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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dr. Roger Cheesman

Dr. Roger Cheesman PhD, FIMgt COO, ICS UK
Dr. Roger Cheesman is currently the Chief Operating Officer to the Cheshire and Merseyside NHS Treatment Centre. Prior to joining the UK operations in 2005 Roger was the Project Director for InterHealth in Kuwait. During this time his portfolio included leading the facilities planning and pre-commissioning activities of the prestigious Royale Hayat . Roger has worked extensively in the Middle East and has been Special Adviser to the Minister of Health of the United Arab Emirates, Senior Consultant to the Abu Dhabi General Authority for Healthcare as well as a Hospital Director at a tertiary / teaching centre. Roger has been involved in successfully commissioning projects as well as taking a lead role in strategic planning at both regional and national levels in the UAE, including significant work in coordination with a World Bank team. A native South Walian, he holds clinical qualifications as well as a PhD in management and administration.

Hey Tyco, Confluent still in bed with criminal doctors and researchers! according to Wikipedia
This seems all rather cosy from IHRT's vantage point.

Tyco's branch in Mansfield, Mass had engaged in discussions with IHRT and was sent supporting evidence about certain experimental surgeries conducted on innocent patients in Germany. Er, that was awhile ago.

Welp, as long as they can ignore those innocent victims of the German doctors, many who had reactions to the product...too bad we are Americans I guess.

So the scam is still supported by Tyco as they list as a related link. It was quite a cash cow, as we all paid cash for our kits of spraygel.

So it seems.

Your principal investigator, Lisolette Mettler has had her science debunked and your product was then subsequently pulled from all of Australia.

Dr. Hanifa Koya of N.Z. has had her questions and accusations unanswered as well as IHRT.

No one can seem to find how SprayGel actually got it's C.E. mark.

Do you....hmmmmm?

Amar took the money and ran and you are left to clean up his mess.

Too bad Tyco, you purchased the company and perhaps you we're duped like a whole bunch of the rest of us.

Yes, yes, we know it'll have to go to your subsidiary U.S. Surgical or however else you choose but this is most definitely a Tyco problem as far as IHRT can see.

Maimed patients, so many are so much worse off than they were.
Patient financial disasters, divorce, suicide and what not, awaits you.

They writhe in agony. They are a drain to our medical system as they will be under medical care for the rest of their lives.

SSL's like this one. What are you going to do???? according to Wikipedia

Hello Mansfield, Ma from IHRT

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edit Title
Confluent Surgical - Home

edit Description
Founded in August 1998, Confluent Surgical is a privately held medical device company that is pioneering the development of in-situ polymerized biomaterials. These materials have numerous surgical applications including adhesion prevention, tissue sealing, tissue hemostasis and drug-delivery. The synthetic materials are safe, simple to use, and allow the formation of customized implants at the surgical site.

edit Languages

edit Contact
Tyco Healthcare

Mansfield MA
United States 02048


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Adhesion Barriers Cranial Sealants SprayGel Vascular Xact

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

IHRT told you so Germany! Kruschinski reinvents himself yet again

Daniel Kruschincki of EndoGyn's ever changing locations.
This site just went up.
Just as IHRT predicted, you fools of the German Medical Board.
He's on the loose whit his team of patient harvesters to lead them to the equivilent of a back ally abortionist!

SHAME ON GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Really Suck for not protecting the innocent from this ol Nazi bastard!

When's it gonna end? When he kills someone???
He just be chillin till the next victim comes along.
Daniel Kruschinski has performed illeagle experimetal surgeries and the victims paid for the pleasure. As detached as Mengele he waits for another
money wire....and then the bribes to others ect. ect.
Actung, it's all underground by now and Germany Does Nothing
Here is the new site for your viewing.

18.7.2008 von admin.
Laparoscopy with gas (CO2 = carbon dioxide) has many disadvantages for patients and surgeons.
Risks and disadvantages of the endoscopic procedure with Gas for the patient
High pressure in the abdomen as well as a a decrese of body temperature)
Subsequently pains, that can radiate as far as into the shoulder and neck-region partially for days
Extension of the recuperation-phase
Overload of the organism with carbonic acid
Acidity of all organ systems
Rare, but typical complications of an endoscopic operation can be:Injury of organs or vessels upon the Verress needle with which the gas is insufflated to the abdominal cavity or through the additional trocars, that can cause also dangerous emergency situations (for example bleedings or air embolism)
Air embolism in the vascular system through injury of big vessels during the operation with following death admittedly is rare, but, to hardly exclude, since the needle, that is inserted into the abdomen, without view, is therefore inserted “blindly” and therefore this complications can not be avoided completely.
You can read about other complications at the next menue item > Why gasless.
To make you understand what laparoscopy is like for the surgeon, please watch this:
Would you eat your chicken like this ?

He loves to use this picture lol....he steals it the puts the Endogyn trademark on it. Knuck, knuck, knuck!

