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Monday, March 02, 2009

SLUMDOG "SUGAR DADDY" Dr. Daniel Kruschinski

The OSCAR goes to......

In the latest escapades out of Endogyn, IHRT cought SLUMDOG "SUGAR DADDY" Dr. Daniel Kruschinski slumming with his NEW and IMPROVED "DADDY'S GIRL" after meeting her through "!

Only in IHRT will you find the facts as "Dr. Daniel Kruschinski – Endogyn, Germany" reveals his “perverted” side for all the world to see, and it appears to be without shame!
(IHRT cautions you that going into these web sites, your PC WILL get porno pop ups, curtsey of Kruchsinski! Even if you use a different email address, the PC going into these web sites WILL get tagged!)


DR. DANIEL MARIAN KRUSCHINSKI lives life on the shady side with his new "Daddy's Girl" as he slums with her all over Germany after meeting her in ""... (Ouch!)
Seems they now run a web site that assists "Young Girls" to meet "Old Men!" (Yuck!)

Looks like the "OLD USED UP" Mistress Micheala Katzer is OUT of a "Sugar Daddy" and the "YOUNG SEXY" Janine Gessner is IN with a new "Sugar Daddy!"

Meet the "NEW FACE" in Dr. Daniel Kruschinski's life......“Janine Gessner"

"Hi, DANNY BOY" .........
Janine seems to be saying to her new "Sugar Daddy..
(Wait until she finds out her DOCTOR is really nothing but a bankrupt, lying, washed up, smelly alcoholic, married OLD perverted fart..oh, IHRT forgot that Kruschinski is GAS-LESS, at least Janine has THAT going for her! (LOL! LOL!)

B.Z. stellt die speziellsten Flirtseiten im Internet vor Für reife Männer - Frauen, die graue Schläfen lieben, finden hier ihr Objekt der Begierde. Als eines von 2500 Mitgliedern muss man als Lady unter 30, als Mann über 40 Jahre alt sein:

Janina Gessner Premium-Mitglied
CRM work Firma:(sichtbar nur für registrierte Mitglieder)
10587 Berlin, Deutschland

Über michBerliner Zeitung
Dass ältere Herren oft ein Faible für wesentlich jüngere Damen haben, liegt in der Natur der Sache. Viele Promis über 40 "schmücken" sich mit Schönheit und Frische solcher Grazien. ... Auch für den Durchschnittsbürger gibt es Möglichkeiten, ohne Millioneneinkommen und Promibonus mit jüngeren Frauen anzubandeln. Vielen Frauen ist ein erfahrener Partner lieber, da er über eine gewisse Lebenserfahrung verfügt und Sicherheit sowie Geborgenheit symbolisiert. Spezielle Wünsche, besondere Börsen So verwundert es nicht, dass es sogar Kontaktbörsen für diese spezielle Beziehungskonstellation gibt... Eine dieser Börsen ist "": Über 1000 Damen zwischen 18 und 30 sind hier bereits registriert und schauen sich nach einem erfahrenen Partner von 40 Jahren und älter um. Eine solche Kontaktbörse bietet für eben diese Partnerkonstellationen eine gute Möglichkeit zum Kennenlernen. Denn hier suchen und finden sich junge Frauen und ältere Männer... [Quelle: v. 8.1.2008]

Babel Fish Translation….
Ripely young meets The fact that older gentlemen have often a Faible for substantially younger ladies lies in the nature of the thing. Many Promis over 40 " schmücken" itself with beauty and freshness of such Grazien. … Also for the average citizen there are possibilities, without million-incomes and Promibonus with younger Mrs. anzubandeln. Many women is rather an experienced partner, since it symbolizes security as well as security had a certain life experience and. Special desires, special stock exchanges Thus it does not surprise that there are even contact contacts for this special relations constellation… One of these stock exchanges is " Hoar frost meet": Over 1000 ladies between 18 and 30 are registered here already and look themselves after an experienced partner of 40 years and older over. Such a contact stock exchange offers a good possibility for evenly these partner constellations to becoming acquainted with. Because and are young women and older men search here…[Quelle: v. 8.1.2008]

Kruschinski is...
Caught skulking the back streets in Mainz....Kru trys to hide his face!

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski seen trying to hide his face from IHRT spy's as he enters an X-rated club house in Mainz, Germany earlier last month - February 2009 - where it is said he drank all night while dancing the "DOG" with Janine as is son David - DJ Wannabe- played the music for them. (Gross!)

