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Monday, November 21, 2011


MAUDE Adverse Event Report
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Catalog Number SP10S01
Event Date 01/21/2011
Event Type Injury Patient Outcome Other;
Event Description
According to the reporter: the pt experienced heavy underbelly pains two days post-operatively. The pains were described as burning. At the fourth post-operative day, the stomach had to be re-opened. There were syrinxes that were discovered where the product had been applied, which were operated upon. The pt was released from the hospital free of pain.

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Manufacturer (Section F) CONFLUENT
101a first ave.
waltham MA 02451

Manufacturer (Section D) CONFLUENT
101a first ave.
waltham MA 02451

Manufacturer (Section G) CONFLUENT
101a first ave.

waltham MA 02451

Manufacturer Contact terry callahan
60 middletown ave.
north haven , CT 06473
(203) 492 -6273

Device Event Key 2070451
MDR Report Key 2037782
Event Key 1934758
Report Number 3003157248-2011-00007
Device Sequence Number 1
Product Code NQR
Report Source Manufacturer
Source Type Health Professional,User facility
Reporter Occupation Other
Type of Report Initial
Report Date 01/24/2011
1 Device Was Involved in the Event
1 Patient Was Involved in the Event
Date FDA Received 03/23/2011
Is This An Adverse Event Report? Yes
Is This A Product Problem Report? Yes
Device Operator Health Professional
Device Catalogue Number SP10S01
Was Device Available For Evaluation? No
Is The Reporter A Health Professional? Yes
Was The Report Sent To Manufacturer? No
Date Manufacturer Received 01/24/2011
Was Device Evaluated By Manufacturer? Device Not Returned To Manufacturer
Is The Device Single Use? Yes
Is the Device an Implant? No
Is this an Explanted Device?
Type of Device Usage Unkown

Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Daniel Kruschinskis Peers think of him Endogyn ~ Don't go!

What do Daniel Kruschinski's peers think of him? Well in this vote to enter the PAX society....he is tied for dead last! The world his peers use to describe him best is FREAK

In the voting, Belgium and gynaecologists were probably over-represented. After consultation have been considered elected the 4 highest ranking surgeons and 5 gynaecologists. We wish to congratulate all the candidates and thank them for their support to PAX society by standing for election.

Overal statistics
Total PAX Society mailing list: 4289
Number allowed to vote: 3891 (i.e. those registered before monday 19th of march).
Number who did vote : 143, or 3.68 % of all allowed to vote.
Total number of surgeons: 2369
Total number of basic scientists: 115
Total number of gynaecologists 1540
Total number of others 265

Final results
Candidate: Result
Adamian Leila 65 45.5 % (submitted) 1.7 % (total)
Angioni Stefano 42 29.4 % (submitted) 1.1 % (total)
Audebert Alain 65 45.5 % (submitted) 1.7 % (total)
Bhanuprasad Buparelia 11 7.7 % (submitted) 0.3 % (total)
Canis Michel 101 70.6 % (submitted) 2.6 % (total)
Coccia Maria Elisabetta 41 28.7 % (submitted) 1.1 % (total)
Crowe Alison 45 31.5 % (submitted) 1.2 % (total)
D'Hoore Andre 51 35.7 % (submitted) 1.3 % (total)
Diamond Mike 66 46.2 % (submitted) 1.7 % (total)
Dizerega Gere 68 47.6 % (submitted) 1.7 % (total)
Gomel Victor 77 53.8 % (submitted) 2.0 % (total)
Jeekel Hans 51 35.7 % (submitted) 1.3 % (total)
Koh Charles 47 32.9 % (submitted) 1.2 % (total)
Koninckx Philippe 122 85.3 % (submitted) 3.1 % (total)
Kruschinski Daniel 32 22.4 % (submitted) 0.8 % (total)
Mais 37 25.9 % (submitted) 1.0 % (total)
Miserez Marc 56 39.2 % (submitted) 1.4 % (total)
McVeigh Enda 48 33.6 % (submitted) 1.2 % (total)
Molinas Roger 80 55.9 % (submitted) 2.1 % (total)
Shalev Eliez 32 22.4 % (submitted) 0.8 % (total)
Van Der Wat Johan 44 30.8 % (submitted) 1.1 % (total)
Van Goor Harry 41 28.7 % (submitted) 1.1 % (total)
Verguts Jasper 65 45.5 % (submitted) 1.7 % (total)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Endogyn Scam Adhesions: Kruschinski admits there is no study and no research, I do an follow up with a clincial observation.

