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Friday, September 28, 2007

Endogyn thru the ages : "German Feds" investigating Kruschinski & Homburg

Another blast from the past in EndoGyn

"German Feds" investigating Kruschinski & Homburg

German Fed's Investigate Kruschinski and Homberg......
among others!

It is time for IHRT to validate what we have known and have been making you aware of for over 4.5 years...Dr. Daniel Kruschisnki and his wife, Shirli Homberg are being investigated for crimes comitted in Germany!

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski is also being investigated for crimes perpetrated while practicing medicine in Germany!

Both Daniel Kruschinski and Shirli Homberg have been before a German court, and will be there a number of times in the future. Why are they being investigated, you might ask, (if you have had your head in the sand for all these years) and that question can be answered by you taking a tour of the IHRT archives!

IHRT knows, without a doubt, that crimes were being committed by both of these people, and not only against the country of Germany, but against some of the most vulnerable, suffering and desperate of patients, those who are afflicted with ARD!

Helen Dynda....professes to be an "ARD Patient Advocate" however......
IHRT also wants to pointout that Helen Dynda, of all the "Krews Crew" continues to post in the Endogyn web site, though now she does not harvest patients to Kre, as she knows there is no Kre to harvest to, she clings to any link that will make her feel important, and she too in the end will sink whe the web site does. An intersting note about Helen though, when one speaks with her on the telephone, she ONLY speaks about HER importance to the world of ARD, NEVER once mentioning Kruschinski or the welfare of those who went there and are suffering because of it!
Has Helen become nothing but a user of Kru as Karen Steward did?
Of course, and she lies too!!! In the Endogyn patient contact lst, Helen is listed as going to Kru one time, but the fact of the matter is that Helen made TWO trips to Kru for surgery..but, hey, the truth would NOT have made him look good, would it!

IHRT’s words have always been the truth, and validated as such, though IHRT was challenged by the unscrupulous “Krew’s Crew” and the “Krew King” himself, we were always proven right when our words became reality! It is finished for Daniel Kruschinski now, and he brought all of this down on himself, and for what!?
These words from IHRT are true, as always, and are shared today with no compassion for this man, this despicable criminal, al all we want to say to Kruschinski is that we hope he sits in prison for a long, long time!
Maybe IHRT IS showing some compassion for him, as we would NOT want him to ever have to suffer the pain and indignities of “Adhesion Related Disorder,” as we would not wish that on anyone!

Daniel Kruschinski’s current life style….. no facilities in which to perform operations, of any kind, no home, no family, no mistress, bankrupt, drinking heavy, no friends, no colleges, no social life, sneaks out at night to shop, to drink, abuses his wife, lost the home of his former wife, Ann and his two older son’s, cannot visit his two babies, is said to act “crazy” in public, screaming, waving his arms in the air like a raving maniac, still thinks he is a “great” surgeon, of which he never was recognized, still posts now and then saying he is opening a new facility (** most recent in Stuttgard) ..all of this and more are what remains of Daniel Kruschinski after all his denials, accusations of slander and attempts to discredit IHRT, in the end, all of his attacks on IHRT couldn’t stop the truth of it all from coming down on him!
Posted Donnerstag, 20. September 2007 @ 07:07:57
Mit verstärkter Kraft arbeiten wir nun auch an einer Operationsmöglichkeit in Stuttgart, um einen etwas südlicheren Standort zu haben, da für viele Patienten der Weg schon eine relevante Rolle spielt. Wir werden darüber genau berichten. Viele Grüße
--------------------Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.

Shirli Homberg-the “scientist” who made claims that she worked and was reporting from an “Adhesion lab,” which never existed and she said these things in her attempts to harvest patients to her husband, and why did she do this? “Greed, money, fame, and all then while knowing her husband had a mistress, and was perpetrating crimes against the country and against the laws and ethical boundaries of medicine!
Today Shirli is destitute with two little boys, abused by her husband, alone, working part-time, lost her family, her credibility, her future of securing any decent respectable job, her son’s are the product of an insane, criminal father, no loving grandparents, destined to a future as bleak as their older step-brothers will be!