It seems there were lots of contigency plans when you look at this ICANN registration.......I don't think there is a parachute, golden or otherwise that could lift Kruschinski's fat arse anywhere.
IHRT speculates that Dr. Daniel is trying to get to Spain! Our educated hunch...

Website Title:
Gasless Laparoscopy with the Abdo-Lift ™
Title Relevancy
Wiki article on
SEO Score:
437 (Unique: 241, Linked: 40)
5 (Alt tags missing: 5)
19 (Internal: 13, Outbound: 6)
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Name Server:
NS55.1UND1.DE (has 524,115 domains)
Name Server:
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Apache/1.3.34 Ben-SSL/1.55
IP Address:
IP Location
- Germany - De-schlund
Response Code:
Blacklist Status:
Domain Status:
Registered And Active Website
DomainTools Exclusive
Registrant Search:
"EndoSurgery HealthCare" owns about 100 other domains
Email Search:
is associated with about 838,626 domains is associated with about 103 domains
Registrar History:
1 registrar
NS History:
1 change on 2 unique name servers over 0 year.
IP History:
2 changes on 3 unique name servers over 2 years.
Whois History:
5 records have been archived since 2007-06-12.
Reverse IP:
29 other sites hosted on this server.
Monitor Domain:
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Whois Record
domain: gasless-laparoscopy.comcreated: 13-Feb-1997last-changed: 15-Jul-2008registration-expiration: 14-Feb-2009nserver: ns55.1und1.denserver: ns56.1und1.destatus: CLIENT-TRANSFER-PROHIBITEDregistrant-firstname: Michaelaregistrant-lastname: Katzerregistrant-organization: EndoSurgery HealthCareregistrant-street1: Passauer Str. 22registrant-pcode: 94094registrant-city: Rotthalmuensterregistrant-ccode: DEregistrant-phone: +49.8533912920registrant-email: admin-c-firstname: Michaelaadmin-c-lastname: Katzeradmin-c-organization: EndoSurgery HealthCareadmin-c-street1: Passauer Str. 22admin-c-pcode: 94094admin-c-city: Rotthalmuensteradmin-c-ccode: DEadmin-c-phone: +49.8533912920admin-c-email: tech-c-firstname: Hostmastertech-c-lastname: EINSUNDEINStech-c-organization: 1&1 Internet AGtech-c-street1: Brauerstr. 48tech-c-pcode: 76135tech-c-city: Karlsruhetech-c-ccode: DEtech-c-phone: +49.7219137450tech-c-fax: +49.7219137420tech-c-email: bill-c-firstname: Hostmasterbill-c-lastname: EINSUNDEINSbill-c-organization: 1&1 Internet AGbill-c-street1: Brauerstr. 48bill-c-pcode: 76135bill-c-city: Karlsruhebill-c-ccode: DEbill-c-phone: +49.7219137450bill-c-fax: +49.7219137420bill-c-email:

More news from the adhesion lab LOL!

Another phony, paid inclusions, study from that adhesion lab no one seems to be able to find.

Surgical Technology International XVII - Gynecology
Article title:
Dermoid Tumors of the Ovary: Evaluation of the Gasless Lift-Laparoscopic Approach
Order Article:
Reprint Copies: 500 - $1,960.00
1000 - $3,720.00
By e-mail: PDF Format - $25.00

Daniel Kruschinski, M.D.Medical Director, Endoscopic Gynecology Centers, Rotthalmünster, Germany,

Shirli Homburg, Ph.D.Scientist, Endoscopic Gynecology Centers, Rotthalmünster, Germany
Swapnil Langde, M.D.Assistant Surgeon, Endoscopic Gynecology Centers, Rotthalmünster, Germany
Anupam Kapur, M.D.Assistant Surgeon, Endoscopic Gynecology Centers, Rotthalmünster, Germany

Laparoscopic removal is widely accepted as the treatment of choice for dermoid tumors. However, the spillage of dermoid content with the laparoscopic approach is very high compared to laparotomy. The potential malignancy of dermoid tumors and the rare, but difficult to treat, chemical peritonitis in cases of spillage of dermoid content should lead to an adaptation of procedures during an endoscopic operation on a dermoid tumor to comply with the precautions of the "open" technique. Lift-laparoscopy combines laparoscopy with the standard procedures of laparotomy and thus may help reduce the spillage of dermoid contents. In a retrospective study of 108 patients with dermoid tumors, the frequency of the rupture of a dermoid tumor during a lift-laparoscopic operation was examined. Among the 79 cases of organ-preserving treatment, there were only three cases (3.8%) where a rupture of the dermoid capsule occurred. Even in cases of ruptures, it was possible to avoid spillage by closing the lesion with a clamp and continue the enucleation of the dermoid tumor during a lift-laparascopic operation. After thorough abdominal cavity lavage, none of these three cases showed a cytological contamination of the abdominal cavity with dermoid cells. None of the ovariectomy or adnexectomy cases showed a rupture. Histologically, there was also no carcinoma in any of the examined dermoid tumors. By adapting the endoscopic dermoid surgery to the precautions established in an open surgery technique using gasless lift-laparoscopy, ruptures and cell spilling can be avoided to a large extent but not completely excluded. Compared with other methods, the number of ruptures and spillage of dermoids by organ-preserving treatment as well as ovariectomy is lowest using a lift-laparoscopic procedure.

