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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A "Christmas Carole" for Cru!

"I'm getting nottin for Christmas, cause I ain't been nottin but BAD!"

I swing with parenthood, religions and ethnic origins, but I AM always dishonest no matter what I say or do!

Sometimes Jewish, sometimes Catholic, sometimes Polish, sometimes Jewish, sometimes German, sometimes a daddy, sometimes not!
But I am always a do I get anything for that??

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More reasons to doubt Kru's practices!!!

 In 1999, Dr. Brian West, a Long Beach, Calif., performed a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery on Becky Anderson. The procedure left her with gaping, infected wounds that wouldn't close and, ultimately, a grotesque lump the size of a melon caused by organs spilling through an unhealed hole in her abdomen.

IHRT asks......If surgeons in the USA can get away with this kind of "practice," then why would anyone doubt Kruschinski would not be able to get away with the atrocities he commits on patients in Germany, India and any other country he performed his experiments?
IHRT would bet that these surgeons were REALLY nice to their patients too!
SAN FRANCISCO - Troubling cases in which doctors were accused of botching operations while undergoing treatment for drugs or alcohol have led to criticism of rehab programs that allow thousands of U.S. physicians to keep their addictions hidden from their patients.

Nearly all states have confidential rehab programs that let doctors continue practicing as long as they stick with the treatment regimen. Nationwide, as many as 8,000 doctors may be in such programs, by one estimate.
These arrangements largely escaped public scrutiny until last summer, when California's medical board outraged physicians across the country by abolishing its 27-year-old program. A review concluded that the system failed to protect patients or help addicted doctors get better.
Opponents of such programs say the medical establishment uses confidential treatment to protect dangerous physicians.
"Patients have no way to protect themselves from these doctors," said Julie Fellmeth, who heads the University of San Diego's Center for Public Interest Law and led the opposition to California's so-called diversion program.
Most addiction specialists favor allowing doctors to continue practicing while in confidential treatment, as does the American Medical Association.
Supporters of such programs say that cases in which patients are harmed by doctors in treatment are extremely rare, and would pale next to the havoc that could result if physicians had no such option.

"If you don't have confidential participation, you don't get people into the program," said Sandra Bressler, the California Medical Association's senior director for medical board affairs.
California's program ends June 30. If no alternative program is adopted, the rules could revert back to the zero-tolerance policy in place before 1980, when doctors who were found by the medical board to have drug or alcohol problems were immediately stripped of their licenses.
No other state has followed California's lead. But the president of California's medical board, Dr. Richard Fantozzi, said that behind the scenes, regulators nationwide share his ambivalence toward such programs.
"To hide something from consumers, something so blatant ... it's unconscionable today," Fantozzi said.

Between 10 percent and 15 percent of physicians nationwide will have a substance abuse problem at some point in their lives, a rate similar to that of the general population, according to widespread estimates. An estimated 7,500 to 8,000 practicing doctors are probably in confidential treatment, or about 1 percent of all physicians practicing in the U.S., said Dr. Greg Skipper, head of Alabama's program and a leader of an upcoming study on the issue.
Opponents of such programs are unable to cite any documented cases in which doctors who were confidentially undergoing treatment botched operations while drunk or high. But they say the very secrecy of the programs makes it hard to assess the risks.
Nevertheless, some doctors have been accused of harming patients while they were in treatment.

In Montana, a patient accused a doctor enrolled in the state's treatment program of not following up on her abnormal test results, delaying her cancer diagnosis by more than a year. Montana revoked Dr. Robert Schure's license last year after he flunked out of treatment six times since 1994, according to board documents. The patient's suit was settled for an undisclosed sum.

A North Carolina surgeon enrolled in the state's program for alcoholism charged patients for one type of gastric bypass and then performed a shortcut procedure that led to serious complications, including stomach ulcers and vomiting, according to patients and a medical board investigation.

It wasn't until Dr. Steven Olchowski lost his license in 2005, years after many of the incidents occurred, that his participation in North Carolina's program became publicly known.
Opponents of California's program have focused on the case of Dr. Brian West, a Long Beach plastic surgeon who has been accused of negligence by the state medical board and is fighting to keep his license.

In 1999, West performed a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery on Becky Anderson. The procedure left her with gaping, infected wounds that wouldn't close and, ultimately, a grotesque lump the size of a melon caused by organs spilling through an unhealed hole in her abdomen.
Weeks before performing his final, futile procedure on her, West was arrested for a drunken-driving accident.

After his conviction, West entered the diversion program for alcoholism. A year later he performed a tummy tuck on a 37-year-old woman that also healed poorly.
West ultimately flunked out of the treatment program after investigators uncovered a pattern of relapses, binge drinking and doctored urine tests that "demonstrate that he is a physician who has been long and chronically impaired by alcohol," according to a 2005 medical board complaint.

West's supporters say he has been made a scapegoat, asserting that he is not to blame for his patients' complications and that the severity of his drinking problem has been exaggerated by investigators. "I have no information from any of my investigations that Dr. West has ever cared for patients while under the influence of alcohol," said his attorney, Dominique Pollara.
West admitted no fault in settling Anderson's malpractice lawsuit for $250,000, Pollara said. The tummy-tuck patient lost her malpractice case.

Without the assurance of confidentiality, some say, addicted doctors will go underground and continue to practice without getting any treatment at all.
Jim Conway, a Venice, Calif., drug and alcohol counselor, said that before confidential treatment programs, doctors would do whatever they could to hide their addiction for fear they would lose their licenses.

At a Pomona hospital where Conway worked, an alcoholic obstetrician came to work and delivered a baby while "dead drunk," he said. In the process, the doctor severed the newborn's spine.

"And that's how it will be if they just do a punitive approach," Conway said.
Dr. Jason Giles, a Malibu physician, completed California's program in 2004 after five years in treatment for alcoholism and addiction to prescription drugs.
"I was never intoxicated taking care of patients. It didn't get to that — but would have if I didn't avail myself of that rope dropped from the helicopter," he said.
His experience in rehab was so transformative, he said, that he quit practicing anesthesiology and opened the drug treatment center he now runs.

Giles said allowing physicians to continue to practice while in rehabilitation is crucial to the success of the treatment.
"Working actually helps them get better," he said.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

NEW Endogyn Facility / Brothel

More male patients are finding the way to EndoGyn

NEW Endogyn infrastructure!

Finally after my many travels to India, we have now opened our new
"Institute for MY Gasless Surgery"

Keeping with my word, which is always true, I dedicate this NEW "Institute of Endogyn" to all male patients! Limited time offer for men only.....
Bring cash, and you can register at the door!

