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Friday, November 17, 2006

To Helen Dynda from Bev Doucette

To Helen (and all,)

Helen, I recently received an email that contained a "post" that you apparently had in Endogyn regarding an accusation against me.

I am really appalled and saddened that you did this type of thing, not because it was directed at me, but because it reflects something terribly wrong with what you have always presented as a representative for persons afflicted with ARD!

Helen, you know 100% that I have never asked you to post for me in the IAS, or anywhere else for that matter, anything that was of a derogatory nature, or contained anything but what I thought would benefit persons seeking assistance for ARD, or to ask you to share a message for or about persons we might be seeking support or prayers for...Never have I ever asked you to post anything that was not of a decent, respectful or resonsible nature in any web site, not ever!

For you to so much as "elude" in a post in Enodgyn that I would have asked you to do anything that was not reputable, of good moral character or nasty in nature, is not true and instead, irresponsible out cruel!

I have never called you to try to "discredit" you in any way, and to elude to this is just plain wrong!

Helen, I have never once posted on Endogyn, ever! If you, or anyone else for that matter, were to look at any post in Endogyn in which my name is mentioned would see that never once was the post FROM me, instead, it was ABOUT me, using my name in ways that I have never once been involved in! Karen Steward, Kruschinski and others have been led on a "witch" hunt, by seeing my name used over and over again in such ways that APPEAR to cast me as the culprit of the accusations posed against me, have never once been FROM me!
I have sent private emails to Daniel in years past that HE posted in his web site, but never, ever have I ever posted in Endogyn!

When others use my name in an attempt to discredit me, they make it appear as though I am actually perpetrating the action in which my name is used. It can easily be interpreted that I, in fact, am responsible for that accusation, however, if anyone really looked at these posts using my name, they would see that I have never once, NOT once, been the one to post this stuff! Not from day one!

People who are angry at me, calling me names or whatever, are only doing that based on seeing my name associated with some act that either Karen Steward or Kruschinski have associated my name with! Nothing more.
They are caught up in the "feeding frenzy" of it and then they too use my name, call me names, and even think I am responsible for whatever action my name has been associated with, it can be expected as they do not know me at all.
But YOU do know me,...and now to see you do this very same thing, Helen, eluding that I asked YOU to post negative things on my behalf a terrible travesty, not for me, but for you as you know better then that!

Helen, you also know that I will never asked anyone to defend my name, nor will I defend myself in anything, it is just not important to me to do that. I understand how people can get caught up in these things, and then follow the same behaviors of others, yet, never really knowing if what I am accused of is true, they simply followed another's path, no reason of their own to call me names or use my name in association with nasty accusations, they simply follow what others have said! A true "witch hunt."

That in itself is fine with me, as I simply continue to do what I have always done, assist persons with ARD in any way that I can. This is the most important thing to do with my time, not take the time to allow myself to be consumed with all this negatism, it simply is not worthy of my time.

I write today to tell you to please think about the path you are taking, to use another for self-gain can only result in you losing everything or anything that you might have been productive in for the cause of ARD!

If you, or anyone, think that I can take down a surgeon in another country simply because I do not find him to be up to my standards, is just silly!
How could I accomplish such a task as getting someone bankrupt, homeless, divorced, medical license removed, government payments denied, and all in another country! My goodness, if I possess such power, then why isn't he in jail now, as if he is really guilty of such things, then in my opinion, he should be in jail!

Instead, Kruschinski is offering surgeries as recent as this week, and to patients from the US as well as other International counties and of course, German patients as well. HE is posting this stuff, not me, and he must know if he is doing them or not!!(Unless YOU think he is not being honest about it, then ask him for petes sakes! That is a no brainer, Helen!!)

In light of this, what ARE the issues here, Helen? Kruschinski appears to be doing fine, or am I wrong? What IS your problem with me, Helen? It appears to me that it is YOU and Karen Stewart, and a few others, who have some problem in Endogyn, as Daniel appears to be doing just fine!

