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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Total Confession of Daniel M Kruschinski

"Danke Schoen"
Dr. Daniel M. Kruschinski

Long time coming, but in the end, the wait was well worth it coming from his own fat face and sleezy mouth!

IHRT would like to thank Daniel Kruschinski for confessing what IHRT has been reporting about him from day one!

It makes no difference who the "accusers" are, or where they are located, Kruschinski, the fact is that they are 100% honest in everything reported here in IHRT!

(When contacted about Kru's confession, Bev & Dawn stated that they would be "happy to accept all the "accusations" as "accolades" in his confession," and
they laughed and laughed!)

Read his words, "in green" as written by con man Kruchinski," as he confesses that he is not "THAT" bad!" If those he conned and experimented on could just get over it, he would be just fine, after all HE is always the "VICTIM" here and everyone else is part of a conspiracy against HIM!

Note that he NEVER mentions his fraudulant clinical studies on innocent US patients, experimental surgeries on dozens of innocent US patients & taking thousands of dollars from them, lying about his surgical results and recruiting others to lie along with him, posting dozens of claims of NEW Infrastructures starting, no follow-up to "hundreds of promises" of all kinds posted in Endogyn, having 2 ex-wives and 4 children on welfare and living the "high life" with his mistress Michi, and being 1.5 million in debt and still spending when he knew he was bankrupt, and trying to "black-mail" and "threaten" people into silence of his wrong doings, didn't work though!!

What a man, a real con man that is!

Anyone who would believe that 2 people in the USA could accomplish what Kru spews in his post below are more stupid than IHRT originally thought, though some definately are!

(The saying goes, Kruschinski, that if one person calls you an ass, you can ignore it, if two people call you an ass, maybe you should think about it a bit, however, if THREE people call you an ass, it's time to buy a saddle! YOU, however, could just steal one!)

Lots of accusations in his ramblings, but no proof or validation of his words, unlike IHRT, as we always validate our words!

(IHRT adds, "As usual for "King Kru," the following post was up one day in Endogyn, then down the next.....")

Kruschinski's own words.....

1) Libel and slander
Since June 2003smear campaigns have been going on against me as a doctor and private person, and now also against my entire environment like children, other relatives, colleagues, partners, my male and female patients, cooperating companies, organizers of conferences, the medical association, health insurance companies, hospitals, all in all, against everybody who had anything to do with me, even against my pets.

(IHRT adds the following links to show if IHRT committed libel or slander at anytime, we would be gone! Why aren't we?)

These campaigns originated in the US, but some people jumped on the bandwagon here in Germany and tried to spew their vitriolic attacks around like fairground barkers.
Most of the time I register this without any emotions, because at this time, it is hard for me to believe that any slander and comparisons with Hitler, Nazi, Dr.Mengele, Dr.Frankenstein, Johann Konrad Dippel, Sadam Hussein and many others come from mentally healthy and alert persons. If they were not directed against me, I would actually call these campaigns ridiculous. They could cause laughing fits because of the way they are presented, masterly melodramatic in a typical “National Enquirer” manner.

Another Dr. lives a "double life!?"

If you have not seen it before, here are just a few examples from thousands of pages of Internet garbage:

“Shit-Faces” of a Polish Jewish Drunk!

Thanks Germany for leaving loose a man who experimented on patientswith the same level of detachment from society as Josef Mengele!
"They will suffer anyway "- Dr. Daniel Kruschinski
What can the onlooker think about Germany as this unreal saga unfolds?

Dr. Daniel M. Kruschinski
Stay tuned to IHRT for more breaking news!
Ja, we have huge ideas and we do breed these confidence tricksters right here in Germany!
We in Germany give them all the confidence they need to go forth and perpetrate crimes against humanity….. It’s in our gene pool!Sig Heil.

Here is one of my favorite fat piggies, I save a special place in hell for him. Heil Hitler!! _________________________________________________
Revealing the true life experiments of “Dr. Dipple Hook” aka “Dr. Daniel Kruschisnki”

The manufacturer no longer makes this evil hook

SHAME ON GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Really Suck for not protecting the innocent from this ol Nazi bastard!

When’s it gonna end? When he kills someone???

He just be chillin till the next victim comes along.
Daniel Kruschinski has performed illeagle experimetal surgeries and the victims paid for the pleasure. As detached as Mengele he waits for another
money wire….and then the bribes to others ect.
Actung, it’s all underground by now and Germany Does Nothing
“Happy Halloween”

STOP Dr. Daniel M. Kruschinski

Endogyn : Are German Laws strong enough to prosecute a unified group of elite propagandists?
Can they stop an unnecessary evil? Was Germany the specific target of establishing a base of operations? Is Germany a good place to “get away” with it?May this letter find those who still care, to those with a sense of justice, to those with the determination and ability to make changes that will keep innocent men, women and children safe.If the profiteering from the pain and vanquish of others is allowed to continue unabated then may it be you and your family who are chosen to suffer next.
How do people embroiled in the Endogyn scandal justify their actions? It’s so very tragic society has not evolved enough and that unwitting and unwilling human experimentation is alive and well in this day and age in of all places Germany!The similarities of Endogyn and the rise of Nazi fascists are terrifying from the perspective of those who were experimented on.The unified front of well pedigreed surgeons, big pharma, medical equipment manufacturers, publishers and those on the fringes looking to profit financially and psychologically from perceived benefits of this Ponzi scheme. Are they too strongly banded together to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity?The human beings left in their wake are an even bigger burden to society.
The financial toll to the government of each victim’s country of origin is staggering. Lifelong medical care, broken families, misplaced children scarred for life by the intense suffering they are subjected too. These innocent patient victims are not indicative of just one life affected but entire families have become devastated. Poverty strikes and the governments of the patient’s homeland must bear the financial burden of long term care for the victims. This really does affect you then. We are all connected and if we lose this day of justice. If no example is set. If no safety is supplied and the profiteering from the pain and vanquish of others is allowed to continue unabated then it may be you and your family who are chosen to suffer next.May god have mercy on the souls of those listed below and may they meet swift justice or what is to become of humanity if a blind eye is turned on the whole matter. After all dear reader how could the plight of perhaps a few thousand women affect you? It could be you or your loved one next.
Well they say you can’t change a zebras stripes. Once a con, always a con.