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski added his name to the following web site to solicit aka con “investors” out of money for his many “franchises!”
As with everything Kruschinski does on the Internet, he uses this web site to satisfy his perverted sexual needs by making an immediate connection with the sleazy,
Janine Gessner – a registered “Premium Member”on the "XING" web site!
(Kruschinski is NOT a "Premium Member" though, interesting! He probably could not afford that status!)

Once he latched onto Janine, he weaseled his slimy way in getting control of her sleazy sex web site!
Kruschinski not only creates the web pages in "reif-trifft-jung" now, he sets up a much more efficient “infrastructure” where these young girls are matched with older men!

IHRT wants to remind it’s visitors that Daniel Kruschinski prides himself with his web site building skills, and he did a colorful job on his and Janine’s web site:

(IHRT cautions you that going into these web sites, your PC WILL get porno pop ups, curtesey of Kruchsinski! Even if you use a different email address, the PC going into these web sites WILL get tagged!)


DR. DANIEL KRUSCHINSKI'S PROFILE" in "XING.Com" Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, Dr.
Dr. med.
Wissenschaftlicher Leiter
work EndoGyn Ltd. 38124 Braunschweig, Germany
Local time: 09:57 PM (Europe/Berlin)

Could Kruschinski get any more dispicable ????


The son of a PERVERTED Doctor-OB/GYN in Germany exploited on his own fathers Internet sex web site!

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski’s purvey exposure wasn’t enough for him on his “,” web site, he adds a "provocative picture" of his own son, David! Information given out on the "XING" web site has the appearance of Kruschnski giving up his own child as prey for any pervert logging into the web site…and why would IHRT think that the exposure of David Kruschinski on his Dad’s web site,"” would mark David as “easy” prey for perverted sexual predators?

Because the “XX Rated” business’s that David Kruschinski is currently involved with are also listed along side of the picture of this kid.
(IHRT thinks it is sad that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree , but what would anyone expect in this family tree!)

David Kruschinski's Profile on ""…….
(As seen on his Dad’s XING account!)

David Kruschinski Abitur
Work : DJ David Kruschinski

Mainz, Germany
Professional experience (3 years, 4 months)
Dec 2005 - present
Kleingewerbeinhaber (Freelancer)
Industry: Nachtleben, Diskjockey
Jan 2007 - present (2 years, 3 months)

Industry: DJ
Dienstleistender Bussiness: Star Mainz:

Dec 2005 - present (3 years, 4 months)
Dienstleistender Industry: DJ
Status: Freelancer
Educational background: High School
Bischöfliches Willigis Gymnasium Mainz
Languages: German, English, French
Contact details:
Mainz, Germany (Rheinland-Pfalz)
Business Name, Company: Dreampool

Well, it looks like THIS Dr. has his sons well on the way to their fiture following in his footsteps!
Whoew, poor things!

IHRT adds.......

With parents trying to PROTECT their children from pornography and perverted pedophiles on the Internet, Kruschinski seems to offer his son up like "eye candy for perves" in his web site!
Kruschinski’s either so perverted himself that he doesn’t see this as being just wrong, or he really doesn’t care that he created a scenario in which he gives up own child as "easy prey" for any pervert logging into the web site…
not to mention that
David Kruschinski looks the part of one "needy" and "confused" young man
ready for the first person who shows him interest or money!

** Nice job “Deadbeat Daddy Kruschinski” – your four sons might just be the most "unlucky" boys in the world! The only “legacy” IHRT can see Daniel Kruschinski leaving to his 4 son’s is that they are the "off spring" of a pathetic, perverted, fallen, gynecologist, nothing more, nothing less!

** Here IHRT can see "Deadbeat Dan" giving all of whatever “Endogyn” is or was, to his one time Mistress Katzer! So much for his promises to his sons as the “legacy” flies out the window! It’s like, “Pimp Your Own Ride Boys, It’s All Hers Now!” This could change to Janine, though!

**Most current contacts for **Dr. Daniel Kruschinski
Fritz-Winter-Str. 1238467 Bergfeld , Germany
Phone numbers:
05368/ 97078

05368/ 970858
05368/ 970865

(IHRT thinks Kruschinski has been sunk so deep in his sexual perversions for so long that he forgets he is still married, has two mistress’s, four children and still trying to pass himself of as a “practicing OB/GYN,” of all professions for a pervert and he is a member of the ISGE! OMG! (Do “Birds of a Feather” Flock Together?)

Enough of the family resemblances here… look at Kruschinski as an OB/GYN!

IHRT can’t help but list some of the claims from female patients who went to Kruschinski over the years and were rebuffed as lies! HMMMMM, lies?

