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Monday, March 31, 2008

Intriguing Post from New Kruschinski Mystery Blog

Danny boy....this sounds like a pretty good deal!

Monday, March 31, 2008

We can help you fight your addictions Dr. Kruschinski

A plea to you, our brother, to listen to our words and come home to Israel where you will be recognized for who you really are and not the man you have become. Through the ignorance of those who have taken advantage of you and surrounded you in a pretence of caring about you and your sons, they have only created for you a life filled with horrific turmoil.
We know that addiction is a physical, mental and spiritual disease - a disease that can be successfully treated with proper information and help. Here in Israel this is available to you and to your adult sons who also show signs of these terrible addictions. We, your brothers, will take you and your sons under our guard and direct them into a life that is meaningful, a life of Yetzer Hatov. Alcohol and drug addictions are a concern for all of us in our team when one of our brothers exhibits unhealthy behaviors in a public, we know we must come to his rescue.
Your current situation is demanding of all that you are and wanted to be, turning you to an unhealthy lifestyle. This we understand and forgive.
One of the most pressing issues we find plaguing Ashkenazic is alcoholism, in which these drinkers become addicted to the consumption of alcohol which then inhibits his senses and cause grave repercussions. The two worst things in your life, as we see it, is that you have no control over - "your Judaism and your alcoholism." According to the Jewish view, we feel that "alcohol is evil"; when consumed "alcohol gladdens the hearts of suffering men," but diminishes his ability to recognize fully his obligation to his family. In this, the power of alcohol, unlike Torah-learning, the physical excitement resulting from alcohol is artificial because it is physically inspired and, therefore it does not cause a real joy, this is why your sacrifices are rejected by those who persecute you, because they were not brought from a joy caused by the soul, but rather from a drunken excitement and Yetzer Harah.
We, your brothers, understand that when you pursue, in public, behaviors that bring suspicion and ridicule to yourself are due to your drinking habits and deep self-hatred and disappointment for who you have become. You consume more and more alcohol because in your mind and spirit you have acquired an appetite for it, but it no longer satiates that hurt inside, all it has accomplished for you is creating embarrassment and an avenue by which others will judge all Am Yisroel.
One observation of importance to us is the inappropriateness of a scholar demeaning himself by public exhibition of his vulnerabilities, brought on by his addictions. To use the Internet in the fashion as you have done to portray yourself as a professional has only served to allow others to
enable your weaknesses to become public fodder. The people who call themselves your friends and respond to your words written when your under an evil influence only mock you and urge you to say more words as one who has to much drink. These women show a lack of self-respect and intellect with words seeming of lewd intent. These women have done nothing more then dishonor your person and family name. They also entice you to write in the Internet because they too live dishonorable lives and use words that also show them to fight addictions! Together, all this web site gibberish will accomplish will be to bring you to an end, just what the German people want to see with a Jewish person. We see this web site only leaving an impression of a person once called a scholar and regarded with honor, who is now consumed by addictions and desperation to be recognized for what might have been.
We have grave concern for your adult sons, as through their father's behaviors, they too have turned to a dishonorable way of life. Your son's lives are surrounded by addictions that will bring them dishonor and tragedy, not what a good son of a Jewish father deserves. Your Jewish Zaidy expected more from you then what you have given to your sons. They too start to promote their addictions and unhealthy lifestyles through the Internet web site and exploit themselves through pictures as they have been exposed by you on your Internet web site. Overtime your two younger sons will also become addicted to everything that you have imposed on yourself and older sons, and because of your use of the Internet, this will remain forever, for all eternity, they have been exploited by their father. Unless you refrain from alcohol, refrain from sin and come to Israel with your sons, you will never rebuild your life and never find peace.
Our brother, you are important to our state as the plight of oppressed Jews the world over has long occupied a prominent position on Israel's agenda. From the darkest days of the Holocaust through today when Jews face economic or social persecution in various lands of oppression, especially Germany, Israel has stood in the forefront of Jewry's rescue of less fortunate Jews. It is our intention, our brother, to rescue you and your sons from the persecution you receive in the hidden agenda of those who call you friend, yet enable you to continue denying your addictions by pacifying you with words from their own addicted lives and hate of Jews. If these people had any cares of your needs and life as it exists today, they would never continue to lure you into such public posturing in making fools of you and your sons and the Jewish people for all the world to see, and a way that will never be erased in your life time.Finally, in the area of Israel, we urge you as a Jewish father and man of education to seek refuge from this oppressive environment and people of Germany. It is essential that your sons lives be maintained in in a healthy, wholesome country where they will find their full potential through Zionism by living a Jewish life free from the disreputable international exploitation they have been subject to through you. Israel accordingly supports all efforts to offer a safe haven for it's Jewish people no matter their needs, and your needs are important to us,as are the needs of your four sons. We implore you to bring your sons to Israel and trust them to our care and direction as you know our guidance is their best future. We, your brothers, have agreed to take your sons into our possession if you agree to send them forward to us until you can control your demons and are ready to reach out for us to bring you to Israel. This is their birthright and a true gift you can give them.Tefilah for our brother and his sons,Shalom Sayarot Aron Silberstein,

