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Friday, March 02, 2007

Smellin Helen

As always we're smellin Helen as she spends her time pouring through our sites and she knows what we say is true.....Kru is a fraud but hey if he's your only friend .....well what's a girl to do??Stand by you man Helen.....your credibility is trashed so if you want to have your internet fantasies of your grand importance in the great scheme of things....knock your self out.

You know he is not in Japan. Isn't the ommision of truth as bad as lying???

What do you think about Kruschinki not even invited to Mettlers er um retirement it because he caused her fall from grace? She is the first but won't be the last.....

AS you claim to be uber religious....are your feeling....say...damned to hell for all eternity???Singing in the choir will not eradicate the sins of sending innocent ARD victims to experimental surgeries with a monster!Lots of explaining for you on judgement day.....think you can provide links to get you out of that LOL

Or ( smirk) you could just tell the truth and spare many suffering people wasted time and energy.

I know Kru's propaganda can rationalize just about anything and you choose to believe him than the plies of rock truth whacked off the top of your head.
Shame Helen wonder your kids steer clear and this is how you spend your golden years....Patheticjust my educated opinion....go tell birds of a feather....Connie won't get it....dumb as a bag of hammers that one do you just drag the puter to bed with you?? Just curious.

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