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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kruschinski removed from Braunschweig

An IHRT Prediction that WILL come true 100%!

Endogyn aka Kruschinski will leave Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweig Eilenriede & Klinik Hannover & Carpe Vitam within two weeks!
No surgeries have been performed at any of these institutions by Kruschinski and no surgeries are scheduled to be performed at these institutions by Kruschinski, therefore, all surgeries stated by Kruschinski to be scheduled anywhere, have now been canceled. All employees of these facilities will receive bonuses and an all expense celebration for the Kliniks finally getting rid of Kruschinski!
It all started with Kruschinski's testes...and has come full circle with him losing his balls to the best of them..IHRT!

PrickHead: Daniel Kruschinski, MD
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum-Langendreer
Kirchheimbolanden Hospital
Franzkiskus-Hospital in Bielefeld
Witten / Herdecke University
Headquarter Seligenstadt-Frankfort
Krankenhaus-Rotthalmuenster Passau

Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweig/Eilenriede Klinik

Mallorca, Offenbach, Austria, & the Uk PassauUK, SchÃrding-Austria, Offenbach, Rotthalmünster, Eilenriedeklinik Hannover, Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweigm, Mallorca / Spain/ Fulda,Germany
~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
And all of these facilities are added to 13 other kliniks that he has been removed from!
Stay tuned to IHRT for the details of Kruschinski's most recent "exorcism" from these two facilities!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Dr. Kruschinski, Dr. Kruschinski, Dr. Kruschinski, Dr. Kruschinski....... Hooray Karens back

You all know here at IHRT we just love our Karen!
We thought she might be gone forever......
Our worst fear, that she had been rendered silent was unfounded...

Karens Back!!!
Blogger note:
Based on this hilarious posting

Dr. Kruschinski, Dr. Kruschinski, Dr. Kruschinski, Dr. Kruschinski.......
The only thing on the mind of the infamous "Kru's Krews" leader herself, Karen Stewart, continues to be one thing and one
thing only:
Dr. Daniel Kruschinski.
She began her obsession and her Cult of Dr. Kruschinski in mid 2003, and here it is 2007, and she is
trying to convince the world that he is not the surgeon that many FORMER sufferers state that he is!!
Well, uh-huh, I bet her readers all believe it.
3 1/2 YEARS later
and she is still trying to make her point!?!?
Bless her little pea-pickin' heart.
(and chicken little's too!)
But then, since Karen Steuart has continually proven to be a person who thrives on trying to ruin people's lives, she has probably never had the time to read the story of
Chicken Little.

Nice to see you around Karen....

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"The Kruschinski Confession"

Money, Sex, Lies and Scandal in the World of Ob/Gyns and Endogyn!"

Kruschinski confesses!

Is this the face of Christopher Rocancourt aka"Rockefeller" or "Daniel Kruschinski?"
This guy sold a building in France for over 1.5 million dollars..and it wasn't his! Kruschinski performed over 100 operations for tax free cash totaling over 1.5 million and in Kruchinski's's case, it was YOUR money!!

On a gray October morning, behind the tinted windows of a nondescript van leaving Allenwood federal prison in Pennsylvania, sat a man who was used to traveling in stretch limos or anything that spelled first class. Usually, the man traveled in vehicles that made others say, That guys gotta be a VIP.
"Christopher Rockefeller" was a name that seemed to say it all a name that seemed to open all the right doors in the summer of 2000 when the 38-year-old Frenchman swept throughout New York Hamptons summer playground to the rich and famous. And when Christopher Rockefeller burst onto the scene, the new money wannabes were thrilled to be rubbing elbows with an old money name.
Hamptons radio gossip show host, Dr. Henri Bernard: Someone said to me, "Have you heard there a Rockefeller out and about out in the Hamptons?" And that this guy was a French Rockefeller.

Even in the image-conscious Hamptons, Christopher, who always had a gorgeous woman on his arm, still made an impression both with his name and with his money. On a whim, he would charter a chopper to race him out to a seaside estate he said he was thinking of buying. He was so rich, he could get away with his favorite uniform jeans, a T-shirt and a baseball cap worn backwards even in the fanciest places more:

Could Daniel Kruschinski really have scammed as many people as Kru seems to have scammed?
Could Daniel Kruschinski really have scammed them in the many different ways he scammed them?