Probably not!

Among the complaints of lewd and lascivious behaviors exhibited by “Dr.” Daniel Kruschinski was:

**His loose “Potty” mouth, frequently making “Sexual” innuendoes and out right sleazy sexual comments when he was out drinking with patients.

**Others actually said they found him in an office in Emma Clinic where he appeared to be drunk, and his clothing disheveled, and HIS FLY OPEN!

** Another mentioned Dr. Kruschinski making comments about his sexual rendezvous with his Mistress Michaela Katzer IN Emma Clinic and in the Seligenstadt apartments.

**Anyone can visit to see how brazen Dr. Kruschinski was with his Mistress Michi by bring her to dinners and personal meeting with Patients, some of these patients were led to believe that his Mistress Michi WAS his wife Shirli!

**It is also evident in that Dr. Kruschinski had no problem involving his own son’s in his sexual liaisons as he is shown in pictures with both his older son’s, David and Simon, AND his Mistress Michi, and at that same time, Daniel Kruschinski was becoming a father to Gil-Robert with his wife, Shirli Homberg!

** Talk about no sense of morality or shame, Dr. Daniel Kruschinski posted numerous pictures of his Mistress Micheala Katzer and himself all over in all the while stating he was to become a “Daddy” again with Shirli, and working and living with Shirli, yet carousing with his Mistress Michi with Patients touring Germany!

** Drunken men knocking on the doors late at night in the Seligenstadt apartments looking for Kruschinski, then inviting female patients to go out partying wth them!


Now IHRT move on to "Endogyn Office Staff.....
Meet SABINE........

Office manager at EndoGyn®
Posted Wednesday, March 3, 2004 @ 12:58 PM

Dear All !
My name is Sabine and I'm the new office manager at EndoGyn® and will try to support Dr. Kruschinski on the board as well as with organisation around your trip to EndoGyn®.
I will be responsible for all your questions regarding the infrastructure and organisation of your trip as accomodation, pick-up etcetera surrounding your trip for surgery at EndoGyn®.
I will visit this Board frequently to be able to serve you with answers to your questions. So please feel free to contact me by the board or personaly under my email.
Kind regards


Office News
Posted Friday, November 26, 2004 @ 04:46 AM

My name is Michelle and I´m the new office manager at EndoGyn.
I will try to support Dr. Kruschinski on the board as well as with organisation around your trip to EndoGyn. I will be responsible for all your questions regarding the infrastructure and organisation of your trip as accomodation, pick-up etcetera surrounding your trip for surgery at EndoGyn. I will visit the board frequently to be able to serve you with answers to your questions.
So please feel free to contact me by the board or personaly under my emai.

Bye for now

Did Kru create these "ladies" like everything else in his web site, and if not, what happened to them so soon after they started at Endogyn???



The Worlds Biggest Deadbeat Dad - and Pervert!

"What? Me bankrupt?" If it were so, would my Mistress and I be taking this cruise together while my wives try to feed and house all my sons!?" Says Kruchisnki...

Kruschinski's Bankruptcy Document........

The nominees for "Leading Lady" in the factually based smut role in the International crime film "Slumdog Doctor in Germany " are:

Janine Gessner,

Michi Katzer,

Shirli Homberg

Helen Dynda

Karen Steward..........

And the Oscar goes to:

Karen Steward, Texas USA as the "infatuated mother of her daughter's "OB/GYN" in Germany!
Karen Steward cries out in a drunken stupor after being rejected by King Kruschinski, for a whore like his Mistress, Michi Katzer and now Janine Gessner...
"What did those whores have that I didn't!"

(IHRT agrees as we can't imagine any of THEM has anything over Karen Steward!)

Lets "GIVE IT UP FOR" Karen Steward!

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2008 SprayGel Surgical treatment hurts women but is allowed to continue

Don't forget to read this week's "IHRT Expose" with Dr. Hanifa Koya substantiating the claims of unwilling human surgical experimentation with the adhesion barrier SprayGel.
SprayGel is now modified to a product call SprayShield TM Covidien and has the Kruschinski "bump" as we see him pretend to be a principal investigator of the product even thought it is already in use outside of the USA....Shocking revelations to come....Stay tuned to IHRT for breaking news!


Scarring caused by surgical gel spray

Monday, 11 February 2008Surgical treatment hurts women but is allowed to continue

ANDREW GORRIE/ Dominion Post ANGRY AND AMAZED: Hanifa Koya has stopped using SprayGel after her patients required further surgery to remove scars. She says the product should be put on hold till surgeons and patients can be assured of its safety.

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