Just Quackers!

More fraud to lure patients to their new location at???

I'm sure the folks in Rotthalmünster would like to know this study happened on thier grounds!

More mocking of Daniel Kruschinski by other Docs LOL

Date: 6/13/2004

Subject: GYNQuestion

Dear Dr. Aukerman,I had no idea. You've given me more information for which I am greatful. This gasless procedure is reported to be preferable in terms of considerably less healing time needed, less pain experienced during the healing process,and an elimination of adhesions as opposed to surgery inthe states. Is this true? How can I investigate the degree of risk in the operating room's environment at his facility. Surely he must be aware of this,and I would think, would have address that concern,and minimized the risk with verifiable data, no? Are hiscrudentials legitimate? Again, I am MOST appreciate of your response.

-------------------------Followup To Question - I am 59, in good health, NKA, take no meds, neverhospitalized except for two vaginal births. Now,I have a cyctocele (with slight rectocele & slightdetached uterus...I want repair without ahysterectomy...which was always the recommendedapproach. I've no pain, only UNCOMFORTABLENESS.I have no family hx or CA, don't smoke, and ratherthan remove healthy but old parts, I want to save them. Dr.Krushinski,,does this using a gasless procedure.Why aren't gaslessprocedure approved in US? Could you give me an indication that he is legitamate and considerable?If you could give a look at his website to givefeedback, I would be SO appreciative, as this is thecourse I want take.

Answer - Actually his surgery uses the operating room air when he lifts the abd wall through a small hole. He does not use carbon dioxide but instead uses the gas that enters the abdomen via the holes created to lift and the endoscope. if the wound were air tight and no air got into the belly, his lift apparatus could not lift the abdominal wall since there would be a vacuum inside. His is a novel idea but has risks of infection in the operating room gas. I suspect this is not permitted in the US due to the infection risk.OK?
Answer Is this true? Probably not since the CO2 used for regular laparoscopy is sterile and absorbs into the blood and out the lungs. I expect it is a simple marketing strategy. IF it were better everyone would immediately go to it since it is not patentable. OK? How can I investigate the degree of risk in the operating room's environment at his facility. Surely he must be aware of this, and I would think, would have address that concern,and minimized the risk with verifiable data, no? Probably no real way to check out the facility risk for sure. The government review agencies only check for real disasters. OK?

Are his crudentials legitimate? Only the government would know.

YA but the German Government don't care about the victims of this scam.....they want the money too it seems!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Wake up Germany

Whose this, then? LOL

Angiotech needs a new Principal Investigator

Adhibit has criminal doctor Liselotte METTLER, as their principal investigator for their adhesion reducing product.

Just like she did with SprayGel....where her science was debunked but at least SprayGel got it's CE mark and is in use despite seeing it fail throughout the patient population.

We can"t believe it.

Um Canada you better pay better attention.

Please refer to this study by its identifier: NCT00562471
Canada, Ontario
St. Joseph's Health Centre
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6R 3B2
Univ. Clinics of Schleswig-Holstein
Kiel, Germany, 24105 ~ Bah haw haw haw!!!

Bethesda Krankenhaus Wupperta
Wuppertal, Germany, 42109
Klinik für Minimal Invasive Chirurgie
Berlin, Germany, 14129
Universitätsklinikum Giessen
Giessen, Germany, D-35385
Netherlands Antilles
St. Elizabeth Hospital
Curaçao, Netherlands AntillesSponsors and Collaborators
Angiotech PharmaceuticalsInvestigators
Principal Investigator:
Liselotte METTLE, MD, PhD
Univ. Clinics of Schleswig-Holstein
More Information
Publications indexed to this study:
Mettler L, Hucke J, Bojahr B, Tinneberg HR, Leyland N, Avelar R. A safety and efficacy study of a resorbable hydrogel for reduction of post-operative adhesions following myomectomy. Hum Reprod. 2008 May;23(5):1093-100. Epub 2008 Mar 17.
Study ID Numbers:
ADH-02-1, ADH-02-1.1, ADH-02-1.2, ADH-02-1.3
First Received:
November 20, 2007
Last Updated:
November 21, 2007 Identifier:
Health Authority:
Germany: Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices; Netherlands: The Central Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects (CCMO); Canada: Health Canada
Keywords provided by Angiotech Pharmaceuticals:
gynecologic surgery
polyethylene glycol
Adhesions following gynecologic surgery to remove myomas
Study placed in the following topic categories:
Neoplasms, Connective and Soft Tissue
Additional relevant MeSH terms:
Neoplasms, Muscle Tissue
Neoplasms by Histologic Type
Pathologic processed this record on July 18, 2008
Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Investigators
Principal Investigator:
Liselotte METTLER, MD, PhD

Ihrt on Mettler:

and more......

