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Sunday, July 30, 2006


EndoGyn adds changes in it's the infrastructure:

Just when you think Kruschinski can get any lower in his schemes to get money, he does THIS! IHRT says that "Kru" will most definately be the "one and only" ob/gyn surgeon that uses a "webcam" to do his consultations and exams, and will definately stand out alone as he did with his "Abdolift!"
(One would think he would have taken hs friend, " Pete Maher's" advice!
Kru> "Another quite funny comment from my friend Peter Maher from Australia: "Dan, bring back hand written letters and the telephobne then this crap would never happen." )

Show me that again..."YOU NEED SURGERY RIGHT AWAY!"
"You can schedule a surgery at Endogyn's new location, 'St. Pauli Herbertstrasse, Hamburg, where Michi, my "nurse," and I will have the Abdolift set up in a motel room in Herbertstrasse!
This time Endogyn WILL offer video tapes of each surgery as well as "peepholes" available to the outside world, web cam shots during the surgery, as an extra sideline to make money these days! Sober, or drunk, I am the only surgeon to use this webcam for this purpose and it is the best in the world in my hands, the only one in the world so good in my hands and I am the only surgeon who can use it with most satisfying results 100% of the time!!"

Now THIS is an exiting new concept!
"Telemarketing" for Endogyn will definately be worth the time, effort and money for the ARD patient to pursue! But first you need to purchase your own "Web Cam" or this offer is 100% useless! (Though it is 100% useless anyway!)

Mrs. Lotts says, "Dr. Kruschinski will post his answer to your questions! I am only the messanger!"

Kruschinski now invents another of his "futuristic" scams in another attempt to make people think he is still up and running with Endogyn! NOT true at all!
There simply is no Endogyn....just call Mrs. Lotts and talk to her about scheduling ANYTHING with Endogyn and "Kru!" Find out for yourself.
+49800 / E N D O G Y N
(+49800 / 3 6 3 6 4 9 6)

NEW and improved hours for Endogyn!

Tollfree Phone consulting with Dr. Kruschinski only Germany,
every Thursday between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm (except holiday times)

Endogyn Patent Advocate's listed on the Endogyn web site are willing to schedule surgery OR webcam consultations for you!:
Lisa Gravens +1 (419) 893 5645 (home) +1 (419) 346 7547 (cell phone) Ohio
Helen Dynda +1 (320) 986-2898 Minnesota
Karen Steward +1 (817)341-3000 Texas
Lisa and Helen had multiple trips to Endogyn for surgeries, so they are expert on assisting you with your travel plans and all three Endogyn Advocates are in constant communicatiobn with Kruschinski, so you CAN get your questions to "Kru" answered through any one of these advocates!
(Recently Karen has fallen out of favor with "Kru", but call her anyway as she likes to know what is going on with Endogyn now that hse cannot post anymore! You can also write to Karen at: Steward Builders 931 Upper Denton Road, Weatherford, TX 76085)

Post from Kruschinsli!!!
Hello to all.
In the course and around the service to improve, we would like to offer the following achievements to the restructuring:
1) telephone consulting hour at a certain weekday at certain times
2) email of contacts as before
3) Telekonsultation with a Webcam to offer in order to give to patients, who contact us for the first time, the possibility, a virtually personal discussion.
Also findings could be exchanged, which become in scanned and measuringclose by email or MSN to be sent to be able.
These achievements replace naturally not the personal contact, however possibly facilitate for the patients the consultation and save to particulars a far start.
All past (forums, email contacts) remain as before.
It is completely important that it is not to concern a consultation to any topics or diseases.
The achievements are purposefully ONLY on the offer of our operations!
Many greetings
Http:// Info&b=Teleconsulting
Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,, gasless,,,, AbdoLift

The truth is this:
* Endogyn office is closed
Kru forgot to mention that until IHRT posted it!
* Rondell Apartments are closed
Kru forgot to mention that until IHRT posted it!
* Kru is NOT practicing at Emma Klinic, and cannot practice there
Call there or email Emma Klinik to find out for yourself!
*Kru cannot perform surgery at any other klinik in Germany at this time
Contact any of the kliniks listed in Endogyn and ask for yourselves!
*Mrs. Lotts is sitting in her partments answering the Endogyn phone number
Call her, IHRT gave you the times that Endogyn is open and phone number!
*Gucci1 is posting on Endogyn again, lots of prasie for Kru, but no names..doesn't count! 4000cases and all Kru can muster is a bunch of no names??????
(But then again, Gucci1 IS Kruchinski, and we all know that HE posts, day and night in an attempt to keep this web site and forum going as it is his last means to feel important! Poor insecure, failing soul continues to use patients in his last ditch effort for recognition of something that he is not!! Helen Dynda right by his side, talk about desperate & dysfunctional people!)

*Kru left his second wife and small children just like he did his first wife and 2 small children!
Yes, Kru private life IS worth mentioning as this is the caliber of Ob/gyn you will dealing with, web cam and all!
*The "nursing documents" posted on Endogyn by Kru and Michi, were false!
Like anyone couldn't tell!! Dah!
This is "Fraud" and was committed by both of them! Note they have dissapeared from Endogyn, and that Katzer's CV was changed in an attempt to have it match the false documents posted by them! Even an idiot could see what they were trying to do! Yet Helen stands by her man no matter what, does Helen remind you of anyone??

*Kruschinski's now resorts to "webcam" telemarketing ob/gyn servives, whats wrong with this picture?
Where is his office, (not in the bedroom IHRT hopes!)
Telemarketing within the medical field is adainst the law in Germany, and using a webcam for patient consultations is foolish, dangerouse, ineffective and it is repulsive as well!
Do YOU know who is watching you from the other end of the "Endogyn Web Cam?"
*Why isn't Kru scheduling surgeries?
He can't, as he has no where to schedule them!
*Why isn't Kru sharing patient surgical outcomes and touring with him amd Michi?
Because there have not been any surgeies as he claimed in this post!

