARD patients who wants to share about the adhesiolysis they had with a surgeon, if it was successful. This IS important to do, as “adhesion specialists & surgeons” have crawled out of the woodwork now and are a dime a dozen..most are NOT qualified to offer anything in an adhesiolysis other then to add more injury to the patient!
 I do NOT care who travels to “Endogyn” in Frankfurt, Germany, nor do I care about the outcome of their respective surgeries there. MY concerns were and still are that prospective patients to ANY surgeon know everything they can about the procedure, the surgeon and the outcomes of prior patients who had adhesiolysis procedures with that respective surgeon, no “bogus” stats or claims, no pushing with false promises, and most of all, that prior patients of the surgeon do not “embellish” the outcomes of their surgery in an attempt to lure patients to a surgeon. These have always been my concerns since similar things arose out of Frankfurt, and, unfortunately, I have not seen or heard anything to date to change my opinion that this has changed in the world of ARD!
 I have never, nor will I ever accept any money, gifts or any other type of material gratuities from Dr. Reich or any other person for any of my ARD advocacy involvements. In-fact, I give more money and gifts to assist patients to get to a surgery, then not! (And not all these patients go to Dr. Reich either!:-)
 Attacks against me, like this one, show that there exist people who will do anything to try discredit others from standing by their own convictions and experiences, as they themselves are doing. I am yet to understand this mentality? This is the reason why I always say that the ARD patient had better do his or her own homework rather then to listen to another’s opinion!!! “The fool is he who follows another blindly!” (And just might suffer the consequences of that for the rest of THEIR life, not the one they followed!)

Whatever it is that, “Anonymous,” has taken issue with regarding her comments about me, I am most willing to answer her questions or concerns right here in a public blog. (Or anyone else for that matter)
I am sure that some of that subject content will offer some education regarding ARD that might be beneficial to all who are afflicted with it. I also offer this as a “therapeutic” measure for this person to put some of her animosities to rest and hopefully get on with life with a more positive focus.
Now that the door of “opinions” has been open to me, I will take this opportunity to share come recent concerns regarding Endogyn and the surgeries being done there.
I recently received an email from women who had contemplated going there for an adhesiolysis; however, she brought some very disturbing information to me and asked for my opinion on it.
I have responded to her, and to the postings and pictures that are in the “Endogyn” web site, message board more specifically.

I have asked Dawn to place my reply to this lady on her blog as I prefer to have my opinions and more so, my concerns valuable to all. The ARD patient has given permission for me to answer her concerns in a public forum.

Here are some of the concerns she brought to my attention:
1.) How would an ARD patient going to Endogn know if a “4th” surgery would be necessary if the “hook” causes adhesions in the 2nd, and now a 3rd look, and
2.) Do I think that the “hook” undermines the “gasless” part of the adhesiolysis from being as successful and necessary as the surgeon there states it is?
3.) How can the adhesiolysis with the “hook” be better for an ARD patient if it causes adhesions?
4.) What makes this surgery in Germany better then any adhesiolysis here if the “Spraygel” is as ineffective as this surgeon states it is when used with gas, yet there were a lot of adhesions in the second and third looks from his surgery
5.) What would the reason be for an ARD patient to go there (Endogyn) if they have to go back that far again and again when your being told that a gasless surgery with “Spraygel” isn’t as successful as once thought?
6.) It is so confusing to see these pictures and read that the gasless procedure is the best, yet I see all those adhesions in his pictures and he says they are from 2nd, & 3rd looks from his procedure, what is the truth? Of course, pictures are truth, but why would he keep using that “hook” when he knows it causes adhesions?
7.) Why isn’t the “Spraygel” working in his gasless surgery?

I have forwarded to ARDchat my response to these questions and more.
I do have concerns here as I have asked more then once why patients were returning and when some of them shared that they had pain and massive bruising in the area where the “hook” was used, the surgeon always downplayed that as being a problem, let alone an adhesion!
I have also stated a number of time that there is a good reason other surgeons are not using this “gasless” approach to surgery, and all I can say about that is, “Thank-God!”

On a side mote based on a post I read recently regarding “reconstructive” surgery for abdominal laporotomy scars….99.9% of these surgeries will NOT benefit the patient, but make them worse for that surgery! You will definitely NOT secure a surgery in Europe that will offer anything better then you can secure here, and that is not saying much for these types of surgeries generally DO NOT work!

Anyway, please know that I have taken liberty to express my thoughts on the “3rd” look procedures, on the adhesiolysis offered in Frankfurt, Germany, and how it compares to “any” adhesiolysis one might secure here in the USA!

I will add this:
In my opinion, and based on experience and “adhesiolysis” results of other ARD patients, the best places to secure a high quality adhesiolysis right now are as follows: Ask me why and I will tell you! The truth is that only a handful of doctors worldwide are capable of doing an adhesiolysis surgery with a good chance of not making things worse.