Oh, well, such is the legacy of one Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, “I leave to my four boys my gass-less surgery!”
IHRT says, “Just another empty, senseless comment for one empty, senseless has-been!”

For person's not firmiliar with stats, you will see the date, time and access route that the "web visitor" is using to locate the information they are seeking. In this case, the German Federal Government is searching the Internet for anything regarding "Kruschisnki and Homberg," and among the material displayed to them via the Internet, IHRT availed itself, and all it's truths about this couple, to the "web visitor," in this case, the German Federal Government!
IHRT monitors all it's visitors, among them and VERY routinely, is "Kru and Helen Dynda!"
IHRT (Path)
27nd September 2007 09:22:36 AM (Internet Connection Of The Federal Republic Of Germany)
[Label IP Address]
Nordrhein-westfalen, Bonn, Germany,

26th September 2007
05:34:24 AM

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kruschisnki profile - "Abused as a child?"

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, was he abused as a child??? Read on.....

Due to the sensitivity of this "new profile" that appears to fit with the behaviors exhibited by Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, IHRT will not make jest of anything written here, and though these things are no excuse for criminal and hurtful behaviors by these victims, it is a sad and disturbing way for an adult to live, let alone a child!

IHRT's opinion is that even though Kruschinski probably had many nasty influences in his childhood leading to his behaviors today as an adult, he still has a responsibility to others as any other adult, and he was obligated to seek treatment for any of his hidden fears and lasting affects of his abuses as a child!
Instead, we find a man who turned his fears and anger onto innocent, unwitting and desperate patients, many, far to many, who will live horrific lives becuase of him! These is no good excuse for Kruschinski to turn his anger, shame and humitialtion onto these people, and he continues it yet today!

The GOOD nerws:
Endogyn is closed down and exists only in the pages of a computer's web site, transcribed there from the mind of one very disturbed doctor who fantasizes himself to be the greatest surgeon in the world and almost all those fantasizes are found in a bottle of vodka! Perhaps the others are deeply rooted in the mind of an inner child still reeling from abuses in his childhood, and feeling of inadequaces, low-self esteem and anger!

Unfortunately, this IS NOT the end of Endogyn news on IHRT! Not by a long shot, so stayed tuned for more factual updates as we watch Kruschinski manipulate patients through the use of his web site. Kruschinski posts lie after lie in his reply's to the patient's posts to him, as he needs these posts to feed his ego fix like drugs to an addict!

Coming to IHRT this week, 100% validation that Daniel Kruschinski is facing some tough criminal matters inhis life..and some that veryt well could land him in prison, or perhaps, a mental institution! (THIS last thought was based on his behaviors in court recently, and he has more court caes coming up!)

NEW PROFILE being attached to Daniel Kruschiski after Michi Katzer and his grandmother talk of his childhood.......

Though this recent disclosure that Kruschinski is an "adult Bed-wetter" might be caused by excessive drinking and drunken stupors, it also points to the profile of an "abuse child," as bed wetting in adults can be traces to sexual, physical or emotional abuse as a child. This revelation is consistent with the following profile adopted to explain the many "different" behaviors exhibited by Danial Kruschinski and which appears to be associated with things coming out of his childhood. His brother seems to have been spared these "triggers," yet we know that Daniel Kruschinski himself stated that he learned many "coping" mechanisms from his father, who was an " Auschwitz" camp survivor.

Fact: There is no "Kruschinski" listed as a "survivor" of Auschwitz, Poland, and these records are near fool proof! It is also common knowledge that Auschwitz survivors did not go on to settle in Germany!

It is the opinion of IHRT that the "Kruschinski Patriarch" worked in Auschwitz, and carried many of his horrific behaviors exhibited there home to his family!
It is easy to make associations with the lists of behaviors exhibited by adults abused as children, and Kruschinski's behaviors seem to fit in almost all of them!