Expect many more foolish and empty offers to come out of Endogyn as Kruschinski desperately searches for ways to get approval from posts, as this is all he has left now!

Todate, not one single endeavor Kru has promised has come to pass...not even stopping IHRT from "libel and slanderous attacks "on him, nor has he shut his mouth about all his "crap" as he promised he would! He hasn't even committed suicide like he promised!
Anyone notice this but IHRT?
Look at some of his recent unkept promises.......

One thing Kru did accomplish was to shut Karen Steward up, as with friend like that, who need enemies, and Kru has enough of those already!

Stop by again as there will always be "Breaking News " from Endogyn!

Friday, July 28, 2006

No article, no book, no office

There is no article in Pub Med, there is no book to be published, there is no office. But, there is a person who answers the phone on Tuesday. Her name is Mrs. Lotts.
Do a google search for Michaela Katzer, and you will see her nsg training listed as 1989-91, which is the same as listed on her CV on Endogyn, until yesterday, when Kru changed the dates to read 1991-93.
The plot thickens, but what actually IS the plot?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Breaking News !!!! Katzer Documents!

Breaking News !!!! Summary:
1. Today Kru removed/changed the following from his message board site:

He removed the translated "nursing certificate" of M. Katzer, as well as the first (illegible) "nursing certificate" he had posted.

He removed the name of his latest publication (when IHRT asked for him to provide the name of the journal and the date it was published).

He removed the number he gave as his German ID medical number(which actually was stated as a medical number from the UK, dated May 2006).

2. On his web site , under "Team OR", Kru changed the dates of Katzer's nursing training from 1989-1991 to 1991-1993.

3. On his message board, Kru stated that nobody is doing surgery in the Caymans, and that it was all "pie in the sky"....remember a couple months ago when HE proudly announced that he, Dr. Reich, and Dr. Mario were going to be doing surgery there together? IHRT did not announce that, HE DID!

4. On his message board, he replaced his photo with a photo of himself taken when he was much younger.

What a transparent trick! See below for more details.

Doc_Kru (Center in Picture)

IHRT's response to the following post by "Kru."
This type of mass e-mailing to others will not intimidate us at all from saying what needs to be said! IF these Doctors want to deal with you, let them, it is of no concern to IHRT. Their words, cares or concerns about you, Kru, are of no interest to IHRT!

That last comment from Kruschinski's friend "Peter Maher from Australia" advising "Kru" to "bring back hand written letters and the telephone then this crap would never happen," WAS anything but funny !! But then, this guy is a friend of Kru's, so we would expect this from Maher! Tells you what kind of Dr. Maher is, doesn't it?

Everyone knows that the Catholic chruch rallied behind pediophile priests in an attempt to hide the truth about them molesting children, and all IHRT can say is thank God these Doctors did not accomplish what Maher is telling Kru to do, hide his practices behind paper..not in the open! Good thing Kru DID use the internet for all his scams, or this may have resulted in many more patients being hurt by him!

"Kru": You gotta do better then this if you're going to stop IHRT from telling the truth about you!

"Katzer Documents"
Stay tuned to IHRT (and to the web links provided by Kru in his post here) as we will be bringing you the:
Rest of the story on those now infamous "Katzer Documents!"
**Note that Kru changed Katzer's CV in Endogyn to reflect the information in the documents he portrayed as Katzer's "nursing" papers? However, the original CV is cached in Google for all to see these changes were made.
**Note how Kru REMOVED the "nursing" certificate, his medical number (from UK), and the title of his latest publication from Endogyn message board posts?
IHRT has the goods on these documents, Katzer's many aliases, and even Daniels's GMC reference number. As for his latest publication, since he refuses to tell where it is published, how can anybody read it?
Stay Tuned!!

Breaking News !!!!
Doc_Kru Most advanced
Gender: Male

Registered: Jul 2003
Offline Posts: 293

Posted Thursday, July 27, 2006 @ 05:44 AM by Daniel Kruschinsksi
I got it first hand proved from ALL the surgeons who were reportedly performing surgery in the Caymans, that it's all a blown up and the story is complete untrue and that all the doctors were subject of manipulation by those mental ill women.
"Dr. Reich is being victimized as you are because the claims they make about him - as positive as they may be - are as untrue as the very negative claims they are making about you."

Harry Reich: "I believe this Cayman thing is pie in the sky and does not really exist."
Tom Lyons: "I certainly am unable to verify any participation that I have in surgery in the Caymans."
I am sure that all my friends from the International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy, who are involved now will stand united to prevent such slander and libel in the internet. It is a severe crime those two women will have to defend themselves for.
And it's a backstroke for adhesions or any surgery, if few unhappy patients can slander doctors via Internet for not resolving their many problems.
Please be aware of such sites, that are not hosted at regular servers and hosting organisation, but are only blogger sites.
Any of the surgeons would allow such advertising as it was set up by this two women.
************************************************************************* Be aware of sites like this
Their content is only violation and slander and libel.
Thy could ruin me financially, but I will for sure continue surgery, as there are many patients who need help.
We, the surgeons and the medical community will stay united and will never again let ruin surgical progress through slander an libel !
Another quite funny comment from my friend Peter Maher from Australia: "Dan,bring back hand written letters and the telephobne then this crap would never happen."
Kind regards
Daniel Kruschinski, MD),,,,,

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where is Dr. K's latest publication published?

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski lists the title of his latest publication, his name, and the word "Director". This is on his web site ( message board under "Closing the Story" dated 7-25-06.
Please Dr. Kruschinski, provide everyone the following information: Where is this paper published? Your patients, those who say that got good results, as well as those who say they did not get good resuls, would like to see this paper in print, and to read it.
Perhaps that will put this sordid controversy to rest.
Thank you.