Posted Saturday, June 30, 2007 @ 03:43 AM

While in the last years EndoGyn lift-laparoscopic adhesiolysis was performed mainly on women, in the year 2007 male patients seeking adhesiolysis at EndoGyn increased to about 30 % ! Last Monday, we had 1 male and 2 female patients, next Monday there will be 2 male and 1 female patients. By some of the male patients I was asked to built a site for male patients as some man might get confused in going to a endoscopic gynecology center... We will take this in consideration.
Kind regards
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

After a surgery for adhesions or endometriosis which can take some hours, a patient needs an excellent infrastructure for recovery.

The "Klinik am Endogyn" provides patients with a facility that is necessary for speedy recovery, like a mattress on the floor (with a lot of gaudy pillows) and it even has a beautiful bedspread on each bed.

These rooms are complete with wicker shelves holding our large selection of videos and CDC's (thanks to our patients for sending them to us).

You will also find a selection of "candles" in jars arranged on the floor by each bed. (This touch adds a bit of "brothel" like flavor to each room.)

Our last two couples and their partners from last Monday are enjoying their stay here and feel a little like being on vacation... like in brothel Calcutta, India!

Klinik am Endogyn Brothel finally has finished its new website which shows you all the impressions of the surrounding and also some information from the doctors and their specialisations.

Endogyn staff..

Please look around at all the facilities infrastructure and exclusive setting.

Reception area

PLEASE send cash now for your surgery date. There is a waiting list, so hurry!

Please do not forget to order my latest DVD...

A new DVD with many lift-laparoscopic procedures is available free of cost. You only need to send an envelope with your adress and 8 Euro (= 10 US$) note for postal charges.

Zuckerbergweg 2 38124
Braunschweig Germany

Postal charge calculator Portokalkulator - Preise berechnen Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika Gewicht: bis 2000 g Preis: 8,00 EUR 1 X Weltbrief Maxibrief International (Gewicht 200 g) à 8,00 EUR 8,00 EUR

--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

What do you get for being one of "Kru's" most stanch supporters?

Absolutely nothing!

Posted Mittwoch, 28. November 2007 @ 10:39:33
Hallo Gisela, naja, selbst wenn der Stent rauskäme habe ich immer noch diese starken, bewegungsabhängigen Verwachsungsbeschwerden im Unterleib, die auch die Blase tangieren. Je nach Bewegung, hauptsächlich beim Bücken habe ich massive Probleme. Bin letzte Woche mal stramm 20 Minuten gelaufen und wollte danach vor Schmerzen sterben. Auch vor der Toilette und kurz danach habe ich mit Bauchschmerzen zu tun, aber das geht im Vergleich zu den Voroperationen.
Alles Liebe SchaPu

Posted Wednesday, 28 November 2007 @ 10:39:33
Hello Gisela, naja, even if the Stent rauskaeme I have still these strong, movement-dependent growing together complaints in the abdomen, which concern also the blister. Depending upon movement, mainly when bending I have substantial problems. Last week times stramm 20 minutes ran and wanted to die thereafter before pain. Also before the toilet and briefly thereafter I have to do with belly pain, but goes compared with the Voroperationen. All love SchaPu Miltenberger

You spent years supporting everything Kruschinski said or did, and without any validation of his words!
You took his words as gospel.
You yell louder then most proclaiming his "miracles!"
You had a surgery with him, and claimed your own 100% success when "harvesting" others to him.
You remain a regular "poster" in Endogyn.
You are recognized as being the "message board" hostess because you have to answer everyone else who posts in Endogyn.
You put down anyone who raised a question about him.
You were/are very quick to defend him, and his every action, even calling others "liars!"
You were/are one his most stanch supporters, emailing him at every turn to tell him how great he is, how talented he is as a surgeon and over and over thanking him for "curing" you!
You are not well at all these days, suffering the same pain and indignities of ARD that you went to him for his 100% effective "gasless" adhesiolysis.
You are to the point that your job has been affected.
You find working in the "archives" to much for you these days, (after having been banished there by your employer for spending to much time in Endogyn.)
You post how miserable you are.
Your pain is bad, it gets worse when your activity is increased. Pain, pain and more pain!
You are seeking medical intervention for your ARD.
Your "gasless" surgery by Kruschinski proved NOT to be all he had claimed it to be!
"Spraygel" in his hands was NOT effective in your case, and in the case of many others!
You really do NOT know if you really had "Spraygel" as most of the pictures Kruschinski used to "prove" what he did in your surgery were probably not you!

So, what does one get from "King Kru" when the adhesions return after a surgery by him, and one who spent years bowing to him and his every need?

Absolutely Nothing!

Question: Why isn't Kru answering your posts?
Answer: What can he say, he has been proven to be a liar and a fraud!

Question: Why can't you secure another surgery with him?
Answer: He cannot perform any surgeries, cannot use the "Abdolift" and he has no facility in which to perform anything!

Question: Why are you seeking medical intervention elsewhere?
Answer: Because all you will ever get from "Kru" is a few words on a computer! No matter what he says he cannot perform any duties as a "Dr." No prescriptions, no office visits, no surgeries, no consulting, no exams, no nothing, unless you fall for the 'ol
"Computer Cam exam!"

IHRT suggests you try to contact Kru using the information he posted recently in Endogyn, after all, there isn't any reason he wouldn't respond to you, is there?!

Posted Thursday, November 29, 2007 @ 03:09 AM
If you like to communicate with us, you can use the email. If you like to post, you are welcome to do so.

Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski EndoGyn® Ltd.
Gesellschaft für Endoskopische Gynäkologie Ltd.
Zweigniederlassung DeutschlandEingetr.
AG Passau HRB-Nr. 7107
Klinik am Zuckerberg
Zuckerbergweg 2
38124 Braunschweig
Fon: 0180 ENDOGYN (3636496)
Fax: 07000 ENDOGYN (3636496)
Mobil: 0171 62 04621

von Miltenberger, why not go to Klinik am Zuckerberg in Braunschweig, as your in Germany, find the OR and wait there until Kru shows up! Why not ask to speak to the members of his Operating Room "team." You know, the "WE" in everything Kru posts. He is still there, so he says! Why not contact "

Posted Thursday, November 1, 2007 @ 01:33 AM
We carry on performing lift-laparoscopic adhesiolysis with the Abdo-Lift and SprayGel and training and teaching at congresses, so mainly nothing changed, except the facility: The Klinik am Zuckerberg in Braunschweig provides patients with any facility that is necessary for speedy recovery like a huge garden (with a golf course) and a beautiful restaurant with a terrace.

As of Thursday, June 7, 2007, he listed the following members of his team in the OR at the Klinik am Zuckerberg!
You might ask for Isabell, the main OR nurse, or perhaps the "youngest male nurse" in OR as he is very motivated and is around to do anything. Why not ask to speak to Isolde, the anesthesiology nurse at Klinik am Zuckerberg in Braunschweig, or maybe seek out Dr. Lorenz, the head anesthetist. It appears that even Michaela, who is at EndoGyn since the year 2002 and has managed the operating room issues since than was also at Klinik am Zuckerberg in Braunschweig. And of course, the "King Kru" himself preparing for a surgery!

