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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Endoskopische Gynäkologie no longer recognized as an "Institute!"

Endoskopische Gynäkologie no longer recognized as an "Institute!"

The credentials for the use of "Institut" in the title of Endogyn have been revoked!Headquarter Back-up Office Institut für Endoskopische Gynäkologie

It is just!

Due to Kruschniski's unethical and unscrupulous behaviors, Endogyn can no longer operate as an Institute.

The revocation of this most prestigious title was not due to IHRT, but to the lack of reliable and credible information within the web sites contents, for which Kruschinski is soley responsible. Endogyn is now seen as a Web site of dubious quality! The field of health information ethics, complete with a code of conduct for medical and health web sites, is monitored at the International level, and takes medical web site infractions very seriously.

Based on a code of conduct, medical and health-related web sites have an important incentive to conform to high ethical standards if they are to be supported as such.The Internet has become one of the most widely-used communication media. With the availability of Web server software, anyone can set up a Web site and publish any kind of data which is then accessible to all.

The problem is therefore no longer finding information but assessing the credibility of the publisher as well as the relevance and accuracy of a document retrieved from the Net. In many cases, a given Web site provides no appropriate documentation regarding the scientific design of a medical study, nor are studies made available that support given claims.

Here are but a few of those types of codes that Endogyn, aka Kruschinski, is not in compliance with:

** In many cases, a given Web site provides no appropriate documentation regarding the scientific design of a medical study, nor are studies made available that support given claims.

** The information provided on this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her existing physician.
Confidentiality of data relating to individual patients and visitors to a medical/health Web site, including their identity, is respected by this Web site

** The Web site owners undertake to honour or exceed the legal requirements of medical/health information privacy that apply in the country and state where the Web site and mirror sites are located.

** Where appropriate, information contained on this site will be supported by clear references to source data and, where possible, have specific HTML links to that data. The date when a clinical page was last modified will be clearly displayed (e.g. at the bottom of the page). Any claims relating to the benefits/performance of a specific treatment, commercial product or service will be supported by appropriate, balanced evidence in the manner outlined above.
Global/NGO2006 offers the world's best healthcare information portals avaliable on the Web. Our mission is to help people get better by guiding them and their care providers to offer reliable medical information. This global service is free, and is not-for-profit.
To date, everything that IHRT has claimed regarding the "infrastructure" of Endogyn crumbling, has come to pass! Though the truth of happenings at Endogyn was slow in showing itself to patients, bit by bit, the truth surfaced. The truth was not always brought to light by Kruschinski himself, this is true, but in ways such as this where all can see the crumbling of a pillar called "Institute," one of many such pillars struggling to stand under the fantasized:

"Empire of Endogyn!"

IHRT quotes Karen Steward: "In the end, the truth shall previal!
IHRT agrees!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

No Spray Gel used in Gasless Hysterectomies by Kru!

Interesting article published!

In an article titled "Lift-Laparoscopic Total Hysterectomy as a Routine Procedure", it is reported that one surgeon (the name of the surgeon is not mentioned) did 403 gasless hysterectomies between 1998 and 2004, using the abdolift. Spraygel is not mentioned. The article states that these patients were in a "study group", but does not mention if they gave informed consent to be in a "study".

The aim of the study was "the evaluation of gasless-laporoscopic total hysterectomy with a bipolar diathermy-scissors, designed originally for conventional open surgery, with regard to operation safety, operation time, costs, hemostatis, intra and postoperative complications, and convalescence time." This article does not mention the word adhesions.

The article has five author names listed in this order: Kruschinski, Homburg, Wockel, Kapur, Reich. The words Institute of Endoscopic Gynecology, Endogyn, Seliegenstadt, Germany appear under the authors' names.

This article was published in a journal called Surgical Technologies, 2005 edition.

What is most interesting, is that Spraygel was not used or even mentioned. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Why not?
If surgeries without an adhesion barrier can lead to adhesion formation, why would Kruschinski do surgeries without Spray Gel?

When was Spray Gel approved for use in Germany? At least by Fall 2002, perhaps before?

Want to read this article??
Go to Home Page. Click on UMP. (on the left side of the page).

The five author names are interesting. First there is Kruschinski... it can be assumed that he was the surgeon for these 403 surgeries. Next is Homburg, Kru's wife at the time. Homburg is listed as a biologist, although the article does not mention any biological or histological data. It may be that Homburg wrote or edited the article? Next are Wokel and Kapur, listed as Assitant surgeons. Last is Reich, listed as Director of Endogyn. It is not stated what role any of these five people had in this study.