Kruschinski’s GMC number

Kruschinski’s GMC number

WOW! IHRT is surprised, again, at how efficient Kru was at supplying the documents for his German GMC number AND Michaela Katzer's nursing document!
Thank-you, Kru!

Interesting indeed, and each time you post one of these, it's gets more interesting! Your really showing us a thing or two. IHRT should have known better then to try to take you on, wow! Your the man, Dan!

By the way, what IS Katzers maiden name: Reiman or Czerwinski (as listed on her marriage certificate?)

Things just get curiouser and curiouser, as Alice would say as she wondered around in, " Wonderland!"

More to come on these "Documents" to come!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What is Group Think?

Groupthink is a mode of thought whereby individuals intentionally conform to what they perceive to be the consensus of the group. Groupthink may cause the group to make bad or irrational decisions which each member might individually consider to be unwise
Ref: Wikipedia, on-line

1. Jim Jones' People's Temple mass suicide in 1978 in Guyana. Their former headquarters was in San Francisco.
2. University fraternity "hazing".
3. Heaven's Gate Cult - 1997. Mass suicide near San Diego, where a group waited for a spaceship.

Group mentality often involves a charismatic leader who uses manipulation to prepetuate their own delusional goals. If one or more members disagrees with the "group think", they are attacked and ostracized.

Kruschinski’s GMC number

IHRT is surprised at how efficient Kru was at supplying the documents for his German GMC number AND Michaela Katzer's nursing document!

Interesting indeed!

Daniel Kruschinski and Monica Druschinski

The stat counter regarding IHRT indicates that "Nielsen Ratings" are interested in this issue. They hit IHRT web site 30 times today and negotiations are in process!

Screen tests are being scheduled for a TV mini-series, which promises to be a big hit.
Being serious seriously considered at this time are Kathy Bates to play the evil devil woman Bev D.,
and Julia Roberts to play the mental Dawn R. (strung out on peyote left over from Timothy Leary’s last “vision quest.”)
Linda Tripp, (of White House fame) will play Karen S.and Dakota Fanning will play her "child," M.
Dr. Frankenfurter (from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.) will play Dr. Kruschinski. Monica DRUSCHINSKI, (co-author of the unpublished book.) will play the nurse, M.

The little blue dress from Old Navy is still hanging in the now empty Endogyn Rondelle office, and can be viewed through the windows.

Headquarter Seligenstadt
Institut für Endoskopische Gynäkologie

PrickHead: Daniel Kruschinski, MD
Steinheimer Strasse 69 (Rondell)
63500 Seligenstadt am Main, Germany

BIG BLUE” will play Kruschinski’s computer.

Tyfune and

Dr. Thomas W will both play themselves.

Posted Sunday, July 23, 2006 @ 04:11 AM
Kru:> "For the last time I am going to post anything about those who started the crap that is going on in the internet and involves meanwhile few of my previous patients. Whomever want to continue, please leave me out of that. I am not interested even to read that foolish crap."
IHRT:> Just another lie, as he goes on and on and on!

IHRT:> More to come on the "papers" posted in Endogyn! Flaws already detected in them, but IHRT waits for the experts to scrutinize them before we make any comment regarding them, as you all know, IHRT strives to validate everything we say, that is not a parady that is!
Unfortunately, neither one of Katzers "documents" is a good fraud!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Book by Kruschinski and Druschinski is not published

1. Daniel's Book: I thought it was a joke when IHRT said the authors are Daniel Kruschinski and Danicl Druschinski, but that is what is listed on Amazon. It says that the book was released in Oct 2005, but has NOT BEEN PUBLISHED.
Krushinski and Druschinski???????????? Is this a typo by Can this story get any more bizarre?
2. On 7-23-06, on, this Dr. says he is putting an end to the conflict and he is not going to say one more word. However, today 7-24-06, he posted again. I guess he changed his mind.
3. This is parallel to pts. saying they are better in the first few weeks after surgery, and then at a later date, they say that they are so much worse.
Things change, people change, situations change.

Myth Busters and Kruschinski's words

IHRT says: It would be so easy to put all of this "crap" to rest if Kruschinski will just post his seven digit GMC reference number, AND Michi's nurse's documents that validates she is a nurse by German standards, and where th "Adhesions Lab" was located!
Why wouldn't Kru post them if he really has them? Always words from his mouth are NEVER validated to support his words!
Empty words without valiation make for one to perceive he is lying!!
Time will tell all...stay tuned!

Here is a post by "Kru" wanting to "stay out" of the posts, and put a close to everything! So he fuels the fire with more lies and deceptions!
Way to go "Kru!"

Talk about a "Drama Queen!"

"For the last time I am going to post
anything about those who started the
"crap" that is going on in the internet!"

Doc_Kru Most advanced
Posted Sunday, July 23, 2006 @ 04:11 AM
Closing the story ....
Kru:>"For the last time I am going to post anything about those who started the crap that is going on in the internet and involves meanwhile few of my previous patients. Whomever want to continue, please leave me out of that. I am not interested even to read that foolish crap.
The following will let you understand why those two mental ill ladies continue to try to ruin EndoGyn and made me the only subject in their live."

Kru:> "And whatever they claim, it shows untrue, begining with Dawn Roses operative report. First she said I didn't perform a successfull adhesiolysis, than after Harry Reich prooved in his 3rd look that she was adhesion free, she said, I missed her endometriosis and so on..."
IHRToffers everyone the opportunity to see Dawn's operative reports, and her adhesiolysis here in the USA after Kru declaired her 100% adhesion free from HIS adhesiolysis in Germany!!