Bracha achat meeyn shalosh,
Barukh atah Adonai Elohaynu melekh ha-olam, borei p’riy ha-gafen. (Amein)
Barukh atah Adonai Elohaynu melekh ha-olamasher qid’shanu b’mitzvotayv
v’ratzah vanu
v’shabat qadsho b’ahavah u’v’ratzon hinchilanu, zikaron l’ma’aseh
v’reishitKiy hu yom t’chilah l’miqra’ey qodesh, zeikher liytziyat mitzrayim
Kiy vanu vacharta v’otanu qidashta mikol ha’amiymIndeed,
v’shabat qadsh’kha b’ahavah u’v’ratzon hin’chal’tanu
Barukh atah Adonai, m’qadesh ha-shabat. (Amein)

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Gingirl " and Kruschinski invent NEW robot to replace the defunct Abdolift!

NEW Endogyn Invention by "Daniel Kruschinski" - aka "Daniel the Drunkard!"
(If Israel really wants this freak, come take him! You won't keep him long!)


"Welcome Home" gingirl, IHRT missed your over-reactive, absurd posts in Endogyn!

Rumor has it that "gingirl" prompted Kruschinski to develop a NEW robot to fill the void in his life left by the now defunct and obsolete Abdolift, and he did!

Soon to be introduced through the many "EndoGyn® - Endoscopic Gynecology International" infrastructures and franchises, is the "brain child" of "gingirl" who has been obsessing over her daughters OB/GYN for years now, and the OB/GYN himself. They say that THIS venture will make bigger bucks then anything Endogyn has offered in the past, but no discounts this time!

Introducing to the world the NEW robotic apparatus in Kru's life.... (Advertisement located at bottom of this blog!)

"EndoJellibelly Bauchpinselmaschine!"

Pssssttt! Keep this part to yourself...IHRT heard rumors that Karen Steward is going to write a book about it too! IHRT can't wait to read it, we are sure that once we start to read it, it will be hard to put down, a real page turner and it will be so well written too! Here is a sneak peek at the cover and the title....
"Let Go of My Ego!"

No one can stroke "Kru's" ego like "gingirl" can, but all that will change now that the new "Ego Stroker" has been invented by Kru, and we all know how much Kru needs his ego stroked!
(Though it appears your being snubbed by Kru once again, Karen! Watching you and Kru post is like watching the "War of the Roses!)

IHRT thinks this is a great invention coming out of Endogyn with "gingirl" not stroking Daniel's ego as often as she used to, and Helen, Connie, Sandy, Jan and the other, "Kru's Crew" dumping him like a rotten fish. Daniel's need of ego stroking is at an all time high! Fact is that Kru has even been dumped by his "German Kru Crew!" "Miltenberger" where are you!!??

Speaking of stroking Kru's ego, here is "gingirl" stroking away without any sense of a moral expectation from him! Gingirl seems to think it is cute of Kru to post such things! What a "sweetheart" he is to make the world laugh! Ya gotta love him, "gingirl" seems to say!

But then again it isn't hard to find reason that someone with the handle of "gingirl" would respond with accolades to Kruschinski's drunken post in Endogyn! IHRT thinks that "gingirl" forgets that she wrote in her book that her daughter, Melissa, couldn't stand the likes of Kruschiski, nor is she well! (Pages 315-316)

IHRT is not insinuating that "gingirl" was in an equal state of mind when she posted her reply to Kruschinski's drunken post, however one could deduce this when you read how she totally ignores the idiocy of his words to his "patients" talking about drinking and getting drunk, and "gingirl" seemingly takes no notice that this kind of behavior is not conducive to a professional relationship between patient and Dr.

Here is the "sicko" couple....
All that IHRT can see in "gingirls" reply to Kru is her undying love for her daughters OB.GYN.

If Kru's words were not gross enough as stated, it is sic thinking that these words are coming from an Ob/Gyn, or any Dr. for that matter, but an Ob/Gyn telling his patients not to get DRUNK at Easter!

