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Thursday, November 29, 2007

What do you get for being one of "Kru's" most stanch supporters?

Absolutely nothing!

Posted Mittwoch, 28. November 2007 @ 10:39:33
Hallo Gisela, naja, selbst wenn der Stent rauskäme habe ich immer noch diese starken, bewegungsabhängigen Verwachsungsbeschwerden im Unterleib, die auch die Blase tangieren. Je nach Bewegung, hauptsächlich beim Bücken habe ich massive Probleme. Bin letzte Woche mal stramm 20 Minuten gelaufen und wollte danach vor Schmerzen sterben. Auch vor der Toilette und kurz danach habe ich mit Bauchschmerzen zu tun, aber das geht im Vergleich zu den Voroperationen.
Alles Liebe SchaPu

Posted Wednesday, 28 November 2007 @ 10:39:33
Hello Gisela, naja, even if the Stent rauskaeme I have still these strong, movement-dependent growing together complaints in the abdomen, which concern also the blister. Depending upon movement, mainly when bending I have substantial problems. Last week times stramm 20 minutes ran and wanted to die thereafter before pain. Also before the toilet and briefly thereafter I have to do with belly pain, but goes compared with the Voroperationen. All love SchaPu Miltenberger

You spent years supporting everything Kruschinski said or did, and without any validation of his words!
You took his words as gospel.
You yell louder then most proclaiming his "miracles!"
You had a surgery with him, and claimed your own 100% success when "harvesting" others to him.
You remain a regular "poster" in Endogyn.
You are recognized as being the "message board" hostess because you have to answer everyone else who posts in Endogyn.
You put down anyone who raised a question about him.
You were/are very quick to defend him, and his every action, even calling others "liars!"
You were/are one his most stanch supporters, emailing him at every turn to tell him how great he is, how talented he is as a surgeon and over and over thanking him for "curing" you!
You are not well at all these days, suffering the same pain and indignities of ARD that you went to him for his 100% effective "gasless" adhesiolysis.
You are to the point that your job has been affected.
You find working in the "archives" to much for you these days, (after having been banished there by your employer for spending to much time in Endogyn.)
You post how miserable you are.
Your pain is bad, it gets worse when your activity is increased. Pain, pain and more pain!
You are seeking medical intervention for your ARD.
Your "gasless" surgery by Kruschinski proved NOT to be all he had claimed it to be!
"Spraygel" in his hands was NOT effective in your case, and in the case of many others!
You really do NOT know if you really had "Spraygel" as most of the pictures Kruschinski used to "prove" what he did in your surgery were probably not you!

So, what does one get from "King Kru" when the adhesions return after a surgery by him, and one who spent years bowing to him and his every need?

Absolutely Nothing!

Question: Why isn't Kru answering your posts?
Answer: What can he say, he has been proven to be a liar and a fraud!

Question: Why can't you secure another surgery with him?
Answer: He cannot perform any surgeries, cannot use the "Abdolift" and he has no facility in which to perform anything!

Question: Why are you seeking medical intervention elsewhere?
Answer: Because all you will ever get from "Kru" is a few words on a computer! No matter what he says he cannot perform any duties as a "Dr." No prescriptions, no office visits, no surgeries, no consulting, no exams, no nothing, unless you fall for the 'ol
"Computer Cam exam!"

IHRT suggests you try to contact Kru using the information he posted recently in Endogyn, after all, there isn't any reason he wouldn't respond to you, is there?!

Posted Thursday, November 29, 2007 @ 03:09 AM
If you like to communicate with us, you can use the email. If you like to post, you are welcome to do so.

Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski EndoGyn® Ltd.
Gesellschaft für Endoskopische Gynäkologie Ltd.
Zweigniederlassung DeutschlandEingetr.
AG Passau HRB-Nr. 7107
Klinik am Zuckerberg
Zuckerbergweg 2
38124 Braunschweig
Fon: 0180 ENDOGYN (3636496)
Fax: 07000 ENDOGYN (3636496)
Mobil: 0171 62 04621

von Miltenberger, why not go to Klinik am Zuckerberg in Braunschweig, as your in Germany, find the OR and wait there until Kru shows up! Why not ask to speak to the members of his Operating Room "team." You know, the "WE" in everything Kru posts. He is still there, so he says! Why not contact "

Posted Thursday, November 1, 2007 @ 01:33 AM
We carry on performing lift-laparoscopic adhesiolysis with the Abdo-Lift and SprayGel and training and teaching at congresses, so mainly nothing changed, except the facility: The Klinik am Zuckerberg in Braunschweig provides patients with any facility that is necessary for speedy recovery like a huge garden (with a golf course) and a beautiful restaurant with a terrace.