IHRT would expect at least some of these people would still be active at Klinik am Zuckerberg in Braunschweig, as why wouldn't they be? Just because Kru go sacked and spends his time drinking and beating his wife Shirli, doesn't mean the other " Endogyn" staff would lose their positions!

IHRT will keep you updated as we for Kru response and ultimate scheduling of a surgery for von Miltenberger at Klinik am Zuckerberg in Braunschweig with the Endogyn OR team!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Are ALL the Kruschinski's on Public Assistance????

NO! Not ALL of them.

Daniel, Sherli and the two babies are now receiving public assistance!
How could Daniel "Doc" aka " King Kru" aka "Kru" get public assistance if he is continuing to perform operations at "EndoGyn® at Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweig" all year?

Easy answer, and 100% fact: He wasn't doing any surgeries there in 2007!

Another interesting fact is that "Kru" has NEVER been associated, not even remotely, with this medical facility where he claims he was a " faculty member to the faculty of medicine of the private Witten / Herdecke University" and that he was made "head of the Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology.

Another interesting fact about Kru is this: Endogyn though listed as an "Institute" was NEVER an Institute! Kru just made that up!

Another interesting fact about "Kru" is that he was never and is not a "Professor!"

IHRT invites you to check out the "NEW" locations for "Endogyn" as listed in Kru's web site
EndoGyn® ...scroll down to:"New Locations"

If you have not realized that over the course of 5 years that IHRT has been presenting facts, and only facts, regarding the "Fall of King Kru" and the criminal, unethical and immoral" activities coming out of "Endogyn" then you need to call and get another appointment for a surgery with KIng Kru!

Another fact is that many, yes many, of the patients who had a surgery with Kruschinski DID NOT have Spraygel, and DID NOT have a meticulous procedure, and that "Gassless" DID NOT offer them any more benefit then performing that surgery in an outhouse! Kru also knew that the "Abdolift" caused adhesions, that he was using it inappropriately, that he was over using it and at times, performed surgery "DRUNK!"

Do you really think that Michi worked at any medical facility in 2006-2007?
Fact: She DID NOT

Did you really think Michi was a nurse?
Fact: She WAS NOT! Never! All documents were false, bogus and illegal!

Did you really think Karen Steward told the truth?
Did you really think that Helen Dynda told the truth?
Did you really think that "Kru's Crew " told the truth?
Fact is, they DID NOT!

These people have all tried to undermine IHRT's facts, however, as you can see, they fell with their master! To quote Karen Steward: "In the end the truth shall prevail!"
Yes Karen, in this IHRT agrees!

Another fact: Kruschinski is a criminal, is bankrupt, has left both his families in the lurch, is a drunk, a despicable character recognized by those who see him in court to be a smelly, fat, bald, street bum who has become nocturnal hoping to avoid debt collectors, and angry patients!

IHRT also invites you to take a " stroll" through the Endogyn web site where you will find it to be "dead!" That is a fact...however, that is not why IHRT wants you to surf that web site, what we want to point out to you is that the contents of the "Enodgyn" web site is all bogus!
What appears to be "factual teaching programs," patients "statistics and lists" "affiliations and education" in his bio" are FAKE!

Going through that web site will offer you a look into the efforts, and criminal mind, of a scam artist, Daniel M. Kruschinski!
**Note how he executed his plans to scam you, to scam the medical community and you will see how easy it was/is to scam people by use of a web site!
**Take note of his efforts to produce pages that appeared to be valid promotions and information! ALL FALSE!

Have pain post-op from a surgery at, "Endogyn?"
Think it can't be adhesions? Think again!

More to come on "Kru & Endogyn", though not much happening with Kru these days, what is in the works is interesting, is fact and will be brought to you through IHRT!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Important message from Dr. Kruschinski ~ 5 year follow up
Most advanced nincompoop
Gender: bi-sexual - will do anything for a quarter
Location: Thillythstopp
Registered: Neutered & no longer procreating
Status: on the lam
Offline: Da, Stagnant
Posts: 3,187, or, 4, 390, or, 2000 - 10's of thousands or maybe 10!

Posted Saturday, December 23, 2006 @ 09:11 AM
Between the holidays we will mail a follow-up form for a patients who underwent an adhesiolysis procedure at ENdoGyn in the last 5 years. It is important that you will answer all the questions and send it back.
Thank you for cooperation.--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD

Attention Shoppers! It is urgent that everyone who has been to Germany to begin posting answers to the following questions and let's do a comparison: (IHRT will use the same number pattern as Kru uses in his questionnaire.)
1. Are you a human?
2. Are you bogus?
3. Your name:____________
4. Your Surgeon:_____________
5. Your realm of existence:
6. Pain level before surgery (scale 0 -10):
7. Pain level after surgery (scale (0-10):
8. Do you exhale carbon dioxide?
9. If so why?10.) Did I use any barriers on you,(I don't keep records, so please hep me out here!)
20. Does Al Gore have the true scoop about carbon dioxide, or is it just a "An Inconvenient Fib"?21. How much pain meds were you on prior to surgery:
22. Can I have some?
23. What were your pain medications prior to surgery:
24. How much pain med were you on after your surgery:
25. What were the pain medications after your surgery:
26. Did you do the Russian Restaurant Chicken Dance while you were in Germany?
27. Your "Debauchery Level" prior to surgery (scale 0-10):
28. Your "Debauchery Level" after surgery (scale 0-10):
29. What is your ability and experience regarding lying to prospective patients about your experiences with Dr. Kruschinski?
30. How many adhesion surgeries have you had in the US?
31. How many adhesion surgeries have you had in Germany?
32. Do you have any money left?
33. Would you like some vodka?
34. If so, why?
35. Have you had more than one surgery (excl. second look) with Dr.Kruschinski?
36. Who loves ya baby?
37. If so, why?
38. Are you easily taken advantage of?
39. Have you had any surgeries CONNECTED to adhesions after adhesion surgery with Dr. Zhivago, in Germany or the US?
40. If so, please state reason (give doctors' name if you like)
41. Have you had any surgeries CONNECTED to adhesions afteradhesion surgery with Dr. Kruschinski, in Germany or Thillythstopp ?If so, please state reason (give doctors' name if you like)
42. Will you say what others tell you to say?
43. Um, can I sleep on your couch?
44. Would you help gather data for this important study?