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Posted Monday, March 24, 2008 @ 11:52 PM session=Z3h6pTZQ5x2yuM2QuKDcHDXi4j&forum=2&thread=16917
Hope you had a Happy Easter as well, Dr. Kruschinski. Melissa and I always reminisce about the Easter that we spent in Germany. What a blessed Easter it was that year, as 14 years of pain and suffering were erased from her body/life!! May you be blessed and may all who make their way to you receive such a wonderful new lease on life. It is my prayer that all who suffer from the horrid illness of adhesions one day be freed from their pain as well. Many blessings to all!!!
PS. April will be five years since we were there!!! WOW!! What a wonderful life Melissa has now!!
Karen ......................................................................................................................................
Dr. Kruschinski's remarkable talent, gasless laparascopy, and SprayGel gave my daughter back her life!! Thank you Dr. Kruschinski!!

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The Jellibelly Bauchpinselmaschine (bauchpinseln =belly stroking = ego stroking in German) is used for ego-stroking. Belly-stroking creates a sense of well-being and enhances a user´s self-esteem and confidence. The Jellibelly Belly-Stroking Machine is a device which optimises business development, self-confidence and esteem, aids in developing excellent customer service, while maintaining and supporting a highly constructive working atmosphere within your team.
Traditionally, belly-stroking has always involved cumbersome attention to interpersonal details and legwork. Now, for the first time, the newly developed Jellibelly Belly-Stroking Machine allows for the flexibility of an individualistic opinion independent of all power structures while guaranteeing continuous high quality mechanical ego stroking where necessary and appropriate.

The Jellybelly Belly-Sroking Machine provides the opportunity to maintain and develop new and improved ego-stroking standards. Use the Jellibelly Belly-Stroking Machine for your advertisement and promotional needs, or use it as an incentive device for yourself and within our team.

Dubons Willkommen - persönlicher Service of Dr. med. Daniel Krutsy

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Monday, March 24, 2008

A Drunk Kru sends an "Easter" message! to his patients

"Easter Greetings from Dr. Kruschinski"
THIS is a post in Endogyn! THIS post is from a "so called" Doctor! THIS post in Endogyn from a "so called Dr. is posted for patients?

THIS post says it all about THIS so-called Dr. and his lack of respect for patients and people!

Maybe THIS post was written because THIS Dr. is Jewish and though THIS post does NOT reflect his fellow Jews across the world, it does reflect HIS thought patterns while drinking. It also reflects a thought pattern in which he thinks everyone else gets drunk on Easter!

No matter what his state of being was while posting THIS most bizarre post, it was just unnecessary, crude and foolish, but then again it is no different then any other drunk making a spectacle of themselves by twirling around and around a corner post, only THIS Dr. twirls around and around while posting!
Dr., Jew, or whatever he claims he is today, THIS post is indicative of THIS "so called" Dr., one Daniel Kruschinski -alcoholic Jew extraordinaire and in a league all his own!

A league called, "drunkards!"

Don't forget that you can now schedule for your adhesiolysis with THIS Dr.!!!!
Hurry before the discount runs out!
EndoGynApolloStuttgart ** EndoGynApolloStuttgart **EndoGynApolloStuttgart
Email: Dr. DM Kruschinski

