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Monday, October 30, 2006

Endogyn's "Most Wanted" Contest

A real game of "I SPY" on the International curcuit of mystery and intrigue!
With REAL prizes!!

YOU get to "SHOOT" those who are responsible for the maiming of hundreds of innocent patients harvetsed to "Endogyn - Germany" from 2003 - 2006 by the people seen below here! If YOUR photo shows up in IHRT, YOU win a prize!

Now Presenting "Endogyn's Most Wanted"

AWOL!!!!!! Kruschinski IS ON THE RUN!!
"Doc." Kru aka Daniel Kruschinski
Car license: PA EG 226

Link to phoot of his rentalcar!
Last known whereabouts:
im Maritim Stadthotel Hannover
Hildesheimer Strasse 34–40
30169 Hannover (Germany)
Phone: +49 180 36 36 496

If "Kru" is seen with a "scalpel" consider him
"Armed and Dangerous!"
He will most likely be found "drunk" or exhibiting "freaky" behaviors! He is ussually found to be "out of control" throwing "temper tantrums," in public so watch out! Definetly is "crazy," this one is!

Michaela Katzer Passauer Straße 22, 94095 Rotthalmuenster

Risque' reputation, shows lots of skin in public. Masquerades as a nurse, born in East Germany! Might be worth your while to contact as she is single again!


Harry Reich USA
#3 Crestview Dr.
Shrine Acres
Dallas, PA 18708

Director of Endogyn! Never stopped the mad "Doc" Kru from harming patients over a three year period. Owes patients and investors money!


Helen Dynda USA
411 1st St N
Hoffman, MN 56339-4505
Tel.: (320) 986-2898

It appears that Helen harvested patients to surgeries at Endogyn with lies, mis-information, posting bogus information in Endogyn! Never told patients SHE had returned there for more then one surgery, instead she let patients think she was well from her first surgery with "Kru!" Her crime is in her silence! It is IHRTs opinion that she has no ethics, morals or scruples when doing "Kru's" bidding, and she continues to do yet today! Probably knows Kru's where-a-bouts as they both visit IHRT at the same times!

Ms. Jutta Lottz -
Seligenstadt, Germany

Has a reputation of "enjoying" the company of men on a frequant basis, "Kru" also took advantage of her "issue." He said so himself! Might be worth your while to look this one up for more then just photos!


BIG PRIZE for a"face"picture of: Karen Steward
Mother of a patient that Kru said he gave a car too! This "mother" went berserk over Kruschinski for 3 years, and was obsessed with him! She lied, chastized, intimidated and taunted patients for NOT going to Endogyn, then did the same thing if patients who went there were not well and tried to state that! Definately the "Wicked Witch" of the west!

(Though IHRT is not certain of this, it appears that she had "plastic surgery" from Kru, who claims to be a "plastic" surgeon in breast reconstrution!) You might want a "wide" lens for this shot! )

Karen Steward -USA
931 Upper Denton Road,
Weatherford, TX 76085

A couple of "ENDOGYN Jokers" who led many to slaughter!

Sally Grigg USA
40501 North Highway One PO. Box 121, Westport, California 95488 (707) 964-6725 email: Photo of Sally:

Both Sally Grigg (above) & Lisa Gravens (below) harvested patents to surgery at ENDOGYN by conveniently "forgetting" to mention that they had returned for multiple operations with "Doc" Kru, instead, they let patients secure operations there thinking that these two were well after only ONE operation ay Endogyn! Only ONE of thier crimes is in thier silence...they also lied, initmidated, chastized and were terribly cruel to patients who were not well after operations with "Kru," along with publically challenging the patients if they wanted to share the truth about Endogyn! (Even after "Kru" called Lisa a "drunk" and "drug addict" in a public post by himself on ENDOGYN, Lisa posted her allegiance to him!)

Lisa Gravens USA Maumee, Ohio +1 (419) 893 5645 (home) +1 (419) 346 7547 (cell phone) email:

ALL of the people above took gross advantage of helpless, vulnerable and suffering patients by harvesting them to "ENDOGYN" - Germany for experimental operations by a “Psycho Surgeon!”