Endogyn Scam Adhesions: Kruschinski admits there is no study and no research, I do an follow up with a clincial observation.

Before you go to Germany to have surgery with Kruschinski of Endogyn and

Before you go to Germany to have surgery with Kruschinski of Endogyn and

Who could this possibly be????

My mom even drug me around the world ( literally- from Texas to Germany)

This poster has a j pouch, many transfusions ulcerative colitis???? Hmmmm written in 2010…hmmmm who could it be?

Karen Steward claims there is a cure for adhesions in a very public manner but those who suffer from ARD know this is not true. We have a ways to go.

Karen Steward’s daughter claims to have PCOS in public and Karen claims a diagnosis of endometriosis in public.

Karen also claims Melissa has had a subsequent bowel obstruction and Melissa herself claims a c section all after her surgery with Kruschinski. This does not sound like someone who is cured or adhesion free. Melissa was the first patient that Kruschinski ever fessed up to having an adhesion on her second look surgery.

Ok, would it be a far stretch of your imagination that Karen does ANYTHING she can to keep Kruschinski financially solvent so she can bring her daughter back to him….er say when she is done having kids???? Something like that. Even though you will suffer a financial crisis, even though she knows many are worse for the trip. Karen also refuses to take into consideration that her daughter’s surgery supposedly had an application of Covidian’s SprayGel. Spraygel was pulled from the market after many were reporting horrific post-surgical scarring after its application! Another reason this poor kid is still sicker than a dog IMHO.

Let’s not forget the for profit status of Karen Steward's book and product line….perhaps the construction business is suffering in this economy and whats a poor girl to do?

Who could this possibly be????

. I do have some Norco, so I took some but it’s not touching the pain.

The surgeon over there uses some special tool and adhesion spray and I have talked to tons of people who had great success after his surgery. It sounds crazy and it was super scary but I think it was worth it. I have a j-pouch and I had a huge fear he would somehow puncture it so I asked him not to remove adhesions in my lower abd area and just in the upper stomach. I don't have upper pain anymore. Now- it I could only be brave enough to allow him to do the lower stomach I might have much less pain then I do now... but I am scared!

We do know who this is ~ Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, who was able to save my daughter's life and restore her to complete health! Best to you, Karen

I went and I can tell you there is no hope there for anyone and the recent patient bashing performed by Dr Daniel Kruschinski of Germany, all because she claimed her adhesions were back after her surgery is the most egregious behavior exhibited by a medical doctor ever!!!! And Karen came in right behind him once again and with no proof whatever, that these is a cure for adhesion related disorder. To see the bashing of an innocent patient...see prior post below...from facebook

So before you go to Germany to have surgery by a scam artist surgeon based on false hopes provided to you by Karen Steward we ask you to please review Dawn Roses Operative reports and only go where there are actual peer reviewed statistics….and we ask you to reflect upon Melissa’s tragedy.


Melissa's Tragedy

Karen's daughter, Melissa , is not well.

Not for some time now.

Don't believe us again. Call her, ( not her mom and hopefully when her mom is NOT around!)

Steward Melissa +1 (817) 341-3000


Adhesiolysis via gasless laparoscopy with SprayGel, AdhesionsDate: 10.04.2003

Steward, Karen (Mother of Melissa)

+1 (817) 341 3000


Gasless laparoscopic adhesiolysis

(Careful, they have the same phone number)

Her procedure failed. She is back in pain. For some time now.

Her mom talks for her and writes for her.

Such a beautiful young woman (not a child) locked in an ivory tower built by her own mother.

Many went to Dr. Kruschinski to have adhesions lysed from their battle with Endometriosis.

Melissa too.

Unless the lesions are excised, they will continue to release agonists into the abdomen or where ever the lesions are located.

More adhesions.

Now with a beautiful young son to care for.

It's not PID nor is it polycystic ovaries nor about anyone smoking cigarettes......the common culprits according to Kru when prior patients return for repeat surgeries or state they are not adhesion free...