*Kruschinski is NOT a medical professor,as he claimed.(He is barely a good surgeon,)
*Kruschnski is not performing surgeries anywhere, he is not even associated with a facility!
*Kruschnski is not and never has done any teaching on "Lift Laporoscopy" as claimed in his web site.
*As remarkable as the material in Endogyn web sites appear, non of it has ever been validated and 95% of it has been proven to be propaganda!
*Daniel Kruschinski is being sought after by German legal criminal authorities,
*Daniel Kruschinskiis being sought by the German Medical Board,
*Daniel Kruschinski by the German IRS!
*Daniel Kruschinski is not performing surgery at an facility in Germany at this time, nor is he going to "Stuttgard" in the near future as he claims on the German message board!
*Daniel Kruschinski did willfully falsify 99.9% of the material located within the "Endogyn" web site.
*"Endogyn" has never been an institute of learning,
* "Confluent Surgical" is listed as a sponsor,yet this company no longer exist's!
*Kruschinski did not develope or "invent" the " Abdolift,"*The "Abdolift" is no longer being manufactured, nor sold.
*Daniel Kruschinski did willfully falsify documents stating that Michi Katzer was a nurse! Katzer is not and never has been a nurse though Kruschinski did allow her to work in the operating room. Currently she has admited that she is not a nurse!
*Daniel Kruschinski over-charged patients for services rendered, manipulated rates and exploited patients from the USA.
* Daniel Kruschinski extorted money from International patients coming to Endogyn by use of false pretenses, miss-representation and false advertising, including but not limited to false reports and publications by his wife, Shirli Humbolt.
*An "Adhesion Lab" never existed as perpetrated in Endogyn.
*Kruschinski, and others associated with Endogyn. are being sought for organized crimes against the Government of Germany.
*Krushinski was never taking part in ANY clinical studies as he alleged.
*Krushinski never had a book published as it was discovered to be full of bogus and fraudulant material!

* Kruschinski allowed his underage son to offer medical advice via the Endogyn web site, this is not legal in Germany!
* It is not legal to list any medical organization or bussiness as an "LTD" bussiness! This list can go on and on and on, however, IHRT has more validation as to the fall of Kruschinski in 2007..

At one time Daniel Krushinski's name could be found listed in the pages of many International Endoscopic Organizations, not so today!

The ONE thing that has remained consistent throughout the 4 years since the inception of the "ENDOGYN" web site is this:Dr. Daniel M. Kruschinski M.D. has always had the need to make himself the center of attention, and has never vacillated away from the fact!

Dr. Daniel Marian Kruschinski M.D. will use any method he deems necessary to have himself recognized as important, no matter how short lived that experience is, he will still perpetrate the action! Kruschinski works hard to create his dream world, to feed his need for attention and fame, his need for feeling importance, "flaunting" his "masculinity" by have mistress's, talking about "sexual" issues all the time, though he is "effeminate" in his movements and actions, by yelling and throwing tantrums, he appears to think he is looking "masculine!" was now his goal and the ONLY ones he would get that from were past patients!

Facts of Kruschinski's life:
*Kruschinski lost two wives, four children, mistress's, employees and colleges, professes to be a "Dubon," (men who prefer other "hairy" men for sexual purposes)

*IHRT heard that Kru only has one drink a day, we hear that it is never empty!
*His first family has lost their house, his older boys are not highly educated as one might see for a Dr's son, instead they write in public about drinikng to excess and a dad who beats their mother!

*He is forbidden to see his two little sons, for many reasons!
*Kruschinski has continued to manipulate patients to feed his neediness!
*It is said that Kruschinski even sleeps on some of his patients couches for need of housing!
*Kruschinski is alone now, no mistress, after Michi's mother's recent collapse)
*He is jobless, friendless, an alcoholic, a criminal, ostracized from the world of OB/GYN's and in his own family!
*Kruschinski is described as being, "stinky, over weight, bloated, and losing his hair again. Someone reported he actually "smelled" and "looked like a bum" when he tried to enter a klinik that he was thrown out of!

*He is recognized as a "Dr. has-been," and one of most unreputable character!

*Endogyn, his facticious bussiness remains nothing but a web site, and "LTD" commodity connected to the world by a lap top computer in a hotel room, or perhaps the couch of his Grandmother, and of recent, his mistress's mother!( This claim stated by him in the courtroom recently!)

