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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Halloween at Endogyn "LTD"

IHRT Presents

" Halloween at Endogyn "LTD"
Fact or Fiction? DNA connects a mad scientist of today to one from the past!

In the movies, scientists are quite often "mad," and have been so since the silent movies.The things they do, however, have been fairly consistent. They tend to be smarter than the “normal” human being, and wittier, often of a boastful nature. A surprising number can play Bach's Toccata and Fugue from memory. They will persevere despite repeated failures. These are usually on human subjects whose remnants, living or dead, are stored in commodious basements. Often unreliable technical equipment, anatomical parts and/or lab assistants plague these scientists.

What is it that we love about the mad scientists in our movies and history? Is it because their probing of the unknown piques our curiosity? Is it their seeming superiority to the common herd? Or is it that they -- at least for a while -- get away with more than we can?

They do so in many realms of knowledge. Some of them are practical, and quest for better things for the human race. Others are decidedly less practical. One of their most prominent technologies has been advanced medicine. Filmic mad scientists of the 1930s and 1940s led the vanguard in such efforts as keeping organs alive outside the body, cryogenics, new methods of surgery, robotic parts for humans, and new serums. Others harnessed electricity for all sorts of uses, but mostly to bring dead flesh back to life (always a useful ability), or to power advanced robots and death rays. It is the potential for cutting-edge science that makes fictions about the subject relevant.
These “mad scientists” are enthusiastic about their work, perhaps even carried away with it. They will let no one get in their way, especially those who call them insane, and start -- but do not finish -- going for the authorities. Generally their creations, be they mechanical or living, go out of control. Until the climax, that is, when they turn on their creator(s) and soon destroys them. This is usually due to “fate” or "God," which restores the status quo against the blaspheming mad scientist. And it is this last motif that connects the various aspects of the subject together: the "god-like" man who rejects the accepted ways and pursues the unknown, running into trouble as a result.
Few really believe in vampires, monsters and witches, but these enduring characters of Halloween have a basis in real life that is often more interesting than the fantasy.Think of Halloween and your mind conjures images of ghosts, vampires, witches and monsters.

Our modern versions of them have largely been crafted by popular literature and, more influentially, the movies. But like many fantastic characters of myth and lore, they have a basis in reality.
Sometimes the true stories of these creatures that haunt our imaginations are just as weird and amazing as their fictional incarnations.

IHRT's story today is almost 99% truth, with the 1% being our reference of the "DNA," so we ask you, the reader, to try to put yourself in the "surgical gowns" of these most vulnerable, desperate patients who were harvested to a "psycho-surgeon" who drew them into a "factitious world" created in his mind!
IHRT Presents for Your Halloween Entertainment.......
“The REAL Monster of Halloween”

Castle Frankenstein –Darmstadt Bavaria Germany

The castle is perched atop a bluff of rock, a Gothic array of towers and pinnacles looming over the Rhine valley and once home to a troop of medieval knights. The hilly Oldenwald, which lies to the south of Darmstadt, is an area of little villages, rustic farms and Gothic churches.
The hilltops are crowned with thick forest while the valleys are framed with flower-studded meadows. The drive to Castle Frankenstein from Darmstadt station, takes 20 minutes.
First, you will cross the pancake-flat Rhine valley with its patchwork of asparagus and potato fields, then the road suddenly swings upwards and you are hurtle around a series of tight, vertiginous bends towards your destination. A 'Welcome to Castle Frankenstein,' sign greets you when your stomach-churning drive finally ends. The year, 2004!
You feel anxious as you near the huge doors that will take you into unknown areas of the castle, and as you enter, you see the first of two medieval towers built in the 16th century by Sir George Frankenstein. The towers are dimly lit by the fires of torches placed high in sconces set deep into the stone walls, walls that seem to reach forever skyward. As you continue to walk down the dusky, damp halls through the towers you realize that the foreboding halls of this impregnable fortress guarding the Rhine are consuming you and you start to think that you might never see the outside world again. Your fear heightens your every sense as you search shadowy crevices and gaze into the darkness with more anxiety then eager curiosity.
You smell terrible smells, hear terrible sounds, everything is so confusing, moving to fast to be real, your feeling weak, scared, and with each step you seem to be taken back in time; then you see it, a door, and it is opening, someone is coming toward you, it’s a man, a, a Dr. and he is dressed in period clothing from the 18th century!
This can’t be! All of a sudden your mind is filled with the thoughts of the experiments of the mad scientist, Italian physician Luigi Aldini, who in 1760 had injected a current of electricity into the head of a newly executed murderer, causing an array of horrible spasms, one of which opened the corpse's left eye! As this oddly dressed Dr. comes toward you, he is smiling as though you were a long lost relative. You do not recognize him, yet there IS something familiar about that smile, but what is? Your heart is racing with fear, your head swims and then…..your world goes black!
You wake in a sweat to find yourself strapped on a cold hard table in one of the castle's inner chambers, the same room in which a boy was born of refugee parents from Poland in 1673. In later life that boy turned man, would sign himself von Frankenstein in recognition of his birthplace. He was never a nobleman, and never was blood relation of the Frankenstein family.
The dates, the years, the similarities of then and now are all merged into one blur in your mind as you are wheeled into a modern operating room in a foreign country. Eyes that look like yours are everywhere, eyes behind masks, eyes everywhere looking at you, then voices, lots of words but in a language you don’t understand. The Dr., that smile, it is one and the same, how can that be in this modern age, but you will get no answer to that question, as once again your world goes black, and the experiments begin!
(3) Johann Konrad Dippel (1673-1734)

The REAL Frankenstein Monster! Our story starts out with the birth of an 18th century mad scientist who was born in 1673 in Germany at - believe it or not - Castle Frankenstein!

