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Saturday, November 18, 2006

To Helen Dynda


As long as I am accused of posting in IHRT, I might as well post, and as long as I am posting, it will be as open and honest as I do in my private emails to others, such as you, and Kruschinski if I elect to go that direction. For now, I have some issues with you, as you appear to have issues with me, so lets clear them up in public, where you have taken them. Not me, Helen, but YOU!

I do have lots of questions for you, Helen, questions that ordinarily would be kept between us, but you seem to have a problem with that these days, I will reciprocate and "discuss" these things here for all to read, if they so choose. (And do they choose as the stats here in IHRT validate those words! Including you searching the IHRT archives for up to 8 hours, and at times, overnight! Think about that behavior, Helen, but not my bushiness.)

So, you want answers from Beverly Doucette, do you, well, guess what, you will get them! You will get them and answers, explanations, facts, questions, comments, impressions, thoughts, will get it all now Helen, happy about that?

I bet Kruschinski is very happy he brought you and Karen on board with him in Endogyn, real happy about having you two to "help" him succeed in his endeavourers in a professional manner!

Yes, I will talk about you, Karen, Kruschinski, and a lot more people, a "tell all" format shall I say! And the best part is that I will NOT use innocent patients to do that, nor will I breech confidentiality either and I can and will validate my words!

Helen, I don't know what turned you into this person you seem to have become, responding at the "cuff" in an anxious and desperate way, using patients who trusted you in confidence to prove some sort of "validation" of yourself (???) and it is important for me to mention that you actually shocked me when you placed suffering peoples email in Endogyn in your attempt to bring attention to yourself!
I was sickened by that pathetic post!

Though I do not keep contact with everyone I have assisted, I DO have occasional communications with many of them, and conitnual contact with a select few! One thing for certain is that I have never, and will never, exploit them or their email address in an attempt to "validate" something about myself!
Not only is this behavior NOT indicative of the Helen Dynda I knew, it is repulsive and has no justification what so ever! YOU did this, Helen, why? Where did this maneuver get you?

I implore you to remove these email address's, it is so disrespectful to these people! People who trusted you at one time, and their words, though true when written, might have changed over the years, or at least since you plastered their emails all over the internet!
Do YOU, Helen, know how some of these people are today? Well, I do, and some are VERY ill, some near death, and YOU used them to "validate" yourself? My God Helen...Please, for their sake, remove that post from Endogyn!

Let me set the record straight on a couple of things that YOU, Helen, posted on Endogyn about me, if you will;

Though I cannot prove my next comment, I heard that you accused me of "dropping" some ARD patients I had assisted in the past, and I ask you this, do you keep content contact with everyone YOU might have assisted in the past? If so, you are far better in that ten I am, as I have a life aside of this computer and, I am assisting NEW persons all the time, and they are as deserving of my time as those who I have assisted in my past.
Both ladies you supposedly referred to in your Endogyn post (always being neutral as you say) are now adhesion free, and that is a fact was confirmed with follow-up operations, one if Germany the other in Belgium! Fact!
Helen, why not share that my husband and I paid for one lady to go to Germany twice for an adhesiolysis, and it was not a surgery with Reich! Did you share that in your post? Why am I sharing that now, well, to "validate" myself, what else would that be for! See what a good person I am, Helen!

I have never asked you to post anything of a negative nature on any web site, never!
And you know that to be true!

You state that you never aligned yourself with just one surgeon for ARD, however, YOU assistaed in the formation of Endogyn and with a number of "Support Kruschninski" web sites, and though these web sites are anything but supportive of him, you remained involved. What they really are about is to "Bash Beverly Doucette's" as part of some sort of vendetta Karen Stewart has for me. And YOU support that 100% by posting int them as well.

Something else I know to be fact, Helen, is just last week you opened up the opportunity for "your" supporters to praise you on the Endogyn message board, and of course, the same Kru (Crew) came through for you, with one exception, Karen Steward. All Karen for you was a few words in praise of you, then she use used that moment to bring forth her rath against me mentioning MY name over and over with venomous anger. (Karen always presents as an interesting subject for me to study my "psychologya' on! LOL! LOL!)

You see Helen, what you and others are doing is feeding into one ladies anger towards another, an anger without a basis, and coupled, perhaps, with her feelings for Kruschinski playing a role in her behaviors, who really knows, do you, know Helen? Do you know what it is about me that bothers Karen Steward? Do you know why you follow her as you do? Do any of those who have picked up Karen's vendetta against me really know her reason of such anger?

