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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Melissa'sown words? From Endogyn

Posted Tuesday, July 25, 2006 @ 04:22 PM Hi,
I know I am not good about posting. Sorry! I am just too busy chasing my little boy and enjoying my life!!! I am very disappointed knowing that people exist in this world who have tried (and continue to try) to discredit Dr. Kruschinski. Before my mom and I went to Germany, I was without hope. Honestly, I never thought anyone could ever help me. I had totally given up hope. I would not even have gone to Germany had it not been for my mom insisting, because I had already had 2 surgeries and I only ended up in worse shape after those surgeries! I developed pain in areas where I didn't have pain before after those surgeries!!! So, I was pretty upset that my mom thought I should go for another surgery!! Because I was so sick, and no one could help me, I was only asking God to help me make it through each day. I prayed for pain free days and I felt so blessed if I had a day when I wasn't vomiting! When a person has lived in terrible pain every day for many long years and spends their life vomiting and crying and you've gone to doctor after doctor, you finally lose all hope to ever be well again.
I had lost all hope! Thank God, my mom had not lost hope for me, because I would have never had another surgery!!!!!!!!! Because I respect my mom and dad and know they have my best interest at heart, I agreed to go to Germany to Dr. Kruschinski. But, I admit I was not happy about going!!!!! I just knew that a doctor was not going to help me because we had been to soooooooo many doctors!!!! But, was I in for a shock when I woke up from surgery!!!!!!! I could tell that Dr. K had accomplished something inside of me that the other surgeons had not!!!!!!! I was afraid to even think it was possible that he had helped me, and my mom was asking over and over if I felt any difference. I really wouldn't talk much because I just knew that even though things felt different that at any time the old pain was going to start and I would be doubled over. I also was positive that I would be vomiting again, as this was how I lived eery day!!!!!!!! Well, I never did feel the old pain again and when I ate, I did not vomit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My mom said that one of the moron women who attack Dr. K recently posted that I am not well. Isn't this strange, because to my knowledge this woman DOES NOT KNOW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How would she know how my health is???? For her information and for those who may wonder if she speaks the truth, I can tell you the woman is a liar, for I am VERY MUCH WELL AND VERY, VERY ACTIVE AND VERY, VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! Not only am I well, but I have been well ever since I left Germany in April of 2003!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have I had any problems? Yes, I know few people who don't!! For her information I have PCOS and I will deal with it, so she can stop spreading lies that I am not well!!
I would like to tell suffering people that this illness is not understood in America. It is very sad, but very true. I know because I lived it!!!!! God has blessed Dr. K to help people who suffer and if I were the women who attack him, I would walk in fear before God!!!! It is just like Satan to rise up and attack a person who has found the answer to an illness!!!!! These 2 women must be very sick in the head. I feel very sorry for people who live with such hatred in their hearts. That is what is wrong with the world today. Instead of being happy for all the people Dr. K has helped, you hate them and speak lies about them, but you don't even know them!!!!! That's okay, because I don't need your approval. God answered my and my family's many, many years of prayers for me to be healed. I am healed. Deal with it.

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