Could Daniel Kruschinski really fraud so many people by his words and actions alone?
Could Daniel Kruschinski really fraud so many people by using his followers to do his bidding?
Could Daniel Kruschinski really have convinced or connived so many
others to be part of his sick scam?(Reich, Mettler, Shirli Homberg, Michi Katzer, Goeschen, the ISGE, patients and the list goes on and on and on)
Did Daniel Kruschinski really use false statistics, bogus articles paid to be printed in magazines and web sites, false claims of being part of clinical studies, falsely representing himself to be associated with hospitals all over Europe, among so many other bogus claims?
Did Daniel Kruschinski out right lie and deceive patients with his claims of surgical expertise and recognition?

Could a person successfully perpetrate a life of crimes, lies and deception to the point that Kruschinski did and make millions of dollars off others, create such a "cult of followers" that almost cemented his deception for him, and not get caught for years?

YES to all these questions!! 100% YES!

January 2007 Daniel Kruschinski is finally exposed for what he really is and falls from grace but he does not fall alone!
Like any other criminal, he talked and as he talked, he had no problem giving names, dates and everything else he could give about those who perpetrated the crimes with him, in fact, he claims most of the scams were NOT his fault at all but rather the fault of others who forced him to do their bidding .....but he got caught and that HE got left holding the bag! Poor Kruschinski, poor, poor innocent Kruchinski!

**The "Institute of Endogyn" was created to get money fast, and lots of cash money to split up between a number of the prominent surgeons who lent their names to Endogyn so harvesting unsuspecting patients to Endogyn was easier for Kruschinski to accomplish!

**Every deception perpetrated at Endogyn was carefully planned by all who were associated with Endogyn, from the directors & surgeons who allowed the use of their names on the web site to the scientist/wife of Kruschinski making bogus claims of reports out of the non existent adhesion lab!

**Add for flavor the "illicit affair and weird sex stuff" going on in the Endogyn offices between Kru and his nurses and other office staff, and even one patient thrown in for good measure!

**And we can't forget the "fraudulant documents for Michi Katzer" Kru's "nurse/mistress" so she could work in the operating room during YOUR surgery!

**Secrets galore of what went on at the congress's attended by ob/gyn surgeons from all over the world in what has ONLY amounted to nothing more then a good ol boys club! A free ride costing millions of dollars from unsuspecting sponsors who paid for the surgeons to party, travel the world, more partying and what did it all accomplish, well, for one thing, it has given Kru many things to hold over lots of his colleagues heads in this area and he is telling! And soon, so will IHRT!

**Kru's manipulation of patients was not simply a planned affair, but rather a way of life for him. Kru has always been shifty when it comes to relationships and thus he easily conformed patients to his beck and call because he knew that they were either as unscrupulous as he is, or dysfunctional, anti-social or just plain irresponsible when it came to securing medical care for ARD, which is what 99.99% of all ARD victims do! In the later, Kru simply took advantage of the patients.

**Kruchinski's used his family and friends in his attempt to gain recognition in a world he was not suited to be in.

**Kruschinski's lying and buying his way in, he was allowed to join in with the rest of the ob/gyns but even in that, HE was never really accepted as one of them, he remained an outsider! Ironically, his fellow ob/gyns used him to pay their way and laughed at him, mocked him and not even behind his back but letting him know he really wasnt one of them. They were the "better" surgeons, the "better" people, the "upper crust & the elite." Kruschinski never fit in anywhere, ever, and he still doesn't!

**The term most frequently used by other surgeons to describe Kru is "freak" and that is used pretty often by them.

Kruschinski knows he is a loser, always was and always will be, thus his willingness to point fingers and cast blame on others! THIS is the true colors of Kruschinski!

One thing that Kruschinski claims to be fact is that he did not perpetrate these deceptions alone and that it was a well choreographed scam for certain surgeons to get tax free cash from patients and sponsors alike and it worked well and this is probably the only truth to pass Kruschinnski's ever lying lips! (More to come out on this subject)


Part of Kruschinski's recent confessions reveal activities directly associated with the patients of Endogyn to be self serving and whiney, but none the less they are a validation of what IHRT has been saying all along.

Message Board von (EndoGyn®) - Endoskopische Gynäkologie
Barmer (gesetzl. versichert) will die Kosten nicht übernehme...