Thank you to all for responding to this survey ASAP.
Results will be published in the peer-reviewed "Jugs" magazine and cheap too.
Thanks a lot,
PS: This is a scientific study.
I took a research course in India and now I am an informed discipline. The research course was so exciting. There were 4000 of us taking the course, with only one teacher. We all wore translation earphones, just like at the U.N. The teacher was up on a five-tiered stage, something like the Pyramids, but with a flat top. And by the way, the teacher has resumed his prior "flat-top" hair style. He finally got rid of that brown "rug" hair style. I think he looks much more handsome with the flat-top, which is now blond. Back to his natural color. I like blonds. Typhune, my hairdresser, travelled with me for daily touch-ups.
Thank you for cooperation.--------------------Daniel Kruschinski,

The above is a typical Kruschinski year end post....IHRT can't wait to see what he will post this year - 2007 IF he posts at all that is!
IHRT was 100% right..nothing ever came of the request above here!

Here ARE some facts of what did become of Kruschinski in the year 2007....

Kru goes out of 2006 with an empty promise to all the Endogyn patients...a lie to end the year, and a lie to start the new year, a typical Kruschinski post of a save face style drunken washed up Dr. who lost it all!
IHRT would not have expected less of him.....Kru was posting that he will be sending "follow-up" forms to Endogyn patients, and these forms will be directed to patients who came to Endogyn over the past "5 years"!
To make this even more ridiculous, he asked that they be returned, and that they are "important!"
Just when you think his post cannot get more ludicrous then it already is, he thanks patients for their cooperation, like he really intends to send these things out to them!
This is the second time Kru has told patients he was going to do this, and guess what, it never happened, and it did NOT happen just as IHRT predicted!

More IHRT predictions that came "true for Kru" in 2007!

Kru STILL has no address, he is STILL never sober long enough to create such a form, and he STILL has no reason to gather data of this nature as there is no Endogyn, he STILL has no practice, STILL has no facility, STILL has nothing, and most important of all, STILL has no future to do anything within the medical field, so a form of this sort, well, it is all a fantasy in his head.

Kru IS all washed up, through, bankrupt, alone, crazy, dirty and smelly, drunk, caught with men in less then desirable positions, nocturnal, fat, bald, desperate, beats his wife Shirli, has her and his two baby boys living in a ghetto apartment, pays menial support, lost the house Gucci and Simon lived in due to non payment and tax debt, is in and out of court as much as he claimed he was in and out of surgeries! Court cases surround tax evasion, fraud,organized crime, debt collections to numerous to mention, etc, etc...

As for Endogyn, well, it is nothing but a lap top in some flop apartment, all address are bogus, phone contacts are bogus, fax number is rented,...but you can email him, as he loves his emails, we all know that.
Kru does not have any operations to perform, no facility, no employees, no Michi, no "last" patient, no nothing. Kru does not travel to anyplace, he is not a presenter anywhere, and he has no surgical equipment to take anywhere with him.........
oh wait...IHRT stands corrected here, the latest in on "Kru and the obsolete Abdolift" is that he WAS seen with it as he sat on a train heading nowhere! Yup, it was Doc Kru holding a rusty Abdolift in front of him singing, " I ain't got no "body," or was it, "money?"!

And Shirli Homberg is a drugged out abused women with nothing, and deservedly so for harvesting so many to the experimental operations of her husband!!
Having falsified all that crap in Endogyn claiming it came from the non existent "Adhesion Lab," (*see below) and going to court for tax evasion on money she collected on the Seligenstadt Apartments, Shirli currently has no job, no car, has been thrown out by her Jewish family, is living on welfare and due to being on so many drugs her babies are checked on daily by the German social services, she lives under constant harassment and beatings by Kru, her rich dream Dr. husband, and has no future!
* Posted Monday, August 4, 2003 @ 03:16 PM Hi All, we created a new section "News from the lab". Here one can see the newest developments and conclusions from the lab and experimental studies concerning adhesion formation and prevention. Shirli Homburg-Kruschinski as a biologist will comment on these issues and bring you the newest results or practical consequences for you as patient. Hope you will participate in this forum after it will be opened after the next announcement. Take care

Michi Katzer (who has so many aliases that there is no room in this blog to begin listing them.)
She ran, yup, took the money and ran! Divorced her husband Thomas, who is remarried and happy! She is going to school, has a nice, rich boyfriend, living in Australia, nice apartment, did appear in court in Germany, however she beat the rap on being party to falsifying medical documents, narced on Kru about everything, she still owns Endogyn, or what is left of it anyway, and though she still faces some charges on tax evasion, her new guy will probably pay her way out of it!

Gucci (aka David) and Simon Kruschinski ..the spawn of the Doc. Kru...
Gucci had to sell his DJ equipment rendering his jobless to help his mother Ann to pay bills at home, does not attend school, is homeless, no car, not much to do with his old man these days, (David is angry that his Dad gave his Mistress Michi better living quarters then his own children!) David is just a loser now, but Simon, now here is a boy who's got it together..he is still the German champion of "BEER PONG!" Yup, the "serious son," as Kru calls Simon, shows a little bit of his wild side here! Like they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...and that rings true in this family!

Baby boys Kru..Thomas and Gil-Robin live in poverty, menial furnishings, a drugged out mother, welfare, Social Services rearing them, no "Grandparents" on either side, denied by all of them, little love, living in a dysfunctional setting, but unlike their older step brothers, they at least have a place to live!
Future look bleak for these little guys, if for no other reason then they are branded "Kruschinski" for the rest of their lives as the "sons of the fallen, psycho surgeon who experimented on people and a mother who help perpetrate crimes against human beings!"

See the Kruschinski boys here:

IHRT will continue to bring you up to date on past events at Endogyn....and we think you will find them interesting in retrospect!
Was IHRT right in thier predictions in years past? 100% YES!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Kruschinski is doing soooooo well....LOL! LOL!

King Kruschinski of "Silly Stop" remains the worlds:
Just follow these "cute" little trolls...... to see what they are laughing at!

After long periods of being absent from Michi Katzer's "Endogyn" message boards, King Kru decides to make an appearance.
Kru is quick to point out that he and his "Vultures" are still at "war" with the trolls, and after 4 years, the trolls have had NO impact at all on his life!

Now this revelation is definitely a laughing matter!

"Troll always watching out for the"Endogyn Vultures!!"

Doc_Kru Master
Gender: Male
Registered: Jul 2003
Status: Offline
Posts: 3095-5000

Posted Thursday, November 1, 2007 @ 01:33 AM

Hi Jan,``
Don't be afraid to say here what you want. ``
No person should be afraid of posting here anything they want to post. The Internet trolls have done now for 4 years anything they could to destroy, but simply failed. ``
King Kru
And anyway, most of the patients are intelligent enough to look behind such smear campaigns and attacks and still are coming.
We either don't announce everything and everyone for same reasons you mentioned above, but carry on performing lift-laparoscopic adhesiolysis with the Abdo-Lift and SprayGel and training and teaching at congresses, so mainly nothing changed, except the facility: The Klinik am Zuckerberg in Braunschweig provides patients with any facility that is necessary for speedy recovery like a huge garden (with a golf course) and a beautiful restaurant with a terrace.