** These operations were performed WITHOUT the patient knowing they were really experiments, but rather were told that the surgeon had performed them 3000 times before and that the surgeries were tested and safe with 95% - 100% success!** Some patient were cut nearly in half in botched operations at Endogyn, others were so horribly scarred, both internally and externally, that they live in agony and disfigurement!
** Many, far to many, patients harvested to Endogyn, were lead to believe that they had to return time and again to "Doc. Kru" as no other surgeons would touch them after he butchered them up!
** Every patient to Endogyn was lied to, frauded, received bogus information, and was left to suffer in some way for the experience at ENDOGYN!
** Patients cannot recup any monies from "Doc.Kru" as there was/is no money trail! ** By collecting his "services" in cash, "Doc Kru" hide his assets so well, that there remain few to no records of the patients financial transactions with him.
** "Doc. Kru" even performed some operations while he was "drunk!"
** "Doc. Kru's" operations not only lead to patients suffering horrible non reversable surgeries, but left them financialy broke as well!

Join our crusade NOW and become a real "International Spy" to expose these people so others might be saved the same horrible fate as the patients to Endogyn - Germany suffered!!
IHRT will NOT let them get away with what they have done to trusting patients without being remineded everyday of the rest of thier lives of what they did to the patients!

This is no joke, but a REAL contest with REAL IHRT exposes those on the most "wanted" list, so grab your cameras and start hunting, if you see any of the "Endogyn" staff,

Send your photos to:
Share put your photo on your web site and list the"link" on:
IHRT will go check out your photo!

leave your contact information to collect your prize if your photo is seen on IHRT!
Catch them in your camera lens, and WIN BIG!

Many are already doing this and loving it! "I Spy!" starts NOW.....

Persons associated with IHRT are not eligable to submit photos or win prizes!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

IHRT Internet Novella

Posted Thursday, October 26, 2006 @ 07:53 AM
IHRT Internet-novella

IHRT = Dawn Rose and only few others, who blame me for that they didn’t get the miracle cure of ALL the pain, even if their adhesions were gone and the special lady named Beverly Doucette tried hard to ruin me. All their lies and novella story destroyed a lot, but every end has a new begining.

What ever they wrote in their Internet-novella, mystery or imaginations, had one good aspect… I learned very much on human being and behaviour of humans under the influence of libel and slander on relations ships, whatever character they are (Partner, family, friends, kids, patients and others).

IHRT said,
"Hey, "Fat Face" too much booze??? Can you imagine waking up to THIS face!?? YIKES!!" Ms. Lotts can! Ms. Katzer can. Both wives can...and a few "Dubon buddies" can!

As the IHRT didn’t manage to make me anxious and to stop me doing surgery and they didn’t manage to threaten me with FBI or prison or law suit, they put all their energy to trash and to threaten my surrounding.

They drugged in the mud by emails, fax and writing:
1) Myself
2) my kids
3) my family
4) my staff (Mrs. Lotz sleeps with me)
5) My nurse and partner (Michaela will stop with me , because I sleep with above …LOL)
6) Karen S. (a mother of a patient, sleeps with me, I gave her a mercedes…)
7) Helen D. (is addicted to me, I brainwashed her)
8) Storz (AbdoLift makes adhesions… LOL)
9) Harry Reich asked me to remove his name from my website, after he was threatened by the german informants (Faerber Ltd.) to pay money back that I reportedly owe them (they wanted to open a medical center, I did a lot of work for them on planing OR-Theatres, wards, infrastructure, but for 2 years nothing happened, even not a digger came to dig out the whole for the building…but there was a bank loan planned, based on my income which they would get or even got …
10) Surgeons who visited me or supported me, were insulted via Internet (Koh, Maher)
11) My co-surgeons (Mettler, Goeschen) for cooperation with me
12) Hospital Rotthalmünster and their doctors were blackmailed that they accommodate a criminal doctor.
13) Emma-Klinik and the anesthesiologist were insulted
14) A non existent hair dresser named Tyfune or so …LOL
15) Former patients and patients who supportet me and their families were draggled, insulted and badmouthed
16) My dead dog Dubon ) my poor Dubon really didn’t deserve it…)
17) My German patients
18) German Medical c´Council, german ministery of health (by emails)
19) Congress organizers, because the still invited me to their congresses, even if IHRT wrote, they wont…All the surgeons are drunk and collaborate with me…LOL
20) The owner of the flat at Rotthalmünster where there was a new facility of Endogyn, and where Michi and myself were hiding …LOL, but there isn’t any hospital or anything like this, it’s only an office of EndoGyn and no one is hiding …from what or why ??? Because the german informants are making pictures … such a nonsense …I would like to have even a better one with me on it and with my ”Best doctor” Oscar ! It’s nice to be a star…
21) Now the new facility and after they discovered that it’s not like they claimed (I am in the prison or I cant work as a doctor, or I did research on human or I am out of surgery or whatever) and that I continue to perform surgery and even if Färber phones around in Germany and says that I am a criminal, it doesn’t help to stop me.
22) Research on patients …stupidity… all the patients wanted to have the surgery and no one was forced to have it
23) US patients were stopped to come for surgery, that’s true because they are probably the only ones that believe all this internet-novella and a complete nonsense that is produced by IHRT. But in the end, IHRT achieved one thing, US patients don’t get a treatment that has at least 85 % success. It will take ageas until SprayGel is going to be approved for adhesiolysis and Adept… works only on gyneceological adhesions and not on bowel adhesions…
Beverly Doucette called herself to be THE advocate for ARD patients…LOL… she and IHRT and her website is all the same style and only PREVENTS patients, mainly US-patients to get succesfull treatment and instead going for surgeries without adhesion barriers which per se are not efffective!
She tries hard to lure patients to facilities with warm beaches and sand and no infrastructure and nono experience in SprayGel surgery…