Friday, March 21, 2008

Breaking News~Another Blog rears it's head

Mrs. Karl Storz Your Moral Debt to Dr. Kruschinski
DayenuJews have always put their faith in the future and because you, Mrs. Karl Storz, my dear brother Dr. Kruschinski has been stripped to the bare soul of everything, when his intentions in life was only to give a future of health to others. It is of my own opinion that it is time for you to give back to him what you have taken from him, and that is his professional life. With many discussions regarding your harshness and cruelty to this fine Jewish Dr. has left him feeling worthless, in distress and in danger of him and his sons losing their Jewish identity. Your words and accusations, which equate to nothing more then anti-Semitism have surrounded his life with evil. These mockeries have been in great part caused by your company and have only served to persecute my brother Daniel unfairly. Dr. Kruschinski alone created the Abdolift to enhance his field of expertise in healing others, now he walks a path of destruction that has scorched his heart and the hearts of his sons. You have made a mockery out of his genuine purity and compassionate heart as a healer of others by making claim against him and stripping him of his use of his invention. These claims and actions have destroyed Daniel and his sons and most undeserving in my estimation. This must halt now! Mrs. Storz, out of concern for Dr. Kruschinski, I am calling upon you to do what is right to bring peace and purity to your heart and life. Daniel has shared that there is no proofs against him that he misused the Abdolift in any way but for good, in that it is only right to once again work with him to create what once was! It is necessary for your company to support a cooperative effort to bring healing back into his hands by publicly stating that you have been mistaken in your negative campaign against him. In repentance for your actions against Dr. Kruschinski and the Jewish people, as we are one, I think it is fair to ask that you make a donation to the State of Israel. Please visit the, “Birthright Israel Foundation,” and you will find that your name can be listed among those who have chosen to take the right path in reaching out to make Israel a place where Jewish people can live in harmony with one another. Why I speak these words to you, Mrs. Storz, is that a person of German decent, such as yourself, who has persecuted a member of the Jewish people, perhaps because of their Jewish roots, might want to exonerate yourself. This can be accomplished by contributing to the State of Israel, and in doing this you impact the lives of many Jews and right your wrongs.The Birthright Israel Foundation Birthright Israel Foundation is generously supported by the following Jewish philanthropic partners, among many others: The Wasserman Foundation, The Harold Grinspoon Foundation, Hadassah - The Women's Zionist Organization of America, The AVI CHAI Foundation,The gift of the 10-day trip is being provided by our partners: the people of Israel through the Government of Israel, Jewish communities around the world ( North American Jewish Federations through the United Jewish Communities (UJC), Keren Hayesod and the Jewish Agency for Israel) and private philanthropists through the Birthright Israel Foundation.Why Contribute? Taglit-Birthright Israel is one of the boldest educational ventures in the modern Jewish community. Just eight years have passed since our launch and in that time, more than 160,000 young Jewish adults have received the gift of a lifetime. The free, 10-day educational trips have connected these young Jews to the land and people of Israel and to their own identity. It has also touched the lives of thousands of Israelis. Each session there are thousands more applicants than spots available to bring them. Taglit-Birthright Israel is the only program in Jewish North America that has such a gap between supply and demand.Your sons to not deserve to be among diaspora! They deserve better and will never have that good Jewish life as they will always live under your persecution!Words to my dear brother Daniel. My concern and heartbreak for you and your sons is ever present in my days. I plead with you to consider relocation out of the country of Germany which has shown you no mercy, instead has broken you. Do we not know that persecution of Jews has a long tradition in that country where today you too bleed no different then your ancestors in Auschwitz? You have said so yourself. Daniel my brother, in respect of your own father, bring your family home where you will find peace, dignity, compassion, understanding that will give you the self respect that Germany has stolen from you and your sons. You have been wounded to your core, you say that you have lost everything, from a home to your spirit, it is time to come to the place where you belong, Daniel, and that place is Israel. In Israle you will fine the peace and tranquility. Awareness. Jewish identity. Family. Truly restful sleep and the best food on earth...We're told that no such thing exists, but for Jews, Israel may well be the panacea to modern life. Imagine: a day on which the world stands still. Imagine: a time when the search for your spiritual center ceases -- because you now are at your spiritual center. Imagine Israel for your sons to grow strong and find a meaning in thier own lives that you did not find in yours outside of Israel. Had you lived here among your own people, Daniel, you would be recognized for the genius and greatness you posses and not be scorned by the very people your heart wished to heal! I, your brother of the "Elite Forces" of Israel have taken liberty to discuss your current predicament with others who are willing to assist you in coming here. I have been asked to publish for you the following information hoping it will assist you in making the right decision to bring your sons to Israel. Israel needs your sons as much as they need Israel. This we will discuss one day eye to eye. Shalom Sayarot Aron Silberstein,שבתBracha achat meeyn shalosh,Barukh atah Adonai Elohaynu melekh ha-olam, borei p’riy ha-gafen. (Amein)Barukh atah Adonai Elohaynu melekh ha-olamasher qid’shanu b’mitzvotayv v’ratzah vanuv’shabat qadsho b’ahavah u’v’ratzon hinchilanu, zikaron l’ma’aseh v’reishitKiy hu yom t’chilah l’miqra’ey qodesh, zeikher liytziyat mitzrayimKiy vanu vacharta v’otanu qidashta mikol ha’amiymIndeed,v’shabat qadsh’kha b’ahavah u’v’ratzon hin’chal’tanuBarukh atah Adonai, m’qadesh ha-shabat. (Amein)Aliyah Info section on Aliyah information covers several aspects of aliyah preparation, first steps, absorption and integration. A number of outside sources have been used in creating this list including The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and the Tachlis news group; an email group for people interested in aliyahIn the past, immigration was a necessity for the rebirth of Israel, today it is necessary for the continued prospering of an established country. Jews from all over have come and continue to come to Israel for the purpose of taking part in building the Jewish state. Jews from many countries make Aliyah out of choice. But Aliyah of choice is not a luxury all Jews share and Israel still serves as a place of refuge for Jews in countries throughout the world escaping prosecution and anti-Semitism. The Immigration and Absorption Department of The Jewish Agency on behalf of the global Jewish people sees as its multifold goals to assist Jews everywhere in realizing the dream of immigration to Israel and to initiate the rescue of Jews in distress or danger.HalachahThe Law of Return 1950, Israel’s Knesset passed a remarkable law, beginning with a few simple words that defined Israel’s central purpose: “Every Jew has the right to immigrate to this country...”Two thousand years of wandering were officially over. Since then, Jews have been entitled to simply show up and declare themselves to be Israeli citizens, assuming they posed no imminent danger to public health, state security, or the Jewish people as a whole. Essentially, all Jews everywhere are Israeli citizens by right.In 1955, the law was amended slightly to specify that dangerous criminals could also be denied that right.In 1970, Israel took another historic step by granting automatic citizenship not only to Jews, but also to their non-Jewish children, grandchildren, and spouses, and to the non-Jewish spouses of their children and grandchildren. This addition not only ensured that families would not be broken apart, but also promised a safe haven in Israel for non-Jews subject to persecution because of their Jewish roots.kruschinski,jewish,jtorz,jbdolift,gassless,laporoscopy,drkruschinski,danielkruschinski,lmettler,Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,,elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd,KlinikamZuckerbergat Braunschweig,EndoGyn®StuttgartatApolloKlinik,EndoGyn®Hannover at Eilenriedeklinik
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Friday, March 14, 2008