The good news about Endogyn is that no surgeries are going on. It is all talk, or words shall we say! Kruschinski is not associated with any medical facility and this is well known in the world of German medicine! He is saught after by bill collectors, tax officials, medical officials, landlords, patients, and to many others to mention! German government offices which oversee medical issues in their country and German hospitals also seek him for questioning, and money owed them!

IHRT has always been aware of these things, knowing in time, Kru would sink himself and he has. Kruschinski can post in Endogyn from here to eternity all his fantasies about him doing surgeries, having patients galore, people singing his praises, being recognized as a world-renowned specialist, wealth, sex, travels, franchises, infrastructures, mistress's, puppies, and questionnaires galore, but the fact of the matter is this.


Potential Long-Term Effects of the Sexual Abuse of Males
This section lists potential, but not inevitable, lasting effects of the sexual abuse of male children. It should not be read as a "laundry list" of problems and symptoms that necessarily follow the sexual abuse of males, nor does the presence of any in males with sexual abuse histories necessarily mean the abuse is their primary cause.

Findings on the long-term effects of child sexual abuse in males have been more consistent than those on prevalence. Methodologies for detecting problems and symptoms that could be outcomes are relatively straightforward, and many studies have utilized standardized measures that are widely accepted in the field.
First, I want to recommend a paper by David Lisak, Ph.D. This paper contains many powerful quotations from interviews with male survivors of sexual abuse. Lisak groups the quotations into themes, and discusses them with remarkable insight and compassion.
The themes are:
Homosexuality Issues
Isolation and Alienation
Masculinity Issues
Negative Childhood Peer Relations
Negative Schemas about People
Negative Schemas about the Self
Problems with Sexuality
Self Blame/Guilt
One man emailed me to share this experience: "reading [Lisak's article] was the first time I realized that other people have the same issues I have. I sat in the library and cried when I read that article. Not the usual reaction to scholarly research, but I'm sure Prof. Lisak wouldn't mind" (used with permission).
Lisak, D. (1994). The psychological impact of sexual abuse: Content analysis of interviews with male survivors [2 megabyte PDF]. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 7, 525-548.

Using standardized measures of symptoms, researchers have found that men who were sexually abused in childhood, whether or not they seek out mental health services, may suffer from:
Hostility and anger
Impaired relationships
Low self-esteem
Sexual dysfunction
Sleep disturbance
Suicidal ideas and behavior

The following researchers have used standardized measures and found different combinations of the above symptoms:
Bagley, Wood, & Young, 1994
Briere, Evans, Runtz, & Wall, 1988
Collings, 1995
Fromuth & Burkhart, 1989
Hunter, 1991
Olson, 1990
Peters & Range, 1995
Therapists working with men who were sexually abused in childhood have conducted clinical case studies and consistently reported findings on long-term problems including:
Guilt and self-blame - Lew, 1988; Myers, 1989; Hunter, 1990.
Low self-esteem and negative self-image - Lew, 1988; Myers, 1989.
Problems with intimacy - Bruckner & Johnson, 1987; Dimock, 1988; Lew, 1988; Krug, 1989; Hunter, 1990.
Sexual problems, compulsions, or dysfunctions - Bruckner & Johnson, 1987; Johnson & Shrier, 1987; Dimock, 1988; Lew, 1988; Myers, 1989; Hunter, 1990.
Substance abuse and depression - Krug, 1989.
Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Myers, 1989.

Some of the long-term effects of sexual abuse are related to the development of gender identity. A number of clinicians' case studies indicate that male survivors of childhood sexual abuse may experience:
Attempts to "prove" their masculinity by having multiple female sexual partners, sexually victimizing others, and/or engaging in dangerous or violent behaviors - Bruckner & Johnson, 1987; Lew 1988.
Confusion over their gender and sexual identities - Nasjleti, 1980; Bruckner & Johnson, 1987; Johnson & Shrier, 1987; Dimock, 1988; Lew, 1988; Myers, 1989; Gilgun & Reiser, 1990.
Sense of being inadequate as men - Dimock, 1988; Lew, 1988; Myers, 1989; Pierce & Pierce, 1985.
Sense of lost power, control, and confidence in their manhood - Myers, 1989.
Finally, some clinicians have noted that sexually abused males often experience confusion and distress about their sexuality:
Fear that the sexual abuse has caused or will cause them to become homosexual - Nasjleti, 1980; Finkelhor, 1984; Dimock, 1988; Gilgun & Reiser, 1990; Lew, 1988; Myers, 1989.
Homophobia, an irrational fear or intolerance of homosexuality - Gilgun & Reiser, 1990; Lew, 1988; Myers, 1989.