In the end WE ALL start to laugh at the results they achieved …

At least there should be a publisher that takes this Internet-novella to publish the story as a Hollywood film…By the way, who is the owner and has the copyrights of all that crap (108 pages), me or them ??? They copied all my pictures and reserved all the names (, etcetera), so I assume I am the owner of the copyrights and can publish this Internet-novella as a tele-novella story…
It might give me a return of what I have lost…
Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,,

IHRT's reply:
"Interesting post indeed, and each time "Kru" posts one of these "whinny" things, Endogyn gets more interesting! IHRT is happy to hear that our efforts to bring out the truth surrounding Endogyn, makes you laugh, as by the time IHRT is finished with you aka Endogyn, you will be rollling on the floor laughing!"
Like they say over in the USA, "You aint seen nothing yet!!

*Why isn't Kru scheduling surgeries?
He can't, as he has no where to schedule them!
*Why isn't Kru sharing patient surgical outcomes, SSL results, photos galore, patient dinners and touring with him amd Michi?
Because there have not been any surgeries as he claimed in his recent posts! (Be they from the USA or anywhere else for that matter!)

IHRT encourages everyone to email Kruschinski with words of encouragement as he appears to be going through a "phase," of some sort. "Mid life crisis" perhaps now that he and Michi seperated. (But he got the car!)

Endogyn web site has a few interesting changes, aside of Reich bowing out, a few sponsors have pulled out and some office staff have gone missing as well! Office locations are all over Germany, some new ones added, some gone missing, Mrs. Lotts is gone missing, Karen is gone missing, (Her husband told her to stay away from kru...ouch!) No message board postings, other then Dan and good 'ol dysfunctional Helen, from the USA, no patients, no Dr. visitors, (Bet you miss Koh and Maher! Why not go to THEM, they might pay your way your such close friends!!)
Speaking of that, poor "Dubon," your dog, IHRT says he now rests in peace, as do all your ex-wives and serial families. (Oops, your still married to Shirli, and just shacked with Michi! Keep the record straight!)

Speaking of Michi in Passau, well, guess who SHE was seen with in Kru's absence!!! LOL! LOL! Michi is doing fine folks, trust us on that!
(Remember that scantly outfit Michi wore when shopping in Passau...well, this fellow watched her prance around with midrif showing, and while Kru was clicking the camera, this fellow was winking at Michi, and well, they sort of met again with Kru being up by "Sugar Mountain!" Michi's new make over, paid for by Kru, paid off for her, and her new friend! LOL! LOL!

All the above and more, thanks to IHRT, as we will take the "credit" for anything that shred's the life out of Endogyn!

IHRT's most recent post of Wednesday, October 25, 2006, has been sent to persons at "Carpe Vitam and Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweig." Soon Kru can add them to his list of IHRT activities, as they are most certainly true.

Many more foolish and empty offers coming out of Endogyn as Kruschinski desperately searches for ways to get approval from posts, as this is all he has left now! Todate, not one single endeavor Kru has promised has come to pass...
**stopping IHRT from "libel and slanderous attacks "on him, nor has he shut his mouth about all his "crap" as he promised he would!
** He hasn't even committed suicide like he promised! Anyone notice this but IHRT?

Look at some of his recent unkept promises.......
The REAL fact of the matter is that Kruschinski can't perform surgery at in the UK, Schärding-Austria, Offenbach, Rotthalmünster, Eilenriedeklinik Hannover, Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweigm, Mallorca / Spain, Emma Klinik, at any time!
"Kru" hasn't done ANY surgeries this week at all, anywhere, he is a liar!
"Kru" will NOT be offering surgery in Spain in October 2006, liar!
"Kru" does not perform surgery in Hanover or Braunschweig, liar!
"Kru" has threatened to commit suicide more then once, but he hasn't, liar!
"Kru's" father was an Ausschwitz survivor, and many children of these survivors have severe mental disorders, and THIS one did your surgery! Scary!
"Kru" did not secure insurance in the UK, liar!
"Kru" did surgeries in Passau, liar!
"Kru" did surgeries in Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweig, liar!
"Kru say's IHRT web sites promote surgery in locations with "warm beaches and sand," liar!
"Kru" says that Dawn and Bev run IHRT, liar!
"Kru" says his parents are German, liar! They are POLISH & Jewish!