Kru:> "Than I am not a doctor, I am a criminal that uses a dr. title... how come, I am registered in many countries and they ALL didn't discover that I am not a doctor ???"
IHRT asks Kru to please post his 7 digit GMC reference number for the medical registration as required to practice medicine in Germany!
(In order to practice medicine in Germany each doctor MUST register with the GMA if they are to "enjoy" legal privileges, including the right to prescribe medicines! THIS GMA number is the most precious means of identity to a doctor practicing in Germany and the UK! As things progress in the area of a mass law suit through the FTC, more and more patients to Endogyn are maiing themselves known, and thier experiences. It is more horrific them IHRT ever imagined! It is NOT neccesary to secure "Kru's" seven digit GMC reference number, as they already have that, just send your operatives, costs and state what he promised you and the statistics he used in order to secure your money prior to doing your surgery!)

Ihrt invites you to contact these folks in English…

Kru:>"my OR-Nurse is not a nurse ... "
IHRT EndoGyn® » Team OR » Michaela Katzer
Contact them!
Regierungspräsidium Darmstadteine Dienststelle des Landes Hessen
Telefon: 06151 / 12 - 0Fax: 06151 / 12 - 63 13
Postanschrift: Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt, 64278 DarmstadtHausanschrift:
Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt, Luisenplatz 2, 64283 Darmstadt
Nurses stipulations in Germany:

Kru:> "How come, we could perform surgery in many countries and to do so, one needs allways a special procedure, that validates all the documents to make sure, the surgeon and his team is allowed to perform surgery. "
IHRT states that Daniel DID not perform surgery in other countries as he claims! Where is his proof of this claim?

Kru:> I was dissmissed from the Emma-Klinik is also not true, we just had a severe and emotional argument about cost and I left, but we are negotiating again and I will also perform surgery there.
IHRT states that "Kru" is no longer at: Emma-Klinik Seligenstadt..
Contact them!
Emma Klinik für operative Medizin GmbH & Co. KG
Frankfurter Straße 51• 63500 S
eligenstadt Phone 06182 / 960-0

Kru:> "Than my book or publication won't be published ?"
IHRT invites you to go order Kruschinski's book on
Atlas of Gasless Laparoscopy (Hardcover) by Daniel Kruschinski
List Price:$219.95
Availability: This item has not yet been released. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives. Ships from and sold by

Kru: >" And many other things. they wrote I could continue with to prove them to be false accusations."
Headquarter SeligenstadtInstitut für Endoskopische Gynäkologie
Steinheimer Strasse 69 (Rondell)
63500 Seligenstadt am
Main, GermanyContact them!
Institute's - Phone: +49 6182 / 827 377
Fax: +49 6182 / 827 378
Central office Info - Phone: +49 180 /
E N D O G Y N (+49 180 / 3 6 3 6 4 9 6)

Kru: > "Other facts like I was dismissed from 11 hospitals is a complete nonsens. Those hospitals I were in are listed in my CV and 2 hospitals we were in, didn't match to the EndoGyn protocolls."
Contact them!
Mr. Werner Geiger und Mr. Alois Greil
-Tel. 0 85 41 / 96 15 - 0
Dr. Ludwig KronpassChefarzt
- AyurvedaarztAyurSan hospital
Rotthalmünster Tel: 08533-99 2112/

Eilenriede Klinik
16D- 30175 Hannover
Telefon: 05 11-990 44-0
Telefax: 05 11-990 44-35

Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweig
Telefon: 0531 / 26 33-0

Dannenfelser Str. 36 67292
Kirchheimb. Tel. 06352/405-0
Rockenhausen: Krankenhausstr. 10 67806
Rockenhausen Tel. 06361/455-0
mitDr. D. Kruschinski über gaslose Laparaskopie.
E-Mail: ZDF-Sendung

I was dissmissed from the Emma-Klinik is also not true, we just had a severe and emotional argument about cost and I left, but we are negotiating again and I will also perform surgery there.
IHRT states that "Kru" is no longer at Emma Klinik and cannot offer you a surgery there!
Contact them!
Emma Klinik für operative Medizin GmbH & Co. KG
Frankfurter Straße 51
• 63500 Seligenstadt Phone 06182 / 960-0

Kru:>"If It was true, why the experiments or studies took only place in US patients ???"
IHRT invites you to take a tour of the German message board, cut and paste some of these poor ladies messages to Bablsfish and you will see that the US patients are not the only ones Daniels screwed!


Kru:> "If it was true, I would not be able to perform surgery also on any german patients. "
IHRT predicts that soon Kruschinski will not be doing surgery on anyone, no matter the ethnic orientation!

IHRT points out that Kruschinski contacted patients to post on his behalf. VERY poor patient /Dr. relationship when your OB/GYN calls you up and cry's the blues to his patients! No "friends" left Kru?
This patient from the UK talks about how wonderful "Kru" was to her and that there was NO dishonesty between them at all!
She doesn't state that Daniel told her that the Abdolift was not to be used in intestinal procedures per the Karl Storz Co.!
And she went back 3 times for surgery at Endogyn, but then her trip was only from the UK, a short distance and not much money like from the USA!