hachnasat orchim

It is the intention of the "Elite Forces" of Israel to want to bring peace and understanding to one of our former brothers. Hefker is not worthy of what you are living in this country of Germany so far from us Dr. Daniel Marian Kruschinski. This status was originated from the desire to keep jewish people inside the jewish religion. I believe that it does the opposite, and increases our distance and alienation from our religion, and each other, if we look the other way when one of our own brothers suffers such as you are. Where coercion exists, love cannot bloom and we believe that our camaraderi can once again help you to rise from these flames of defeat. What are your thoughts about the mindset that prevents a person from helping suffering people because intellectually challenged persons have a problem with how that giving person is living his life? If a person comes to us and asks for food we simply give it to him without investigating, and this same action is all you have ever done within the realm of your medical practices. You, my brother, have been grossly misjudged by the world outside of Israel.The bottom line is that if there are people who legitimately need support to keep a roof over their head and food on their table, we have no right to deny them those necessities because we disagree with their decisions. When we give tzedaka, the main task is to break our instinct to be cruel and turn it in to loving kindness in order to give generously. When a person who is kind by nature gives charity purely out of instinct, it cannot be called an act of service of Hashem. In order to fulfill the mitzvah of tzedaka in the proper way, one must first experience the battle of breaking his natural instinct to be cruel and turn it into love in order to give to tzedaka.If the rich man says to the poor man, "The Holy One, Blessed be He" sees that it is not enough that you have given all that is yours and you are left empty, then you must be encouraged to come home among your brethren." This is what I reach out to offer you, my brother, to come home and live amongst those who understand you.I know you well, brother, and it is best for you to come to Israel and strive to learn and understand the symbolism of a different world which is ours alone. It becomes meaningless, to dispute and challenged status quo when it must be maintained. Since the establishment of the state of Israel, my life has been lived around the kollel system, and what this has given to me, is now offered to you. This concept of making distinctions and separations permeates many facets of my life and all with the greatness of my Jewish history and Jewish life, that life is now prepared for you to come home too.Brother Daniel come home, we wait for you to join us once again and become the Jewish man you were born to be. The final blessing is recited below and will always be said for you until we meet again:
Shalom Sayarot Aron Silberstein,
Bracha achat meeyn shalosh,
Barukh atah Adonai Elohaynu melekh ha-olam, borei p’riy ha-gafen. (Amein)
Barukh atah Adonai Elohaynu melekh ha-olamasher qid’shanu b’mitzvotayv v’ratzah vanu
v’shabat qadsho b’ahavah u’v’ratzon hinchilanu, zikaron l’ma’aseh v’reishitKiy hu yom t’chilah l’miqra’ey qodesh, zeikher liytziyat mitzrayim
Kiy vanu vacharta v’otanu qidashta mikol ha’amiymIndeed,
v’shabat qadsh’kha b’ahavah u’v’ratzon hin’chal’tanu
Barukh atah Adonai, m’qadesh ha-shabat. (Amein)
drkruschinski,danielkruschinski,lmettler,Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,,elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd,KlinikamZuckerbergat Braunschweig,EndoGyn®StuttgartatApolloKlinik,EndoGyn®Hannover at Eilenriedeklinik
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kruschinski Speaks out on Spraygel Controversy

Kru sez:
There is a doctor in New Zealand claiming in a newspaper that SprayGel or its contents are harmful to patients.

Even if respected physicians already responded:, I feel to comment on this unsubstantiated article as well...
as I am the most disrespected doctor, claiming to be anything.