Posted Samstag, 20. Januar 2007 @ 14:00:19
Barmer (compulsory health insurance fund) wont cover the costs.

My mother urgently needs an operation in order to get rid of her adhesions at Dr. Kruschinski she can't stand the psychological strain any more. However the Barmer will not cover the costs.

The Barmer wrote:
Due to the fact, that the requested treatment will take place in a clinic which has no contract with the public health system, and furthermore, the request concerns an unacknowledged method of treatment, it is basically impossible for the insurance to cover the costs for it.
Due to your objection and the enclosed medical certificate we have involved the MDK ( medical service of the insurances) in order to ask for a cost absorption in your individual case.

The MDK attests in case of the characterized health problems the necessity of an inpatient treatment.
There are many closer hospitals with the necessary treatment options- like the big university hospital in Bavaria (for instance in Munich and Erlangen).
Currently there is no sufficient evidence based data for the planed method of a lift(-gasless) laparoscopic operation available, in order to prove the success for the indicated treatment and possible adverse effects.
This operating-method belongs to the field of experimental medicine. In addition it must be said that you have access to the conventional treatments like open laparoscopy or laparotomy.
With these distinctive adhesions, like the ones she has, are - according to the MDK - the therapeutic opportunities concerning the adhesiolysis with the method of the gasless laparoscopy extremely limited.
The recommendations of the MDK have a strong influence on the medical decisions of the insurances.

Has anybody experiences with the insurances? Are there any opportunities? Is the argumentation of the insurance correct?

Please help me immediately.

Kru's reply........
Posted Samstag, 20. Januar 2007 @ 16:12:30
doc_kru Master
Beitrge: 456

It depends on the clerk and his decision. If he disallows the treatment, then there is nearly no chance or only with the help of legal action, for instance like the federal court, or the change of the insurance.
Your insurance needs to argument in such a way, because it has no other argumentation, and they are unable to appraise the special treatment of a single doctor.
Furthermore the insurance would be in big trouble if they accept the treatment, because other wise EVERY doctor could invent something and advertise it, so the insurances were forced to cover all of the costs.
The insurances prefer to send you rather to an open surgery than to accept a special treatment.
In addition it must be said, that the doctors of the MDK are totally incompetent, for instance they write allegations from the internet down, instead to deal with a subject and a therapy they have never seen.

Essential is the success of a method and until now there are only the patients who can prove it and our statistics.

Our success rates are very good, but in order to receive statistic relevant results, we need not 500 but 5000 operations and then, they still would not accept it, because there are no randomised studies and there will never be.
Therefore, unfortunately, patients need to make the decision alone, if they want an open surgery, an abdominoscopy with gas and without an effective adhesion barrier, or an effective treatment in a specialised centre.
Sadly that's the way how our health system is like, therefore patients need to inform themselves and take matters into their own hands.

Regards and good look with the insurances. Doc. Kru

Part of Kruschinski's recent confessions above reveal activities directly

associated with the patients to Endogyn, and though the comments by Kru are self serving and whinny, they are non the less validation of what IHRT has been saying all along!
Kru has never performed 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 or 5000 surgeries as he claimed, in fact, he didn't even perform 500!
Kru has never been involved in ANY clinical studies or research;

Kru never had an "Adhesion lab" as he and Shirli claimed they did,
Kru never had a book published because the material was found to be bogus and fraudulent,

Kru never had training as a reconstructive surgeon,
Kru never had an article printed that he did not pay to have printed, and even then, the articles were bogus and never considered to be anything but junk by persons within the medical community,
Kru was never very good at performing an adhesiolysis via laporoscopy,
Kru has never possessed any validating material to show that gasless surgery offered anything better then any other surgery,
Kru has never performed a surgery at Braunscheig, Hannover or Passau todate!

IHRT: Worth repeating.
Kru has never performed 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 or 5000 surgeries as he claimed, in fact, he didn't even perform 500!

Kru has never been involved in ANY clinical studies or research;
There is no proof that his surgery is not a danger to patients!

IHRT: Worth pointing out:
The insurance company finds NO statistical evidence that Kru ever researched his procedure, and they also conclude that what he IS offering might even cause harm to the patients!

And, of course, this insurance company refused to cover Kru's surgery costs because they too were influenced by IHRT's conspiracy, but then again, who hasn't been according to Kru!