Friday, July 18, 2008

Poor Gucci

Name: David Kruschinski Geburtsdatum/Ort: 06.10.86, BielefeldBeruf/Studium/Schule: Schüler, Willigis-Gymnasium, DJBerufswunsch:Leiter in Alban seit (Jahr): 2002Erstes Zeltlager (Jahr/Ort): 1997, OberkirnMeine Gruppenstunde (falls Leiter einer selbigen, wann und für wen?): keineMein Lieblingszeltlager war… (wann und warum?): schwer zu sagen, alle waren geilDer schönste Zeltlagerplatz war…: OberkirnDas mache ich gern, wenn ich nicht in Alban bin…: Party machenDas ist der beste Film der Welt…: American Pie I, II und IIIDas coolste Tier der Welt: Bonobo(eher für die Jungs) Dieses Auto/Geräätsche’ würde ich mir sofort kaufen: Toyota Celica TS (auf eigenes Budget beschränkt)Für den/die würde ich sofort meinen Freund/Freundin verlassen:Dieser Promi wäre ich gern für einen Tag: Hugh HefnerWas ist der beste Spruch, der in Alban entstanden ist?Welche(r) Ex-Leiter/-in ist eine lebende Legende und warum? Thomas Heidel, warum möchte ich nicht erklären, ist auch nicht nötigDas ist meine große Schwäche: LernvermögenDas kann ich richtig gut: Freundschaften knüpfen, auflegen, feiern, mich durch die Schule boxenDort ziehe ich hin, wenn ich genug Kohle hab…: Australien oder USA , beides sehr interessant.

Bablefish translation:
Name: David Kruschinski
Date of birth/place: 06.10.86, Bielefeld
Occupation/study/school: Pupil, Willigis High School, DJ Career aspirations: Leader in Alban since (year): 2002
First camp (year/place): 1997, Oberkirn My group hour (if directors/conductors of a selbigen, when and for whom?): none My favourite camp was… (when and why?): to say with difficulty, all were geil The most beautiful camp place was…: Oberkirn I make that gladly, if I am not in Alban…: Party make That is the best film of the world…: American Pie I, II and III
The coolste animal of the world: Bonobo (rather for the boys) this car/Geräätsche' I would buy immediately: Toyota Celica TS (limited to own budget)
For/those I would mean friend/friend immediately would leave: This Promi would gladly be I for one day: Hugh Hefner
What is the best saying, which developed in Alban? Which (r) ex chief is a living legend and why? Thomas Heidel, why I would like not to explain, am also not necessary That is my large weakness: Ability to learn I can do that correctly well: Friendships attach, present, celebrate, me by the school boxes
There I move, if I enough coal have…: Australia or the USA, both very interesting

Saturday, July 12, 2008

We are Family.....I brought all my Nazi's with me

It seems there is no finding Dr Mr Markus Froehling.

He seems to be missing for about 5 years now....hmmmm.

Kru's still out on the loose.

Thanks Germany for leaving loose a man who experimented on patients
with the same level of detachment from society as Josef Mengele!

They will suffer anyway - Dr. Daniel Kruschinski

What can the onlooker think about Germany as this unreal saga unfolds?

They think this...........

The Germans

Ohhh.....I get by with a little help from my friends.....At Klinik am Zuckerberg!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Picture tells a thousand words

Dr Mr Markus Froehling - seems to be using the same Modus Operandi as Kruschinski.
Most of his vita(s) does not check out.
Dr Mr Markus Froehling is now listed as head of "German Mobile Surgeons" which would like you to have orthopedic surgeries at Klinik am Zuckerberg....yup, that's how this one is hiding.
But Please.....look at the pictures and IHRT asks you to draw your own conclusion......we have ours!
Note the almost family like looks at the above pics.
IHRT asks how did Daniel Kruschinski's other family members, siblings, cousins, ect. made it from Poland to residents of Germany?????

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Stand By for Breaking News

IHRT Flash ~ Waiting for breaking news regarding Dr. Daniel Kruschinski! Please Stand By....

Stand by........

Dr Mr Markus Froehling ....So far

Unique experience at orthopaedic hospital
From the archive, first published Thursday 8th Jun 2006.
BRIGHT, light and airy, a spacious foyer and trendy deli greets patients at this unique hospital.
A pioneering 'one stop shop' promises to halve orthopaedic waiting times to just 13 weeks and discharge patients in record time.
The World was given an exclusive preview of this £30m NHS investment, built by Interhealth Care Services, a private Canadian company, beside Halton Hospital in Runcorn.
"We have head hunted eight surgeons known personally to us," said lead orthopaedic surgeon and chief medical officer, Markus Froehling.
"Many of the anaesthetists we have recruited have worked in helicopters. They are very well prepared for every situation we might face."
World class surgeons recruited include three specialists in knee and hip joint replacement, one lady specialising in hand and foot surgery, one specialist in knee ligaments and three general surgeons.
"We will have a lot of day cases," explained Mr Froehling, as the centre aims to treat 5,000 patients from Cheshire and Merseyside every year and vows to be MRSA free.
"Joint replacement is one of the greatest achievements in modern medicine and one of the most rewarding.
"Patients are in extreme pain when they come in and pain-free after rehabilitation."
Modern civilisation and a sedentary lifestyle, he said, has led to a big demand for surgery on bones and joints.
"People sit in their cars and offices and don't move," said Mr Froehling. "We expect a huge increase in orthopaedic patients."
Full diagnostic services, including MRI, x-ray, CT, Doppler and ultrasound, all in one purpose built department, means appointments will be condensed.
Operations are unlikely to be cancelled as no emergencies will be admitted.
There are 44 beds, each equipped with a personal free flatscreen TV and telephone, providing free local calls.
No spine or shoulder surgery will be carried out and only adults will be treated.
Archive Home