Here is some proof: (wink wink)
« FACULTY PRESENTATIONS: Thursday, February 22, 2007 Main FACULTY PRESENTATIONS: Saturday, February 24, 2007 »

Adhesions: Can We Prevent or Attack Them?
Liselotte Mettler, Prof Dr Med
Objective:The management of endometriosis is closely related to adhesion prevention.
Material and Methods: In two randomised controlled studies with SprayGel (Confluent Surgical) and Adhibit (Cohesion Technolgies) and in one double-blind randomised controlled study with Adept (Shire Pharmamceutical) the potential efficacy of the barrier gels and the Adept 4% icodextrin solution to reduce post-operative adhesions was evaluated. After the initial myomectomy or endometrioma enucleation by operative laparoscopy in trial and control patients, a second-look laparoscopy was performed to assess the incidence of new adhesions, their extent and their tenacity score.
Results: SprayGel, being the only completed and evaluated study,.....huh?? demonstrated to be effective in over 70% of patients. Adhibit shows a good trend towards adhesion prevention and the Geneva study with Adept has demonstrated astonishing results so far. Conclusions: Both adhesion barrier gels were safe and well tolerated and demonstrated efficacy in a population of patients at risk for adhesion formation. The rinsing solution Adept may well be complimentary to a gel barrier to optimize a full concept of surgical adhesion prevention.

Hey wait a minute, Didn't the entire COUNTRY of Australia decide to pull SprayGel from use, based on Mettlers DEBUNKED research.

The same Lissolette Mettler who lovingly lured pateints to her partner Kruschinski......even though Kruschinski IS AS MAD AS A HATTER ?

Where, show IHRT where in this whole debacle,where a respected surgeon other than Dr. Hanifa Koya is! LOL

We at EndoGyn Who, you and Mettler? are performing lift-laparoscopic adhesiolysis in the combination with SprayGel adhesion barrier since the year 2000. Hundreds of cases validated with a second look laparoscopy (only 3 from the hundreds still stand kinda by your side...) at day 7th after the initial procedure document well, the high quality and success of the surgical treatment in combination with SprayGel for adhesions.

At are images and examples from thousands of pictures at EndoGyn's library to demonstrate how efficient the concept of Lift-Laparoscopic adhesiolysis with SprayGel works.

No it doesnt, you've plucked information out of yer hindside, paid to have it published and it has proved not a thing except you have allot of very sick, much sicker than they could ever imagine, former patients.

SprayGel is as good as the surgeon using it. LOL LOL It is important to know how to use SprayGel, how many kits 1 1/2 like it says on da box not 6 just cause ya wanted to see what happened to use and the most important is to know when not to use it. A long time experience is also necessary to know which surgical steps are to avoid while using SprayGel. Every surgeon interested in adhesiolysis surgery and the usage of SprayGel is wellcome for a demonstration. Publication about SprayGel
Paid inclusion article smirk
It worked from the year 2000:
and it still works in 2008...

Right upper quadrant:
Before surgery with bowel adhesions.....

AW, Shutty!

Always photos never a chose to deny your patients that safegard. You could have but didn't. Whaccha hiding Danny Boy?

Oh it's just the same ol pictures he always uses.
Please spare us that again. Um Daniel, you really want the world to see Dawn Roses photos? After 7 kits of spraygel her photos show the damage done by too much spaygel. I think this is the type of injury Dr. Hanifa Koya was speaking of.

Here come the groupies/semi MD's LOL
A.K.A the Endogyn Dancers~

Posted Sunday, March 16, 2008 @ 08:39 PM Dear Dr. Kruschinski,
Those of us who have gone to you for surgery know that Spray Gel is only as good as the surgeon using it. You can give someone a beautiful musical instrument but unless they know how to play it-they only make noise, but the person who can play the instrument can make something beautiful as you have done with Spray Gel and your expertise as a surgeon. I know that everyday I have pain free from adhesions is because of you and it is something I will never forget or ever stop being thankful for. Please keep helping others and let them live the lives they were meant to live.

Poor Dear Jan, the only person Kruschinski ever helped is himself.

Posted Monday, March 17, 2008 @ 08:46 PM I agree with Jan. And, very well said Jan! A product is only as good as the person who knows what to do with it and how to use it. In Melissa's case, the second look revealed shiny, healthy bowel. Sez, you Dr. Karen, only you. What a wondeful and exciting change our trip to Dr. Kruschinski made in her once very bleak and dark life. Next month will be 5 years since our FIRST trip to Germany. Her life (and that of her family's) has been so very blessed thanks to the
brilliance and expertise of Dr. Kruschinski.

...yet another profound statement from Sandy.

