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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dr. Daniel M. Kruschinski - FRAUD!!

IHRT would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to one,


The following listings are currently found within the pages of the "Endogyn" web site. To the untrained eye, they appear impressive, though not near as impressive as most physicians and professors within the "International Endoscopic Arena," but non the less impressive.

If one were to go through each and everyone of the following links and read the material located within the pages, they would find Dr. Med. Daniel Kruschinski listed among the best of "Endoscopic Surgeons World Wide." Dr. Med. Daniel Kruschinski will also describe how he has performed endoscopic surgery with some of the world’s finest surgeons, and he even lists two of them as his associates in Endogyn.

One will find Dr. Daniel Kruschinski M.D. listed among the best of Endoscopic Surgeons" worldwide. Dr. Med Kruschinski M.D. can be found touting himself in everyway possible. Dr. Daniel Kruschinski M.D. appears to have written a number of "Scientific" report, some even appear to have been published!
There are many, many instances within the web site pages where he is drawing attention to his name and title, "Dr. Daniel M. Kruschinski M.D." Dr. Daniel M. Kruschinski M.D touts every one of his "achievements" and "scientific endeavors," every chance he can get! Dr. Med Daniel Kruschinski has even claimed that he invented the "Abdolift" and franchised many centers for "Endoscopic Gas-less Surgery." Dr.Daniel Kruschinski M.D. even authored wrote a book about, "Gas-less" laporoscopic surgery.

The lists of his accomplishments is long and varied, impressive and confusing, inclusive and outcaste, books written but never printed, claims made, and proven to be fraud, memberships galore, but no Dr. Kruschinski M.D. mentioned in many of the organizations listed! Many statistics and studies are claimed to have been be done by Dr. Kruschinski M.D., but never produced on or validated. Every other month Dr. Kruschinski M.D. makes claims of being invited to speak at various Medical Congresses, and most he never showed up at.
Dr. Kruschinski M.D. claims to have, or is, performing surgeries at Kliniks throughout Germany, yet when these Kliniks were contacted, he is not recognized as being there, or having been there, or recently terminated.
Dr. Kruschinski M.D. is removed from Kilink web sites as fast as he is introduced in them! Dr. Kruschinski M.D. is removed from membership rosters as fast as he associates himself to them.

Yet today Dr. Daniel M. Kruschinski M.D. seems to have a small "following" of patient who do his bidding for him, but even those numbers seem to be dwindling.
Dr. Kruschinski M.D. is posting less and less on his own Endogyn message board, and, the Endogyn web site has many empty pages in it, material removed, and never replaced, messages and posting missing soon after being put up, material that is not factual, and material that is miss-leading. There are many representations-representations, much outdated information and contacts, and many claims of Dr. Kruschinski M.D. being anything but what he really is.
A small time insecure guy with a low self-esteem, who is creepy to be around, and called a "freak" behind his back by those who know him, someone who uses immoral and corrupt means in his attempts to appear important, or equal to other Dr.'s, or perhaps, if nothing else, appear like he is at least someone of importance!

The ONE thing that has remained consistent throughout the 3.5 years since the inception of the "ENDOGYN" web site is this:
Dr. Daniel M. Kruschinski M.D. has always made himself the center of attention, and has never vacillated away from the fact that he is 100% a medical surgeon in Germany!

Dr. Daniel Marian Kruschinski M.D. will use any method he deems necessary to have himself recognized as important, no matter how short lived that experience is, he will still perpetrate the action!

The purpose of IHRT is trying to get across to you is that
there is one and only one," Dr. Daniel M. Kruschinski M.D." and IF he were anything more important then a Dr. there is no way, shape or form that he would NOT make that known to the world! IHRT believes that our point leaves no room for debate!

IHRT asks that you take a moment or more to acclimate yourself to the many references that Kruschinski makes to himself in the following material as it will help you to recognize the frauds IHRT is about to expose against Dr. Daniel M. Kruschinski M.D.

The frauds that he thought he would get away with against the "Zuckerburg de Klinik," is but one fraud IHRT will expose, however the other fraud we will expose has been perpetrated against ALL who have know Dr. Daniel M. Kruschinski M.D.!