UK Endogyn patient>: Yesterday, I received an email from Dr Kruschinski directing me to the IHRT website and asking me, as a former patient, to contact you.
Yesterday, I received an email from Dr Kruschinski directing me to the IHRT website and asking me, as a former patient, to contact you. I was absolutely appalled by the contents of this site and totally disagree with their opinion of Dr Kruschinski.
The following information on my involvement with Dr. Kruschinski is from memory
but if you need me to firm up the dates then I will.
I am a 54 year old woman living in the UK and I first consulted with Dr. Kruschinski in Germany in November 2004. He would not commit to
operating on me without a prior examination so I flew over to Germany for a few days in Nov. He carried out a clinical examination which included a vaginal ultrasound. This clearly showed an abnormal area in my abdomen close to the site of an old appendectomy scar.
If you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, XX

Kru:> "and even patients from Canada (very close to US)"
Canadian patient:>"Dr. Daniel Kruschinski forwarded me your letter and the name of the website where someone is making a career of slandering Dr. Kruschinski's name and reputation.
Dr. Kruschinski spent decades becoming a highly skilled and innovative professional. It is unconscionable that 'Anonymous' with her unsubstantiated 'facts' should be able to financially and emotionally ruin a man who has helped so many. I am one of the many. I went to Seligenstadt in March 2005.
I think we are talking about "libel" here which, in England at least, is defamation in writing which this is, whereas "slander" is defamation by the spoken word. I hope you will be in a position to help Dr Kruschinski. XX

Kru:>"Please notify that anything written in emails or Internet doesn't hold in any of legal actions (court, lawsuit)"
If you have any questions, please email me directly a: OR,,,,,

Friday, July 21, 2006

IHRT proudly presents "My Manic Dramas" a melodramatic theatrical take on Kruschinski's many "Dramas!" "Doc. Kru" plays himself as a woe- begone, poor me "Drama Queen".

Scene One recap: "Why does everyone hurt me?", moans Kru, as he throws himself across the fainting couch in perfect Garbo fashion!

Scene Four - The Russian Restaurant the curtain rises we find "Kru" hosting patients at a very expensive resturant... ,
The Russian Restaurant, an hour by auto from the Seligenstadt Rondelle Apartments. Kru and M. drive the dinner party to the restaurant in their matching red and yellow sports cars.

The Restaurant is beautiful and Kru's party is seated in a private dining room.
Present are Kru, his OR nurse/personal assistant M., and her husband T. Also present are three female patients, the husband of one of the patients, and one other interesting person. It is a "Party of Eight, non-smoking section please", because one of the patients is allergic to smoke, latex, steri-strips, perfume, cologne, and Kollegen.

Kru is in high spirts, as he gloats over how much money he has made in the last few days.
He urges everyone to order anything they want from the menu, and he orders round after round of drinks for all at the table. Wine, beer, vodka shots, as much and as many as the diners desire.

Two of the patients had their "second look" just the day before and are still woozy from the anesthesia administered by the very attractive, young anesthesiologist at Emma Klinik, Dr. Thomas W., who wears black leather and rides to work at the Emma on his Harley motorcycle.
Although he had been invited, Dr. Thomas W. does not join the group at the restaurant because he had his wisdom teeth removed the day before, and his mouth is still packed with gauze.

At the mention of the absence of Dr. Thomas W., one of the patients at the dinner party states, "Yeh, the strangest thing happened yesterday morning when I woke up in the Recovery Room after my second look at the Emma. There, two feet away from me on the next guerney, who did I see but Dr. Thomas W., with bloody gauzes protruding from his mouth. I said to him, 'Dr. Thomas, what are you doing here?' Dr. Thomas answered, 'Well, after your procedure, I got up on the operating table and started my own IV. Not general anesthesia, just conscious sedation. Since I do not like the feel of dental dams in my mouth, Kru very kindly used his ABDOLIFT to keep my mouth open. Kru himself extracted my wisdom teeth because not only is he an adhesion Dr., he is a general surgeon, a plastic surgeon, and an oral surgeon.'"

Another pt at the dinner table then says, "Yes, I saw that also. I came to the Recovery Room to see you after your second look. At that time, Dr. Thomas was sitting up on the stretcher, singing and laughing. Then I saw Kru and his nurse eating pastry and drinking coffee in the corner of the Recover Room, and they offerred me some. I thought to myself, 'These Germans sure do things differently! Doctors giving their own anesthesia! Doctors and nurses eating in the Recovery Room! Multiple cross-training for physicians, and multiple uses of surgical equipment such as the abdolift!'"

This pt. goes on to state that "While I was there in the Recovery Room visiting, I asked Kru what the abdolift looks like. Kru quickly went into the Operating Room, and came out with the abdolift in his hand and he even let me hold it!" (This pt. is also thinking but does not say, "I wonder how that instrument got washed and sterilized so quickly?")

Well, back to the guests at the dinner party. Since Dr. Thomas W. has not been able to join them, in his place is Tyfune, the young and the restless very handsome hairsylist from the beauty salon in Selingenstadt "Town Square", which those of you who have been there know, is really a circle.

Tyfune's "flame" hairstyle is quite dramatic. Four inches straight up of jet black, with three inches of orange-gold tips. Tyfune is a good contact because he knows lots of women, potential future patients, and "in his hands, and only his hands" , he can produce the "best results". Tyfune brags that he has four lovers at present, and that at one time, he had seven girlfriends simultaneously. The guests politely listen, and Kru gives Tyfune a big smile and a fatherly nod of "Good job, boy, keep up the good work."
Tyfune agrees to hand out flyers at the beauty salon, proclaiming the miracle adhesion surgeries at Emma Klinik. Tyfune and Kru work out a reciprocal arrangement for referring patients/clients to each other.
Tyfune and Kru also work out an agreement whereby each future pt. who comes for surgery with Kru will get a FREE makeover and hairstyle from Tyfune, compliments of Dr. Kru.

Tyfune mentions that he does not use the old "waxing" method, because that method dries out the tissues and can cause trauma to the delicate skin under the eyebrows and surrounding the bikini line, and can even cause adhesions.
Instead of applying hot wax, Tyfune uses a "waxless" method of using short instruments, known in Germany as "tweezers". Using these instruments allows him to "actually see and feel" what he is doing, making his hair-removal method far superior to that of all other cosmetologists in the world.
Tyfune then turns to Kru and says, "Hey Dan the Man, you could use a makeover yourself. First off, let's lop off that 'comb-over' and change it to a flat-top. It is a more youthful look. You could use a little color too, Man." Kru nervously pats his head.