As of Thursday, June 7, 2007, he listed the following members of his team in the OR at the Klinik am Zuckerberg!
You might ask for Isabell, the main OR nurse, or perhaps the "youngest male nurse" in OR as he is very motivated and is around to do anything. Why not ask to speak to Isolde, the anesthesiology nurse at Klinik am Zuckerberg in Braunschweig, or maybe seek out Dr. Lorenz, the head anesthetist. It appears that even Michaela, who is at EndoGyn since the year 2002 and has managed the operating room issues since than was also at Klinik am Zuckerberg in Braunschweig. And of course, the "King Kru" himself preparing for a surgery!

IHRT would expect at least some of these people would still be active at Klinik am Zuckerberg in Braunschweig, as why wouldn't they be? Just because Kru go sacked and spends his time drinking and beating his wife Shirli, doesn't mean the other " Endogyn" staff would lose their positions!

IHRT will keep you updated as we for Kru response and ultimate scheduling of a surgery for von Miltenberger at Klinik am Zuckerberg in Braunschweig with the Endogyn OR team!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Are ALL the Kruschinski's on Public Assistance????

NO! Not ALL of them.

Daniel, Sherli and the two babies are now receiving public assistance!
How could Daniel "Doc" aka " King Kru" aka "Kru" get public assistance if he is continuing to perform operations at "EndoGyn® at Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweig" all year?

Easy answer, and 100% fact: He wasn't doing any surgeries there in 2007!

Another interesting fact is that "Kru" has NEVER been associated, not even remotely, with this medical facility where he claims he was a " faculty member to the faculty of medicine of the private Witten / Herdecke University" and that he was made "head of the Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology.

Another interesting fact about Kru is this: Endogyn though listed as an "Institute" was NEVER an Institute! Kru just made that up!

Another interesting fact about "Kru" is that he was never and is not a "Professor!"

IHRT invites you to check out the "NEW" locations for "Endogyn" as listed in Kru's web site
EndoGyn® ...scroll down to:"New Locations"

If you have not realized that over the course of 5 years that IHRT has been presenting facts, and only facts, regarding the "Fall of King Kru" and the criminal, unethical and immoral" activities coming out of "Endogyn" then you need to call and get another appointment for a surgery with KIng Kru!

Another fact is that many, yes many, of the patients who had a surgery with Kruschinski DID NOT have Spraygel, and DID NOT have a meticulous procedure, and that "Gassless" DID NOT offer them any more benefit then performing that surgery in an outhouse! Kru also knew that the "Abdolift" caused adhesions, that he was using it inappropriately, that he was over using it and at times, performed surgery "DRUNK!"

Do you really think that Michi worked at any medical facility in 2006-2007?
Fact: She DID NOT

Did you really think Michi was a nurse?
Fact: She WAS NOT! Never! All documents were false, bogus and illegal!

Did you really think Karen Steward told the truth?
Did you really think that Helen Dynda told the truth?
Did you really think that "Kru's Crew " told the truth?
Fact is, they DID NOT!

These people have all tried to undermine IHRT's facts, however, as you can see, they fell with their master! To quote Karen Steward: "In the end the truth shall prevail!"
Yes Karen, in this IHRT agrees!

Another fact: Kruschinski is a criminal, is bankrupt, has left both his families in the lurch, is a drunk, a despicable character recognized by those who see him in court to be a smelly, fat, bald, street bum who has become nocturnal hoping to avoid debt collectors, and angry patients!

IHRT also invites you to take a " stroll" through the Endogyn web site where you will find it to be "dead!" That is a fact...however, that is not why IHRT wants you to surf that web site, what we want to point out to you is that the contents of the "Enodgyn" web site is all bogus!
What appears to be "factual teaching programs," patients "statistics and lists" "affiliations and education" in his bio" are FAKE!

Going through that web site will offer you a look into the efforts, and criminal mind, of a scam artist, Daniel M. Kruschinski!
**Note how he executed his plans to scam you, to scam the medical community and you will see how easy it was/is to scam people by use of a web site!
**Take note of his efforts to produce pages that appeared to be valid promotions and information! ALL FALSE!

