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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ISGE and Covidien: This is real human experimentation

Hi, I'm your neighbor Dawn. I will be in Mansfield on Sat. if you'd like to meet and talk. I have a face and family....but I also have this.
Another IHRT blast from the past

Photo's given to Dawn Rose from her experimental surgery with Kruschinski!
Please note in Dawn Rose's operative reports
If this is supposed to be my right ovary that would be impossible as it was removed in 2001.
Possible reaction to spraygel? It is stated in my operative report along with the statement I had no active endometriosis. I was very told in front of my companion that I NEVER had endometriosis.
I never had a drain. I never had a drain introduced to my body and bear no scar from one anywhere. I have never had a post surgical drain in my life.

Right pelvic wall, bowel adhesions

Right pelvic wall, the bowel is completely adherent to the pelvic wall

Right pelvic wall after complete adhesiolysis, left the ovary can be recognized

The pelvic area after application of SprayGel™

The pelvic area at the second-look laparoscopy at day 7 postoperative, left one can see the ovary

I offer these medical operative reports as evidence that I was surgically experimented by Dr. Daniel Kruschinski in Germany.
This happened at Emma Klinik, Seligenstadt Germany with guaranteed Quality assurance. LOL.
I also hold Emma Klinik responsible for allowing the many women of the United States to be surgically experimented upon.
Please click on a page to enlarge it.

Boston, Mass.
Surgery prior to going to Dr. Kruschinski

Here is the surgery I was lured and coerced into by using fraudulent information. Then I wired cash to an account provided by Dr. Kruschinski.
I was used as a surgical experiment similar to what Holocaust victims went through at the hands of Josef Mengele.
I was lift by my mid belly section by a corkscrew like hook and then had huge quantities of a foreign substance Spraygel instilled in my abdomen only to repeat it all in a week so he could see if idea worked on didn't. It caused blisters and raw, red inflammation where it was applied.
I was told by Dr. Kruschinski that I never had endometriosis (and I should sue the other 2 doctors who had diagnosed Endo both histologically and visually in surgery) and I was totally adhesion free.
I was cured!

A few short months after Dr Kruschinski's experimental surgery I was Angel Flighted to Pa. to have surgery performed by Dr. Harry Reich and Dr.Clark Gerhert.
I was going to die.
I believed that Dr. Harry Reich did this surgery gratis out of altruism but have since learned otherwise......I think the IRS should audit him as he took cash from Endogyn too.
With Dr. Mettler by their sides they had a great gig going.
So sorry to spoil the party.
Dr. Gerhart was honest and straight forward.
I will always be grateful to you sir. Dr. Gerhart accepted me as a medicaid patient.

How can this evidence be refuted?
How many Americans were harmed is unknown but extensive.
Sick, agonised and desperate American women were the specific targets of this all cash ponzi scheme and patients paid for known surgery and were experimented upon instead.
I know so many who were doing ok until Germany. Now they languish in even more agony than anyone could imagine. There are things worse than death they would tell you.
To the German Government, why are you pretending the Americans don't exist as you finally take Dr. Kruschinski to task?
Are you to leave those women like they are? Too bad for them that they happened to have this happen to them in Germany?
To not prosecute for the crimes against humanity to the women and even some men of The United States of America would be like the days of the SS and Nazis......getting away with murder.
In this day and age to not make amends to these victims would be unspeakably evil.
We pray you take this matter to task.

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