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Monday, November 13, 2006

How to Recognize a Psychopath

How to Recognize a Psychopath
By Simona Nielsen

• A psychopath appears as self-confident and innocent. He is obsessed with fantasies about power, honor and revenge and a feeling of having special rights.
• In proportion to others he is superficial friendly, but the psychopath has no trust in others.
• The Psychopath doesn’t have the skills to co-operate on the same level with others. He lacks the skills to join groups and family life.
• The psychopath seems charming and seems to seek company. He makes many plans, has great ambitions but creates few results. He cares much about looks and status. He rarely goes through a full education and suffers from chronic boredom.
• In love and sexuality the psychopath is sly and seductive. He can be recognized by many partners and often changes in partners. Furthermore, many marriages and divorces. There is a danger of abuse, incest and sexual perversions.
• The psychopath doesn’t care about morality and it’s hard for him to feel pity for anyone except himself. He has deep LACK of real guilt and.or remorse. He often suffers from gambling mania and has a tendency to commit fraud.
• He is good at expressing himself verbally. He can get on anywhere in the world with his small-talk. He is interested in anything new, but hates routine.
• If you feel a beginning disgust towards a person, you’ve always had good thoughts about, this can be a sign. Psychopaths often gives people ‘the creeps’ when you get to know them better.
• It’s impossible to avoid conflicts with the psychopath. He only understands how to solve conflicts with power and manipulation.
• A psychopath will threaten legal action against those who "hurt" him, however, they do not follow through.
• If you work with a psychopath, it’s important to set limit to what you’ll accept. Psychopaths are good at advancing in the workplace.

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Posted Sunday, November 12, 2006 @ 01:56 AM

The complaint at the office of the district attorney is on the way and they told me just to go back to the usual business and let them do the work...
OK, we are back at the daily business and welcome beside patients from Germany, the new international cases already on next Monday, also one from US...

Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,,

(Kruschinski's usual bussiness: Sitting with a bowl to beg, suffering a hangover, ranting and raving, sleeping around, (but not in a fun way) hiding from those same authorities, fighting with Karen and Helen, hiding from creditors and carrying on conversations with the voices in his head!
( Busy bee, worky, worky!)

Kruschinski, WHERE will these operations take place?
What is the costs for US patients?
Where do the Internatiomnal patients stay?
Is there a second look lap?
What is the technique your using these days, gas-less?
Are you using the "Abdolift? (You never mention it anymore)
Is Michi your nurse?
Who IS assisting you in operations?
Can we see a picture of you and the patients?
How about a picture of just you in your surgical garb?
Are you using Spraygel?
Are you still hosting the ISGE 2007 Congress in Munich? (There is no more advertising of ANY congress's in Endogyn web site!)
Where did the "Apollo Klinik" go? It went missing from Endogyn!

IHRT predicts that there will be no follow up to this threat by Kruschinski, as usual!

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