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Friday, April 22, 2011

Adhesion Author Karen Stewart A.K.A. Laynia Cortez

Dear Carl,
I know you think Karen cares about you but long ago....before we figured Kruschinski as a crook.....Karen started so much trouble with very desperatly ill, vulnerable people in the only place we had to talk....the IAS.
The International Adhesion Society.
Please visit
Karen pretended to be an adhesion sufferer named Laynia really should read this so ya know what type of person you are dealing with..... and more where that came from.

Search the IAS for the terms germany, endogyn, ect and perhaps you will get a clearer picture of the group of people you are willing to place your life with.
Track the patients who initially went.......they had their appendix explode, gallbladders removed and various other weird things right after their trips to Germany. Some litterally snuck back and had subsequent surgeries with him......all the while claiming they we well.

Take heed Carl as you could end up way worse than you are already.
There is a good Dr. in Germany named Dr. Korell. I do not know if he works on men though.

Really you are going to go to a gynocologist in another country????? With words of hope from a stranger to you from Texas? Really???

We were all as desparate as you were......

Do yourself a favor and do some reseach on the IAS......a place that infuriates Karen, a place she tried to destroy as she could not controll anything she wished to there. Karen acted as a bully and a thug and now it seems shes gone pro!

If it's too good to be true......IT IS!

Karen on her soapbox

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Endogyn Kruschinski and Katzer Desperate for ANY cash!

Desperate for a few bucks Endogyn ~ is hoping and praying you buy a domain.
Their failed attempt at search engine optimization has had lookers but no takers!

There are just too many people telling the truth of their experiences with Dr. Kruschinski to dare see surgery as an option.
There was a time when he tricked us all. We all parrotted things we did not understand like the Abdo-Lift will help prevent adhesion formation as well as avoiding carbon dixoide.....well Kruschinski and his parrots can say these things all they want but they have NEVER EVER PROVED IT!!! NEVER DONE ANY ANIMAL STUDIES NOR SANCTIONED HUMAN STUDIES TO BACK THIER WORDS!
Oh it sure does sound good to a desperate, suffing adhesion patient.....but if it sounds too good to be true....
Kruschinski depends on uber bully Karen Steward of Weatherford TX to still bring him fresh victims still.....with her weirdo book.....Melissa , grow a pair and stop yer bad ol mama from having people part with thier life savings!

Please don't go'll be sorry!


Domains for sale

Thursday, April 07, 2011


Terri ~ From "The endogyn Papers"

So I had made it all the way to Seligenstadt. Dr. Kruschinski is so very kind and receptive to my needs...finally a doctor who understands. He even had his nurse go out to buy a DVD player so we could watch movies in the apartment. After being treated as a leper among all the doctors I had seen so far...I felt had finally met a man of altruism.

I am ready to be one of the first Americans to get relief from these adhesions. I am not afraid at all. This clinic had the blessing of all those whom I trusted, those with the proper credentials. I know I asked all the right questions. Ironically I did not know I was one of the first to have this surgery. According to the Endogyn website at the time, the procedure was fully explained and appeared to be a common occurance. I learned afterwards I was patient number 7 I believe.

Everyone coming out of Germany was claiming they were well.

Dr. Kruschinski was reporting all case were 100% adhesion free at second look.

I wired cash directly to Dr. Kruschinski's bank account.

All my savings are gone and we live in limbo. I have a young daughter. I begged for my very life from family, friends and even total strangers. ( I still bear the repercussions to this day).

I can have my career back, I can provide for us again.

I can do all the things that had stopped.

I m not going to die after all! This was defiantly worth begging and borrowing money. I used to be a famous chef...really. Newspapers, cookbooks, nationally and internationally. I got job offers all the time so when I was well it would be only a matter of time before I had my own restaurant and TV show ( I had professional writers and even a pilot written for PBS.
That had to be shelved. I was just too sick. I was actually told that I perhaps only had a few weeks to live.

I'd pay everyone back real fast and then get the chefs all over this ARD thing...we would fundraise as we do to help those in need...