Developed and designed several abdominal wall-lifting systems, including the recent "Abdolift."
Founder and Director of "EndoGyn®" Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology
(Address and contact information unkown at the time of this writting)

IHRT invites you to visit Dr. Kruschinski's self-introductory pages in his "Endogyn" web site....
Claims memberships in the following
"International Societies of Endoscopic Laporoscopy:
German Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology(AGE)
European Society of Gynecology(ESGE)
International Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgeons(PAX)
The International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy(ISGE)
The Asia-Pacific Association for Gynecologic Endoscopy (APAGE)
Advancing Minimally Invasive Gynecology Worldwide (AAGL)
among others...Endogyn-Memberships-Dr. Kruschinski

Claims of Lectures

Claims pf Publications

Endogyn Physicians Goeschen
Professor Dr. med. Liselotte Mettler
Professor Mettler has operated with her colleagues Dr. Kruschinski, Dr. Reich and Dr. Liu in many different countries. A good team can work well together under all conditions.

Current position - Dr. Kruschinski
Dr. Kruschinski is head of the Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology. The institute pursues the idea of so quasi-franchise system for a hospital structure with several operating centers in different locations. Novel and progressive treatment modalities of gynecological endoscopy are performed, such as gasless laparoscopy (laparoscopy without insufflation of CO2 gas,


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1.) EndoGyn® - Institute for endoscopic Gynecology... Daniel Kruschinski, M.D.
Click: Endogyn > Physicians >
Dr. Kruschinski
- Photo & Short CV
- Current position
- Memberships
- Publications
- Lectures
- eMail
2.) SurgeryU: Online Procedures from the World's Leading Surgeons
Daniel Kruschinski, M.D.
"Dr. Daniel Kruschinski is one of the founders of the gasless laparoscopy in gynecology. Since 1990, Dr. Kruschinski has performed scientific and clinical research in this pioneering field, also known as Lift-Laparoscopy, with more than 2500 advanced operative cases. He developed and designed several abdominal wall-lifting systems, including the recent AbdoLift, a Karl Storz product. Dr. Kruschinski is currently involved in franchising endoscopic gynecologic surgery in Germany and other countries."...

Contact Information:
» phone: +49 180 3636496
» phone/fax: +49 7000 3636496
» email:
» website:
3.) Daniel Kruschinski, MD
OBGYN.netEditorial Advisor Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy
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Dr. Kruschinski was born in 1958 in Poland. In 1969 he moved with his family to Munich. Dr. Kruschinski began his medical studies at Düsseldorf University in October 1979, and finished in November 1985. For the dissertation entitled "Selective histochemical zinc presentation in testis of the Wistar rat", carried out at the Anatomical Institute of Düsseldorf University under Prof. H.G. Goslar, he was awarded his doctorate in September 1986 with the mark "Summa cum laude".

He started his specialization in gynecology and obstetrics at the gynecology clinic of the Franzkiskus-Hospital in Bielefeld under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. J.D. Schnell and continued at the gynecology clinic of Minden Hospital under Prof. Dr. med. H. Wagner. From 1990 to 1995, Dr. Kruschinski worked at the Clinic and Polyclinic for Obstetrics of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz under Prof. Dr. med. P.G. Knapstein. Here he established the center for minimally invasive surgery and was in charge of consulting hours for plastic surgery of the breast. After this, Dr. Kruschinski was attending physician at the University Gynecology Clinic at the Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum-Langendreer under Prof. Dr. med. A. Jensen. And then in February 1998 he established a surgical office in Alzey, focusing mainly on minimally invasive surgery. Following consultation here, he treated his patients in the Kirchheimbolanden Hospital. On admission as faculty member to the faculty of medicine of the private Witten / Herdecke University he was made head of the Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology.

Doctors from EndoGyn® are now performing surgery in many locations and hospitals. The idea of franchsing endoscopic surgery is getting reality.