"Kru" has 3 friends, Helen, Maher and Koh, TRUE!
"Kru" had a hair transplant with your surgery money. TRUE!
"Kru" did experimental surgery on unsuspecting patients, TRUE!
Not to many True comments out of Kru, but a few!

Kruschinski is so packed with lies, that it is a wonder anyone believes anything out of his mouth! (Except Karen Steward & Helen Dynda!)
Kruschinski has told so many lies that he isn't even sure what is fact or fiction in his life anymore, tomorrow he will tell us he is God..oh yeah, he already told us that one, but it was also a lie, and an easy lie to detect!

"Kru" has as many alias's as Katzer has, and he probably doesn't know which one is really him!
"Daniel Kruschinski aka Daniel Druschinski aka Daniel Kruczinsky"

And the "Endogyn story story goes like this, same-o, same-o, bla, bla, bla........
Most advanced
Gender: Unknown
Location: Hannover
Registered: Jul 2003
Status: Offline
Posted: Sunday, September 3, 2006
the last few weeks there were some more adhesion cases; just last week we had a very severe adhesiolysis in a male Patient from Vienna, he will have his seocnd look tomorrow. Also a german lady, who has got a big laparotomy for endometriosis and developed extreme adhesions, has her 2nd look laparoscopy tomorrow. A lady from US has her first surgery on Tuesday. Another german lady has a hysterectomyx tomorrow. Two 3rd looks are additionally on Tuesday.
A busy week... Regards Daniel Kruschinski, MD),,,,,
IHRT also encourages you folks to click on a few of these links under Kru's name..see where they take you! LOL! LOL!

IHRT is so happy that Kru is having fun and not holding a grudge against us, as we have so much more to share about him to others, and blogging, and contest's, and information for everyone, that we actually pray that he doesn't commit suicide....what would IHRT do then!??

A few questions though, Dan, our man,....
Would the movie include that 'Abdolift ' now that your book was stopped?
Are you still offering "gas-less" surgery?
If so, what IS your most recent technique? Laporotomy or Abdolift?
Would you use our real names?
Did Karen's husband really get mad at her because of you??
Who IS doing IHRT these days? Do you really know anymore?
You gave Karen a car?
You slept with Mrs. Lotts?
Passauer Rotthalmuenster fired you because your a ciminal? Wow! Smart of them!
All the Ob/Gyn's in your "Congress's are drunks?? WOW!
Farber? Can IHRT have that phone number please? WOW!
Are you a criminal?
What do they say you did? Fraud of documents, steal cars, experiment on innocent people! (Interesting as Hitler, a german, experimented on the Jewish Poles, and now a Jewish Pole experiments on German people! Hmmmm, could someone be getting back for his fathers encampment under Hitler???)

IHRT will leave it at that...something to ponder, and ponder we will!

Keep laughing Kru, this is only the beginning!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New -"Endogyn Carpe Vitam" in Hannover!

Endoscopic Gynecology at
"Endogyn Carpe Vitam"
NOW OPEN (under New Infrastructure!!)

Office Info Phone: +49 180 ENDOGYN (36 36 496)
Central office Info - Phone: +49 180 / ENDOGYN (36 36 496)

Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweig!
Address: EndoGyn® Ltd.
Endoscopic Gynecology at Carpe Vitam
Special Surgery Office im
Maritim Stadthotel Hannover
Hildesheimer Strasse 34–40
30169 Hannover (Germany)

Back-Up Office and Staff:



"Kru" has recently posted on the Endogyn German message board that he has/is performing surgeries at Klinik am Zuckerberg, Carpe Vitam and that he is working closely with his long time "Endogyn Partner" and "fellow surgeon," Prof. Goeschen in Hannover!
The ENDOGYN infrastructure is now in full swing at this facility as Kruschinski has worked diligently to get things improved at the "Carpe Vitam" so it meets his standards! International patents should start arriving soon, or later, whatever, and if Goeshen and his wife, Dr. med. Bettina Ruschemeier, allow anything get "dirty" or if they do not shape up to Endogyn standards, Kruschinski is OUT OF THERE in a flash!