Do you have a reason for your "anger" towards me, Helen? A REAL validated reason you have aligned against me in public? Do any of those who post against me in Endogy have a personal reason for doing that, or, perhaps, have you all been pulled into doing the bidding of one women with a vengeance for me? Have any of you ever seen a post from me in Endogyn, or anywhere else using vile language against anyone? If I have something to say about anyone, I can get my message across without using such language as Karen's portrays in her posts when using my name!

Where is the "support" sites for Kruschinski, Helen? All I ever read in these web sites are words of hate and anger against others, very little support for him, and even less validation for support for Kruschinski. All I ever read in many of the posts in Endogyn are words putting others down as a means of trying to praise Kru, placing blame on others, and using vile hostility against others, and all of that is what you are calling, "support" for Kruschnisnki!

Oh yes, Helen, it is all of this, hate, anger, name calling, and nothing stating why any of you support Kru! And for all who are better for thier visit to him, does that leave no room for behaviors exhibited by him that are serious in nature and need to be discussed? Did you sell your soul to a person who helped you, and thus, in your mind and heart you cannot seperate that he can, and did, do wrong?

I do think that some have been helped, improved by Kru's surgery, but more have not. I do think that had Kru done things differently, he might have worked his way to be of benefit in the world of ARD. I do think that. I do think that Emma Klinik might have been the center we were seeking to make a difference in the lives of ARD sufferers, but it all changed when Krushinski spent more then he made, stepped over the line of professional to personal, mis-represented his statistics, used patients as his means of advertising, exploiting them, changing his rates from one patient to another, so many things, Helen, so many things, and no one did them but him!

Remember I was the one who wrote and set up the "infrastructure" found at Emma Klinik, and in Belgium, Duisburg, Grand Caymans and an upcoming surgical center! I did that, I hoped it would make a difference for ARD!

I digress here, forgive me. I think that you, Helen, had a lot to offer persons afflicted with ARD in the realm of education and friendship, You really did, you gave a lot to those areas, and you were becoming recognized for your ability to be able to secure answers in almost any area of ARD. You presented a nice format for people to retrieve the information you provided, you were capable of going far in this area, an area that is unchallenged todate. And, Helen, you blew it too!

I will never know why you became what you are today, recognized as Kruschinski's right hand person. Why your focus is on yourself. Why you make claims that are so easily proven otherwise. Why you risked all you built for a few areas in a website owned and operated by one surgeon, and a controversial one at that! Why you remained at the side of an angry women who used you, and others, to satisfy her own agenda. I will never understand that about you, Helen.

I would like to think there is room to vindicate yourself in all of this, a way that you could be accepted into another established ARD web site, a way that you could continue to reach out and touch the lives of some very suffering people, a means by which you could continue to educate on the issues of interest to all of us, ARD, and to accomplish that would it be a simple, "I am sorry" or perhaps, " I made a mistake" as we all do?

I don't think so, but it matters not what I think, as that is your call to do if you so choose such a direction. The greater part of me says that you will fall along with Kruschinski, Karen and the others, many of whom have already become silent, for reason I can only suspect! Helen, once the Endogyn web site shuts down, and it will shut down, you too will be silenced.

I do know that I would never be able to trust your decisions enough to allow you to be part of my ARD information web site, this I know. What any one else does is not my bussiness, but if you were picked up ny another web site, and your focus was not on yourself for personal gain, or caught up in trying to impress a Dr., or align with others filled with such anger and hatred, you just might once again rise up to the top of being recognized as the provider of much education....and in that alone, maybe you will find some semblance of satisfaction so that you do not have to exploit patients!

I am will post again, as I have lots to say, LOTS! I do not need any answers, or replys to anything I post, I do not need anyone to even read my posts for me to be satisfied, as I am satisified with simply posting them!

You know what Helen, I don't care if my spelling is wrong, my punctuation is crappy or if my sentence structure is off, and I don't care who likes or doesn't like my words, not one little bit as no one bought me, Helen, no one!

And how about this, Helen..anyone who has a desire to secure a surgery with Kruschinski, go do it, you have a mind of your own, don't you?

Beverly J. Doucette Saturday, November 18, 2006

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