Dipple, a man of great pride, felt no limitations to his intellect and was interested in pursuing the great mysteries of life. When he registered at the University of Giessen (sixty miles north of the real Castle Frankenstein near Darmstadt, Germany), he registered as "Franckensteina." Some three years later he completed his dissertation. As it was a skeptical work -- whose title De Nihilo meant "On Nothing" -- it outraged many of his superiors. Dipple flaunted that he was smarter than the “normal” human being, and wittier, and was often of a boastful nature, and with an attitude that gave one the impression he could care less what others thought of him!

Educated as a physician, Dippel set up a laboratory at Castle Frankenstein where he would be free to conduct his bizarre experiments. There's no record of whether or not he had a hunchbacked assistant named Igor, but Dippel (who often went by the name Konrad Frankensteina) spent a lot of his time with his hobby of alchemy - a popular pursuit of the day. Alchemy(1) is a kind pseudoscientific experimentation with the elements - crazy chemistry - whose ultimate challenge was to be able to turn lead into gold. Dippel was also fascinated by the possibility of immortality through scientific means.
Though a brilliant scientist, Dipple got caught up in the dark world of alchemy and body snatching. He really did use the parts of butchered animals and exhumed human corpses in his vain attempt to "engender life in the dead," in his own words. He claimed to have the secret of the “philosopher's stone,”(2) as well as the ability to create life.
Unlike his literary and cinematic "decedents," Dippel did not rig up the body parts to elaborate lightning-powered gizmos and spark generators. Rather he boiled everything - skin, muscle, bone, blood, hair and organs - in large vats. When the surrounding community got wind of what Dippel was up to, maybe they didn't storm his castle with torches, shovels and rakes, but they did kick him out of town.

Dipple returned to Guessen hoping for a fellowship there, but meeting with a cold reception there, he went to Wittenberg, where his fortunes proved no better. At Strasburg, his views made it impossible for him to establish any connection with that university, but he did do some lecturing on astronomy and palmistry, preaching frequently in a spirit that soon led him to be dismissed. Dipple had developed a lifestyle that ultimately forced him back to his native place, a fugative from his collectors!

Finding a new faith, Dipple entered into it with a fierce pace that led him to fame. In less then two years he 14 controversial writings on the theme of morals verses dogma, among other subjects, and like everything else he ever did, he went to extremes, which subjected him to persecution from the clergy and even from the mob, by whom his life was threatened.By 1704 Dipple had moved to Berlin and devoted his researches to alchemy and deluded at one time that he had solved the problem of transmutation! He was driven out of Berlin and fled to Kostrits, thence moved on to Holland, where he lived for some time near Amsterdam.

In 1711 he practiced medicine in Leyden, and wrote a number of papers on theology and in 1714 had his papers published. In this same year he relocated to Altona, in Sleswick-Holstein where an imprudent incursion into politics aroused the hatred of high officials, and in 1719 he was condemned to perpetual imprisonment. Though the full sentence was never carried out, Dipple did live for 7 years in semi-confinement on the island of Bornholm. Released in 1726, he went to Sweden where he became the physician to King Frederick I. Once again he aroused the clergy there and was banished from the country.Returning to Germany, he took up residence in Liebenberg, near Goslar, andContinued his studies in alchemy. Though he abstained entirely from theological controversy, the clergy compelled him to flee, and he found refuge with the Count of Wittgenstein-Berleburg. His last years were largely taken up by violent controversy with Zinzendorf over the nature of the Atomement.

Once again, fleeing persecution, Dipple returned to “Frankenstein Castle” in Bavaria, Germany where rumors circulated that he was again collecting body parts to assist in the making of a formula that Dipple claimed would allow him to live to the age of 135. On the morning of April 24th, 1734, Dipple’s body was found in his laboratory by one of his friends. It is believed that he died by drinking his own potion.
After a tumultuous and lonely life, Johann Konrad Dippel became another legend in the history of Frankenstein, though he would never be recognized for his scientific abilities, instead he became known as "Dipple the Alchemist".

They say that all the spirits of those who were experimented on during Dipple’s time haunt the “Frankenstein Castle” yet today, but the haunting does not stop there. A “ NEW” kind of “haunting” out of the “Frankenstein Castle” reveled itself over 233 years later in the birth of another boy born to parents of Polish decent.............................

A direct descendent of the late Johann Konrad Dippel, this boys life will bear an astonishing similarities to that of his infamous relative!!
Madness At The Edge Of Science
IHRT reveals the: True life experiments of "Dr. Dipple Kruschinski" aka "Dr. Daniel Kruschinski"

Patient on Kruschinski's "Abdolift!" (Seen below!)

The "adhesion" caused by "Das Hook" during Kruschinski's experiments!

This adhesion attached itself to other organs, leaving those who were placed on the hook with terribly excruciating, life long pain and misery!

Kruschinski was aware of this, yet he abused the "Abdolift" by using it over and over again on his victims, performing up to three surgeries on them within a two week period!

In his own words, IHRT quotes, "These people suffer anyway, so I may as well experiement on them in hopes of finding my legacy!"

Daniel Kruczinsky, alias Kruschinski, alias Druschinsky was born in 1958 in Poland.

In 1969 "Kru" as he becomes known as, moved with his family to Munich Germany after his father was released from the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. His upbringing was tumultuous and lonely as he strives to live up to his father’s expectations, unrealistic expectations that no human being could ever really live up to. Daniel’s boyhood days would be filled with a cold harshness that could only have come out of someone who spent years in a concentration camp, and years where every human emotion was drained from the very core of the prisoner’s body.
With his life missing the essentials necessary for a child to grow strong in self esteem and character, Daniel soon found himself empty of both and not feeling any self worth or value to anyone, he became soon became void of emotions as well.