Since Kruschinski's rapid departure from the "Passauer Rotthalmuenster," (IHRT guess's it was to"dirty" for "Kru," like Emma Klinik was.) Kru is NOW seeking refuge on the couch of Prof. Goeschen at the "Carpe Vitam" Ob/Gyn facility run by him, Goeschen and Goeschen's wife, Bettina. (This way, "Kru" can keep an eye on the new infrastructure he has created at Carpe Vitam, this way no one can make his infrastrucure look bad!)

The reasons that Kruschinski can get away with using the names of these facilities is that they are run seperately from the main klinik, and not so easily detected on the Internet being used by this "con man" in such a fraudulant way! However, it has become apparent that once the main klinik gets wind of who it is using thier name, such as "con man Kruschinski," and his co-horts in crime, "Prof. Goeschen and his wife," then things hit the fan FAST!
Before long Kruschinski is on his way to the next facility that he knows he has someone to blackmail there to let him use the name and sleep on thier couch for a spell! The ussual "Kru" M.O.!

The "Carpe Vitam" klinik is associated with the Braunschweig Klinik, but not part of it, like Endogyn was with Emma Klinik, and the "Ayursan" was to the Hospital Rotthalmünster, and so on, and so on.

IHRT is certain that we will see "Kru" moving on soon as he is near being caught for frauding in the "Sugar Mountain" area, and will be off to use another klinik's name that is associated with a larger facility!

Perhaps Prof. Mettler is next, after all, Kru IS on her turf, you know!

Kruschinski did have this to say about his new position at "Carpe Vitam,"
you do not have to torture me any longer. i have a new job at Brown Sweige. See me on my German"I am not a crook! You won;t have me to kick around any more1" October 04, 2006 6:45 PM

EndoGyn® » Locations » Office / Clinic

OnlyONE little thing isn't clear to IHRT about Kruschinski being partners with "Carpi Vitam." Maybe YOU can solve this puzzle....

Kruschinski is NOT listed anywhere as being affiliated with "Carpe Vitam" OR " Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweig!!"

Carpe Vitam seems to be correct...
Dr. Goeschen seems to be correct...
Dr. med Ruschmeier seems to be correct....
Dr. med Kru, Kru....hmmm, he seems to be missing! WHAT!!? NOT AGAIN!

Here is his rental car license!! So he IS around here...but where is he....

HERE HE IS!! IHRT found him hiding out behind the building! LOL!
(Michi rented this car for Kru, it's little, but it gets you were your going!)

(Photos taken October 24, 2006)

Seems the following patients have been left "floundering" like fish out of water by the"compassionate" Doc. Kru, of Carpe Vitam, Hannover, however, IHRT does feel compassion for them and encourages them to call the numbers above and speak to Kruschinski or his new partners! NO human beings need to be left out of continuing post operative follow-up care even if the surgeon is a con and hiding from the law! IHRT says these ladies have been spared no further contact with Kru, however, seek follow-up care with his new partners, as that should be free being Kru did the original procedures and is now head of "Endogyn Carpe Vitam!"

German endogyn message board: October 24,2006
Hello it everything, I was in May in Rotthalmuenster and by Doc Kru at a Eierstockzyste was operated there. Property of everything well got over. Are not very often here in the forum. Therefore my question: In Rotthalmuenster isn't no more operated? Acquaintance mean property told and pointed out again and again by the gasless OI and the hospital in Rotthalmuenster that they can be operated absolutely there, if times somewhat lines up. LG Irmgard

German endogyn message board October 25, 2006
Hello Dr. Kruschinski, I went to long time times again into the forum, reminded through a call of a female patient with Myomproblemen. Also I would like to thank you many times for which you to carry out. I was in June in Rotthalmuenster for the Myom and bearing nut/mother distance. The problems which I before had are away. The operation (belly cut) ran without reminder values pain.I would not like to withhold also the words of my Gynaekologin from you. She meant it during the re-examination, there the physician however very well worked, looks in it everything very properly. Again thank you and all property. Roswitha Stadach

"I Spy" is alive and well in Germany, so smile more, Daniel, your being watched!

Watch for "ENDOGYN'S MOST WANTED" game..coming soon!

This is no joke, but a REAL contest with REAL once IHRT exposes those on the most "wanted" list, grab your cameras and start hunting, if you see any of the "Endogyn" staff, SHOOT!

Who will be the "FOUR" most wanted by IHRT! Catch them in your camera lens, and WIN BIG! ( Many are doing this and loving it! "I Spy!"