Come on Germany ya shameful place. Stop this man and his prostitutes!
Monday, July 21, 2008
Wake up Germany

Whose this, then? LOL
The Internet smear campaign from the US, which has been going on since 2003, seems to spill over to Germany. Some of the postings on the American blog pages are in German now, but there is hardly anything that can be done since allows any contents on blog pages and one does not have any legal means to stop that.

If you click on report blog, the following appears:

If you click on defamation you will see the following:
which means that only removes material, which has been acknowledged as defamation by the US court. Anyone can imagine how much effort and cost it would take to pursue this.
A US lawyer once told me: "Before you see these people in court, you will have easily spent $100,000 and even then it is still questionable if you will ever get any satisfaction. Most of the time the people behind these blog pages don’t have anything you can sue them for and even if you manage to eliminate their sites, they will appear elsewhere on the Internet.”
This has happened before.
This explains why I haven’ taken the course of law to act against these people, even though I know who they are. My lawyers and several associations have tried to send various letters and e-mails to all kinds of organizations, first of all to Google, but without success. We have also reported the violation of copyright by copying pictures and text material, on different occasions, but to no avail.

(IHRT adds that maybe it is because it isn't "defamation" at all but rather truth!: Kruschinski, (DAH!) remember, the "law" does not cross International boarders! Your lawyer also appears to be a liar, and you might want to get "wiser" associates! (Birds of a feather DO flock together!)

For a while now, there have been pages appearing in German and that is one reason why I have decided to explain my point of view to everybody who is interested and I will illustrate here how it happened.

By the way, if these pages had appeared in Germany, there is a law which says that the host or host company is partly responsible for the contents. This is why one can act against any slander on German forums and web sites. However, this is not possible on blog pages as in happened in my slander case where the German laguages is used.

(IHRT reminds Kruschinski that these pages DID appear in Germany, they are on the INTERNET..get it, "INTERNET, GLOBAL," YOU read them IN Germany! Kru, would you produce that "law" for all to see?)

When you “google” my name, ( you will find these pages and here you have the opportunity to read my point of view on the background which leads to such writings.

(OUCH! That stuff IS bad news for Kru!

IHRT thinks that Kruschinski should be "THANKING" Bev & Dawn that he has no fear of "Identity Theft," as who would want an indentity as tarnished as they seem to have made his?)



Any intelligent person will not take this seriously, but unfortunately, these campaigns have a certain effect. A high percentage of the US population reads the “National Enquirer”, and so there is always a number of people who take these pages seriously too. As a consequence, I lose my reputation, there is a feeling of unease among my patients, cooperations are lost and there are financial losses.

(IHRT ponders what % of the USA reads the Enquirer! Hmmmm! Looks like there won't be any layoff's at THAT newspaper! Is Kru saying that the people who read the Enquirer are the only people who came to HIM for surgery? YIKES! Good thing Kruschinski isn't judgemental on top of everything that he is!)

Since these smear campaigns have been going on, since June 2003 and won’t stop, to the contrary, they are getting worse, I cannot quietly stand by, but I will act and express my opinion. My statements and explanations will be “clearer” than some people might like it to be, but the “cup runneth over” and any polite tone dealing with certain individuals, organizations, colleagues or associations has to stop here.

"Cup Runneth Over" we got, but "clearer??


In The Begining...

Daniel had a dream........"PULL MY FINGER" and nothing happened!

He was "Gassless!"

2) How it all begun,

Since 1999, I have been operating on patients with serious adhesions. I applied gasless laparoscopy as a method which avoids the gas carbon dioxyde. This gas, which is used to “pump up” the abdomen in most laparoscopies is a co-factor for the formation of adhesions. Therefore, patients who were operated by us with gasless laparoscopy show a lot less adhesions.
Proof of this success is the so-called second look, another laparoscopic operation, 7 days after the original surgery. In 2000, we added the adhesion barrier “SprayGel” with which we were able to improve adhesion surgeries to a success rate of 85%.

We have developed a concept that spurned interest and soon more and more people found their way to EndoGyn through recommendations. Since 2001, more and more patients came from abroad, mostly the US, because some contact was made by an American colleague with a patient support group (International Adhesions Society, The founder of theis Support group was D. Wiseman, PhD, who had worked on adhesions and made some publications about adhesion barriers and founded companies(Synechion). At that time, these barriers had a high market potential, because 75% of all benign gynecological diseases were treated by open surgery which resulted in adhesions in 93% of the patients. For many, this led to extreme consequences. This market will still expand in the future:
By using smart ways and actions, he has secured certain rights which will send patients directly to him or his board, for example from the large network. The word “adhesions” is the only link to an extern website while other expressions like “infertility” stay on’s own pages.
Please choose the word “adhesions” on the upper right list, then click search button and you will promptly come to the following link which will lead you to the website of the adhesions society.
After he had realized that the number of patients were relatively high, he wanted “per capita” payments for each patient who came to us from his board and were supposed to take part in some studies. Of course, I refused this because I did not want to offer my operations for such an extreme price and I also wanted to adjust my cost to German conditions. Adhesions surgery in the US will start at $ 25,000 and this is only for the surgeon. Costs are added for the hospital stay which is about the same price. Our costs were 8500 Euros which included the surgeon, hospital stay, apartment, transportation etc.
At the beginning of 2003, we had 6-7 patients per month from the US. At that time, we rented 5 apartments on a long time basis which were completely furnished with kitchen and bedroom and located at the complex of my office in Seligenstadt. These apartments were available for our patients and their family members for a 2 week’s stay and there, our patients received continuous care after being released from the hospital.
He was also looking for “cooperations” ( see sponsor banner on his page) which should finance himself and his projects, so he also mentioned me there subject to payment. As a consequence, more and more patients came to me, since our concept for treatment of adhesions had high success rates.
This high number of patients from abroad was a thorn in the side of the operator of Adhesions Society as well as his sponsors (i.e.surgeons). The massive loss of existing and potential patients meant a financial loss at the same time for the operator and the support board ( there were few patients left that he could send to “his” sponsors for a “commission”), as well as for the surgeons themselves. Large earnings from repeated adhesion surgeries were lost.
At first, our banner disappeared from his website and the “success reports” of our patients on “his” support board were censored or did not appear at all.

(IHRT asks Kruschinski, "Your saying someone other then Bev & Dawn did something to you? WHATS UP WITH THAT!?")