Translation of King Kru's above post....
Hi Jan, I am so glad that someone still remembers me and finally posted on this message board. With your post, we are getting about 1.5 hits a month now on Endogyn! So that is still unchanged in the past 4 years.
No person should be afraid of posting here anything they want to post, anyway, it is only you and a couple others who still post silly stuff, so do not worry about that! This also has not changed any in 4 years.
The Internet trolls have done now for 4 years anything they could to destroy, but simply failed.
And anyway, most of the patients are intelligent enough to look behind such smear campaigns and attacks and still are coming. Well, there really isn't any place for them to come to anymore, so that has changed only a little in 4 years.
The" Endogyn" infrastructure has changed in 4 years, as there is non at this time, but I do not count THAT as a change. Michi is no longer with Endogyn, but she does own it, so Endogyn is not really mine, but THAT is not really changed, it was just a secret 4 years ago.
Anyway, there are no longer any Dr.'s at Endogyn, as there is no building for them anymore, Endogyn is only a web site now, so THAT changed, but only a small change!
There are no patients anymore either, but those numbers were all false anyway so THAT has not really "changed" in 4 years.
We either don't announce everything and everyone for same reasons you mentioned above, actually, there really isn't any "WE" anymore when speaking of Endogyn, I just say "WE" to make it appear that there is more then just me sitting at this computer, so THAT might have changed a little in 4 years.
I carry on performing lift-laparoscopic adhesiolysis with the Abdo-Lift and SprayGel and training and teaching at congresses, however, this isn't really happening as I am bankrupt and living with my Mistress's mother, and she is paying my way now, the truth is that I am looking for a job, oh yeah, and I left the "Abdolift" in Braunscheiwg, and Mettler can't get me any more "Spraygel" now that she was forced to "retire!" The fact of the "Spraygel" issue is that I haven't used any since early 2006! I just said that I did, you know, one lie leads to another type of thing! Oh, I almost forgot, one small change did occur within the past 4 years, the "Abdolift" is not being made anymore, he he, I almost forgot THAT!
You won't see my name appear on any Congress, as I prefer to keep that information quiet, ( bill collectors you know!) But LOTS of calls to teach lift- laps, lots of them! Really! Most Congress's I am refusing now, just to darn busy, plus no car, no money, no passport, little things like THAT!!
Endogyn isn't listed as an "Institute" anymore, but THAT didn't really change in 4 years either as it was never really an "Institute" anyway! I was just joking when I had THAT on the web site! Gotcha good, didn't I folks! It was just a joke!
Speaking of the "Endogyn" web site, well, it IS missing a lot of stuff, that's for sure, but most of it was not really factual anyway, so I don't count THAT as a real change in 4 years! "Honorcode" pulled out of the wen site, something about not being "Honest" enough for them, go figure, they were too fussy for me anyway! I was going to drop them anyway so that doesn't count as a "change" the past 4 years!
Sure, I left Shirli and my two little sons for my Mistress, nurse Michi, but then, she was never a real nurse anyway, but she was my Mistress, honest, so THAT did change in the past 4 years, but that wasn't due to the trolls, that was due to my lies, criminal activity, tax evasion and from beating Shirli, and a few little things like that, not the trolls!!
OH, I almost forgot about my sons "Gucci and Simon" from my marriage to Ann, they lost their house due to my bankruptcy, but THAT wasn't due to the trolls either, only the "conspiracy!"
Now that "Gucci" is over 18 yrs of age, he can also be charged with his very own tax evasion, and, yes, I am proud of him for that! A "chip" off the old block that boy is! He lost his "DJ Job, but both he and Simon do a mighty mean, "Beer Pong!" when they get to drinking! Gotta love 'em! Boys, your 'ol mans proud of you! "GO BEER PONG!" Also, "Gucci" is a writer, and I couldn't be prouder of is one of his "favorite" song lyrics that he added to, I've attached it below for your reading pleasure! Makes me want to cry whenever I read it, guess I am getting sensitive in my old age, or rather, when I am drunk!
So, mainly nothing changed in my life, folks, nope, the trolls just didn't make an impact, LOL! LOL! Oh, wait a minute, there was ONE change within the past 4 years, the facility: The Klinik am Zuckerberg in Braunschweig provides patients with any facility that is necessary for speedy recovery like a huge garden (with a golf course) and a beautiful restaurant with a terrace. So, "we" got THAT going for "US! "
Fans, friends, cons and Dubon buddies, please send money to me, you can get to me by email only! ( I ain't got no phone, got me a "rented" fax number, no address, but hey, if I gave THAT information got out, the bill collectors would be all over me like a Dubon! Tee Hee!!!)
My life is good, going strong, in fact, I came across a picture of me when I was just a kid, cutest darn thing too!
I can't help but see the resemblance to my boy, "Gucci!"

I still go out to eat in the finest of places, all over the world!
Do I feel lucky, you might wonder, yes I do! I feel like I am keeping afloat in my life,
I am staying on a straight course with my lift -laps, my life, my legacy, feeling pretty confident the road will take me places! In fact, I've always felt that way!
I have love in my life, and as we all know, ya gotta have love if your gonna make it through life!
"Cuchee Coo, you bad boy, you!"
Thanks Peter, you may be "way down under" but I know your there!!

Please enjoy my son "Gucci's" love of his music...and remember, he wrote some of these very lyrics himself! I'm gonna cry now, must be drunk again, but hey, I was always drunk anyway, 24/7, why change now, right?
Kind regards
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.
Gucci's favourite song from an underground band Nickelback - Never Again Lyrics
He's drunk again, it's time to fight
She must have done something wrong tonight
The living room becomes a boxing ring
It's time to run when you see him
Clenching his hands
She's just a woman
Never AgainI hear her scream, from down the hall
Amazing she can even talk at all
She cries to me,Go back to bed
I'm terrified that she'll wind up
Dead in his hands,
She's just a woman
Never Again
Been there before,but not like this
Seen it before,but not like this
Never before have I everSeen it this bad
She's just a woman
Never Again
Just tell the nurse,you slipped and fell
It starts to sting as it starts to swell
She looks at you, she wants the truth
It's right out therein the waiting room
With those hands
Lookin just as sweet as he can
Never Again
Seen it before,but not like this
Been there before,but not like this
Never before have I ever Seen it this bad
She's just a woman
Never Again
Father's a name you haven't earned yet
You're just a child with a temper
Haven't you heard"Don't hit a lady"?
Kickin' your ass would be a pleasure
He's drunk again,it's time to fight
Same old shit,just on a different night
She grabs the gun,she's had enough
Tonight she'll find out how fucking Tough is this man
Pulls the trigger just as fast as she can
Never Again
Seen it before,but not like this
Been there before,but not like this
Never before have I ever Seen it this bad
She's just a woman
Never Again
Never Again
Kommentare: Es sind noch keine Kommentare vorhanden.What a delightful ditty!