Kruschinski had access to Spray Gel , but he did not offer it or use it. Why?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Institute of Endoscopic Gynecology is CLOSED

What is an institute?
According to the New World Dictionary, an institute is:

a) An organization for the promotion of art, science, education, etc.
b) A college or university specializing in art, music, science, etc.
c) An organization for advanced STUDY, RESEARCH, and INSTRUCTION in a restricted field.

Using these definitions,
The Institute of Endoscopic Gynecology, formerly headquartered in Seligenstadt, Germany, does not seem to meet the criteria to be known as an INSTITUTE, because it consists of only one person, Dr. Daniel Kurschinski, who names himself as Director of this "Institute". One doctor's medical practice is not an "organization".
Although he has often refered to "we", as in "today we operated on an advanced case of adhesions", who is "we?"

Even at the time when the most patients were going to Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, there were no other doctors involved in his endeavor. Thus no study, research, or instruction was or is taking place, except what Dr. Kruschinski was doing on his own, and he has many times denied that he was doing "research".

Attn: Dr. Kruschinski
Please clarify how you alone constitute an institute. To our knowledge, you do not even have an office. Yet, you continue to advertise on your web site that such an institute exists.
There are no other doctors working with you at your "institute" and there never have been.
Your advertising on your web site appears to be a deliberate misrepresentaion by you of the truth.

To our knowledge, the truth of the matter is that the Endogyn Office in Selginstadt is closed and empty, you do NOT have an office at the Emma Klinik, and you are not authorized or permitted to do any surgery anywhere in Germany.

Anybody who would continue to believe that Endogyn is an institute is greatly mistaken. Endogyn is only a logo on a Web Site.

Example of a true Institute:
The National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Md, USA.

Friday, August 11, 2006

IHRT answers Kru's Question

IHRT answers Kruschinski's most recent question.....

Anonymous (Kruschinski) said...

Are you going to demand updates on ALL websites? Seems only fair...
I guess you'll be contacting Dr. Wiseman to demand he contact all the patients on the IAS quilt to update those stories! Bombo Beach too?
Let's see what others need updates... Your 'demands' are ridiculous... Who elected you Judge, Jury and Executer?

August 11, 2006 12:52 PM

"Kru," Your trial has started and our court of law is the world !


"Kru," use your imagination putting a face to your Judges!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Kru," YOU selected your own jury when you started to scam everyone you ever met!

THIS is where you are headed, be it only in your mind, but this IS where your headed, Kruschinski!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Questions for Dr. Kruschinski

To Dr. Kru and all Patients of his:

Dr. Kruschshinski has made some efforts to answer IHRT's questions to begin clearing his name. We thank him for responding.
Now there are a few more things to clear up.

Dr. Kruschinski has announced that he will SOON be announcing the publication of his journal article about the results of his first 35 gasless laporoscopy patients with a 5-year followup.
We have all been looking forward to reading this article. He states that it will be published in the journal called "Surgical Technologies".

However, some issues have been brought to our attention. Thank you to all of you who contacted us with your concerns.

The current year is 2006. Thus the only patients that meet the criteria for a five- year followup are those who had their procedures from him during or before 2001. (Providing information about how they are doing 5 years or more after their surgery).

Dr. K. states in one of his many posts that the first American pt. for gasless adhesiolysis was in 2002, a pt. named L.G.

Questions for Dr. Kru:

1. Who are these 35 patients that your article will report on? They cannot be the American patients, because it has not yet been five years since any of those people had their first and second look. For example, L.G. was your first American patient, and she went to you in Fall of 2002. Thus you cannot report on L.G. until 2007, five years after her surgery.
Likewise, D. R., C.M, T. F. and many others had their surgery from you in 2003, thus you cannot report on them until 2008 (providing a 5 year followup).

2. Did you use the gasless laporoscopy adhesiolysis method on European pts. before you used it on American patients? Was the time frame when you operated on them before 2001?

3. If so, have have you published a report or article about the long-term followup of those European patients? If so, where is it published?

3. Are you planning to update the Pt. Contact List to include the number of times pts. went to you for surgery and the reason, such as umbilical hernia repair, ovarian cyst removal, adhesiolysis of adhesions that could not be removed at first or second look?