Why would he leave this????


German Mobile Surgeons is a German company providing the highest standard of surgery and dental medicine on an international basis. On request specialized surgeons and dentists offer this service in almost every place of the world. Long-distance travelling of the patients and their relatives is not necessary any longer.German Mobile Surgeons cooperates with local surgeons, dentists and hospitals as well as the supplying industry. German Mobile Surgeons offers its expertise to medical partners all over the world through Internet. German Mobile Surgeons offers attractive all-inclusive packages making highest standard surgery and dental medicine affordable and calculable.

Dr. med. Markus A. Froehling


Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Knee and Hip Joint Replacement, Spine Surgery

1962-72 Freie Georgenschule Reutlingen,

Germany1972-75 Friedrich-List-Gymnasium Reutlingen, Germany

1975 Matriculation

1976-77 Medical School Heidelberg, Germany

1977-82 Medical School Tübingen, Germany

1990 Orthopaedic Surgeon

1994 Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

1998 Head of the quality management system according to ISO 9001 of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University Hospital Frankfurt, Germany

1999 Head of the Centre of Reconstructive and Septic Orthopaedic Surgery, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University Hospital Frankfurt, Germany

2002 Head of the Centres of Knee and Hip Joint Replacement, Spine Surgery, Eilenriede Private Hospital, Hannover, Germany, Klinik am Zuckerberg Private Hospital, Braunschweig, Germany Specialties: Hip joint replacement Knee joint replacement Revision hip and knee joint replacement

One stage revisions in septic joint replacement loosening

Spine surgery Spinal canal stenosis

Septic surgery

Quality management

Scientific Activities: Three-dimensional muscle-controlled computer model of the hip joint

Three-dimensional finite element model of the hip joint

Kinematics of total hip joint replacement

Periarticular heterotopic ossification after total hip joint replacement

Individual hip joint replacement

Spinal canal stenosis

More than 100 national and international publications

(s. publication list)

Organization of numerous international orthopaedic surgery camps since 1992 Scientific Societies: „

International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty“„

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons“„

German Society for Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology“„

Society for Orthopaedic Surgery of South Germany“„

German Society for Manual Medicine

“Founding member of the „Association for Basic Research“ of the „German Society for Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology“

Founding member of the „Society for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery/CAOS“





Private Activities:

Private Pilot Licence PPL-A




Downhill skiing

Vita Homepage
Joint Replacement

Worldwide National Branch Joint Replacement in GermanyEndoprothetik in Deutschland



Medicine in GermanyPatient InformationFor Contact:GERMAN MOBILE SURGEONSBischofsholer Damm 5230173 HannoverGermanyPhone: +49-172-6742637Fax:


Hospital - The Cheshire and Merseyside NHS Treatment Centre ...
Chief Medical Officer-Mr Markus Froehling Registered Manager-Mr Roger Cheesman contact 01928 574001. Translation Service A Translation service is available ...

id=NTD02&v=2&svid=189704 - 83k - Cached - Similar pages


Your search for Markus Froehling returned no results from NHS Choices. Please try again
July 5th 2008 Search


Mr. Markus Froehling, Chief Medical Officer Mr Markus Froehling Chief Medical Officer

Mr. Markus Froehling joined the Company as Chief Medical Officer and lead orthopaedic surgeon in February 2006. Mr. Froehling is known to many in the local health care community from his previous employment as Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Capio Euxton Hall Hospital. He was born in Germany, studied and achieved his medical qualifications there. His clinical practice has been primarily in hip and knee joint replacement and spine surgery. He has held teaching responsibilities for medical students and residents, with research and publications to his credit. He has special interests in Quality Management and Health Economics.