Kind regards
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD © by EndoGyn Ltd.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Halloween at Endogyn "LTD"

IHRT Presents

" Halloween at Endogyn "LTD"
Fact or Fiction? DNA connects a mad scientist of today to one from the past!

In the movies, scientists are quite often "mad," and have been so since the silent movies.The things they do, however, have been fairly consistent. They tend to be smarter than the “normal” human being, and wittier, often of a boastful nature. A surprising number can play Bach's Toccata and Fugue from memory. They will persevere despite repeated failures. These are usually on human subjects whose remnants, living or dead, are stored in commodious basements. Often unreliable technical equipment, anatomical parts and/or lab assistants plague these scientists.

What is it that we love about the mad scientists in our movies and history? Is it because their probing of the unknown piques our curiosity? Is it their seeming superiority to the common herd? Or is it that they -- at least for a while -- get away with more than we can?

They do so in many realms of knowledge. Some of them are practical, and quest for better things for the human race. Others are decidedly less practical. One of their most prominent technologies has been advanced medicine. Filmic mad scientists of the 1930s and 1940s led the vanguard in such efforts as keeping organs alive outside the body, cryogenics, new methods of surgery, robotic parts for humans, and new serums. Others harnessed electricity for all sorts of uses, but mostly to bring dead flesh back to life (always a useful ability), or to power advanced robots and death rays. It is the potential for cutting-edge science that makes fictions about the subject relevant.
These “mad scientists” are enthusiastic about their work, perhaps even carried away with it. They will let no one get in their way, especially those who call them insane, and start -- but do not finish -- going for the authorities. Generally their creations, be they mechanical or living, go out of control. Until the climax, that is, when they turn on their creator(s) and soon destroys them. This is usually due to “fate” or "God," which restores the status quo against the blaspheming mad scientist. And it is this last motif that connects the various aspects of the subject together: the "god-like" man who rejects the accepted ways and pursues the unknown, running into trouble as a result.
Few really believe in vampires, monsters and witches, but these enduring characters of Halloween have a basis in real life that is often more interesting than the fantasy.Think of Halloween and your mind conjures images of ghosts, vampires, witches and monsters.

Our modern versions of them have largely been crafted by popular literature and, more influentially, the movies. But like many fantastic characters of myth and lore, they have a basis in reality.
Sometimes the true stories of these creatures that haunt our imaginations are just as weird and amazing as their fictional incarnations.

IHRT's story today is almost 99% truth, with the 1% being our reference of the "DNA," so we ask you, the reader, to try to put yourself in the "surgical gowns" of these most vulnerable, desperate patients who were harvested to a "psycho-surgeon" who drew them into a "factitious world" created in his mind!
IHRT Presents for Your Halloween Entertainment.......
“The REAL Monster of Halloween”

Castle Frankenstein –Darmstadt Bavaria Germany

The castle is perched atop a bluff of rock, a Gothic array of towers and pinnacles looming over the Rhine valley and once home to a troop of medieval knights. The hilly Oldenwald, which lies to the south of Darmstadt, is an area of little villages, rustic farms and Gothic churches.
The hilltops are crowned with thick forest while the valleys are framed with flower-studded meadows. The drive to Castle Frankenstein from Darmstadt station, takes 20 minutes.
First, you will cross the pancake-flat Rhine valley with its patchwork of asparagus and potato fields, then the road suddenly swings upwards and you are hurtle around a series of tight, vertiginous bends towards your destination. A 'Welcome to Castle Frankenstein,' sign greets you when your stomach-churning drive finally ends. The year, 2004!
You feel anxious as you near the huge doors that will take you into unknown areas of the castle, and as you enter, you see the first of two medieval towers built in the 16th century by Sir George Frankenstein. The towers are dimly lit by the fires of torches placed high in sconces set deep into the stone walls, walls that seem to reach forever skyward. As you continue to walk down the dusky, damp halls through the towers you realize that the foreboding halls of this impregnable fortress guarding the Rhine are consuming you and you start to think that you might never see the outside world again. Your fear heightens your every sense as you search shadowy crevices and gaze into the darkness with more anxiety then eager curiosity.
You smell terrible smells, hear terrible sounds, everything is so confusing, moving to fast to be real, your feeling weak, scared, and with each step you seem to be taken back in time; then you see it, a door, and it is opening, someone is coming toward you, it’s a man, a, a Dr. and he is dressed in period clothing from the 18th century!
This can’t be! All of a sudden your mind is filled with the thoughts of the experiments of the mad scientist, Italian physician Luigi Aldini, who in 1760 had injected a current of electricity into the head of a newly executed murderer, causing an array of horrible spasms, one of which opened the corpse's left eye! As this oddly dressed Dr. comes toward you, he is smiling as though you were a long lost relative. You do not recognize him, yet there IS something familiar about that smile, but what is? Your heart is racing with fear, your head swims and then…..your world goes black!
You wake in a sweat to find yourself strapped on a cold hard table in one of the castle's inner chambers, the same room in which a boy was born of refugee parents from Poland in 1673. In later life that boy turned man, would sign himself von Frankenstein in recognition of his birthplace. He was never a nobleman, and never was blood relation of the Frankenstein family.
The dates, the years, the similarities of then and now are all merged into one blur in your mind as you are wheeled into a modern operating room in a foreign country. Eyes that look like yours are everywhere, eyes behind masks, eyes everywhere looking at you, then voices, lots of words but in a language you don’t understand. The Dr., that smile, it is one and the same, how can that be in this modern age, but you will get no answer to that question, as once again your world goes black, and the experiments begin!
(3) Johann Konrad Dippel (1673-1734)

The REAL Frankenstein Monster! Our story starts out with the birth of an 18th century mad scientist who was born in 1673 in Germany at - believe it or not - Castle Frankenstein!

Dipple, a man of great pride, felt no limitations to his intellect and was interested in pursuing the great mysteries of life. When he registered at the University of Giessen (sixty miles north of the real Castle Frankenstein near Darmstadt, Germany), he registered as "Franckensteina." Some three years later he completed his dissertation. As it was a skeptical work -- whose title De Nihilo meant "On Nothing" -- it outraged many of his superiors. Dipple flaunted that he was smarter than the “normal” human being, and wittier, and was often of a boastful nature, and with an attitude that gave one the impression he could care less what others thought of him!

