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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Physician/Patient Relationship BOUNDARY VIOLATIONS

Hmmm...sound like anyone you know????
From Ardvark Blog Kareful of Dr. K series

Gabbard & Nadelson, Professional Boundaries in the Physician/Patient Relationship
There is an inherent power differential between doctor and patient; doctors may exploit this towards their own ends, or patients may assert themselves in attempts to gain power over the physician.


FACTS- Sexual Boundary Violations:

-Occur in all fiduciary relationships, and relationships involving a power differential: lawyers, teachers, clergy, & other health care professionals

-Occur as frequently in the US as in other countries where sexual misconduct has been studied

-Intercourse involving a male physician and female patient is most common


A breach of trust in a professional ("Fiduciary") relationship
May impair physician’s objectivity & judgement
Takes advantage of patient transference
Power imbalance present between physician and patient; the only way for patient to regain power is by enticing physician to violate established morals
Is the patient capable of giving consent? Depending on circumstances, the patient’s consent may be highly influenced by transference and the power imbalance.
There is potential for considerable harm to the patient as a result of such sexual relationships
New Zealand organization recognized 3 catgeories:

-Sexual Impropriety- expressions or gestures that are offensive to to the patient’s privacy & are demeaning

-Sexual Transgression- Inappropriate, sexualized touching that stops short of overt sexual relations.

-Sexual Violation- physician-patient sexual relations, regardless of initiator; includes genital intercourse, oral sex, anal sex, & mutual masturbation

The AMA’s Position:

Romantic or sexual relationships with a current patient are unethical
Romantic or sexual relationships with former patients are not necessarily unethical, but certain aspects must be taken into consideration:
Degree of care: life-saving surgery vs. treatment of a sore throat
Length of care: 5-years of psychiatric care vs. 1-time ER visit
Bottom Line: Relationships with former patients may be ok, but depends on length and degree of care. Don’t have sex with patients you saw for long periods of time or had a massive impact in treatment.


-The patient’s needs should always be the physician’s first priority and supercede the physician’s needs.


- May impair the physician’s ability to focus exclusively on the patient’s well-being.

Ex: A physician orders a chest X-ray on his wife; he finds an opacity that could be breast cancer, but ignores its significance because he would be emotionally devastated if she did have breast cancer.

-May interfere with the physician’s empathy (in relationships involving resentment or dependency)

Ex: A physician finds himself callously delivering bad news to a patient who also happens to be his ex-wife’s divorce lawyer.

-May hinder communication; a patient may not honestly answer physician’s questions or volunteer important sensitive information.

Ex: A woman intentionally doesn’t mention her extramarital affair to her gynecologist because he is close friends with her husband.

-May hinder communication: physician may not ask sensitive questions or confront patients regarding noncompliance or unhealthy lifestyles & behaviors.

Ex: A physician treating his teenage daughter for a UTI neglects to ask her about sexual activity because he assumes she is a virgin.

Ex: A patient admits to using IV drugs for years, but the physician feels uncomfortable counseling him because they are close friends.


Patients may give gifts in order to express their appreciation
Patients may offer to perform services in lieu of payment (bartering)
Barter is a common form of payment in poor or uninsured patients
Bartering is not necessarily a boundary violation; bartering for material goods is probably ok, but physicians probably shouldn’t accept payment in the form of services.
Ex: A patient offers to help file charts in exchange for services; consequently, the patient gains access to other patients’ charts. If the physician is displeased with the work, then there is an additional conflict of interest.

Small, inexpensive gifts are benign boundary crossings; large gifts, however, may represent a patient’s unconscious attempt to bribe the physician ("a secret quid pro quo") or regain power in the physician patient relationship.
Tony Soprano— In one episode of the Sopranos, Tony gave his uncle’s oncologist an expensive golf club, hoping that the oncologist would give Uncle Junior more attention. This wasn’t so much a secret quid pro quo since Tony threatened to beat the oncologist with the golf club if he didn’t pay more attention to Junior.

In another episode, Tony’s psychiatrist considered asking him for his help finding and eliminating her rapist. Accepting services in exchange for treatment is a fishy endeavor…especially when the service in question is murder.


Physician Abuse:

-Keeping patients waiting

-Spending too much time with attractive/charming patients

-Scheduling patients to see you when no one is in the office

Patient Abuse:

-Late for appointments

-Occupying too much of the physician’s time

Old People are pros at occupying a physician’s time with their encyclopedic number of health problems, and stories about their peers who have died. Of course you’ll listen politely, and hope that they fall asleep before you do. During their never-ending stories, make sure to nervously chuckle, frequently check your watch, and pretend to get paged.


-Don’t address unfamiliar patients by first name, or with pet names

-Avoid using potentially offensive slang names (for anatomy, I’m assuming. I think we all know not to use an offensive slang name for a patient by now)

-Never tell a teenage girl that she’s "developing a nice set of breasts" as this could be construed sexually. Instead, say "You are developing normally," or, "Nice hooters!" (j/k)


-Physicians often build rapport by discussing mutual interests, but it can become extreme

-Physicians should avoid disclosing most personal problems to patients, especially for the purpose of comfort or sympathy.

-Excessive self-disclosure is an abuse of the patient’s time: they are paying for you to listen to their problems, not vice versa.


-Physicians should explain the purpose of doing certain elements of the physical exam, especially when examining genitals, breasts, or other sensitive areas.

-If the patient hesitates regarding a procedure, the physician should inquire and assuage the patient’s concerns

-If a male patient becomes visibly aroused during examination, complete the examination without remarking on the erection.

-Use chaperones when necessary:

à Female patient being examined by a male physician

à ANY patient with a known history of sexual abuse

à A patient with extreme anxiety or psychiatric disorder

à Litigious patient

à Any time you (the physician) feels it might be appropriate

Note: Chaperones are useful for helping put the patient at ease, plus they are witnesses to appropriate behavior (or inappropriate behavior if the physician gets frisky) and can protect you from litigious patients.



-Shaking hands

-Holding a patient’s hand when delivering bad news


-Hugs & Kisses

-NOTE: hugging and kissing are innocent greetings in other cultures; patients from other cultures may find this inappropriate

-Be careful regarding physical contact and the abused patient; their perception of the contact may differ greatly from yours

-Some patients may read too much into an innocent hug or kiss

Too Far:

-Back rubs

-Greeting by ass-grabbing (Rene, I’m looking at you)


-Education, including information regarding treatment of sexually abused patients

-Teaching professional conduct in the context of a physical exam

-Teaching Gender & Cultural sensitivity

-Information on the appropriate treatment of sexually abused patients

-Physicians training desensitizes physicians to certain procedures that patients may find invasive or violations of their privacy; developing sensitivity towards these situations is important

-Kick out unscrupulous physicians (the article says "redirect toward other careers")

Anonymous, A Case of Professional Misconduct Or, Confessions of a Doctor who slept with his female patients & staff

Intro Facts:

-Treatment for sexual misconduct exists & is effective (it’s labeled Sexual Addiction)

-There are often warning signs prior to actual sexual misconduct

-Boundary violations occur when the physician places his needs above the patient’s needs

-This author believes that any sexual contact with former patients should be prohibited (but I think he’s primarily referring to psychiatrists & their patients)

-5-15% of physicians in all specialties engage in sex with their patients

Risky behaviors:

-Focusing practice almost exclusively on vulnerable clientele

-Unusual office practices, including seeing patients at late hours

-Practicing when impaired (drunk or high)

-Physician Narcissism: taking one’s importance too seriously

Sexual addiction- sexual misbehavior is often framed as sexual addiction; in fact, it is characterized by some of the symptoms of other forms of addiction:

-Inability to stop the behavior in the face of serious consequences

-Feelings of despair that follow the compulsive behavior

-Ritualized repetition of the behavior for relief

Various authors have developed numerous archetypes for boundary violators; here are the most relevant ones:

Uninformed and Naïve: an individual having difficulty understanding and operating within the professional boundaries

Healthy or Mildly Neurotic: Involves an isolated or limited episode; the physician is remorseful, terminates the relationship on his/her own, and may self-report the misconduct.

Severely Neurotic and/or Socially Isolated: The physician has long-standing emotional problems, depression, feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, and social isolation. Work is the center of this person’s life, and all his/her needs are met through work. This physician will foster inappropriate closeness with patients; they may feel remorse by are unlikely to terminate the relationship. They tend to be self-punitive rather than attempting constructive change.

Impulsive Character Disorder: Long-standing problems of impulse control, poor judgement, little remorse or awareness of harm to the victim.

Sociopathic or narcissistic Character Disorder: Deliberate, calculated abuse of patients

Psychotic or Borderline Personality: severely disturbed, impaired reality testing, poor social judgement (hint: physician has drastically skewed perceptions regarding reality, may believe that everyone is in love with him).

Antecedents to Sexual Misconduct (as experienced by the author):

-Over-valuing healing capabilities; belief that he was the only one who could help certain patients

-Spending disproportionate amounts of time with certain patients

-Keeping secrets; intentionally omitting information from the medical chart

-Becoming defensive or possessive about patients with other staff

-Excessive alcohol use


à Time-out: physician believed he could confine the phys/pt. relationship to therapy sessions & keep the romantic relationship out of those sessions

à "It was mutual": patients, especially psych patients, are not necessarily capable of consenting to sexual contact

à "I just give her medication": psychiatrist believed that since he wasn’t administering the psychotherapy, he was ok. He discounted the existing power differential.


-Cognitive-behavioral therapy to decrease inappropriate sexual arousal

-detailed examination of episodes of sexual misconduct

-Education, specifically demonstration of how the misconduct negatively impacted the victim

-Institution of a "Safe Practice" plan following treatment

Indicators for success:

the physician admits guilt & responsibility for misconduct
It is the first intervention the physician has had; if prior interventions have failed, a current one will likely fail
The physician is "caught" in the act (helps motivation)
The physician is not overwhelmed by life problems
The risks of treatment are definable and limited (I have no idea what this is really saying)
Safe Practice Plan:

Physician in question should avoid treating patients to whom he/she may be potentially attracted (for example, the author only treated male patients)
Physician should fully inform his/her staff and colleagues of his history of misconduct
The physician should enlist the assistance of a supervisory team to observe & report misconduct antecedents, or overtly sexual behaviors
Ensure that the physician gets regular feedback from the supervisory team

Saturday, June 25, 2005

"I didn't give them hell. I gave them the truth and they thought it

I am not here to flame anyone or to cause any problems. I went to Daniel in March of 04. I had not worked for 4 years and could not hardly get out of bed. Since my surgery I am working part and full time and enjoying my life. No pain and I can eat anything I want. I am so happy I finally went and I know I am the better for it. Please stop all of this fighting and lets do what is best for the adhesion sufferer. My heart breaks to read all this stuff and we all want the same thing. Please is there some way we can all meet in the middle of the road and just do what is best for all the people in pain and feeling like they are going to die. I know we are better than this.


Dear Jan,
I am thrilled that you are better. It is my wish for all.
Please understand this site was not started to fight.
It is here so that any and all can make an informed decision as to their approach to ARD
based on information that may be suppressed, misconstrued and things that are just plain untrue, designed to lure a desparate person towards a particular intervention.

Everyone has their story on the IAS quilt. I could not do that as trouble would follow where ever I tried to tell the truth by those who had an unnatural loyalty to Daniel.
Now there is IHRT, where anyone can submit their alerts and warnings that will help all adhesion sufferers make well educated choices.
All I have done is posted just a few of the emails from back then and I was finally able to write about the very vivid memory of Terri.
Does anyone know if she is OK?
These things and more really happened to me and gosh, if I were contemplating adhesiolysis overseas I would have wanted and heeded this information.

Again I thank god you have been spared but many took the trip and did not get the procedure promised or came back worse for the trip.
I know Dr. Kruschinski has people on his website as references....."the list".
To all contemplating surgery with Dr. Kruschinski, you'd get a more accurate picture of your chances by finding those who are not on "The List" but were there anyhow.
You can find out pretty easily by searching the IAS message board archives. Use keywords Germany and Dr. Kruschinski.