Never will he state that adhesions come back after surgery.

Adhesion sufferers know what they feel like too, Kruschinski does not. Karen Steward does not.

I wonder if her surgical report looks allot like mine.....more on the positioning of the abdo-lift and very little explanation as to what happened during the actual surgery. Only pictures and no video. Does your operative report look like mine?


Still only one person has ever asked for a copy of the videos of my PA surgery. Hundreds of long standing lesions and nodules. Never mentioned nor photographed. Adhesions so old they had calcified and had to be chipped away.

Kru knew it, knew he would be getting an extra 10 grand from the Stewards when Melissa presented again.

Melissa is also the first Kru reported to have an adhesion (s?) at her second look. He had to because he knew she would be sick again soon enough.

Poor Melissa.

How can she get out of this nightmare?

Karen - "I am "obsessed" with one thing: Sharing with other sufferers the joy of having finally found a surgeon who could help my daughter!!!!!"

Karen sent many of you off to Germany with the infamous story of her daughter? The recipient of a miraculous cure from the ravages of endo and adhesions?

Do you think the possible motivation Karen had was to keep this surgeon financially solvent so her daughter could return there for more surgery....even when all was going to hell in a hand basket for Endogyn because of Kruschinski's obvious lies and outrageous behaviors?

Karen has been pretty outrageous herself, don't you think ? Murderers?

Kind of Munchauseny??

Not letting Melissa speak for herself, why?.... is Karen bucking for some mom of the year award?

What IHRT hopes is Melissa can turn to her dad. His poor daughter more than likely has endometriosis still and the adhesions from before along with new adhesions caused by the devil endo and her recent surgeries. How could this poor girl ever approach her mother if she is still ill and not willing to return for a surgery with Kru. Karen has created a less than conducive atmosphere for that. IHRT hopes that Mr. Karen will be able to help their daughter as Karen herself seems to have lost all objectivity.

Melissa can't turn to "knowledge is power" Helen. Connie?
All these folks seem to hang on way too long and IHRT opines they wish to stay near and dear to Kruschinski as they are not as well as they claim to be.

Just like I once did. Cept I would never knowingly send up a sacrifice for my own benefit. Even if it meant I died.

The needs of the many outweighed the needs of the one.

Another brave soul laid her life on the line so the truth could be told.

Tonya’s Story

Other IHRT members all have similar op reports. Sigh.

Melissa, honest to God, if any of us here at IHRT can help you. We are here.

Please know there is hope and there is help still out there but proceed with caution.

Kruschinski is done and not an option for anyone anymore. Face it and dig in and do your homework again.

Time to move on and pray the lessons we learned observing this surgical monster are well heeded!

Time for peace and healing to begin.

I had to remove the email from this comment but thought I'd bring it up to the top

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Anonymous said...

My heart aches for all who were scammed by Kru and think they are hopeless because he said so! My heart rejoices for those who got some improvements! For them, it WAS pure luck and soon enough they will realize that to be true!!I see the young beautiful face of Melissa Steward and her little guy, Tim, and I know her pain and suffering! I cry when reading about her, I cry now as I speak to her!My message to her is this: Melissa, do not give CAN still be helped, but not by Kru as you know when your mother tried to get you back there last summer, he was already washed up! YOUR mother knew that, and you knew that too! Your mother kept up a ruse....and to save her face, not to save her daughter as she claims! Stand up for yourself, Melissa, do not let her convince you that your is Kru speaking, and it is NOT true! Your NOT a child as your mother keeps calling you, your a grown women, and you have a wonderful father who will help you! With a mother convincing her that her problems are hopeless to correct, even for Kru, then why was Karen bashing American surgeons so much? It is apparent that NO one has helped Melissa, and most of all, her own mother. Karen never had ARD, she has no clue of the real horror's of it, the pain, the hopelessness, and more so these past three years! Karen's focus was NOT on her daughters need, but instead on her obsession with her daughters Ob/gyn, anyone can see this is true! Even her own daughter could not come out and ask her mother for help, as if she did, it would be perceived as being AGAINST Kru, and for Karen, that is a no-no! Melissa, leave your mom at home and go to Dr. Mathias Korell in Germany! PLEASE! Take your Dad with you, as he knows what is going on and HIS heart is breaking! GO TO KORELL as you can still get better then you are! Turn to Robin Massengil:( email removed by IHRT but Robin can be found helping on the IAS).co She will help you and your father! Tell your father to trust his friend, she will also help him, he knows who I mean...go to your father now, Mellisa!

