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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Daniel Kruschinski and document doubts

Well, IHRT has to wonder about the new er...documents posted on Dr. Kruschinski's new blog,
and the claims they portend.

Ihrt and many of our loyal readers certainly remember the forged nursing documents of Daniel Kruschinski's susposed nurse and mistress Michi Katzer... complete with white out corrections on a photocopy! hehehehe...
Certificate of good standing
June 26th, 2009
For all of you, that are going around the world to ruin my reputation, saying that I have lost my doctors licence, here is a recent evidence from the Doctor council in Niedersachsen in which district I practice medicie:
and if you like to see also the german “Führungszeugnis” which is the document from the German Justice Department, that any ciminal investigations against me regarding criminal issues were or are on the road:
And now if you like to continue reading all that garbage, feel free to do that. It is educational material about human behaviour!
Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski
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Even more hilarious is that since Daniel Kruschinski IS in Germany and proclaiming to be a Doctor in good standing......then why is this "Certificate of Good Standing" written in ENGLISH? Complete with misspellings????
Lol Lol Lol......
Certificate of good standing
Juni 26th, 2009
Für alle, die durch die Welt reisen und erzählen, um meine Reputation zu ruinieren, dass ich meine Approbation als Arzt verloren hätte, hier das “Certificate of good standing” meiner zuständigen Ärztekammer, das wie ein “Führungszeugnis” im Arztberuf gilt und aussagt, dass ich meine Approbation habe und sie nie verloren habe.
und um auch alle anderen Gerüchte um meine Person zu entkräften, das Führungszeugnis dazu:
Und wenn Sie weiterlesen, dann ist hier viel anschauliches Material über menschliche Handlungsweisen und für Menschen typischen Merkmale (Neid, Habgier und Intrigen) !
Dr. Daniel Kruschinski
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IHRT certainly recalls Dr. Kruschinski has no qualms about falsifying documents and well if Kruchinski's new claims had the url of a professional organization we would certainly publicly verify these papers are legit....
LOL.... it is a self published document and a lousy photocopy to boot. IHRT says nice try but Kru,
if it's true then tell the world:
1)Where are you currently working?
2)Why are you not scheduling surgeries?
Translated from German to English, Keine Eintragung means not affiliated , not enrolled....what a butthead Kruschinski is and once more what a butthead he thinks YOU are.
Important Notice to all surgical victims of Daniel Kruschinski!
Please victims of the Abdo-lift or what ever Kruschinski calls lift laparoscopy to your healthcare provider about peri-umbilical hernias....some members of IHRT are getting this DX at an alarming rate.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Surgical Gel gets blame for pain

After multiple surgeries with Kruschincki, now do you feel conned?

By RUTH HILL - The Dominion Post
Last updated 06:44 08/06/2009

SCARRED: Carla Gardiner had to have a four-hour operation to remove the scar tissue caused by anti-scarring gel during her initial surgery
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Carla Gardiner, 35, had surgery in 2005 for severe endometriosis, a condition in which abnormal growths develop in pelvic organs, causing inflammation, scarring and pain.
"It [the endometriosis] was so bad I would be on the floor in the foetal position howling with period pain. I needed codeine just to get through the day."
About a week after the operation, she developed an infection and spent a week in Wellington Hospital hooked up to a drip.
In fact, Ms Gardiner had probably suffered chemical peritonitis her internal organs had become inflamed by Confluent SprayGel, which was supposed to prevent scarring.
She recovered, and initially, the surgery seemed to have worked. But when she began getting bad period pain and intermittent bleeding a couple of years later, she went back to her specialist, Hanifa Koya.
It was then that she learned her problem could have been caused by the gel.
She had repeat surgery in March last year a four-hour operation to remove scar tissue.
Both operations have cost her insurance company about $30,000. Her insurance premiums have skyrocketed in recent years, but since the endometriosis diagnosis, no other company will agree to cover her.
Belinda Colley, 32, has had three operations since 2004: the first for endometriosis and two more to remove scarring caused by anti-scarring gel.
All her operations were covered by insurance, but she is angry she had to go through so much "unnecessary pain".
"It astounds me that they have never admitted liability when it's patently obvious their product was faulty.
"The scarring was worse than the endometriosis. Hanifa said it was like a spider-web ... everything was stuck together."
Newtown artist Mika Still, 34, had surgery for severe endometriosis in Wellington Hospital in 2004 after a referral from her private specialist.
"For the first couple of months after the operation, I was in very bad pain ... but I thought that was to be expected with major surgery.
"But then I started to feel something wasn't right. I had this dull ache all the time."
In 2007, she consulted Mrs Koya. Surgery revealed there was no endometriosis but her fallopian tubes were "super-glued" to her pelvic wall with multiple layers of scar tissue.
"That explained the pain."
Ms Still did not blame surgeons for using the gel because they thought they were doing the right thing.
"But it makes me angry that no-one was monitoring it ... it goes against medical ethics, firstly do no harm."