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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Endogyn is finished!


All Gone..just as IHRT predicted...

All Gone...just as IHRT predicted....
from "strange bedpartners," to "even stranger patients," to "cohorts in crime"..all gone!

All Gone....just as IHRT predicted!
Carpi Vitam! Braunschweig! Hannover! Rothmunster! Mallorca, Spain! Austria! Grand Caymans!

All Gone..just as IHRT predicted..
No wife, no children, no family, no friends, no appointments for Endogyn patients, no surgeries at Endogyn, No bankruptcy, No nothing...
Kru is leaving, just as IHRT predicted.

Have a nice walk to India, and with any luck, he will stay there! Oh to dream, is to enjoy life to the fullest!

King Kruschinski is leaving Endogyn!
NO more surgeries,
NO more posting,
NO more Kru!
He shafted each and everyone of his "Endogyn" followers!

*There is NO surgery on Wednesday, as Kru is barred from entering any medical facility in Europe!
*Kru is NOT participating in the meeting in India, he is only invited to sit and shut-up!
*There is NO Abdolift to teach about, and India is not so stupid as to fall for that from Kru!
*NO more surgeries
*There is NO Endogyn
*There is NO Kruschinski

However...there IS a web site for people to post to one another on, silly stuff or not, go for it as it is the only thing that you will get from Endogyn, and "King Kru!"
The Endogyn web site will soon be enjoy it while you can!

Everything IHRT has posted has come to pass.....

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