The evening progresses, with much laughter from most of the participants, but total muteness from two of the three patients, who did not have any relief of pain from their surgical procedures. These two do not partake in the drinking and frivolity, and just stare sadly at their plates.

By the end of the dinner and after-dinner brandies, both of the car drivers have had quite a bit to drink, but everyone else realizes that they are in the middle of a forest, with no clue how to get back.

The next day, the three patients talk. Nobody remembers what they had to eat.

Later that day, one of the patients goes to Tyfune's hair salon and gets her "waxless" procedure done. It is a miracle. Within hours, she rents a bicycle and pedals all the way to Ikea and back, an eight hour trip! She feels that good!
And only three days after her surgical procedure!

Stay tuned.
Future scenes include:
"The Curious Episode of the Laundry Room"
The True story of "Who Burned the Toast?"
and "Responsibilities of an OR Nurse"

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski: The Dangerous Medical Issues

Let's focus on the most important issues, the medical issues regarding Dr. Daniel Kruschinski.

1. That he was dismissed from 5-10 surgical facilities before he opened his practice at the Emma Klinik.

2. That he did not request that his patients from the U.S. obtain (and FAX to him) standard pre-op testing before they left home, including EKG, routine blood work, Urinalysis, BP. Unsafe medical practice.

3. That he operated on some very ill and/or elderly patients, for lengthy surgeries, with no ICU at the Emma Klinik. The closest ICU to the Emma Klinik is in Frankfurt. Unsafe medical practice.

4. That he did not ask patients if they were taking pain meds, dosage, etc. Unsafe medical practice.

5. That he himself is very likely impaired by alcohol abuse/addiction, lack of emotional control, or both. He certainly revealed that he was impaired in some way in some of his e-mails and message board posts. Unsafe medical practice.

6. That he violated "Dr.-Patient Confidentiality" by sharing personal information about several of his patients, even posting some of that information on his message board, using their complete name. Unethical Medical Practice.

7. That he shared his personal problems with some patients and asked them for their assistance to bring him more patients. Unethical Medical Practice.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Pajama game - Kru!

Response to yesterday's post in IHRT regarding "Emma Klinik" and "Kruschinski..."

IHRT might owe "Kru" a little room here, when he said he could do a surgery at "Emma" any time, why did we ever doubt his word??
The IHRT team knew you were lying, as usual, but thought it would be a great way to have people visit the "Emma Klinik" web site. Kru, you have to be smarter then that to put one over on IHRT!

Kruschinski can't perform surgery at Emma Klinik, at any time! The REAL fact of the matter is that HE was annihilated from that web site!
That is nice of Kru to give access to the Emma Klinik web site after they dumped him like the plague, dumb, but nice!

"Kru" hasn't done ANY surgeries this week at all, anywhere, again a liar!
"Kru" will NOT be offering surgery in Spain in October 2006, liar!
"Kru" does not perform surgery in Hanover or Braunschweig, liar!
"Kru" has threatened to commit suicide more then once, but he hasn't, liar!
"Kru" doesn't have a father who survived Ausschwitz, liar!
"Kru" did not secure insurance in the UK, liar!

In fact, Kruschinski is so packed with lies, that it is a wonder anyone believes anything out of his mouth! (Except Karen Steward & now the AyurSan Hospital Rotthalmünster!)
Kruschinski has told so many lies that he isn't even sure what is fact or fiction in his life anymore, tomorrow he will tell us he is God..oh yeah, he already told us that one! But it was also a lie, and an easy lie to detect!

When someone lies as often as "Kru" does, he will soon be found out for what he really is and the truth will be revealed...the ever vigilant and wise IHRT team did just that recently as we found out that the "pouting" foot stomping childish actions we have all seen in Kru's dramatic behaviors come from his childhhood. Yes, his temper tantrums, lying, outbursts, shouting and crying all go back to his behaviors as an obnoxious child. (He was probably abusive to animals too, but that is just an assumption on our part, not fact!)

What appears to be fact is that Kruschinski obviously has carried many of his childhood behaviors into adulthood with him, like those listed above here, but the one behavior recently discovered by a patient he had a sleep over with, and only three days after her surgery, (you know, to make a "friend" of that patient,) was surprised with a tantrum by "Kru" when he couldn't have things HIS way..just because he can.
Back to "Kru's "disappearing post of Sunday, July 16, 2006 @ 04:40 PM
when Kru stated:
"What is so special to move facilities ? If patients want, I can still perform their surgeries at the Emma... no problem at all. It's true that we closed the office in Seligenstadt... but why not ? I can do whatever I want."
(So much for being honest with his "crew!" No office!!)

Here is that tantrum caught by the camera of one very surprised patient...,

"I can do whatever I want!"
Dandy Daniel Kruschinski
having a temper tantrum at age 48

IHRT applaudes Emma Klinik for doing what was neccesary and right by removing all mention of a man who used the title of "Dr." to harvest vulnerable, innocent patients, 100's of them, to horrible surgical experiments at their hospital. An action such as the one taken by Emma Klinik is only done if serious infractions have taken place by that Dr., and if this isn't enough to tell you that the words of IHRT are the truth, all or them, then your just kidding yourself and prefer to play his games. (Or you are so desperate for a friend that you will align yourself to someone like Kruschinski, and that is just plain dysfunctional!)

IHRT sincerely applauds EMMA KLINIK! A job well done!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Kru!" almost got IHRT on this one!

You almost got IHRT on this one Kru! Gotta lift that beer to weasle you!

IHRT proudly presents "My Manic Dramas" a melodramatic theatrical take on Kruschinski's many "Drama's!"
"Doc. Kru" plays himself as a whoe begone poor me "drama queen!"
("Why does everyone hurt me," moans Kru, as he throws himself across the fainting couch in perfect Garbo fashion!)

Scene Two!