You wrote "My heart breaks to read all this stuff ". It is not there for any other reason than it happened and it is the truth.
How can you knock that?

When I knew things were dangerously out of control and desparate sufferers were being told of 100 percent success rates and that spraygel in Daniel's hands only were your best hope.....I was scared that if I told the truth no other doctor would ever see me again and on the other hand some very fine people knew things were going wrong in Seligenstadt and were applying enormous pressure on me to give the details....the most angst ridden time of my life. Even members of my family were telling me to keep my mouth closed.
I figured I was dying anyhow and the truth would save others.
When the mother of five children was getting ready to go I thought "this is it... I have to tell all what I know."
I am not proud of the way I did it but did not know any other way......I sent out an email to all the suffers I knew.

I like to think that changed things allot. Dr. Kruschinski changed his tune after that....others came forward and felt safe about saying they too were still ill.
He started to say things like nothing is 100 percent. Then the third looks started.
Some sufferers went back several times very discretely. They did not tell the truth. I can kind of understand the " every man for himself" mentality behind such actions.
I can understand it but never condone it.
So many lives on the line. Nothing less than the truth will do.
Same goes for this Dr. Schlanger out of OSU medical center.

I have seen loyalty to friendships made on the darn internet supercede all common sense. To take someone else's word that pertains to your very life?
It is not good enough.

Why would you have me suppress the truth? Keep the horrid things I know to myself? Is that right?
I don't expect or care if I am believed. I needed to do this as it of course is the right thing to do.

This information will be on the internet for anyone to take or leave. At least it is finally there and the fight to get it here has taken 2 years!

Dearest Jan, may you continue to enjoy good health and marvel at all the little things so many take for granted.
Please know I don't do this to upset but to inform.
Dr. Daniel Kruschinski lied on my operative reports to cover his butt. I was chased like a fox by the hounds, you cannot believe what I went through
but the truth is the truth.
Until Daniel has double blind statistic I have total validation that he lied, extensively and not just with me!
Jan, you are very lucky. So many other weren't. Even in their sickness they told and still tell others to go.
They will face god with that someday.

It is unfortunate about the upcoming FBI investigation for Karen Stewart but I will not be bullied and will not have the truth suppressed by her nor do I tolerate people doing things that are illegal. I will fight for the truth at every turn.

This is the way adhesion sufferers will rise up from the abyss.

You'd do the same I bet if you were in my shoes.
Are you the Jan from Massachusetts? Would you be willing to take a chance and we could have lunch someday. I ain't so bad and I bet we could be friends. I'd like that very much.

All the best

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The lenghts people go to and how we don't have to take it!

Copy of FBI Complaint.
IFCC Complaint Referral Report

STEP 5 STEP 6 STEP 7 STEP 8 Finished

Description of Fraud
0 - 4 minutes
Witness & Victims
1 - 4 minutes
Additional Information
0 - 2 minutes
1 - 5 minutes
Thank You
Report Summary:

You are about to submit a complaint with the IFCC.
Please review your information prior to submission.
A PDF copy of your complaint will be emailed to:


The following information was provided by the victim and may be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement or regulatory agencies.


Date of Complaint: 6/7/05 1:16:49 PM

Victim Information

Business Name:,
Name: Dawn Rose
Gender: F
Phone #:
Street Address:
Suite/Apt/Mail Stop:
City: North Attleboro
Live in city limits: Yes
County: Bristol State: MA Zip: 02760
Country USA

Do you have pertinent documents in paper form? No

Please indicate who your local law enforcement agency is:
north attleboro police department

Please List the easiest way and most convenient time to contact you:

By phone or computer

Information about Individual that victimized you. Web Site:
Name: Karen Stewart
Gender: F
Phone #:
Current Email:
Street Address:
Suite/Apt/Mail Stop:
County: State: TX Zip:
Country: USA
Money lost in total: 0

Contact Information:
Help Ticket #: 13498010EA43 Priority: Normal
Name: dawn (IP) Category:
Website Hosting - Webmail
Email Address:
Last Post: June 7, 2005 09:53:18 Opened: June 6, 2005 15:50:04
Bravenet Username: adhesion
Website URL:
Problem URL:
Add to this Ticket

Ticket Status:
Assigned to:

Member [dawn] June 7, 2005 09:53:18
There is this threating letter to with this all.
This is a girl in Texas.

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Anonymous said...


4:55 PM
Anonymous said...

Amazing! Karen here posting under anonymous, but glad to provide my
identity....It seems Bev and Dawn do not like a torch coming near THEIR
cowering faces (ouch!) as they have made "changes" on their BLOG! Running
for cover, are we?
Too hot for you?

Last night I posted in response to one of Bev's denial postings and
challenged her to come to my home, bring a computer technician and check
out my computer. I even offered to pay for her flight. She has denied to
Harry Reich (and to anyone reading her nasty BLOG site) that she has
written particular emails that I have in my files and on my computer.....In
her postings (seen within this BLOG site) she denies, denies while addding
her "" comments..(oftentimes laughter is a sign of true attempt to 'cover up', to make 'light of', in hopes
others will BELIEVE the lie)

..When challenged to come here, Bev cowers (as any coward would) and begins
asking, "Who posted this?" Bev you KNOW who posted it--I didn't register on
your BLOG as I don't intend to JOIN your nasty little cowardly site! Your
heading reads, "Karen Incriminates Herself" so who else, other than yours
truly, would challenge you to come here? Duh!.....

You always play the role of the innocent.

Amazingly today my IP address has been excluded from your ardvark journal
site.....this is the second time this has occurred, although I have NEVER
once even posted there nor have I ever spent much time there, as a matter
of fact, I have only gone there when someone has written me and asked me to
read something posted there.

Yet they suddenly (today) after my post last night, you and Dawn feel the
need to block my IP address AND "change" your seems most of the
places in which to 'comment' have been done away with.....and in place this
is what I found:

"new comments have been disabled for this post by a blog administrator".

Wonder why? After much searching for a place to post on your BLOG, this
thread still had a 'comment' button, so I post here.....(whoops, Bev, you
forgot one)...

Ms. Bev and Ms. Dawn, you will have to be on your toes as I have access to
over 50 computers~~as soon as this computer was denied, I just jumped on
another.....don't mean to drive you two more insane than you already are,
but I do believe I can keep you both hopping to block IP addresses.

Bev, you are a coward. Again,come out in the open if you are who/what you
say you are.....I will pay your flight here and we will lay out my computer
and its contents for all to see. I have nothing to hide (unlike
you) are worse than a bully on a school ground, even those bullies
will FACE the people they are attacking. Not you, not,no, both hide in a room in the comfort of your homes
destroying people's lives via The Internet, using a keyboard as your
weapon, typing lies, slander and deceit and spreading wickedness about
many, many people simply by typing on a keyboard. Cheapshot!

Cowards, that's what you are. You have made it your mission in life to
"police" anyone that has anything working concerning ARD..(especially GOOD
works) attack ONLY the best....wonder WHY??

You both are COWARDS, scared of your own shadows, scared to confront the
people you ruthlessly scorn. And why do you do it? Oh, we know! It is for
the poor ARD sufferers! Bev just wants to HELP the poor suffering adhesion
victims. No, don't think so...Bev has her own little agenda going on and it
has NOTHING--I repeat NOTHING to do with ARD sufferers. She speaks flowery
words to the people suffering miserably in pain, coaxing them into her many of them get well? Isn't this your goal, Bev? To get them
well? Why are most still sick? Do you have an answer?
Why do I get emails from them? Do you have an answer? I'm sure you do and
it will be a good you think you are the MOTHER of all ARD
victims....yet, ARD is NOT your agenda, but merely a covering for your true

You send out vile letters (as I stated before) in an effort to ruin honest,
good, caring people.... because you are a COWARD.....You hate uprightness,
kindness and are cold, uncaring, wicked, calloused and
evil....yet what is you agenda? Why do you continue your attack on
upstanding citizens? As I said before, if you have a'beef' with someone,
take them to court, hire you a lawyer.....but no, that would be the
RESPECTABLE thing to do and the victim could then defend themselves and you
couldn't have that! And,it would cost you something...this way, the
Internet,'s made just for people like you that choose to use it in a
vile manner, as it provides you a can attack and stay
hidden as you delight in your harm of others.

You say you are out to PROTECT ARD many have you
protected? None that I know fact I know of several that regret the
day they listened to your entrapping words.

Your agenda has NOTHING to do with ARD sufferers......and you and I both
know it......what/who is hidden behind the curtain that you both willingly
attack for? I know, as do many others, and it SURE isn't hurting ARD victims.

You stated in your reponse to me "you are one sick cookie".....oh no, YOU
and your sidekick Dawn, created this BLOG, not I; it's not me harrassing
BB, DK and DS, among me all the names you like as nothing
within me is harmed by you or your words......I have NO fear of you and
that in itself scares you to death......You only say I am a sick cookie
because it makes you FEEL don't expect anyone to call you
what you are~~A COWARD~~or expose your, run, run.....block
the comment buttons......what are you scared of? What's a blog without
comment buttons? C'mon Bev, you want to play with people's lives, at least
allow them to post if they like......this BLOG is much different than a
rampage on an adhesion site yet you are going to CONTROL a BLOG? Post all
your nasty vile lies and then block your victims from responding? Like I
said, you are one that has to play a game where your victims cannot defend

To any adhesion sufferer reading this site: My daughter suffered thirteen
years in pain and misery before I found Dr. Daniel Kruschinski and I found
him due to other women that had been to him and were posting about their
lives being changed after getting to this doctor. The vile postings within
this site regarding Dr. Kruschinski are hate-filled lies.....he is THE
leading surgeon that is paving a path for ARD sufferers across the globe
using his unique method of surgery......he has a growing list of people
that are well and are no longer suffering. I am more than thrilled that my
daughter is on that list....We live in Texas but my daughter tells everyone
her doctor is in Germany.......she went through hell prior to meet Dr.
Daniel Kruschinski......thank God, there IS an answer for the ARD sufferer
and that answer lies within the talented mind and hands of Dr. Daniel
Kruschinski.......I have no hidden agendas, nor am I am paid by Dr.
Kruschinski.....I speak from the heart of a woman that watched her child
suffer in agony and many times begging to die. I made a promise I would
tell others WHEN an answer was found as I always knew God would lead us to
the answer........I am saddened that the Internet is being used by a couple
of women with their own hidden agendas that CLAIM they want to help ARD
victims.......the only help for an ARD victim is to make your way to the
doctor that God has raised up to deliver ARD sufferers from their don't needs lies and manipulation, you need an
answer....the best hope you possibly have for becoming adhesion free is
with the doctor that is doing what no other doctor is doing: Dr. Daniel
I can be reached at and my daughter is willing to speak to
any sufferers by phone......

6:05 PM

Member [dawn] June 6, 2005 15:50:04
Dear Bravenet,
Someone bound and determined to give me a virus. Please review emails and
headers below. All have come in through our bravenet webmail.
Can you identify the culprits so they may be reported to the proper
I expect more to be coming in.
These emails come with a zip file attached. We only have 4 emails and these
are not them.
Yhank you for taking this time and look to your response.
Dawn Rose

Received: from (
by (Postfix) with ESMTP id 642D42020B
for ; Mon, 6 Jun 2005 08:02:58 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: *DETECTED* Online User Violation
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 10:05:58 -0500
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
X-Priority: 3
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal

Subject: *DETECTED* Online User Violation
Date: Mon, June 6, 2005 8:05 am
Priority: Normal
Options: View Full Header | View Printable Version

The original message has been included as an attachment.

Download this as a file


Received: from (
by (Postfix) with ESMTP id 576C11FDF2
for ; Sat, 4 Jun 2005 08:09:01 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Notice: **Last Warning**
Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 10:12:00 -0500
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
X-Priority: 3
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal

Subject: Notice: **Last Warning**
Date: Sat, June 4, 2005 8:12 am
Priority: Normal
Options: View Full Header | View Printable Version

We attached some important information regarding your account.