Early in his youth he started to “create” identities that he thought would give him the recognition and love he always craved, but never received growing up. Though he had a mother, it was the love, attention and respect from his father that he craved throughout his childhood, thus his mother became a non-entity in his life, and continues to be that yet today. Daniel not only created multiple identities, he perfected lies about himself to the point that he became what is known today as a, “pathological liar” in which the liar actually starts to believe their own lies, not being able to tell truth from fiction.

As he moved out into the world, Daniel Kruschinski changed the Polish spelling of his name hoping that he would be better accepted by his peers, and possibly out of feelings that he was not worthy to carry that name having failed receiving respect and love from his father.

He began his medical studies at Düsseldorf University in October 1979, and finished in November 1985. For the dissertation entitled "Selective histochemical zinc presentation in testis of the Wistar rat", carried out at the Anatomical Institute of Düsseldorf University under Prof. H.G. Goslar, he was awarded his doctorate in September 1986 with the mark "Summa cum laude". As his dissertation was a skeptical piece of work, many of his superiors were not surprised as throughout his time at the university, Daniel was seen as being rather, freaky.” Kruschinski flaunted that he was smarter than the “normal” human being, and wittier, and was often of a boastful nature, and with an attitude that gave one the impression he could care less what others thought of him!

In what seemed to be a hasty change of mind from a future in the area of research, Kruschinski turned his education to the area of gynecology and obstetrics at the gynecology clinic of the Franzkiskus-Hospital in Bielefeld under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. J.D. Schnell and continued at the gynecology clinic of Minden Hospital under Prof. Dr. med. H. Wagner. Educated as a physician now, Kruschinski set up practices in private centers where he would be free to conduct his bizarre experiments. There's no record of whether or not he had a hunchbacked assistant named Igor, but “Doc. Kru” (who often went by that name on his Internet message boards) did have an assistant who he said was a nurse, but in reality, she was only his mistress, never having been trained as a nurse, yet working side by side with him in his operating room during these experimental procedures!

From 1990 to 1995, Dr. Kruschinski worked at the Clinic and Polyclinic for Obstetrics of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz under Prof. Dr. med. P.G. Knapstein. Here he established the center for minimally invasive surgery and was in charge of consulting hours for plastic surgery of the breast. After this, Dr. Kruschinski was attending physician at the University Gynecology Clinic at the Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum-Langendreer under Prof. Dr. med. A. Jensen. And then in February 1998 he established a surgical office in Alzey, focusing mainly on minimally invasive surgery. Following consultation here, he treated his patients in the Kirchheimbolanden Hospital. Finally, on admission as faculty member to the faculty of medicine of the private Witten / Herdecke University he was made head of the Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology. Little did he know that he would continue to “run” from Klinik to Klinik, and move between some of the same cities that his relative, Johann Konrad Dippel had done for so many years, and for the same reasons as his ancestor had!

To name a FEW: Schärding-Austria, Offenbach, Eilenriedeklinik Hannover, Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweigm, Emma Klinik, Seligenstadt, Passua, Rotthalmünster, Bavaria, Bochum-Langendreer, Mainz, Bielefeld, Witten Germany!

Dr. Kruschinski went on to create a world that he was certain would evolve into his wildest dreams, one of fame, fortune and world domination! He created, “EndoGyn® - Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology, LTD” and that move would lead him into the dark world of human experiments, extremes in surgeries, obsessions with surgical techniques, surgical instruments and procedures, pushing things to the limits and beyond. Not seeming to care who got hurt by his extremes, he continued to harvest patients to his operating rooms with lies, deceit, and “charisma!” Though he really hated women, it was them that he targeted, knowing his "experiments" on them would leave him with little to no guilt!

His whole life would be filled with short -lived relationships! His peers would continue to find him, “freaky” and “odd” to be around. He started to drink heavy, remaining in his offices day and night! He would write controversial paper’s, which only served to anger those in the scientific world of research, as he wrote them without any proof of validating research associated with them. Time and again, his scientific writings would be proven false in content!

As in keeping with the times, Dr. Kruschinski used the Internet as a means to make himself known, and unfortunately, to make his fortune! For a brief time it seemed as though he would accomplish his dream of becoming a famous International surgeon, a “savior” of sorts. He would even publicly compare himself to “Einstein,” and to “God!” “Doctors from EndoGyn® LTD are now performing surgery in many locations and hospitals. The idea of franchising endoscopic surgery is getting reality” he would say over and over again, seeming only to be fooling him-self!

Dr. Kruschinski made lots of money from performing operations on people from all over the world, people who had to pay him cash if they wanted HIS special 100% proven surgery that he promised would cure them! And pay they did, for a while that is!Soon these patients were NOT getting well, and many of them were returning to his operating room time and again, and paying cash each time! Some of these patients were almost cut in half in operations were he called himself a “reconstructive surgeon,” yet not ever having had that training! Others were placed on a “hook” that suspended them into the air like beef hanging in the slaughterhouse! Time and again he overused this “hook” apparatus, causing severe damage to those he used it on, and left many of them in horrible, non-reversible pain and disabling symptoms!

“Doc. Kru” even gave discounts to some if they would keep the secret that he did not make them well, let alone cure them! And some patients did this so they could come back and let him try again to heal them, only to find themselves once again on the “hook!” It soon it became apparent to him that he could no longer “scam” patients over the Internet, and he lost money, causing him to fall into bankruptcy, losing his hospital affiliations time and again, and soon he found himself a fugitive from his collectors! What he did seem to accomplish through his use of the Internet was the cult like followers who, no matter if he had injured them in a surgery, insulted them in a public manner by calling them drug addicts and alcoholics, they continue to praise him! They praise him even after he confessed that he did in fact perform experiments on his patients and then boldly published a paper on it!