Friday, October 20, 2006

NEW ENDOGYN Facility -Passauer Rotthalmuenster

(No person by the name "Inelisa" had a surgery at Rotthalmuenster, nor did "Kru" do any surgeries there either!)
Another "Kru" game..."Figure Out Who Posted THIS one!? LOL! LOL!

"So, who does gasless operations for panel patients, and possibly in the northern region of Germany these days? Hmmmm, let IHRT think on that, hmmmm!" "OH, IHRT got it!! NO ONE DOES!" LOL! LOL! LOL!

Posted Freitag, 20. Oktober 2006 @ 17:15:59
Geschlecht: Keine Angabe
Registriert: Apr 2006
Status: Online
Beiträge: 3

Hallo zusammen, ich brauche eine Info für eine Frau: sie muß sich auch mit dem Thema Gebärmutterentfrenung beschäftigen, hat noch dazu ne zyste am Eierstock und wird jetzt von ihrem Gynäkologen nur in Richtung OP Per Bauchschnitt beraten. Sie hat gehört, daß es die OP Methode gaslose Laparaskopie gibt, möchte sich nach Möglichkeit auch so operieren lassen, wenns geht. Ich weiß nicht, wo hier oben in Schleswig Holstein nach dieser Methode operiert wird, selbst habe ich mich in Rotthalmünster operieren lassen. Sie ist Kassenpatientin, für sie kommt eine Privatfinanzierung der OP, bzw die weite Reise und Kosten etc nicht in Frage.
Gibts da eine Information für sie ? wer operiert hier auf Kassenbasis gaslos, bzw wer kann empfohlen werden ??
Ich habe vor meiner OP so gelitten unter Angst und Sorge und bin jetzt so zufrieden mit allem und würde ihr so gern etwas entsprechendes sagen. Kann mir jemand Infos geben ?? Ich finde, Frau muß zusammenhalten
liebe Grüße an alle Inelisa


Hi everybody,
I need information for a woman: she has to deal with the topic ovary removal and has a cyst too. Her Gynaecologist tries to convince her to have an abdominal laparotomy. She has learned that there is the method of gasless laparoscopy, and would like to have the operation done without gas. I don’t know if this method is available in Schleswig-Holstein. I was operated in Rotthalmuenster.
She has a panel patient and she can not afford the additional costs for travelling and the private facility etc. Is there any information for her available? Who does gasless operations for panel patients and who can be recommended?
I myself had so much fear and sorrows before the operation and now I am so satisfied. I would like to tell her something similar. Is there anybody who can give me some information?
Women should stick together.

All the best Inelisa.

Excellent question!
"Kru" is NOT at AYURVEDA am Krankenhaus Rotthalmünster anymore. "Kru" has not been there for almost two months now, however, his personal items remain there as "Kru" never returned to pick them up after he was "removed" from his "duties" there!

Why not try the Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweig? "Kru" eluded that he had recently performed surgery on International and German patients there!
Dr. med. Michael J. Hutter, Ärztlicher Direktor der Klinik am Zuckerberg
Hospital at the sugar mountain

Sugar mountain way 2
38124 Braunschweig
Telephone: 0531/26 33-0Fax: 0531/26 33-100

Or perhaps, you might try to secure surgery at the "NEW" Endogyn facility? The "infrastructure" has much to be desired, and IHRT thinks that you will be surprised at the "NEW" manager! No, not "Gucci," he is the owner of Endogyn website, not the manager of the "NEW" Endogyn facility in Passauer, Rotthalmuenster!!

NEW Endogyn facility!

Passauer Straße 22, 94095 Rotthalmuenster,
Also located on the first floor in this building is an insurance company, which one might need if they ever get into the "Endogyn" apartment upstairs!

Michaela Katzer - Endogyn Manager
OR-Theatre Management at all locations
- born in Berlin 22.06.1972
- 1991 - 1993 Nursing certificate, Berlin
- Employment on urological and surgical departments
- from 1997 Registered OR
-Nurse in general surgery, gynecology, first insight to laparoscopic surgery - from 2001 at EndoGyn® with specialisation on gasless laparoscopies
- with the function of the first assistance at endoscopic surgeries
- Experience in assisting at live surgeries, in India, Mexiko, Spain
- since 2002 OR-Management at EndoGyn® with the function: Coordination of OR personell, Organisation and coordination of OR planing, Coordination of Devices, Instruments,
- Planing of new EndoGyn® - centers

Telefonnummer 08533 91 86 57

Please note that there is NOT anything listed publically allowing one to "ring" the "Endogyn" staff, and this could hinder making an appointment for surgery at Endogyn Passau, with that being said, IHRT wanted to help you, so here is "Kru's" phone number! (Michi IS in there, but in hiding!)