Received: from (
by (Postfix) with ESMTP id 81AA0202EE
for ; Mon, 6 Jun 2005 15:12:46 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: *WARNING* Your Email Account Will Be Closed
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 17:15:47 -0500
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
X-Priority: 3
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal

Description of how you were defrauded:
We have a whistle blower website for people who suffer from a disease.
We exposed wrong doings by a Dr. Daniel Kruschinski. He was and still
luring patients to Germany with false statistic.
I received a threatening posting on the ihrt website from this Dr.
main American advocate Karen Stewart saying she would get back onto
site even thought we banned her ISP.

These emails are coming out of texas and also through a Dallas company
called Roche Bubois. A furniture store.

Since then I have received several virus emails at my home email.
Got a virus but was able to get rid of it.
Now the emails to our websites are being fraudulently sent by what
appears to be one of our email address'. These alarming headlined
emails have all had zip files attached. I assume they contain viruses.
They still remain in our webmail and the threatening post is still on

Please stop this woman she has bullied her way through many sick and
vulnerable patients afflicted with ARD.

We request she be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Dawn Rose

Information about Witnesses:
Beverly Doucette
Bravenet Hosting service

Additional Information:
Thank you for your time in this matter.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Guess who's coming to dinner?

Guess who's flying into Beantown for a vacation?

Nama Bev!

Of course Miss G and I can hardly wait! Bernie, Nama, Grayce and I off "Whale Watching" researching, touring, eating, picnics, sharing coffee in the morning and gossiping about our favorie subjects, fun, fun, fun, hugs, hugs, hugs, meeting some of our ARD family who will be joining us, always a treat to be able to meet after communicating via a PC for so long! Lots to do...

We will be visiting Salem MA. Home of the infamous witch trials of the late 1600's.
Nama Bev's Ancestral Grandparents were among the original settlers of what we call the North Shore. Did you know there is a Beverly, MA?

We may skulk around a graveyard or two!

( LOL yes, we know what your thinking)

Blogging may be sporadic! We're bringing the laptop but plan on having too much fun.

I'll be cooking up some goodies!

I'm sure we'll scare up an idea or two for the websites!


Note to all lobsters!

Run for your lives!
Uncle Bernie's coming and I'll be packing some of
Kate's sweet cream butter at all times!

Thank you all for your support,
Chef Dawn

How to select a support group " Bad day at the Beach series"

So the CDC has seen this happen enough to collect data and issue the statement below.
Good advice and may spare you precious time and energy by having a
Bad Day At The Beach

Support groups are not appropriate for everyone, and some CFS patients may find that a support group actually adds to their stress rather than relieving it. Most support groups are free, collect voluntary donations, or charge modest membership dues to cover basic expenses (e.g. refreshments at meetings or photocopying costs).

A useful support group should include:

* Both newcomers and patients who have had CFS for longer periods of time to provide a balance of perspectives for the group.
* People with whom the CFS patient feels comfortable.
* Leaders who empathize, gently draw out shy members, and keep others from dominating, and who distill discussion into useful information.
* A history indicating the group is stable and meeting the needs of its members.

Some support groups may put their own interests before those of the individual patient. Groups that engage in any of the following activities should be avoided:

* Promise sure cures and quick solutions.
* Conduct meetings that are mainly "gripe" sessions.
* Urge patients to stop prescribed treatment and recommend a single solution to their problem.
* Insist that patients reveal private or sensitive information.
* Demand allegiance to a cult-like, charismatic leader.
* Charge high fees.
* Require patients to purchase products.

Source: CDC

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

One More Loose End "The endogyn Papers"

As "The endogyn Papers" have finally been resurfaced. I felt the need to get the truth told about Frankfurt, Germany. People never had access to know what happened behind the scenes. Me, I lived it and it was the most traumatic time in my life!

One of the most compelling reasons to resurrect these issues is for people seeking surgeries in Frankfurt, Germany, or for persons who feel like they are being "harvested" by those who claim to "advocate" for the surgeon in Frankfurt, and most importantly, because whatever it is your hearing that might draw you to an adhesiolysis in Frankfurt, Germany, is based on hype, not real hope.

Most terrifying to me at this time is the direct corollary between what happen to me, and far too many others who went to Frankfurt, Germany, and what is happening now with Dr. Schlanger of OSU Medical Center and Bombobeach Adhesion Support group. All of which are seeking to capitalize on ill, suffering, vulnerable and desperate people, just like they did to me!

(Word to the wise! KNOW "facts" before you agree to ANY adhesiolysis with ANY surgeon, seek out others who have had surgery at the facility you are interested in, but most important, if you are "harvested" by someone to go to a certain surgeon after you make a public plea for information about a surgeon, be very cautious, as no decent, ethical surgeon would allow such maneuvering for his surgery, and neither would a sincere advocate seek you out and push you towards "their" surgeon! Don't get "harvested," by bullies, be educated and informed about ARD, adhesiolysis procedures and be your own best Dr. as this just might save you from making a desperate move with disastrous consequences! )

I am presenting an email that was sent out to a victim of ARD in an attempt to "bully" patient "T" from telling the truth about resurfacing symptoms post adhesiolysis in Frankfurt! This email, (unedited) also takes advantage of patient "T,s'" vulnerability by feeding her mind with trash "against other surgical patients" who went to the same surgeon as "T" went to in Frankfurt, Germany by saying that these patients were being dishonest about their own reoccurring symptoms after an adhesiolysis in Frankfurt!! If you draw the conclusion that this email is referring to sex issues, let me tell you this....

"Yes, it's about sex."

Please keep in mind that the email your about to read was written by "an advocate for Dr. Kruschinski, Frankfurt, Germany." This "advocate" is not only a "non medical person" but she doesn't have ARD either and yet she has decided that people contacting her claiming they were not well after Daniel's surgery were "Faking Their Symptoms!" Notice that she feels she must share that opinion with "T" as any good "advocate" would do! No confidentiality with this advocate, let alone respect for words shared with her by suffering people!
We know now that they were indeed in pain and, perhaps felt as I did, true fear that they would displease Daniel if they complained, thus cutting them off from further intervention. Please note, we all had operative reports claiming we were 100 percent adhesion free. Who do you go to after that? We also witnessed his reactions toward any of his patients who did bring up so much as a hint that they might not be as adhesion free as he expressed in his reports! ( He even called one of his most stanch advocates a drug addict and alcoholic after she mentioned she thought she had adhesions back after a surgery with him, and to make matters more intimidating for all of us, was he made these accusations in public forum in his web site! And this "advocate" still stands by him and promotes his adhesiolysis, thus leading patient "T" to go to Frankfurt under misrepresentations and today "T" is worse for the trip and "advocates" like you will see in the email below!

The disclosure of this email also reveals the efforts to hush up matters pertaining to Daniel's Mistress/ Operating Room nurse Michaela. (This is common knowledge, so no surprise here for anyone who knows Dr. K!)
I like Michaela very much. When I met her I felt so sad for her not truly knowing why. Things then became perfectly clear.

Vulnerable ARD Patients were propositioned for sex with multiple partners. Plain and simple. Believe it or not. It's your call. I would never INSIST you believe my words nor should you. What I urge you to do is search for answers to your own satisfaction. Do not take facts stated to you "as a fact" without validation.

I repeat that I brought these issues of Frankfurt and Dr. Kruschinski and his "advocates" to the front burner once again in my quest that the truth be known as to the happenings there and hopefully these messages will spark a second thought in the mind of any already horribly suffering ARD patient, who doesn't need to be worse off then they already are, let alone spend the money to get that way! I was harvested by the same "advocate" who was called names in public by the very surgeon she was advocating for, she was not as well from that surgery as she claimed to be, instead, she lied to me, misrepresented surgery outcomes in Frankfurt, let me spend the little money I had ( as sole support for a little daughter and myself) knowing that her surgery didn't work as she claimed.!

This was a hard lesson to learn but maybe these words and events will motivate you to seek accurate information about ARD, backed up with scientific abstracts, validation of others surgical interventions and not allowing yourself to be "harvested" by "advocates" only!

The "person/advocate" who wrote the following email is a bully and if you choose intervention with Dr. Kruschinski, you WILL be dealing with her.

I did not want to do this but I am going to disclose the full contents of the email she so desperately wanted never to be exposed. Statements as to the "sexual issues" are only implied in this email, but you can see how blatantly her disregard for sick and suffering people is, and how boldly this "non medical person" decides people are faking the ravages of ARD. Why would you fake that anyway?
If this advocate could convince others that in fact ALL prior patients of Daniels were "faking" symptoms after having a surgery with him, then more people will go to him! I have always wondered why this "advocate" didn't get along with Kruschinski's nurse when she was in Frankfurt for her daughters surgery, and why she comes out with claws, intimidation, cruel methods of "shushing" anyone who so much as whispers that they are nor well after his surgery, and if they keep sharing the truth of not being well post op of his surgery, SHE will do and say anything she can in her attempts to shut you up about him! Why would one be so passionate about a surgeon she spent such little time with? Like I said, I really liked Kruschinski's nurse Michaela, she was very kind any went above and beyondthe call of duty to make Daniel's client's comfortable. Wonder why Karen didn't like her...hmmmm?

Take this as truth or not, as your impression and opinion of me for bringing these issues out for public display is beyond my control, but if nothing else, Please, just be sure you know what you are getting into before you find yourself in an expensive and horrible nightmare as I did,
"Sick and beholden to others, expending too much of my precious time and energy in appeasement, fear and regret!" - Dawn Rose


Hi T,

Thanks for the nice reply.....and thanks for understanding
that I needed to tell you not to bring up the Michaela issue.
I promised Daniel a long time back it was forgotten, so
I want that to be true!!

There have been so many negative things happening to
Daniel that are coming from the IAS, Dawn, Beverly, etc......
I think you need to be VERY careful what you share concerning
your operation, experience, etc. I think the truth is important
and we should be able to share our true experience, however,,,,,,
the things that have been going on are there are people e mailing
me and have been for some time acting as "sick" patients and
wanting me to share things I don't believe I should share........I
had my suspicions that 3 or 4 women e mailing me saying they
were very sick were indeed FAKES. One tried very strongly to
get me to talk against Dr. Reich. I do not know Dr. Reich and
replied to her that I had no opinion of him, as I do not know the man............after 5 e mails from her, I have not heard another word from her in at least a month.......anyway, some things
are being twisted around and being used against Daniel. There are people out to destroy the new site, his work, etc., and
those people will go to extreme lengths to get us to "talk"........

I will write you later........on a more positive note!!!!
I have to get to work..........

Monday, May 16, 2005

IHRT again, protecting the Vulnerable from the Vile

Due to unfortunate incidents occurring on this blog over the weekend, no more comments on posts will be excepted. As threats were issued to the publishers of this blog through the comments feature, we have decided not to let that enter the arena of IHRT.
IHRT is concerned that this person will impose such negitivty with her personal vendetta upon sick, suffering and vulnerable people with such postings. IHRT wishes no discord to come to people afflicted with ARD in this way.

We will be implementing an email address for this site where people may comment. We will also accept complaints of human rights violations of those who are afflicted by ARD.

Please email us with you concerns at our new address;
Due to the load of complaints expected we may not be able to get to each complaint but will investigate legitimate concerns that will benefit all afflicted by Adhesion Related Disorder. Your comments may be published if you submit Complaints will be investigated but you must submit validation of your claims. Emails with full headers, operative reports, or other items to validate your concern is legitimate.

Thank you all for your support and we will not stop advocating for victims of ARD until such scenarios exist; ARD is a household word and a sufferer can confidently open a door to a doctors office that reads "Adhesion Specialist", with set standards of education, abilities and successful interventions, treated with the same respect and dignity of any patient suffering with a disease.

Dawn Rose - IHRT Research
Beverly J. Doucette - IHRT Director

Sunday, May 15, 2005

"The endogyn Papers" Final word.

My name is Dawn. I went to Germany to Dr. Daniel Kruschinski to get my miracle. I was just really, really sick. I ended up in some kind of Fellini movie and I share my operative reports in public for any and all to take in as they make an informed decision about seeking an intervention in Germany. Videotape of my surgical procedure a few months after my trip to Dr. Kruschinski are available upon request.