4. This question is about the PT.STORIES/TESTIMONIALS on your web site.
Are you willing to contact these patients and ask them to update their STORIES, to reflect what has been their progress since they first wrote their stories?
It seems reasonable to us that these stories be updated, so that they give any visitors to your site the complete information that repeat surgeries may be necessary, and that even with repeat surgeries, some cases are so complex that repeat surgeries can be of no lasting help.

Thank you very much. We look forward to your responses.


Kruschimski "entfernt" Landkreis Passau Krankenhaus

IHRT tips it's hat to the "AYURVEDA am Krankenhaus Rotthalmünster"
Passau for stepping out to protect it's patients from Kruschinski!
It is not for a Klinik to place it's image and reputation before patient consideration, and IHRT is very pleased to say that your Klinik has stepped up to the plate showing that you are a first rate hospital!

This is a step in the right direction!

Bravo, Bravo, Dr. Kronpass MD (Chefarzt Dr. Ludwig Kronpaß)

Message Board des Institutes für endoskopische Gynäkologie (EndoGyn®) - AYURVEDA am Krankenhaus Rotthalmünster

doc kro Starter +
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entfernt (removed)
--------------------doc kro

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Posted Donnerstag, 18. Mai 2006 @ 11:31:30
entfernt (removed
--------------------Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Current contacts for Endogyn-"Kru"

Kruschinski & Katzer live in Rotthalmünster: address and telephone number are listed below.

IHRT updates......
**We are told "at the least" Kruschinski is 1.2 million Euros in debt
**We are told that Kruschinski & Endogyn are now falling fast with the German segment of his patients to Endogyn
** We are told that Kruschinski is ONLY a consultant at Rotthalmünster, but that he walks around with his mistress like a "peacock," however, everyone there has visited IHRT and ARDvark blog, thus they know he is no peacock, instead he only is looking silly!
**We are told he is the center of much "gossip" throughout Germany, Austria and more countries after he, himself, notified many others of his troubles.
**We are told that Kruschinski is going between hysterics and paranoia and on the other hand still trying to convince his German patients that Endogyn is functioning "normally."
**We know that his son, David, aka, Gucci, visits our web sites from Mainz
**We know Kruschinski did NOT perform any surgeries at Rotthalmünster, but we encourage anyone to call there for themselves and ask for a surgery with him.
**We know that Mrs. Lotz knows nothing when she is called on Thursdays
but is really, really nervious, for some reason, when she gets calls about Endogyn.
**We know that the ladies on the German message board who had many surgeries each with Kruschinski, are not well and in VERY similar situations as thier American counter parts. (We pray for them!)
**We know that Kruschinski himself contacted many patients and medical proffesionals to bring them into his affairs, thus now many of them are watching things very closely, (stat counters)
**We know that the demise of Endogyn and Kruschinski will have been brought on by his own behaviors and choices, and NOT associated with medical issues, for the most part.
**We know that everyone that Kruschinski alerted about his issues will realize this soon enough, thus vindicating IHRT and ARDvark Blog. (Though we do hope to be able to claim "some degree" of stopping him from medical practice and we have no expectations that any other medical provider would understand that, and we do not care if they understand or not.)
**We know 100% that all material associated with Michi Katzer being a "nurse" are fraudulant. (This comment will also be validated in the future.)
**We know that Kruschinski abused the "Abdolift" in how he used it, and we know other medical providers knew it as well. (We understand that "silence" from them will cost them in the end as well!)
**We know 100% that Kruschinski accepted "cash only" from many, many of his patients, and ALL of the International and US patients. (which exceeded 100 patients at a minimum of 10,000.00 US dollars.)
**We know that Kruschinski claims that he is doing surgeries, that the "Endogyn" infrastructure is "normal, and that he has money for boat trips, entertaining visitors, and is in great health, and happy, and looking to open in Spain in October, and presenting his "research" at the PAX Congress next month. all is well with him and Endogyn as of August 4th, 2006.
**We know that Kruschinski is 1.2 million + Euros in debt, is bankrupt, lost Endogyn buildings and apartments, (that HE built) that he lost many patients to other surgeons, has been "ruined" by two women and web sites, had no money or health to go to the Croatian Congress in June, had an "physical altercation" with an employee in a Klinik he was removed from, (one of the Kliniks that is,) and feels "whipped" by the pressures of his family, employment, bussiness and social commitments, and all these claims were made on August 9, 2006.
**We know that Kruschinski claimed his family was involved with Ausschwitz, and is upset that this claim was challenged recently, Kruschinski claims he is hurt by this, yet Kruschinski changed his name from the "Polish" spelling, which way does his family pride lean anyway? Or does he "use" it when he wants to use it for personal gains?
**We know his book will not be published as it cannot be, due to false research data presented for the book.
**We are intersted and waiting to see his "research" presentation when it is given at the Pax Congress next month!
**We know 100% that Kruschinski went through many, many medical facilities for behavior and medical problems, and many others in the medical field in germany were aware of this, but again, kept silent!
( This silence will costs them as it did the many patients Kruschinski harmed.)
**We know that everyone who responds to Kruschinski's appeal for defense, by posting on his behalf, does not know what we know, thus we excuse them for what they say and think. ( IHRT and ARDvark Blog will be vinidated and enough, but not all, will be understood one day.)
**We know whom of Kruschinski's colleges are watching as things unfold around him, and they do it with much interest, yet these visitors DID NOT came to his defense when he asked them to!
**We understand that the medical community is a "club," and soon Kruschinski will be old gossip in it, but he will always be remembered as "the one who fell from grace at his own greedy hands!"
**We know that there exist many, many excellent Ob/gyn surgeons, and that the ISGE, Obgyn,Pax and other medical societies do offer hope and help to persons afflicted with ARD, and we are greatfull for them!
**We are greatfull for centers that offer a high quality adhesiolysis, and it is our prayer that one day all who suffer ARD, no matter the reason or causes, can receive this excellent care and live a higher quality of life because of it!
**We pray for those who really have no medical recourse to get well, and we pray that someday, they can find relief from thier pain too.
**We also do not hold Karen Steward, Helen Dynda, nor even Lisa Gravens responsible for posting in Kruschinski's defense, as again, they are clueless to the facts of what is really happening to and with Kruschinski. They give credit to us, and that is fine with us, we can handle it, as we know what is going on.
**We know that as soon as the contract Kruschinski paid for for the Endogyn web site expires, Endogyn is gone, Helen's education center will be lost, so we encourage her to relocate her materials to a file or perhaps to another web site where deserving persons might gain knowledge from them...the more information about ARD that is shared publically, the less suffering others will have!
**We will assist anyone who comes to IHRT for assistance, no matter who you are.
**We know that Kruschinski is withholding facts from those few "crew" who remain faithful to him, and he needs that, as without you few to stroke his ego, he really has nothing more to hold onto, and
**WE want him to hold on a bit longer....!
**We want all of you to stay tuned to our web sites, as this will come to an end....and we want YOU to bet here when it does!