Does childhood abuse have little effect on men?
Are men who have been childhood victims seen by services other than the "helping professions"?
Do adult males tend not to disclose their experiences of childhood sexual abuse?
Men do not define their childhood experiences as abusive, and do not think that their abuse experiences have had a negative impact.

CONCLUSIONS: Sexual abuse of boys appears to be common, underreported, underrecognized, and undertreated. Future study requires clearer definitions of abuse, improved sampling, more rigorous data collection, more sophisticated data analyses, and better assessment of management and treatment strategies. Regardless, health care professionals should be more aware of and sensitive to the possibility of sexual abuse in their male patients.
Finally, in terms of recommended articles, is the HMO study mentioned above:
Dube, S. R., et al. (2005).
Long-term consequences of childhood sexual abuse by gender of victim. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 28, 430-438.BACKGROUND: Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) is a worldwide problem. Although most studies on the long-term consequences of CSA have focused on women, sexual abuse of both boys and girls is common. Thus, a comparison of the long-term effects of CSA by gender of the victim will provide perspective on the need for future research, prevention activities, and treatment of survivors.

METHODS: A retrospective cohort study was conducted from 1995 to 1997 among 17,337 adult HMO members in San Diego, California. Participants completed a survey about abuse or household dysfunction during childhood, and multiple other health-related issues. Multivariate logistic regression was used to examine the relationships between severity of CSA (intercourse vs no intercourse) and long-term health and social problems (substance use and abuse, mental illness, and current problems with marriage and family) by gender of victim. Models controlled for exposure to other forms of adverse childhood experiences that co-occur with CSA. Among men, the relationship between the gender of the CSA perpetrator to the outcomes was also examined.

RESULTS: Contact CSA was reported by 16% of males and 25% of females. Men reported female perpetration of CSA nearly 40% of the time, and women reported female perpetration of CSA 6% of the time. CSA significantly increased the risk of the outcomes. The magnitude of the increase was similar for men and women. For example, compared to reporting no sexual abuse, a history of suicide attempt was more than twice as likely among both men and women who experienced CSA (p < color="#ff0000" size="4">

In IHRT's opinion, Daniel Kruschinski is in need of extreme psychiatric intervention, and that it is the responsibility of the German Medical Board to impose this intervention on him before he can injure any more patients by claiming he is a competent surgeon in that country!

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Kruschinski "Curse" continues with victim # 892 and counting...

The Kruschinski "CURSE" continues...........
and remember, if you don't like what we say, stay away!.....and this time it took a most unexpected turn yesterday when it took out this most recent "victim!" Read on at your own risk.....and remember this, IHRT always tells the truth and secures it's information from very credible sources!
Every once in a while someone in this world surfaces with "psycho" behaviors as creepy and bizarre as anything one can imagine a "psycho" doing. ANYONE and EVERYONE that is even remotely associated with them, become unwitting victims of the "psycho" and their lives are impacted in a number of ways! One thing is certain to be of common experience, and that is these victims will suffer and many will actually have their lives destroyed!
Dr.. Kruschinski is no exception the the above, however, he is not an unwitting victim, HE IS the psycho!
"Oh my God! It looks like Kruschinski to me, run!!!!"

During a recent court appearance by Kruschinski who was seen and heard "screaming and acting like a maniac" during the proceedings, he stated that he was “not only LIVING with his past mistress’s mother, they were also LOVERS!”