One issue I wish to bring forth is the hook. The abdolift. For your added information.
Link to picture of abdolift

Many have complained of post surgical pain in the umbilical area after the HOOK.

Now quick, before it's gone. Take a look at Dr. Kruschinskis own photo of one of his THIRD LOOK surgeries. Note the very nasty looking umbilical adhesion and again draw your own conclusion.

Dr. Kruschinski - "Here you see how important it is to have the back-door opportunity of a 3rd-look laparoscopy. An adhesion formed to the umbilical incision of the second-look laparoscopy, and there is no way to avoid or exclude this as it is the last port that is open after we finish surgery, and this is still a very small wounded area with a minimal blood area where adhesions can form.

After we take this adhesion down, the patient might become pain free."
Link to photo and statement

"I know I won't hang off that meat hook ever again" Dawn Rose

"My vision is that YOU ALL cooperate together and
make my dream come through" Dr. Daniel Kruschinski

"Come with me if you want to live" T2 Arnold Schwarzenegger

"The techniques I'm using are so extremely
important for adhesions sufferers as they show, at least in my hand,
better results than every other surgeons technique
. About such
techniques it should be written and recommended" Dr Daniel Kruschinski

Consider it written! Never recommended!

Dawn Rose Operative Reports - You decide

That's it. End of Story!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Karen Incriminates Herself

Please add that it is unfortunate that Karen accuses me of not being "honest" about writing her a 12 page email, when she now explains that it was 12 pages WHEN printed out and that she only used "parts" if my email in attempts to discredit me for promoting the adhesiolysis I had. If not telling the truth is when one could not have had a clue as to how many pages an email printed out as, well, then I am guilty as charged! LOL! LOL!
Pretty petty if you ask me, and pretty desperate too. Shame on you Karen for taking my email out of context and sending it to others in an attempt to do harm in my service to suffering victims of ARD!

And these are not MY words pointing this out, they are YOUR words

Sad when this lady takes these words as being offensive, when one reads them, one can see just how compassionate about helping people I am.

With all the people I write to why would I recall this one! Non the less, it still reflects that BOTH Daniel and Harry could perform her daughters surgery and in that her daughter might secure wellness and a higher quality of life. I had no knowledge of how effective Daniels procedure was or is for that matter, so of course I would share words about having her daughter secure both surgeons. Why wouldn't I.

I have no clue what Karen is saying in the pre-statement here, it is confusing and nothing I was aware of. So sad that these ladies felt that they needed to do so many things to try to discredit me, and for what?
And if being "up to no good" means I share what adhesiolysis I had, who did it and why I think it was successful, over another surgeon, was because I had it. Nothing more or less. At that time, I was not acclimated to Daniels adhesiolysis, but what I DID know for certain was that anyone going to Frankfurt, was in the best position by having both surgeons. Today, I still do not mention Daniels name.

What a "nasty" letter I sent to Karen! I see nothing that is wrong in this letter. I probably wrote 100s of "nasty" letters just like this one.
I'm bad, I admit it now, I real bad girl! :-)

Poor Karen, and she tells us we are harboring anger at..I am not sure what though, but it isn't important either as this whole thing here tells the whole story of what occurred years ago and why. I did find that a bit interesting, but no big deal. In her "closing" remarks, her issues are not with me at all, they are simply her issues, and I don't see anything that would push a lady to such anger levels as we see here in all this non-sense.

Dr. Reich remains the most qualified adhesiolysis surgeon in the world, along with Dr. Mario Malzoni of Italy. In my opinion, there is non who can hold a candle to these surgeons adhesiolysis procedures. There are other surgeons who can offer an adhesiolysis, and, if performed with Confluent SprayGel, a person has a better chance of securing improvements, however, it remains the patients responsibility to be informed as to what a surgeon can offer them. It is all up to the patient to explore. My opinion and words have never wavered from the writing of this email to Karen , I stand by these words, with one exception, I do NOT encourage any ARD patients to go to Frankfurt for an adhesiolysis, and I don't care what surgeons are there to do it!

Bev Doucette

Friday, May 13, 2005

IHRT Awakening a Sleeping Dragon

Subject: in a matter of minutes
From: "Carolyn"
Date: Tue, May 10, 2005 11:10 am
Priority: Normal
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>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: "Irma"
>> To:
>> Sent: Thursday, April 7, 2005 0:40 PM
>> Subject: Re: need some dough Pelliott
>> And what of us? Are we not rich in the eyes of the world? Are we not blessed with
weaker enemies? Amos lived in a wealthy and secure world, and so do we. If we who
are rich and strong worship Christ without helping the poor, we take God's name

vain. We must take the garment of comfort and share it with the oppressed, and
we must do it in the name of God.?
>> Glenn
>> Alden said that ...
>> >> If it ain't broke, fix it till it is.
>> >>
>> >> Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good
with ketchup.?
>> >>
>> >>

Nah, I don't really get it either but I think I am suspose to stay away from Dragons.

"Master Sergeant" From "The endogyn Papers"

Sent: Friday, May 13, 2005 12:31 AM
Subject: [Adhesion Related Disorder International Human Rights Team IHRT] 5/13/2005 12:20:33 AM

Hi Karen,
First off congratulations on being a grandma.
I am truly thrilled for Melissa. Frankly I am surprised to see you here but post away.

Oh you women are so deceitful. It's all about sex? i don't think so! It was about Michaela's ill treatment of us while in Germany. (I have copies of emails too).

Well, what I am referring to is propositioning of patients for sexual trysts. This is not about what happened to you. It is about ARD patients making an informed decision about how they wish to intervene with their Adhesion Related Disorder.

And while I'm at it....never in my life has someone "gotten me drunk"..... You were not there when I was, thus I see no sence in you commenting. Dawn you use meds as an excuse.

As to smoke screen tactics, endogyn leads here as I see no facts. I learned the hard way from you guys that emails can be manipulated. It got the FTC and the FBI off of Daniels case for a bit but guess who's watching this blog as it comes out??? We will find out soon enough. It just can't be a good career move to lie to the Federal Trade commission and the FBI .

.....Daniel took us out to eat too and NO ONE at our table got drunk,

Everyone at my table did, again how can you have an opinion as you were not there when I was? You were not there when I was so I see you commenting here as irrelevant.

nor did anyone promise him anything.....shame on you for starting all this crap up are all so consumed by the fact that he IS the leading adhesion specialist, bar none and it is eating you and Beverly to the core

Karen, Of course you would say this. You are "Master Sergeant" of Daniels website. I stand by my three operative reports. The proof is in my operative reports. Daniel lies to cover his mistakes and his inability's.
Karen, we will continue to expose what happened in Germany weather you like it or not.
I don't care if anyone believes me (How or why I would make this up??) or not but at least this information can now be shared as we have learned to combat the suppression of truth. No more can you shut down a website by complaining. No more can you guys hack and try to bring websites down to repress facts and opinions other than those that will bring a patient to Germany.
You can come here and rant and post emails all you want.
The voices of those silenced by bulling tactics is over and mine and their stories will be told.
Folks can decide for themselves if they want to go to Germany for a surgery, but they can do it in an informed manner, based on personal stories and operative reports to back it all up. We are all still waiting for Dr. Daniel Kruschinski to publish "The Good Results" but a search of PubMed shows only this;

Not much to work with there. So far no abstracts, no clinical data. I got my operative reports. You got a smooth talker. I would suggest you don't come here if it upsets you so. If you are right, why the need to fight? I stand here with my facts and truth. People can take it or leave it. All the best and go an and be a grandma and enjoy.

Dawn Rose Operative Reports - You decide

Dawn Rose

In Response to:

Oh you women are so deceitful. It's all about sex? i don't think so! It was about Michaela's ill treatment of us while in Germany. (I have copies of emails too)
And while I'm at it....never in my life has someone "gotten me drunk".....Dawn you use meds as an excuse.....Daniel took us out to eat too and NO ONE at our table got drunk, nor did anyone promise him anything.....shame on you for starting all this crap up are all so consumed by the fact that he IS the leading adhesion specialist, bar none and it is eating you and Beverly to the core.

Original Message -----
From: Karen Steward
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 9:31 AM
Subject: Hi

Hi ,

Hope you are still feeling well...........Melissa is doing great.
I need a favor------PLEASE do not repeat what I shared with you
concerning how we were treated by Michaela while we were in
Germany. I should have not told anyone, but seems
Michaela was having a lot of tough personal problems and her
anger was not intentionally directed at us as I had thought..........
Daniel assured me she did not dislike us, but was going through
difficult personal issues......we were the unlikely recipients of her
difficult issues it seems.

I received a letter from Jenny and she told me you had told
her about our problem............I think it is unfair to Michaela to have
people arriving with a "preconceived" notion of her that is negative.
We have all gone through times of anger and depression and many
times unsuspecting people are the targets. So, I choose to forgive
Michaela and ask that you not tell anyone else what I had told you.

I wrote Jenny and explained to her Michaela was only having some
personal problems while we were there and I think it is has all been
resolved...............anyway, wanted to let you know that anything I said
to you----please do not pass to future patients.........



Posted by Anonymous to Adhesion Related Disorder International Human Rights Team IHRT at 5/13/2005 12:20:33 AM

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Terri ~ From "The endogyn Papers"

So I had made it all the way to Seligenstadt. Dr. Kruschinski is so very kind and receptive to my needs...finally a doctor who understands. He even had his nurse go out to buy a DVD player so we could watch movies in the apartment. After being treated as a leper among all the doctors I had seen so far...I felt had finally met a man of altruism.
I am ready to be one of the first Americans to get relief from these adhesions. I am not afraid at all. This clinic had the blessing of all those whom I trusted, those with the proper credentials. I know I asked all the right questions.
Everyone coming out of Germany was claiming they were well.
Dr. Kruschinski was reporting all case were 100% adhesion free at second look.

All my savings are gone and we live in limbo. I have a young daughter. I begged for my very life from family, friends and even total strangers.( I still bear the repercussions to this day).

I can have my career back, I can provide for us again.
I can do all the things that had stopped.
I m not going to die after all! This was defiantly worth begging and borrowing money. I used to be a famous chef...really. Newspapers, cookbooks, nationally and internationally. I got job offers all the time so when I was well it would be only a matter of time before I had my own restaurant and TV show ( I had professional writers and even a pilot written for PBS, a humorous but practical show call " Eat This".
That had to be shelved. I was just too sick.
I'd pay everyone back real fast and then get the chefs all over this ARD thing...we would fundraise as we do to help those in need...
Not a couple of hundred but thousands...I once cooked with Todd English at the James Beard House and folks paid $500 a couple to eat. I don't even recall the charity. Yup, Tons of money would fix this ARD thing. ( I was really thinking this...Even mentioned it to Daniel....hmmmm)

Here I am on the gurney just outside the OR doors. I am up next and should be going in and minute now....

I do not know how much time has elapsed but I am getting a little worried.

A girl named Terri had gone in first.

She and her husband were in the other apartment. Gosh, she was real sick and we did not see much of her. We saw her husband. He had heard of the "Cure" and brought the mother of his children to get well again.

Hey, really too much time is elapsing here. Is something wrong?
( It's not too late to just get up and walk....Nah, you came all this way...)
...but jeez it really is taking TOO LONG...gosh I hope Terri is OK?...Am I nuts, what the heck am I doing in Germany?...Nope this is it, this is my best and only chance....)

I hear faint screaming.....the doors to the OR finally open and that screaming is hardly faint.....screaming, screaming screaming.
It's Terri, Dear God, what happened to her?

Immediately I start to get up...I am sitting up and this is all so surreal.
I am going to get off this gurney....

Dr. Thomas the anesthesiologist sees me and I yell. " Is she OK? What's wrong with...."

" is Ok. She is fine. She is just a big baby. You, you are going to be just fine. You are not a baby like that. Are you ready?"

"Ya". ( I'm tough, I'm butch, I'm cool) I am ready. Are you sure she is OK?

Somehow through the post surgical blur I am in a private room at Emma Clinic. As always when I wake up from surgery my first conscious thought is "I'm gonna puke" and I did and did and did.