- Specialist for gynecology and obstetrics
Optional continuing education in:
- "Specialist in surgical gynecology" as well as "Specialist in obstetrics and perinatal medicine"
- Gynecologic and obstetric ultrasound (DEGUM - stage II of the German Society for Ultrasound in Medicine)
- Plastic and reconstructive breast surgery

Dr. Kruschinski Current Position
Dr. Kruschinski is head of the Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology. The institute pursues the idea of so quasi-franchise system for a hospital structure with several operating centres in different locations. Novel and progressive treatment modalities of gynecological endoscopy are performed, such as gasless laparoscopy (laparoscopy without insufflation of CO2 gas, see also Special treatment), ultrasound, laser, Argon Beam Coagulation, Endometrial Laser Intrauterine Thermal Therapy (ELITT) and other surgical procedures. The main focus is on non-invasive and organ-preserving surgery, scientific research, training and development of new technologies.

Dr. Kruschinski has been actively involved in endoscopic gynecology for the past 17 years. He is renowned worldwide as a specialist for this discipline. He is one of the most frequently invited German speakers to international congresses, symposia, workshops and surgical tutorials (see also Lectures).

Gasless laparoscopy, which dispenses with insufflation of carbon dioxide (CO2) together with all its side effects (for more information see Gasless Laparoscopy under the heading Special treatment), was developed by Dr. Kruschinski in the form in which it is being currently used at the Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology. This surgical method is the result of a progressive attempt to render keyhole surgery yet more tolerable as a minimally invasive method and to eliminate the side effects associated with insufflation of CO2 (see Gasless Laparoscopy in Special treatment). It was also necessary to make this surgical technique simpler and more precise, and this was accomplished by using conventional instruments from open surgery (they are viewed as a standard thanks to having undergone development and modification for more than 30 years) and avoidance of overly long instruments used for gas laparoscopy (see Gasless Laparoscopy in Special treatment).

With some 14 years experience and more than 3500 operations behind him, Dr. Kruschinski has the greatest experience worldwide and, at international level, the highest number of operations with the technique of gasless laparoscopy. His input has led to development of different systems which today are being used in gasless laparoscopy. Between 1996-1998 Dr. Kruschinski developed in cooperation with the manufacturer AESCULAP the system "VarioLiftGyn". Since 1999 the system "Abdo-Lift" has been developed. In the meantime, Dr. Kruschinski has employed this system for more than 4000 operations.

Dr. Kruschinski has also introduced many innovative surgical techniques such as e.g. "Gasless laparoscopic hysterectomy with conventional instruments (GLaHCI)" or "Laparoscopic assisted mini-laparotomy (LaMiLa)". The most innovative surgical technique is surgical laparoscopy using regional anesthesia. "Minimally Invasive Surgery under Minimally Invasive Anesthesia (MIS MIA)" is a gasless laparoscopic procedure that fully dispenses with a general anesthetic and is performed only under regional anesthesia, so that the side effects and pain following surgery are essentially reduced. In particular, in the immediate postsurgical phase side effects such as nausea and vomiting are completely eliminated. The patient is fully awake during the operation and if so desired she can follow the sequence of events during the operation or, alternatively, listen to a CD or watch a video film.

Dr. Kruschinski organizes international congresses, symposia and surgical workshops and tutorials worldwide on gasless laparoscopy. Under his direction at the Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology or in their native hospitals, gynecologists from the entire world are learning about these modern and progressive further developments in minimally invasive surgery.

Daniel Kruschinski, MD - Germany
One of the establisher of gasless laparoscopy into Gynaecology; since 1990 scientific and clinical research in the field of gasless laparoscopy (Lift-Laparoscopy) with more than 2500 advanced operative gasless laparoscopic cases. Development and design of several abdominal wall lifting systems; the recent one is the “AbdoLift” from Storz.
Actual Project: Franchising endoscopic surgery in gynecology in Germany and other countries.
Web site:

First Contact to Endogyn
You will meet Dr Kruschinski there for an initial consultation and an examination. He shall take a lot of time to examine you, discuss the results with you and explain in detail what type of surgery will be performed. You will be given rough drafts, pictures, drawings and models to inform you about the operation, so that you will have sufficient time to familiarize yourself with all details relating to the operation. In addition, we shall also give you a schedule on the preoperative measures to be taken.

Operative Tutorial 2007 Endogyn
Endogyn Gynecology Centers= Hannover & Braunschweig, Germany
Chair: Daniel Kruschinski M.D.

Atlas of Gasless Laparoscopy
Author(s): Kruschinski; Daniel
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