Current contact information for:

Kruschinski Daniel
Name Katzer Michaela
Straße, Hausnummer Passauer Str. 22
Postleitzahl, Ort 94094 Rotthalmünster
Telefonnummer 08533 91 86 57
0172 6 94 61 03

How to Clear Yourself, Dr. Daniel Kruschinski

Dear Dr. Kruschinski,
Do you want to clear your name and regain the status you once had? All your pts, those who still suppport you as well as those who know longer trust you , have great doubts about so many things and there are some ways you can begin to repair your professional reputation.

Here are some ways to start:

1. Tell where your latest publication will be published, or where it was published.

This is the publication you say you authored that reports on your research of thousands of gasless procedures for adhesiolysis.
When Doctors publish professional papers, they are proud of them. They do not say, "My paper has been accepted for publication but I will not tell you where, go find it yourself!" , which is what you have said.
Do you realize how childish your statement about your publication is?

Here is an example of how to announce your publication in a professional manner that will be to your credit:l
"I am proud to announce that my paper on the effectiveness of cardiac pacemakers will be published in the Septemeber 20, 2006 edition of "Cardiology Today".

2. Explain why you changed the dates of Michaela Katzer's nursing training on her nursing certificate.
Perhaps there is a logical explanation, if so tell us what it is.

3. Explain why you do not have a German Medical ID number.
Maybe there is a logical explanation for this also.

IHRT has asked you to supply this information before, but you have ignored it.

If you are totally truthful as you say you are, then just answer the above questions.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Kruschinski, Doo-Doo lying again!

Daniel, you doo-doo!
(Dah, the world is full of stupid people, thank goodness there is a "genius" like me around!)

If you think anyone would believe your words posted today, your mistaken.
Again, YOU are the only one who thinks this will happen with you presenting at this PAX Congress! NOT!!
These Dr.'s are proffesionals, and would never walk with you!