Avellino,Italy > Dr. Malzoni Medical Clinic
Fax: ++39825683555 ++39825686662 or
Antwerpt, Belgium > Dr. Bruno.Vanherendael
tel : 00 32 3 2177411 fax: 00 32 3 2133730
Grand Caymans > Dr. Harry Reich
Toll Free: 1-877-527-7874 Tel: 570-674-2256 Fax: 570-674-2263
Klinikum Duisburg> PD Dr. Matthias Korell
Tel: 0049 203 733 2200 Fax: 0049 203 733 2202

I would like to thank, “Anonymous,” for her post, as had she not done that, I would probably not have responded to the other, innocent and desperate email to me, in a public way.

Watch for my response to the “3rd” look procedures and “Gasless” surgery! Remember, I did see this procedure up close and personal and never agreed with it’s use from the first time I laid eyes on it, and I never saw where it offered any better plane or view the when gas was used to insufflate the abdomen!

Beverly J. Doucette
Another from endogyn speaks out!

Dear Dr. Kruschinski,

It has been three years since I went to Germany for surgery by you.

I want you to know that I am NOT one of your successes. As soon as I woke up from surgery, I had severe burning and stinging pain, and it has continued and increased to the point that I am in horrible pain constantly. The pain is so much worse than when I came to you, that I can no longer work, and my life is in ruins. The skin is so tight around my torso, that it is stretched tightly over my ribs. I am in so much pain, that I cannot even eat, and I have lost 15 pounds.

I have been to several pain clinics, many doctors of all types and tried many different medications, and all different types of therapies, including botox into the incision. All the doctors look at my scar and just shake their heads, and say "Who did this t o you?"

1. I am furious with you for your telling me that you were a plastic surgeon, when it is very clear that you were never a plastic surgeon.

2. I feel it was very unethical of you to operate on me, because my surgery had nothing to do with laparoscopic surgery.

3. I also feel that it was gross neglicence of you to not give me any pain medication after my surgery, except for those little drops that people in Germany take for headaches. I had a 39 inch long incision all the way around my torso, extreme swelling and bruising. Maybe other patients had brought pain medication with them to Germany, but I did not. When I told you how much pain I was in (when I was staying in the apartments), you told me to go sightseeing to Frankfort (by myself) because you thought I was just bored.

I feel that you take advantage of desperate people in pain.

I hope you are aware of how many people you have hurt.

name withheld


this is the reply I got from Daniel.

From the number of typos, he must be half asleep.
I wrote to him at 3 pm West Coast Time. I think that is about 5 am or 4 am in GErmany. I think it is 13 hours difference, I do not remember.

I really do not believe he is a plastic surgeon. If he is a plastic surgeon, it does not say so on his on-line bio.

i am just going to forget it.
"The Past ain't Going to Get Any Better".
Note: forwarded message attached.


I have a plastic surgeon adn I did a lot of surgieries like yours and I had an plastic surgeon with me. I am sorry we could n't resolve your problems.

How do we know

Hello friends,
Um, well she has a really good point here.
I did not check.
Have any of you.
I just remember really bad abstact art on the walls of kruschinskis office.
Anyone know how it works in Germany?

To: Dawn Rose
Sent: Friday, February 17, 2006 7:31 PM
Subject: How do we know?

I just read Daniel' response to me again and either he was half asleep or really miffed when he wrote it. Maybe I got under his skin, he sure got under mine (that is a pun).

How do we even know that Daniel is a real doctor? He could put anything he wants on his bio.
None of his listed publications say MD.

Maybe that entire Emma Clinic situation was a fraud? Am I getting paranoid?

I just read his bio. It does say that he had six years of medical "training", but it does not say that he graduated from medical school. I do not know the European system. In the US, a person goes to four years of medical school from which they graduate with a MD (medical doctor), one year of internship, and then at least five years of surgical training to become a surgeon. ;

His bio on his web site says that he got a PHD for his dessertation about rats' testicles. This is not the kind of work a surgeon would be doing, but a biochemist or a research doctor. And why did he get a PHD and not an MD?
IN the US, MD's do not write dissertations, PHD's do, such as Psychologists.
You probably already know all this, so please forgive me.....I am just thinking out loud here, or typing my thoughts to be more accurate.

His bio DOES say he spent "consulting hours for breast cosmetic procedures', so maybe according to him, that makes him a "plastic surgeon". I do not know what that means. It does not say that he did the procedures.
Maybe "consulting hours" means that he talked with women who were considering breast surgery.

For all we know, he may be a barber.

Regarding Michaela, she went to nsg school for two years, from ages 19-21. She does not have a college degree. I think the European system is different for nsg also.

Micha is probably stuck with Dr. K because of the perks, whatever they are.