Yes folks, the now notorious Dr. Kru made this comment to the judge and in a room full of attorneys and others, among the others was his current wife, Shirli Homberg!
Kru went on to give his current address as also belonging to one Mrs. Reamer, non other then Micheala Katzer’s mother!

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski & Mrs. Reimer
1238467 Bergfeld
Phone numbers:
05368/ 97078
05368/ 970858
05368/ 970865

Instant Recall coming up with this past IHRT blog…..
Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Kru has no office, hospital or staff, his "infrastructure is nothing more then a computer located in his mistress's mothers house ( Michi Katzer) where he is living with the mother and having a love affair, (at least Kru claims that, and it would not be so far fetched as Michi's mom was only 15 years old when she birthed Michi in East Berlin. Remember, Kru has never been fussy about who he sleeps with, including Mrs. Lotts!)

IHRT shares the report as we received it just this morning, only hours after it happened right here in Germany!
Mr. Schiller, one of our “agents” (as we shall address him as,) lives in a complex within close proximity of Mrs. Reamer’s apartment, and he was privy to witness a number of emergency vehicles and personnel at the apartment belonging to her.
Being of a curious mind, the congenial Mr. Schiller strolled over to the scene, out of concern for Mrs. Reimer, of course, and pried into her business.

He learned that poor Mrs. Reamer was being prepared to be transferred to a medical facility as she was overcome with anxiety and “nerves” due to matters involving her male room-mate, a Doctor! It appears that Mrs. Reamer had taken as much as she could take with “problems and drinking” by this man that she could not handle it anymore and had a nervous breakdown.

She was overheard repeating over and over, "Just look at that drunken pig, and he is crazy, thinks the FBI is after him, that spy's are watching him, he thinks there is an International conspiracy against him..he is a crazy mean drunk!"

"He thinks he lived with sexual harassment, violence and stress, look at what I lived with - HIM!"

IHRT is not surprised at this recent development in the “saga” of Daniel Kruschinski, and we will add one more tid-bit of information we received from the car dealership who received the “Mercedes” Kruschinski stole from the Emma Klinik when he was fired from there. The car was a filthy mess with foul odors and showed evidence of someone having lived in it! Many, many miles had been put on the car and the tires were all but worn bald!

Here is what they had to do with that car after it was taken back from Kru!

Now, IHRT cannot claim to know it was lived in by the great “King Kru” himself, however, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if Kru stole the car, and then it was confiscated from him, and he had no job, money, home or lover at the time, he very well could be the homeless filthy drunk who was living in it! HELLO!

Endogyn web site remains dormant for the most part, everything in it remains bogus and out dated, Kru himself has all but stopped posting in the English message board, and he is calling it quits in the German one, (due “sexual harassment” type posts, of which no one else ever saw!! About 40 a day he said, but we all know how he is about inflating his number in anything he says! )

Speaking of “SEXUAL HARRASMENT”…. Stay tuned for the most recent criminal/psychological profile that has been derived about Daniel Kruschinski! This recent profile come to IHRT BY Shirli herself, after she brought a number of personal issues about her life with Kru to the attention of the “Social Service’s” case agent, and it paints a picture of what makes Daniel tick, and it paints it in a way much different from any other profile IHRT has been privy to share with you!

IHRT will say that “this profiling” does make a lot of sense, and in all indications, the behaviors exhibited by Kruschinski fit very well as being the result of a VERY nasty childhood! Nasty enough that Shirli fears for her life and the lives of her two young sons’, who she withholds from ever being with Kruschinski alone!

Stay tuned for this profile, coming this weekend!

In the mean time, IHRT would like to point out that almost everything we have presented to you in this web site that pertained to Endogyn and Dr. Daniel M. Kruschinski has come to pass, and what little of our predictions and revelations about it remain, they too will come to pass as we have stated it will.

No person(s) mentioned in any of IHRT blogs has ever been able to offer valid contradictions to any words stated in IHRT!
IHRT remains honest, and though some may not like the way we present our issues, our issues have always been and remain the truth!