Dr. Kruschinski was so void of ethics and morals, that he would deny his Jewish birth when it benefited him, then used it when it benefited him, and at times, he even professed to be a Catholic in order to be “accepted” into a community of Christians at a Klinik he was hoping to infiltrate!

Though Dr. Daniel Kruschniski has lost everything that would associate him to being a Dr., and fleeing from one area of Germany to the other, at ties calling upon patients and colleges to let him sleep in their homes, he lives on, surfacing now and then on the Internet! It is apparent that “Doc. Kru” has reverted back to the original opinion of himself, which is an empty shell of a human being, he uses posts on the Internet as if he is gasping for a breath, as it will only come in the words of praise from those who are as dysfunctional as he is, yet, this IS all that is left of his life.
At some point his Internet Web site will shut down, moneys due it not forthcoming and Endogyn will be gone as it only exists in a computer and as “Doc Kru” said in his own words, “I am Endogyn, and Endogyn is me. Where it is, I am, and so be it!”

As he desperately posts his last words, there will be no way to send them across the Internet, he will breath his last breath before he slides into the murky, darkness of his ways. Because of his upbringing, he saw himself as a failure, an empty shell, a “nothing” and in this, he was finally right!

Kru will drown from an emotion he wasn’t even aware that he had. No, it is not guilt of what he did to others, as he is void of that emotion, but from his own inability to be able to be someone he created, and even in that, he failed!

Though unlike his ancestor, Johann Konrad Dippel, Daniel Kruschinski “lives,” but he lives as a “nothing.” Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, like his ancestor, Johann Konrad Dippel, after a tumultuous and lonely life, became another legend in the history of Frankenstein, he too would never be recognized for his scientific abilities, instead he has became known as "Kruschinsky the Phsycho-Surgeon" who experimented on his unsuspecting patients from 2001-2007 and admitted it to the world!

Is this nightmare over, you might ask, will the "psycho-freak surgeon" cease to exist? Will he surface again?

IHRT tells you the truth, "We do not know!" We do know for a fact that people with a profile such as Daniel Kruschinski has, when put down they seem to resurface again and again and again, re-establishing themselves in different ways, but always conning people!

Some thoughts for your Halloween contemplation....

Do YOU know where in the world will Kru surface next?

Will YOU become one of his victims?

Do YOU know who is performing YOUR surgery?"

Have a "Happy Halloween!"

(1) “Alchemy” hovered between worlds. It emerged in a time-between-times, after a Dark Age had brightened but before a Renaissance had dawned. It came from Arab and Greek sources, but it flourished in theWest. It lay between faith and philosophy; it still dreamed of heaven, but it focused on the Earth.(2) The “Philosopher's Stone,” in Latin lapis philosophorum, is a mythical substance that supposedly could turn inexpensive metals into gold and/or create an elixir that would make humans younger, thus delaying death. (3) Johann Konrad Dippel "Frankenstein Family Album",

Friday, October 19, 2007

At last....Kru tells the truth!!!

Kruschinski finally tells some truth, but remains "whinny!"


Posted Tuesday, 16 October 2007 @ 05:39:07
Since the Message board is abused by EndoGyn, it will be in the next version like that that the information for all is transferred to Web contents, further information to become allenzu order stand, which message board limited to the active Posting however to "members". At present is it so that none (also I not) dares, here which to posts, in order not to become "torn" on the same day on the USA side of the habichten and Kranichen not truely? On the last Aktivitaeteten we will then also report. Many greetings ------------------- Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd..

"Poor me!"


Posted Thursday, 18 October 2007 @ 07:23:59 one saw straight, what made the "amerikansche picture newspaper" with a simple Posting over a info. DVD. It is simply only for laughter, which concerns this side. ------------------- Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd..

IHRT is pretty sure that Kru is referring to us when he states "one who saw straight!" Yeah, IHRT did see "straight through HIS bullcrap" that is!

Oh, Poor Kru, had his feeling hurt, no sense of humor, Kru? Did you really think you could pawn off a crappy obsolete DVD made in English and being sold to Germans? IHRT doesn't think so!

Kru, you underestimate other peoples intelligent and you are not putting anything over anyone anymore! People see you for what you really are...nothing!

You might think your so far ahead of anyone else in this world, Kru, however, what IHRT knows about you is that "you are so far BEHIND that you think your ahead!

Have you forgotten the many desperate, suffering people YOU have hurt? How many dysfunctional people you continue to dangle a carrot in front of so that your ego is stroked by there non-sense responses to your posts in a "dead" 'ol web site that reeks of being even less of an "LTD" then it is?

Cry, moan, stamp your feet, clutch your fists, make threats, yell, get drunk, be dirty, and smell bad, as this is who you really are, so why not make it public on your "message" board. have at it!

Oh, one more thing, Kru, did you forget that you already posted that you would not be accepting any more messages in format currently used? You did post that some time ago, however, like everything else you saw, it never came to pass!

The REAL truth of the Endogyn web site is that it is defunct, done, fallen, empty, except for a few, a VERY few hangers on who post to each other, virtually ignoring any posts by Kru we see here with a post done by him!
Who is listening anyway? IHRT IS that's who!

Want to see what a REAL loser looks like...look at Kru responses to HIS posts in HIS web site! LOL! LOL! LOL!
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A new DVD Created: 10-16-2007 Doc_Kru 1 12:16 PM by sybylsmom

Watch out Kru, the truth is you ARE being watched all the time and everywhere!

You will never again get away with any of your criminal, crazy crap, without being exposed and as you know, "whinny Dan the man-less," IHRT DOES keep it's word!

Anyone interested in a "foreclosure" distribution of assets? Coming soon to "King Kru!"

So much for leaving his sons a "legacy!"

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

NEW ENDOGYN DVD FOR SALE! Get yours now....