"The infamous missing post by "Kruschinski "
It's back!
The curtain lifts to find "Kru" laughing and laughing having pulled one over on BD & DR, and others, as he says,

"BD and DR, and others LOL ....Dr. Kru"
Posted Sunday, July 16, 2006 @ 04:40 PM

Kru: "You blow-up some info you get from people I know as the informants, into a pack of lies and imaginations. What is so special to move facilities ? If patients want, I can still perform their surgeries at the Emma... no problem at all."

Still laughing, Kru dresses for surgery and heads off to "Emma," still laughing as he pictures himself doing surgery after surgery after surgery........!

IHRT might owe "Kru" a little room here, when he said he could do a surgery at "Emma" any time, why did we ever doubt his word??
IHRT checked "Emma Klinik" out, and were surprised at what we found there regarding"Kru," his procedure, the Abdolift, and even Kisa Graven's story posted in the press area. WOW! We even sent a few emails asking about Kru!!

IHRT IS impressed, and we do think that Emma Klinik is worthy enough to be addressed as a proffesional Klinik, therefore we will call her, "Emma Klinik" not just "Emma" as Kru did. If we couldn't find anything wrong in this one, we can, at the least, correct him on his proffesional language, or lack of it!

Emma-Klinik (google)
The head of this institute, Dr. Daniel Kruschinski (photograph), ... These surgical techniques developed by Dr. Daniel Kruschinski have also been offered in - 27k -

Endogyn web site: Locations...more

Emma-Klinik (google)
Lisa Graven was the first foreigner operated by Dr. Daniel Kruschinski at Emma Klinik, Seligenstadt (he). The first patient came from abroad about three ... - 41k

Endogyn is closed, as is the apartments in Seligenstadt! THIS is fact!

"My Manic Dramas"
Reserve your seats as IHRT proudly presents "My Manic Dramas" a melodramatic theatrical take on Kruschinski's many "Drama's!"
Act Three PG13
"Booze Bag introduces Booze Bagette"

Live and in color with a risqué scene showing more flesh then a patients wants to see on their "nurse!"
Or is she just pretending to be a nurse? Is she Russian or German? Is she married or isn't she? Is she the "other" women being that Kru IS married?
Would a Dr. take his mistress into a surgery just because he can?

The answers to these questions, and more...stay tuned!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Kruschinski Posts while Drunk!

IHRT shares a post that "Kru" wrote to his Endogyn web site yesterday, however, once he sobered up SOME, he quickly removed it. But he wasn't as quick as he thought, as when drunk, ones senses are slow, and knowing that "Kru" would want his words about Endogyn and his fellow surgeons saved, we saved it for him.
Here is a rather "puffy" looking Kruschinski and the post he removed from Endogyn!

BD and DR and others: I must laugh ...

Doc_Kru Most advanced
Gender: Male
Registered: Jul 2003
Status: Offline
Posts: 289

Posted Sunday, July 16, 2006 @ 04:40 PM
BD and DR, LOL ....
"Do you think, intelligent human believe all that crap that you produce ??? Be sure, you cant destroy me anymore. If you didn't manage it 2003, now it's too
late, there are too many patients as an evidence in opposite to your lies.
You blow-up some info you get from people I know as the informants, into a pack of lies and imaginations. What is so special to move facilities ? If patients want, I can still perform their surgeries at the Emma... no problem at all. It's true that we closed the office in Seligenstadt... but why not ? I can do whatever I want. Open new facilities, close old ones and you are not the ones to condemn what and how I do... you are simply laities and will never have anything else to do than to try to ruin poor ones.
Let me tell you that. As you (and those who are behind you) are trying hard to ruin me for 3 years now; i still will pop-up somewhere as you do with your websites and so we both will continue our game, I as an excellent surgeon but you as ordinary liars and those doctors behind you will very soon loose all their patients, believe me.
I still perform surgery and will continue to do that, regardless how infame you and the doctors behind you will continue to discredit me. I just got contracts with UK insurances, so let's see and watch the future.
I learned survivor techniques from my jewish father who survived Ausschwitz ... Watch and see...
What you produce about me and my personal life, doesn't matter.
All what you post are lies and scare tactics to lure patients.
Do you want to lure patients to a facility that did not more than 10 adhesiolysis by one surgeon ??? All the international surgeons you claim in your postings NEVER did surgery in that facility, except of one from US. No one of this doctors performs a second look (in order not to see the mess he left behind...) You have no facility to send patients to, as the results of your specialist surgeons are nothing better than a diagnostic laparoscopy. Show us at least ONE patient who got well after surgery there. There should be at least one, if you say so and this one will for sure be able to speak for herself and recommend the facility and the surgeons. I have so many images
and evidence of so many patients who had surgery with most of the specialists you have on your list and could show the failures they have...and you have only yourself, where in your 3rd look in US there were no adhesions for sure, I have the video of this surgery too. Do I look as someone who hides himself and nearly dies ??? "