Posted Tuesday, March 18, 2008 @ 11:01 PM It's easier for that surgeon who didn't know how to do the surgery to blame the product and make spraygel the scapegoat but the patients best bet would be to go to Dr. Kruschinski and ENDOGYN, sandy

IHRT sends it's very best wishes to klinik
It must be YOUR turn to watch him!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

NOW OPEN EndoGyn~Apollo~Stuttgart with Dr. DM KRUSCHINSKI




**** EndoGynApolloStuttgart ** EndoGynApolloStuttgart **EndoGynApolloStuttgart ****

  • Debt collectors come collect your money here!
  • Tax collectors-be aware of Kru's money making schemes at these Kliniks!
  • Disgrunted patients-contact these kliniks to recoup your money!
  • Anyone idiot enough to but this new scam- contact Stuttgart personally!
  • Operations are only offered IF there is enough patients-whatever THAT means!(Interesting how these three German Kliniks take income over patients needs!)
  • Have cash-will do surgery!
  • Discounts!! (Yuck)

    (Operations are ONLY offered if enough patients are present, expect cancellations or help harvest more patients so you are assured to get your operation!)

PLEASE CONTACT DR. med Kruschnski NOW:
Email: Dr. DM Kruschinski

"While in the last years EndoGyn lift-laparoscopic adhesiolysis was performed mainly on women, in the year 2007 male patients seeking adhesiolysis at EndoGyn increased to about 30 % ! Last Monday, we had 1 male and 2 female patients, next Monday there will be 2 male and 1 female patients. By some of the male patients I was asked to built a site for male patients as some man might get confused in going to a endoscopic gynecology center... We take this in consideration. Kind regards"--------------------Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

DISCOUNTED RATES for short time only! 55EUROS for investigation aka operation NOW!
Send operative reports to Dr. med Daniel M. Kruschinski curtsey of these contacts.:
Apollo Klinik Stuttgart
HohenzollernstraBe 7-9
70178 Stuttgart
Telefon:0711/60 17 10 10
Telefax:0711/60 17 10 39
Endogyn team member -
"Fanny Guttenburg"

Posted Friday, 29 February 2008 @ 12:09:28
Thus and now it becomes seriously, if we liked to einplannen one OI day in Stuttgart, needs we female patients, who want to be operated. Anviesiert is at the end of March to in the middle of April, a female patient has we surely. First of all or BKK's private-insured for the Myomoperation or bearing nut/mother distance.
Please to me announce DR. med Kruschinski: ------------------- Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd..

Willkommen in der *****
Klinik am Zuckerberg at Braunschweig
EndoGyn® Stuttgart at Apollo Klinik
EndoGyn® Hannover at Eilenriedeklinik

Herr Dr. med Kru I
Gynäkologie Endogyn Stuttgart Apollo
Herr Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski


Alexandra Beyer
Apollo Klinik Stuttgart
Herr Dr. med Kru II

Neuropathische Schmerzen
Pain Therapy
Dr. med. T. Krubeck
Facharzt für Anaesthesie, Schmerztherapie
Posted Friday, 25 January 2008 @ 09:49:02
Again: operations now also in Stuttgart will be possible. In addition next week kommte more. Immediately the costs of 55 euro of the investigation are void with legally insured female patients and patients. Many greetings ------------------- Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd..

Posted Sunday, 24 February 2008 @ 12:45:02
Hello gives it still no pieces of news of Stuttgart? Ev. an approximate schedule, starting from when there Endogyn a "process status place" has? Friendly greetings ------------------- Brigitta

Posted Sunday, 24 February 2008 @ 17:19:31
Next week are we the inspection of the areas and then wird's relative to fast to probably go there can that consulting hour is offered. Operations are offered if enough patients are present. Many greetings
------------------- Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd..

Posted Sunday, 24 February 2008 @ 21:02:35
Hello everything together and Dr. Kruschinski thus I would be surely a Kanditatin for a OI in Stuttgart, the large distance to Hanover me already from the IP held. The Morphium do not have we ausgeschliechen had an unpleasant withdrawal, habs tried with the pain pump has anything brought, there is me the Tramal to still rather take gladly something over Peckie would have still experienced, who goes white like it to it in such a way in the meantime? Love of greetings to all Valentina
Posted Wednesday, 27 February 2008 @ 10:37:49
Hello Dr. Kruschinski, escapes Hanover and Braunschweig then completely?

Posted Wednesday, 27 February 2008 @ 13:17:01
NO!!! Those are all partner hospitals, which remain natural. From here we develop now our net of the global supply and operation possibility residence near. Many greet ------------------- Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd..

Posted Wednesday, 27 February 2008 @ 17:53:44
Hello, well supercongratulations. And can the problem with dern KK is then also settled, come one there again only with briefing to you?? Genuinly madly the Kk would be theatre makes in such a way for many where. LG SallyPosted Wednesday, 27 February 2008 @ 18:59:59 unfortunately no, the cash problems remain first. We try to negotiate, but you can achieve the largest pressure by if you change the cash. Greeting ------------------- Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd..

Posted Friday, 29 February 2008 @ 12:09:28
Thus and now it becomes seriously, if we liked to einplannen one OI day in Stuttgart, needs we female patients, who want to be operated. Anviesiert is at the end of March to in the middle of April, a female patient has we surely. First of all or BKK's private-insured for the Myomoperation or bearing nut/mother distance. Please to me announce: ------------------- Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd..