Nationality: German

Sex: Male

GMC Reference: 6070302


Medical Doctor

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Sports Medicine Special

Orthopaedic Surgery

Physical Therapy

Last appointment Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Capio Euxton Hall and Renacres Hall hospitals
Previous appointments

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Diakonissenanstalt Bremen, Germany
Department of Traumatology, Zentrallkrankenhaus St.-Juergenstrasse Bremen, Germany
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University Hospital Frankfurt, Germany
Consultant, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University Hospital Frankfurt, Germany
Head of the Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001 of the department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University Hospital Frankfurt, Germany
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at "Eilenriedeklinik, Uhlemeyerstrasse 16, 30175 Hannover, "Klinik am Zuckerberg", Zuckerbergweg 2, 38124 Braunschweig, Germany and "Emmaklinik", Frankfurter Strabe 51, 63500 Seligenstadt, Germany
Areas of special interestHip joint replacement Knee joint replacement Spine surgery Septic surgery MembershipsRegistration with the Medical Council of Germany Full and specialist registration as orthopaedic surgeon with the General Medical Council of UK

Meet the team Registered in England and Wales Company Reg No. 4789459Registered office: 8 Baker Street, London, W1U 3LL



"Markus Fröhling, 49, the hospital's orthopedic surgeon, watches the scene. "Patients in England are tougher than in Germany," he says. In Germany a patient would have insisted on being taken home in an ambulance, he's sure of that.Fröhling keeps noticing differences between the British and German health systems. In Euxton Hall hospital, an hour's drive north of Manchester, the walls are covered with flower-patterned tapestries, there's a cappuccino machine for guests, everything appears welcoming and civilized. Above all, it's quiet, there's a very British atmosphere of calm. "You'll never get a bellowing chief physician around here," says Fröhling, and he looks relieved about that.But the comfortable atmosphere ends in the operating theater. When the muscular German grabs his scalpel, he starts working as if he were on a production line. The expert in hip surgery rams up to five new joints into the thighs of his patients each day. In Germany he rarely had to conduct two of these complicated operations a day. Fröhling has been working in England for over a year, he's one of 2,600 German doctors in Britain who escaped from the woes of their country's health service to greener pastures. Away from Germany, the land of bad pay, long working hours, all-encroaching bureaucracy and rigid organization."

Medical advice
Express News Service
Mumbai, January 25: BRAHMA Kumari’s Global Hospital and Research Centre is organising knee and hip joint-replacement surgery between February 9 to 11, at the BSES MG Hospital, Opposite Andheri (W) railway station. The operations will be performed by a team led by German surgeon Dr Markus Froehling.
A free screening programme for knee and hip joint-replacement will be held at 10 am on January 26. For registration and details, contact: Kamlesh on 26205665 or 56970707.
Express logo Google Expressindia Financial Express Indian Express ...
The operations will be performed by a team led by German surgeon Dr Markus Froehling. A free screening programme for knee and hip joint-replacement will be - 40k - Cached - Similar pages
A connection to Canada???

This is the html version of the file
publications/public_information/Spring-%20Newsletter.pdf.G o o g l e automatically generates html versions of documents
as we crawl the web.To link to or bookmark this page, use the following url:

He don't smell so good to IHRT!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Endogyn blast from the past

A husband writes to Dr. Kruschinski
This email was sent to me and I had no idea it was written or sent, and had not discussed anything with this person ever! Beverly

Your childish attempt to insult means nothing to me, but it certainly shows what kind of man you are. Why do you send me an email to insult me when I have had no communications with you whatsoever for quite some time? Do you dare lie and deny the kind of treatment T received in Germany? The complications she mentions in her email? Everything T wrote in that email is the truth, and you most certainly know that what is happening now is simply the same thing that has happened to virtually every woman who has come to you in desperation, only to be fooled into coming to Germany by your manipulating boasts and lies.
I don't know what goal you are aiming for, but it can't be to help people, because you wouldn't be doing the things you do if you had that in mind.