WINNER of the "Scam of the Week" once again goes to this "secret" liar.........can you guess who this "liar" is?

IHRT hints:

1.) He loves "harry guys," is bald with a puffy face, is penny-less, is jobless, is totally clueless, is family-less, is home-less, is woman-less (though he is womanly in his actions, a Dubon's dream), is "smelly" and he has multipe personalities, is perverted, destroys everything he touches, he lies and whines everytime he opens his mouth, or posts in his web site, he is a drunk and among many other things, he remains the laughing stock of all who know the real person behind the facade!

2.) This liar has won the "Biggest Liar" competition every year since 1999!

3.) This liar lives in a "factitious" world created in his mind, and lives in cars, and lives with his patients, and anyone he can live with, actually!

4.) This liar has become "nocternal" due to the immense publicity he has garnished with his bizzare web site and behaviors in court, hospitals and everywhere else he shows up at!

By now IHRT thinks that you have a pretty good idea who this most infamouse, disreputable, tarnished liar, scammer and cheat is, but please allow IHRT the pleasure of diclosing his identity in a most deserving fashion fit for him!
DRUM ROLL PLEASE..........................................


Is the dishonorable, disreputable & dispicable
"Dr." Daniel MariAnn Kruschinski."

Starring, "Me, myself and I"

Without hair, with hair, with puffy face, an "In his dream" picture of a real Dr. and with hair

And with the "Kruschinski" scam sneer.....

I bought that DVD and Karen's book, and I don't even understand English, dah!


"I bought you our buddy Kru's DVD, want to watch it with me? I won't let you go until you say yes!!" "Is it sassy like he is???"


Hey buddy, thanks for buying my DVD, really appreciate the money! And it is as real as our "German" fauna that your wife found when she was here in Germany!

Didn't I sell you fools, folks, a "German Shepherd" too???

Can I sell you a “SchIII German Shepherd?” It looks a little different in this picture here, but thats from the "poodle"cut, once it grows out you got yourself a good looking sheep, ah, I mean shepherd!....


The most recent SCAM out of Endogyn!

"Dr." Kruschinski has come up with a procedure that will eliminate the "dangerous" affects of gas in the human body!
Bye-bye to all those "Beer farts," & "Farting around the campfire," & "Pull my finger farts" , and just "good 'ol farting in general," and to think Kru started out in the scientific world experimenting with "Rats Testicles!"
He has come a long way!
IHRT is of the opinion that the world is better for Kru straying from the study of "testicles" to the study of " farts," as we are certain there would definately be far less people in the world had he not!

Now, for your viewing entertainment,
"Teaching the technique » DVD with procedures"

Kru offers the following invitation to persons looking at this disc in the Endogyn web site,
"a click increases the size of the image for printing Print this page"
Like anyone would want to waste printer ink on this shabby looking advertisement that is not only obsolete, he can't do the procedure anywhere!!
Give us a break, Kru, no one is THAT gullable, except for "Dandy Sandy, Jerky Jan, THE Helen Dynda, Karen Steward and of course, Milltenberger!

Why can't this NEW DVD look as good as the DVD in this other scam advertisement on your Endogyn web site? (By the way folks, none of these "classes" were ever done due to a "conspiracy" that knocked Kru out of all medical facilities in Europe, as Kru claims!)


POSTS FROM EMDOGYN MESSAGE BOARDS TODAY.....on the "English" message board your only given the option to email Kru to order your DVD! No price, no mailing information, no nothing!
Now, go to the "German" message board and WOW, looky, looky what information you get there!
You German folks email Kru to order your copy of his DVD AND then he explains that you need to send the following in order to receive it:
1.) a self addressed,
2.) paid shipping container to him,
3.) along with the fee for the DVD, (no price listed though as he certainly doesn't want any banks or tax collectors to know about this scam, thus he is keeping is quite)
4.) AND after all of this trouble and exspense, the DVD IS NOT EVEN IN GERMAN!
However, you will get a set of the world famous "Ginsu Knives" for an additional $29.99 if you order NOW!
WOW, Kru, your a genious as THAT will bring in the orders, cha-ching!

Lets take a look at this "Brain Fart" of Kruschinski's as it was obviously thought up during a drunken stupor, which is what he is in most of the time anyway, so that cannot be helped! Maybe Kru should use this procedure on himself as he might have have less "gass" on the brain, (or perhaps he suffer from "fermentation" of the brain!)
English board post today.....
A new DVD Created: 10-16-2007
Posted Tuesday, October 16, 2007 @ 01:16 AM
a new DVD with many lift-laparoscopic procedures is available on request

German board posts today.....
Neue DVD
Posted Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2007 @ 06:14:52
eine neue DVD mit vielen lift-laparoskopischen Prozeduren ist erhältlich.
Posted Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2007 @ 14:05:21
am besten Sie, schicken mir einen Brief mit an Sie addresiertem wattierten DIN A5 Rückumschlag, der mit ausreichend Porto (2 CD-Hüllen) versehen ist. Danke
--------------------Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.
Posted Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2007 @ 14:43:31
Zur Info: die DVD's sind in englisch. MFG
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Kru's operation room staff BEFORE a gass-less surgical procedures (above)
Kru's operating staff AFTER a gass-less surgica procedures (below)
No more straining to let the big one..

The streets will be safer with no more dangerous "fire-farts" to worry about!


"I don't think so!"


