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Friday, November 10, 2006

Karen Defies Husband ~ continues to be involved with Dr. Kruschinski

What a naughty girl.

Not only have you written on the Endogyn message board but have posted on your blog and even started a new one!

Can IHRT coin a new phrase?
IHRT opines that what your husband doesn't know can't cause him die of shame...the whole world watching his wife carry on with his daughter's former surgeon.

This is 3 year after he supposedly cured her.
Unfortunately he will find out.

Mr. Steward here is just one of the web proxies Karen uses behind your back....

Referring Link
Host Name
IP Address
United States
Hughes Network Systems

What IHRT wished he knew is his poor daughter more than likely has endometriosis still and the adhesions from before along with adhesions caused by the devil endo.
How could this poor girl ever approach her mother if she is still ill.
Karen has create a less than conducive atmosphere for that.
IHRT hopes that Mr. Karen will be able to help their daughter as Karen herself seems to have lost all objectivity.

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