Have pain post-op from a surgery at, "Endogyn?"
Think it can't be adhesions? Think again!

More to come on "Kru & Endogyn", though not much happening with Kru these days, what is in the works is interesting, is fact and will be brought to you through IHRT!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Important message from Dr. Kruschinski ~ 5 year follow up
Most advanced nincompoop
Gender: bi-sexual - will do anything for a quarter
Location: Thillythstopp
Registered: Neutered & no longer procreating
Status: on the lam
Offline: Da, Stagnant
Posts: 3,187, or, 4, 390, or, 2000 - 10's of thousands or maybe 10!

Posted Saturday, December 23, 2006 @ 09:11 AM
Between the holidays we will mail a follow-up form for a patients who underwent an adhesiolysis procedure at ENdoGyn in the last 5 years. It is important that you will answer all the questions and send it back.
Thank you for cooperation.--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD

Attention Shoppers! It is urgent that everyone who has been to Germany to begin posting answers to the following questions and let's do a comparison: (IHRT will use the same number pattern as Kru uses in his questionnaire.)
1. Are you a human?
2. Are you bogus?
3. Your name:____________
4. Your Surgeon:_____________
5. Your realm of existence:
6. Pain level before surgery (scale 0 -10):
7. Pain level after surgery (scale (0-10):
8. Do you exhale carbon dioxide?
9. If so why?10.) Did I use any barriers on you,(I don't keep records, so please hep me out here!)
20. Does Al Gore have the true scoop about carbon dioxide, or is it just a "An Inconvenient Fib"?21. How much pain meds were you on prior to surgery:
22. Can I have some?
23. What were your pain medications prior to surgery:
24. How much pain med were you on after your surgery:
25. What were the pain medications after your surgery:
26. Did you do the Russian Restaurant Chicken Dance while you were in Germany?
27. Your "Debauchery Level" prior to surgery (scale 0-10):
28. Your "Debauchery Level" after surgery (scale 0-10):
29. What is your ability and experience regarding lying to prospective patients about your experiences with Dr. Kruschinski?
30. How many adhesion surgeries have you had in the US?
31. How many adhesion surgeries have you had in Germany?
32. Do you have any money left?
33. Would you like some vodka?
34. If so, why?
35. Have you had more than one surgery (excl. second look) with Dr.Kruschinski?
36. Who loves ya baby?
37. If so, why?
38. Are you easily taken advantage of?
39. Have you had any surgeries CONNECTED to adhesions after adhesion surgery with Dr. Zhivago, in Germany or the US?
40. If so, please state reason (give doctors' name if you like)
41. Have you had any surgeries CONNECTED to adhesions afteradhesion surgery with Dr. Kruschinski, in Germany or Thillythstopp ?If so, please state reason (give doctors' name if you like)
42. Will you say what others tell you to say?
43. Um, can I sleep on your couch?
44. Would you help gather data for this important study?

Thank you to all for responding to this survey ASAP.
Results will be published in the peer-reviewed "Jugs" magazine and cheap too.
Thanks a lot,
PS: This is a scientific study.
I took a research course in India and now I am an informed discipline. The research course was so exciting. There were 4000 of us taking the course, with only one teacher. We all wore translation earphones, just like at the U.N. The teacher was up on a five-tiered stage, something like the Pyramids, but with a flat top. And by the way, the teacher has resumed his prior "flat-top" hair style. He finally got rid of that brown "rug" hair style. I think he looks much more handsome with the flat-top, which is now blond. Back to his natural color. I like blonds. Typhune, my hairdresser, travelled with me for daily touch-ups.
Thank you for cooperation.--------------------Daniel Kruschinski,

The above is a typical Kruschinski year end post....IHRT can't wait to see what he will post this year - 2007 IF he posts at all that is!
IHRT was 100% right..nothing ever came of the request above here!

Here ARE some facts of what did become of Kruschinski in the year 2007....