And the best news of all is......

~~~~~~~No more "Fart Tax!"~~~~~~~~~~

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trip Down "Nite-Mare" Lane - In the dark halls of -Endogyn

This is the first of many prior posts on IHRT that focus on the now fallen "Endogyn!"

Monday, May 01, 2006
Not everybody gets the special treatment in GErmany
Everybody else seems to have gotten the special treatment in Germany, except me.

I flew to Germany with a companion. Nobody met us at the airport, so after waiting about 45 minutes, we called Dr. K.'s office and somebody was sent to get us. Also nobody took me back to the airport. By that time, my companion had left because another pt and her friend had moved in with me, and it was too crowded. In the morning of the day prior to the day I was supposedto leave, I was informed that I had to move to a hotel, because another pt was moving into the apt with two of her family members.Ok, so I moved to the hotel, no problem, except that I had to find my own way to the airport by myself, so I took a cab and it cost $50 which I had to pay myself and was never reimbursed.

Also, something really weird happened while I was in the Emma Clinic, in the evening after surgery. I had already been gotten out of bed once by the nurse, and the nurse did not tell me not to get out of bed again, so a couple hours later, I got out of bed by myself to use the bathroom, then I got back into bed. A couple hours later, Dr. K came rushing into my room, loudly accusing me of doing "aerobic exercises". He told me to get out of bed and he ripped off my dressing, muttering in German. Then he saw that my companion was sitting back in the corner, and he suddenly turned to pleasant and said everything was OK.After he left, I asked my companion, "what was that all about", and neither one of us could figure it out.

Recently there was a discussion on endogyn about no gloves in the examining room.

I did not think about it much at the time, but now to hear that another of his pts had a blood borne infection, Hepatitus, is REALLY SCARY.


Thursday, May 18, 2006
Dr. Kruschinaki LURED me to Germany by his words
Why I do not recommend Dr. Daniel Kruschinski
I am a former patient of Dr. Daniel Kruschinski and I want to tell my story so that other people will be aware, and can make a more informed decision than I did. I have written directly to Dr. K. several times, and the only response I have gotten from him is "Sorry we could not help you", or "Come back for another surgery, to give the nerves another chance to grow back together.

"Damaged nerves do not "Grow back together". Does he really believe that they do?I did NOT have adhesiolysis, I did not have the abdolift, I did not have spray gel, because they were not indicated for my problem. I had a scar revision by Dr. Krushinski , and as a result of that procedure done by him, I am so much worse, and in constant horrible nerve pain, which has not responded to any treatment.

My life is ruined, and it is only going to get worse.

Why would I go to Germany for such a thing as a scar revision?

Why would I seek out a scar revision from an adhesion specialist?

The answer is that I was desperate and frantic.

Prior to going to Germany, I had severe neuropathy from a prior surgery, and I was told that my scar was adhesed by a physical therapist, several massage therapists, a plastic surgeon, and a neurologist. They all told me that further surgery would just make it worse. So I tried a TENS unit, many different medications for neuropathy, and a nerve block, all to no avail. I found the IAS on the internet and participated on that for several months, to learn about adhesions. I thought that pelvic adhesions, abdominal adhesions, and scar adhesions must have something in common. I heard about people who were going to Germany to get cured of adhesions and who were then pain-free. I called several of those people and believed them when they told me that they were fine, and that they were pain-free. They all encouraged me to go there.

I wrote directly to Dr. Kruschinski and his exact words to me were:"Your problem will be resolved when I take down your incision, remove the adhesed area, and re-suture you and the scar will not be adhesed again." He did not say, "We will see what we can do," He definitely said, "YOUR PROBLEM WILL BE RESOLVED WHEN I DO such and such........." He also told me that he was a plastic surgeon, but I do not think he is. He had another Dr. with him to do the surgery, and she was a plastic surgeon, and thus of course I had to pay double the surgical fee. He seemed so confident, when all other doctors etc I had gone to said they could not help me, so I used my entire savings to make the trip to Germany, and I had the surgery, and I had to stay 17 days and I was in terrible pain the entire time. My scar was all the way around my body, and I kept asking for pain medication, but all I got was the liquid drops that people in Germany take for headaches. I definitely did not go bike riding or sightseeing, but I did force myself to walk 1-2 hours a day.

I had tremendous swelling and bruising, which I expected, and I thought that when it went away, the pain would go away also, but it never did.

A very strange happening!!!

A very strange thing happened on the day of my surgery. I was back in my room, hours after the surgery. A nurse came in and told me to get out of bed and she walked with me down the hall and watched as I got back into bed. I had no problems getting in and out of bed. A while later, I got out of bed by myself to use the bathroom, which was just a few steps from the bed, and then got right back into the bed. Shortly after that, Dr. K. came rushing into my room, and loudly accused me of doing AEROBICS, demanded that I get out of bed, raise my arms above my head, and he then ripped off my dressing. He was muttering something in German. I never figured out what he was so upset about. I asked him what the problem was but he did not reply.

The rest of the story is that the procedure I had done by him was a total disaster. He made the skin so tight I cannot eat or breathe normally. It is perhaps just a coincidence, but the side of my body that he operated on is much tighter and hurts much more than the side that the other Dr, the plastic surgeon, did. Just beware anyone who is reading this.

Remember the saying "if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true.

"I do feel that Dr. Kruschinaki LURED me to Germany by his words "Your problem Will be resolved"

Personally I think he just wanted my money. I was a fool to believe him.

Nobody from IHRT requested that I write this message. It was my own decision. There is a lot more that I could say, but I have confined my comments to my personal experience and not the experiences of others. They can speak for themselves.

