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Friday, November 10, 2006

Bev Doucette speaks out!

Posted Thursday, November 9, 2006 @ 05:12 PM

IHRT contacted Beverly Doucette to get her take on the list of surgeons in "" and to the questions posed by Kruschinski in Endogyn.

This is what she had to say.

Bev Doucette: "All this stuff with Kruschinski is not worthy of my time but I will answer some questions here for IHRT but please realize that I think it is silly for a Dr. to be doing stuff like this. His post is so unprofessional and really does nothing to help persons afflicted with ARD. I am surprised that he is still doing this stuff. Whatever...I have no use for him at all and I am not ashamed to state that however I prefer to keep the reasons for that opinion to myself.

Kruschinski: "centers for adhesion surgery" & "I am sure, we all would like to know some more about those centers listed there"

Bev Doucette: "ARD information" web site does not promote any "ARD" center. The fact is that I am not aware of any "centers for adhesion surgery" that exist specifically for ARD patients at this time.

This list of surgeons in the "ARD information web site" are Dr.'s who have attended seminars, conferences and congress'dealing with ARD issues and they are THE "most" knowledgable doctors in their respective countries in the area of ARD than Dr.'s who have not attened these types of programs.
It is not my "opinion or impression" that these surgeons are more educated in ARD issues, it is a fact directly related to thier numourous attendance and interest in these types of meetings surrounding ARD issues.

Kruschinski: "We are very curious about the number of patients treated in these centers..."

Bev Doucette: "It is not my place to discuss anything about patients that I might assist, that would be a serious breech of confidentiality.
It is not my place to discuss any of the practices of these fine surgeons. People interested in any of them can secure information by contacting them. I am of the opinion that anyone wishing to make a contact with anyone mentioned in my website are able to do that on thier own, they are adults. I give them credit to know what they need and are responsible enough to know what they are doing. I do not, nor do I want to do those things for them.
Very few people will ever secure a contact wth me for any type of assistance these days so it is a good thing that there is information out there where they can get contact information about quality surgeons who know something about ARD, are honest and willing to try to help these patients, as these types of surgeons remain few and far between!"

Kruschinski: "We are interested in any story (short or long term results, deosn't matter) available from any patients, treated in these centers."

Bev Doucette: "Why doesn't Kruschinski contact these surgeons, or patients, and ask them these questions? He is still a Dr. isn't he? I would recommend that he contact these surgeons himself, as to try to force such issues on laypeople and patients is again, unproffesional and should be uneccesary when he can make contact Dr. to Dr."

Kruschinski: "Just curious to which adhesion specialists patients are being lured where no infrastructure for adehsiolysis procedures is set..."

Bev Doucette: " I really do not understand this comment at all. It just doesn't make any sense to me so I cannot comment on it. I know of no facility that has any "infrastructure" for ARD patients that offers a holistic approach to adhesions. Endogyn is known to use such words but it is far from being able to offer anyone anything from what I hear. Words carry little wieght when what they offer is in reality, nothing!"

Kruschinski: "EndoGyn is offering:
a concept for adhesioloysis an effective adhesion barrier an effective operative tool to remove and prevent adhesions 85 % adhesion and pain free results... Only 12 % patients with reccurent pain Any bowel obstruction after adhesiolysis surgery Only 1.5% of bowel complications ."

Bev Doucette: "These words are not true at all, simply not true. Really unbelievable that Kruschinski puts this out on his web site! I guess it answers the question as to why he doesn't contact other surgeons as who would deal with someone of this caliber? No ethical surgeon would!

I have not heard or seen any evidence, validation, statistics or anything else that would substantiate claims such as Kruschinski's in this post.
I can, with 100% conviction of my words say that "there is no surgeon or facility that can offer these things, nor make such claims and any who do, well, they are just advertising's . These results are simply impossible at this time to achieve."

Patients need to be wary of such claims and they need to do a LOT of research before pursuing an adhesiolysis with a surgeon who would boast of such things being accomplished by him.
This post by Daniel Kruschisnki is indicative of why I always stress that persons afflicted with ARD MUST be their own best Dr.! If they do not want get trapped into promises like this and end up with even greater problems then they need to be well enough informed about ARD to protect themselves from this stuff.
I don't know of any other surgeon or facility that would say such things to persons afflicted with ARD because they simply can not be validated and are not true.

It is for these very ways that I do not and have never associated myself or promoted anything that Daniel Kruschinski has ever done and reading this today out of 'Endogyn" validates my reasons for that!

You asked me if I am aware that Kruschinski continually uses my name in many of his posts, and, yes, I do know that, however that stuff is unimportant to me as I know that I have never once posted on Endogyn (it is beneath me to do such a thing on such a web site.)
I am content that I exposed him for what he really is, the rest is up to each ARD patient to deal with as they see fit, not my call.
I wish them all the best!

My best to all on IHRT who picked up the ball and kept it rolling to expose frauds, money hungry surgeons, and anyone else who trys to take advantage of those suffering from ARD! I will at any time offer my assistance to IHRT in the event I deem it worthy of my time and efforts.

Beverly J. Doucette

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