Kru goes out of 2006 with an empty promise to all the Endogyn patients...a lie to end the year, and a lie to start the new year, a typical Kruschinski post of a save face style drunken washed up Dr. who lost it all!
IHRT would not have expected less of him.....Kru was posting that he will be sending "follow-up" forms to Endogyn patients, and these forms will be directed to patients who came to Endogyn over the past "5 years"!
To make this even more ridiculous, he asked that they be returned, and that they are "important!"
Just when you think his post cannot get more ludicrous then it already is, he thanks patients for their cooperation, like he really intends to send these things out to them!
This is the second time Kru has told patients he was going to do this, and guess what, it never happened, and it did NOT happen just as IHRT predicted!

More IHRT predictions that came "true for Kru" in 2007!

Kru STILL has no address, he is STILL never sober long enough to create such a form, and he STILL has no reason to gather data of this nature as there is no Endogyn, he STILL has no practice, STILL has no facility, STILL has nothing, and most important of all, STILL has no future to do anything within the medical field, so a form of this sort, well, it is all a fantasy in his head.

Kru IS all washed up, through, bankrupt, alone, crazy, dirty and smelly, drunk, caught with men in less then desirable positions, nocturnal, fat, bald, desperate, beats his wife Shirli, has her and his two baby boys living in a ghetto apartment, pays menial support, lost the house Gucci and Simon lived in due to non payment and tax debt, is in and out of court as much as he claimed he was in and out of surgeries! Court cases surround tax evasion, fraud,organized crime, debt collections to numerous to mention, etc, etc...

As for Endogyn, well, it is nothing but a lap top in some flop apartment, all address are bogus, phone contacts are bogus, fax number is rented,...but you can email him, as he loves his emails, we all know that.
Kru does not have any operations to perform, no facility, no employees, no Michi, no "last" patient, no nothing. Kru does not travel to anyplace, he is not a presenter anywhere, and he has no surgical equipment to take anywhere with him.........
oh wait...IHRT stands corrected here, the latest in on "Kru and the obsolete Abdolift" is that he WAS seen with it as he sat on a train heading nowhere! Yup, it was Doc Kru holding a rusty Abdolift in front of him singing, " I ain't got no "body," or was it, "money?"!

And Shirli Homberg is a drugged out abused women with nothing, and deservedly so for harvesting so many to the experimental operations of her husband!!
Having falsified all that crap in Endogyn claiming it came from the non existent "Adhesion Lab," (*see below) and going to court for tax evasion on money she collected on the Seligenstadt Apartments, Shirli currently has no job, no car, has been thrown out by her Jewish family, is living on welfare and due to being on so many drugs her babies are checked on daily by the German social services, she lives under constant harassment and beatings by Kru, her rich dream Dr. husband, and has no future!
* Posted Monday, August 4, 2003 @ 03:16 PM Hi All, we created a new section "News from the lab". Here one can see the newest developments and conclusions from the lab and experimental studies concerning adhesion formation and prevention. Shirli Homburg-Kruschinski as a biologist will comment on these issues and bring you the newest results or practical consequences for you as patient. Hope you will participate in this forum after it will be opened after the next announcement. Take care

Michi Katzer (who has so many aliases that there is no room in this blog to begin listing them.)
She ran, yup, took the money and ran! Divorced her husband Thomas, who is remarried and happy! She is going to school, has a nice, rich boyfriend, living in Australia, nice apartment, did appear in court in Germany, however she beat the rap on being party to falsifying medical documents, narced on Kru about everything, she still owns Endogyn, or what is left of it anyway, and though she still faces some charges on tax evasion, her new guy will probably pay her way out of it!

Gucci (aka David) and Simon Kruschinski ..the spawn of the Doc. Kru...
Gucci had to sell his DJ equipment rendering his jobless to help his mother Ann to pay bills at home, does not attend school, is homeless, no car, not much to do with his old man these days, (David is angry that his Dad gave his Mistress Michi better living quarters then his own children!) David is just a loser now, but Simon, now here is a boy who's got it together..he is still the German champion of "BEER PONG!" Yup, the "serious son," as Kru calls Simon, shows a little bit of his wild side here! Like they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...and that rings true in this family!

Baby boys Kru..Thomas and Gil-Robin live in poverty, menial furnishings, a drugged out mother, welfare, Social Services rearing them, no "Grandparents" on either side, denied by all of them, little love, living in a dysfunctional setting, but unlike their older step brothers, they at least have a place to live!
Future look bleak for these little guys, if for no other reason then they are branded "Kruschinski" for the rest of their lives as the "sons of the fallen, psycho surgeon who experimented on people and a mother who help perpetrate crimes against human beings!"