With this being said, IHRT asks you to take a look back in out web site, re-read some of the blogs and in doing that, you will see that others have not only lied to you, miss-represented things, manipulated you, and tried everything they could to make IHRT look non credible, however, when the past blogs are read today, one will be able to see that these people are nothing less then the most unscrupulous, despicable, low life human beings who did nothing more then take advantage of innocent and vulnerable suffering ARD patients, among them Helen Dynda, Karen Steward, Lisa Gravens, Sally Grigg and a number of others!

Karen Steward…who for years professed that “King Kru” cured her daughter, and in that Karen manipulated many to go to Kru, only to reveal in her book that her daughter suffers yet today and that her daughter never even liked Kruschinski! Karen’s book ends by giving one the impression that this book was written by the mother of a young ARD victim, a mother who fell in love with her daughter’s gynecologist, and not being able to be with this Dr. she took her anger out on her own husband! This book is filled with scorn, anger and hatred for others, but has one continuous theme in which she is constantly praising Dr. Kru.

In IHRT’s opinion, the book offers nothing of benefit to person’s afflicted with ARD as no matter what is discussed or presented between the covers of it, the book ends at a “dead end” road as Karen’s whole point in the book, and in her life, seem to focus on her obsession with her daughters OB/GYN, an man who has now gone mad!

IHRT says that you should NOT waste your money $$$ on this book as it is as useless as the combination of Endogyn, Dr. Kruschinski, SprayGel and Gas-less Adhesiolysis,” all of which are no longer available!

Interesting how both “Karen’s book” and “Doc. Kru’s Endogyn both died at the same time…the only movement coming out of Endogyn is Helen Dynda, posting on dead web site of Endogyn before it to goes down, and it will go down, folks!
Helen is also constantly looking herself up in “Google and IHRT
"Helen Dynda's" mouse after looking herself up night after night, as she appears to have gone "nocturnal" since her two surgeries at Endogyn!
Oh yeah, Helen was also mentioned in that book…could it be that this book carries it’s own curse for those associated with it…IHRT thinks it is a justifiable end to the scum who were “Endogyn!”

IHRT will close today by quoting Karen Steward,
“What goes around, comes around!”

Karen and Kru have fallen as has Endogyn, but IHRT continues to be recognized for bringing the truth of “Endogyn, Kruschinski and other ARD information” to the public!

Stay tuned for this profile, coming this weekend!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ENDOGYN-Excuses, Excuses - "Poor Me" cries Kru

Kruschinski is ALWAYS the poor victim!

First it was "Spies," then a "Conspiracy," then "Harassment," then "Lies," and then "Personal Attacks" against Kru..... ...

NOW he is being "attacked" via Michi's Endogyn message board and on a daily basis no less, by hackers, sex providers and his "usual" enemies thus the necessity of a new RULE for would be posters to that board!


This "NEW" infrastructure doesn't have a thing to do with the fact that "HonorCode" will no longer give its stamp of approval to the Endogyn web site or that the web site has not been upgraded in many, many months, nor the fact that it is full of lies, deceit, manipulations, fraudulent statements, misrepresentations, and few, VERY few, factual material!

Anyone visiting the Endogyn message boards, English and German, they will find a FEW "regulars" who post there, but these posts have little to nothing to do with Kru, surgeries, medicine or ARD issues anymore, but rather the posts are of a chit-chat nature, dogs, fauna, silly stuff like that. However, there are also a number of negative posts mentioning Kru and his shenanigans.

On the German board one can find many past patients of Kru's referring others to Dr.'s other then Kruschinski! (Of course, Kruschinski has no hospital to perform any surgeries in, so who could refer anyone to him, IHRT wonders who would even want to given his trashy history and practices!)

The English board is all but finished, all one finds there is Helen Dynda clicking away in her section with what appears to be instigated by thoughts that Endogyn message board, and web site, will be gone tomorrow! (She is correct if that is her motivation!) Posts to the English board are VERY few and far between, mostly silly stuff with no medical association at all and usually posted by "Dandy Sandy," Kru's new found bud!

Actually IHRT thinks it is nice of Kru and Michi to provide a place for these people to vent and chat on their dime, and it is about time they did something good for others!!!