Not a couple of hundred but thousands...I once cooked  at the James Beard House and folks paid $500 a couple to eat. I don't even recall the charity. Yup, Tons of money would fix this ARD thing. ( I was really thinking this...Even mentioned it to Daniel....hmmmm)
Ummm.....everything is is friday evening and but for Terri and I...we are in a totally empty hospital.....Emma Klinik.

My friends from Brussels come and see me before surgery....they say nothing then but mention afterwards that this set up seemed strange to was not just " the European way"
Sooooooo sick. My only hope or so I believe.

Here I am on the gurney just outside the OR doors. I am up next and should be going in and minute now....

I do not know how much time has elapsed but I am getting a little worried.

A girl named Terri had gone in first.

She and her husband were in the other apartment. Gosh, she was real sick too and we did not see much of her. We saw her husband. He had heard of the "Cure" and brought the mother of his children to get well again.

Hey, really too much time is elapsing here. Is something wrong?

( It's not too late to just get up and walk....Nah, you came all this way...)

...but jeez it really is taking TOO LONG...gosh I hope Terri is OK?...Am I nuts, what the heck am I doing in Germany? In an empty hospital?
...Nope this is it, this is my best and only chance....

I hear faint screaming.....the doors to the OR finally open and that screaming is hardly faint.....screaming, screaming screaming.

It's Terri, Dear God, what happened to her?

Immediately I start to get up...I am sitting up and this is all so surreal.

I am going to get off this gurney....

Dr. Thomas the anesthesiologist sees me and I yell. " Is she OK? What's wrong with...."

" is Ok. She is fine. She is just a big baby. You, you are going to be just fine. You are not a baby like that. Are you ready?"

Click here to read about Anesthesia awareness

"Ya". ( I'm tough, I'm butch, I'm cool, no babies here) I am ready. Are you sure she is OK?

I wake up and the annesthsiologist Dr. Thomas is in a gurney next to me....what the......

While they we at "it" they removed his wisdom teeth!

Somehow through the post surgical blur I am in a private room at Emma Clinic. As always when I wake up from surgery my first conscious thought is "I'm gonna puke" and I did and did and did.

Hey wait, there's screaming again. It dark, nighttime...I hear running down the hallway. Terri, it's got to be, jeez she is a big baby.

Screaming, screaming.....We are the only 2 patient on this floor.

Well, so I am puking, but I hear more running from the hallway.

I...better wait a bit before I push the call button for the nurse.

Some time passed and I finally pressed the call button.

Someone is running like hell towards my room ( no need to run, I am fine just having a bit of a puke problem...I am not a baby)

I must admit these nurses were amazing. Push the button and they come running like hell, not like home.

There is some blood on her uniform...I don't think a thing, a doctor had brushed off this screaming behavior with the baby comment. Heck thats good enough for me...

All night, running and screaming, running and screaming...

We saw her husband from time to time and he came to our apartment to borrow dvds back and forth. We did not see Terri again till the night at the Russian Restaurant.

Drink up all! She hardly said a word and looked like hell. They were gone the next day.

So, back to the present. I have found out by asking a few surgeons if it is in any way normal or right for a patient to wake up in OR, let alone screaming.

The answer was a resounding NO!

I am haunted by her screams and wish perhaps I did get off that gurney. Wish I did go into her room that night to ask her what was wrong, are you ok.

Terri I am so sorry, I pray you are OK. You see, other patients confided in me after we were in Germany. Bad things happed to them as well.

Oh the horror, the horror.

I can still hear the screams.


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Brainwashing of the innocent by Dr. Kruschinski

Ihrt Blast from the past still hold true today!
The Brainwashing of the innocent by Dr. Kruschinski

December 20, 2006 07:39 AM EST

IHRT analysis of recent postings by Dr. Kruschinski on his website

9 of 10 persons afflicted with ARD have TEMPORARY relief from their pain following ANY adhesiolysis...and it is for this reason that Kru was adamant about his patients posting their gratitude and "miracles" immediately following his procedure! A surgeon who took advantage of his patients in these ways by capitalizing on the way ARD presents itself is extremely cruel, sick and more like, " Hannibal Lector than Hannibal himself!