Additionally, a Co-Founder of the International Adhesions society, Beverly Doucette, who was also a so-called patient advocate( Beverly Doucette) who had worked for an adhesions surgeon from the US who used to be my “friend” joined in these smear campaigns and published extremely “dirty” things there and in thousands of blogs worldwide.
She founded a „Conspiracy team“ to damage my reputation and this was on behalf of the “Sponsors” of the Adhesions society. This “Team” called themselves IHRT (International human rights team) and since this time they are writing libel and slander all over the worldwide internet in message boards and chat:

IHRT adds: "WOW! Bev IS powerful!"
"Looks like you didn't have "the brains or the balls" to go to war with her after all, Daniel!"


A “member” of this “conspiracy team”, Dawn Rose, who formerly was a patient of mine and on whom I operated with success, and who was was happy at the beginning:
This slander campaign was not only tolerated by the operator of those pages but also actively supported. Perhaps the surgeon/s of his sponsor group have helped too, because the websites which followed and were full of slander had many domains opened by these women and had to be financed by someone. One of these women is “incapable of work”, the other one a preschool teacher, so they are not able to pay for all of this. (Can you imagine that children are educated by such a person who publishes vitriolic attacks, racist slogans and Hitler pictures about me all over the world?)There were also advertisements for other surgeons mixed with denouncement of EndoGyn, my person and my method:
Specialty Gynechological and Adhesiolysis Endoscopic SurgeryNOWBeing Performed at The Chrissie TomlinsonMemorial HospitalGrand Cayman, Cayman Islands Surgeries are being performed with the use of: Confluent SprayGel Adhesion Barrier
“Medical/Surgical” tourism is simply the process of traveling abroad to a specific destination to obtain certain medical procedures. Medical tourism is certainly not a new concept. Canadians and Europeans have been traveling outside their regions for years to obtain medical procedures due the long waiting periods associated with socialized medicine.

The global elite have been traveling to other countries securing medical intervention at world renowned hospitals all over the world, such as Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and MD Anderson. For persons afflicted with ARD, the answers to our surgical needs cannot be found at those hospitals, however, we can, and many do, secure the highest quality adhesiolysis available in the world in only TWO places: “Grand Cayman Island and Italy!” Don’t forget that we can assist you in securing a FREE flight to anywhere along the southern coast of the USA where you can catch a flight to the Caymans and back!

You will find information about adhesiolysis with Dr. Harry Reich infrastructure has been set up to secure a surgery in the Caymans with ONLY Dr. Reich)ADHESION RELATED DISORDERConfluent SprayGel Adhesion Barrier
Offering Hope and Help to the Victims of ARD Worldwide
Specialty Gynechological and Adhesiolysis Endoscopic Surgery NOW Being Performed at The Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital Grand Cayman, Cayman IslandsSurgeries are being performed with the use of: SprayGel Adhesions Barrier of Confluent Surgical.
*Remember currently the costs of surgery are lower in the Caymans then at Endogyn, though securing a surgery with Kruschinski might cost more in the Caymans then for Dr. Reich, as Dr. Reich doesn’t have as far to travel as Daniel does!

IHRT wants to stress that we DO NOT support any surgical procedure performed by Daniel Kruschinski, with the “Abdolift” as that technique creates adhesions, however, IHRT DOES promote all ARD patients from the USA traveling to the “Grand Cayman Island” for an adhesiolysis with “SprayGel,” just not with Kruschinski. If you want to be as well as you can get from an adhesiolysis in the Caymans, secure it with Dr. Reich!

(IHRT asks "So, what is the point here, Daniel? Are you saying that if someone doesn't support "JUST YOU," they cannot support anyone?

Is THIS what the "war" has been about all along?

Does your "Kru Krew" support anyone else but you?"

IHRT still doesn't support you, Kruschinski, so what!)



These campaigns showed some effect at the end of 2003, since then, there were only few patients from the US who came to us. We had to reduce the 5 apartments to 3 and later to 2, but the enormous investments for real estate agent’s commissions, long term contracts, furniture and other costs as well as expenses for Internet sites and promotions in the US ate up all our reserves.
During the years 2004 and 2005 this defamation continued, but I was able to cover the costs somehow. Some time later, the situation changed, more US patients started to come and right away, the slander became still stronger, more aggressive and most of all, vulgar, obscene and racist and was now directed against my older children, David and Simon ( they were slandered as being drinkers, homosexuals etc.)

The English message board of EndoGyn became “quieter and quieter”, because the few patients who had still written were attacked by the two women and personally insulted, they got lots of phone calls and were attacked in a vulgar way, even called my “prostitutes”. You can still read all this on the above mentioned pages. I don’t want to publish the links here, because I don’t want to increase their “ranking”, but they can be easily found by googling my name:

By the end of 2005, returns and profits had been on the highest level since 1998, but in February of 2006, both went down by 80%, due to the extreme slander.
This led to immense financial losses which could not even be cushioned by other projects and several efforts made by banks. In the end, in May 2006, I had to dismiss my entire staff and close my office in Seligenstadt due to inability to pay. I had to declare insolvency and this process is still going on.

page 3)
3) Why it still continues ?
Aside from some larger creditors like banks, also some smaller creditors were affected by this insolvency. They could not come to terms with this and accused me of “fraud”. Some are still doing this. Several charges for fraud had to be stopped though.
Some employers of patients who posted on the German message board received phone calls and were told that these patients were writing in forums during working hours. Lists were included that pointed out the exact times of the postings. Such actions have of course some effect on the German message board with the result that also here it has become very quiet, which is the aim of the slanderers.


Besides these well-known “slander groupies” and their “sponsors” from the USA, there have been some German activists who have tried for years to damage my reputation and make anonymous phone calls to medical associatons, health insurance companies and hospitals. There are also faxes that call me a fraud and a criminal.

(IHRT points out how "stupid" this type of revelation is by Kru as it PROVES he is a liar: "Kruschinski, YOU lied to everyone, over and over again! You still do! So Bev & Dawn "DIDN'T DO IT ALL" after you accused them over and over! Helen Dynda, Karen Stewart and others KNEW the truth too? It was "ALL BEV & DAWN," they spewed, and it was poor, innocent, attacked Kruschinski !! YOU ladies were used and deservidly so!)