Educated as a physician, Dippel set up a laboratory at Castle Frankenstein where he would be free to conduct his bizarre experiments. There's no record of whether or not he had a hunchbacked assistant named Igor, but Dippel (who often went by the name Konrad Frankensteina) spent a lot of his time with his hobby of alchemy - a popular pursuit of the day. Alchemy(1) is a kind pseudoscientific experimentation with the elements - crazy chemistry - whose ultimate challenge was to be able to turn lead into gold. Dippel was also fascinated by the possibility of immortality through scientific means.
Though a brilliant scientist, Dipple got caught up in the dark world of alchemy and body snatching. He really did use the parts of butchered animals and exhumed human corpses in his vain attempt to "engender life in the dead," in his own words. He claimed to have the secret of the “philosopher's stone,”(2) as well as the ability to create life.
Unlike his literary and cinematic "decedents," Dippel did not rig up the body parts to elaborate lightning-powered gizmos and spark generators. Rather he boiled everything - skin, muscle, bone, blood, hair and organs - in large vats. When the surrounding community got wind of what Dippel was up to, maybe they didn't storm his castle with torches, shovels and rakes, but they did kick him out of town.

Dipple returned to Guessen hoping for a fellowship there, but meeting with a cold reception there, he went to Wittenberg, where his fortunes proved no better. At Strasburg, his views made it impossible for him to establish any connection with that university, but he did do some lecturing on astronomy and palmistry, preaching frequently in a spirit that soon led him to be dismissed. Dipple had developed a lifestyle that ultimately forced him back to his native place, a fugative from his collectors!

Finding a new faith, Dipple entered into it with a fierce pace that led him to fame. In less then two years he 14 controversial writings on the theme of morals verses dogma, among other subjects, and like everything else he ever did, he went to extremes, which subjected him to persecution from the clergy and even from the mob, by whom his life was threatened.By 1704 Dipple had moved to Berlin and devoted his researches to alchemy and deluded at one time that he had solved the problem of transmutation! He was driven out of Berlin and fled to Kostrits, thence moved on to Holland, where he lived for some time near Amsterdam.

In 1711 he practiced medicine in Leyden, and wrote a number of papers on theology and in 1714 had his papers published. In this same year he relocated to Altona, in Sleswick-Holstein where an imprudent incursion into politics aroused the hatred of high officials, and in 1719 he was condemned to perpetual imprisonment. Though the full sentence was never carried out, Dipple did live for 7 years in semi-confinement on the island of Bornholm. Released in 1726, he went to Sweden where he became the physician to King Frederick I. Once again he aroused the clergy there and was banished from the country.Returning to Germany, he took up residence in Liebenberg, near Goslar, andContinued his studies in alchemy. Though he abstained entirely from theological controversy, the clergy compelled him to flee, and he found refuge with the Count of Wittgenstein-Berleburg. His last years were largely taken up by violent controversy with Zinzendorf over the nature of the Atomement.

Once again, fleeing persecution, Dipple returned to “Frankenstein Castle” in Bavaria, Germany where rumors circulated that he was again collecting body parts to assist in the making of a formula that Dipple claimed would allow him to live to the age of 135. On the morning of April 24th, 1734, Dipple’s body was found in his laboratory by one of his friends. It is believed that he died by drinking his own potion.
After a tumultuous and lonely life, Johann Konrad Dippel became another legend in the history of Frankenstein, though he would never be recognized for his scientific abilities, instead he became known as "Dipple the Alchemist".

They say that all the spirits of those who were experimented on during Dipple’s time haunt the “Frankenstein Castle” yet today, but the haunting does not stop there. A “ NEW” kind of “haunting” out of the “Frankenstein Castle” reveled itself over 233 years later in the birth of another boy born to parents of Polish decent.............................

A direct descendent of the late Johann Konrad Dippel, this boys life will bear an astonishing similarities to that of his infamous relative!!
Madness At The Edge Of Science
IHRT reveals the: True life experiments of "Dr. Dipple Kruschinski" aka "Dr. Daniel Kruschinski"

Patient on Kruschinski's "Abdolift!" (Seen below!)

The "adhesion" caused by "Das Hook" during Kruschinski's experiments!

This adhesion attached itself to other organs, leaving those who were placed on the hook with terribly excruciating, life long pain and misery!

Kruschinski was aware of this, yet he abused the "Abdolift" by using it over and over again on his victims, performing up to three surgeries on them within a two week period!

In his own words, IHRT quotes, "These people suffer anyway, so I may as well experiement on them in hopes of finding my legacy!"

Daniel Kruczinsky, alias Kruschinski, alias Druschinsky was born in 1958 in Poland.

In 1969 "Kru" as he becomes known as, moved with his family to Munich Germany after his father was released from the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. His upbringing was tumultuous and lonely as he strives to live up to his father’s expectations, unrealistic expectations that no human being could ever really live up to. Daniel’s boyhood days would be filled with a cold harshness that could only have come out of someone who spent years in a concentration camp, and years where every human emotion was drained from the very core of the prisoner’s body.
With his life missing the essentials necessary for a child to grow strong in self esteem and character, Daniel soon found himself empty of both and not feeling any self worth or value to anyone, he became soon became void of emotions as well.

Early in his youth he started to “create” identities that he thought would give him the recognition and love he always craved, but never received growing up. Though he had a mother, it was the love, attention and respect from his father that he craved throughout his childhood, thus his mother became a non-entity in his life, and continues to be that yet today. Daniel not only created multiple identities, he perfected lies about himself to the point that he became what is known today as a, “pathological liar” in which the liar actually starts to believe their own lies, not being able to tell truth from fiction.

As he moved out into the world, Daniel Kruschinski changed the Polish spelling of his name hoping that he would be better accepted by his peers, and possibly out of feelings that he was not worthy to carry that name having failed receiving respect and love from his father.

He began his medical studies at Düsseldorf University in October 1979, and finished in November 1985. For the dissertation entitled "Selective histochemical zinc presentation in testis of the Wistar rat", carried out at the Anatomical Institute of Düsseldorf University under Prof. H.G. Goslar, he was awarded his doctorate in September 1986 with the mark "Summa cum laude". As his dissertation was a skeptical piece of work, many of his superiors were not surprised as throughout his time at the university, Daniel was seen as being rather, freaky.” Kruschinski flaunted that he was smarter than the “normal” human being, and wittier, and was often of a boastful nature, and with an attitude that gave one the impression he could care less what others thought of him!

In what seemed to be a hasty change of mind from a future in the area of research, Kruschinski turned his education to the area of gynecology and obstetrics at the gynecology clinic of the Franzkiskus-Hospital in Bielefeld under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. J.D. Schnell and continued at the gynecology clinic of Minden Hospital under Prof. Dr. med. H. Wagner. Educated as a physician now, Kruschinski set up practices in private centers where he would be free to conduct his bizarre experiments. There's no record of whether or not he had a hunchbacked assistant named Igor, but “Doc. Kru” (who often went by that name on his Internet message boards) did have an assistant who he said was a nurse, but in reality, she was only his mistress, never having been trained as a nurse, yet working side by side with him in his operating room during these experimental procedures!