Hey wait, there's screaming again. It dark, nighttime...I hear running down the hallway. Terri, it's got to be, jeez she is a big baby.
Screaming, screaming.....We are the only 2 patient on this floor.

Well, so I am puking, but I hear more running from the hallway.
I...better wait a bit before I push the call button for the nurse.

Some time passed and I finally pressed the call button.

Someone is running like hell towards my room ( no need to run, I am fine just having a bit of a puke problem...I am not a baby)

I must admit these nurses were amazing. Push the button and they come running like hell, not like home.

There is some blood on her uniform...I don't think a thing, a doctor had brushed off this screaming behavior with the baby comment. Heck thats good enough for me...

All night, running and screaming, running and screaming...

We saw her husband from time to time and he came to our apartment to borrow dvds back and forth. We did not see Terri again till the night at the Russian Restaurant.
Drink up all! She hardly said a word and looked like hell. They were gone the next day.

So, back to the present. I have found out by asking a few surgeons if it is in any way normal or right for a patient to wake up in OR, let alone screaming.

The answer was a resounding NO!

I am haunted by her screams and wish perhaps I did get off that gurney. Wish I did go into her room that night to ask her what was wrong, are you ok.

Terri I am so sorry, I pray you are OK. You see, other patients confided in me after we were in Germany. Bad things happed to them as well.

Oh the horror, the horror.

I can still hear the screams.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


International Human Rights Team (IHRT)

Supporting Persons Afflicted with

“Adhesion Related Disorder”

May 10, 2005

Beverly J. Doucette

Director of IHRT

2314 Carney Avenue

Marinette, Wisconsin 54143 USA

Re: International Solicitation from the

Australian Adhesions Support Group

Dear Mr. Eslick,

As the administrator of the business registered under the name of, "BOMBOBEACH.COM THE AUSTRALIAN ADHESION SUPPORT GROUP"
Australian Business Number (ABN) 98 015 906 979, I am notifying you that the International Human Rights Team for Adhesion Related Disorder victims has filed a complaint with the Australian Government, and with the United States Federal Trade Commission, regarding the manner in which your business is soliciting money from United States Citizens.

It is our opinion that "BOMBOBEACH.COM THE AUSTRALIAN ADHESION SUPPORT GROUP" is knowingly and willfully taking advantage of a group of persons who suffer a chronic and often debilitating disorder that impacts their lives not only with horrendous physical disadvantages, but very poor financial positions as well! Many of them cannot even afford to pay for medical intervention or medication costs let alone start to pay for your business costs! Your business's solicitation of money from this sector of people here in the USA is disgusting, especially by your use of pressure and guilt tactics to secure their money, and of any business that should know better, simply based on your mission statement, it is your business!!

This is a most despicable act being executed by your business "BOMBOBEACH.COM THE AUSTRALIAN ADHESION SUPPORT GROUP" when one looks at the number of fund raising events you have had and without any accountability to anyone, so it appears! It appears to me that the way your business is set up, moneys raised for it can be used to pay administrative positions, thus I am led to wonder where the money raised at the $80.00 a plate fund raising event was spent if you cannot afford to support the web site fee!

Because of the number of unprofessional interactions of your business when dealing with matters here in the USA, and at times, "unethical" behaviors you exhibit, such as the "proven" attempted computer hacking fiasco you perpetrated against ARDchat, IHRT is of the opinion that this issue must also be dealt with in an open and public way. Exposing you in public is also a result of your lack of response to our communications in the past, and your unwillingness to change unprofessional behaviors. IHRT is also of the opinion that your government is entitled to this material as well and we are asking for a full scale investigation into how your business is administrated, as again, there appears to be a conflict with rules as set forth by your government and the way you choose administrate your business. IHRT is not interested in whether your business practices are executed correctly under your government guidelines and laws, but we are very interested in the way your business is administrated under the practices of International laws when it reaches the shores of the United States of America!!

Because there appears to be a number of International violations in the methods by which your business solicits money through the public sector for business expenses, it is important for IHRT to address them and secure answers to our questions and concerns. IHRT is also open to securing an education as to the International laws governing solicitation of money from our citizens to cover business expenses in other countries. What we will not tolerate and do not need any government to dictate the answers to us is the use of "pressure and guilt" tactics placed on people who you know by experience will respond out of a desire to help others because at times they need help themselves! IHRT will also point out that "BOMBOBEACH.COM THE AUSTRALIAN ADHESION SUPPORT GROUP" has had numerous fund raising events, and that the predominant market for this current solicitation of money is targeted at the USA for the most part! Mr. Eslick, this behavior will not be tolerated by IHRT.

Our message to the people of the "United States of America" is to NOT be scammed into sending your hard earned and often limited money to support the business practices of the, "BOMBOBEACH.COM THE AUSTRALIAN ADHESION SUPPORT GROUP" as they do not serve as their mission statement reads, they do NOT serve other countries as they claim they do, and they do not disclose the business income and expenditures so that you know how your money is being used! This is the most disrespectful and outrageous behavior yet seen with this business, and it is IHRT's position to make it public, and even if you have a personal connection to or persons representing this business, it is still important to be informed on these types of issues, and if your still wiling to donate to the costs of running it, then do that informed!

Mr. Eslick, EZboard is governed by the laws of California, USA, thus you might want to acclimate yourself to these laws, as IHRT has already done that.
Terms Of Use EZboard
You agree to not use the Service to:
(a) violate or solicit the violation of any applicable local, state, national or international law;

You will note that this email and attachments have been copied to the following:

Dr. Guy Eslick: bombobeach board member
Joanne Eslick: bombobeach founder
Anthea Nesbit bomboeach board member
Centrelink Customer Service Centre
New South Wales Office BATHURST
Australian Tax Office (ATO)
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Australian Office of Fair Trading
Australian Securities & Investments Commission(ASIC)

Please feel free to contact IHRT at or with any questions or concerns regarding the material in this email
Beverly J. Doucette

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G o o g l e's cache is the snapshot that we took of the page as we crawled the web.
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You folks aren't going to believe this, but Shane & I actually know Nick Tulley, Shane's younger brother works for him [and Shane has been his patient on and off for years with... you guessed it IBS!]and somewhere on that paper, possibly you will find his name Guy D. Eslick, who also happens to be on the board of directors for Bombo .

Haven't looked at the paper yet, but I will read it but I will read it most definately! it's a small world isn't it!

Love Joey

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Give me nuts any day!

"you people are nuts...maybe he is not responding to you because you are all insane"

Posted by Anonymous to Adhesion Related Disorder International Human Rights Team IHRT at 5/8/2005 06:17:23 PM

The "real" crazy's are those who seek a surgery without checking it out and then get worse for it!
Even crazier are those who lie to others to help them secure these surgeries!

Keeping Dirty little secrets from those so desperate and vulnerable.
Shame on you all.

Are you willing to get worse off than you are now because you feel some sense of loyalty to someone you met over the internet?! Now that's insane.

Give me nuts any day!

Yes it's about Sex!

Below is an excerpt from an e mail

It is an email from Karen Stuart to an anonymous suffer who had surgery with Dr. Kruschinski ( besides yours truly).

To: Name removed by to protect the innocent
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 10:32 AM
Subject: hi


Thanks for the nice reply.....and thanks for understanding
that I needed to tell you not to bring up the Michaela issue.
I promised Daniel a long time back it was forgotten, so
I want that to be true!!

I would like to draw special attention to this little bit of email.


The thoughts I associate with this little "threat" are the most repulsive ever. No you can't ever forget what happened, let alone believe it happened to you! Sorry Karen. You can't make this most heinous thing go away.
I ask you to use your imagination and believe me, what you come up with....what happened is ten times worse.

You see, in the beginning and even perhaps now....Daniel would take his post surgical patients out to er um "celebrate". Basically he got us drunk! Yep, as tactfully as I tried to avoid it as I was still heavily medicated, after explaining to him I don't drink....well then came the polite little challenges...." You think they know how to make vodka in Russia? Try this German Vodka......No was not an acceptable answer.
When we were drunk we all sat around promising Daniel the wind, sun, moon and sky.....

Persons who suffer the chronic and disabling symptoms of ARD feel vulnerable, that they must accommodate the "Authority figures" behaviors, at least this is how I felt.

Dawn Rose

chose my words very carefully...

Hi Everyone,
After all that has happened, I find myself having to chose my words very carefully...I hope this makes sense !
I'm Lisa, I was the first international patient to go see Dr. Kruschinski at EndoGyn. That was a year ago this week...
I am one of the ones that continue to have problems. I have always tried to be up-front and honest with what is going on with me and my situation... I have posted on the other board about my experience after my surgery in Germany, about how I was told it was chronic pancreatitis(not), diverticulosis(not), my struggles with American doctors to find out what really is going on with me(nothing??), about my trip back to Germany last fall, and my 3rd look I had while I was there... please if you are interested in knowing about me and where I've been, either check the archives on the other board, or please feel free to email me personally !
I'm scared to death to have people see my story, and problems, and think that Dr. Kruschinski is not our best chance ! That is NOT at all the impression I want to leave with new patients ! I just think it's important to have all our experiences out in the open, not just the good results! I am very leary of posting too much and starting more problems... but I want you all to know I'm here to support everything Dr. K. does for the ARD patient, there is truelly no other doctor more commited to us and our problems than Daniel is !!!
I asked Dr. K. awhile ago if there was a place on this board where we can discuss our continueing problems, and symptoms with each other, to let others know they are not alone again, this is happening to some... and together with him, try to figure this all out and where we go from here... We also wanted to even out all the wonderful success stories with a little of our own reality, our stories are equally important for new patients to be aware of, before they can make an informed decision as to what is right for them.
Dr. K. gave me the idea to start this thread, and hopefully others will follow my lead...
If I can be of help to anyone, answer any questions you might have, I'm here, feel free to contact me!
Until then, I should work on posting my personal will be coming...

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Dawn Rose Operative Reports - You decide

Before, during and after Germany!

Operative reports of

Dawn Rose
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Dr. Cindy Kobelin

Dawn Rose
Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology {EndoGyn}
Dr. D. Kruschinski
Initial Procedure

Second Look Procedure

Dawn Rose
Dr. Reich
Dr. Gerhart
Wyoming Valley Health Care System

You decide! No drain, no reaction to spraygel, no endometriosis??!!!
Adhesion Free???
Nope, not even a chance....

Dawn Rose blows the whistle on Frankfurt……..