For those who are to daft to realize that professional business's are not influenced by web sites when it comes down to making these kinds of determinations of coverage, will never fully understand that scope of the "Endogyn" trappings, so, for all of you who fall into that category, go to Endogyn and schedule a surgery! IHRT is certain that Karen, Helen, and a few others, will be happy to assist you in securing that surgery, so, go for it!

The one true miracle to come out of Endogyn is that anyone and a very few at that, actually reaped benefits from his experimental surgeries! Count yourselves fortunate, very, very fortunate!

The good news about Endogyn is that no surgeries are going on. Kruschinski is not associated with any medical facility and this is well known in the world of German medicine! German government offices which oversee medical issues in their country and the German hospitals themselves know he is out! ! IHRT has always been aware of these things, knowing in time, Kru would sink himself and he has.
Kruschinski can post from here to eternity all his fantasies about him doing surgeries, having patients galore, people singing his praises, being recognized as a world-renowned specialist, wealth, sex, travels, franchises, infrastructures, mistress's, puppies, and questionnaires galore, but the fact of the matter is this.

Endogyn is closed down and exists only in the pages of a computer's web site, transcribed there from the mind of one very foolish doctor who fantasizes himself to be the greatest surgeon in the world and all those fantasizes are found in a bottle of vodka!

Is this the end of Endogyn news on IHRT?? Not by a long shot, so stayed tuned for more factual updates as we watch Kruschinski manipulate patients through the use of his web site. Kruschinski posts lie after lie in his reply's to the patient's posts to him, as he needs these posts to feed his ego fix like drugs to an addict!

All of IHRT's predictions have come true. Breaking news to come!

IHRT knew this day would come!

Daniel is MIA. Well almost as he always stays with in 3 feet of a computer.

The meek shall inherit the earth they say but just as IHRT predicted....
Now the sneak has inherited EndoGyn.
( her deepest wish)
We shall ever more refer to it as

Daniel's paranoia is contagious with in the walls of Endogyn /DyndaGyn.
Look how Connie welcomed a new person to the message board.
( Not an IHRT person either, we were horrified that a person was treated this way!)
Ya, a little paranoid there Connie.....

Posted Thursday, January 11, 2007 @ 08:33 PM Hi, I posted this question a couple of days ago but I can't find it now. Please excuse if I put it in the wrong sector of this msg board. Has anyone tried Cymbalta yet and if so has it made any difference in your pain level ( improved or worsend)? Thank you to anyone who reply to me!!!!

Posted Friday, January 12, 2007 @ 01:49 AM Hi, I don't want to sound rude....But what difference does it make if anyone has tried this drug....What works for one person may not work for the other...most important is how does it affect you? Is your pain lessening with this antidepressent?... Best advice ask your doctor! Connie

Posted Friday, January 12, 2007 @ 04:21 AM Hi again. To "connie" I don't know why you took such offence to my question and you did sound rude because I do believe that you wanted to be rude to me.

Stay tuned to IHRT for Breaking news Later Today.

IHRT drops the final bomb on Endogyn/DyndaGyn....TODAY!!!

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski's confession!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Riveting news out of "Endogyn!!"

Daniel Kruschinski confesses....... January 20, 2007

This day will go down in infamy, thank God that Daniel is NOT German as the wonderful people of this heritage do not deserve to be associated with a person who falls from grace in the way Kruschinski did!

He IS dispicable! Karen nor Helen, can contest what your about to read here in IHRT! Person's who had surgery at Endogyn will realize just how fortunate they were and why IHRT had to do what it did to stop this crazed person!

Today, it is finished!

Another "bomb" has been dropped on Endogyn....if you thought the last one was news, and even if you did not, THIS news will rock the world of every patient who went to Endogyn! Check back in IHRT ONLY if you want the truth!

Stay tuned to IHRT!

Monday, January 15, 2007


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963

Friday, January 12, 2007

Gasless laparoscopy (abdominal wall retractors) AbdoLift, Storz, CA

From E.T.C.A. Brochure
Gasless laparoscopy (abdominal wall retractors)
Abdominal wall subcutaneous emphysema occurs frequently during anterior abdominal wall
adhesiolysis as peritoneal defects result in free communication with the rectus sheath. This
compromises peritoneal cavity operating space. A useful technique is to insert an anterior
abdominal wall retractor (AbdoLift) once the umbilicus has been cleared of
adhesions. This author uses the gasless laparoscopy only in cases where classical laparoscopy
is impossible as we use principles of micro surgery to avoid as many “De Novo” adhesions,
adhesions that appear not on the site of the surgery itself, as possible. It becomes difficult to
apply the micro surgical techniques when gasless laparoscopy is used.
Please visit this site for lots of wonderful information about adhesions and consider if
may be the right surgeon for you!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Who dropped the "bomb" on Endogyn....