Posted Friday, 29 February 2008 @ 17:32:59
I would like to express my congratulations on the new location here. What for a team will then operate there? Love of greetings Funny

Posted Friday, 29 February 2008 @ 19:57:42
naturally erts once we ------------------- Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd..

Posted Monday, 3 March 2008 @ 09:13:18
I find hello completely mad that this support leg now can open it. Question: now also are investigations in Stuttgart moechlich? With suspicion on renewed growing together, for clarification whether OI necessarily, meaningfully? Is examine still around the 50?? Thank you and loves greetings ------------------- Brigitta

Posted Monday, 3 March 2008 @ 20:51:55
Yes, also there investigations can take place, however depends the when on whether we find patients for Stuttgart to the OI. To become before present not to be and thus no investigations to offer there be able. There will first maintained the investigation with 55 euro for legal versicherte, in Braunschweig can with a transfer note on "MVZ Pauwelstr., Braunschweig, Gynaekologie" also with the cashes be accounted for. Many greetings ------------------- Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd..

Posted Tuesday, 4 March 2008 @ 19:42:16
Mr. Dr. Kruschinski, could announce them here in the forum, when investigations are possible in Stuttgart? If you it then know. Or one would have quasi provisionally in front-announces itself... Thank you that they take themselves time, to so many questions to answer.... Friendly greetings ------------------- BrigittaPosted Tuesday, 4 March 2008 @ 20:04:56 Best, sicha lle, those announce in Stuttgart to be examined or operated wollne, by email on, then we can also better planen.#Gruss ------------------- Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd..

Posted Saturday, 15 March 2008 @ 12:40:25
The inspection in Stuttgart resulted in that we can plan the first OI day in Stuttgart at 14. or 21.4.08. We will begin first with "easier" operations, i.e. heavy growing together and complicated Endometriose will become we first only in Braunschweig to operate. Who would like to be operated in Stuttgart, should announce itself under ------------------- Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd..

All patients agreed on answering questions tregarding their individual experiences with the process of medical care and the infrastructure (flat, city, hospital) at the EndoGyn® and agreed that their name and contact data will be put on the Internet or any other printed media.

CALL NOW! REMEMBER - Everything is confidential at Endogyn!
(Anyone crazy enough to buy all of this, call now for your surgery with the Kru man!)

USA~~ Name ~~eMail~~ Telephone ~~Location~~ Which operation~~
~Bolt, Frank +1(856) 232-0653 Turnersville
Adhesiolysis via gasless laparoscopy with SprayGel, Adhesions Date: 11.02.2005
~TWO TRIPS: Dynda Helen +1 (320) 986-2898 HofmanAdhesiolysis via gasless laparoscopy with SprayGel Date: 18.07.2003
~Haber, Connie +1 (732) 870-8775+1 (732) 996-3900 New JerseyAdhesiolysis via gasless laparoscopy with SprayGel, Adhesions Date: 08.08.2003

~Hiltz-Scerbo, Leiza Ann +1 (207) 778 2331 Famington
Adhesiolysis via gasless laparoscopy with SprayGel, Adhesions Date: 11.02.2005

~Porzuczek (815) 230 5253 Plainfield, IL
Adhesiolysis via gasless laparoscopy with SprayGel, Adhesions Date: 05.07.2006

~Sampson Sandra (918) 448-4088 Boston, MA
Adhesiolysis via gasless Lift-Laparoscopy with SprayGel Adhesions Date: 17.01.2007

~Simpson, (508) 580-1592 Adhesiolysis via gasless laparoscopy with SprayGel, Adhesions Date: 05.03.2004

~Steward Melissa Texas Adhesiolysis via gasless laparoscopy with SprayGel, AdhesionsDate: 10.04.2003

~Steward, Karen (Mother of Melissa)kann@charter.net
Gasless laparoscopic adhesiolysis

~Thompson (732) 774 1158 Neptune
Adhesiolysis via gasless laparoscopy with SprayGel Date: 02.12.2005
IHRT only has a FEW questions...................
  • Why has Kruschinski kept this a secret from the Endogyn International English message board?
  • Are these German women dumber then dumb or what?
  • Did Kru (the 1st) dump Lisa Gravens as his "patient Advocate?"
  • Will "Frank Bolt" bolt back to Germany for another surgery?
  • Will Helen Dynda jump at the chance to post in Endogyn again now that Kru I lives? (Or perhaps Kru I dump her!)
  • Did Dandy Sandy Sampson survive Endogyn or is she off touring the world?
  • Will Kru I start to give out Karen Stewart's book now that he has patients coming in?
  • Oh yeah, isn't that book in English ONLY ..oh well, Kru has a full case of them to give out yet! Full of obsolete information that is!