Here the latest page that appeared in German
STOP Dr.Daniel Kruschinski (please google)
It is on US Google blog (see my comment under http://www.d and shows the handwriting and the spelling mistakes of the US slanderers, who use my name so often.
It is obvious, that there is some information appearing there of an existing cooperation relationship with one of the creditors. This however is presented completely wrong and manipulated.

Aside from this, I am torn apart, as always, in the blog. I am accused of having a new lover. Truth is that this “new woman” appears in a business forum as a contact because she had asked once about my operating method, the gasless lift laparoscopy. She is also a contact with another 1065 members of this forum of which 80% are men, so is she also the lover of about 820 men who were in contact with her in this forum?

As for the rest, in the last 3 years alone I have had a new lover 5 times, among others the wife of one of my colleagues and 3 members of my office staff, first from Seligenstadt and later from Hannover. What incentive must the authors of this blog have when they get up in the morning and don’t do anything all day but search for my name on the Internet in order to write stories and melodramatic tales? Dawn Rose’s own daughter who had written to me in 2003: ”thank you for giving me my mom back,” may be 12 years old by now. What will she think of her mother, if she ever finds these pages on the Internet that are filled with hatred and sees the vocabulary her mother uses? What are these children or grandchildren thinking or doing Beverly Doucette when she uses such vitriolic attacks, not only against me, but against Dr.Schlanger, Dr.Nezhat, all which can be read, among others, on the web pages of his lady (
Who else could possibly be behind this?

Of course, some of my creditors who cannot prove any fraud by pressing charges against me or trying to sue me, because it has been proven in business evaluations that the downfall of my office in Seligenstadt stands in direct connection with the slander campaigns. These creditors have formed a conspiracy and lance extensive attacks against any kind of infrastructure that has to do with me, using extreme lies.

Another INTERESTING confession>>>>>>

(IHRT points out that even MORE people were involved with bringing Kruschinski down! Here Kru tells us that: "Other people have been bringing charges against me for many things! WHAT things?

Did Bev & Dawn put them up to taking you to court in Germany too?)

Here are some examples:
The current clinics where I operate ( see under have owners, managers and heads of administration who have always been “steadfast” against the attacks with faxes, phone calls and threats because they know me as a surgeon and human being and have never believed these absurd lies. At the end, they were also slandered in these blogs. I thank each and every one of them for being so steadfast and I am looking back to almost three years of cooperation, good cooperation that is a lot of fun for me, because for the first time I am able to practice “my own” patient oriented medicine. The development of patient numbers nationally and internationally shows that we are on the right way.

It was a different story with one of the German health insurance companies. First, they wanted to extend their contracts, but after some threatening phone calls, made by a certain creditor, they insisted and are still insisting that their patients must not be operated on by me.

After a hospital had agreed to use my method of gasless lift laparoscopy, we started with the first surgery. Very soon, faxes, e-mails and telephone calls arrived at the reception desk, administration, wards, doctors and head surgeons which warned everybody of me, similar to the following e-mail:
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 17:06:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: jane doe

Subject: [SPAM] Fwd: RE: Rogue surgeon heading to Fulda, Germany

There is a “rogue” surgeon making his way through Europe who is performing “experimental surgery, harvesting patients to Europe by bogus and fraudulant means, has sex with his employees in his office, frauded documents that stated his mistress’s was a nurse and then had her working in his surgeries. He has been removed from over 15 medical facilities and as of the past few months continues to harvest innocent patients to him by accepting cash from them and having no facility in which he performs any actual operations.
You are being sent this information to protect patients in your respective countries, and to acclimate you to this “surgeon:” Daniel Kruschinski, ob/gyn. as he is now heading to ” Fulda, Germany!
Please contact the German medical Board or the Hessen Prosecuting Attorney for validation of the accusations found in the following web sites.
Of course, these individuals threadened to address the press and so the head of administration (who I had already warned beforehand) made it very clear to me that she did not expect this to happen to such extend. We had to end this cooperation, so many patients without privat health insurance were not able to have surgery with lift laparoscopy.
Ihrt claimed that the hospital threw me out of that clinic like they did in so many other clinics, because I had done all these “terrible things”.

(IHRT encourages YOU to contact any of the emails listed above and ask THEM why Kruschinski was really asked to leave! You MIGHT be shocked at the answer!)

This statement makes clear which consequences manipulation can have.

Experimental surgery” this is nothing else but a method of surgery with the adhesion barrier SprayGel. So far, it has not been approved by the FDA in the US, but here in Germany it has been sold commercially, “CE” certified, and in use for quite some time now.

(IHRT asks why Kruschinski did not tell his patients they were part of clinical studies with Spraygel, if there is "nothing to these acts?")

“Sex with his employees in his office”
this is the same thing as the above mentioned “lover”: every woman who somehow appears in my vicinity or writes and speaks about me in a positive way is my “lover” or even a “prostitute” or accepts presents from me. One example is Karen Steward, whose daughter Melissa came to me for surgery 6 years ago after a 13 year odyssey to many doctors in the US. Now, Melissa has given birth to 2 children and is leading a normal life. Her story is the topic of her mother’s book.

“Frauded documents that stated his mistress was a nurse”
my operating room nurse with long years of experience has her college degree and it is original, not a fake. Otherwise, she would not be allowed to do her job in all those different places in the world where she has already worked.

“He has been removed from over 15 medical facilities”
Basically, there were 8 places in 23 years (Bielefeld, Minden, Mainz, Fürth, Kirchheimbolanden, Seligenstadt, Aachen and Rotthalmuenster), and I was always the one who moved on, either to learn more or to look for that perfect infrastructure that I have found now. With this, I am finally able to practice the individual medicine my chronically ill adhesions patients need so desperately.
“harvest innocent patients to him by accepting cash” this practice is not unusual, foreign patients and patients who pay for surgery on their own, pay in advance, so the costs for the clinic, beds, surgery, recovery room, nurses etc. are covered. “having no facility in which he performs any actual operations.” these three clinics should suffice, shouldn’t they?
“Please contact the German medical Board or the Hessen Prosecuting Attorney for validation of the accusations” here they are talking about their complaint at the Frankfurt medical board. After a hearing and an account of the absurd accusations, it was filed away there.
Secondly, there were fraud charges that a creditor in Hessen had filed. They were stopped according to § 170, paragraph 2, code of criminal procedure (there was no sufficient cause for raising public charges). The above mentioned creditor obviously “works” for them and “feeds” them illustrations and information, which appear “modified” on their pages. He might be the “spy” they often mention.