We were lured to Germany with the promise of good treatment and the possibility of my T being adhesion free for the rest of her life. What we didn't know was that the women who had been to you before we went were keeping silent because they were coerced into it and that anyone who spoke against you was banished from internet chat boards and belittled by you and people who still believed in you. I challenge you to give me JUST ONE VERIFIABLE NAME of a woman who was been under your knife at least 6 months ago and is still completely pain free and adhesion free. Your
boasts of 98.9% success come from where??? I ask if you think T was a success??? Why does every woman I know of who went to Germany have adhesions again, and many of them worse off than before they went??? I wonder why our "after" pictures don't have the same shots of Tonya's lower abdomen and intestines that were in the "before" pictures.
What is or isn't there???
Her adhesions have not only returned, but there are more painfulplaces on her body now than she had before you performed surgery on her. She didn't want to believe it, and neither did I, so we tried to pass her old and new pains off as surgery pain that hadn't healed yet, or phantom pains, or anything but adhesions. But as time goes on, we cannot deny the same old tearing and pulling that she's oh, so familiar with, from her adhesions in the past. We have also found out recently that the abdolift that you supposedly invented also causes complications and that is why the US decided to use gas instead. I find it curiously suspicious that T has pain around her navel that just happens to fit the size and shape of your abdolift. She has never had pain around her belly button before we went to Germany, and now she has a lot of pain in that area. Also, yes, T did send you a nice email explaining her pain. In fact, I'm pasting it here to refresh your memory:
"From: Name removed by Bev to protect the innocent
Sent: Sunday, July 27, 2003 1:30 PM
Dear Dr. K,
I went to my gyno last Tuesday and I have been having some pain in my stomache again. I've thought that it was just constipation and "phantom pains" but the truth is that he and I think I have some adhesions again.
I've held off on telling anyone because I was in denial. I still feel really good and I can do all the things that I love to do, but I have two places in my stomache that if I stretch I can feel where they start and end. I was afraid to tell D but after a night of real pain, I decided to bring up that my gyno thinks that I have them back too. I will not discredit you in any way. I'm still glad that I had the surgery with you and at least I'm not in the kind of pain that I was in when I first saw you. I hope that you can understand that I have to tell you the truth. I think you will appreciate me coming forth with this and not just hiding it. I don't knowif I should post it on the board or not. I feel like others should knowabout it, but I have held off on telling anyone until I spoke to you first.
I want you to know that this is very hard to tell you. When Dawn first started writing about her pain, I was angry with her for doing so. But then it made me think that I was living a lie too. I have been feeling good, but I know that I'm not telling the complete truth by saying that I have no pain. It started when I was in Mexico on my honeymoon with D. I got constipated and started feeling a little pain in my stomache. Then when we got home July 2nd, I was feeling a little more and a little more. I do not have to take meds for it yet and I pray that it will not get worse. Please know that I'll not slander your good name, but I feel that my friends need to know that there is a possibility that the adhesions may come back when you have endo. I never knew that I had endo until my gyno looked at the pictures that you took and said that I was covered in it. He told me that the chances of my adhesions returning were very high. I didn't know this.
So I've been thinking that any pain was just a "phantom pain". I hope this will not ruin our relationship as I will never hurt your name in any way.
I'm not sorry that I went to have surgery with you and in fact, it gave me back my life. I don't know if this will get worse or not, but I will keep you posted of my health issues.

With kindest regards,
T N"

You responded with accusations and insults. And I quote:
"Dear T,first of all: your gyn can't know when adhesions come back, is he a god??? looking on pictures and says you have adhesions ???"

You then went on to offer a "free" third look surgery to "see" if there were adhesions. You also tried to make her gynecologist seem like he was trying to discredit you and push the "good" results down. I know you can't understand what adhesions feel like any more than I can, but THESE WOMEN DO! Don't you realize that after 5 or 6 or 7 surgeries that a woman can recognize what is going on in her body by then? They don't need a doctor to open them up and show them the adhesions that they already know are there. T and I have discovered many facts about you since we have returned from Germany. Since T’s pain has come back, we are discovering MUCH more. People are being told to keep quiet about recurring symptoms???

And I quote for example:

"From: Karen (last name deleted for this email since it will be shared withothers)
To: Name removed by Bev to protect the innocent
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 10:32 AM
Subject: hi
Thanks for the nice reply.....and thanks for understandingthat I needed to tell you not to bring up the Michaela issue. I promised Daniel a long time back it was forgotten, so I want that to be true!! There have been so many negative things happening toDaniel that are coming from the IAS, Dawn, Beverly, etc......I think you need to be VERY careful what you share concerning your operation, experience, etc. I think the truth is important and we should be able to share our true experience, however,,,,,,"Karen Steward

That email above was from one of your followers. You have offered third looks to many other women??? Why was all this information kept from us and others??? Again, I have to ask where your supposed 98.9% success rate comes from??? I challenge you again to give me just one verifiable name of a woman who's been under your knife at least 6 months ago and is still adhesion free and pain free. It appears that everything that is allowed to surface by you and your followers are geared to get more women to Germany, and anything you don't like is deleted (yes, EVEN ON YOUR SITE where you supposedly allow free speech), women who speak up are demeaned, discredited or pushed aside in anyway possible, and accused of "slandering your name", so people who need help will trust you and put there lives in your hands for your selfish purposes. I could go on and on but I don't believe it will help. Suffice it to saythat I AM a man. A man who truly cares for and loves his wife. A man who will never allow another butcher to touch her.D-----

Original Message -----From: To: "D Sent: Friday, August 01, 2003 11:13 AM

Subject: Re: YOUR BEST DAY !!!D ! Are you a man ? What's that ? Only 2 days after she wrote me a nice email ???I can't understand such a unhuman thing ...***********************

When Shirli comes marching home

Guess whose back!

Packing her Elite Israeli Gaurds!

Shirli Homberg Kruschinski.

Did she come to get the boys or is she back for her hearing?

Oh Boy is Kru gonna be outta his mind ( more so than usual)

Stay tuned to IHRT for more breaking news!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

"probably an immense prevails for demand the gasless elevator Laparoskope" NOT!

It is one thing for "Kru" to make claims of success's of Endogyn, but the truth of the matter is found in IHRT when we say that NO ONE can secure an operation with Kru no matter how he spins his yarns the bottom line is the same...there is no Endogyn!

Common sense dictates that no medical facility anywhere would open it's doors to someone who offers to draw in a surgery every few months as Kru offers! Kru is so off the wall that he can't even see how ridiculous his words are when he posts in Michi's web site!