(Photos taken on October 18, 2006)

Coming soon!

Watch IHRT for the details and the "list" of "Endogyns Most Wanted!!

This is no joke, but a REAL contest with REAL once IHRT exposes those on the most "wanted" list, grab your cameras and start hunting, if you see any of the "Endogyn" staff, SHOOT!


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The most serious blog IHRT has done to date - Kruschinski's profile!

Three shocking medical cases?

1.) Some years ago, a Colorado physician, using a mirror, removed his own appendix after notifying the news media. Though the surgery was successful, the medical community was not impressed with this surgical tour de force. Not only did his colleagues not fête him, they quickly revoked his license to practice.
Why such Draconian justice at what seems, in the end, little more than a sophomoric prank? Worst case scenario, he could have killed himself, thereby permanently, as it were, revoking his own license. The answer, of course, is that though he had endangered only himself, his judgment was no longer credible. Perhaps, next time, he would choose to remove someone else's appendix while blindfolded, or deliver a baby while standing on his head! Furthermore, his behavior reflects poorly on the entire medical profession.

2.) A surgeon in Kentucky who branded the initials of the University of Kentucky into a woman's uterus before he removed it defended his actions and said he was simply marking the midline of the organ. "I felt this was honorable since it made reference to the college of medicine where I received my medical degree." Though this action did not endanger the patient, it did show a serous lack of compassion and respect for this patient and could very easily affect her emotional and psychological well-being. Of course, this surgeon’s judgment was no longer credible, which was proven after nine other women asked to join the lawsuit after discovering that they too had been branded.

3.) A surgeon in Germany performed “clinical studies” on unsuspecting patients, who were not only charged for the surgeries, but were led to believe that the surgical technique being performed on them was a validated treatment that was safe and had already been proven to be effective. What is particularly pernicious about this case is that the irresponsible physician put innocent people at risk, as when the results of the “study” were revealed, they were NOT as effective as were hoped, but instead exacerbated most of the patients' conditions. Interestingly enough, the result of these studies determined that the robotic apparatus used in these surgeries was NOT being used as it was intended by the manufacturer, but was GROSSLY misused by the surgeon. The “Abdolift” has now been discontinued for sale and is no longer being produced by the company. Of course, this surgeon’s judgment was no longer credible, after violating his obligation to his patients and placing them in dangerous situations for his own gains and purposes. Where would he stop in performing untested surgical procedures in unregulated environments on unsuspecting patients if HE felt he wanted the studies?

Contrary to the ever-increasing numbers of true believers in society today who enthusiastically pursue medical interventions believing the surgeon is a “God,” and placing all their trust in them without question, many find out that the they made a big mistake! Many often ignore “red flags” that come up because they are desperate for the medical intervention or perhaps are simply too ill to take control. Many do not ask questions and present concerns to the surgeon. Even worse, patients take the word of others without checking the history and reputation of the surgeon, only to find out too late, that there were serious issues known all along about the surgeon, and could have easily been checked out by the patients themselves.

People have died — and continue to die — from medications and surgical interventions that are not regulated; others have lost the opportunity to undertake validated treatment because they trusted the wrong surgeon, lost precious time and money, after going to an unscrupulous surgeon. (This is not to say that validated treatments are always perfectly safe or effective, but at least they represent the best we can do.) The case described is the reductio ad absurdum of the tendency.

What we learn in the cases above is that the irresponsible physician does not endanger himself; instead he puts innocent people at risk, and without any sense of concern for their well-being. The drug may be toxic or the surgery might produce morbidity, thus the physician’s obligation to the patient is violated. Since the issue involves ill people seeking treatment from the only source known to them, and whom they trust, the physician’s obligation to society is also violated.

When a physician creates a situation where his practices are not trusted, the physician has, by his actions, struck a blow to the credibility of his medical profession and, thus, has violated his obligation to his peers and the profession as a whole. In the same way, he has eroded his own hard-won reputation, thus violating his obligations to himself. In short, one cannot envision a clearer case of unethical behavior as we see above in these 3 cases of injustices done to innocent, desperate suffering people whose only action was to trust their physician.

IHRT opens the door for your comments on these three cases.
IHRT asks your opinion of these three surgeons, and
IHRT asks what your gut reaction was regarding these surgeons…the unfortunate part of these cases is that some reading this might be one of the patients mentioned in the third case brought to you in this blog. YOU might very well have been an unwitting test subject at "Endogyn" in Germany who were not given the opportunity to say yes or no to undergoing an untested, unregulated surgery, and a surgery that cost you thousands of dollars!