Thank you IHRT for the opportunity to post this on your BLOG.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Breaking News!!! Endogyn Closes!!
Dr. Daniel Kruschinski has been dismissed from Emma Clinic and is forbidden to do any more surgeries there.
Endogyn Web Site ( English) remains dormant, like a ship settled on the bottom of the sea it shall remain that way forever more.
* All surgeries scheduled for Endogyn have been cancelled!* 2007 ISGE meeting hosted by “Kru” cancelled!

* All “new” surgery sites “Kru” claimed to be opening, cancelled!

* “Kru” cannot perform surgery in other countries as he stated he would!

*"Kru" had been dismissed from 5 prior medical centers before renting his office and medical space from Emma Klinik!
***All "research papers by "Kru" & "Shirli Homberg" (his wife) regarding CO2 causing adhesion formation have been proven to be without basis! (They have all been conveniently removed from the Endogyn web site too!)

“Kru” tells his "German" patients that he will perform surgeries at another location in Germany, IHRT says, “Keep Him in Germany” as when they condone this kind of surgeon there, keep him there, however, IHRT cautions any US patient who might be considering following this surgeon (like a cult) for future surgeries, my God, think!

DO NOT trust any of “Kru’s” prior patients who make claims of being well, those who made these claims, all of a sudden are NOT as well as they had portrayed themselves to be, male patients included!

IF any patient to Endogyn was “cured” in a first trip there, is was due to them having a very minimal case of adhesions and of course the “Confluent Spraygel!"

"Kru's crew has fallen with him, they have been silenced too!
Karen Steward once said that, "The TRUTH will prevail in the end," and it did! IHRT agrees 100%
Helen Dynda is silenced and alone, had by "Kru!" So much for her and "Kru's"patient/Dr. relationship! "Knowledge IS Power" but only if you use it wisely, Helen! Carolyn, Connie, Sally and Lisa, have all been had by "Kru" too, and if they only knew the whole story, they would know how he talked about them, as he talked about us! Regarding “Kru’s” claims of performing a “gasless” procedure – in EVERY surgical procedure he ever did, even with the “Abdolift," he used CO2 to insufflate the abdomen of his patient!!! Check your op reports. There is no other way to "screw" the Abdolift into the abdomen unless it was already insulflated, if it were not so, organs would be easily punctured by it!
One final disclosure from the IHRT team...not once did we ever miss-represent anything we posted regarding Kruschisnki, never once did we embelish any issues, and not once did we ever not tell the truth! Our agenda did not change since it started in 2003, and it was never to promote any particular surgeon, but rather, to challenge others to seek the truth of Kruschinski and his "crew" and to be educated enough to know that the truth was never written or spoken from them!
This whole episode is a sad one, we rather many people were well from thier experiences in Endogyn, but it is not that way, and though justice is yet to be served on this man, and it will be, for now, and perhaps in the future, the lives of others have been spared because of both sides presenting thier issues, but with only one side being able to show the truth!


Monday, July 17, 2006
Kruschinski Posts while Drunk!
IHRT shares a post that "Kru" wrote to his Endogyn web site yesterday, however, once he sobered up SOME, he quickly removed it.

But he wasn't as quick as he thought, as when drunk, ones senses are slow, and knowing that "Kru" would want his words about Endogyn and his fellow surgeons saved, IHRT saved it for him.

Here is a rather "puffy" looking Kruschinski and the post he removed from Endogyn!

"BD and DR and others: I must laugh ... "


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Posted Sunday, July 16, 2006 @ 04:40 PM

"BD and DR, LOL ....

"Do you think, intelligent human believe all that crap that you produce ??? Be sure, you cant destroy me anymore. If you didn't manage it 2003, now it's too late, there are too many patients as an evidence in opposite to your lies.You blow-up some info you get from people I know as the informants, into a pack of lies and imaginations.

What is so special to move facilities ? If patients want, I can still perform their surgeries at the Emma... no problem at all. It's true that we closed the office in Seligenstadt... but why not ? I can do whatever I want.Open new facilities, close old ones and you are not the ones to condemn what and how I do... you are simply laities and will never have anything else to do than to try to ruin poor ones.

Let me tell you that. As you (and those who are behind you) are trying hard to ruin me for 3 years now; i still will pop-up somewhere as you do with your websites and so we both will continue our game, I as an excellent surgeon but you as ordinary liars and those doctors behind you will very soon loose all their patients, believe me.

I still perform surgery and will continue to do that, regardless how infame you and the doctors behind you will continue to discredit me. I just got contracts with UK insurances, so let's see and watch the future.

I learned survivor techniques from my jewish father who survived Ausschwitz ... Watch and see...

What you produce about me and my personal life, doesn't matter. All what you post are lies and scare tactics to lure patients. Do you want to lure patients to a facility that did not more than 10 adhesiolysis by one surgeon ??? All the international surgeons you claim in your postings NEVER did surgery in that facility, except of one from US. No one of this doctors performs a second look (in order not to see the mess he left behind...)

You have no facility to send patients to, as the results of your specialist surgeons are nothing better than a diagnostic laparoscopy. Show us at least ONE patient who got well after surgery there. There should be at least one, if you say so and this one will for sure be able to speak for herself and recommend the facility and the surgeons.

I have so many images and evidence of so many patients who had surgery with most of the specialists you have on your list and could show the failures they have...and you have only yourself, where in your 3rd look in US there were no adhesions for sure, I have the video of this surgery too.

Do I look as someone who hides himself and nearly dies ???

"IHRT comments to "Kru's" post:

Kruschinski states, "Lies" and "Scare" tanctics!"

*What lies? IHRT validates everything they print! And now Karen Steward is validating it with us!

*Is someone scared, if so, what are they scared of?

*Where are "we" luring patients too, "Kru?" And why would we do that?

*What Dr.'s are behind us? (You mention this often, but you never say who it is?)