If nothing else tells his sad state of affairs, mentally, professionally and socially, his postings do!
IHRT does have to give some credence to those who vists Endogyn these days and read his crap, as few, VERY few, fall for it now days!
Posted Sonntag, 29. Juni 2008 @ 12:29:03
Country wide offer at EndoGyn® cooperative hospitals Loves female patients and patient, Daily 3000 humans visit our sides and we received about 40 email-inquire and 15 calls about an operation. The analysis of the visitors of our sides results in also clearly that 80% the visitor come on the sides, looks under " Which we differently machen" , then " Where is es" and go then again raus. From this it results that probably an immense prevails for demand the gasless elevator Laparoskope, but this should be offered if possible in residencenear handles/OI centers. Since the elevator Laparoskopie helps to avoid belly cuts we decided therefore, the technology of the elevator Laparoskopie country widely in cooperative hospitals, which learned the method and become to offer. That will slowly take place, but inquires you under, if you look for a hospital/a OI center in your proximity! We look for also country widely for further EndoGyn® cooperative hospitals and OI centers, those the elevator Laparoskopie learn and would drive through would like. The EndoGyn Ltd. if the equipment for the elevator Laparoskopie puts to the hospitals at the disposal, trains lady doctors and physicians of the department in this OI - technology and recommends to the female patients the respective hospitals/OI centers for operation. To inquire or if you know a hospital/a OI center, which has interest, please email under
Feeling great- week 8 of recoveryCreated: 06-25-2008
06-25-2008 05:09 PM

Endogyn through the ages

----- Original Message -----From: LilyloverTo:Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2003 5:36 PMSubject: Re: Fw: Misleading issues on the IAS web site and at Bombobeach web sitesHello Everyone,I see that you all received the same email from Daniel. I am deeply disturbed that he portrays me as a stressed out alcoholic that smokes!!!!... nothing could be farther from the truth! I told him he needs to get his facts correct before he says things like that to so many!! I need to clarify that what he says about me, simply IS NOT true!THE ONLY REASON alcohol was brought up in my situation is because I was told that I had chronic pancreatitis, and we were looking for a cause! I do drink OCCASSIONALLY, if we go out for dinner,I may have a drink or two, sometimes not any. We OCCASSIONALLY "party" with friends when we get together, but I consume no more than 3-4 drinks , sometimes not even that! So yes I do drink alcohol, MAYBE 4-7 drinks a month...I didn't realise this is a factor, and I'm the only one that drinks occassionally!I have had alot of stress in my life this year, more than usual. I've had problems with my immediate family(son) and my extended family(father) but most of that stress was last fall, some residual I guess, but like everyone else, you learn to deal with it, adjust to the changes and move on...I'm not a complete mess because of the stress in my life...Yes, I do smoke(i know, shame on me), but is that a factor in adhesion formation???I was deeply offended by Daniel's portrayal of me, and I want to be sure you all know his opinion is wrong!!!

Thanks for listening,Lisa

Lying Lisa whining about the LACK OF TRUTH lol!!

Dr Kruschinski tries to "psych out" Patient Dawn

Message -----From: To: "Dawn" Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2003 3:05 PMSubject: Re: your attacks
> Hi Dawn,> I feel sorry for you that the drugs drives you crazy, but I would like you> to answer my questions: Why are you doing it ? What have I done to> you ? Why are you slandering me ? For what reasons are you lying ?> No one of my patients was near to dy, this is really hard... to see one of> my patients speeking such crazy things... as I am always trying to have> avery good relationship with my patients... Why didn't you continue to> communicate with me after June ? You stopped the communication> after Beverly told you to do so...> I really don't want why you as a adult human that I have done so much> for, have to act like this... if you continue ... than I wish I would never> have met you... if you think you can stop this mess, please come back> to me.... there is nothing wrong on what I'm doing...Let's come together> again, let's try at least to behave like intelliegent adult human...> Regards> Daniel Kruschinski, MD> EndoGyn®> Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology> Steinheimer Strasse 69 (Rondell)> 63500 Seligenstadt (Germany)> Phone: +49 180 ENDOGYN (3636496)> Fax: +49 7000 ENDOGYN (3636496)> Mobile: +49 171 62 04 621> Web :> email:

As if!!!!! LOL!

Show me!

Bon-Bon Just starting
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Posted Wednesday, June 25, 2008 @ 01:06 PM Checking in to report I am feeling brand new since my operation in Germany 8 weeks ago. Last week I started running again, and cannot believe I have not 1 pain to report. I find this unbelievable!!! how great I am feeling and only to get better and better each week that passes. I will be posting my story shortly to the message board,but after 6 1/2 years of living with adhesions , I am out and enjoying my life, I never thought I would ever have the chance to feel like this again. Thank you Dr.K. for giving me this chance, I am so happy and it is wonderful to be out experiencing things that I have been unable to do for 6 years, like being reborn!!! I promise I will post soon, but having so much fun is taking all my time !! Bonnie

We'll believe when we see operative reports ya big sillies!!!