(IHRT asks: "MIGHT BE a "SPY?" For whom, Bev & Dawn, again? LOL!) (IHRT points out AGAIN that there ARE others who took issue with you, NOT just Bev & Dawn! YOUR own words, Kruschinski! )

You can see in these examples how manipulation of facts is used purposefully to cause deterrence. The authors of this blog know that they are scaring away the American patients who will surely think twice about flying 10,000 miles to an unknown doctor, about whom they have read a lot of positive, but also many negative things. Sometimes, one negative opinion matters more than a hundred positive ones.
Those companies that had been cooperation partners before, have stopped to be just that, because somewhere on the Internet a blog is flitting around (I am not allowed to publish the name of the company, but you can find it if you google “abdo-lift”, it is somewhere on the third page) which supposedly comes from me. Unfortunately, they are completely off, it comes from the two individuals Dawn Rose and Beverly Doucette and carries their handwriting. Besides, the proceedings of that blog are the same as those of a US blogs:
If you click on report blog the following appears:
If you click on defamation, you will see the following:
Even though I have reported names and contact details to the lawyer of the company concerned, this blog does not disappear. There might be two reasons:
a) even this “large” company is not able to have the blogs closed,
b) they do not want to, because it’s quite all right with them if the method of lift laparoscopy with the abdo-lift disappears….
(IHRT..LOL! LOL! LOL! "Don't mess with Bev & Dawn," as there is no corporation to large for them to bring down, the LARGER they are the harder they will fall! BOO! )

ISGE, why they don't like me anymore!
5) The following is similar to the above mentioned in point 3) and is addressed to the International Endoscopic Society (ISGE) where I am (still) a board member.
Thursday, February 05, 2009
Open letter to the ISGE
Dear ISGE Member, you will catch him in the act of pretending he is a researcher involved with the adhesion barrier SprayShield TM (Covidien).
We at IHRT are writing once again to ask you remove Dr. Daniel Kruschisnki of Germany from your organization.According to your own bylaws a member must be “Recognized gynecologists and practitioners of related techniques of interventional medicine. ” Mr Kruschinski most certainly is not. He has lied about his education, his affiliations and areas where he supposedly did study, practice and conduct research. His data is bogus and is only self published.
It would be easy enough to pick up a phone to verify all we say.
If you look at our blog sight ( Google IHRT adhesions) and on his own website, (see the message board at
He is a confidence trickster and that you can easily verify on your own by contacting various German authorities.
We are a group of former patients and friends from around the world who were surgically experimented on without our knowledge and also paid cash for this abomination.
Mr. Kruschinski, being harbored by your organization and going off to Africa and Thailand under your auspices only lends him credence to start his ponzi scheme all over again.
We insist upon his immediate removal or public censure of this man.
We have set a date in which will stand unified to bring attention to your organization and this atrocity to worldwide media and will seek all sponsorship of the ISGE is removed.We are in no way making any type of threat but this is just a statement of our intentions.
It would be very sad as we do realize many good and altruistic surgeons belong to your organization but to stop patients from being harmed both physically and/or financially any further by Mr. Kruschinski, we will do the right thing and expose your group for harboring a bonified criminal.
The members of IHRT

The reaction of the chair is “silence”, because the society is surely afraid of losing the sponsors’ money. Even though it is a democratic society, they will probably give in to the “pressure” of this manipulated material. At least I assess it that way. To some of my colleagues it might come in handy to have the possibility to put a damper on a “visionary and fool”, who wants to change the methods of surgery and operates on those patients nobody else dares to touch.

By the way, it has already happened once that this certain “friend” advised me to leave the ISGE because of the sponsor company!!!!! I refused to do so.
Let’s see if a democratic society will give in to some “Internet terrorists”!
I will find out about this no later than March 24, at the next board meeting in Thailand.

(IHRT: "OHHH, better watch out "ISGE" members, if you do anything wrong, Bev & Dawn will spank you! Remember now, "No Playing with Daniel!")

I could list some more examples here, but I think this is enough for right now.

My life with insolvency, between default summons and writ of execution is not easy. But there is one good thing about it: Instead of thinking about finances, and studying business principles, I have more time for other things, like more communication with patients, realizing new ideas in medicine, writing publications and teaching my method in operation workshops in developing countries. They really need the minimally invasive method of laparoscopy, but have no money to buy the overly expensive tools and instruments. They often lack the medical carbon dioxide gas to inflate the abdomen, so the gasless lift laparoscopy is an ideal method for these countries. Besides, the instruments of gasless laparoscopy are identical with those they know from abdominal surgery, which is very helpful. They can be easily cleaned and sterilized, whereas with gas laparoscopy you need special machines and a special cleaning system to keep them clean and sterile. If you want to introduce a new operating method, this fact has to be taken into consideration to a high degree, since these countries have a higher risk of infection.

IHRT: "Whow...Wait a minute here, Kruschinski! You just posted in Endogyn that your performing surgeries all the time and taking part in the "Covidien Clinical Trials for SprayShield!"

(Kru, YOU posted that you will bring those results to your message board very soon, we are still waiting!

Why are you and your "Krew" still so riled up with IHRT if you are still doing surgeries in Braunschweig at Klinik am Zuckerberg as you claim!
Looks to IHRT like your making money hand over fist and that "anyone from anywhere" could still come to you for a "fartless" surgery, so what's the tuff about, hmmmmm? Why not just do the surgeries and shut your mouth about it, like "patient confidentiality..

" IHRT thinks the truth is that.......
"Your lying about doing the stuff you are posting in Endogyn and that you have been stopped from doing anything but drink yourself silly?")

(Oh, and one more thing, Daniel, just how many "default summons and writs of execution" have you had? Did "Bev & Dawn" do that too, being that the "law" doesn't cross International boarders?

IHRT thinks that you really DID do some of the bad things IHRT has posted about you, why else would you have so much court time? Perhaps your sharing a lot more then you realize but then again you DID say that you were going to be "clearer" about things in your post here, didn't you!)

Outside of this, I use my time to improve operating methods and procedures in order to help chronically ill adhesions patients, who sometimes have gone through countless surgeries. No one else is willing to touch these patients, they are sent from doctor to doctor, are stuffed with painkillers and finally written off as psychos, they are left behind not only by their doctors, but also by their health insurance companies.