From 1990 to 1995, Dr. Kruschinski worked at the Clinic and Polyclinic for Obstetrics of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz under Prof. Dr. med. P.G. Knapstein. Here he established the center for minimally invasive surgery and was in charge of consulting hours for plastic surgery of the breast. After this, Dr. Kruschinski was attending physician at the University Gynecology Clinic at the Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum-Langendreer under Prof. Dr. med. A. Jensen. And then in February 1998 he established a surgical office in Alzey, focusing mainly on minimally invasive surgery. Following consultation here, he treated his patients in the Kirchheimbolanden Hospital. Finally, on admission as faculty member to the faculty of medicine of the private Witten / Herdecke University he was made head of the Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology. Little did he know that he would continue to “run” from Klinik to Klinik, and move between some of the same cities that his relative, Johann Konrad Dippel had done for so many years, and for the same reasons as his ancestor had!

To name a FEW: Schärding-Austria, Offenbach, Eilenriedeklinik Hannover, Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweigm, Emma Klinik, Seligenstadt, Passua, Rotthalmünster, Bavaria, Bochum-Langendreer, Mainz, Bielefeld, Witten Germany!

Dr. Kruschinski went on to create a world that he was certain would evolve into his wildest dreams, one of fame, fortune and world domination! He created, “EndoGyn® - Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology, LTD” and that move would lead him into the dark world of human experiments, extremes in surgeries, obsessions with surgical techniques, surgical instruments and procedures, pushing things to the limits and beyond. Not seeming to care who got hurt by his extremes, he continued to harvest patients to his operating rooms with lies, deceit, and “charisma!” Though he really hated women, it was them that he targeted, knowing his "experiments" on them would leave him with little to no guilt!

His whole life would be filled with short -lived relationships! His peers would continue to find him, “freaky” and “odd” to be around. He started to drink heavy, remaining in his offices day and night! He would write controversial paper’s, which only served to anger those in the scientific world of research, as he wrote them without any proof of validating research associated with them. Time and again, his scientific writings would be proven false in content!

As in keeping with the times, Dr. Kruschinski used the Internet as a means to make himself known, and unfortunately, to make his fortune! For a brief time it seemed as though he would accomplish his dream of becoming a famous International surgeon, a “savior” of sorts. He would even publicly compare himself to “Einstein,” and to “God!” “Doctors from EndoGyn® LTD are now performing surgery in many locations and hospitals. The idea of franchising endoscopic surgery is getting reality” he would say over and over again, seeming only to be fooling him-self!

Dr. Kruschinski made lots of money from performing operations on people from all over the world, people who had to pay him cash if they wanted HIS special 100% proven surgery that he promised would cure them! And pay they did, for a while that is!Soon these patients were NOT getting well, and many of them were returning to his operating room time and again, and paying cash each time! Some of these patients were almost cut in half in operations were he called himself a “reconstructive surgeon,” yet not ever having had that training! Others were placed on a “hook” that suspended them into the air like beef hanging in the slaughterhouse! Time and again he overused this “hook” apparatus, causing severe damage to those he used it on, and left many of them in horrible, non-reversible pain and disabling symptoms!

“Doc. Kru” even gave discounts to some if they would keep the secret that he did not make them well, let alone cure them! And some patients did this so they could come back and let him try again to heal them, only to find themselves once again on the “hook!” It soon it became apparent to him that he could no longer “scam” patients over the Internet, and he lost money, causing him to fall into bankruptcy, losing his hospital affiliations time and again, and soon he found himself a fugitive from his collectors! What he did seem to accomplish through his use of the Internet was the cult like followers who, no matter if he had injured them in a surgery, insulted them in a public manner by calling them drug addicts and alcoholics, they continue to praise him! They praise him even after he confessed that he did in fact perform experiments on his patients and then boldly published a paper on it!

Dr. Kruschinski was so void of ethics and morals, that he would deny his Jewish birth when it benefited him, then used it when it benefited him, and at times, he even professed to be a Catholic in order to be “accepted” into a community of Christians at a Klinik he was hoping to infiltrate!

Though Dr. Daniel Kruschniski has lost everything that would associate him to being a Dr., and fleeing from one area of Germany to the other, at ties calling upon patients and colleges to let him sleep in their homes, he lives on, surfacing now and then on the Internet! It is apparent that “Doc. Kru” has reverted back to the original opinion of himself, which is an empty shell of a human being, he uses posts on the Internet as if he is gasping for a breath, as it will only come in the words of praise from those who are as dysfunctional as he is, yet, this IS all that is left of his life.
At some point his Internet Web site will shut down, moneys due it not forthcoming and Endogyn will be gone as it only exists in a computer and as “Doc Kru” said in his own words, “I am Endogyn, and Endogyn is me. Where it is, I am, and so be it!”

As he desperately posts his last words, there will be no way to send them across the Internet, he will breath his last breath before he slides into the murky, darkness of his ways. Because of his upbringing, he saw himself as a failure, an empty shell, a “nothing” and in this, he was finally right!

Kru will drown from an emotion he wasn’t even aware that he had. No, it is not guilt of what he did to others, as he is void of that emotion, but from his own inability to be able to be someone he created, and even in that, he failed!

Though unlike his ancestor, Johann Konrad Dippel, Daniel Kruschinski “lives,” but he lives as a “nothing.” Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, like his ancestor, Johann Konrad Dippel, after a tumultuous and lonely life, became another legend in the history of Frankenstein, he too would never be recognized for his scientific abilities, instead he has became known as "Kruschinsky the Phsycho-Surgeon" who experimented on his unsuspecting patients from 2001-2007 and admitted it to the world!

Is this nightmare over, you might ask, will the "psycho-freak surgeon" cease to exist? Will he surface again?

IHRT tells you the truth, "We do not know!" We do know for a fact that people with a profile such as Daniel Kruschinski has, when put down they seem to resurface again and again and again, re-establishing themselves in different ways, but always conning people!

Some thoughts for your Halloween contemplation....

Do YOU know where in the world will Kru surface next?

Will YOU become one of his victims?

Do YOU know who is performing YOUR surgery?"

Have a "Happy Halloween!"

(1) “Alchemy” hovered between worlds. It emerged in a time-between-times, after a Dark Age had brightened but before a Renaissance had dawned. It came from Arab and Greek sources, but it flourished in theWest. It lay between faith and philosophy; it still dreamed of heaven, but it focused on the Earth.(2) The “Philosopher's Stone,” in Latin lapis philosophorum, is a mythical substance that supposedly could turn inexpensive metals into gold and/or create an elixir that would make humans younger, thus delaying death. (3) Johann Konrad Dippel "Frankenstein Family Album",