See the Kruschinski boys here:

IHRT will continue to bring you up to date on past events at Endogyn....and we think you will find them interesting in retrospect!
Was IHRT right in thier predictions in years past? 100% YES!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Kruschinski is doing soooooo well....LOL! LOL!

King Kruschinski of "Silly Stop" remains the worlds:
Just follow these "cute" little trolls...... to see what they are laughing at!

After long periods of being absent from Michi Katzer's "Endogyn" message boards, King Kru decides to make an appearance.
Kru is quick to point out that he and his "Vultures" are still at "war" with the trolls, and after 4 years, the trolls have had NO impact at all on his life!

Now this revelation is definitely a laughing matter!

"Troll always watching out for the"Endogyn Vultures!!"

Doc_Kru Master
Gender: Male
Registered: Jul 2003
Status: Offline
Posts: 3095-5000

Posted Thursday, November 1, 2007 @ 01:33 AM

Hi Jan,``
Don't be afraid to say here what you want. ``
No person should be afraid of posting here anything they want to post. The Internet trolls have done now for 4 years anything they could to destroy, but simply failed. ``
King Kru
And anyway, most of the patients are intelligent enough to look behind such smear campaigns and attacks and still are coming.
We either don't announce everything and everyone for same reasons you mentioned above, but carry on performing lift-laparoscopic adhesiolysis with the Abdo-Lift and SprayGel and training and teaching at congresses, so mainly nothing changed, except the facility: The Klinik am Zuckerberg in Braunschweig provides patients with any facility that is necessary for speedy recovery like a huge garden (with a golf course) and a beautiful restaurant with a terrace.

Translation of King Kru's above post....
Hi Jan, I am so glad that someone still remembers me and finally posted on this message board. With your post, we are getting about 1.5 hits a month now on Endogyn! So that is still unchanged in the past 4 years.
No person should be afraid of posting here anything they want to post, anyway, it is only you and a couple others who still post silly stuff, so do not worry about that! This also has not changed any in 4 years.
The Internet trolls have done now for 4 years anything they could to destroy, but simply failed.
And anyway, most of the patients are intelligent enough to look behind such smear campaigns and attacks and still are coming. Well, there really isn't any place for them to come to anymore, so that has changed only a little in 4 years.
The" Endogyn" infrastructure has changed in 4 years, as there is non at this time, but I do not count THAT as a change. Michi is no longer with Endogyn, but she does own it, so Endogyn is not really mine, but THAT is not really changed, it was just a secret 4 years ago.
Anyway, there are no longer any Dr.'s at Endogyn, as there is no building for them anymore, Endogyn is only a web site now, so THAT changed, but only a small change!
There are no patients anymore either, but those numbers were all false anyway so THAT has not really "changed" in 4 years.
We either don't announce everything and everyone for same reasons you mentioned above, actually, there really isn't any "WE" anymore when speaking of Endogyn, I just say "WE" to make it appear that there is more then just me sitting at this computer, so THAT might have changed a little in 4 years.
I carry on performing lift-laparoscopic adhesiolysis with the Abdo-Lift and SprayGel and training and teaching at congresses, however, this isn't really happening as I am bankrupt and living with my Mistress's mother, and she is paying my way now, the truth is that I am looking for a job, oh yeah, and I left the "Abdolift" in Braunscheiwg, and Mettler can't get me any more "Spraygel" now that she was forced to "retire!" The fact of the "Spraygel" issue is that I haven't used any since early 2006! I just said that I did, you know, one lie leads to another type of thing! Oh, I almost forgot, one small change did occur within the past 4 years, the "Abdolift" is not being made anymore, he he, I almost forgot THAT!
You won't see my name appear on any Congress, as I prefer to keep that information quiet, ( bill collectors you know!) But LOTS of calls to teach lift- laps, lots of them! Really! Most Congress's I am refusing now, just to darn busy, plus no car, no money, no passport, little things like THAT!!
Endogyn isn't listed as an "Institute" anymore, but THAT didn't really change in 4 years either as it was never really an "Institute" anyway! I was just joking when I had THAT on the web site! Gotcha good, didn't I folks! It was just a joke!
Speaking of the "Endogyn" web site, well, it IS missing a lot of stuff, that's for sure, but most of it was not really factual anyway, so I don't count THAT as a real change in 4 years! "Honorcode" pulled out of the wen site, something about not being "Honest" enough for them, go figure, they were too fussy for me anyway! I was going to drop them anyway so that doesn't count as a "change" the past 4 years!
Sure, I left Shirli and my two little sons for my Mistress, nurse Michi, but then, she was never a real nurse anyway, but she was my Mistress, honest, so THAT did change in the past 4 years, but that wasn't due to the trolls, that was due to my lies, criminal activity, tax evasion and from beating Shirli, and a few little things like that, not the trolls!!
OH, I almost forgot about my sons "Gucci and Simon" from my marriage to Ann, they lost their house due to my bankruptcy, but THAT wasn't due to the trolls either, only the "conspiracy!"
Now that "Gucci" is over 18 yrs of age, he can also be charged with his very own tax evasion, and, yes, I am proud of him for that! A "chip" off the old block that boy is! He lost his "DJ Job, but both he and Simon do a mighty mean, "Beer Pong!" when they get to drinking! Gotta love 'em! Boys, your 'ol mans proud of you! "GO BEER PONG!" Also, "Gucci" is a writer, and I couldn't be prouder of is one of his "favorite" song lyrics that he added to, I've attached it below for your reading pleasure! Makes me want to cry whenever I read it, guess I am getting sensitive in my old age, or rather, when I am drunk!
So, mainly nothing changed in my life, folks, nope, the trolls just didn't make an impact, LOL! LOL! Oh, wait a minute, there was ONE change within the past 4 years, the facility: The Klinik am Zuckerberg in Braunschweig provides patients with any facility that is necessary for speedy recovery like a huge garden (with a golf course) and a beautiful restaurant with a terrace. So, "we" got THAT going for "US! "
Fans, friends, cons and Dubon buddies, please send money to me, you can get to me by email only! ( I ain't got no phone, got me a "rented" fax number, no address, but hey, if I gave THAT information got out, the bill collectors would be all over me like a Dubon! Tee Hee!!!)
My life is good, going strong, in fact, I came across a picture of me when I was just a kid, cutest darn thing too!
I can't help but see the resemblance to my boy, "Gucci!"