The only “bad and nasty” thing I have done or better was done to me is my insolvency. It is not a crime, but I am made to believe that I am a criminal and I am treated like one, too.

(IHRT asks if you had these feelings "while sitting in court," after you said you never were in court?

Wasn't the real "crime" because you "intentionally" screwed people out of stuff knowing you were insolvent when you did that to them? YUP, it was!" Or did "Bev & Dawn" make you screw them, all the way from the USA!?)

Furthermore, it is really “bad” that I try to integrate new surgery methods and I am visionary enough to predict that these will be accepted, in spite of all those companies, colleagues and associations that want to prevent this. A few colleagues who pretend to “inform about the methods they apply”, but “additionally” include gasless laparoscopy, even commission SEO specialists (Search Engine Optimization) to do so, so they can present their pages on Google, slap themselves on the back after they managed to scare my patients off:
Please google “gasless laparoscopy” in german:
Here you can read how gasless laparoscopy is presented by supposedly experienced colleagues.
Through special letters, sent by colleagues, they would like to give the impression that their unprofessional “theories” are true. Actually, they have never seen the system of the abdo-lift that I developed and refer to a different lift system, (LaparoLift) which has NEVER been sold. The entire presentation is somehow confusing and, of course, is supposed to confuse people.
(IHRT asks if Bev & Dawn caused this reaction against you too?)

When medical associations dissociate from me and colleagues talk among themselves and also to patients about me having lost my license to practice medicine, when they call me a quack and a charlatan, when they say that I am in prison and spread around other nonsense, it is directed against one thing and that is to damage gasless lift laparoscopy and to eliminate it altogether. This is surely controlled by the medical industry. They are earning billions of dollars by selling instruments and equipment for laparoscopies with gas and it is not in their interest to have their “market” destroyed. Therefore, they invest a lot of money in congresses, where paid “tongues” will talk on behalf of them.

(IHRT asks if Bev & Dawn also caused this reaction from your colleagues?)

The “worst” that I will continue to do is to help the poor, chronically ill male and female patients. I will offer them successful adhesion surgeries, which help them create a better way of life. I cannot always help each and every one of them, but I am always happy about every positive feedback from their side. This is the only thing that can motivate me to carry on.

And the only “good” thing I will always do with pleasure is to establish the gasless lift laparoscopy in developing countries, even though traveling there sometimes can be compared to a “Russian roulette”. But this also has a good side. Other endoscopic colleagues and companies are scared to death to travel to countries like Nigeria, Mali, Sudan, Gabon etc. and rather organize and attend congresses in Dubai City. Laparoscopy is only something for a civilized world that can afford it. People in the developing countries and most of all the market there are not interesting, because they can hardly sell any expensive equipment and instruments. Even if the Abdo-lift is a “no-sell” item in the eyes of the medical industry, it will help these countries to carry out minimally invasive operations with little financial effort and to reduce or even eliminate mortality and morbidity, which can happen after open surgery.
(IHRT thinks you should stay in one of these countries, Kruschinski! )

Is it a wonder that other Dr.'s DO NOT like Kru at all when he talks about them like this? Then again, he blames his poor relationships with other Dr.'s on Bev & Dawn too! He also said Bev was "bad" for making comments about Schlanger, Nezhats and HIM....but HE slams a Dr. and it's all right! LOL! LOL!

Sounds like Karen Stewart when she spews more evil words in her blogs than Bev & Dawn together have in their vocabulary! Karen, over and over again accuses Bev & Dawn of spewing evil and lies..yet SHE has NO proof they ever did that! IHRT understands that, "Karen is just mad that her book is not selling and she needs to get back to her "Anger Management Class!" LOL!)

Bev & Dawn "understand and forgive" Karen's constant, very angry ramblings, as she appears to fight a mental health "issues"and that is not always controlable for people like that. They DO encourage her to go back to her anger managment classes as in doing that, she might enjoy life a bit better.

I am always filled with such deep joy, if I can help a colleague in a bush clinic in Africa (like here in Mali) to avoid open surgery, by teaching the doctors there how easy laparascopy without gas can be practiced. I am always available for any questions or comments you might have.
I hope you can now form your own impression of me as a person and surgeon.
Thank you!
Sincerely, Kruschinski

“Improving people’s lives is my lifelong commitment”

IHRT says, " Why not stay in Africa and India then? Oh yeah, you can't swindle money out of those who do not have money, sounds parr for the course, Krew!"


With as much "international influence" that these two ol' grannies from the USA's a wonder why President Obama hasn't' called on them to help end the Middle East conflicts!

As Bev and Dawn always said, "In the end, the truth shall prevail"

Can't bust me dot com?

Friday, March 13, 2009

The future of Lift Laparoscopy by Daniel Kruschinski

This is the adhesion caused by Lift Laparoscopy!

"Here you see how important it is to have the back-door opportunity of a 3rd-look laparoscopy. An adhesion formed to the umbilical incision of the second-look laparoscopy, and there is no way to avoid or exclude this as it is the last port that is open after we finish surgery, and this is still a very small wounded area with a minimal blood area where adhesions can form. After we take this adhesion down, the patient might become pain free." Author Doc_Kru

Tragically, if you had both "Lift Laparoscopy and "SprayGel" or "SprayShield TM" ( Covidien), you are probably totally screwed!

Have fun at the convention boys.....

Monday, March 02, 2009

SLUMDOG "SUGAR DADDY" Dr. Daniel Kruschinski

The OSCAR goes to......

In the latest escapades out of Endogyn, IHRT cought SLUMDOG "SUGAR DADDY" Dr. Daniel Kruschinski slumming with his NEW and IMPROVED "DADDY'S GIRL" after meeting her through "!

Only in IHRT will you find the facts as "Dr. Daniel Kruschinski – Endogyn, Germany" reveals his “perverted” side for all the world to see, and it appears to be without shame!
(IHRT cautions you that going into these web sites, your PC WILL get porno pop ups, curtsey of Kruchsinski! Even if you use a different email address, the PC going into these web sites WILL get tagged!)


DR. DANIEL MARIAN KRUSCHINSKI lives life on the shady side with his new "Daddy's Girl" as he slums with her all over Germany after meeting her in ""... (Ouch!)
Seems they now run a web site that assists "Young Girls" to meet "Old Men!" (Yuck!)