THIS is exactly what Kru did to his patients and why he did that!

Let IHRT point out what these posts include. They validate all we say is true and the truth does lay in these posts...

EVERY single one of the posts praising his work was within the time frame between a surgery at Endogyn and when the symptoms re-appeared. We have all gone through this to know it is true!....

Most thought that the recurrence of their symptoms meant...

"They were the only one"

IHRT can see by these letters written upon the return home of a patient from KRU is laced with various propaganda that would become the first and crucial key of Endogyn infrastructure.

Harvesting patients by sputtering scientific mumbo jumbo, learned from Kruchinski and parroted back by all his patients. He set us up real good by cultivating relationships with people and organizations that adhesion sufferers would trust. WE did do our homework.

IHRT wonders where these bedridden, deathly ill people got their scientific ideas from? ( the Russian Restaurant?? Glug Glug!)

Convictions such as those below, taken right out of the text of each letter.

We won't name names as we don't believe in blackmailing the very ill and vulnerable or using them for our gain.....

we'll leave that to the Endogyn Kru to do.

To take advantage of people's politeness for your diabolical agenda...................shameless.

As you can see, the letter authors were nice folks who cared for all other sufferers. Guess what?

They all still do.

We did not get the procedure promised, not the one written on his website back then,

we got to be unwitting experiments, who said thank you and paid for the pleasure. Pretty evil huh.....

Thank you Helen for going through the entire IAS and finding postings from patients in pain who were lured to Germany by a pack of lies,

for the financial gain and pompous grandeur Dr. Kruchinski hoped to gain by preying on innocent people, horribly ill people with

Adhesion Related Disorder.

( you have got to be dumber than a bag of hammers if you think this vindicates Kru in any way Helen and Karen........

...scarier yet is Daniel thinks it does. The posts show the kindness and care fellow adhesion sufferers had for each other and how polite they were)

WE can now see what the original patients from the USA were told.....right now on the endogyn board.

invented the Abdo-Lift NO

he is having a success rate for removing adhesions without them coming back at 98.9% is what he told us NO

The American doctors will not use gasless surgeries,
This is actually true....why would they?

it is our only hope HARDLY

We need to get the word out that there is a doctor who can get rid of our pain OR ELSE

I was adhesion free on my second look. NO

given me such hope for a bright future. SORRY

the Russian Restaurant. ANYTHING GOES

Before I found out about Dr. K, I was giving up. I was in pain all the time, I eventually was close to be totally bedridden. I couldn't hardly move my body at all. I was on all kinds of medications and I was so hopeless. SHAMEFUL EXPLOITATION

Germany is considered to be your best chance to be adhesion free, pain free NO

it is hard to accept they would be better off somewhere else than the good ol USA but this is the case for now NO

In Germany you have Dr. Kruschinski who I believe has the highest success rate of all these doctors at about 99% cure rate and I am a great fan of his gassless lap approach. One less thing (no gas) to cause new or reformed adhesions LOL NOPE

I was adhesion free for my second look surgery A FAMILIAR PHRASE

wire the money to Dr. Krushinski WE ALL WIRED UNACCOUNTABLE FOR CASH

The opportunity to be adhesion free is AVAILABLE NO

There is a solution for your suffering NO

his methods of curing a person of adhesions DON'T WORK

About 14 people from the US have gone there since last summer and all are adhesion-free. NOT EVEN CLOSE

IHRT reasserts that Dr. Daniel Kruschinski is a con man and took advantage of a very vulnerable

population to build a house of cards that has now crumbled.

IHRT urges Dr. Kruschinski to suck it up and be a man.

Take responsibility for your actions and accept the consequences of your actions.

Enough of your sniveling! It is shameful to see someone squirm so.

Like so many criminals the only regret you have is you got caught.