You just won't quit will you? I hope you are enjoying yourself. If anyone said anything to Daniel it was due to the fact that you and others were discrediting his work "behind the board".
I have emails to prove so. I am really tired of your game and I am sure others are as well. You hate the work we are doing because you see it as a threat to your first love: the IAS. The IAS
has been behind you and certain other people, but the IAS does not support people that have a heart to HELP the ARD patient. If they did, they would not be fighting this new work so very hard.
I never said a word about you not singing Daniel's praises, I was too busy singing my own. Dawn, I personally did not care what you were or were not doing.
Rules, rules, rules. I never read any of them. My heart is for the person begging for help. You can't even
decide WHO you are really out to attack. We are connected to Daniel, so go for it. Make a name for
You paid money to join this club?? It did not cost me anything.
I am sure you have swam with much bigger sharks, as you seem like the type that would.
God help you, Dawn
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----- Original Message -----
To: "Dawn"
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2003 12:14 PM
Subject: Re: Need guidance

Dear Dawn,
How are you, I hope you feel better ?
I would like to comment and to ask you if you like to continue to be on
my website as one of my patients contacts... (In your last email you wrote:
I still feel like a million buck compared to before. I have not spoken a
word of this to anyone nor will I as I get letters all the time and tell
everyone to go as you are their only hope and the relief is amazing.)
Dawn, Once I told a patient from Netherlands to go to my website and to contact one of the patients contacts and she contacted you and asked you about me. She send me your reply and it was one that directed her to another surgeon.
Today I got an email to look what advices you give on the IAS
Message board.
( Dear Elaine, Welcome, You are not crazy....if you have had prior surgeries you may indeed be suffering from ARD. A great way to check is to get your operative reports and see if adhesions were encountered during >the surgeries. If you need help locating a doctor in your area who is sympathic to the plight of the ARD sufferer, a great resource is in the support section under worldwide support listed by county and states. Hopefully you will find and IAS contact person in your area. If not you could contact Dr. Wiseman, the founder of the site. He may know of a doctor that is sympathetic to and understands ARD. He has many emails to answer and is very busy but he eventually will get back to you...he always does. An advocate should be able to help you though. Hang on, there is hope. Much love Dawn )

Dawn, I really don't believe that this kind of answers are a help for adhesion
sufferers as the exactly send them where there is NO HOPE... To
surgeons who perform surgeries after surgeries with no or only a litte
success results. Adhesion sufferers are the most complex, complicated
patients to treat. Surgeons who knows that adhesions are coming back
in a large number of theirs surgeries or that one who are gynecologic
surgeons without experience in bowel surgery, are harming the patients
knowing about alternatives. Could you explain if this is your intended purpose ? I have no problem if you continue to do so, then let me know and I will
take you out of my contact list for US.
KInd regards

Daniel Kruschinski, MD EndoGyn® Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology

 From Daniel
To: Dawn Rose

Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 19:37:07 +0200
To:Dawn <>

Dear Dawn,
I got a little confused by your answers on the board and that you say, patients should ask Dr. Wiseman for further help and should search in the IAS website and so on. I mean, you should tell people to see where there are good results and help. Of course it doesn't work always but in many cases. The techniques I'm using are so extremely
important for adhesions sufferers as they show, at least in my hand,
better results than every other surgeons technique. About such
techniques it should be written and recommended to patients and not to
say them to go for gas laparoscopy with gas and no SprayGel...
I don't need everyone posting about that but it's nice that some are
doing it and patients remember to ask me and send me emails... This is
the result of Karen's and Carolyn's posting and I am able to provide much more patients with a successful adhesiolysis than ever before.
Every week there are two new victories against adhesions. And please
show me another surgeon who has the same results !!!
Why can't you all work together and keep up posting about gasless
laparoscopy and SprayGel ? Why it can't be posted about the doctor
who has till now the best tools and techniques and results for
adhesion sufferers ?
I won't be glad, if David Wiseman will stop patients posting about
this successes and then I probably will go out of the IAS.
My priority is surgery and this is what I'm living for. I don't have
any other interest in my life except surgery and changing concepts of
surgery that went wrong... I even don't have the time to deal with all
the problems, my closest family, like Shirli, my kids and some others
have... I'm a work-o-holic and yes, I'm fanatic (this is what Shirli
says) in my visions of a better surgery, to provide doctors with something that
they did a mistake in (CO2). And I will continue to provide ARD sufferers with best results. But I was counting on you as you were kind here and you spoke so
much what you wanted to do as a patients advocate, like to make fundraising and some other things... Anyway I hope you fight your pain, probably you are right with that
the ovary could be the cause of your pain... and probably it should be removed and replaced bya hormonal replacement therapy which could be controlled much better than the ovary.
Thank you
Daniel Kruschinski, MD EndoGyn® Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology Seligenstadt(Germany)

 From Daniel
 To: Dawn Rose

Dear Dawn,
I'm not angry at you. My vision is that YOU ALL cooperate together and
make my dream come through, that gasless laparoscopy is a better
tool for laparoscopic surgery.
If you send me the records I could see if I could help. But how do you
want to tell her to fly if she doesn't want and how to collect the money ?
Daniel Kruschinski, MD
Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology
"The world is too complex for simple solutions..."
or"The world is very complex that only brilliant simple solutions will
succeed ...

----- Original Message -----
From: Karen Steward
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2003 2:10 PM
Subject: date

Hi to all,
Daniel has asked me to contact people that have had surgery with him
and request that you fill out the data form on the IAS site. I know I don't have
everyone on this list; however, will get others email addresses and send to
them also.........


 From Daniel
To: Dawn Rose
----- Original Message -----
To: "Dawn" <>
Sent: Monday, June 30, 2003 5:53 AM
Subject: Re: Need your advice

Hi Dawn,
This is a follow up on your surgery. As some time passed, I need
to collect some data. Please be as helpfull as possible to determine
all the issues.

Actual date:
Surgery date:
Second look date:
Average Pain score (0 - 10) before surgery:
Average Pain score (0 - 10) after surgery:
Pain medication before surgery, which and how much:
Pain medication today, which and how much:
Activity before surgery (0 - 10):
Activity after surgery (0 - 10)
Bowel movements before surgery:
Bowel movemnts after surgery:
Re-surgery becuase of adhesions ?
Bowel obstruction ?
Surgery for other indications than adhesions:

Daniel Kruschinski, MD
Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology

"The world is too complex for simple solutions..."
or "The world is very complex that only brilliant simple solutions will
succeed ..."

----- Original Message -----
From: "Dawn" <>
To: "Beverly J.Doucette" >
Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2003 11:33 AM
Subject: My PUBLIC message on Daniel site

Posted Friday, July 18, 2003 @ 00:34 AM
> While reviewing my operative reports that have been stowed away for some
> time I have some urgent questions that all have a right to see answered
> here.
> I feel I am pretty well educated as a lay person with ARD and I seek
> further clarification as to what happened to me.
> What do you do to acheive meticulous hemostasis? I see many blood clots
> and they are covered over in spray gel. I also see that you introduced
> gauze into my abdomin.
> I quote from my operative report"after securing hemostasis at all the
> surgery sites, Spray Gel Was applied to all the adhesiolysis areas, in
> total 6 kits of spray gel were used. After rinsing, a small amount of
> ringer fluid was left behind and an intraabdominal drainage was
> introduced into the abodomen" why did you put this drain in? I see no
> scar from it, where did you put it. Why add ringers after spray gel?
> would this not dilute it. I am seeing these blood clots covered with
> spay gel. Does not meticulous hemostasis before the introduction of
> spray gel give us the best chance? My second look op report states"
> Situs: the peritoneum all over was reddish and covered with old blood
> (reaction to the spray gel?)" Where'd all that old blood come from. Now
> I am going to tell the world I am sure I have adhesions back. I know
> what they feel like. I have written to you several times with my
> concerns and you were mad that I was not "shouting it from the rooftops"
> Your last personal email to me said " Good luck with fighting your
> pain." I am not the only one having problems either! I have remained
> silent untill now thinking I will have to return to you as you are my
> only hope. I don't think that anymore. With out valid answers to these
> questions why would your surgery be any different than the others we
> have been through? I offer my operative report to any who wish to see
> them. I am patient # 10 from the US. I urge others to break their
> silence and review their operative reports. I am happy you have this
> site Daniel but unfortunatly it's not going to be all smiley face icons
> and we have a pal for a doctor. These are matters of life and death! We
> have enough friends now lets hear from our doctor. To any who wish them
> I will email you my operative reports and the pictures so you can see
> for yourself.
> Thank you for facing these tough issues,
> Dawn

 From Daniel
To: Dawn Rose
Posted Friday, July 18, 2003 @ 02:18 AM
From Daniel Kruschinski
to Dawn Rose, Mass.
July 2003

Hi Dawn,
I knew that some of you will cause trouble, induced by others ..
To answer your questions is very easy and I will do that, but please don't say untruth things here: First I never wrote back to you "Good luck with fighting your pain" !!!
This is what I wrotea as a part of my message to your from June 13, 2003:
"... Anyway I hope you fight your pain, probably you are right with that the
ovary could be the cause of your pain... and probably it should be
removed and replaced by hormonal replacement therapy which could
be controlled much better than the ovary.
Thank you"

This was a logical advice to your email. And it's not true that you contacted me so many times about your condition, I have nice aemails from you and even from your daughter about you joining the life now and one about that you are in pain... and I have a copy of them, so I can show it to everyone.
OK, now to your Questions:
1)To achieve hemostasis we have a wonderful instrument, the bipolar scissors, which comes from laparotomy and can be only used in gasless laparsocopy. With this instrument you can achieve a very good hemostasis.
2) Gauze is not used in the surgery, only a sponge which does help tp make the preparation very easy and doesn't cause any problems. It gives me the same tools as in laparotomy (which are anyway better than the long ones from laparoscopy where the surgeon doesn't feel what he is doing... he loses the tactile sense of his hands... so he is a surgeon without a hand ...)
3)The drain is important to recognize bleedings after surgery and by this drain the little ringer which I put inside disappears. Why I put a drain because I want to see the bleeding which can occure after every surgery, even by one who doesn't put the drain ... so in by this I can earlier plan an additional intervention if there is a bleeding...other doctors without a drain deosn't recogize e blleding at all...
4)The body / peritoneum answers to everything that is a foreign body (SpraGel is also one) with inflammation and some blood escape... individually in some patients more in others less, this blood is already without any coagulative substances so it can’t coagulate and so thus can’t cause adhesions as it doesn’t contain fibrinogen... Nothing to worry about, this is not blood that makes adhesions, this is a peritoneal fluid and is reddish and as it can’t escape while it is covered by SprayGel, it shows exactly the reaction I describe in the operative report and which shows a “healthy”, smooth and shining peritoneum with neovascularistion ! The inflammation is exactly what we want, it causes a neovascularisation (new vessels are building and bringing Oxygen and high blood supply to the wounded area which heals by this quicker... !!! And this I can say as I use very high amounts of SprayGel and have the most experience with using many kits and not only two...
Adhesions can come back after every surgery, even after mine, I never stated that we have 100% adhesions free patients... Also pain can be related to other organs or issues thany adhesions... Medicine is never 100 % as we know, so some might develop adhesion and some others not... but with the combination fo both, gasless laparoscopy and SprayGel I still have the best results...
So Dawn, you are still welcome to perform a third look as done by Lisa Graven and than we could detect if adhesions came back. This would be also good to know, as no procedure is 100 %, we are not magicians, we are humans, and we might mistake in our theories about adhesions, as adhesions are the “chameleon” of the surgical treatment and there are plenty of doctors who don’t touch this patients (as you yourself know). I’m at least trying to help and I helped many of ARD patients ... If I can heal at least one or two it is worth to work on it and to work out how and what to do better in the future, so you could help to educate my self even much more in my undertakings to fight adhesions...
Many kind regards and I’m sorry, you are trying to fight me, but I know it’s someoen else behind you... it is not you that is trying to do so... But I have the right on my side so I’m not afraid and I’m not going to remove your post like some others would do and did already on other boards... this is a free seech board and everyone can post anything, also bad things about me. This will give me the opportunity to answer officially and not get fighters behind my back ... Still your friend

---- Original Message -----
From: Beverly J.Doucette
To: Dawn
Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2003 5:48 PM
Subject: RE: Your response to Daniel and Karen..

Hello Dawn,

I know your upset, and you do have a right to ask more questions as sometimes answers lead to more questions!
Here is the best way to answer Daniels email and Karen’s as well, all in one.
Stay strong, don't react, your doing what you have a right to do, if you had never met me, you would have a right to ask questions of Daniel! Remember that! Do not allow Karen to blindside you now, she is wicked with a bat, but miles away from you so your safe, her words cannot hurt unless you think they are true, and they are not.
Both Daniel and Karen are using an old psychological ploy called a, " smoke screen!"
This means that in order to avoid dealing with issues they are responsible for, they will trey to bring OTHER issues into the conversation so that your time and energy are used to deal with those lesser issues and issues with out basis so that you forget the REAL issues at hand and are more apt to focus on the crap stuff then your real concerns, thus they get out of being held accountable for what they are responsible for!
IN this case, nothing your saying is your words, thus they are not taken seriously, and Daniel uses words like "troublemeker" as it demeans you and flusters you, name calling is always a great smkoke screen! :-) Accusations will also throw the focus off the real issues as the person then spends time defending themselves and all other pertinent issues get lost in the garbage of defense.
Daniel is a pro at this stuff...and then to use medical descriptions of equipment..give me a break! And the medical physiological terms about the "body / peritoneum answers to everything that is a foreign body (SpraGel is also one) with inflammation and some blood escape... individually in some patients more in others less, this blood is already without any coagulative substances so it can’t coagulate and so thus can’t cause adhesions as it doesn’t contain fibrinogen... Nothing to worry about, this is not blood that makes adhesions, this is a peritoneal fluid and is reddish and as it can’t escape while it is covered by SprayGel, it shows exactly the reaction"
This is okay for them to do as long as you understand it..okay? Nothing to react to..unless we do it intentional, like below!
You can call me if you like...I will be sending Daniels explanations to Confluent and either Tom will get to you or he will get to me. May I give him your phone number please?
I am so sorry you have to go through this with Daniel, and I am so sorry your not well, but I will try to help you as much as possible! Stay strong! Bev

From Dawn Rose
to Daniel Kruschinski
July 2003

Hello Daniel, (and Karen)

Daniel, you have no idea how upset and scared I am that I may have adhesions back! I have thought it for some time, and we have talked or rather communicated about that, maybe it was not as often as I stated, and maybe your words were as you said and I read them the way I saw it, remember, I am not as well as I hoped I would be, I cannot see any way I will ever be able to get back to you and who can I turn to here for one! I am desperate and in pain! Then I hear you saw that yes, it could be the ovary, and I had gone all the way to Germany only to return with this message telling me I still have problems! Yes, I saw red, and I feel sick that I have problems that may need surgery, I thought I came top you for all that only to hear you tell me that the ovary might be bad....
how will I ever know as who here can do a surgery...I am sick and afraid of adhesions...and now you say I am making trouble because I need answers!
I fell like I am starting all over again here, begging to see a Dr. for what..diagnostic tests to tell me I have nothing wrong with me, start taking pain meds again.and talking to you IN Germany doesn't help me get medications here in the USA!