Looks like the "OLD USED UP" Mistress Micheala Katzer is OUT of a "Sugar Daddy" and the "YOUNG SEXY" Janine Gessner is IN with a new "Sugar Daddy!"

Meet the "NEW FACE" in Dr. Daniel Kruschinski's life......“Janine Gessner"

"Hi, DANNY BOY" .........
Janine seems to be saying to her new "Sugar Daddy..
(Wait until she finds out her DOCTOR is really nothing but a bankrupt, lying, washed up, smelly alcoholic, married OLD perverted fart..oh, IHRT forgot that Kruschinski is GAS-LESS, at least Janine has THAT going for her! (LOL! LOL!)

B.Z. stellt die speziellsten Flirtseiten im Internet vor Für reife Männer - Frauen, die graue Schläfen lieben, finden hier ihr Objekt der Begierde. Als eines von 2500 Mitgliedern muss man als Lady unter 30, als Mann über 40 Jahre alt sein:

Janina Gessner Premium-Mitglied
CRM work Firma:(sichtbar nur für registrierte Mitglieder)
10587 Berlin, Deutschland

Über michBerliner Zeitung
Dass ältere Herren oft ein Faible für wesentlich jüngere Damen haben, liegt in der Natur der Sache. Viele Promis über 40 "schmücken" sich mit Schönheit und Frische solcher Grazien. ... Auch für den Durchschnittsbürger gibt es Möglichkeiten, ohne Millioneneinkommen und Promibonus mit jüngeren Frauen anzubandeln. Vielen Frauen ist ein erfahrener Partner lieber, da er über eine gewisse Lebenserfahrung verfügt und Sicherheit sowie Geborgenheit symbolisiert. Spezielle Wünsche, besondere Börsen So verwundert es nicht, dass es sogar Kontaktbörsen für diese spezielle Beziehungskonstellation gibt... Eine dieser Börsen ist "": Über 1000 Damen zwischen 18 und 30 sind hier bereits registriert und schauen sich nach einem erfahrenen Partner von 40 Jahren und älter um. Eine solche Kontaktbörse bietet für eben diese Partnerkonstellationen eine gute Möglichkeit zum Kennenlernen. Denn hier suchen und finden sich junge Frauen und ältere Männer... [Quelle: v. 8.1.2008]

Babel Fish Translation….
Ripely young meets The fact that older gentlemen have often a Faible for substantially younger ladies lies in the nature of the thing. Many Promis over 40 " schmücken" itself with beauty and freshness of such Grazien. … Also for the average citizen there are possibilities, without million-incomes and Promibonus with younger Mrs. anzubandeln. Many women is rather an experienced partner, since it symbolizes security as well as security had a certain life experience and. Special desires, special stock exchanges Thus it does not surprise that there are even contact contacts for this special relations constellation… One of these stock exchanges is " Hoar frost meet": Over 1000 ladies between 18 and 30 are registered here already and look themselves after an experienced partner of 40 years and older over. Such a contact stock exchange offers a good possibility for evenly these partner constellations to becoming acquainted with. Because and are young women and older men search here…[Quelle: v. 8.1.2008]

Kruschinski is...
Caught skulking the back streets in Mainz....Kru trys to hide his face!

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski seen trying to hide his face from IHRT spy's as he enters an X-rated club house in Mainz, Germany earlier last month - February 2009 - where it is said he drank all night while dancing the "DOG" with Janine as is son David - DJ Wannabe- played the music for them. (Gross!)

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski added his name to the following web site to solicit aka con “investors” out of money for his many “franchises!”
As with everything Kruschinski does on the Internet, he uses this web site to satisfy his perverted sexual needs by making an immediate connection with the sleazy,
Janine Gessner – a registered “Premium Member”on the "XING" web site!
(Kruschinski is NOT a "Premium Member" though, interesting! He probably could not afford that status!)

Once he latched onto Janine, he weaseled his slimy way in getting control of her sleazy sex web site!
Kruschinski not only creates the web pages in "reif-trifft-jung" now, he sets up a much more efficient “infrastructure” where these young girls are matched with older men!

IHRT wants to remind it’s visitors that Daniel Kruschinski prides himself with his web site building skills, and he did a colorful job on his and Janine’s web site:

(IHRT cautions you that going into these web sites, your PC WILL get porno pop ups, curtesey of Kruchsinski! Even if you use a different email address, the PC going into these web sites WILL get tagged!)


DR. DANIEL KRUSCHINSKI'S PROFILE" in "XING.Com" Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, Dr.
Dr. med.
Wissenschaftlicher Leiter
work EndoGyn Ltd. 38124 Braunschweig, Germany
Local time: 09:57 PM (Europe/Berlin)

Could Kruschinski get any more dispicable ????


The son of a PERVERTED Doctor-OB/GYN in Germany exploited on his own fathers Internet sex web site!

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski’s purvey exposure wasn’t enough for him on his “,” web site, he adds a "provocative picture" of his own son, David! Information given out on the "XING" web site has the appearance of Kruschnski giving up his own child as prey for any pervert logging into the web site…and why would IHRT think that the exposure of David Kruschinski on his Dad’s web site,"” would mark David as “easy” prey for perverted sexual predators?

Because the “XX Rated” business’s that David Kruschinski is currently involved with are also listed along side of the picture of this kid.
(IHRT thinks it is sad that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree , but what would anyone expect in this family tree!)

David Kruschinski's Profile on ""…….
(As seen on his Dad’s XING account!)

David Kruschinski Abitur
Work : DJ David Kruschinski

Mainz, Germany
Professional experience (3 years, 4 months)
Dec 2005 - present
Kleingewerbeinhaber (Freelancer)
Industry: Nachtleben, Diskjockey
Jan 2007 - present (2 years, 3 months)

Industry: DJ
Dienstleistender Bussiness: Star Mainz:

Dec 2005 - present (3 years, 4 months)
Dienstleistender Industry: DJ
Status: Freelancer
Educational background: High School
Bischöfliches Willigis Gymnasium Mainz
Languages: German, English, French
Contact details:
Mainz, Germany (Rheinland-Pfalz)
Business Name, Company: Dreampool

Well, it looks like THIS Dr. has his sons well on the way to their fiture following in his footsteps!
Whoew, poor things!

IHRT adds.......