December 10, 2006 10:44 AM

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kruschinski attack!

If you are not well after a surgery with Kruschinski, of Endogyn fame....first he will try to get recent post surgical patients to attack you...then with a drink or two under his belt he will come gunning for you himself.
For instance
Ard Scar Adhesions
How Confluent Spraygel became Sprayshield and post market trails for Sprayshield have been terminated....the world of ARD owes so much to Dr Hanifa Koya of New Zealand....her tenacity saved us from further harm! Thank you Dr. Koya
Scarring caused by surgical gel spray |
A surgical gel - containing a drug untested on humans - has caused excruciating internal scarring in dozens of women that could lead to infertility, claims a leading gynaecologist.What is Confluent SprayGel?..
LikeUnlike · · Share · 5 hours ago.

Kruschinski Daniel ·
What a nonsense! This is a view of one gynecologist who even does not know how to use SprayShield. If you have hundreds of cases you can say anything about a product. To refer to this article shows your layman view on adhesions reformation and prevention. Don't believe a physician who really does not know how to use this wonderful product. See here: of Adhesiolysis : Laparoscopy of Adhesiolysis www.laparoscopyofadhesiolysis.comOnline Atlas of Adhesions, Adhesions surgery, Adhesions Prevention and Adhesions Reformation..
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· .Ard Scar Adhesions Hey my favorite the article is older and probably can explain why your patients keep getting get sicker from going to you....Dr Koya was responsible for STOPPING Spraygel and it was reformulated as Spraysheild.....why have the European Post Market Clinical trials of SparyShield STOP the Kru....riddle me that fatman.
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike.

Ard Scar Adhesions Oh and seeing your timly visit here leaves little doubt in my mind you asked that poor patient of yours to do your dirty work, leave them alone and come here yourself a man if you want to have it out....Like I have said many times before....if I had known you were are stupiid as you are...I never would have let you touch me....your turn Kruschinski Daniel
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike

.Kruschinski Daniel ·
No one is getting sicker, all my patients for and are getting better after surgery, this is evidently a fact, as this is why so many come here for surgery. You are the only one of the few gotten worse (which I don't believe). But I think, you need to make your drug level intake responsible for that
45 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.

Kruschinski Daniel ·
Anyway, you just see here, not only the surgery in Scranton made you going without a cane, but the surgery at EndoGyn ( I purchased another cane)
44 minutes ago · LikeUnlike

.Kruschinski Daniel ·
Date: Thursday, February 20, 2003 14:36:41
To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
Subject: Re: Just back from Germany!!!

At Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Dawn wrote:

Hello all,
I have missed you. I am thrilled to report I have been the recipient of
a miracle. Pain free,adhesion free, no more diapers no more cathing no
more cane!
I left rather suddenly and took my chance when it presented itself.
This is no miracle for Dr. Kruschkinski, it is his job and his passion.
The combination of his surgical skill, gassless lap, secondond look and
spaygel are THE winning combination and your best chance on earth to ge
you life back.
Remember no doctor would touch me and would never answer my question
"What's to become of me?"
Terry and Mary Lou have had this miracle as well and I just met Carolin
and her husband before I came home. Ah yes I can eat again and with
gusto and we shared a lovely lunch together.
We all agreed we have never had such tender and more profesional care.
We were treated as family. I could go on and on.
I offer my services to anyone who needs information or have some fears
allayed about taking this option to get your life back.
I have my life back and my biggest problem now is what to do with it!!
I never hoped for or expected this. I wish this for you all.
Much Love,
Dawn (was a few days after my feb 14th surgery)
>>I couldn't have said it better!! I'm so happy to hear you have your life
>>back!!It really does seem like the miracle, we dared not hope for,
>>doesn't it?
>>I'm thrilled that you and all the others that have gone to Frankfurt
>>have had the same wonderful experience, and amazing outcome that I did!
>>I'm sure you can see why I get excited when I hear from people wanting
>>information on going to Frankfurt!! It is SO WORTH the money and the
>>worries about traveling to another country for surgery, don't you think?
>>It is the BEST chance we have! Although some of us continue to have some
>>problems, we can rest assurred that it is NOT because of adhesions,
>>there are other things going on.
>>Continue to take it easy, I know it's hard because you want to jump back
>>into your life! But you have been through an aweful lot, and it's going
>>to take some time to heal. So please remember that and take care of
>>Best wishes and enjoy your new life! I'm sure your daughter is thrilled
>>to have her Mom back, I couldn't be happier for you!!
>>>I'm no doctor, just a fellow sufferer like you but I hope you consider e
>>new friend.
41 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.