* "OUR" specialist surgeons??" Who are they?*Who said you was "dying?" Are you trying to tell us something here? (Cirrhosis perhaps?)

*Of the"3000" patients you claim to have had, how many ARE validating your 99% successful outcomes? 5 Perhaps?

* Does this new patient from the USA at Passau count as your "validation?" (We all know she will not be well in a few months, but YOU would count her as a success today knowing it takes a while for your surgery to prove itself unsuccessfu, and, sadly it will be unsuccessful too!)

*What facility do we, IHRT, send patients to?
*What surgeons leave a mess?

*What other surgeons do ONLY a diagnostic lap, and compared to whom and what other surgery? Yours?*Why would "YOU" think any other surgeon would exploit patients in a public way as you do?

*Who had a 3rd look procedure? And where?
* Is Emma Klinik now your 11th facility you closed?
* And, Rotthalmünster ,Mallorca, Offenbach, Austria, & the Uk will follow at whim? That will ONLY be 16 facilities you open and close because YOU can, are we correct here, "Kru?"

*Does your UK insurance know the truth about you and your "results" with the Abdolift? Probably not, but they will!(Though this insurance is bogus, it can't hurt to contact the UK Medical Board with our concerns about "Kru" and why not, as long as it can't hurt "Kru" anymore, then no reason not to notify them, everyone, everywhere, about "Kru!" Right, "Kru?")

* YOU have patients for "evidence?" 5 people who post all the time and not all of them are well, that's evidence? (And keep in mind that one of them IS informing IHRT of everything in Endogyn all the time!)

* Are you saying that "we" ruined you at some hospitals and that is why your "popping" up at other facilities?How can you be "ruined" if you can operate at any of the facilities mentioned by us at any time you wish too? The truth is that you CAN'T! Just watch and see!

*Are you saying that because your "Polish Jewish" father survived Ausschwitz, that we should watch YOUR survivor techiques? If your Jewish father survived Ausschwitz, why did he relocate to Munich, Germany when just 16 years ago there was so much unrest in both East and West Germany, that many persons of German decent were unhappy living there! East Germany was communism under Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger - a member of the Nazi party from 1933 to 1945, and YOUR father relocated his family there!! This doesn't makes sense at all! The majority of Holocaust survivors made Israel their home, and for many years, the Polish Jews were subject to terrible anti-semitic treatment that continued IN Poland and Germany post WWII!

This is a bold face lie, and your using the Holocust as a means to draw pity and attention to yourself! Your poor, poor father to have a son like you!You ARE despicable and though there is not a shameful ounce in your body for what you say and do to others, I will say that this "claim" on your fathers name, and the name of the Holocust, is unforgivable, but then, you wouldn't care about that anyway!

*(Kru's CV in Endogyn: Dr. Kruschinski was born in 1958 in Poland. In 1969his family relocated to Munich, Germany.)There are so many incomplete statements in your post, Kru," that is is evident you were drinking. Please clarify them if you will, as what do you have to lose, nothing, as you say! Until IHRT hears from you regarding this post in Endogyn ( though now removed) here is our opinion of it:

*IHRT thanks "Kru" for validating that Endogyn no longer located in, "anywhere" actually. (It is in a laptop where ever Kru and Michi are. Real proffesional, Kru!)"Kru's" words: "It's true that we closed the office in Seligenstadt"

* IHRT says , " It is NEVER to late to do anything!"

* IHRT says, " We WILL be watching for you to do surgery at "Emma!" ( And in the UK, Schärding-Austria, Offenbach, Rotthalmünster, Eilenriedeklinik Hannover, Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweigm, Mallorca / Spain... your a busy man to find time to booze on a boat!)

* IHRT asks if you carry your "Abdolift" when you travel to all of these hospitals, or are they all buying one of thier own?

* IHRT asks if these hospital also offer "CO2" laporoscopic procedures? If so, how will you tolerate that? Do you intend to change that infrastructure to ALL "gas-less" surgeries?

Lets also look at these other posts by "Kru" that simply do not make sense either!(Posting while drinking makes for some sloppy, ignorant press!)

"Kru" Posted these on: Sunday, June 25, 2006 @ 11:39 AM"

After having reviewed the adhesiolysis procedures from hundreds of patients from all over the world, some changes in the concept of our adhesiolysis will be incorporated.

"IHRT asks "Kru" LOL!

*Who did this survey, Kru?

*When was it done?

*How was it accomplished?

*Where YOUR prior patients included in this survey?

*Where are the results posted?

Kru states..."Mallorca / Spain is on a good way and the hospital there will start in October 2006" LOL!

IHRT says...Yeah, right!

Watch how THIS transpires, folks! It won't!

Kru states..."In Rotthalmünster there is a cooperation with the Ayursan Clinic (at the same department) that offers a new concept for Ayurveda medicine. Especially for adhesions patients there is a typical Ayurveda treatment that can be included in your stay for adhesiolysis.

"IHRT points out... Post surgical patients and people with any wounds CANNOT go into spa's for fear of infections from other people and from chemicals in the spas! Hello !!

Kru states..."Also new ist the fact that we keep patients for all the period of 12-14 days in the hospital (not only 2 days like before) while the partner stays in another room at the hospital. If there are more than one person accompanying, apartments can be booked near the hospital.

"IHRT points out that as long as the costs stay the same for all these days, and NO costs to the traveling partner, it is a real bargain! So, 3 surgeries from a variety of countries every few months, well, that should rake in the loot to "Kru's" new facilities!! LOL! LOL!

Kru states...

Posted Thursday, July 6, 2006 @ 02:36 PM

Kru:"Were these patients treated at the new location at Passau or in Seligenstadt?

"Kru responds, " only in Passau...

"IHRT asks why that is, as he said that he can go wherever he pleases to perform surgery??

IHRT proudly presents "My Manic Dramas" a melodramatic theatrical take on Kruschinski's many "Drama's!" "Doc. Kru" plays himself as a whoe begone poor me "drama queen!"

("Why does everyone hurt me," moans Kru, as he throws himself across the fainting couch in perfect garbo fashion!)

As the curtain goes up on the first scene,
Kruschinski is seen sitting on the "Titanic " sipping his drink and thinking,"

This is the life, my future is all ahead of me any way I want it!"