IHRT believes there is only one kind of surgeon who would do such atrocious things to human beings who trusted them, and that is a severely dysfunctional psychopath.

Did YOUR surgeon fit this profile?

How to Recognize a Psychopath
By Simona Nielsen
• A psychopath appears as self-confident and innocent. He is obsessed with fantasies about power, honor and revenge and a feeling of having special rights. • In proportion to others he is superficial friendly, but the psychopath has no trust in others.
• The Psychopath doesn’t have the skills to co-operate on the same level with others. He lacks the skills to join groups and family life.
• The psychopath seems charming and seems to seek company. He makes many plans, has great ambitions but creates few results. He cares much about looks and status. He rarely goes through a full education and suffers from chronic boredom.
• In love and sexuality the psychopath is sly and seductive. He can be recognized by many partners and often changes in partners. Furthermore, many marriages and divorces. There is a danger of abuse, incest and sexual perversions.
• The psychopath doesn’t care about morality and it’s hard for him to feel pity for anyone except himself. He has deep LACK of real guilt and.or remorse. He often suffers from gambling mania and has a tendency to commit fraud.
• He is good at expressing himself verbally. He can get on anywhere in the world with his small-talk. He is interested in anything new, but hates routine.
• If you feel a beginning disgust towards a person, you’ve always had good thoughts about, this can be a sign. Psychopaths often gives people ‘the creeps’ when you get to know them better.
• It’s impossible to avoid conflicts with the psychopath. He only understands how to solve conflicts with power and manipulation.
• If you work with a psychopath, it’s important to set limit to what you’ll accept. Psychopaths are good at advancing in the workplace.

More to come on the "Dr. Daniel Kruschinski Profile" associated with his past and current behaviors! All facts as usual in IHRT!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Endogyn web site under NEW Ownership - KRU is GONE!

"Endogyn under NEW computer no Kru, no Endogyn, no Kru"

Tuesday, September 05, 2006 AND October 10, 2006

"Kru" is so predictale now that all IHRT has to do to stay on top of things with him is to simply bring up past IHRT reportings about him! Here is an IHRT post from September 05, 2006, which reflects issues as he is living them today..only one new twist has been on
"Kru" is *no longer associated with ANY medical facility in any country in the world, *Nada, Nyet, Non, Na, Nö, Ne!

"Kru's" own words: " What is so special to move facilities ? If patients want, I can still perform their surgeries at the Emma... no problem at all. It's true that we closed the office in Seligenstadt... but why not ? I can do whatever I want. Open new facilities, close old ones." I can leave one klinik, move to another anytime and never go back to them...after all, Endogyn is ME and my computer, my website, so what..?"

IHRT encourages anyone who questions our claims that Kruschinski is lieing in this post, to contact Rothmunster, Emma Klinik, Hanover Apollo, and ask if you can schedule a surgery with Kru!
Call Mrs. lotz and ask that same question!
The REAL fact of the matter is that Kruschinski can't perform surgery at in Germany, the UK, Schärding-Austria, Offenbach, Rotthalmünster, Eilenriedeklinik Hannover, Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweigm, Mallorca / Spain, Emma Klinik, at any time!

NEW Bussiness........
Endogyn is gone, Kru is done, his 18 year old son "David aka Gucci" is the NEW Owner of Endogyn!
(See recent post in Endogyn)

*IHRT is certain that the Endogyn has been handed from father to son so that father can hide behind son for all the financial crimes the father did while Endogyn was under his ownership.
*IHRT thinks father paid son for 50,000 Euros last year for all his work on the web site and for giving women posting there medical advice, but son wanted more, so father gave him the family bussiness!
*IHRT predicts the criminal activities via Endogyn will not continue to happen under the new ownership...and with the German Medical Board watching the father very closely!

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Posted Sunday, October 8, 2006 @ 10:25 AM
Hi Connie, nice to hear that you are well and thanks for the greetings! Just want to send them back and want you to know that we are all well off, despite of some money problems because of these IHRT-people!
Best wishes David

Congratulation, David, one the new ownership of Endogyn! Your getting to be quite to entrepreneur, from disk jocky to medical director of the family bussiness!

dj-wannabe services & surgical advice

This new development comes to you courtesy of the "International IHRT Team" and "Spys Like Us, LTD." Proud to have helped Kru fall in any way that we can!

IHRT quotes Karen Steward: "In the end, the truth shall previal!

IHRT says that in the end the truth has prevailed 100% as "Kru IS exactly what he lives today, a nothing!"