Kruschinski Daniel ·
That were your own words
41 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.

Kruschinski Daniel · Messages for February, 2003: Re: Those who went to Germany~unanswered question? www.adhesions.orgAbout Adhesions | Message Board ... | Interact Support Groups | Help for Patients | Health ProfessionalsLibrary & Resources |Related Conditions ...See More..
Expand Preview36 minutes ago · LikeUnlike · .

Ard Scar Adhesions Yes while still under the effects of anesthesia....I did say those things till I realised my adhesions were back and worse than ever and now an umbeical hernia where your gruesome hook went in and then when I tried to speak my mind you went on the attack of a sick and suffering patient of yours and you set other patients of yours to attack me...Daniel you work on the fringes of rumor and innuendo....where is your empeircal data that proves you alone have the tools to cure adhesions...I believe thats how Karen touts it now....and that poor girl is parroting verbatim what your "patient advocates" say word for word.....perhaps next she will explain to me the deleterious effective, the hypoxic side effects of carbon dioxide....uh huh....oh and you shouldnt steal from the IAS message board...ok your turn dainel
34 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.

Kruschinski Daniel ·
No, that is impossible, this was MONTHS after surgery and anesthesia finishes hours after surgery
32 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.

Kruschinski Daniel ·
I think you should just visit you psychologist and try together with him to stop your negative disorder. You won't reach nothing by behaving like that, it only gives the real picture of you, who even is afraid to show her real name and face like millions of others who are here
28 minutes ago · LikeUnlike

.Ard Scar Adhesions Harry told me it takes months for it to disapate...are you done yet cause I just got the new Harry Potter movie and we want to watch it.....why not get Karen here and we can have an ol fashioned free for all like the good old days????
26 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.

Ard Scar Adhesions awww Daniel, you sure know how to treat a can sit here a bit longer
25 minutes ago · LikeUnlike

.Kruschinski Daniel ·
And look how you were fighting to screw my patients down, together with that Dr. Wiseman of the IAS board (International Adhesions Society), who manipulated all post from my patients that reported a success Messages for September, 2010: Re: ADHESIONS digest 1297 - Germany www.adhesions.orgDate: Sat, 4 Sep 2010 19:57:14 -0500 From: "IAS Admin \(Tracy\)" <​> To: <​> Subject: GERMANY Message-ID: <​000501cb4c95$47b910e0$6501a8c0@Tracy> MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit From: ...See More..
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.Kruschinski Daniel ·
I really would recommend to stay away from here and cure your illness first, before coming here with all that slander, libel and accusations. It is not a good place for such things any way. You can get happy in your life with your kids and family. Don't spent time on tasks, you can't reach anything. Be happy and think positive, maybe your symptoms will improve.
20 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.

Ard Scar Adhesions I would imagine because he endevors to protect those afflicted with adhesion related booseboy...if you read what it actually said you would see that none of your prior patients postings have been manipulatedor tampered with....gosh this is like shooting fish in a barrel....really, do you want someone this stupid to perform surgery on you or your loved ones???
19 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.

Ard Scar Adhesions Glad I looked as this is interesting...Painshield PainShield™ by NanoVibronix - The Lab (Channel 1)
Learn more at: The PainShield™ system is a novel, p...atch based therapeutic ultrasound product. The PainShield™ device is a portabl...See More..13 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
· .Kruschinski Daniel ·

I don't think, he is only afraid that his CAPPS will end before it started. Anyway my view is objective and I am positive and am happy to actually be able to help due to your negative websites more patients to survive adhesions. Have a good night and sleep well.
12 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.

Ard Scar Adhesions I will and sounds like you should sleep it off too