"Friendly Fire Neutralized Endogyn-Kruschinski"

The development of a German Consensus on adhesion management... Gynaecology: ADHESIONS news & views, Page 26-29... 2005/2006

"The development of adhesions and adhesion-related complications following surgery are well-known problems. We have learned to avoid large wound surfaces by using tissue-saving preparation techniques and operating using a minimally invasive technique, using extensive rinsing in order to remove fibrin deposits and abandoning the use of glove powder."
"Adhesions are the cause of acute intestinal obstruction in more than two-thirds of cases, becoming symptomatic up to 15 years after the primary surgery and accounting for approximately 3% of all laparotomies in Germany and the UK.
"However, because the formation of adhesions still occurs despite minimally invasive and microsurgical techniques, additional approaches have been introduced, which are believed to interfere with adhesion development."
"The concept of barrier agents is based on physically separating peritoneal wound surfaces until complete physiological healing has occurred."

Not once from 1990 - 2005 was there one mention of any "studies, statistics, research, or articles" referenced to "Kruschinski, Shirli's Adhesion Lab, or Endogyn" regarding adhesions or adhesiolysis procedures! For the surgeon who had performed the "most adhesiolysis procedures in the world," and with SprayGel not to be mentioned even once in such an all encompassing article is quite surprising!

Kruschinski makes claims that he has the highest rate of adhesiolysis success, best statistics, most procedures performed by one surgeon, is greatest of them all, other surgeons jealous of his skills, miracles galore, research papers and articles published, speaking engagements galore, adhesions, adhesions and adhesions.... yet he is not listed anywhere in these references?

The reason being is that he never was any of the things listed immediately above, he is bogus, a scammer, a nothing! IHRT is of the opinion that this article came out in an attempt to tell patients and others that one of their very own was committing a grave injustice's to the ARD world, harvesting and harming innocent patients by the use of lies and deceit. Cruel and inhuman experiments being done in the name of adhesion research, which they were not. Both Kru and his wife, Shirli, made bogus "claims" of being part of clinical studies with Spraygel, which he was not, making claims about CO2 causing adhesions, which there is no proof that it does, in fact, even now patients who had surgery with Kru in Endogyn are seeking more surgeries! Gas-less did not do them any favors, but their money favored Kru's pocket, as did everything he ever did in the world of ARD and OB/GYN!

Both Kruschinski and Shirli have shamed themselves in the world of medicine and science...they will forever remain outsode of this working field!
Krushinski HAS LOST his government license to practice medicine in Germany, this is a fact, and along with this loss comes his inability to offer anyone, anywhere any surgery! IHRT encourages you to try to schedule one, and not one in writng only! WILL NOT HAPPEN FOLKS!


There never was an "Adhesion Lab" associated with Endogyn, it was a scam by "Shirli Humburg and Daniel Kruschinski" to harvest adhesion patients to his experimental operations! IHRT wonders what sort of people would do this to innocent, suffering people?

News from the lab...regarding adhesions > New publications...
Posted Tuesday, April 27, 2004 @ 11:38 AM H I A L L, if you are interested, look in “news from the lab” for a report with some explanations on a relatively new and verinterestingng basic research work connected to the causes of adhesion formation. See you ! Shirli.

Posted Monday, August 18, 2003 @ 02:09 PM If you like, you can read meanwhile some of the news from the lab in the topic Experimental and clinical consequences regarding carbondioxide... I think there are plenty of reasons, why to consider laparoscopy without carbon dioxidegas ... Regards Daniel Kruschinski, MD

Helen dropped the bomb!

A "gift" from Hell-en to "Kruschinski and Shirli" shall we say! Fitting gift too!


"What's this? A gift for me? Wow!" "OOOPPS, what the....?" "Hmmm, well, I'll just try another one!"

"PSSSSTT...Your "balding in the back, Danno!"