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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Japan???? I don't think so! Sandy from Boston??? Keith, Karen

Daniel and Helen's usual late night tryst........Japan???? I don't think so.....

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Close-up of Japanese Keyboard
A big DUH for Danny Boy

CB068091 Corbis Royalty Free Photograph

Search google images, they all look like this......and don't you have a laptop Kruschinski???? have claimed postings from all over?????? Nit Wit.

Sandy from Boston??? how bout the outskirts of Worcester.....I'll be driving through your dinky, um rural um blanc mange town later this afternoon.
As a true native Bostonian, Rossie girl, Mission Hill and sure look and talk like wormtown folk .
BTW Sandy, my grandfather was superintendent of the Boston Police and reinstated the k-9 program with Germany generously donating dogs to my fair city......Gramp sent officers to Germany to train with the dogs......the dogs were trained but the k-9 handlers needed special instructions to handle these amazing dogs of pure German bloodlines. They also gave us Brunhilda our Precious Belgian shephard.... So ya wanna talk dogs Sandy? About Boston??? I'm back and happy to! I've been in the Berkshires for some R&R. Went to Butternut! Wheeee.......
Oh ya awful long ride from Maines lakes to North Conway isn't it??? I used to ski Sugarloaf and my car climbed Mt

Keith, will get to you later as I am going to a basketball tournament. Thank God I can!

If you missed them before, here are my operative reports.....I pray your's aren't as fraudelent as mine.

Dawn Rose Operative Reports
They Have been scanned as photos so not accusals of tampering could ever be implied!
They have helped many ARD patients....Mr. me.

I really do hope you guys fair well but geez don't be such bone heads about it......Git your stories straight and don't say stuff so easily verifiable by anyone with a puter or who live about 20 minutes away.

Doctors: Bound by Secrecy? Victims: Bound by Pain!

Karen a book???? I'll buy one............this I gotta see, full of pseudo prose in attempted Will Rogers style humor with lashings of Bible quotes and Kru as a messiah??? I'm just guessing, hehe.....the irony is that this purported book seemingly looks to promote Kruschinski...and Melissa is not well by her own admission, had unauthorized experimental surgery, de novo adhesions at her second look, ect...all at Kruschinski's hand...........I'm sure the publishers will poop their pants when they take the realise that the Doctor of note is a wanted criminal..............and they will find out if indeed it gets published at all......and what of the proceeds of this book Karen, if any? Will you donate the monies to suffering ARD patients???? LOL


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