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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ode to Dr. K

Oh, the beauty of gardens!

Daniel Kruschinski sitting in a garden
Crazy and drunk
He was so dirty he actually stunk;

Without it being said
He couldn’t even lift his head!

When the people saw him,
They shouted “Hey Kru!”
“You owe us some money
Now see it through!”

Knowing he was caught, broke and blue,
Kruschnski ran like crazy
Cause he feared they’d sue;
So out of that garden Kruschnski fled
No money, no car, no placed to lay his head!

Where is Karen, Lisa and Helen
Gone off somewhere, perhaps just “jellen?”

Now where is Koh, Mettler and Pete
Not one can be found
When “Kru” gets the heat!

The man named Kruschinski
Loved Karen, the “Buttinski,”
They made claims of no gas
‘cept what came from their ass

And left Helen to hold the "Endogyn Baginski!”

Karen and Lisa left out in the cold
While Helen takes over with a "soul that was sold;"

Each one will remember
With thoughts not too tender
Of the day they made friends with
The great “pretender!”

When all is said and done,
The truth will prevail;
And all we will know of Kru
Is he is sitting in a jail!

Run, Kruschinski, Run!

IHRT finds it interesting that:
No one comments when Kru posts in Endogyn anymore,
No more messages from his comrades, Koh, Moher or Reich,
Helen is only concerned for herself, as usual and hasn't missed a beat!
Karen’s husband has once again “grounded” her,
Lisa, Sally, Connie and Carole, have abandoned him for more important things,
Kru posts of his “business as usual,” with only one twist, HE is the victim,
Kru's posts are containing more and more information about the “LAW” being on his trail!
No more “Apollo Stuttgart” facility listed in Endogyn

When you spoke to the district attorney did you give her you current address?

No more 2007 ISGE in Germany hosted by Kru:
September 19-21, 2007
12th Regional Meeting of the International Society for Gynecological Endoscopy (ISGE)Adhesion Formation, Adhesion surgery and Adhesion PreventionInternational Society for Gynecological Endoscopy (ISGE)Arabella Sheraton Grand HotelMunich, GermanyTel: 010 ENDOGYN (3636496) / 49 22 180 11 00 1Fax: 07000 ENDOGYN (3636496) / 49 22 180 11 00 29E-mail:
12th Regional Meeting of the International Society for Gynecological Endoscopy (ISGE) Adhesion Formation, Adhesion Surgery and Adhesion Prevention Experimetal studies, surgical techniques and adhesion prevention barriers September 19th till 21st, 2007, Munich, Germany Congresswebsite: sprache=en&a=EndoGyn&b=Physicians&c=DrKruschinski&... - 40k - Supplemental Result -

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