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Friday, February 23, 2007

No operatives posted as of today!

No operatives posted as of today!
IHRT how long does it take to make an operative report?
IHRT asks if "Dandy Sandy & Bullroar Bonni" if they would also submit the receipt of payment to Kru so that others might know what the costs of going to "Endogyn" are!
Wouldn't these two reports offer valuable service to other ARD patients, and to Kru himself?

Speaking of reciepts for services rendered by Kru, just WHERE did he render these services, if we might ask. No one has actually mentioned where Kru performed the surgeries, nor if HE actaully performed them! Hmmmm, now that IHRT thinks about these posts, the latest post in Endogyn stating that yet another patient from the US is heading over to Endogyn, there is no mention of just where Endogyn is!

Has anyone noticed that there are NO contacts for Kru other then one email addres? has anyone called Zuckerburg to make contact with Kru? (IHRT encourages you to do that, it is funny!)

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