Others putting me up to dragging out my operatives from Germany now that you have a message board but not before that..well, if you must know why I dug them up now it is because a patient of your just returned NOT WELL at all and having a fit because I sent her over to you! She is angry and seeking answers to HER operative reports from every DR. and surgeon she can! And she blames ME for all of this and for wasting her money too! Karen, say what ever you want about me trying to make a problem, it IS a problem to be sure, and yes, someone is behind it all, but NOT who you and Daniel think it is. You want to blame Bev for everything, she says so be it, it is okay. She never mentioned anything about Daniel to me or on the IAS, always answered my concerns in private as your saying to do, and yet never putting Daniel down, even stating I might have to go back to him!! Karen you did all the public name calling and blaming..never Bev! I mentioned her name one time on the IAS, which I regret and apologized to her for doing as she had no part in it all, I did that, but she wanted no retractions at all, just to be left out of the public display!

I have talked to Bev about this recent issue with this patient because this patient didn't want to talk to Bev, she allowed me to send her operatives to Bev and asked questions. I have no idea what has transpired since then as Bev will not discuss this persons case with me and this lady is very angry at me...I dug out MY reports to show this lady that I was sorry for not being upfront with her as to how I felt and that her decision to go to Germany was based on my lies, etc...I told her I would share everything with her, I feel terrible guilt Daniel and Karen, terrible guilt for not telling her how I really felt! THIS is why I had my reports and pictures out, to send to her!

I asked Bev to look at MY reports and explain them to me in medical terminology so I would know what to say to this lady..and Bev actually said the same things that you just told me, and she pointed out that there was "old un-oxygenated blood" in the first pictures you took at the start of the initial procedure and that there were lots of adhesions, and of course that blood left in the cavity very well could cause adhesions, but to keep on mind that I did not have a barrier used here in the states so one would expect adhesions to form! Then she explained that there appeared to be blood in the cavity prior to you applying the Spraygel, but maybe you picked that out before the application of the Spraygel. (She explained that Dr. Reich picks the blood out at the end of the surgery as well as aggressive irrigation.) Then I asked her if I might have adhesion again if blood was left in and that I saw what looked like a gauze pad in two of the pictures and that gauze can cause adhesions to.
Bev, yes, Bev told me to email my questions to you, I also asked her about a drain, she told me to ask you as how could she know if I didn't remember having one and had no site where it would be how could she know. If it is in the report, then she said I had one, but to ask you as she can't know where it came out of!!

I know I come on strong and angry, but I am causing trouble because I now need answers, and now I get out my reports, it is Bev's fault? And I should tell who this person is when she asks me not to tell you yet she is screaming accusation at ME for not being honest to her and now she is WORSE then when she went over to you! This is BEV'S fault and I am making trouble induced by others!! IF only Bev would give me some time and answers, she too thinks I didn't do the right thing, yes, Karen, I too got that email!! I feel guilt, and I did wrong when this lady contacted me before going to Daniel, I WAS the cause of her wasting her money and coming back very ill! This is how I feel....and I am making trouble Daniel?
I can't afford to come back, Daniel, I am desperate and I am scared, and you don't need to tell me I don't know what I am doing and have to be "put up to it" by anyone else! I choose to say what I did to this lady, no one but me, and I did wrong. No one put me up to saying how wonderful you were when I did feel well, and even when I didn't..not even Bev put me up to that! I did Daniel, give ME credit for knowing what I am doing when I write to you!

I know you can show patients emails to everyone, you did that with Lisa, remember! And Daniel, I WAS well and thought I would stay well, but now I am NOT well, so what do you ant me to do, shut up and suffer? Write happy faces all over my emails?? And I AM guilty of lying to this lady...happy faces on that too!
Your report states you achieved hemostasis, what I am asking is if that means you remove the blood clots I saw in the pictures, it doesn't matter to me the instrument, I have no idea what that even is, all I want to know is if you cleaned out the clotted blood before the application of Spraygel, that's all I am asking. I am trying to figure out if I now have adhesions..and did Spraygel make me bleed as it states in your report? If it did, how can I use it again? Why did it make me bleed?
The pictures of the blood were before the Spraygel was put on Bev that true? ( And she said to ask you, she was not attacking you or anything!)

I saw a gauze pad in two pictures, that's why I asked about them. Can't I ask that without being a troublemaker?

If there is bleeding after surgery, won't adhesions form?
And I asked WHERE on my body the drain was. This lady said her drain was in her side, I didn't know I had one and told her that I didn't have one, only to read on my reports that I did, now she thinks I am lying to her again!!

Now I am confused again, inflammation causes adhesions we all have heard...and now you say I had inflammation too? I do not understand anything about the bleeding or blood part, but I asked Bev to explain it, just so you know, and she said she had to forward it to Confluent as it was all news to her and it is best someone there answers these issues, not her!

Is that blood clotting gone now do you think or did I get adhesions from them again??

Daniel, you said that each second look was 100% clear of adhesions, mine too, what does that mean then? I fear having to live with adhesions again, and I did believe that you had 100% success, maybe you did not say it but I was led to think that!! Maybe from Lisa, I don't remember! I am so afraid of having adhesions...

I don't see how I will ever get back there to you, I am so frightened, and you can keep saying someone is behind my words, Daniel, it doesn't matter, the real issues are that I think I have adhesions again, and when I got out my reports to send south, I asked Bev to read them and explain them to me. She did NOT put your surgery down, nothing like that at all, she explained what she knew, told me to email you and said I might have to go back to you too, as this other lady is supposed to do! Bev told me nothing different then you just did! But Daniel, I can't get back to there, and I do not trust anyone here! It doesn't matter what Karen says, I told this lady a lie, and that I didn't have a drain, then it is on my report...Bev told me to ask you about it, not her! I do not want Bev to dislike me, she helped me get to you...but I think she doesn't like me anymore then the others! Think what you want, Karen too, but it doesn't change my worry's and my needs!

I didn't do this behind your back and even if I asked the question in the other area to ask you stuff, everyone will see it anyway, so I wrote it here! I do NOT want to ever be accused of not being upfront again, and Karen even if you don't like that I ask Daniel questions publicly, to bad as this is how I am going to always do things, upfront and open and honest! I lied once and caused a serious problem for someone, maybe others too, but for sure one person, I will never do it aging, even if you don't like it! I am not you Karen!

Daniel, you make it sound so simple to just return as Lisa did, but I am a single parent with an ill child and no money...and how do I know it would even work a next time? Your right, nothing is 100%, but what about IF blood left in after surgery does create adhesions?? What about a drain tube creating adhesions and bleeding after surgery..creates I get a laporoscopic procedure done here to see if there are adhesions and not allow for any to be lysed? Is that possible to do?
Aside of all the garbage and accusations, what do I do?

You accuse me of making trouble because I ask questions, do you say that to me so I do NOT ask you questions? Why is that making trouble, Daniel? Is this why other patients don't approach you with their issues or IS everyone well except for me and this lady who just returned, and Lisa, and Sally?

I need answers for me, for me, Daniel...and if your message board can't handle truth but only smiley faces and praise..then it is not any better then any other message board that wants to be perfectly sterile and "happy" al the time, which isn't what ARD is all about all the time! To did my surgery, I have my op reports out and I need answers..and not in such a medical jabber that I cannot understand a word of, tell me in layman's terms please. That is considerate and more helpful then this email. Karen, stay out of this, YOU never had a surgery with Daniel so how can you talk to me that way..I am suffering, not you, you cannot know what I feel at all as you do not have to face this, your daughter does! It is no wonder to me she is not around to post, she got well and then ran miles away from you being overbearing in her life! Stay out of MINE!
Karen, you attacked EVERYONE on the other message boards at every post that you didn't like, now your going to start it here again?? Thats okay with me, I am going to ask my questions to Daniel as MY money was as good as anyone elses was and I deserve answers to MY questions!

( Daniel, this is part of a report I have in MY files...MY files, Karen, I can read and I understand what this says!!! Maybe it is wrong, but this is what I read.)

The omentum plays a protective role in adhesion formation. Adhesive obstruction after colectomy is well known. This is because the operation involves, omentectomy and this will remove the organ that forms safe adhesions. As a result it would leave adhesiogenic areas exposed to the small bowel and will result in higher incidence of small bowel adhesions.
Another significant factor is a frequent practice to divide any adhesions that are total encountered. The division of adhesions which involves the small bowel are at a high risk of later obstruction.
As yet there are no definite methods of completely preventing adhesions. The two commonly used solutions that have anti-adhesive effects in animals povidone iodine and 30% dextran 70.[13] Povidone iodine is used by surgeons more for its antimicrobial action rather than that of its anti adhesive effect.[11] Dextran is a popularly used solution in gynaecologic practice to prevent adhesions in infertility surgery.

The most important way of preventing adhesions is by meticulous technique.
The following are a few operative steps which could be undertaken to reduce the incidence of post operative adhesions.
Careful handling of the bowel to reduce serosal trauma.
Avoid rough unnecessary dissection.
Avoid contact of foreign material from the peritoneum e.g. use of absorbable material as far as possible, avoid excess use of guaze swabs, or wearing starch free gloves.
Adequate excision of ischaemic or infected debris within the peritoneum.
Preserve the omentum as far as possible. Placement of omentum around the site of surgery and run the omentum under the wound to encourage low risk adhesions to form.
Avoid dividing adhesions which do not involve the small intestines.
 From Daniel
To: Dawn Rose

----- Original Message -----
To: "Dawn" <>
Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2003 3:05 PM
Subject: Re: your attacks

> Hi Dawn,
> I feel sorry for you that the drugs drives you crazy, but I would like you
> to answer my questions: Why are you doing it ? What have I done to
> you ? Why are you slandering me ? For what reasons are you lying ?
> No one of my patients was near to dy, this is really hard... to see one of
> my patients speeking such crazy things... as I am always trying to have
> avery good relationship with my patients... Why didn't you continue to
> communicate with me after June ? You stopped the communication
> after Beverly told you to do so... I really don't want why you as a adult human that I have done so much for, have to act like this... if you continue ... than I wish I would never
> have met you... if you think you can stop this mess, please come back to me.... there is nothing wrong on what I'm doing...Let's come together again, let's try at least to behave like intelliegent adult human...
> Regards
> Daniel Kruschinski, MD
> EndoGyn®
> Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology


Original Message -----
From: Beverly J.Doucette
Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2003 9:38 PM
Subject: Re: your attacks

Dear Daniel,
What is THIS all about? My name has been tossed around the IAS and now in this email to Dawn Rose...Daniel, I have nothing to do with Dawn Rose other to tell her TO email YOU with her many questions! Dawn emailed me with her operative reports as week or so ago asking me to explain them to her as she was sending them to one of your recent patients who just returned...I answered some questions, but then told her to deal directly with you as I did not want to get into the middle of anything between Dawn and the patient!