Remember back in 2003 when you called me and asked if I wanted you to make a public retraction in the IAS regarding your public disclaimer about "splitting" with me as "friends and associates" working for persons afflicted with ARD, and I said not to do that? There was a reason you asked me that question. There was a reason you felt that you wanted to make such a retraction.
IF you felt you wronged me then, why did you post in Endogyn last last week that I had asked YOU to post negative things for me, when this is so far from the truth it is unbelievable!?
Why did you call me last year and ask if I would remove Dawns operative reports from my web site and if I did, then Kruschinski would "link" to my web site? I wanted nothing to do with any of that as I DID NOT, nor DO NOT support anything Kruschinski is about, and that is my right to do!

I do ask you now to please validate this claim with such a post by me asking you to post something with a negative connotation!
(Not a post in which I am supporting two surgeons who I believed at that time did offer something unique to suffering ARD patients, my goodness! Had I known then what I know now, those words of support for these surgeons would never had been made! That is no different then patients who went to Endogyn and posted directly post-op how well they were, only to have symptoms re-appear within months of such posts! And YOU know better then that, Helen! Shame on you for mis-representing such a post!)

Helen, read the posts in Endogyn that use my name. See for yourself that not one single post with my name in it was from me, instead it was only about me, and so many act so silly and post out of an anger that has no basis at all! Those who use my name have never dealt with me, but instead are caught up in this "feeding ferenzy", and are really so few in nature. It is sad to say but true, people who cannot make up their own minds, instead simply follow others without so much as an independent thought or clue to what they are doing! People like this are so far beneath me that I simply find them sad and ignorant.

Out of 3000 operations Kruschinski claims to have done, a hand full claim to be well, and thank-goodness for that! However, this handful selfishly attack anyone who did not have the benefit of such good results as they, and they attack them with behavior so insensitive and lacking in understanding and compassion for the ones who did not fair as they did, that their words can only be taken as cruel in nature!! And these are the same people who call me names!!?

Go ahead, call me names, as I rather stand with the suffering and try to help them then to try to defend myself to the likes of people of this caliber and obvious inability to think for themselves...or to figure out that something is big time wrong with all your angry posts in Endogyn when Daniel is really doing just fine!
(Maybe he likes this kind of attention???)

Talk about NOT getting it right folks...think about this for a minute! See how silly all of you patients and "supporters" look fighting for a cause that, well, doesn't seem to be there! Where did all this anger come from, and why does it continue yet today? Why does Endogyn seem to be steeped in such vileness? Why is it filled with angry people who are WELL!? Ladies, what is your point????

Those who post in Endogyn seem to follow one another, and you go in circles of fits of anger, not really having a basis for any of it, just round and round and round, one makes a nasty comment, then another, and another..then one uses my name or Dawns name and around and around you go again, and it keeps going, senseless and meaningless indeed! Not to mention how silly you all appear!

Helen, you know I offered you an opportunity to share your interests of ARD education in my web site, but you choose Endogyn, which I respected, so whatever you feel that I did to you to warrant your public rath and accusations against me, is unfounded, cheap and extremely out of character of who you used to be!

I do have more questions for you now that I have been invited to post in IHRT, and I will post when I feel it is warrented, such as today!

I do know that one area of curiosity is why all of a sudden you are trying to "validate" who you are and what you have done for ARD. When did this all become about YOU, Helen? You appear to be desperately in need of something, importance perhaps, but why is that?
This is not the Helen I once knew, as that Helen did things out of her serivce to our Lord, and out of compassion of a giving heart that was not filled with self attention...what has happened to you, Helen? My God, what has happened to you?

I knew that I would put my reputation on the line when I decided to present my issues to Kruschinski, and though that was done in complete privacy between he and I, he choose to put it public, and in that action, I would not be intimidated, rather I gave of myself for what I beleived was neccesary, this is NOT what your doing, Helen, not at all. Think about this if you can.

You do not owe me any answers, but as long as you decided to use my name in such a public manner, then why not back it up with the "nasty" posts I asked you to do for me?

Beverly Doucette
Friday, November 17, 2006

If you wish to work for or do whatever it is you do in Endogyn, why would I care!

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