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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Endogyn mistress for Kru!

IHRT has ONE question for Kruschinski, Karen Steward and Helen,
(or ANY of "Kru's Crew for that matter!)

"Why isn't anyone "harvesting" patients to Kruschinski's renowned surgery anymore???" Anyone? Anyone?

IHRT remains ever vigilant to everyone to the truth that Daniel Kruschinski is a surgeon gone mad, a danger to patients and a criminal on top of all that!

IHRT MUST continue to point out the lies that Daniel Kruschnski and others continue to post in certain websites. This is to protect the innocent from preditors that continue to support his lies. (It is one thing to appreciate a surgeons intervention but to give your soul for it, to the point that you will back ANYTHING the surgeon does is just sick!)

IHRT has always stated the facts, told the truth, challenged Kruschinski and others when they lie.
Yes, IHRT added a flavor of humor in doing that... the humor has never really been that far off either!

IHRT will continue to state the facts, tell the truth, challenge Kruschinski and others when they lie. Yes, IHRT will add a flavor of humor in doing this!

Endogyn's message board makes allot of claims, accusations and is constantly lying, there is no other way to put it.
One thing they do NOT do is answers questions. They get angry, name call, try to "smoke screen" the questions so that they do not have to answer them..this is the Endogyn style.

Will they answer the question posed above in this blog???
Probably not, so we will!

Kruschinski cannot offer anyone a surgery as he does not have a facility to practice in. Fact!

All the postings in Endogyn that reflect he is performing surgery for international patients are bogus and an easy way to determine who is telling the truth is for YOU to email Dr. Hutter, Dr.'s Goeshen, Reich, Mettler, or any of the kliniks mentioned in the Endogyn website!

Why not email the German medical board with your inquires?

Why not just ask Kruschinski for his mailing address?

Why not ask Kruschinski to offer up the contact information for the persons
listed above...wouldn't any good Dr. want to give references?

Why not ask Helen and Karen why they are NOT promoting coming to "Endogyn" for surgery anymore?

Why not ask Helen to post the current status of Endogyn?... such as, "where is Endogyn currently located, why isn't information on these surgries being shared any longer, is Kru doing "gas-less" with the "hook? (We have you ask Helen as she has been a staunch advocate for Kruschinski and ever present in Endogyn as well as in constant communication with Kruschinski.)

IHRT is pleased that some patients had improvments from surgery at Endogyn but they remain the minority!
6 or 7 patients posting success is but a drop in the bucket for a surgeon claimimg to have perfomed 3000-4000 GAS-LESS operations in three years!
THAT claim alone should wake people up to the truth of Endogyn!

The fact is when it comes to anything coming out of Endogyn, it is not credible!
Due to all the misrepresentations and ever changing claims of research, statistics, surgical outcomes, misuse of the Abdolift, inconsiderate and disrespectful posts without regard to patient confidentiality, lack of information and probably worst of all, if there could be a worst of all, discoveries of terrible things that did occur at Endogyn, revealed after the incidents occurred when issues were forced!

It is also important to mention the many attack posts by a select few who back him no matter how blatant his misbehaviors are or how serious a set of issues he creates, they stand by his every action and word.... this is extremely dangerous behavior on a medical web site.

Kruschinski himself changed many of his claims after they were revealed in IHRT to be false and what was revealed in IHRT always proved to be true!

Most, yes, most persons afflicted with ARD will not secure 100% removal of thier many symptoms but some will be fortunate enough to secure improvments in them.
Unfortunately, the later is few and far between. A few patients who went to Endogyn did secure improvements, some after a number of return trips but the problem with that scenario is that the "returning" trips were kept hushed from other patients seeking information about the results at Endogyn.

To make one trip abroad for a surgery costs enough but NOT knowing that you might have to make multiple trips and still not be well might definately cause a patient to seek surgery elsewhere.
Thus the reason for the hush! This type of deceit was/is going on in Endogyn all the time and perpetrated by both Kruschinski and a hand full of his followers.

IHRTs interest in the happenings at Endogyn are not in statictis of patient outcomes, as they are severely eroded, skewed and a waste of our time to deal with.
IHRT does have an interest in Endogyn and it is this:
IHRT will conitinue to point out the misinformation that has always been posted in the Endogyn web site and continues to this day.

Kruschinski is no longer performing surgeries and this offers IHRT great peace of mind.
No matter what he claims today or tomorrow, no matter how many wonderful claims of his great accomplishments in surgery are posted in Endogyn, no one will secure a surgery with him! Impossible!

Now, no matter how many "patients" Karen, Helen and others try to harvest to Kru for a surgery, a surgey will never transpire! Impossible!

Patients who send 10,000 Euros to Kru will only be making a nice donation for his drinking and other needs..but certainly not a surgery! Impossible!

No matter how angry the Endogyn crew gets at IHRT, nor how much Kruschinski, Karen, Helen or anyone else put down IHRT, no one will secure a surgery with Kru! Impossible!

IHRT's bottom line has been accomplished and that is to save innocent people from a mad surgeon with some very real "issues!"

An "amazing" revolation from IHRT.....

-What does amaze us at IHRT is that people really seem to think that a few Americans, a web site or two, and a few "German spies" could REALLY cause a country to deny a surgeon rights to practice there!
-That IHRT has the power to break up Kru's marraige and relationship with his mistress, amazing, simply amazing!
-That IHRT has the power to have Kru removed from Klinik after Klinik, town after town.
- That IHRT has the power to have "sponsors" remove themselves from Endogyn and
has the power to have the "Director" of Endogyn resign!
- That IHRT has the power to have Kru's vehicles confiscated.
- IHRT has the power to cost Kru his insurance, medical payments by the government, bank accounts to close, bad credit reports, bankruptcies.....
- IHRT stopped the production of the "Abdolift" by a major company in Germany?
- IHRT is accused of causing Kru to lose his "staff"....but then he gets new ones!

An "amazing" revolation from IHRT.....
Annette Dzienziol (Daniel's new bed partner!!)

Dzienziol A.
Str. 1030880
Laatzen Gleidingen
Telefon-05102 51 01

And this list goes on and on and on!!!

IHRT says that anyone who wants to wire money to Kruschinski, do it.

Anyone who wants to read Karen and Helen's posts, read them.
Anyone who wants to fly to Krus side, fly...
The bottom line is that no one will secure a surgery with him ever again, and THAT IHRT will take credit for!

Oh come on, Helen, pleeeezzz!
You were removed from the IAS back in 2003 when everything you posted was for Kruschinski's advertising! Did you forget that? Is this the best you can post in Endogyn? My goodness, another "whinner" on that board, wasn't "Kru" enough!

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