IHRT comments to "Kru's" post:
Kruschinski states, "Lies" and "Scare" tanctics!"
*What lies? IHRT validates everything they print! And now Karen Steward is validating it with us!
*Is someone scared, if so, what are they scared of?
*Where are "we" luring patients too, "Kru?" And why would we do that?
*What Dr.'s are behind us? (You mention this often, but you never say who it is?)
* "OUR" specialist surgeons??" Who are they?
*Who said you was "dying?" Are you trying to tell us something here? (Cirrhosis perhaps?)
*Of the"3000" patients you claim to have had, how many ARE validating your 99% successful outcomes? 5 Perhaps?
* Does this new patient from the USA at Passau count as your "validation?" (We all know she will not be well in a few months, but YOU would count her as a success today knowing it takes a while for your surgery to prove itself unsuccessfu, and, sadly it will be unsuccessful too!)
*What facility do we, IHRT, send patients to?
*What surgeons leave a mess?
*What other surgeons do ONLY a diagnostic lap, and compared to whom and what other surgery? Yours?
*Why would "YOU" think any other surgeon would exploit patients in a public way as you do?
*Who had a 3rd look procedure? And where?
* Is Emma Klinik now your 11th facility you closed?
* And, Rotthalmünster ,Mallorca, Offenbach, Austria, & the Uk will follow at whim? That will ONLY be 16 facilities you open and close because YOU can, are we correct here, "Kru?"
*Does your UK insurance know the truth about you and your "results" with the Abdolift? Probably not, but they will!
(Though this insurance is bogus, it can't hurt to contact the UK Medical Board with our concerns about "Kru"and why not, as long as it can't hurt "Kru" anymore, then no reason not to notify them, everyone, everywhere, about "Kru!" Right, "Kru?")
* YOU have patients for "evidence?" 5 people who post all the time and not all of them are well, that's evidence? (And keep in mind that one of them IS informing IHRT of everything in Endogyn all the time!)
* Are you saying that "we" ruined you at some hospitals and that is why your "popping" up at other facilities?
How can you be "ruined" if you can operate at any of the facilities mentioned by us at any time you wish too? The truth is that you CAN'T! Just watch and see!

*Are you saying that because your "Polish Jewish" father survived Ausschwitz, that we should watch YOUR survivor techiques? If your Jewish father survived Ausschwitz, why did he relocate to Munich, Germany when just 16 years ago there was so much unrest in both East and West Germany, that many persons of German decent were unhappy living there! East Germany was communism under Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger - a member of the Nazi party from 1933 to 1945, and YOUR father *relocated his family there!! This doesn't makes sense at all!
The majority of Holocaust survivors made Israel their home, and for many years, the Polish Jews were subject to terrible anti-semitic treatment that continued IN Poland and Germany post WWII!

This is a bold face lie, and your using the Holocust as a means to draw pity and attention to yourself! Your poor, poor father to have a son like you!
You ARE despicable and though there is not a shameful ounce in your body for what you say and do to others, I will say that this "claim" on your fathers name, and the name of the Holocust, is unforgivable, but then, you wouldn't care about that anyway!
*(Kru's CV in Endogyn: Dr. Kruschinski was born in 1958 in Poland. In 1969
his family relocated to Munich, Germany.)

There are so many incomplete statements in your post, Kru," that is is evident you were drinking. Please clarify them if you will, as what do you have to lose, nothing, as you say! Until IHRT hears from you regarding this post in Endogyn ( though now removed) here is our opinion of it:

*IHRT thanks "Kru" for validating that Endogyn no longer located in, "anywhere" actually. (It is in a laptop where ever Kru and Michi are. Real proffesional, Kru!)
"Kru's" words: "It's true that we closed the office in Seligenstadt"
* IHRT says , " It is NEVER to late to do anything!"
* IHRT says, " We WILL be watching for you to do surgery at "Emma!"
( And in the UK, Schärding-Austria, Offenbach, Rotthalmünster, Eilenriedeklinik Hannover, Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweigm, Mallorca / Spain... your a busy man to find time to booze on a boat!)
* IHRT asks if you carry your "Abdolift" when you travel to all of these hospitals, or are they all buying one of thier own?
* IHRT asks if these hospital also offer "CO2" laporoscopic procedures? If so, how will you tolerate that? Do you intend to change that infrastructure to ALL "gas-less" surgeries?

Lets also look at these other posts by "Kru" that simply do not make sense either!
(Posting while drinking makes for some sloppy, ignorant press!)

"Kru" Posted these on: Sunday, June 25, 2006 @ 11:39 AM
"After having reviewed the adhesiolysis procedures from hundreds of patients from all over the world, some changes in the concept of our adhesiolysis will be incorporated."
IHRT asks "Kru"
LOL! Who did this survey, Kru? When was it done? How was it accomplished? Where YOUR prior patients included in this survey?
Where are the results posted?

Kru states...
"Mallorca / Spain is on a good way and the hospital there will start in October 2006" LOL! IHRT says...Yeah, right! Watch how THIS transpires, folks! It won't!

Kru states...
"In Rotthalmünster there is a cooperation with the Ayursan Clinic (at the same department) that offers a new concept for Ayurveda medicine. Especially for adhesions patients there is a typical Ayurveda treatment that can be included in your stay for adhesiolysis."
IHRT points out... Post surgical patients and people with any wounds CANNOT go into spa's for fear of infections from other people and from chemicals in the spas! Hello !!

Kru states...
"Also new ist the fact that we keep patients for all the period of 12-14 days in the hospital (not only 2 days like before) while the partner stays in another room at the hospital. If there are more than one person accompanying, apartments can be booked near the hospital."

IHRT points out that as long as the costs stay the same for all these days, and NO costs to the traveling partner, it is a real bargain! So, 3 surgeries from a variety of countries every few months, well, that should rake in the loot to "Kru's" new facilities!! LOL! LOL!

Kru states...
Posted Thursday, July 6, 2006 @ 02:36 PM
jp asks Kru:"Were these patients treated at the new location at Passau or in Seligenstadt? "

Kru responds, " only in Passau... "
IHRT asks why that is, as he said that he can go wherever he pleases to perform surgery??

IHRT proudly presents "My Manic Dramas" a melodramatic theatrical take on Kruschinski's many "Drama's!"
"Doc. Kru" plays himself as a whoe begone poor me "drama queen!"
("Why does everyone hurt me," moans Kru, as he throws himself across the fainting couch in perfect garbo fashion!)

As the curtain goes up on the first scene, Kruschinski is seen sitting on the "Titanic " sipping his drink and thinking,

" This is the life, my future is all ahead of me any way I want it!"

Stay tuned for more of "Kru's Manic Dramas" only on