This lady was VERY irate at Dawn and demanded that Dawn answer questions about things that Dawn told her prior to the lady coming to Frankfurt! Dawn wanted ME to speak to the lady, and I did, but only to tell her to communicate with you. This lady also said that I misrepresented Frankfurt by telling her that I would go there myself if I couldn't get Dr. Reich. This I did say to her, but that was before I found out that not everyone returning home and saying they were 100% well were actually NOT doing so well after all. I was a victim of this misinformation the same as she was! I have NOT spoken to the lady since! ( And I will not either!)
This is what Dawn explained to me prior to asking me to look at her operatives and why she asked me to do that!
This same lady called Dawn a lire and a fraud, Dawn told her she would let her see anything she wanted to see regarding Dawns operatives from Frankfurt, as Dawn felt guilty I guess...Dawn told this lady something about her ( Dawn) NOT having a drain tube post surgically, and then when Dawn found her operatives, it stated she did in fact have a drain, so the lady once again called her a lier and said Dawn scammed her for "pushing" Frankfurt!
Dawn feels terrible, she asked me to look at the operatives, and I did, she asked where a drain would have been if she had one, which she says she doesn't remember, that is when I told her to discuss her issues with you as I do NOT want to remain involved with anything to do with Frankfurt, and I told that to Dawn well over a week ago! I do commend Dawn for trying to make amends with this lady by trying to be honest with her now....
This same lady also says that Lisa Graven scammed her after I referred her to talk to Lisa about Frankfurt, so it was MY fault again! I want no part of any of this, Daniel!
And to see my name used in this manner here when I have neither posted anything negative about you or your procedure on the IAS or anywhere else...what some of your patients did was wrong Daniel, whether you like it or not, they were not sharing current information about their current health, be it adhesions or not, and people felt that they were not hearing the truth prior to going over to see you! I emailed my issues to YOU and to the women who reported that they were well, when in fact they reported elsewhere that they were NOT well!
False reports posted public for all to see and to use in making a decision as to where to seek a surgery, is not something that I want to see happen to victims of ARD, and I don't think you did either! It is always best to report how a person is feeling and living after ANY adhesiolysis so that others do not have false expectations when they elect to go to a certain surgeon!
NOT one time did I ever mention anything about your surgery, Daniel and never did I ever go public with this issue, the other ladies did that! I never saw your procedure or skill or compassion as being anything but that it is, decent and offering a good chance of improvements from ARD symptoms! What I take issue to, was the women not sharing the truth! A simple as that! You can look back many months in the IAS archives and you will have seen me post maybe two times in that year..and it was never to put down or slander you or your procedure, Daniel!
Daniel, If anyone wanted to see Frankfurt go, who do you think that would be??? Perhaps me a little bit, I was the one who introduced Frankfurt..of course I want to see it be productive, but only with honesty and respect, and some of those you choose to speak on your behalf, well, they remain less then of moral charachter! Not just MY thinking, Daniel, they were caught in dishonest behavior, and now they are very unhappy with me for asking them to be honest to thier fellow ARD sufferers and speak the truth, and they all did, but they also all left the IAS for some reason, shame I am guessing, and then stating that they were thrown off by Davie, that is not truth again, and people can see that...and it was again, from thier own mouths, Daniel, not mine!
I don't think you want to secure patients by former patients not being honest with them, Daniel, and that is what happened, and that is what is behind the issues with Dawn, I am sure! ( At least what I knew, this other stuff I have no idea about !!and I don't want to know either..leave me out of all this stuff, all of it looks CRAZY to me!)
I have not posted on the IAS for ages, and I do not plan to start now! I do not need nor want anyone to post for me, in fact, Dawn Rose DID post something about me in response to someone calling me a lier etc, etc..and I emailed Dawn to never use my name again unless she has permission from me, which she did not have! I don't care what any thinks I am doing or did, that is the least of anything that bothers me, because it is said doesn't make it fact, and your words here are far from being fact, Daniel, as why would I care if Dawn Rose emails you?? I hardly know her! I'm going to take MY time to deal with her issues and the other ladies issues?? Why would I do that? Remember, I also sent that email about not being honest to Dawn as well as the others, and she wasn't honest, non of them were, so why in the world would I NOW deal with her?
My God, Daniel, I have no idea what all that stuff is that your saying in this email!! About someone dying??? Who is sandering you, it isn't me!! I haven't emailed you sice that issue with some not telling the truth..and that was NOT you, it was them! How is that slandering you, Daniel??
I am not aware at all about any contacts Dawn had with you at or before June! She doesn't email me Daniel...only to see her operatives and to tell me she was trying to be honest with this lady now! I am NOT interested in her trying to be honest now, or any of the ladies, they did share the truth, and it has offered and allowed prospective patients to ask more questions of them and hopefully you, so that when anyone comes to Frankfurt, they are prepared fully as to what to expect..and it is NOT all" miracles" as these ladies were saying over and over and over simply wasn't! Maybe you didn't know that these particular ladies ( Karen, Sally, Dawn. Lisa, & Carolyn) where telling people that there were 100% success's coming our of Frankfurt, and that they were all well..given Karen speaking for her daughter, then I hear that this is NOT the fact, and emailed you and them to begin to share the truth so others who elect to go to you will not have unrealistic expectations, as this lady now states she had because these same ladies, and ME included, falsified information about Frankfurt!
Daniel, I have not dealt with anyone or anything to do with Frankfurt since my email to you and to ONE time look at Dawn Rise's operatives, and tell her to go to you with her issues! I want out of ALL ARD issues...not because of you, David Wiseman or anyone else, but this lady is going to cause some trouble, Dawn should worry, as should the rest of those women she talked to or who posted false information, if this lady and her husband decide that they were frauded by them ...they are all in deep trouble! Not you, Daniel, as you did not make the statements that everything was 100% success's, and neither did I as I was advocate for Harry only!
I will also share that I was saddened when Karen would attack anyone who talked about any other surgeon or surgery or that they could not get funds to go to Frankfurt, she hurt so many innocent people who are the victims living with ARD, she doesn't live with that pain and suffering the same as the victims do, yet she was unmerciful in her behaviors to them! This was sad as you were trying so hard to open the doors in Frankfurt...and that type of behavior was only serving to close them! I am not sure if you know this or not, but their appreciation of your skill, went to far and they became dishonest backers of you...not it is difficult even for me to get excited for Helen Dynda's surgery with you, as I wonder if the second looks really were all 100% free of adhesions, and once I found out that a number of your patients were not well after some months, be it adhesions or not, I will wait and hold my breath as time goes by for Helen...praying and hoping that she will be one of the fortunate ones who had your adhesiolsysi, many are well, ( I THINK!!) and may Helen be among them, Daniel! I know you did your best with her, and God, I pray she will have success to a great %!
I cannot be to optimistic since the ladies didn't tell the truth, I too feel like a victim of their over zealous words....but this is NOT your fault Daniel, as I have no doubt that you did not know they were saying such things!
I cannot stop anyone from using my name or placing suspician on me for things..but that doesn't cause me to do anything different as I am not doing any of it anyway! Maybe you would be best served to look at issues as if that patient or person or whomever you think is not acting on their own, as Daniel, in the case of Dawn Rose, it is not me, so deal with her and hold her accountable for whatever it is she is doing....and use me if you want to, but you will never be able to deal with the reality of the issues as she states them or does them, as she is doing them, not me, and it seems you have some issues here...I wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole! You know, I am NOT even curious as to what the hell this is all about, my name in it or not, I don't want to even know about it!!

Good Luck Daniel, and unless you have proof I am doing something, Daniel, keep me out of it. Beverly

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> From: "Dawn" <>
> To: "Beverly J.Doucette" <>
> Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2003 6:01 PM
> Subject: Need assistance or the shot heard round the world.
Holy crap is the shot heard round the world...leaves me
> > all a bit nausoues....but anyhow I am done with the posting
> > part........and I think David is going to be pissed at me as
> > Karen came gunning for me over on the IAS...well I guess you'll see....I
> > am a bit ashamed I was so nasty but whats done is done........I think
> > the message got out to more that I ever imagined.
> > What I need help with is......well.......maybe David might not want to
> > hear my voice right now as Karen is all over him demanding I be banned
> > from IAS as well. I need my second look pics and as best I know, David
> > has the only is probably sitting unopened in a pile some
> > where.....but Jo and I are going to compare pics of our adhesiolysis...I
> > think they should have this as they are concerned and "got it"....I am
> > sure that David would not go out of his way for Jo....but they are our
> > sister too.
Thank you again so much.... Thank you, Love, Dawn

Original Message -----
From: "Beverly J.Doucette" <>
To: "Dawn" <>
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2003 9:55 AM
Subject: Re: Need assistance or the shot heard round the world.

 I see my email got to you to late, not that it is my business to tell you
> what to do, but I was out of town and got home very late last night to
> respond to your email.
> I see that you already did dear Karen...and I am not sure what
> you mean about Jo...Jo Eslick perhaps?
> Please do NOT post anything that will open a door for Karen as she is
> spiteful and will hurt anyone who so much as gets in her way! So many who
> post and are attacked by her are innocent..posting anything that will elicit
> a response from her is not worth it. It is nauseating to be sure, Dawn.
> please do not post anything about Frankfurt, dear, speak to David about
> things before you post as if you feel your not getting answers from Daniel,
> perhaps David can answer them as well!!
> Like I said before, Dawn, please do not get caught up in any battles on the
> IAS as it only hurts us all. Perceived involvement or not, when our names
> are brought up like that, it hinders anything we might want to do or say to
> support other victims of ARD.
> These posts are said and done now...but try to think about not responding no
> matter how frustrated you are or if the issues are about Frankfurt and
> Daniel, take them to his site if nothing else. I cannot tell you what to
> do, and I did mention before not do anything on the IAS board that is
> negative, but now I am begging you not to keep it going, dear, please?
> I am not sure what you mean by got out to more then you thought?? I, this
> morning, got hate mail in my private email, and I had nothing to do with any
> of this. My involvement is perceived, even by Daniel mentioning my name all
> the time, so there is nothing I am going to do about it, but walk away from
> ARD issues, which is fine with me actually.
> But please Dawn, don't post negative things on the IAS, your a valuable
> asset to the IAS, try to talk to David about things before you post, if you
> will. One day someone will need your advice and you want to be there for
> them, and NOT be perceived as "reactive" shall I say.
I don't know what you and Jo will find, but if it is an issue for Daniel,
> take it to Daniel, I am not sure how, but you might want to talk to David
> first, he is really a wonderful person and will NOT be angry, he will help
> resolve your issues and he will want to do that before posts start a
> controversy on the IAS. I mentioned that before...and I will mention it
> again, please, I really, really beg you, Dawn, not to respond to anymore of
> anyone's ( Karen) posts on the IAS that elicit negative issues.
> Your message is well taken by those who see it, as long as you want to share
> what your story out of Frankfurt is, offer to do it in a private
> email...that is much better for both you and who ever requests any
> information about Frankfurt. It serves everyone better, my dear..okay?
> I don't know what to say, other then to ask again not to post about
> Frankfurt on the IAS, I have no right to ask that of you or anyone, but we
> have talked about it, and you know where I sit as to that issue, bickering
> on the IAS serves no useful purpose, and Dawn, you can avoid it and be just
> as effective in getting your message shared by using email, in fact, it will
> be taken more seriously then if seeing it posted in a public way, don't you
> think so? This makes me so sad, sick as you put is past, but now
> you can stop it in it's tracks by letting it all fade away, at least on the
> IAS if you want to deal with Daniel and issues of his making, but you can
> let it fade away on the IAS, dear, please think about this. You probably
> feel worse now then before you posted on the IAS, and if that is so, then
> try not to keep it going.
> I have heard no more from LaDonna, so maybe she is okay. I did put her in
> touch with a surgeon who she can ask questions of, nothing more either of us
> can do. You are free of her, Dawn....!
Take care now, I will help you too! Bev