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Thursday, March 15, 2007

News out of "Endogyn/Endosurgery/Carpi Vitem" is coming in fast and furious!

EndoGyn® » Team OR » Michaela Katzer
Michaela Katzer

OR-Theatre Management at all locations
- born in Berlin 22.06.1972
- 1991 - 1993 Nursing certificate, Berlin
- Employment on urological and surgical departments
- from 1997 Registered OR
-Nurse in general surgery, gynecology, first insight to laparoscopic surgery
- from 2001 at EndoGyn® with specialisation on gasless laparoscopies
- with the function of the first assistance at endoscopic surgeries
- Experience in assisting at live surgeries, in India, Mexiko, Spain
- since 2002 OR-Management at EndoGyn® with the function: Coordination of OR personell, Organisation and coordination of OR planing, Coordination of Devices, Instruments,
- Planing of new EndoGyn® centers

Presented for your critique, IHRT submits the “Fraudulent Nursing Certificates” as posted in Endogyn by Daniel Kruschinski the summer of 2005!
IHRT recalls how Kru posted the first “certificate” showing that his “nurse/mistress” was qualified to be working in his operating room, which Michi Katzer did do, however, when IHRT called him on the bogus certificate, they scrambled to produce yet another “authentic” document!

IHRT called attention to the fact that there was no college mentioned on the initial document nor any authenticating “seal,” which is found on EVERY document submitted anywhere in Europe!
(Exhibit #A)
In their hasty attempt to cover their tracks, Kru and Michi posted this second “document” in Endogyn, complete with the necessary “seal” of authentication!

(Exhibit #B)
(Exhibit A) (Exhibit B)
However…..the “Michaela Reimer aka Michaela Katzer aka Michaela Czerwinski,” listed on these certificates graduated in 1993, but the “seal” (notary public seal, which not the same as a seal from an institute of learning) was secured on
July 19, 2005!
Coincidently, that is the same year and month that IHRT pointed out the absence of a “seal” on Michi’s document!

David Thomas Katzer and Michaela Katzer geb. Czerwinski, Weinbergstr. 72

Though Michaela is still listed as being a member of Endogyn’s surgical staff, she is long gone and has been for months!
Like everything else in IHRT, we can prove our words!

EndoGyn® » Team OR » Michaela Katzer

Oh where, oh where did Michaela Katzer go? IHRT knows!
Check out THIS dating service in Australia, and you will know too!
(Perhaps Michaela and Peter Maher should tag up, they both like the same sports, it appears, and Michi IS free from Kruschinski, “used” but free!)

Passado> Michaela’s Space> Michaela Katzer's Profile

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Michaela Katzer's Profile
Michaela has not provided a personal url.
Date Of Birth
22 June 1972
Current Location
cairns , Australia
snorkeling, Swimming, scubadiving,
Schools Dates
Krankenpflegeschule St.Joseph Krankenhaus 1990-1993
[Tempelhof, Berlin]
Business Title
Academic studies
endogyn 2001 - 2004
[Seligenstadt, Hessen, Germany]
Title: head-nurse, Department: op
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For your convenience, IHRT has her email address:

IHRT points out that her dates for working at Endogyn do not match her dates as reflected in her Endogyn CV! But them again, when you’re a liar, it is hard to remember your lies!!!
Lets take a walk down memory lane as we say "Good-Bye" to Michaela Katzer....
Kru, his son, David, his mistress Michi dining with patients, shopping with patients, touring with patients, MIchi taking pictures of the new puppy (her purse, cigs and IPod on the table, along with Kru's vodka snifter,) Kru taking pictures of Michi drinking in the kitchen, Michi and Kru drinking on their cruise....
NO pictures of Kru and his current wife, Shirli Humbolt!

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