What goes around comes around Kru, and your circle of "friends" would certainly open the door to this "smut stuff" you claim is invading the message board!

Now, IHRT can understand Kru's frustration at being tormented by his "usual" enemies, and he has enough of them who post on his Mistress's message board, and that he doesn't like to deal with the usual "hackers & sex providers" one encounters with message boards, however, IHRT thinks that Kru should appreciate that there is at least some activity in Endogyn web site.

Kru certainly is NOTdoing any surgeries anywhere in "Europe" or Germany, and when a Dr. of all people, utilize a computer message board as his sole means of communicating with his "patients," what did he think he would encounter! Not only is a public PC message board one of the lowest forms of a Dr./Patient communications base, it reeks of being unprofessional, lacks confidentiality, and in Kru's case, this is evident BIG TIME, and it is just plain "cheesy!

Overall, Kru's medical/surgical practice, Endogyn, is only a web site, and one that is not even owned by him, but by his mistress! Kru has no office, hospital or staff, his "infrastructure is nothing more then a computer located in his mistress's mothers house ( Michi Katzer) where he is living with the mother and having a love affair, (at least Kru claims that, and it would not be so far fetched as Michi's mom was only 15 years old when she birthed Michi. Remember, Kru has never been fussy about who he sleeps with, including Miltenberger!)

So, the "Saga of Endogyn" continues with a splatter of nutty stuff from Kru and the few nutty patients who obviously live dysfunctional lives as it appears that they get "something" from their sic association with this kind of "freak," (as Kruschinski is known in the world of medicine, by the way!)

Yes folks, Kru is now officially bankrupt, lives in his car and with various women here and there! Kru is NOT performing any of the surgeries he posts about, and yes, anyone responding to them is either whacked out themselves or are enablers stroking this man ego over the Internet!

Now, talk about creepy, sick perverted use of a web site and message board....well, Kruschinski IS the real perp here, talk about calling the kettle black, as he knows how he can get a rise out of you women, and he is a master at manipulation! All Kru is doing with these message boards in this cheesy web site called, Endogyn, is using ALL OF YOU who post there to feed his own sic perverted and cheesy needs!

Soon Endogyn will be a dormant web site, done, finished, closed for all decent purposes, as it is near that point now. FEW posts by Kru, though he sits and watches like a hawk...posts some pretty fantastic stuff, all false, all bogus, and no one, that’s right , NO ONE can schedule a surgery with him, think IHRT is wrong, try it!

The fact of the post regarding a surgeo from Texas in Germany to observe a surgery at Endogyn (whatever and where ever that is,) why couldn't Kruschinski share this Dr.'s name in PRIVATE emails when it was requested of him, instead, he shouts in frenzy on a message board that he cannot say it publicly, for obvious reasons!

Life is always a drama for Kru! LOL!

Hello everyone, did it ever occur to him that maybe, just maybe he could have communicated with "Heart" in a more private way...such as PRIVATE email or telephone??? What is even more bizarre is that everyone responding to that goofy post accepted Kru's excuses for NOT sharing this surgeons name? These dramatic posts make everyone look rediculouse indeed, but it is funny ....LOL! LOL!

Ever notice that if Kruschinski cannot "wheel and deal" via a web site message board, he can't "wheel & deal" at all! I

HRT predicts that soon, very soon, you will see the German message board as silent as the English one has become, as the truth is folks, is that Kruschinski cannot drink all day and night, be tracked by authorities and bill collectors, and made accountable for his many, many horrible medical practices, and most important, for each surgery he claims to have done, he is held accountable for paying taxes on that income! As long as he makes the claims in public, he has to pay the piper! Way to go, Danno! Talk about a fool....LOL! LOL!

Kru MUST get rid of these pesky message boards, as no longer are they of benefit to, good-bye message boards, and......Thank-you for your understanding

"Help Me! Someone is telling on me!"


Harrasment! Sicko-Sex Stuff!

"Dubon" love affairs!" Sex=Kru sleeping with everyone and anyone!

"Spies" and "Bill Collectors!"

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Posted Mittwoch, 5. September 2007 @ 15:34:41

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