With parents trying to PROTECT their children from pornography and perverted pedophiles on the Internet, Kruschinski seems to offer his son up like "eye candy for perves" in his web site!
Kruschinski’s either so perverted himself that he doesn’t see this as being just wrong, or he really doesn’t care that he created a scenario in which he gives up own child as "easy prey" for any pervert logging into the web site…
not to mention that
David Kruschinski looks the part of one "needy" and "confused" young man
ready for the first person who shows him interest or money!

** Nice job “Deadbeat Daddy Kruschinski” – your four sons might just be the most "unlucky" boys in the world! The only “legacy” IHRT can see Daniel Kruschinski leaving to his 4 son’s is that they are the "off spring" of a pathetic, perverted, fallen, gynecologist, nothing more, nothing less!

** Here IHRT can see "Deadbeat Dan" giving all of whatever “Endogyn” is or was, to his one time Mistress Katzer! So much for his promises to his sons as the “legacy” flies out the window! It’s like, “Pimp Your Own Ride Boys, It’s All Hers Now!” This could change to Janine, though!

**Most current contacts for **Dr. Daniel Kruschinski
Fritz-Winter-Str. 1238467 Bergfeld , Germany
Phone numbers:
05368/ 97078

05368/ 970858
05368/ 970865

(IHRT thinks Kruschinski has been sunk so deep in his sexual perversions for so long that he forgets he is still married, has two mistress’s, four children and still trying to pass himself of as a “practicing OB/GYN,” of all professions for a pervert and he is a member of the ISGE! OMG! (Do “Birds of a Feather” Flock Together?)

Enough of the family resemblances here… look at Kruschinski as an OB/GYN!

IHRT can’t help but list some of the claims from female patients who went to Kruschinski over the years and were rebuffed as lies! HMMMMM, lies?

Probably not!

Among the complaints of lewd and lascivious behaviors exhibited by “Dr.” Daniel Kruschinski was:

**His loose “Potty” mouth, frequently making “Sexual” innuendoes and out right sleazy sexual comments when he was out drinking with patients.

**Others actually said they found him in an office in Emma Clinic where he appeared to be drunk, and his clothing disheveled, and HIS FLY OPEN!

** Another mentioned Dr. Kruschinski making comments about his sexual rendezvous with his Mistress Michaela Katzer IN Emma Clinic and in the Seligenstadt apartments.

**Anyone can visit to see how brazen Dr. Kruschinski was with his Mistress Michi by bring her to dinners and personal meeting with Patients, some of these patients were led to believe that his Mistress Michi WAS his wife Shirli!

**It is also evident in that Dr. Kruschinski had no problem involving his own son’s in his sexual liaisons as he is shown in pictures with both his older son’s, David and Simon, AND his Mistress Michi, and at that same time, Daniel Kruschinski was becoming a father to Gil-Robert with his wife, Shirli Homberg!

** Talk about no sense of morality or shame, Dr. Daniel Kruschinski posted numerous pictures of his Mistress Micheala Katzer and himself all over in all the while stating he was to become a “Daddy” again with Shirli, and working and living with Shirli, yet carousing with his Mistress Michi with Patients touring Germany!

** Drunken men knocking on the doors late at night in the Seligenstadt apartments looking for Kruschinski, then inviting female patients to go out partying wth them!


Now IHRT move on to "Endogyn Office Staff.....
Meet SABINE........

Office manager at EndoGyn®
Posted Wednesday, March 3, 2004 @ 12:58 PM

Dear All !
My name is Sabine and I'm the new office manager at EndoGyn® and will try to support Dr. Kruschinski on the board as well as with organisation around your trip to EndoGyn®.
I will be responsible for all your questions regarding the infrastructure and organisation of your trip as accomodation, pick-up etcetera surrounding your trip for surgery at EndoGyn®.
I will visit this Board frequently to be able to serve you with answers to your questions. So please feel free to contact me by the board or personaly under my email.
Kind regards


Office News
Posted Friday, November 26, 2004 @ 04:46 AM

My name is Michelle and I´m the new office manager at EndoGyn.
I will try to support Dr. Kruschinski on the board as well as with organisation around your trip to EndoGyn. I will be responsible for all your questions regarding the infrastructure and organisation of your trip as accomodation, pick-up etcetera surrounding your trip for surgery at EndoGyn. I will visit the board frequently to be able to serve you with answers to your questions.
So please feel free to contact me by the board or personaly under my emai.

Bye for now

Did Kru create these "ladies" like everything else in his web site, and if not, what happened to them so soon after they started at Endogyn???



The Worlds Biggest Deadbeat Dad - and Pervert!

"What? Me bankrupt?" If it were so, would my Mistress and I be taking this cruise together while my wives try to feed and house all my sons!?" Says Kruchisnki...

Kruschinski's Bankruptcy Document........

The nominees for "Leading Lady" in the factually based smut role in the International crime film "Slumdog Doctor in Germany " are:

Janine Gessner,

Michi Katzer,

Shirli Homberg

Helen Dynda

Karen Steward..........

And the Oscar goes to:

Karen Steward, Texas USA as the "infatuated mother of her daughter's "OB/GYN" in Germany!
Karen Steward cries out in a drunken stupor after being rejected by King Kruschinski, for a whore like his Mistress, Michi Katzer and now Janine Gessner...
"What did those whores have that I didn't!"

(IHRT agrees as we can't imagine any of THEM has anything over Karen Steward!)

Lets "GIVE IT UP FOR" Karen Steward!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


2008 SprayGel Surgical treatment hurts women but is allowed to continue

Don't forget to read this week's "IHRT Expose" with Dr. Hanifa Koya substantiating the claims of unwilling human surgical experimentation with the adhesion barrier SprayGel.
SprayGel is now modified to a product call SprayShield TM Covidien and has the Kruschinski "bump" as we see him pretend to be a principal investigator of the product even thought it is already in use outside of the USA....Shocking revelations to come....Stay tuned to IHRT for breaking news!


Scarring caused by surgical gel spray

Monday, 11 February 2008Surgical treatment hurts women but is allowed to continue

ANDREW GORRIE/ Dominion Post ANGRY AND AMAZED: Hanifa Koya has stopped using SprayGel after her patients required further surgery to remove scars. She says the product should be put on hold till surgeons and patients can be assured of its safety.

Click here to read the rest.