I still go out to eat in the finest of places, all over the world!
Do I feel lucky, you might wonder, yes I do! I feel like I am keeping afloat in my life,
I am staying on a straight course with my lift -laps, my life, my legacy, feeling pretty confident the road will take me places! In fact, I've always felt that way!
I have love in my life, and as we all know, ya gotta have love if your gonna make it through life!
"Cuchee Coo, you bad boy, you!"
Thanks Peter, you may be "way down under" but I know your there!!

Please enjoy my son "Gucci's" love of his music...and remember, he wrote some of these very lyrics himself! I'm gonna cry now, must be drunk again, but hey, I was always drunk anyway, 24/7, why change now, right?
Kind regards
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.
Gucci's favourite song from an underground band Nickelback - Never Again Lyrics
He's drunk again, it's time to fight
She must have done something wrong tonight
The living room becomes a boxing ring
It's time to run when you see him
Clenching his hands
She's just a woman
Never AgainI hear her scream, from down the hall
Amazing she can even talk at all
She cries to me,Go back to bed
I'm terrified that she'll wind up
Dead in his hands,
She's just a woman
Never Again
Been there before,but not like this
Seen it before,but not like this
Never before have I everSeen it this bad
She's just a woman
Never Again
Just tell the nurse,you slipped and fell
It starts to sting as it starts to swell
She looks at you, she wants the truth
It's right out therein the waiting room
With those hands
Lookin just as sweet as he can
Never Again
Seen it before,but not like this
Been there before,but not like this
Never before have I ever Seen it this bad
She's just a woman
Never Again
Father's a name you haven't earned yet
You're just a child with a temper
Haven't you heard"Don't hit a lady"?
Kickin' your ass would be a pleasure
He's drunk again,it's time to fight
Same old shit,just on a different night
She grabs the gun,she's had enough
Tonight she'll find out how fucking Tough is this man
Pulls the trigger just as fast as she can
Never Again
Seen it before,but not like this
Been there before,but not like this
Never before have I ever Seen it this bad
She's just a woman
Never Again
Never Again
Kommentare: Es sind noch keine Kommentare vorhanden.What a delightful ditty!

Kind regards
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD © by EndoGyn Ltd.