YOU were scheduled at the Congress in Croatia, a NO SHOW! Not even enough decency to contact anyone and telling them you were copping out on them! Shame on YOU!
2nd Croatian Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynecologic SurgeryDUBROVNIK, CROATIA, JUNE 21-24, 2006
THIS brochure was probably already printed before Daniel was caught in all his "stuff," and the same goes for the Congress for Munich, 2007!

Kruschuinski is NOT even mentioned as a member of PAX!
NO affilitaion to Pax at all for that metter!
NO Endogyn listed!

Man, these Dr.'s ARE proffesional, and wise indeed!
IHRT "salutes " you!

Here are just a FEW reasons that Kruschinski will NOT be at the 2006 PAX Congress!

He is not wanted there
He has no money to go there!
He cannot take his nurse, "Michi," as what will he introduce her as now that the world saw the fraudulant documents she and Kru tried to pass off on us!
He has NO reason to be the one exhibiting the "gas-less" surgery with so many patients injured in his surgeries!
He grossly miss-used the "Abdolift"
He falsified ALL his "research" on the gas-less
He publicly harrassed, intimidated and abused not only his patients, but everyone he ever knew, including family
He is not welcome in any Klinik in Germany
He is no longer doing or offering surgeries
He involved all those he could in his personal issues and legal matters

However, there IS good news for Kruschinski,
He could always exhibit a lap top and Webcam, along with the "Infrastrucrure of "telemarking and Telephone consulting in the world of OB/GYN's!
Why would he be god at this one, becuase Kruschinski is the ONLY one offering this, and in HIS hands it is 100% effective and succesfull!

Kru posts another "I wish THIS were true...."

Posted Saturday, August 5, 2006 @ 12:43 PM
VIIth PAX meeting Leuven, Belgium 2006 Sept 28-30
Internat. Meeting on The Peritoneal Cavity Adhesion formation Tumor implantation Mesh Biology Peritoneal immunology
There is going to be an excellent meeting with very promising lectures on adhesion formation, treatment and prevention. We are going to present our results on Gasless Lift laparoscopy at this meeting.
Here are the speakers:
and here the flyer of the congress:
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,,

Friday, August 04, 2006

Kruschnski is wondering who ?

Kruschinski asks a question!
I am wondering who?
I am wondering where my wonder watch went!
I wonder why I wonder so much?
I wonder what "wonder" really means?
I wonder why I put out those fake documents on Katzer, man is she mad!
I wonder why I talk so much!

IHRT answers Kru's questions:


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Dream of Peace and Calm

IHRT post August 2006
Anonymous said...

Will mommy be alright, daddy?

A Dream of Peace and Calm...
I dream of a reality that cannot be reclaimed. A time before I ever heard of IAS, before I did not contact others who gave me misleading and incomplete information. A time before I went to Germany, a time before I had disastrous surgeries by a Doctor whose procedures made me so much worse. A time before I wasted all my savings and also those of my family.Those are my dreams. If his life is ruined, perhaps it is fitting and just. He ruined my life and the lives of so many others. It is sad for me to read all the comments back and forth. Where will it end?Some of those who were maimed by him can continue to seek a surgical solution elsewhere, if they can find the money, but many of them are out of funds, out of work, out of luck.

Why doesn't mommy go
with us anymore daddy?

Mom couldn't even go with me to pick out my prom dress!

I hate her for being sick!

She doesn't care anymore!

Mommy sleeps so much, it's scares me.I wish she would play with me, but she is sick too much.

I know he is sick, but the kids don't understand it!He is never doing things with us anymore

Daddy, when will mommy walk with us? Soon, honey, I hope soon.

When will she play with us? Soon, Honey, real soon.

Hey buddy, I am waiting right here until you feel better!

Mommy's always sick, daddy gets mad at her, and she crys, Why can't she just be well? I miss my mom so much!


I wish......

I know mom is sick, but I wish I could have friends over more.
I wish mom could come to some of my games!

I wish maybe that mom was not sick, I wish that most of all!

The other kids dads do things with them, but
my dad is always sick!


I don't mind cooking for us, mom is too sick to do it.Sometimes I do wish I could just be like other kids though.

The house has to be quiet for mommy to rest. Shhhh!

Mommy, can you hear me? Mommy? Mommy? Are you awake yet

Mommy, it's me, remember? Adhesions

I know my mom won't make it to my graduation!

She missed everything I did in high school because of her pain! Life isn't fair for her, or for me! She is all I have since Dad left, I really miss my mom doing things with me! I hate her adhesions!


I miss my Grandma's hugs!


Daddy, I want mommy to come with us! I want mommy with us,

Please Daddy?