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Friday, March 09, 2007

Kruschinski caught RED HANDED in BIGGEST SCAM YET!

Hitler, Saddam, Kruschinski
Fallen "butchers"!!!!

Famouse last words, "Do WE look worried?

A "Mistress" scorned!

A disgrunted Michi Katzer "narcs" to authorities, tells all!

**Helen knew all, but "flew" the Endo coop before it became public!

**Karen, you might want to "re-think" the ending of her book!

**Anyone considering a "Gas-less" surgery at "EndogynLTD," forget it as it no longer is available!

** Kruschinski confess's why he did human experiments!
This fact and more surrounding the "Fall of Endogyn" from Kruschinski's mouth revealed soon!

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