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Friday, November 03, 2006


From the mouth of a criminal!

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski confesses in a bold comment he posted on Endogyn!

What silenced the “rantings and ravings” of Karen Steward, leader of the
“Kruschinski Cult? IHRT knows and will tell!

What is Helen Dynda doing these days? Wait until you hear this!

All this and more “facts” coming this weekend, ONLY by the “IHRT” team!


IHRT said...

Hooray, Karens back and raving away in the endogyn message board.
See her reinvent history as she sees it and she needs it to be...
after all, she told Daniel "I want it to be by goodness lets watch as she tries to rationlise all and create a more palatable vision of Kru to anyone she can bully into beleveing so.
Golly, we all missed ya Karen. You'r my favorite debater and the message boards' wide open for any of your rapier retorts.

IHRT said...

Posted Friday, October 27, 2006 @ 01:21 PM

Dear All,
Just for the record: I've not stopped supporting Dr. Kruschinski as Beverly and Dawn recently claim (and hope!) , nor has my husband told me to stay away from Dr. Kruschinski, as they also recently claim. . Futhermore, I do not have a marriage in which my husband tells me what to do---I am my own person, as he is his own person.

It amazes me that Beverly and Dawn make such accusation, as they do not know me, nor do they know my husband, yet they spout via their slanderous site and fabricate lies about Dr. Kruschinski and any patients (or family members who support Dr. Kruschinski.)

The truth, (which I can speak for myself), is that I remain in awe over my daughter having regained her life and health due to the extraordinary brilliance and talent of Dr. Daniel Kruschinski. He is THE surgeon who had enough knowledge to do what no other doctor could do! Because of his willingness to "think outside the box" of modern medicine, he recognized the fact that CO2 compromises the effectivness of an adhesiolysis procedure and he DID something about it!! He actually sought to find a better way to help the ARD sufferer. His unique procedure of gasless laparoscopy proved not only to bring my daughter out of her living hell, but has also lead countless others out of their nightmare as well.

Anyone who has watched the on-going attack against Dr. Kruschinski can easily read between all the slanderous lies that are fabricated on Beverly Doucette's so-termed "adhesion support" site. Beverly is simply the puppet for an (some??) American surgeon(s), who have suffered financial loss and acclaimed status in the world of ARD. What better way to regain that status and financial loss than to create doubt and confusion about the one who has stolen their spotlight---Dr. Kruschinski? Futhermore, anyone privy to the IAS and its leader, also knows that there is a goal to ruin any and all other adhesion websites, and once again, Beverly Doucette is willing to step up to the plate to perform the dastardly deed. She has proven that she is NOT an ARD advocate, but rather a doctor and IAS advocate.

For those who are sick and suffer with ARD: There are a few surgeons who truly want to help you and they strive to advance medicine not only by learning the challenges that adhesions present, but by also searching for ways to overcome these challenges. Dr. Kruschinski's method is gasless adhesiolysis. His method is a PROVEN method, as it is the method that works for this surgeon and for many of the patients who seek his method and expertise. (Notice above that Beverly sent Dr. K an email demanding that he remove his patient contact list?)

Folks, the bottom line is this: Beverly (and the ones pulling her strings) long ago resorted to filthy vile in an effort to ruin one of the world's leading surgeons--Dr. Daniel Kruschinski. Their slanderous ramblings grow more outlandish as time goes on. They stooped even lower in the last few months by including Dr. Kruschinski's children in their slanderous rampage. And now, they have included his beloved (deceased) dog--using his sorrow as another means to attack him. They continue to attack former patients (and family members of those patients) on their site as a means of intimidation. They believe their intimidation tactics will eventually stop anyone from posting to this board.

They also continue to attack Helen for her commitment to ARD sufferers and for her work on this board. When Beverly failed to "beg Helen back" to the IAS through her flowery emails, she then resorted to plan B: slander and intimidation.

Beverly continues to state that Dr. Kruschinski thinks he is a "God." But, the turth is this: Beverly Doucette believes SHE is a God and when people do not conform to her ARD ways and her ARD ideas, she unleashes the fury of hell...and the ARD sufferer suffers further because of this woman who calls herself an ARD "advocate."

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Dr. Kruschinski's remarkable talent, gasless laparascopy, and SprayGel gave my daughter back her life!! Thank you Dr. Kruschinski!!

IHRT said...

Helen did you really Tell them this??? Shame on you....birds of a feather I guess.

"They also continue to attack Helen for her commitment to ARD sufferers and for her work on this board. When Beverly failed to "beg Helen back" to the IAS through her flowery emails, she then resorted to plan B: slander and intimidation."